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So librarians. Much distraction. Very LOL. Wow.
Manager librarians: I have a retirement in the next few months and will be hiring to replace them. I can't talk job details here, but any general advice about the whole process would be appreciated. (I can say this is a reference position.)
Figure out what this new person will be doing and make an accurate job description. Odds are that your retiree has a slightly to very different real world job vs what the job description would say that their job should be. - ♫Jorge Covert, Trainer♫
We are morphing the position, that's for certain. - Andy
Not sure if this is part of what you're looking for, but if you haven't had a new hire in a while, think about how the new person will be introduced to the department and their work.. Who should they meet in the community? Offer to have coffee with the new person and other important people they should meet, for a nice collegial introduction. Also, how will they meet other people in other departments in the library? (You may already have very good processes for this.) - Regular Amanda
Amanda: I'm taking all advice! - Andy
Take a few minutes to see what needs to be reallocated to other people. Was the retiree doing something for someone else that they need to do themselves? Is there something that can be phased out (pretend you weren't replacing the position)? - Hedgehog
I'm not a manager, but we have had several retirements, three internal moves, and one person leave for another university--all within my department--so we have been in the hiring mode. Every personnel change (whether we'll miss the person like mad or not) is a chance to reevaluate the way things work, and having the whole department engage in thoughtful conversations about new ways of... more... - kaijsa
Look at EVERYTHING... New hires are an obvious opportunity to give existing people new/different jobs yaks and responsibilities. If anyone currently hints at bend bored with their current job, see how they would be interested in mixing things up. Anyone looking burnt-out, same thing. - Aaron the Librarian from Android
yaks. don't forget the yaks. *gigglesnort* - holly #ravingfangirl
yeah, they take shaving, yaks do. - RepoRat
The new LSW Member Twitter Handle Post, just in case. (The old one is at )
(Is there a list for non-LSW?) - Betsy
@BetsyVera2 - Betsy
@ElaineLibrarian - LibrarianOnTheLoose
@reddite - Pete
@ellbeecee - ellbeecee
@webgoddess - WebGoddess
@cpellegr - Catherine Pellegrino
@eabrown25 - Elizabeth Brown
@LibSkrat - RepoRat
@disedlibrarian - Rebecca Hedreen
@bfister - barbara fister
@s_francoeur - Stephen Francoeur
@orgmonkey - Marie
@CogSciLibrarian - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
@grasshopperlibr - maʀtha
@gohomekiki - Kirsten
@spamgirl - Jaclyn aka spamgirl from Android
@dupuisj - John Dupuis
@newrambler - laura x
@oajoe and @bibliobrew - Joe
@waltcrawford - Walt Crawford
@cpikas - Christina Pikas
@hedgielib - Hedgehog
@weelibrarian - weelibrarian
@julian2 - Julian
@lisalibrarian - Lisa Hinchliffe
@desertlibrarian - Ruth Kneale
@mjreddin - Marianne
@megvmeg - Meg VMeg
@czammarelli - Zamms
@k8southern - Katy S from iPhone
Don't make me resort to tweeting! Please *whimpers* - Heleninstitches
I hope we don't have to, but I also don't want to lose you. :-( - Betsy
*sighs* @heleninstitches - Heleninstitches
@suelibrarian - suelibrarian from iPhone
@freedabrook - Freeda B.
@deborahfitchett --Oh wait, also I recently started @freeasinsmiles trying to post a new OA resource a day. - Deborah Fitchett
@rudibrarian - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
@jsholman - Jen
@gchilton - Galadriel C. from Android
@wawoodworth - Andy
@henare - henry
@younglibrarian - Katie
@library_chic - ~Courtney F
would some kind person please turn this into a public list? Twitter hates me right now - maʀtha
I don't know what that means. - Betsy
Working on it Martha :) - Hedgehog
Here's a public list on Twitter--it wont' let me add me to the list so don't forget to follow me! - Hedgehog
thank you! - maʀtha
Y'all with Primo or similar discovery layers: Have you noticed any difficulties with linking from metadata supplied by Gale? Am trying to decide whether I've got confirmation bias. Seem to be seeing lots of issues with them having odd parentheticals at end of titles, making EBSCO and other FT suppliers unable to find the articles in question.
