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For the complete LSW tagline please refer to the print edition. [tagline approved by committee, see minutes for vote]
Catherine Pellegrino
Dear People Who Deal With Usage Statistics: If you hit a snag with a COUNTER report, please report it! There's a new site dedicated to collecting/resolving issues like this:
related: A couple of us will be talking about Usus and the COUNTER 4 release changes to reports at ER&L. - Holly's favorite Anna
Qualtrics wranglers: how do I add a notes field to a yes/no question if someone would like to add comments? Do I need to make it a separate question?
Click on the answer choice (yes/no) then toggle the blue triangle to "Allow Text Entry" - Meg VMeg
^ like that. - Marie
Thank you!!!!! - Hedgehog
That's a seriously weird place to have it... I kept looking in the right hand column. - Hedgehog
Sometimes it's too fancy for its own good :) - Meg VMeg
John Dupuis
Grrrr. This Ottawa Citizen guy Tom Spears keeps using Beall as a source:
write in and school him. - RepoRat
I'm trying on twitter. We'll see what happens. - John Dupuis
I've got a friend whom Spears likes to use as a source, so I can poke him about it - DJF from Android
Good luck. Roy Tennant and I were briefly discussing the apparent untouchability of Mr. Beall, no matter how many idiotic things he says. - Walt Crawford
John Dupuis
The SSP has a call for participation out for it's conference in Arlington next May: The theme is The New Big Picture: Connecting Diverse Perspectives.
Am I crazy or is there scope here for an LSW submission/series of submissions. - John Dupuis
i'm in. (almost spoke at it last year but had to bail due to $$) - jambina
Although I'm raising this as a possibility, I'm not actually in. I'll be in Paris all next May.... - John Dupuis
you suck ; ) - jambina
Yes, I suck. Fortunately, I'll be in Paris so the sucking will be less, ah, painful. - John Dupuis
You suck this much... - Joe
Did not like ssp. Will not ever speak there again. - Christina Pikas from iPhone
<tiny threadjack> John, I expect to be in Paris in late May. Perhaps a meetup? - Marie
Wednesday is a combined day with NASIG, so plan to stay the whole week! Proposal deadline for NASIG is November 15th. - Holly's favorite Anna
<tiny threadjack> Marie, absolutely! My wife and I will be in Paris for all of May and then we're spending a week each in Amsterdam and Berlin before returning to Toronto. Note that children are being left behind.... - John Dupuis
Meg VMeg
This kinda cracks me up: the NYC Dept of Records and Information Services is trying to crowdsource the identification of people in one of its newly digitized photo collections
"Some of the more unusual images from this series depict political groups monitored by the New York City Police Department's 'Alien Squad.' These photos range from Communist Party rallies in Madison Square Garden to the Nazi summer retreat in Yaphank, Long Island run by the German American Bund." - Meg VMeg
"If you recognize someone, please let us know..." Sure, I'll get right on that, Mr. Man. - Meg VMeg
Yeah. Gah. - laura x
Whoa. "If you also have the current address and phone number of these people, please let us know. We want to visit them. Just to chat. About old times." - Regular Amanda
I bet the NYPD Alien Squad has one badass logo. - Steele Lawman
my dad was in the communist party in nyc in the late 40s. I'd love to chat with him too. #RIP20YearsAgo - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
{{{{Stephanie}}}} - laura x from iPhone
Steele Lawman
"This may not be the right list for this question, but it’s the only list that I am on."
bingo! - Christina Pikas
Runs off to create a discussion list so people can figure out what lists to subscribe to. - Joe
*whimper* - RepoRat
You can now subscribe to ! - Joe
"apologies for any cross-posting" - Catherine Pellegrino
Now I have found the lists to subscribe to, how do I unsubscribe from this one? - Pete from FFHound(roid)!
You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave [insert guitar solo / obligatory and yet gratuitous Gerry McK joke] - Steele Lawman
Lisa Hinchliffe
Have learned that other librarians are asking vendors "did Lisa H buy xyz info lit product?" as marker of quality/whether they will buy. Feels strange to me. Should I just see as compliment?
