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For the complete LSW tagline please refer to the print edition. [tagline approved by committee, see minutes for vote]
Stephen Francoeur
Anyone have access to RUSQ? Looking for this article on the current issue. Send me a DM if you've got it.
I'm on it. - Steele Lawman
Steele Lawman is the Awesome. - Stephen Francoeur
<obligatory rant>RUSQ used to be open access...</obligatory rant> - Catherine Pellegrino
<obligatory fistbump>You got that right.</obligatory fistbump> - Stephen Francoeur
Why isn't it? RUSA needs to get it together! - kaijsa
<comment>RUSA busily running in the opposite direction from LAMA, LITA, PLA...</comment> - Walt Crawford
Kaijsa: oh, mercy. it's complicated: - Catherine Pellegrino
Just stumbled across Google News Archive, recommended by GNews "about" page as the place to search for items older than 30 days. Have any of you used? I'm really curious about coverage going from 30 days ago back to whenever Google News stopped keeping news older than 30 days-- is that stuff in NewsArchive, or gone?
Going back to 2012, the Google News blog has no info about reducing Google News to 30 days. When did that happen?? - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
Holy ugly uselessness! Searching Google News Archives brings back results from"Google News" that's the ONLY citation info -- other than article title -- in the list of results! The URLS are given as the citation line, with all urls as etc.a nd so forth What a poor decision!! - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
I actually thought they'd killed Google News Archive. - Meg VMeg
they are no longer digitizing, and no longer allow advanced search features, url is - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
Jaclyn aka spamgirl
Does anyone have an org chart that they love? We're a mostly master's granting university of about 30k, if that helps. Looks like we're going to reorg ASAP.
I have nothing helpful except for my best wishes. Sometimes reorgs are great, and I hope yours is. - lris
reorg ASAP? That sounds interesting. (I keep wishing we would reorg, and dreaming up new org charts, so I have small jealousy of the opportunity) - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
Monday bump. - Jaclyn aka spamgirl
We just reorged July 1 and things are still settling, but here are the org charts in case it helps: - Galadriel C.
This document about MIT Libraries may/may not be helpful too: - Galadriel C.
I like our 'pie chart on drugs' but it's pretty unusual so probably not useful. Also we are small. This would be a little tricky to scale, though not impossible. - barbara fister
Late to the party on this, but we're also going through a re-org. I'm pushing hard the concept of the "inverted org chart", which I ran across in a ITLWTLP article a while back:http://www.inthelibrarywiththe... - Freeda B.
Rudy - let's chat. - Jaclyn aka spamgirl
Jaclyn, yes! I'm drowning through today, maybe this weekend? - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
Living and working with a chronic illness -
Lovely post, Iris. Thank you for sharing. - Andy
I'm so sorry I missed this til today, brave, beautiful woman. Well written, and thank you for sharing! - ωαřмaiden ❤Bassetmom❤ from iPhone
Meg VMeg
How is your "new school year insanity" going? I think this might be my last really hectic week (I will certainly have other hectic weeks, but not so many in a row, usually).