An example: After the bomb; Mayor Goode blasts his aides. (W.Wilson Goode, Philadelphia). From a 1985 issue of Time. It works well enough to know that we have it (so it isn't a link resolver issue) but when I click the link to pull the full text into the discovery layer, it comes back as no result in EBSCO until I delete the parenthetical. - Kirsten
Yes. I experimented with adding Academic OneFile metadata to our EDS, since we have a certain amount of the FT in LexisNexis Academic, and it was a disaster for exactly the reason you list: the extra stuff at the end of the title. - JffKrlsn
Yes! Because ProQuest and EBSCO aren't fully cooperating with our discovery vendor, Gale results are common and the metadata is extremely problematic. - Jen
Yes, this absolutely the case. - Zamms
I have noticed trouble with Gale in SFX, too. - Meg VMeg
Gale is a aggregator, their metadata will tend to be different/problematic. - aaron
It's not that simple, Aaron. We've got metadata from other aggregators active in our index and they aren't causing the systematic issues that Gale is. I haven't noticed the SFX issue, though, Meg. How is that manifesting? And to the rest of you, many thanks for the affirmations! I've got lots of examples and so will submit a ticket on this. - Kirsten
I've noticed it. Similar issues in Summon because Gale provides deeper indexing (down to a reference of a drug announcement in a larger article container, for example) than what a journal indexer like EBSCO would do, so OpenURL doesn't work well. - Holly's favorite Anna
I can't speak to the technical whys and wherefores of Gale and SFX, but Meg's experience precisely mirrors ours. It's legendary around here: all the librarians know never to click an SFX link to a Gale database because 9 times out of 10, the Gale database doesn't actually have the article in full text. We're almost at the point of suppressing all Gale results in SFX because of this. - Catherine Pellegrino
We did suppress Gale in summon/sfx results because of this. (Interested to see it's Gale not all reference sources that are problematic, will have to think on it). - Jaclyn aka spamgirl from Android
very unofficially - as a user only -- I concur with what Catherine said. But I have no vote on whether or not to suppress. - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
Hmm. I haven't noticed the SFX issue, but we only activate databases for which we have full text access in there, and we don't have all that much Gale stuff. But if this is a known issue with Gale metadata, then I don't see Ex Libris being able to do anything about it. Will likely submit the ticket anyway. - Kirsten
Reporting to Ex Libris does make it possible for them, over time, to approach Gale saying "hey, we have mutual customers who aren't having a good experience - can we work on this?" (I make no promises that Ex Libris will do this. But, feedback from customers is pretty key to being able to make the case that it is a problem... - Lisa Hinchliffe
Good point, Lisa! - Kirsten
There's a reason why I ranked Gale as low as it can be in 360link when we first started with Summon and 360link. The points made above by various people are exactly why. For sure, we have experienced examples where Gale coverage list would state they have full text of a certain range, but they actually don't upon enquiring. The nature of the material in gale databases like Academic... more... - aaron
We had a good experience working with Ex Libris and with Gale on these types of issues, so I would recommending contacting both sides about this. - Zamms
Megan loves summer
Uh, yup. "Evaluating big deal journal bundles." Theodore C. Bergstrom, Paul N. Courant, R. Preston McAfee, and Michael A. Williams PNAS 2014 ; published ahead of print June 16, 2014, doi:10.1073/pnas.1403006111
A tidbit: "We find that even with the institution-specific discounts resulting from bundled purchases, the prices per citation charged to large PhD-granting universities by major commercial publishers are much higher than those charged by major nonprofit publishers. Among the commercial publishers in our study, Elsevier’s prices per citation are nearly 3 times those charged by the nonprofits, whereas Emerald, Sage, and Taylor & Francis have prices per citation that are roughly 10 times those of the nonprofits." - Megan loves summer
I thought the InsideHigherEd blurb read like something from the Onion: - Rebecca Hedreen
"There might be reasons for such discrepancies." Yes, there might. Why anyone would buy the argument that non-disclosure is good for libraries is beyond me. - barbara fister
Dang. Our access in various DBs has 6 month embargoes. - Stephen Francoeur
^^^ There's an irony in there somewhere. - Catherine Pellegrino
I found the responses from the librarians in charge of negotiating for prices interesting. Is anyone going to admit they were not as good at negotiating? - aaron
People, I'm so entertained! I'm going through boxes of donated books and look what I found in this one!
