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For the complete LSW tagline please refer to the print edition. [tagline approved by committee, see minutes for vote]
John Dupuis
In case anyone is interested, the YorkU Magazine has quite a nice feature on academic blogging, in which I'm one of the people interviewed. Beware, there is a rather large and terrifying picture of me involved.
Nice sweater. - ellbeecee
Very nice picture. - bentley
Not scaryat all! and nice to have your work recognized this way. - barbara fister
It's a nice picture! - Christina Pikas
Thanks for the kind words. I think I was kind of expecting a little head shot tucked away in a corner somewhere. Though I guess I shouldn't be surprised as the photo shoot was with an outside professional and lasted nearly an hour. - John Dupuis
Looks good! Nice stare off to infinity. - Joe
LOL, thanks. - John Dupuis
My ASCLA colleague Chris Corrigan is sponsoring an excellent preconference @ Annual this year that will help train librarians to understand and implement the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). If you or anyone you know might be interested, you're welcome to learn more or sign up for updates here:
The session will be presented by the Pacific ADA Center, California's resident experts on providing equal, accessible programs and services to people with disabilities. Topics will include accessible/assistive technologies in libraries, effective communication with patrons and staff with disabilities, and basic ADA policy and terminology. - Lily
Bump! (Since Annual registration has opened!) - Lily
Galadriel C.
So very excited about UConn Libraries' new website! Hats off to my colleagues that moved mountains to make this great event happen! New Site: | Old Site:
Very nice! (my brain is struggling like hell with this on the new site: "Big Data: The Libraries’ is home to the CT State Data Center, managing CT’s U.S. Census Bureau data." . I understand that technically, it's correct, but it feels wrong to me. :) ) - ellbeecee
My first thought was: smooth! It flows well - kudos to your colleagues. - Jen
I like it, especially your find button and menu - maʀtha
Looks great! - laura x
Mr. The Jason Fleming
I am trying to account for everything that I would need for an interactive display setup. Can you tell me what I am missing? Touchscreen, Kiosk enclosure, MacMini (assorted cables) I am planning on putting together the content so I wasn't figuring in any cost for software unless you think you have seen a product that is great that you would reccome
Are security cables included in "assorted cables"? - RepoRat
We have been using macminis for non-interactive displays so I'll check to see what we have been using to date. So, I'll say yes :) - Mr. The Jason Fleming
We're also thinking about (desiring) to put together something similar. I'm curious what you'll plan to use it for? - Freeda B.
Here are just thoughts I have put together so far for content: (no particular order)Hours/Calendar, Bus Schedule, Dining Options, Group Study Rooms reservation, Floor Plans/Directional Aids, Computer Availability/TAC notebooks, Parking Map/Information for Visitors, Partner Location and Highlights (TAC, IPrint, Women Studies, Honors etc…_), Campus building map, phone directory?, Staff/ and Department, FAQs (how to print from laptop, how to add money to one card etc…), ?Group finder service* - Mr. The Jason Fleming from Android
Even just using easy stuff like RSS for an open hours feed and a slideshow using powerpoint, we needed software to plug content into channels. I can't remember what we have, but I don't know how else you would do this other than having a website set on the page or a slideshow you manually update. Is this going to be a networked kiosk? I'm just confused, and you might have solutions already in mind. - kaijsa
I am going to look at some software options, but looking at this paper from NCSU it seems doable with some browser addons, javascript (AJAX, jquery) - Mr. The Jason Fleming
Ah, it's not surprising that NCSU has built a solution. - kaijsa
I just wondered over to our business school where they have just made an interactive website with Form buttons without any of the big considerations mentioned in the paper to make it sleek and effective against tampering etc.. They just used a screen overlay for $500 to convert an old LCD monitor into a touch device - Mr. The Jason Fleming
Holly's favorite Anna
Someone tell me why we are supposed to have our knickers in a twist now because someone's speaking fee is $3,500? I can't find the start of the Twitter bitching.
