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For the complete LSW tagline please refer to the print edition. [tagline approved by committee, see minutes for vote]
Aaron the Librarian
Academic Librarians - Are you following YikYak?
? clearly not... - ellbeecee
what the heck is yikyak? - Sir Shuping is just sir
Who in the what now? - Catherine Pellegrino from iPod
I checked it out earlier this year and then uninstalled it after a few days. Creepy place full of douchey bros. Not a cool place. Lots of k-12 schools are banning it because of the heartache it can cause. For example: When I tried it in Manhattan, I found tons of awful posts from NYU and Columbia students. - Stephen Francoeur
good lord. based on that article, wouldn't touch it with the proverbial ten-foot pole. - RepoRat
oh crap...i did hear about yikyak and blocked it out of my mind because the early press on it was so poor, much of the same reasons for what occurred in the article stephen linked to - Sir Shuping is just sir
Yep. What I see when I'm at home (local high schools, other colleges) is different than what I see at work. It's interesting/useful to see what's going on when they're having real dialogue there, but the high school age stuff is abhorrent. - Julie Kane
Tl;dr me about this, please? - Marie
YikYak is an app that uses your device location to show you anonymous posts by people in your vicinity (not sure of the range, maybe a few miles or so). You can post your own anonymous comments. - Stephen Francoeur
Merci - Marie from iPhone
I am now. Second post is a vulgar joke that mentions the library. - Steele Lawman
I can't even handle monitoring mentions on Twitter, I'm pretty sure this will kill me. - Meg VMeg
I downloaded to check it out. It's somewhat amusing. - Andy
I just checked it out. Two posts I could intervene in, but a whole lot of tedium, annoyance, and way too much blowjob advice. Still trying to figure out if it's worth spending time there in the building.... I'm also wondering if my commenting (Hey, just sent a building monitor to shush that noise!) will be seen as helpful or creepy. Because being seen as the creepy one on YiKYak would be pretty awful? - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
But you're being creepy anonymously, so nobody knows it's you specifically. ;) - kaijsa
If you want to know when people are having sex in the library, there's an app for that - Laura Norvig from iPhone
Took a look. Not going back. - John Jackson from iPhone
I look at it occasionally. I'd check it more if it had a search function so I could search for library mentions...unless it does, and I just don't realize it. - YvonneM
I am not an academic librarian, but I do read it here occasionally. Iowa kids are actually remarkably sweet probably 80% of the time. Once in awhile they're very funny. The rest of the time they are racist sexist assholes, but I was expecting that to be most of the posts, so I was pleasantly surprised. - laura x
Today they are tired, have advice about how you should make sure you have lots of time to sleep if you take Tylenol PM, lest you miss class and Michelle Obama, are unsure of how to tell people they like them, and have discovered, by means of pH strip, that a pumpkin spice latte is basic. Also one said "whoa, I should go to the library more often! I actually studied." - laura x
"Basic" is relatively recent slang for me. So I looked it up on Urban Dictionary (because I am old and librarian) and found that the definition there is 8 years old. I'm so basic. - Steele Lawman
Well, you know, I'm so basic I am down with any joke made at the expense of a pumpkin spice latte. - laura x
Tried it. Not big here. Picked up only stuff from international schools. - aaron from Flucso
Walt Crawford
I am so tempted to comment on this post, "I fear you are misusing the term 'gentleman' by applying it to Dan Kleinman." But that would just cause more trouble:
Then again, police often refer to pepetrators who murdered several people and then kicked a puppy as "gentleman," e.g. "we arrested the gentleman just as he was attempting to detonate a dirty bomb." I think it may be a passive-aggression badge. - barbara fister
...I thought police used "individual" in that sense. As though an "individual" is not quite a "person." - Catherine Pellegrino
"Individual" is also nicely gender-neutral. I'd love to see police use "gentleperson" to refer to vicious criminals, but I'm not going to hold my breath. - Walt Crawford
This guy (Kleinman) makes me feel UNsafe. - YvonneM
Honestly, some of you are being mean. Walt, why do you say I'm not a gentleman? Do you know me? Yvonne, why do I make you feel UNsafe? Have I ever met you? You are in the free speech, equal access profession, yes? Professor Nana makes flat out false and misleading statements about me, out of the blue, I find them and respond and she blocks my responses, posts one derisively, then posts... more... - Dan Kleinman