2014-06-17 13.10.30.jpg
cholesterolbomb! - RepoRat
I know it's just a typo by "cry mustard" totally gave me the giggles. Also? Sounds like a strata to me. - Kirsten
I envision a brunch potluck at my place of work in the nearish future featuring this recipe - maʀtha
"cry mustard and unleash the dogs of hot" - Marianne
Hello fine peoples, I'm trying to track down this conference paper, but I'm not sure what the conference is. Any ideas?
Ah, the Canad. A secretive lot, those folk. - Deborah Fitchett
Bingo. ERIC Note: Paper presented at the Annual Meeting of the Canadian Association of University Continuing Education (Winnipeg, Manitoba, June 18, 1985). - Joe
But, it could be a typo, presented at the Annual Meeting of the Canard. - Joe
Because I found it too, in Ebsco: Paper presented at the Annual Meeting of the Canadian Association of University Continuing Education (Winnipeg, Manitoba, June 18, 1985). So there. :p - ellbeecee
You are all winners! - maʀtha
So, what would happen at the Annual Meeting of the Canard? - maʀtha
They watch Duck Soup, avoid things thrown at them, and read French satirical magazines. - Pete
but, of course - maʀtha
heh - maʀtha
Sucker DJ LB
WordPress folks: From time to time I hear from people who are unable to access, a WordPress site. Would this be a problem with our service provider, or is it something within WordPress itself causing the trouble? Thanks for any ideas!
Any details on the access problem/message they are getting? - SAM
DMd you, Scott. - Sucker DJ LB
Hi Friendfeed and LSW! Back from SLA Vancouver, what'd I miss?
helloooooooo! - maʀtha
*waves at Martha* - LibrarianOnTheLoose
I guess we're not talking about that one streaking incident... - maʀtha
Nope. We're talking about the other streaking incident. The one you thought we didn't know about. - Betsy
It took an entire day of concentration and constant work to recreate one corrupted file representing a year of my committee's work. So on the one hand - YAY PRODUCTIVITY AND CONCENTRATION. And on the other hand - I'm right back where I started.
Freeda B.
Is anyone here going to the Library Assessment Conference at CUNY tomorrow?
I really wish I had paid attention to it when it was first announced. It seemed at first like a small local thing, but then this afternoon I looked at the program and was all like whoa, that became a really interesting and greatly expanded lineup of speakers (including LSW's own Lisa Janicke Hinchcliffe). I put myself on the waiting list and will show up in the AM to see if there's a... more... - Stephen Francoeur
Also speaking: Deb Gilchrist, Donna Lanclos, Martha Kyrillidou, Roger Schonfeld, and a poster by Megan Oakleaf. - Stephen Francoeur
Dang. That is quite a lineup. - Catherine Pellegrino
Wow. CUNY is a special kind of awesome. - barbara fister
It was great to see so many folks - spent a few extra days in NYC and so just seeing this now. A great conference indeed! - Lisa Hinchliffe
Yes, this conference was great! I wish all conferences lasted one day and took place in a city where I have lots of friends. Lisa, I already brought up your idea of emphasizing librarian expertise over collaborative abilities (I know that is a simplification) at our library strategic planning meeting. - Freeda B.
Love to hear how things progress as you discuss this idea - glad it resonated! - Lisa Hinchliffe
(belated) 2nd blog post in 2015 candidates for SLA Board of Directors #sla2014
Happiest Birthday to our own Aaron!
Happy birthday Aaron! - Joe
thanks Martha, Joe and all. I had a great day. :) - aaron from BuddyFeed
oh good! - maʀtha
Happy birthday! - Katy S
Many happy returns! - Megan loves summer
Happy birthday! - Galadriel C.