Yes - Steele Lawman from Android
yes, but I can see how it would feel strange - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
I guess what feels most strange to me is that no one is asking me WHY we bought it. Wouldn't you want to know if my reasons match your situation? And, what resources it is going to take me to use it in that way? - Lisa Hinchliffe
Interesting that they saying Lisa bought it not so and so big name institution bought it . Your "brand" is powerful. - aaron
Maybe I need to monetize myself! :) - Lisa Hinchliffe
ask the vendors to give you a discount for using your name. #Ethics - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
How do we feel about JoVE? As I dimly recall, they had some kind of super aggressive marketing tactics. Does anyone have it? Like it? Hate it?
bump - maʀtha
I've been telling a coworker about them, since he has been getting the sales pitch. They keep on saying that the U of Whatever up the street has it, why don't yous guys have it too? I don't think we should buy something just because someone else bought something. - Joe
Most of the conversation in the LSW has concerned the marketing tactics, not the actual merits of the resource itself. E.g., or or - Catherine Pellegrino
thank you, Catherine :) - maʀtha
They are aggressive in their marketing, but the product is very well received at my small, private liberal arts University. YMMV - Holly's favorite Anna
JoVE doesn't have materials relevant to most of the faculty I support, but I've shown it to folks who run labs and they loved it. - kaijsa
Yeah, the content is fabulous and science folks seem to love it. It's too bad the marketing tactics make them look bad. - Regular Amanda
Funny that marketing seems to hound them. That's all I heard about when I was at the Charleston Conf last week. - Marie
In the past couple of years the marketing has gotten better, but it bothers me greatly that faculty always have to pay for publication (more for OA, less for clos d) and then the library pays for access. I've been trying to negotiate no publication fees for MPOW's faculty of we subscribed w/o luck. - Galadriel C. from Android
Either I'm missing out on some of the marketing or I've become so immune I don't notice it as much. Until I saw it mentioned here, I really never noticed it, and certainly not enough to comment. My former CQ Press sales rep was more persistently annoying than anything else I've encountered. - Holly's favorite Anna
Galadriel, my consorita gets a refund for OA content that was paid by institutional authors from one of the publishers we work with. It's not much, though. - Holly's favorite Anna
I hadn't looked at the publishing fees. To be fair, good video production and editing costs something, but this looks kinda high. And why not just charge for production and not make OA way more expensive, just embargo for a while? - kaijsa
Seriously playing with almost every feature in Libguides v2 now and finding a lot of questions I don't know the answer to. EDIT: Yeah I am lazy to go find out the answer.
After we go live with Libguides v2, how long do the old links to V1 work? I understand they will redirect but for how long? - aaron
We can now add subject assocations to pretty much anything from book items to links. What are they for? I don't seem to see them work for the search results even after waiting a day. Added question, in Libguides V1 there is a Summon discipline association, is it there in V2 yet? I read Summon now indexes V2. - aaron
LGv1 site will default remain available ~2 (or 3?) months after final migration. The friendly URLs roll to the new site immideately, I hadn't really considered that the content.php (LGv1) redirects to the new c.php (LGv2) pages would go away. - Aaron the Librarian
The subject associations allow for automated population of subject-based widgets/API calls. I haven't fully fleshed out how to leverage this, but I suspect we'll think of something :) [eta: not a Summon shop, not sure] - Aaron the Librarian
Trying to grasp the concept of "Assets". Databases are also "Assets" but a different type of asset? Anyone using/displaying the Database list? We imported our Serialssolutions A-Z list into it..but seems a lot of effort to classify them into types and subjects - aaron
We're using Database assets. We also imported our SS A to Z list in and went through the efford of classifying them into subjects (based on what db was in which guide) and types - loosely, based on what students might be looking for. If you'd like to see our 2.0 A to Z list, it's here I'm our admin, so I can attempt to answer questions. - ~Courtney F
Database assets are great, because then you can have a master list that everybody copies from and you only have to make sure to correct one place when something breaks (something always breaks). I don't see the need to curate the other assets quite as strictly, but we do try to reuse widgets. - kaijsa
Thanks all. kaijsa I was looking at our assets and noticed tons of duplications between database assets and link assets. Is that normal? Or did we goof when migrating? - aaron from Flucso
Another thing different. Apparently if say Guide 1 has a Owner A, and Editor B, Editor B cant edit the assets on Guide 1 made by the owner? We are kinda used to the idea, if you are editor (or co-owner that doesnt exist in v2) of a Guide, you can touch everything on the guide less "linked" pages/boxes.... - aaron
Re duplications, duplicate database assets usually meant there was someting slightly different about the title or the link when imported (I ran through the manual deduplication steps pre-migration... and definitely missed some, plus I managed to mis-classify a bunch of links as databaases and a couple databases as links, which took some effort to fix) - Aaron the Librarian
Re asset editing, the non-admins not being able to edit someone else's link asset has saved me a few times - I think I wish link assets had a few of the same properties as database assets (specifically that there would be one master link asset and anyone could reuse it and be able to customize the description). Not everyone completely understands the repercussions of editing a specific... more... - Aaron the Librarian
Subject associations: If you use the "by subject" on the databases list, this will autopopulate. In guides, assigning the subject tags allows for autopopulating "Guides" boxes, and also, on the "Guides by Subject" page, associated guides autopopulate. I'm not sure what else it does, but these are the three places I'm seeing impact of the subject groupings. - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
Subject associations for guides I get. Is Subject associations for other assets (besides databases) that I don't see much point. - aaron
we are currently linking to individual GVRL eBooks using link assets, subject associating these also mkes it possible to pull them into subject pages more easily. The challenge is the link descriptions cannot be customized for a particular page. We are debating re-characterizing these eBook links as database assets - but we haven't decided/agreed which way would be best to handle this issue - Aaron the Librarian
The secondary description field can be used to override the shared description on a page. That seems to work for us. - kaijsa
Steele Lawman
We are planning on giving away mini-staplers to students at Tutt Library. What pithy saying should be printed on them? Serious or comedic responses are welcome.