I'm happy for you, genuinely. The entirety of fall semester is bonkers for me. This year I have suffered from bonkers inflation. At least three days a week I am here 8am to at least 8pm and I am basically existing on whatever food the library coffee shop has to offer. We cannot hire our two vacant faculty and one staff position fast enough for me. - kaijsa
soooooooooo tired. (nothing but training students almost all day every day, fielding calls on weekends from new student supervisors, helping people move and suchlike on the weekends). good things but I am ready for the pace to slacken. - Marianne
it's... really, really bad. New course plus keynote plus accreditation site visit next week plus TA weirdness and other low-level hassles, and I am getting close to the red overload line. - RepoRat
Yeah, we are super low on staff, and there's only so much one human can do, so... everyone is crazy. - Regular Amanda
With migrating to Alma, it's been feeling like new-school-year-insanity around here since May. I'm exhausted. - Kirsten
I've felt like I haven't stopped since mid-August and I don't see it stopping soon. - ellbeecee
I've got two major commitments this year that are outside the library (coordinating the first-year seminar program, which launched this fall, and chairing a high-level college-wide committee) and there are days when it feels like I'm not librarianing at all. - Catherine Pellegrino
Y'all are making me feel guilty. I'm on sabbatical and lazy as hell. - barbara fister
Like Kirsten, migrating to Alma on top of normal heavy workload is exhausting. Although my heart goes out to Kaijsa, as at least I can work from home at night. - Jen
Liked for Secret Agent Fister's comment - Aaron the Librarian
I have opted for sanity... I leave and don't look back between 8 or 9 hours after I arrive. I accomplish less. I own that. But if more is expected, we need to hire someone else. I have (at strictly informal count [eta: I have a spreadsheet of daily documentation]) 3.5 years (yes, years -- where 2000 hours = year) of comp time on my ledger. That's roughly 8 years of 60-80 hour weeks. If... more... - Aaron the Librarian
I worked more than I was paid for during our Alma implementation but now I'm trying really hard to get back to my proper 8 hours a day *with statutory breaks*. If for no other reason than to set a good example for my staff. :-) But over-working is a hard habit to break.... - Deborah Fitchett
My September wants to kill me, so I'm really looking forward to Oct 3. Theoretically. I haven't had time or will to look and see what October is bringing..... Hope everyone gets some space for rejuvenation soon!! - RudĩϐЯaЯïan from YouFeed
I'm trying not to cry? I was out sick for 8 out of 10 working days in early September, and we're down 20% on staff, and 25% on budget, and, um, yeah? - Jenica
Still hectic here! Frantic, even. And committee work is just kicking in. - maʀtha
Sounds like we're all struggling here, and I sympathize and empathize. Work-life balance is nonexistant at the moment and I'm also letting balls drop on some of my committees, which sucks for the other members. I guess we can all be here for each other, though. - kaijsa
yup, we can, and thank goodness for it. - Marianne
i'm hoping that this is my last truly insane week, as all of my non-work commitments have required something of me this week in addition to start of school madness. - ~Courtney F
here's a hug for {{{ Jenica }}} Too much bad at once time. - barbara fister
And you all, if we drop enough balls maybe we can have fun playing with them! signed, mistress of all lazy. - barbara fister
I thought my new school year insanity was dying down, then I cleaned up the accumulated pile on my desk. I've got at least another week of tight deadlines. - Elizabeth Brown
(what's Alma?)
The ExLibris replacement for ILS/ERM/link resolver. Sometimes called unified library systems. Why? - Jaclyn aka spamgirl
Or a new circle of hell, depending on your view.... - Jen
thanks! In Meg's thread, lots of folks were talking about their Alma conversion, and I had no idea what they were talking about. Now I know, and know why I didn't know -- We're III/Summon - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
I always think of Alma Boyer, my HS Chemistry teacher, and her phrase of "no goggles, no lab, no grade" :) - ellbeecee
Spanish for "soul" ? :-) - YvonneM
There's a whole story around the naming of it but the short version is that Ex Libris had a competition amongst its staff for a name, one of the employees really liked the name "Alma" and submitted it, and it got picked. (The long version is mostly only of interest if you're project managed from the Australian office and in that case your project manager will want to tell it.) - Deborah Fitchett
Sounds like how most of the things in our library are named. cf "FindMore@NUSL" and "Chatty box". - aaron
Shocking news. "One of the key findings was that students struggle with being able to successfully navigate their college and university library websites."
I did not like that "Who better to..." line one bit. (Probably not Spool's fault.) We HAVE UI/UX experts in libraries, yo... and a lot of the problems live with our gotdamn vendors anyway. - RepoRat
Word, RR. - kaijsa
Oh look, EBSCO is expending resources doing things I don't need EBSCO to do. - JffKrlsn from Android
Laura Krier
I'll be teaching my first info lit session to senior engineering students embarking on a capstone project. I don't really know yet how engineering research works. Any suggestions from you brilliant lot?