I know your track record for attacking OIF (and one of the finest librarians I know), for pushing censorship via filtering, for all of that. Oddly enough, I don't see any call here for "censorship...against the right people." And as for your tweet, obviously it wasn't "behind your back" if you read this. Sorry, Dan, but you've always been a troll, and I don't see that changing. - Walt Crawford
[I started to reply to DK's tweet about me saying "mean things behind his back" in a public forum he obviously was able to find, but that violates the rule even further. You know the rule: Don't feed the trolls.] - Walt Crawford
Is calling him a doosh feeding him? Just checking. - David Rothman (☤) from Android
There are trolls in Iceland who will get very pissed off if you route your road over their dwelling. These are not human trolls, though, and they use means other than the Internet to get even. Icelandic road builders do try to be nice to them though. Because that's how Icelanders work (unless fish are involved, which means WAR. or Þorskastríðin!!!) - barbara fister
barbara: Whereas around here a troll is used (at least on the Bay Bridge) for protection: - Walt Crawford
Note that, while the original was installed surreptitiously, the new one was deliberately crafted and installed with, presumably, the approval of The Authorities. - Walt Crawford
Oh, the DK stories I could tell... - Andy
Could you tell some of us in dm mode? I don't know much background. - Joe
May not be needed. Gish Galloping along in the comments of which has some Andy posts. - Joe
On the troll and bridges thread, there's this charmer in Seattle. - barbara fister
As for the road-routing in Iceland, I heard this from an Icelandic writer who loves American highways but would neither confirm nor deny that trolls exist. Just that Icelanders generally respect their space. - barbara fister
Check thyself lest thee wreck thyself. - YvonneM
Steele Lawman
Reading about copyright law always makes me feel like a cranky toddler because I want things to be EASY and FUN and centered around MY DESIRES! But instead they are DUMB and COMPLICATED!
I just want to use what I want when I want it. JEEZ. - Jaclyn aka spamgirl
^^ THIS - Steele Lawman
Copyright is like wedding cake. Yeah sure it could be simple but wouldn't it awesome to be put some flowers, ribbons, little figures, a couple of extra layers, some extra tiers, maybe a fruity filling oooo let's get some columns on there wedding guests love columns. - Andy
And let's make it six times as big as anyone will actually eat! - RepoRat
Eat cake. EAT CAKE!! - Steele Lawman
I find it perversely fascinating. A nifty and fairly simple 18th century idea that went Hollywood. Millions of dollars on spectacle, special effects, and vapidity. - barbara fister
Oh, and lobbyists and graft. Lobbyists v. Hobbyists: Return of the Wedding Cake from Hell. - barbara fister
I'm with Steve. - laura x
Thinking I need a better way to explain OA to faculty. Struggling to get past: "I must publish in x journal, don't tell me to publish in cut-rate journals." It's a start though.
is there a way past that? - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
What field? Some are pretty open minded (no pun intended). And lots of journals allow self-archiving. Sounds like a) why the hell should I care? and b) I know nothing about OA yet have opinions because FUD. - barbara fister
you need to do a lot of mythbusting in this business. - jambina
Maybe the trick is to figure out who is a big name in their favorite area who has said smart things about OA. Or have faculty who have published OA and organize a cage match. - barbara fister
I like to tell the story about the paper that got dropped from a textbook because the original journal publisher said no - DJF from Android
I like the idea of finding faculty who have published OA and organizing a cage match :) - Jen
Shoving the explanation onus back on them can sometimes help. "Wow, where'd you hear THAT was necessary?" - RepoRat
Maybe respond with something like, "a journal that can be read and cited by many more scholars than the journal of x is considered to be of higher usefulness (not cut-rate). You can also much more easily track downloads of your work." - Joe
bust. the. myth. why do they think it's cut-rate? if it's cuz OA - well that's a business model with no effect on peer review. BUT be ready to say it's cut-rate, even if it is OA, if it's, ya know, cut-rate. but then talk about why it's craptastic and how that is independent of OA. - jambina
Do not mention the be all. - Joe
Found myself almost going there - to be all - but thankfully corrected course before it was too late. - Jen
Does anyone have advice for talking to one's colleagues about over-reliance on be all linkage? The infamous list comes up all the time at MPOW in OA discussions - Megan loves summer
Maybe recommend the publishers that are in oaspa as a positive list? But, that is certainly not comprehensive. I think oaspa had kicked some of the less reputable pubs. - Joe
Do any LSWers have an ER&L proposal they would like to suggest we consider supporting?
