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I think we kinda all knew this, but it's not a bad thing to see it laid out in pixels! - RepoRat from Bookmarklet
I'm just assuming the answer is "no"? - Deborah Fitchett
Pretty much, yeah. - RepoRat
eh, well, I think Blyberg admitted pretty quickly that that one wasn't working. - RepoRat
Single search boxes! - laura x
Institutional repositories. You knew I was gonna say that, right? - RepoRat
I still want a discovery interface that allows for filtering results by the colour of the book cover. - Deborah Fitchett
qrcodes - aaron from BuddyFeed
ooooh, GOOD one. - RepoRat
on the topic of user tagging, has anyone used LT for Libraries? I would love to import those user-generated tags. It's the only way I know of to do this at scale and with some editing. - barbara fister
Second Life, otoh, always seemed like a weird kind of shopping mall to me. - barbara fister
My students have done job talks on LTFL with somewhat wearying regularity. (I'm changing the topic list to "standards, protocols, and APIs" this fall; I'm just BORED with the damn job talks, after four years.) They have no trouble finding public libraries that pull in the tag clouds, covers, reviews, and whatnot. I think I've even seen the occasional academic that's done so, though I can't offhand remember any specific ones. - RepoRat
Diverging from tagging: I only skimmed this, and a colleague pointed out a sentence in the conclusion that struck her and I missed, “It certainly does not deserve the sometimes hostile reception it has received from many academics.” Speaking for myself, yeah, it kinda does. I am hostile to the evangelizing of SL because it doesn't solve any existing problems that aren't better addressed by other tools, my students don't give a damn about it, and the download/bandwidth/learning curve are barriers I just don't care about getting past. - kaijsa
I agree, Kaijsa. The only thing I would add is that people who experimented with SL to see if it solved any problems don't deserve hate, yet have sometimes gotten it. Overweening SL evangelists, SL itself -- they deserve some o.O, IMO. - RepoRat
Right on--nobody deserves hostility for trying new things, and I have been on the receiving end of criticism for playing around with new tech too much. The folks who are like a dog with a bone about SL and keep trying me to reconsider using it are the ones who make me run the other way. But I'm like that about evangelists of all kinds! - kaijsa
Thanks for indulging my threadjack and for the link - I had talked to Bowdoin about it, and they were happy with LT for Libraries. Now if I could find some money and talk my colleagues into it..... - barbara fister
Barbara besides LT which scales, Bibliocommons and Encore release 5 in theory will have some mass because they are designed to share user generated content across all institutions if you have it. As for academic libraries on LT , NTU (the other University here in Singapore) uses it. (not sure if that is stable) - aaron
I once spent 3 months almost every night hanging out on our SL island, and was toying with the idea of some library presence. But while it was fun I saw maybe 10 regulars and the odd student who had to come in for a mod, but few stayed. The lead evangelist got pissed with me when I mentioned to someone else on SL that. Oh well... Understandable I suppose when your performance review is tied up to a huge project like that. - aaron
Thanks, Aaron. Isn't there also social tagging in Worldcat? but I don't think it has gotten much play among users. - barbara fister
My sense has always being user tagging if it works, is probably on the public library side. Amazon i think popularized the idea that we should collect user generated content like tags, reviews etc. The one thing they popularised which I thought could be of value is book recommendations, unfortunately relatively few library systems seem to have this. I am unsure if this is because of privacy reasons. - aaron