They need to know the key databases in their field. Citation chasing and endnote/other tool are also useful. If this is a design class like our capstones, I'd show them Knovel if you have it, since it has amazingly useful handbooks. It's also useful just for general reference stuff. - kaijsa
Thanks! I'm totally new to engineering, so I don't have a really good idea of what kinds of things they'll generally be researching. - Laura Krier
I'm sure actual engineering librarians will have more specific ideas, but I've had engineering as a subject in the past and covered it as interim recently. My biggest piece of advice is to pin down the prof on the assignment description. If you know what the students are being asked to do, it will make your life so much easier. - kaijsa
What kind of engineering? I've got bunches of slides from chemical engineering, some from civil and fire engineering. Never did anything with electrical or mechanical but still remember some resources. (And how senior is senior? *Assuming* fourth year university?) - Deborah Fitchett
Our department focuses on electrical engineering with a specialization in electronics and communications. The students are fourth (and fifth and sixth) year university students. - Laura Krier
Also, there isn't really a specific assignment. This semester students are learning about the design process, about presentation skills, technical writing, and how to write a project proposal. What I want to focus on is how information gathering happens in the design process. What kinds of information they'll need and how to find it, etc. But...I don't really know what kinds of information they'll need. Eeep! - Laura Krier
I'd expect then that the main databases for standard literature would be IEEE Xplore and Compendex, as well as Web of Science/Scopus when the subject's a little more interdisciplinary. Patents and standards will also be important (IEEE Xplore has IEEE standards). - Deborah Fitchett
Technical writing etc - one standard textbook we had was "Writing for science : a practical handbook for science, engineering and technology students" by Heather Silyn-Roberts. Latest edition I know of is 3rd 2012. --On design process, might be worth seeing if there's any info on or ... I feel there was an international competition for students related to Engineers Without Borders or some similar organisation. - Deborah Fitchett
Thanks! - Laura Krier
Look also for systems engineering and requirements gathering or analysis. Incose is a society for that. IEEE and IET have great resources. Don't forget inspec if you have it. I work with lots of ee doing communications and radars and stuff. - Christina Pikas from iPhone
As an aside, show them how to "stalk" people (set up search alerts by author or citation) and how to see which institutions are doing the kind of research they're interested in and what grants they used to pay for it (limit to instititution/funding agency). I know it's not strictly related to the capstone, but these always seem to capture their attention. - Meg VMeg
Engineering students also seem to really love a nice focused hands-on workshop on [your citation manager of choice]. Citation searching can be well-received and I had one group who got super excited by Boolean operators but that's the kind of thing you have to more play by ear. - Deborah Fitchett
Privacy question with respect to IRB & Google form submission: is that anonymous enough? I wouldn't get any identifying info. from a Google form, would i?
Stack overflow says Google Forms doesn't capture IP and I assume you're not asking "please insert your name and other personal information in question 6" . No institutional product available (Qualtrix? SurveyMonkey?) where you can specify non-capture? - Hedgehog
You should just ask your IRB/research office staff for advice. I always consult with them when working on an IRB. But my take: If you don't ask for anything identifying, you would probably be fine (although Google can collect all sorts of info). However, your institution may be more or less tolerant of using a cloud-based service than another institution. I used our university-hosted... more... - kaijsa
I'm a bit confused. IRB doesn't require anonymous. Much research is done with a standard of confidential/protected data. Or, even with identifying data made public. All about data management, risk disclosure, and informed consent. - Lisa Hinchliffe
Right. My research data isn't anonymous. You just have to be able to articulate what you're collecting and how you're going to protect and store it. - kaijsa
Lisa, I plan to tell the IRB peeps that my survey data will be completely anonymous - because that's what I need (ie, I don't need to know who said what for any reason), but I wanted to know if they could/would come back & say "Google data isn't anonymous." Or some other obvious reason NOT to use Google forms. But one of my TAs is a whiz with Qualtrics, so I'm going with that instead. thanks, y'all! - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