Ours isn't showing up! - Jaclyn aka spamgirl
Introduction to Usus (me and some other folks from the Supervisory Board) - Holly's favorite Anna
After some quick work by Sandy, we're on: Libraries and Family: Is the Academic Library Community Supporting You? (I know, it's not a usual ER&L topic, which is sort of why we did it). - Jaclyn aka spamgirl
Migrating to Intota: Updates and Dispatches from the Front (the speaker is pretty awesome and definitely on the front lines of this...and I may have suggested the subtitle in a late night phone call yesterday) - Holly's favorite Anna
Quick, somebody get me an "I voted" sticker! - Marie
MAPing Scopus and Web of Science: Using Massive Amounts of Data for Collection Analysis (And thank you Marie for inquiring!) - Galadriel C.
Melissa M
Spreading the word...Host a "Mornings in Jenin" book group this January as part of Librarians and Archivists with Palestine's "One Book, Many Communities" project:
Looks like the GSU shit is well and truly hitting the fan.
Start at Page 110 for the "In Summary" --- Ooof. So, now what happens? - Hedgehog
My read of the close: "Accordingly, we REVERSE the judgment of the District Court. We VACATE the injunction, declaratory relief, and award of fees and costs to Defendants, and REMAND for further proceedings consistent with this opinion. SO ORDERED" is that GSU gets to pay its own lawyers and GSU did not infringe on the 5 works specified as infringing in the origial decision. How does everyone else read that? - Aaron the Librarian
Now the lower court gets to reconsider the whole case based on the findings in this opinion. Which are... pretty scary, as I read 'em. GSU does not get its court costs paid, that is correct. We do not know at this point whether GSU infringed, and if they did, how often and how badly; that's what the lower court now has to reconsider. But I believe all charges (except the ones where the plaintiffs couldn't prove they held copyright) are back in play. - RepoRat
Kevin Smith just posted about it as well: - Sir Shuping is just sir
I'm not sure where the appelate court gets that the four factors should not be given equal weight... how else would one effectively apply them? While the statute says uses should be evaluated individually, that does not imply the factors should be given different weights for different works. - Aaron the Librarian
you have to apply all four factors holistically based on the facts of the case. those facts may and usually do imply that individual factors weigh more or less heavily. it's... complicated. - RepoRat
as for "different works," essentially you can think of this as several dozen individual copyright-infringement cases with the same plaintiffs and defendants being decided in the same proceeding. that's essentially what it is. - RepoRat
I want a workable mechanistic system! (as long as it goes in my favor) :) - Aaron the Librarian
Oh. Great. </sarcastic> - Joe
Aaron: It's my impression that workable mechanistic systems will work in your favor as soon as you change your name to Copyright Clearance Center. Otherwise, maybe not so much. - Walt Crawford
In case you haven't seen Nancy Sims's rundown: - Megan loves summer
Just catching up on this. Nancy's take on it is much more optimistic than some other things I've been reading. This definitely raises some questions for me though about practical implications. It is already so hard to write a decent policy for e-reserves, and while I'm glad they reject the Classroom Copyright Guidelines, it is so hard to implement a practical e-reserve policy without some bright lines. - Freeda B.