I think Lane Wilkinson started it. - RepoRat
Oh, another Joey Digits grumping session. Okay. and for those not following him (like myself) - Holly's favorite Anna
Yup. - RepoRat
Frankly, I'd consider that a stupid tax. If some conference organizer is so out of it that they want him in the first place, then they should pay that much for it. - Holly's favorite Anna
I'd be happier if Joey Digits wasn't collecting the stupid tax, though. (I have others in that category too, e.g. the Beallmeister.) It ain't like there ain't good, smart speakers in this field with useful stuff to say. - RepoRat
I wish there was an easy way to identify those people. My committee had a heck of a time coming up with names for our conference keynote speakers this year. We're all volunteer and mostly only know about the folks we've heard/seen at other conferences. It's kind of an echo chamber at times. - Holly's favorite Anna
I've been booked for conferences because someone saw that I was doing a webinar on a subject they were interested in, I've also been told that the committee that hired me for a workshop saw that I'd done the same thing at a conference they never went to, but glanced through to find ideas for workshop leaders. I really thought that the idea of going through smaller, regional library conference schedules/programs was a great way to identify possible speakers, myself. - WebGoddess
I want to figure out how to get Lynne Thomas it speak at a conference. She's an award winning science fiction editor, and the librarian responsible for NIU's special collections, which includes the papers of several prominent science fiction and fantasy authors. - DJF from Android
I really wanted someone to pick up Mark Oshiro to speak or be on a panel at ALA this year - he's local to SF, and there are somethings I think he'd be great at speaking to a group of librarians about (diversity in lit, online communities, etc), but as far as I know, no one did. - ellbeecee
Happy to introduce you, DJF -- I was at NIU for Open Access Week in 2014. The chief difficulty might be logistics, however. - RepoRat
I can imagine. The problem isn't the introduction so much as the reasonable excuse for suggesting her ;-) - DJF from Android
I think that there were prior tweets than Lane's from nina de jesus ... related to #teamharpy etc. - Lisa Hinchliffe
Prairie & I Know It
Cod signal to those of you in private universities: if you are willing, please DM me the name of the person responsible for your records management. Also, if you have a useful RM website I could look at/crib from, that would be helpful. Thank you!
Sturgeon reply. - Jim #teamFFrank
Our lab has one but she's new to the job. Lemme see if I do know the jhu one. I've met him a few times but I can't think of his name. - Christina Pikas from iPhone
She's asking for the halibut. - Greg GuitarBuster
I'm certain someone has done this, but my research-fu is failing me. We have a list of titles and ISBNs from ILLiad, and we want to find a batch tool to give us subject headings. Something along the lines of but with a batch export option. Our second option is student workers...Any thoughts?
Maybe the open library or worldcat API ? - Christina Pikas from iPhone
Major shout-out to Aaron and his work with NUS on discovery in this meeting I'm in. "One of our aspirational models" for working with discovery. :)
Thanks, wasn't all me. My colleagues did the work too. See my next blog post - aaron
oh dear. trying to prep showing students Early American Newspapers & African American Newspapers from Readex. Great content, but … oh my, the interface is confusing for just about everyone.