Ah - got it. FYI - Qualtrics has tricky settings so make sure it is really set to be anonymous if that is what you want. :) - Lisa Hinchliffe
Katy S
Book Challenges Suppress Diversity | Diversity in YA -
Book Challenges Suppress Diversity | Diversity in YA
"The unfortunate situation with Cameron Post and the entire banned summer reading list made me wonder how often the cited reasons for book challenges (which are enumerated by the American Library Association’s Office of Intellectual Freedom here) are smokescreens for the real reasons — reasons that might not always be socially acceptable to state publicly. If a book like Beloved by Toni Morrison is challenged because it is “sexually explicit” and has a “religious viewpoint” and contains “violence” (these are the stated reasons for its challenges in 2012), is it simply accidental that Beloved is also a novel about an African American woman, written by an African American woman?" - Katy S from Bookmarklet
It's not an academic study, but it's pretty interesting. - Katy S
To be fair, Beloved is very sexually explicit and includes violence. As if the film. *hated both* - Soup in a TARDIS
I think her point is that there are many widely read and taught books with those same features that have been written by white men, and yet those books haven't been challenged. Why Morrison's books and not others? - Katy S
I think her data fails to indicate anything about authors of banned books. It does, unsurprisingly, say a fair bit about silencing diversity in characters and plot point. I suspect if the compiler had compared stories wherein the main character (I think including secondary characters, as this author did, leads to inflated numbers without a very specific definition) is or isn't from a... more... - Soup in a TARDIS
Walt Crawford, milestone: Finished pass 1 on the OA project. With luck, pass 2 won't take long and I can start manipulating data and working on the October/November C&I, part 1 of 2.
Who's responsible for making sure the info in Ulrich's is up to date?
the journal, methinks. - jambina
all of these elsevier titles say pergamon as publisher. links work though. - kendrak
Kendra: Is that wrong? Elsevier frequently retains the imprinta of publishers it absorbs, such as Pergamon. (Can't fault them for that: most big-name book publishers are imprints of a handful of giants.) - Walt Crawford
Walt, in all my years of using these titles and discussing them with researchers and people from Elsevier they've never mentioned Pergamon. Elsevier is clearly on the cover. It's interesting to see the vestiges of consolidation. - kendrak
OK. If it says Elsevier on the cover, then they really should fix the Ulrich's records. After all, they do get the big bucks... - Walt Crawford
Librarians with EMBASE: is it working for you? I'm getting routed to an Elsevier landing page rather than the search. It was fine yesterday....
working for me. - kendrak
Okay, must just be us. Thanks! - Hedgehog
I like the way this showed up in my feedly, with Galadriel's first name only as author. #onenamewonder
Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 8.05.29 AM.png
JLSC: we know an Awesome McCoolName when we see it. *g* - RepoRat
*blushes* - Galadriel C.
i'm so glad you wrote that and i'm even gladder we published it. - jambina
I'm glad the authors were patient with me (edited on my watch) and with JLSC -- we needed it. - RepoRat
I think I may have teared up reading this - here's hoping that it leads to some well-needed change. - Jen
I'm just so glad that JLSC exists as such a great home for this piece! RR, the patience wasn't a problem at all and the piece is so much better thanks to the fine editing that happened especially to the epilogue with its liked tone: - Galadriel C.
Happiest Birthday to DJF! May your day begin with a good cup of coffee and get better from there
Happy birthday! - RepoRat
Happy Birthday David! - Hedgehog from Android
Maybe Merry and Pippin will bake you a cake - maʀtha from Android
Happy birthday! - Catherine Pellegrino
Happy birthday!!!!! - lris
Happy birthday! - Galadriel C.
Happy bday. - Joe
Galadriel C.
Joelle and I's commentary piece "A Tragicomedy of Communication and Information Dissemination Fails" -
A big thank you to RR and Isaac Gilman for the help, guidance, and superb editing that made this piece so much better than our first drafts! - Galadriel C.
Walt Crawford
And Wollega University (Ethiopia) wins the Best Abbreviation/URL award for its Gold OA journal, the Science, Technology and Arts Research Journal--or STAR journal,
[Which, for those who know I'm processing these alphabetically by publisher, means I'm almost there, woo-hoo but not quite yet.] - Walt Crawford
[Just finished with that journal--I do them ten at a time. Not bad, other than some questionable impact factors--no APC, well-organized, doesn't pretend to be more than it is--mostly an outlet for Ethiopian scholars--numbers the many articles and organizes them, and shows full text damn near instantaneously. Even with questionable IFs, this one looks good to me.] - Walt Crawford
Meg VMeg
For three days, LibGuides have been hella slow to load?