I'm not as optimistic as Nancy and Kevin either. Seems to me this points us straight to the ugly hole that Canada is struggling to climb out of with Access Copyright. Freeda's worry is also salient: where there are no bright lines, the tendency is to be risk-averse. - RepoRat
Meanwhile faculty will post stuff to their CMSs without giving any thought to copyright and who's going to prevent (not present -former typo) them doing that or sending article by email or whatever works? Because very few of them see much connection between copyright decision making and putting a scanned book chapter into their course space. One of these things seems natural. - barbara fister
Until another publisher lawsuit successfully compels discovery of what's posted to the CMS... IANAL, but if I were a publisher that'd be the next thing I'd try for. - RepoRat
Then they'll have to start compelling access to faculty email because that will be the next workaround. Whack-a-fac. - barbara fister
My bet would be on a public faculty insurrection, actually; many won't think of email because they've imprinted on CMSes. Not to mention that this would make a mess of already-built courses. - RepoRat
I've summed things up from my perspective: - lris
*thanks Iris* Also this: "One option would be to have classroom instructors attach something like this as a cover sheet with anything they submit for eReserves." would make faculty even LESS likely to actually use ereserves. *sigh* - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
also, just because I like saying it: FFS - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
I guess I'm not too worried about whether faculty use ereserves. They SHOULD be doing this whenever they copy stuff, but of course we know how likely that will be. - lris
(Interesting ... the big publishing houses just landed on my blog. I wonder what they'll think of it.) - lris
Mr. The Jason Fleming
Has anyone tried rewarding patrons who actually stop and come back to the desk when they set of the alarm?
what would you reward them with? it is a neat idea ... - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
something like a sticker/button "I <3 books @" with local library branding.. I wouldn't reward with something of monetary value or you might get people trying to set off the gate on purpose - Mr. The Jason Fleming
Job posting: Come work for the Tretter Collection as a project lead for the Transgender Oral History Project - Tretter Collection, UMN. Please share widely.
can you tweet this so I can RT it? - RepoRat
tweeted earlier today - maʀtha
Shared with our WGSS department - they have a good network with their majors, including alums. - Jen
thank you! - maʀtha
Meg VMeg
Shot in the dark: do any of your users save proxy info in their browsers? And if so, do they ever have trouble with access to certain publishers crapping out?
Do you mean that they've configured the browser settings for proxying or do you mean they've bookmarked URLs? If the latter, are the URLs in those bookmarks the proxified URLs or the ones from the publisher? - Stephen Francoeur
The former. They set it up so that it automatically connects to something like and then save their login/password. Here's an example of the instructions: - Meg VMeg
Oh, then that would be a no for me. Sorry. - Stephen Francoeur
Papers, Mendeley, Zotero all can cache proxy information and I think all sometimes crap out? - Christina Pikas
Apparently, other academic disciplines have wikis listing job openings, who applies, who interviews, and word-on-the-street about the program. I am unaware of anything about that for acaLibraries, but suspect there probably is one. Do you all know of anything like this?
Not that I'm aware of, no... - Hedgehog
No clue. - kaijsa
In part, I was thinking there must be, because the pools for searches here are so weak, and there must be word-on-the-street about us (that I would like to see). - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
It's definitely challenging for us to recruit, especially compared to universities in more urban areas, but we get pretty good applicant pools (even though our pay is low) not totally limited to fresh grads (who are often great, just green). It surprises me that in this market you're not getting decent applicant pools. I've heard good things about UNR. - kaijsa
Yeah, me too. I don't think the City of Reno is enough of a turn-away for the low response rate and qualifications we tend to get. Reputation was my next guess (I don't have a third....) - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
Sounds a little too organized for librarians :P - Meg VMeg
Galadriel C.
LSW meet-up of two! It was so awesome to meet Stephan!e!
so much fun!! - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
ωαřмaiden ❤Bassetmom❤
Cod Signal / lazybrarian query: is VanKampen's Multidimensional Library Anxiety Scale freely available? Can't find the actual instrument in *any* of the articles that purport to have used it, including her own where she tested the validity of it. Citation is:
Van Kampen, Doris Judi (2003). Development and validation of themultidimensional library anxiety scale. College and Research Libraries 65 (1): 28-34. - ωαřмaiden ❤Bassetmom❤
Nevermind, found it in a dissertation. Now to ask her for permission to use it... - ωαřмaiden ❤Bassetmom❤
Writing my sabbatical proposal is exhausting. I need a sabbatical just to be able to plan a good sabbatical.
Just remember that it's a subgenre of speculative fiction and try to enjoy it. - barbara fister
What's the old saying? It's easier to ask permission to do something on your sabbatical than it is to actually end up doing the thing you asked permission for. - John Dupuis
(He says, figuring he'll start on the stuff he's "supposed" to do after finishing up the presentation on the 28th...) - John Dupuis
The hardest part is coming up with a plan this far in advance, as my application is due this month for a sabbatical in 2016. But as people keep telling me, plans can change. My head thinks it looks like a good application, so I'm going to stop stressing. - kaijsa
Also, double lolz to barbara. Speculative fiction is pretty spot-on. - kaijsa
Catherine Pellegrino
Oh, Primo, you never cease to amuse me.