Happy Birthday Aaron!! - Hedgehog
Christina Pikas
Does anyone know much about Shibboleth/InCommon federation?
wondering if vendor participants have to make any promises about what they'll do with user data? and if so, what those promises are? haven't seen on the site. - Christina Pikas
Deborah Fitchett
TGIF: How many librarians does it take to figure out that the reason a patron can't get access to a J of Hydrologic Engineering article is because we actually subscribe to the J of Hydraulic Engineering? Go on. Guess.
6 plus three levels of supervisor. - ♫Jorge Covert, Trainer♫
Oy. That's an easy mistake to make! - Kirsten
I... don't see a difference? It's all engineering at some level... - Aaron the Librarian
"You searched for Hydrologic. Did you mean Hydraulic?" - ellbeecee
I would totally make that mistake. Probably more than once. - Regular Amanda
FTR, the liaison librarian and the library IT person (me) missed it; the serials librarian spotted it. - Deborah Fitchett
Aaron the Librarian
Friday's Stumper: Student looking for the Intent to Seek Counseling Services Inventory by Cash & Begley from either 1975 or 1978. We've found the base article from 1975 which describes looely, but cannot locate the instrument nor the scoring sheet.instructions. Help appreciated!
what have you tried? have you tried: Health & Psychosocial Instruments (HAPI), Mental Measurements Yearbook, and PsycTests? - Christina Pikas
or lemme know which ones you haven't tried and i'll try - Christina Pikas
Sadly, we have no HAPI here (haha) ... PsyTESTS, MMY, & Tests in Print. PsyTESTS has the SOSH which is simlar, but not the desired test :| (also delved GoogScholar & the internets at large) - Aaron the Librarian
ugh its on ovid. found this:Attitudes Toward Seeking Professional Psychological Help Scale. will keep looking - Christina Pikas
we're only hapi back to 1985, but I found this: - Christina Pikas
Cash, T. F., Begley, P. J., McCown, D. A., & Weise, B. C. (1975). When counselors are heard but not seen: Initial impact of physical attractiveness. Journal of Counseling Psychology, 22(4), 273-279. - Christina Pikas
Title Intentions to Seek Counseling Inventory. Acronym ISCI Instrument Author Cash, Thomas F.; Begley, Phyllis J.; McCown, David A.; Weise, Beverly C. Notes Author HaPI attributes authorship of the instrument to authors of the Reference. Source Code Secondary Source Source Miville, M. L., & Constantine, M. G. (2007). Cultural values, counseling stigma, and intentions to seek counseling among Asian American college women. Counseling and Values, 52, 2-10. Language English - Christina Pikas
HAPI includes this reference note for "Journal of Counseling Psychology, Perceived public stigma and the willingness to seek counseling: The mediating roles of self-stigma and attitudes toward counseling. By: Vogel, D. L.; Wade, N. G.; Hackler, A. H.. Vol. 54 (1) 2007; p40-50, 11p.": Intentions to Seek Counseling Inventory (ISCI) is administered by Vogel, Wade, and Hackler (2007) using the Psychological and Interpersonal Concerns subscale from Cash, Begley, McCown, and Weise's (1975) measure. - Rebecca Hedreen
The instrument isn't given in the Vogel article, however, which uses multiple scales. - Rebecca Hedreen
PsychTests has a different inventory from those authors from 1975. Just an FYI. Cash, T., Begley, P. J., McCown, D. A., & Weise, B. C. (1975). Personal Problems Inventory. doi:10.1037/t03410-000 ETA: that's all PsychTests has for Cash. - kaijsa
Thanks for all these! (saturbrarianing on a saturday off) I'll pass these citations along to the student & see where she wants to go from here - Aaron the Librarian
Hmm... is there full text available for you ([Christina, Rebecca,kaijsa]) there aren't for me. If you can get them, plz share with adobbs at the gmail? - Aaron the Librarian
the 1975 text? i did look at the 2007 text and the instrument wasn't there but there were references to maybe 3-4 articles that used it. - Christina Pikas
I have the 1975 "when counselors are not seen" text (which started this whole chase off) but oddly cannot find text for the others from this thread. Your HAPI entry "Title Intentions to Seek Counseling Inventory" 7 comments above this one sounds like has the actual inventory instrument with instructions? - Aaron the Librarian
On the way to you. In searching again, found other things for Cash--weird. Not what you were looking for, though. - kaijsa
Let us all rejoice. Carleton's graduation day has finally arrived.