*waves at Laura and wonders if it's only us* - Meg VMeg
*honestly only posting to see if others were having the same problem and hopes laura doesn't respond if she's on vacation or it's not her turn or she simply doesn't feel like it* - Meg VMeg
No problems here at UIC - Hedgehog
We're OK here. Are you on the new platform yet? - Stephen Francoeur
Yes, I believe we are. - Meg VMeg
No problems here but I did find late in the day on Monday that if I made edits, they weren't reflected on the live site... that cleared up after Monday though. - JffKrlsn
There is some general internet sites lag here... but not bad enough to sqwak about it (not sure if the pipes are just full today or what) - Aaron the Librarian
Sorry I didn't see this earlier - was in a training session. Meg, your guides load quickly for me -, right? Am curious whether your site is slow for anyone else here in LSW. If it seems like they are just slow for peeps at NYU, it would most likely be a networking issue to talk to your IT folks about. Jeff: that was a bug, and others reported that too. It WAS fixed on I'm glad to hear that confirmed from you too. :) - Laura
NYU loads about the same speed as my site does for me if you want to compare? - Aaron the Librarian
It's a mystery. - Meg VMeg
Thanks, Laura (I really wasn't trying to harass you into responding, just figured you'd see my post at some point, so I waved :) - Meg VMeg
"You librarians are like the Michael Jordons of research. Watching you do that is like watching a perfect three-pointer. Swish."
I'm more like the Bill Lambeer of research, myself. - Steele Lawman
Mr. The Jason Fleming
When you find a book in Google Scholar is there any way to set it up to look in your library catalog for the ISBN?
I found this "Library search offers links to book catalogs where the patron can check local availability of a book, or request a library loan. This program works best for print resources, such as textbooks and monographs." Has anyone set this up or used it? - Mr. The Jason Fleming
Sometimes there's a Worldcat link. It seems idiosyncratic. - barbara fister
ah I found it. under "more" in the citation links there is an option to perform a "Library Search" - Mr. The Jason Fleming
oh and once you get to their book preview page there is an option in the sidebar to "Find in a library" - Mr. The Jason Fleming
Wish there was an enterprise edition of google scholar that let you customize and brand it for a certain population - Mr. The Jason Fleming
"more" is back?? Yah--freaking-hoo! It was gone for about a month! - RudĩϐЯaЯïan might do what you are thinking of. - Joe
right, yeah it has been a long time since I touched libx. I'm looking for something that users don't have to be told to install though I think - Mr. The Jason Fleming
After I posted that, I realized that you meant within GScholar. So, nevermind. FWIW, I haven't used or pushed Libx in well over a year. - Joe
Stephen Francoeur
Any advice for the best way to read a JSON file? Using the Backupify service, I downloaded a copy of my contributions to Facebook. The file I got had to be unzipped and then included thousands of JSON files (as welll as JPEGs). Opening a random JSON file in Firefox proved to be unsatisfying.