Primo knows best - lris
We need a "Damn You Auto-Suggest" tumblr. - Catherine Pellegrino
Oh yes. Oh yes we do. - laura x from iPhone
We do!! - Meg VMeg
We need a Primo Knows Best Tumblr, really. - Zamms from iPhone
I will do this tomorrow. - laura x from iPhone
I just demonstrated this to a class of senior music majors. They were amused. - Catherine Pellegrino
Always show how the resource doesn't work. That's my rule. - Zamms
omg - perfect use for tumblr - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
I still like the Ebsco autosuggest for cyber warfare to caber warfare - Christina Pikas
^^^ That is brilliant. - Catherine Pellegrino
Depending on how the vote has gone .... - barbara fister
I remember students posting some interesting ones for Encore.. I think one went "Singapore general elections" and it went "did you mean 'Singapore fairy tales' "..... Can't duplicate it anymore or find the screenshot. - aaron
I got "did you mean frocks" when I searched for frack*. submitted. also, why are there 2517 results for frack* and only 426 for "frack*" . #LeSigh - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
Oooh! And I got "did you mean frage?" for the same search! WTH is "frage"? (edit: Oh, right, German.) - Catherine Pellegrino
Catherine Pellegrino
Smooth, Gale. Really smooth.
Why must you hate on U Name? I bet you're one of those Name College yahoos. - Pete
It is pronounced Nah may. - Joe
and now I have a customer survey in my inbox from ProQuest, labeled "Your Opinion Counts." #yeahRIGHT - Catherine Pellegrino
We got those too. - Marie
Well! Turns out I'll be presenting a workshop at LOEX next spring. Wheee!
nice! - RepoRat
In Denver! Double-like! - Steele Lawman
Yay! - Joe
I would like to quadruple-like this, for reasons. - kaijsa
p.s. Iris didn't brag about this, but she's not just presenting a workshop. She's presenting THE INVITED pre-conference workshop. - kaijsa
Cool. - Joe
Woo hoo! - Galadriel C.
congrats! What are you presenting on? - YvonneM
New leak of TPP consolidated text on intellectual property provides details of pandering to drug companies and publishers | Knowledge Ecology International -
"Our first impression in reading the document is the extent to which the United States has sought hundreds of changes in intellectual property norms, some small and subtle, others blunt and aggressive, nearly of all of which favor big corporate right holders, and undermine the public’s freedom to use knowledge." - RepoRat from Bookmarklet
Yeah, we expected it to be bad, and it's bad. Gear up the SOPA/PIPA machine. - RepoRat
The Australian Library and Information Association issued a new statement on the TPP yesterday: (re copyright, not the drug companies IP part) "Proposals in the leaked document would bind participating nations, including Australia, to tougher copyright laws than now exist under current national laws. The draft... more... - Megan loves summer
ALIA, pulling no punches. Good for them! - RepoRat
Ok, seriously, why do college boys think nobody will notice if they're working with you and then lean back to get a good angle on giving their crotches good deep scratches.
I don't think they think no one will notice? Like, when I was in college, my male friends were attempting to teach me to do this in a male fashion. - laura x
You are supposed to notice. - Aaron the Librarian
boys.... - lris
...are gross - Aaron the Librarian
what the... Damn, am I ever glad I work at a women's college. - Catherine Pellegrino
I am SO not a guy. - DJF from Android
^ ditto, btw. - Aaron the Librarian
wait, so this is supposed to be appealing? or gross? they want to be noticed? - maʀtha
Disrespectful at best. - Christina Pikas from iPhone
I assume it's like needing to adjust your bra. - laura x from iPhone
not like pulling a strap up... maybe getting all in there and putting things where they need to be, but I wouldn't do that outside of the ladies room unless there was a major malfunction that I had to hold together to get to some place private. - Christina Pikas
Aaron the Librarian
Cod Signal - none of MPOW's business resources will give me historical industry ratios. 1. would you mind sending adobbs at the gmials 5 or 10 years of industry ratios for INTC's industry (Semiconductiors - Broad Line) and 2. tell me where the data came form?