in which the pull downs for "standard title" and "title as published" are for SOURCE titles, not article titles. and in which the option to search "headline" is not recommended. - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
and in which a search of the entire America's Historical Newspapers from 1800-1827 for the word "Negro*" (for a class on the Black Press) yields 174,000 results. With no real way to limit that makes sense to a novice (or even a seasoned professional). *sigh* - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
any pro tips in teaching this to upperclass students? - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
"OK. So pretend you've traveled way back in time. Back to 2001, when search interfaces looked like this." - Stephen Francoeur
lol!! and when you were, oh, 8 years old. - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
(note, I'm really grateful for the content! and glad to go talk to this class!) - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
Don't forget to make "dial up modem" noises so it feels more authentic. :-) I hope the class goes well. - YvonneM
Oh hey, we just licensed this recently, but I haven't had a reason to explore it yet. I, um, wow. - Catherine Pellegrino
so I am going to introduce this as the Google of old newspapers… if it were the late 90s. and then show 'em how to search & narrow results from >170,000 matching their term. - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
Is there access to general n00bs? I would peruse this database. - MoTO Boychick Devil
no, MoTO - it's prolly very expensive. And it's really got great content - this class on the Black Press is going to love it. (once they get past the 90s, that is) - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
B: Check the academic libraries near you! The might have access, and most university libraries will give database access to walk-in users. - Kirsten
Yay! Thanks, Kiki! <== *consistently my favorite* - MoTO Boychick Devil
*struts* - Kirsten
There's another product from Accessible Archives that also gives access to historic African-American newspapers. We don't have the Readex product. There's also Chronicling America from the LOC - which is a broader focus - ellbeecee
Hey, Readex -- 2003 called and they want their GUI back. - Holly's favorite Anna
boy, the content is amazing tho. we were looking for coverage of African Americans pre 1827 (first Af. Am newspaper). I don't think the students realized JUST HOW COOL the search was, but they were impressed with the stuff they found. - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
One nice thing about Readex is you can buy collections outright, so if you have a little money at the end of a budget year, it's possible to build up your holdings over time. I don't remember if maint. fees are much. - kaijsa
I'm failing at finding this - I think it exists, but can't be certain. Is there a mailing list for first year instruction in libraries? I thought there was an ALA or ACRL one, but I'm not finding it at all.
ACRL FYE list + ili-L will work. :) - ellbeecee
~Courtney F
conflicted. Student requested appointment with me today at 5pm, but never confirmed that she'd be here. Do I stay an extra 30-45 minutes to see if she shows, or go home to teach her a lesson (if she does show)?
waited. no show. *sigh* of course. - ~Courtney F
Come in late tomorrow. - Prairie & I Know It from Android
actually, i'm leaving early today, so it all works out. it's just annoying. - ~Courtney F
*Deep breath* - Just did Step VI: Moving your LibGuides v.1 site to its new domain. One more step to go for Libguides v2 migration
I just finish our migration yesterday. Hang in there, the tedium is not over yet! (Fixing all the v1 links took me a while.) - lris from Android
We migrated yesterday, too! I'm working on the v1 links as well. - Stephen Francoeur
All I can say is, watch out for the differences between the URLs on the editing interface and the public interface. Also for URLs from v1 that start aecontent.php. - lris
We are live. The main issue we having is when people used friendly urls pointing to pages/tabs (as opposed to the guide). V2 friendly links are all <domain>.<guidefriendly>.<whateverfriendlyyouchose>, but if you are linking to pages/tabs using friendlyurls that dont follow that format, it will break. - aaron
Mr. The Jason Fleming
Scraped a screen for the first time! (Is that how you say it?) Haha
I read this email subject so wrong. My brain went to a "Miss RUSA" contest at Midwinter and instead of a swimsuit competition would there be a cardigan and pencil-bun?
miss RUSA.jpg
I went the exact same way - Soup in a TARDIS
Yep - Meg VMeg
I saw the *exact* same thing! - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
Well now you need to make that happen. - Marie
For the talent portion...? - Julian
Hopefully more than a pencil and cardigan... - Aaron the Librarian from Android
Julian: shelf reading? - ellbeecee
ha! - maʀtha
Is there also a Mr RUSA contest? Cardigan and bow tie competition? - John Dupuis
Sir Shuping is just sir
What are your favorite places to look for continuing education opportunities? Workshops? Classes? Conferences?
Conferences and some webinars. - Joe
MOOCs - Melly
I'm learning-on-the-job so much ("Deborah, X is broken!" "...So you're saying I need to learn what X is? To DuckDuckGo!") there's little need to look elsewhere... - Deborah Fitchett
I'm doing more and more "effective posters" classes, and think I need to have more social sciences posters in my example kit. Do you keep examples of (good and bad) social sciences posters? Would you be willing to share?
We made a poster about our virtual reference usage post-earthquake, with design help from uni design department. Whether it's a good example of social sciences and/or a good example of a poster IDK but: - Deborah Fitchett
I could ask my PhD students if they'd let me share their (great) posters with you. Mostly journalism, advertising, content analysis - that sort of thing. I'm sure they'd say yes. Lemme know here or CogSciLibrarian at the gmails. - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
Jennifer Howard
Happy New Year, everybody! Curious about your thoughts on this: My editor saw a tweet about it and is of course curious. Given the poster, I'm cautious.