I'd love to know what you find out - I've got a JSON file of a Ning that I'd like to import into a Drupal site, but no idea how to do it - ~Courtney F
Without looking at an individual JSON file, I can't suggest too much, but the simplest thing to do is create an HTML page with some embedded javascript that takes the name of a file, and then opens that file, parses it, and displays the contents somehow. Think of it as an advanced web programming exercise (unfortunately). Facebook said you could get it out; they didn't say what you got would be useful. - DJF
I've done some work with php on the twitter api json thingy, pretty painless, though that's assuming some php skillz I guess. lots of this->and(that) - Blake
I thought it had a "bankruptify service" for a moment. - barbara fister
What you have when you have a JSON file is a frozen Javascript data structure. Exactly *what* the data structure contains and how it organizes it was up to the exporter programmer. You'll basically have to stare at it with your Javascript goggles on -- figure out what's in it and how it's organized -- and then write some code to pull out the bits you want. - RepoRat
Surely we have enough Jasons around here -- Puckett, Griffey, Fleming, etc. -- that ONE of them could get the gist of it for you, no? - Catherine Pellegrino
I should say that the only reason why I'm bothering with this activity is that it is my last hope for figuring out what date I started using Facebook, which might have been in 2005 or 2006. The exported data from Facebook is incomplete. What I got from Backupify is likely the same limited set of data from my account. If only I had saved the confirmation email from Facebook, I would have my answer without all this other nonsense. - Stephen Francoeur
Jason, thanks! That made the files eminently readable to humans. Now, to get cracking on determining what's what in the ~41,000 files that I got from the Backupify tarball. Somewhere in there may be my first post to a Facebook wall. - Stephen Francoeur
OOh. That's neat, Griffey. - David Rothman (☤)
This will also help to analyse json data - James Malvi
Aaron the Librarian
Best/Easiest way to capture and work with JSON objects (for a non-coder)? We have a way to output JSON objects, no idea where to put 'em
what do you need them for? - RepoRat
(They should be serializable as plain text which you can dump wherever.) - RepoRat
basically it's survey output. several fields have arrays in them, but I have no native intervace to graph and/or munge - Aaron the Librarian
Do google forms/docs/spreadsheets accept JSON inputs? - Aaron the Librarian
I think OpenRefine might be your best bet here. I believe it'll import JSON, and it will certainly export CSV and Excel. - RepoRat
Ooh, fun twist - one of the fields includes an array of multiple defined checkboxes... must think about how to munge that into something useful, too [eta: maybe script something which would repeat all teh fields and break out the array into individual rows?] - Aaron the Librarian
yeah, especially if you might ever have to do this again, a script would probably be a good idea... - RepoRat
This will also help to analyse json data - James Malvi
Cameron Neylon
Speaking as we were of Aspesi: I'm looking to populate a Charleston panel on the challenges of managing OA funds/APCs. Anybody going who would be good to give (some variant of) library perspective (or indeed any other perspective)?
Could touch on the issues of how to successfully transfer funds from subscriptions to OA models (no need to focus on APCs particularly) - Cameron Neylon
HAHAHAHAHAHAHA okay, you probably SHOULD NOT do this, but Lee Konrad or Ed van Gemert from MfPOW, on account of they killed the local fund. - RepoRat
More seriously, Bonnie Swoger runs one, I think, and Maura Smale used to and has now changed jobs, so might be able to talk a little more freely than some. - RepoRat
Cool, that sounds like a good start. Trying to kick start a US discussion on what's needed to start pulling the right information and experiences together. I also liked the way Jill Emery was talking about how core library experiences were relevant to new roles at the SPARC meeting last year. - Cameron Neylon
Jill is never a bad choice! - RepoRat
laura x
Our Banned Books Week tumblr is kind of cool. We city staff and council members to take selfies with their favorite banned books. - laura x from Bookmarklet
If the Kardashian index was applied to librarians.....
Which Kardashian is JP? - Aaron the Librarian
Any more clues about who JP is? - Joe
Considering I have no idea which Kardashian is who... I'm "lucky" I know there are more than one - Aaron the Librarian
what databases index the Kardashians? *looks in Ulrich's* - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
Was inspired to this line of thinking when someone claimed she never heard of the "famous" JM and posted his H-index, times cited from Google Scholar compared to other "Famous" librarians. This is close to alluding to the k-index, which measures how many twitter followers you have versus how many you "should have" based on your times cited. It is not quite a fair criticism of course,... more... - aaron
Mr. The Jason Fleming
Is Encore its own discovery service anymore, or is it now just another presentation layer for EDS?