Current ratios are pretty easy, but getting historical is elusive today. (guess what I'll be proposing for future acquisition) - Aaron the Librarian
let me take a look, just a sec. - ellbeecee
do you have an SIC code to make it easier for me? (we have D&B industry norms & key biz ratios online, but I'm being lazy about looking up the SIC myself) - ellbeecee
I see it listed in Mergent as -- Industry: Semiconductors and related devices (SIC 3674) Industry: Semiconductor and Related Device Manufacturing (NAICS 334413) ? - Aaron the Librarian
fwiw, this access is awful. Slow as hell. I'll get it to you by 5 (probably by 4:30) but their formatting makes it slow. - ellbeecee
Ha. I've managed to get through 2010 so far. It's getting there though. Soon, I promise. - ellbeecee
ok, sent. - ellbeecee
thanks for plowing through that interface... osunds suboptimal - Aaron the Librarian
it's usually not, though - I'm not sure what's going on with it today. - ellbeecee
Questions like this make my imposter syndrome kick in like WOAH. - barbara fister
^^^ Yes. - bentley
chemistry does that to me. :) - ellbeecee
A reversal for Georgia State - Scholarly Communications @ Duke -
My favorite stapler-related exchange of the day (Ann is my department head).
Depending on the "people years" benchmark chosen, those maths are spot on... time to change Gigi's name to Methuselah? - Aaron the Librarian
Hi all, I am getting ready to send out a survey to "all social sciences faculty in the US" and I'm wondering if any of you have done anything like that, and how you went about sending it out? My plan is to send via association listservs, but I'm finding many divisions have moved away from email lists, and many more hide the existence of an email...
I put together a list of all the library directors at carnegie designated master's granting universities for the dissertation. You might do the same for provosts at all US institutions and ask them to pass it to scosci faculty; we get many research surveys forwarded on by the Provost. Time consuming, but at least you'll have an idea of who you're hitting, methodologically. Everything else is sort of a crapshoot (and how would you measure participation as low or high? Or is it just informal?) - ωαřмaiden ❤Bassetmom❤
oh, that's a great idea, and MUCH easier than trying to find association listservs! (and we just decided response rate would be something we have to do without, no matter how we distribute. Even if we send to Provosts, we won't know how many distribute it or how many eyeballs receive it, right?) - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
You would know how many potential eyeballs you'd have only if you knew how many socsci fac were at each institution. - Marie
are there specific pockets of socsci fac you're interested in targeting? so many from R1s, so many from comm colleges, etc. How will you know if your respondents are representative of the population? - Marie
Marie, not specific pockets, but the whole of it. We're looking into how social sciences (and some overlap into humanities) faculty use data in their research and teaching. We'll be slicing the data every which way to see the story it tells (discipline, geography, type of college/university, age of respondent...). The population we're looking at is really social sciences faculty in the... more... - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
Yeah, cant hurt to add the provosts to the association list you may get. You still wont know about saturation, but the likelihood of responses goes up :) ETA: goodluck! - ωαřмaiden ❤Bassetmom❤
I'm unclear why you need ALL the social sciences faculty. But, FYI, there are mailing lists you can purchase. FWIW, most of the data slicing you are describing requires knowing who got the survey and the response rate to meet the requirements of the cross-tab/stratification analysis you want to do. Otherwise, you can't claim anything about faculty generally - just "those who responded"... more... - Lisa Hinchliffe
Lisa, my coauthor is at ICPSR, and she will be handling the analysis. I'm completely confident she knows what she's doing statistically. - RudĩϐЯaЯïan from YouFeed
I wouldn't touch a project like this without a coauthor who understands that side of it; I agree that librarians are embarrassingly bad, as a whole, at data-based research, and would never contribute to the hot mess. You know me better than that. - RudĩϐЯaЯïan from YouFeed
I'll be happy to be schooled on how the statistics work here if you don't have a way of knowing the sample. - Lisa Hinchliffe
^. Especially since youd have to know how many socsci faculty are at each institution to even know if you have a representative sample from the school. Very interested in seeing this! - ωαřмaiden ❤Bassetmom❤
Dear vendors, you cold call me when I don't want your stuff, but then when I contact you and beg to give you my money, you don't return my call. I'm confused.