It's my two-year anniversary! - Lily
And you think Colorado College's schedule is crazy.... - laura x from iPhone
OH HEY look what's on the new book shelf at the SLIS library: And look at that chapter written by our own Hedgehog Librarian!
(I wouldn't be surprised if there was more LSW involvement -- I had like five seconds to scan the ToC because conference call. If you're in the book too, speak up!) - RepoRat
Not LSWers (so far as I know), but Kim Duckett and Scott Warren are friends of mine from MFPOW -- super-smart people and all-around good eggs. - Catherine Pellegrino
I really enjoyed reading that book-totally full of smarties. Cheryl Ball (not a librarian) came to mpow to speak at a digital humanities symposium a couple years ago and I so thoroughly enjoyed talking to her and wish we worked at the same uni. - kaijsa
:D If you don't have a copy of the book but would like to read my chapter, the OA version is here This was a great process--the default was limited license to them. - Hedgehog
I love that the entire book, save one chapter, is available OA. So smart! - kaijsa
This tagline in INDIGO makes me laugh, though: "Items in INDIGO are protected by copyright, with all rights reserved, unless otherwise indicated." - Aaron the Librarian
Yeah..we're supposed to be able to mark stuff w/ a creative commons license but not sure if that has ever worked in my time there - Hedgehog from Android
Laura Norvig
What am I supposed to do with this old Google poster that explains all of the "nifty modifiers" that they no longer support?
Modify it so it only has current modifiers, or modify it to add new modifiers, or modify it to be for a different service besides Google that has similar modifiers. - NOT THE CRICKET
Most of them are still supported. - NOT THE CRICKET
Send it to the computer museum. - Joe
Hand cross - out the ones that are no longer supported? - Aaron the Librarian from Android
And write RIP on the ones you liked. - kaijsa
And then write: "Everything changes. Ask what's new at the Library!" at the bottom. - Rebecca Hedreen
Which aren't supported any more, anyway? I think I've used most of these recently. - Rebecca Hedreen
"Google is a growing organism" ? - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
actually, it's the + that no longer works. RIP + xxxx also, RIP "quotation marks" - I miss those suckers Every Day. - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
I still use quotes, to good effect, in google searches. - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
Seconding Rebecca - is there a good list somewhere of what tricks Google ostensibly no longer supports? - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
You should still use it - there's nothing wrong with that poster. All of those modifiers do still work in Google: and Where did you hear that they weren't supported any more? - Christa
+ doesn't work anymore, for appending terms to a single query, and ~ no longer works. But otherwise it all still works. Also AND and OR aren't as good as they used to be. - NOT THE CRICKET
ah, my bad, yes, one of the items on that poster doesn't work anymore: the ~ . sorry about that. but all of the others do work. - Christa
actually, it's the + that no longer works. RIP + - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
Verbatim, hidden under Search Tools / All Results is sort of like the + as it requires All of your search terms be included, exactly as you typed them. - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
wow, yes, very hidden there - maʀtha
I think the ~ is now the default. Whether you want it to be or not. - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
See Phil Bradley's site for updates that happened at the time. Two weeks before I was due to teach students the relevant Google modifiers. Mid 2011 I think. My notes for students have details of the exact changes if anyone wants me to flick them to them. Quotes behave differently now(eg. Do " around longish search string u know exists in a page & see what is retrieved) - Kathryn is a free elf
It's a breach of trust. I never feel like I have control over my own searches anymore. I'm pining for the fjords. - Laura Norvig from iPhone
I wonder how much of this applies to Google Scholar. - aaron
Pining... like for email? Old Skool - Aaron the Librarian
hmm, nope, not pining for Pine, although I did use it long ago! - Laura Norvig
Nobody elms for the fjords. - Amit Patel
Though we pine for the elms. - Slippy: Potato Croquette
Regular Amanda
Srsly, just Google it.