I want to go with passive-aggressive and just put "YOU'RE WELCOME" on them. - Steele Lawman
Break Me - maʀtha
Bread. - Pete from FFHound(roid)!
"Get your shit together" - Andy
"I believe you have my stapler." - Christa
We won't fix this. - ♫Maurice the Trainer♫
"Neither a borrower nor a lender be." - Regular Amanda
Christa, or "if they take my stapler then I'll set the building on fire..." - Steele Lawman
I think maybe we'll give out broken mini staplers that say "HOW DO YOU LIKE IT?" - Steele Lawman
"PRINT LESS" - Marianne
Get an adding machine, because that's what counts - Aaron the Librarian
The Library: Staple of your Information Diet - copystar
"Your tuition dollars at work." *g, d, r* - RepoRat
Logo, and name of library #branding - Mr. The Jason Fleming from Android
Ingrid Thomson
Am feeling stumped and a bit thick, and think I may have exhausted my searching skills (using the sources I have....) so turning to the collective. Have a student looking for a copy of "Luo Maodeng's Sanbao's Expedition to the Western Ocean" Help!
This appears to confirm there is no translation (even though these folks are a little..."creative"): - Meg VMeg
Thanks - thought that was the case .... - Ingrid Thomson
Guess who is getting sued for libel?
November 6 - Comments disabled - Share
Hint: not a librarian. - Andy
Verrrry interesting. - laura x
huh. - kendrak
is that the Safe Libraries dude there? - RepoRat
Yeah, Kleiman is the Safe Libraries guy. - laura x
One assumes they are related. - laura x
I'm surprised it took this long. There has been some vile things said. - Andy
mind boggles. - barbara fister
If you are interested in reading the complaint, here it is: - Steven M. Cohen
Thanks Steven! - Andy
Holy crap, that's some stuff I didn't know about. - Andy
"library watchdog", eh? - maʀtha
Yes, it's me, Dan, SafeLibraries. I'll be happy to answer questions, just understand I may be limited in what I can say for legal reasons. But as you can read the case, basically, I reported on a library official making homophobic statements. I linked a video where you can see what she is doing to a gay man who happens to have exposed her library for allowing and covering up child... more... - Dan Kleinman
Dan, have you read the full complaint? Did you watch the videos? - Meg VMeg
Yes. - Dan Kleinman
Andy said "not a librarian." Not true. I am a volunteer librarian. I'm really hoping no one's going to make fun of me for that or mock me for doing that. - Dan Kleinman
So you have super-windic hearing, and can tell that she made homophobic statements? Even though that is not audible whatsoever? - Meg VMeg
Meg, after you linked that Sun Times story, kendrak commented and linked that Edgar County Watchdogs story. That story explains things further. Also, I don't have super-windic hearing. So I had to confirm things, like you all will want to. That Edgar County Watchdogs story is one confirmation that's public. - Dan Kleinman
I can say this. The resistance TeamHarpy is getting for reporting sexual harassment of librarians is substantially similar to the way I am being mocked here for my reporting homophobia, by only Andy so far, fortunately. - Dan Kleinman
You "reported on a library official making homophobic statements". Those statements are not documented by the video which you've linked, which you claim backs up your assertion that homophobic statements are involved. The statements re:homophobia are also not documented by anyone not involved in this lawsuit. Color me unconvinced :) - Meg VMeg
#TeamHarpy is a total red herring, but thanks for playing. Hoping Andy shuts this thread down so that you don't get more attention than you deserve. - Meg VMeg
Meg. Read the Edgar County Watchdogs story. There is also more evidence I am not at liberty to discuss here for obvious reasons. - Dan Kleinman
I've read it. It makes no sense, whatsoever. - Meg VMeg
Meg, try to clear your mind of how you dislike me: "you don't get more attention than you deserve." Think clearly. Reread ECWDogs story. - Dan Kleinman
Quoting ECWDogs: "After her attempted intimidation, outside the courthouse, against the person she had signed an ordinance violation against, I intervened and she continued towards her vehicle, but only after calling Kevin a 'fruit.'" - Dan Kleinman
I don't dislike you. I know nothing about you. I've read both stories. You're wrong. - Meg VMeg
I am really hoping people's feelings about me does not become the excuse to excuse homophobia. - Dan Kleinman
Meg, if you know nothing about me, why say, "#TeamHarpy is a total red herring, but thanks for playing. Hoping Andy shuts this thread down so that you don't get more attention than you deserve"? - Dan Kleinman
They won't be, don't worry :) - Meg VMeg
Because you're a troll, dude. It's obvious in your comments. - Meg VMeg
I'm going to bed and won't be replying further. Because I don't feed the trolls. Have a great night, Dan. - Meg VMeg