"Qualtiy of Publication" on their evaluation page. - Joe
Impostor, yeah. Somebody tell T-R; they'll probably send a whack-a-mole C&D on trademark grounds. - RepoRat
Sorry, Joe, why that particular link? - Jennifer Howard
Typo in a header near the bottom. :) - RepoRat
People just need to read this to figure out scamminess. - Joe
Wow, they have JIF numbers for about 80 whole journals, most from India as far as I can see. - Joe
I assume that most academics are not dumb and would not be fooled by this, but, I could be wrong in some cases. - Joe
I mean, there's nothing stopping anybody from taking the public formula for IF and starting a new IF site. They won't end up with the same numbers as T-R, though, because T-R juices its numbers to hell and back and doesn't explain how (to minimize gaming, they say, and this is probably partly true). Also, the greater the divergence between the sets of included journals, the more the IF numbers will differ. - RepoRat
I'm wondering how big a business scam this really is/could be and if Beall is right that everybody needs to be vetting journals' IFs. - Jennifer Howard
Ah, got it re typo. Thanks. - Jennifer Howard
Ugh. We couldn't verify if we wanted to, because T-R's algorithm is not fully public. I think replication has even been tried, lemme check my Pinboard. - RepoRat
It isn't really an algorithm. They work/argue with editors to determine which items are citable, and which are not. - Joe
yeah, I think I was thinking about this: tl;dr researchers ask T-R "can we see your dataset?" T-R sez "nope, sod off." - RepoRat
Based on what Joe said above, I suspect this site came about because T-R refused to calculate IFs for the journals on the new site. This could be because the new site's journals haven't been around long enough to qualify, or it could be because T-R said "talk to the hand," which is a thing that happens pretty often (I'm given to understand) to non-European/N.American/E.Asian journals. - RepoRat
And in terms of scams, IF itself is such a gigantic scam that these poor impostors are kind of small potatoes really. - RepoRat
I saw a blog post in the last year that showed how the real Thomson Reuters changed a number for citable articles for a specific year of a journal to be different from one year to the next. [can't find it at the moment.] - Joe
I note that the Beall post linked to includes a link to his new phony-impact-factor list, which I suspect includes every possible impact-factor offering with one exception. And, of course, TR can't *possibly* be questionable, same as Elsevier can't *possibly* be questionable, because--I dunno--Established Commercial Entity? - Walt Crawford
[I'm not suggesting that all the impact-factor wannabes on his list are *not* in fact questionable. Just that, per RR's comment just above, that the list is slightly incomplete.] - Walt Crawford
Ahhh, it was a post by Bjorn at (Number of items published in 2001 changed from 528 to just 300), and found via which also seems to have some good info. - Joe
Peter Murray
Fwd: Safe Conferences Are Deliberately Designed | Medium - (via
This seems so important for library or technology conferences, and so hard to do unless there are professionals coordinating activities. Volunteers? Part-timers? I think it takes more concentrated effort than that. - Peter Murray
Yeah, I am thinking about this a lot, now that I own the dance party at SLA (which I kind of wish I didn't, but I didn't know that was part of the package deal until I'd accepted the gig). I do think Spool gets one REALLY FREAKING IMPORTANT thing wrong about codes of conduct: most events won't even consider designing safety in until the work to establish a CoC -- even an imperfect one -- has been done. - RepoRat
I did appreciate the tip to close the damn bar early, and if I can, I am SO doing that. I don't think SLA will complain, as it should cost them less money than keeping it open would (even tho it's a cash bar). - RepoRat
If cash bar - will hotel let you? Also will bartenders lose tips? - Christina Pikas from iPhone
Dunno, but I'll find out. I'm willing to find a way to compensate the bartenders -- and in any case, to speak quite bluntly, their compensation is less important to me than attendee safety. - RepoRat
That makes sense to me. If the hotel fusses, you can explain why you are doing what you are doing. - Peter Murray
Sir Shuping is just sir