(Sorry, that's my cranky response to twiddly citation questions.) - Regular Amanda
(also my cranky response to "how do I get Excel to do this" questions) - Catherine Pellegrino
a student asked me if I could help her if, in the future, she has Qs about using Mac instead of PC. I said, um, maybe. She said "well, I guess I could just Google it." :-) - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
If you'll be at ALA and you have any interest in getting more involved with the journal Collaborative Librarianship, please DM me!
Rachel Walden
Have any of you all written anything about changes to PLOS's institutional membership charges?
nope. hadn't heard, actually. link me up? - RepoRat
Oh, that's awfully disappointing. :-( - Deborah Fitchett
Oh..this is not good news. Sending notes to people now. - Hedgehog
well, shit. - jambina
I'm going to guess "not enough uptake from libraries to bother." Sigh. - RepoRat
How many no-fee Gold OA journals could Vanderbilt publish for $122K/year? Never mind; PLOS is a Verified Good Guy, so I shouldn't ask questions like that. - Walt Crawford
They're a Verified Good Guy who I'm pretty sure nevertheless could survive quite happily if they lowered their fees. - Deborah Fitchett
Deborah: The last chapter of my Library Tech. Reports on Big Deal Damages (out any day now) has as one possible "solution," after "Transparent Prices," "Transparent Costs." I'd love to see such transparency happen during my lifetime...but that only allows about 30 years. - Walt Crawford
Another way of saying: "quite happily" may depend on personnel pay levels and perks, but otherwise I'm inclined to believe you're right. - Walt Crawford
ooh, Transparent Costs! sounds lovely! - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
As I say in the report (not remotely in these words!), it's mostly a dream...whereas with FOI, transparent prices should be reasonably achievable. (On the other hand, some OA startups devoted to fair pricing--and maybe with university backing--*could* establish some actual costs...) - Walt Crawford
So the point is that there was never actually a discount. Libraries paid a 'membership fee' which covered the discount to institutional authors. This was just getting silly because there was a huge administrative overhead on both institution and PLOS on managing a zero sum system. So now if an institution wants either direct billing or to pay into a fund both those things are available.... more... - Cameron Neylon
..speaking as the person who took the decision to sunset the old program. More than happy to talk to anyone about this but we did it to simplify things and reduce overall costs in the system. - Cameron Neylon
I was gonna say that I'm pretty sure jh has been moving toward dropping all memberships and putting the money into a fund you have to apply for but that will pay full - Christina Pikas from iPhone
With author-fee funds dying like flies... yeah, I admit I'm concerned. But I do see the reasoning. - RepoRat
Christina, who's in charge of administering the fund and evaluating the applications? Researchers/faculty? Or librarians/administrators? Also, where does the money sit? Library budget? University/departmental budget? - Meg VMeg
Part of the issues was exactly that it didn't seem we were helping with author fee funds. The way it worked was we'd estimate volume, assess a membership fee of 10% of the expected costs, then find the volume was a bit higher than expected then have to assess a bigger fee the following year, on top of the volume increase so there was sticker shock - and the amounts were rising to levels... more... - Cameron Neylon
What has happened is that we have fewer US institutions using the new tools but a lot more UK and European ones. Certainly we're seeing a lot more UK/EU institutions establishing funds, less clear on how many US ones are dropping them. - Cameron Neylon
Yeah, that figures. I don't have hard numbers on the US either -- it may be a wash, because other funds are being established even as older ones die. - RepoRat
@Meg - it's out of the libraries budget, administered by the library, and there are some requirements - drat, they deleted the online guide since they ran out of money this year and the new year money doesn't start until July 1. Basically 1 publication per author, author has to state that they can't pay the fees out of a grant or other source, a copy has to be archived in the IR... I can't remember what else. - Christina Pikas