Too busy cold calling folks who don't want their stuff, obviously! - WebGoddess
been there, done that. - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
so much this. also, invoices are similarly missing/overshared - ~Courtney F
Yes! Repeated emails and phone calls, going over head of sales rep, and still going on 3 weeks. My kingdom for a price quote! - Jen
Holly's favorite Anna
Subject line for my eleventybillionth report of full-text online items not being linked to the full-text from Summon: "You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means."
The reply begins with, "Although it may seem 'inconceivable', we are aware of this linking issue and are working on a solution." - Holly's favorite Anna
LB's never Kippled
#AchievementUnlocked! Unjammed a stapler at the ref desk today! First time in all these many years I've had to do that at a service point!
Cake at our department meeting to celebrate our stapler's birthday. Gigi made it to the one year mark!
🎂 - Julian
One of my colleagues named her car that. - Holly's favorite Anna
a public party with cake for teh students (esp. the students that didn't abuse Gigi) would be fun, too :) - Aaron the Librarian
Please share my heartfelt congratulations on surviving one year! - Rochelle *boom* Hartman
She needs a tiny party hat! - LB's never Kippled
Steele Lawman
Me in class today: "Remember that JSTOR only digitizes a limited number of journals in each discipline. For example, in the subject of history, there are only...over 5,000... Ok, that's actually a crapton, but..."
History is the bread and butter of JSTOR. :) - Holly's favorite Anna
For my journalism & PR students, i emphasize the STOR in JStor, telling them that it's not current - which is what they need. JStor has great name recognition, but it's the WRONG database for mai students, generally. *sigh* - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
Coverage is great in lit, but our profs want lit students entering the *current* conversation in the crit, so they require sources to be <10 years old. I have to flat out tell them to keep their grubby mitts off JSTOR and go to to MLA first. - kaijsa
Walt Crawford
I *so much* want to tell this Visionary White Male Executive to shove it...well, anyway, you might or might not enjoy this, even with the "Library is dead, long live the library" oh-so-visionary/disruptive cliche subhead:...
Oh my stars, where do you find this stuff? - Marie
Somebody noted it on either Twitter or Facebook or Google+; most likely FB. - Walt Crawford
I saw it on Fb too, as well as this one: You can't fire a cannon down the street these days without hitting a education-disrupting venture capitalist. - John Dupuis
Summary: "I went to the library when I was a kid. My kid now goes to the library. The library is still around! How? I don't know. Maybe, "It appears that the library realized it was not in the business of checking out books, but of engaging in the process of accessing and applying knowledge." The end." - bentley
Oh, brother! - Rochelle *boom* Hartman
"innovative" and "excellence" are on my bullshit list. Also vionary and disruptive. They offer certificates in innovation. Does it require renewal every ten minutes? I mean, how long does that last? - barbara fister
"When my son started saying that he was going to the library with his girlfriend to study, I had to investigate if this was even possible." ಠ_ಠ - Andy
that he had a gf? or that he studies? - Aaron the Librarian
"There were literally people of all ages and they were all enjoying themselves." Tee. - Melissa M
barbara fister
DO ANYBODY NO about the International Conference on Books, Publishing, and Libraries? Scam? Not scam? Common Ground Publishing is behind it but link doesn't work. Hmm.
Or any knowledge of Common Ground Publishing founded in the 80s in Illinois and published in many fields and has "scholar knowledge communities." - barbara fister
They are on the U of I campus. Looks like several of their websites are down. Their book titles look interesting. http://theuniversitypressbooks... - Joe
It's interesting that nobody here appears to have personal knowledge of this conference which has been going on for years. Huh. A faculty member asked me about it. I guess all I can say is "uh, dunno." - barbara fister
To be clear Common Ground Publishing a run by a faculty member at Illinois but is not based at the University. I would say that it does not have a stellar reputation (if you search for it on the Chronicle discussion boards there are conversions there). - Sarah from FreshFeed
Thanks - that's very helpful. Will take a look. - barbara fister
What's interesting is that it seems to be the conference/journal packaging that has become so popular and weird of late, but started early on. Still - Imma gonna recommend ix nay to the faculty member because it just doesn't smell right and her conference dollars are limited. - barbara fister
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