question for folks like RR and others, if I wanted to propose teaching a course on graphic novels and literacy to some of the library schools, how would I go about doing it? my thought is how graphic novels can be tied to the curriculum and common core standards so it has something for all levels of librarianship
Well, speaking as someone who knows how MPOW works: That wouldn't make it as a 3-credit class; it's too narrow and attracting enough students could become an issue. We do, however, teach 1-credit five- to eight-week courses, and this would fit RIGHT in there. It would also be a strong possibility for our continuing-ed program. - RepoRat
Gotcha and that makes sense. How would I go about submitting for that program? :) - Sir Shuping is just sir
For cont-ed, I'd say contact Meredith Lowe Have a course title, course length (in weeks, 4-6 is usual), and blurb in your email (click on stuff in for example blurbs). Feel free to say I sent you. :) I'll check with our curriculum-planning folks about a one-crediter. - RepoRat
Sweet! thank you, I appreciate it! - Sir Shuping is just sir
Told Meredith you'd be emailing. - RepoRat
thank you! Now I have to transcribe my thoughts so they make sense, but I should be able to have that in place by the end of the day! - Sir Shuping is just sir
Anyone else have suggestions on where to send to? - Sir Shuping is just sir
For those going to midwinter, if anyone attends this, I'd be interested in hearing about the discussion: 2015 Midwinter Discussion Forum hosted by the ULS Committee on the Future of University Libraries Sunday, February 1st, 8:30-10:00 a.m., Sheraton Chicago, Superior A&B
Academic librarian jobs have changed a great deal over the past thirty years and promise to continue changing at a great rate in the coming thirty years. What are the new positions, skills, and duties that we must have today and in the future? Join the Committee on the Future of University Libraries as we discuss these changes and how to prepare for them. We will start with a presentation by Penny Beile, Associate Director of Information Services and Scholarly Communication at the University of Central Florida and co-author (with Therese Triumph of the University of North Carolina) of a forthcoming College & Research Libraries article on the trending academic library job market. We will then discuss how participants see the jobs and responsibilities at their own institutions evolving and how we can prepare for the future. - ellbeecee
(the article referred to in the description is this: ) - ellbeecee
I wonder... will there be a Super Bowl party at ALA Midwinter?
if someone can re-purpose an existing meeting, maybe. ;) - holly #ravingfangirl
Is that Sunday? What time? Sportsball is not in my skillset. - Aaron the Librarian from Android
Sunday. Kickoff at around 5:30 pm CST. - Julian
Collections Strategy and Development Librarian at Carleton College | ALA JobLIST - Jobs in Library & Information Science & Technology - of us could go work with Iris! - Hedgehog from Bookmarklet
I'd apply in a heartbeat if I weren't tied down by the adorable #toddlerx. - laura x from iPhone
I'd apply in a heartbeat if it weren't, uh, totally outside my skillset. - Catherine Pellegrino from iPod
Megan loves summer
I've solved the mystery of Auto-Suggest Susan. I don't know how to explain it in technical terms, but it seems that sometimes the query syntax for "starts with..." gets included as a search term (my first example was in It's not as funny now. :-(
Lily to LSW, lris
Our dear Iris has a birthday today! Warm (literally) wishes to this super spectacular friend and colleague!
Happy birthday, my dear friend! - Catherine Pellegrino
She's a peach, she is. - MoTO Boychick Devil
Happy day! - ellbeecee
Aww, thank you all. You really brighten my day. :-) - lris from Android
Happy Birthday Iris!!! - Hedgehog
Happy Happy Birthday, dear one. May your year be full of the merry and bright, and not too interesting otherwise. *hugs* - Marianne
A very happy birthday to you! - Jen
Happy birthday Iris!! - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
Happy birthday! - YvonneM
Happy happy birthday, iris!! - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
many happies! - barbara fister
Happy birthday! - Prairie & I Know It from Android
Not your eleventy-first, I trust ;) - Aaron the Librarian
Many happy returns! - Megan loves summer
Thank you all! - lris from Android
Meg VMeg
How is your workplace handling (if at all) the transition (or whatever this is) from RefWorks to Flow?