Whatever PLoS's reasoning is is fine for them, we're just not going to take on the costs or local administration of a fund of that type. (Note that this was not my decision to make on our end, so I will not be engaging in conversation about whether we should or not) - Rachel Walden
*nodnod* At MfPOW it was a lot easier to sell a membership than a fund. It fits into existing green-eyeshade categories and it's a lot less hassle internally. That's not to say it was a piece of cake -- I had to do the homework on how many authors and articles we were talking about -- but I'm pretty sure MfPOW still has some OA memberships, while the author-fee fund is deader than Generalissimo Francisco Franco. - RepoRat
... maybe all this is my next LJ column. I need an idea for it anyway. - RepoRat
There's definitely a wider discussion to have about where it is best to administer different kinds of system. I can buy that it's easier to subsidise by putting a smaller amount of money into a third party place. The catch is two fold - there's an administrative burden which to my mind is very inefficient on our side (the intricate variety of what different institutions want is... more... - Cameron Neylon
All that said, if there's real demand for a deposit account that gets use to provide institution marginal discounts then we could look at that again. But at the moment we've got much more demand for systems where the eligibility varies author to author based on their funding sources within an institution. - Cameron Neylon
You'd enjoy my summer lectures, Cameron. I spend a LOT of time hammering on the chooser-isn't-payer market dysfunction. :) - RepoRat
the thing with memberships, imo, was that a chunk of money would go to 10% or 20% discounts... when it was like not that for, say, $1000 they couldn't pay the apc but for $800 or $900 they could. It was like they either could or couldn't. library may want to endorse oa, but instead, they're endorsing one publisher and their offerings. and really, biomed vs all other fields of endeavor.... more... - Christina Pikas
@Meg here's how ours is handled if that's useful - Hedgehog
Rochelle *boom* Hartman
Anyone having WISCAT issues today? They are still insisting that we need to clear the cache everytime we finish. Argh. No one, patrons or staff, can get search results at our place.
Walt Crawford
I somehow find it annoying that, increasingly, I'm agreeing with the viewpoints in The Annoying One's posts.
I think there's a pill for that. - lris
Is it a placebo or is it homeopathic? Or maybe both? - Walt Crawford
Walt, something you care to share with the rest of the class? <g> - ♫Jorge Covert, Trainer♫
Is there anything we can do to help? #throwsbucketofwater - Joe Hardy
Not really; just that the syndicate that calls itself the Annoyed Librarian has been having a higher percentage than usual of sensible posts. - Walt Crawford
Jason P
Folks, my wife Anne is doing a survey for her grad school class assignment. If you have ten minutes to take it and/or share on whatever social media, it would really help her out a lot (and thus make my life happier too). Thank you so much.
it asks for "student's full name". what's that? - t-ra: taking the piss
Oh sorry! Put Anne Graham for the student's name. - Jason P
Done! - Stephen Mack
The link from her blog doesn't work? It won't load for me, FYI. Facebook times out. - Meg VMeg
Oh, I used the surveymonkey link already. I was just noting that the one on her blog doesn't work. - Meg VMeg
Thanks, Meg. I'll let her know. - Jason P
Megan loves summer
Hmm, The Machiavellian Librarian, published by Chandos. Maybe I should get me a copy
From the Elsevier Store? That's a little *too* Machiavellian for my taste... - Walt Crawford
Walt Crawford
Sincerish question: Why is there no Journal of Placebos--devoted to studies of most effective placebo methodologies for various situations? After all, Elsevier still publishes Homeopathy, and placebos have a *lot* better track record, AFAIK... (Sincereish because I'm sure placebos can be improved in effectiveness, with the right studies...)