Well they still have something called "Encore Discovery Solution" so in some sense yes. But I was told by mmm, someone, that they now were admitting that Encore "Synergy" (the former discovery component) never worked very well and that at least academic customers would be much better off with the EDS integration ("Duet"). I wonder what they tell people who purchased Synergy. - JffKrlsn
We still have Encore Synergy running though it is semi hidden. We are/were long time customers of III and had Encore already when Synergy was released. I recall III refused to call it federated search saying they use xml gateways but essentially they can't compete with modern unified indexed searches. I never understood why academic libraries would lump it into their comparisons with Summon/EDS etc. - aaron from YouFeed
I would add i can hardly imagine any academic library today going for Encore Synergy. Other library types with very little e-resources maybe... But even then Encore duet might be better but I have no idea about pricing. - aaron from YouFeed
aaron: right!, I keep wondering why all these "current" papers I am reading talking about reviews of Discovery Services keep lumping Encore in there alongside Summon, Worldcat, and EDS - Mr. The Jason Fleming
LSW - help me brainstorm. Trying to an evaluation tool of journals for authors. What information is important and relevant? I have title, publisher, impact factor, key words, and OA. I would love submission schedule, but that seems impossible.
Or can I just scrape/export this from somewhere? - kendrak
How often it comes out, monthly/weekly/quarterly, etc - Joe
Number of subscribers, acceptance rate (but that can be very hard to find for some/many journals.) - Joe
Ulrichs would be a good place to start. - Joe
of course. you can't export tons of records from them for obvious reasons. - kendrak
acceptance right and turnaround times are hard to find, though when i worked for CUP that was something we were told to promote, so we had it on our site. for OA are you including institutional memberships? - jambina
i don't follow on institutional memberships - kendrak
like biomedcentral - institutional membership = 15% off for authors. - jambina
ahh, yes! (though i don't the titles we're interested in feature that.) - kendrak
publication fees, copyright license, receptiveness to alt-licenses - Hedgehog
What their Green OA terms are. - Joe
Have you ever heard of these people? Who's the editor, on the ed board? What's their stated mission? Is it the journal of some org and is that org someone you would want to have a beer with? Did they begin publishing 120 journals in 25 disparate discplines in 2013? (if the latter, scratch from the list.) Do they like your shirt? - barbara fister
Gah! What was in my coffee this morning? - barbara fister
Something good! - RepoRat
Just re: acceptance rate: lots of humanities journals publish their submission and acceptance numbers in the MLA Directory of Periodicals. As far as I know, it's the only society directory that includes such info, but maybe there are others. - Regular Amanda
Note there are a couple of services out there already trying to provide this kind of thing. All providing somewhat non-overlapping sets of info built up from different approaches. Of course my brain is fried and I can't remember any of their names right at the moment... - Cameron Neylon
Interesting. I'm just focusing on transportation journals. Niche, yet interdisciplinary. - kendrak from Android
Catherine Pellegrino
Hey, y'all, remember this? I forgot to mention that we're doing it. :D
Show all
Dude! Awesome! - Marie
In the run-up to launching this, we learned that a) that printer prints more than any other printer on campus, including the two printers in the 24-hour computing lab COMBINED, b) last year it printed nearly half a million pages, or 377 pages per on-campus student, and c) the library spent $8000 on paper and toner last year. That's half of our non-endowed book budget. Holy crap on a cracker, people. - Catherine Pellegrino
But students like screens. Everything online! We can go paperless! - kaijsa
Tell that to the faculty who require students to bring printouts of each lecture's powerpoints to class... :-/ - Catherine Pellegrino
Yep. I want to lol every time an undergrad complains that we only have an ebook and not a print copy of something they want. - kaijsa
Skip printing the copyright notice page. Like it. - Joe
I came in this morning and the boxes were rearranged into a tall tower. Love it. - Catherine Pellegrino
I hope the tower was teetering. That would add drama to the display. - Stephen Francoeur
When did Web of Science add a "look up full text in Google Scholar" button?
Got me. - Joe
There was this reciprocal linking deal with GS announced late 2013 and the decision for Wos to stop working with discovery services which was eventually reversed. I think we got the link appearing in our Wos interface in the first half of 2014. - aaron
^ same here - Christina Pikas from iPhone
Look what I just found! Storytime!
"it turns out that love will win out over anger everytime" <3 <3 <3 - maʀtha
btw, this is Aaron D reading - maʀtha
Caleb and Kate by William Steig :) - Aaron the Librarian from Android
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