Sticking with refworks, not recommending flow. - Joe
Is RefWorks formally transitioning now? (we turned off Flow in August, and I suppose it's time to pay attention to it again....) - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
I hadn't heard there was a formal transition, either. We have both, but we're trying to promote Flow because it's only a matter of time before the OG version is gone. We're doing that through our liaison work and by offering sessions on Flow in our workshop series. - kaijsa
Flow does not exist, and we cancelled RefWorks anyway? With a huge end user communication plan and lots of support for library staff getting used to the idea that RefWorks isn't available. - DJF from Android
No known formal transition, but they've told us that the products will be merged at some point (they've also said that both products will be supported indefinitely, so...) - Meg VMeg
laura x
I'm archiving all my work email from before December. Surely nothing can go wrong there.
I do this. Ain't regretted it yet. - RepoRat
Down to Inbox 133, which is about as good as things are ever going to get. - laura x
Jaclyn aka spamgirl
Oh ho! It's out! Here's the big deal we're cancelling.
This was the publisher that tried to force us to sub to their ebooks in order to keep our current deal. Also, their idea of when a title could be cancelled is insane. - Jaclyn aka spamgirl
Just sent this to my head of collections. - Hedgehog
This is the first US consortium I've seen announcing a big Big Deal cancellation. Did I miss anything, or are y'all pioneers? - RepoRat
Also sent to mine.... - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
Wow. Thanks for posting. Forcing subs to e-books to keep journal deal is indeed insane. - Galadriel C.
Head of CollDev sent it out to our faculty this morning - Hedgehog
With that budget cut, I imagine big deals are on the table? - Jaclyn aka spamgirl
"the CSU libraries did not find the value of the additional content compelling" - Marie
Shared with our collection development librarian. - ellbeecee
shared with our peeps too - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
Good for you for challenging the Big Deal. - maʀtha
booyah - Meg VMeg
I'll be curious to see how many campuses subscribe to Wiley packages on their own (I'm also at a CSU library and we've decided not to subscribe to any Wiley packages until the system can re-negotiate something). - Laura Krier
From my small sample of 4 people I've happened to talk to, no one is taking a package, just individual subs. That's at least 2 of 3 biggest ones, though. Can't wait for the report from EAR next week. - Jaclyn aka spamgirl
Rachel Walden
I just put "cake" on my work calendar.
Meg VMeg
Zotero metadata retrieval is fucking magic. Out of 35 PDFs, it could identify 31. EndNote got 5.
Deborah Fitchett
So for our 'community archive' site we want to publish [a url for] the thumbnail image in our OAI feed. Question is, in what element. (We're using which for some reason lacks a convenient dc:thumbnail element.) Any best practice and/or good ideas?
First, OH OAI HOW MUCH YOU SUCK. Second, you have no good options within the Original Fifteen or even the expanded DC Terms set. Third, given the first two problems, I would probably repurpose dc.identifier. - RepoRat
It might be worth looking to see how DPLA handles this. In fact, I will go and do so. - RepoRat
hrm. DPLA does not document the fashion in which its contributors indicate thumbnail URLs. you could maybe ask @rudeamy on Twitter? - RepoRat
Currently we use dc:identifier for the url for the item itself. (Sample OAI record: - for which the human-readable record is at and the thumbnail is at... more... - Deborah Fitchett
Europeana have created their own namespace and use europeana:object for this ( and DPLA seems to use that themselves ( but they probably don't expect everyone else to. - Deborah Fitchett
well, and you can't express that in OAI-PMH-style Dublin Core. - RepoRat
Yay, @rudeamy has pointed me to (noting that it's "very much a working document") which has exactly what I need in line 44 (the edm:object) row. Short version: everybody else appears to be guessing too. I might end up putting the link to the full image in dc:source, because that can be programmatically manipulated to derive the thumbnail at whatever size people actually want. - Deborah Fitchett
OMG THIS IS AWESOME thank you! - RepoRat
just got this from DPLA I don't know if the timezone difference will make this impossible, but if not, it might be of interest. - RepoRat
The timezone actually works pretty well, thanks! - Deborah Fitchett
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