Aaron the Librarian
2014 ALA Annual LSW Meetup Thread? (did I miss one that was already started?) Also: LSW Las Vegas Edition!
You did not! Also, YAY. I will be there from the 26th-30th (staying at the Paris), although I am currently not scheduling anything for suppertime on either the 26th or the 27th. And this is my "I finished my degree, work is not even being asked to pay for it, busman's vacation of author events and lounging about and having fun" ALA trip, so yeah, lots of free time for meetups. Can't wait to see y'all! - Marianne
I'll be there. First (real) ALA Conf for me! - copystar
Cool beanage, I'm at the Quad from Thursday eve to Tueday midnight. Crazy busy, but I'm getting my don't miss vendor events list set... oddly I'm not seeing very many invites this year... maybe I should go check my snailbox - Aaron the Librarian
Me! Dude, we totally need to talk :) - Hedgehog from Android
If we end up doing supper or lunch, and people want something fairly substantial, I recommend this joint: - and not just because I'll be hanging out there a lot anyway. (Although, hm, they appear to have changed their menu a bit. o.O bah. restaurants must always serve the things I loved the last time I was there.) But really Vegas is utterly full of delicious foods... - Marianne
I would love to meet you peoples in person! I'll be there Thursday through Tuesday morning. - Regular Amanda
Thurs through tues for me. - ellbeecee from Android
i'm in ... thurs thru tues, perhaps at the quad, and perhaps at the flamingo (depending on funding and how adventurous i feel). - henry
Thursday thru Monday late for me! - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
Friday to Tuesday, with husband in tow - ~Courtney F
Bumpity bump... when would be a good time? - Regular Amanda
Friday night, after 7pm somewhere near Caesar's Palace? (hoping to make it to #alaplay too) - Aaron the Librarian
I'd be free Saturday night after 8 or Sunday evening after 6. Would love to be able to make a meetup! - Lily
I'll be there Thursday-Tues, Philosopher in tow. I'll be at LITA Happy Hour Sunday --could meet up there or after that - Hedgehog
Meet up at the LITA thingy would work for me too? - Aaron the Librarian from Android
LITA happy hour is an open time for me too. (Friday isn't because I'll be at the Printz reception. Hey, anyone going to the Printz reception? I don't know of anyone i know that is...) The LITA thinger is at Kahunaville (treasure island). Wanna aim for a 6-6:30ish meetup time? If Sunday evening works for other people too? - Marianne
The LITA thing is Sunday? Sunday works for me. - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
Part-time contract Electronic Resources Lib. opening at National Emergency Training Center, Emmitsburg, MD. (This was reposted to DISASTR-OUTREACH-LIB )
"Subject: [aclcp-l] Part-time job posting in Emmitsburg, MD. Good day ACLCP folks, I am posting the following position description on behalf of my husband who is a Librarian at the National Emergency Training Center. If you know of anyone, particularly a new MLS graduate, who might be interested in a part-time position, please feel free to pass this on. Thank you! -- P/T (20 hrs./wk.) Electronic Resources Librarian needed immediately for contract position at the National Emergency Training Center (NETC) Learning Resource Center in Emmitsburg, MD. Must have an ALA-accredited MLS or MIS; minimum 1-2 yrs. experience maintaining Web pages; strong, demonstrated knowledge of HTML and XML; and excellent written and oral communication skills. Must be able to pass a background check. Excellent salary. To apply, please send resume & cover letter to []." - Betsy
Lots of LSWers at the SLA conf. Do we have any time for a meetup? Maybe group crash a reception Monday night (joint transport/gov/solo or PAM) or the IT dance party? Or meet at 7:30 somewhere before the receptions tomorrow? Other?
Canadian reception. dress nice. - jambina
How nice? Top hat nice? - Joe
wish i had seen this while i was there :) - henry
I kept to myself. - Zamms
iPads to replace PCs at Dakota County libraries | Star Tribune -
Innnnnnnnnnnteresting. Even without reading this, I can think of lots of reasons to do it. - RepoRat
It surprises me that public use of internet stations is declining, but if it is, that's a great reason to take out a bunch of desktops and use the space for other things. - kaijsa
If it's Internet-only kiosks, I can see it (smartphones!). Computers generally, that'd be another story... but even there, the bifurcation between tablets and PCs could well make sense. - RepoRat
I have a hard time imagining people doing resumes and job applications on iPads. For surfing, though, sure! - maʀtha
i can't imagine doing any serious text editing on an iPad without a bluetooth keyboard. ditto for photo editing and a finer pointing device. with those, however, i'd be good with this substitution. - henry
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