Now you are just nasty. In what way am I a troll? I'm being sued for reporting on the outing of a homophobe and you are now attacking me. - Dan Kleinman
Recommend blocking and moving on, folks. I have. - RepoRat
LOL Dan. "You are enjoying the fact that I am getting sued, therefore you approve of homophobia". Impeccable logic, bro. The Germans have a word for it: schadenfreude. Your "evidence" doesn't support your claim. Also, don't link yourself with #teamharpy. That's not even in the same ballpark. - Andy
@RR: done and happily so - maʀtha
Oh, and if I say I'm a volunteer lawyer, does that mean I can take the bar exam? - Andy
Go ahead and take it. I wonder how much it costs to take. - Joe
Andy, how is #TeamHarpy "not in the same ballpark"? TeamHarpy reported librarian X was sexually harassing women, librarian X sued TeamHarpy for defamation. SafeLibraries reported library employee X was harassing a man for being gay, library employee X sued SafeLibraries for defamation. Both TeamHarpy and SafeLibraries reported on harassment within the library profession. Both TeamHarpy... more... - Dan Kleinman
Hiding, blocking, having a good night. - Steele Lawman
Oh Dan, you are so wrong. And I don't owe you an explanation or need to give you platform to continue to spout half truths. Now run along. - Andy
I've locked the thread. You may call it censorship but I call it filtering. :D - Andy
Spending my morning with OCLC folks. What do I want to know about WorldShare?
How do you define "share" and "world"? - barbara fister
Existential barbara. - lris
One sure-fire way to lose credibility with instruction librarians is to start skipping "in the interest of time" and talking about "running way behind" half an hour into a 3-hour presentation. PLAN AHEAD. - lris
I think simply doing a three-hour presentation is a way to lose credibility with me. If you can't show me what I need to know in 30 minutes, you are wasting my time. - Steele Lawman
For an entire ILS? 30 minutes might be a wee bit quick. - Kirsten
For something as big as an ILS, you should schedule several shorter modules that librarians/staff can come to without attending the whole thing. (I care that the cataloging module works well, but don't need the details, for example). And stick to the schedule and build in short breaks between presentations. We got this format for Sierra, and it worked well. - kaijsa
Yeah, I guess I just care about the public-facing stuff. 30 min seems like plenty. (Note: This is why I'm not allowed to make decisions.) - Steele Lawman
I'm sorry I missed this. And yeah, OCLC blows at presentations on their products. - ωαřмaiden ❤Bassetmom❤
You want to have the authority control of the base record(s) and who has right sto edit what in the record clearly explained... well, *I* would want this because I have yet to actually hear the whole "anyone can edit the base record" rumour invalidated... Also, WoldShare is the closest thing I've seen to what my brain teels me I think I want to see in an ILS -- but like all library software there are bits of magic here and there which defy logic and I want to know more - Aaron the Librarian
OCLC blows at product development. Period. - Holly's favorite Anna
Lazy spitballing here: Say I have to compile all the publications from the institute in the last decade. How do I organize/store/export them? Should I use Zotero? A database? A spreadsheet? We might track article level metrics.
Use a reference manager - any of them will do although some make it easy to spin up new accounts or libraries (endnote, refworks). Start by finding the database with the cleanest metadata and export from there - Christina Pikas
as you add new things, religiously check for duplicates as you go. - Christina Pikas
there are also services you can subscribe to (I think that will do all that for you, if money. - Christina Pikas
Mendeley? Or something similar? - Holly's favorite Anna
Put them into a google scholar org account? I wonder if one could use an impact story account for an org. - Joe
Do y'all make guides for all your classes? Turns out, I'm the only one here who does, so I'm curious.
No, I make a lot of guides, but not for every class. I use my general lit guide for a lot of my upper-level classes, and have made subject guides for the more robust sub-topics like Shakespeare Studies and Medieval & Renaissance. I only make class guides when they need something more specific or assignment-oriented. However, I have the second-highest number of guides, so take that with a grain of salt. - kaijsa
I do course guides for any class a professor asks - whether there is a library session associated or not. It's just easier - esp. for refering out from LibAnswers - Aaron the Librarian
I think I will probably make a lot fewer of them once I re-organize a couple of subject guides. But I really like the opportunity to bring in specialized data sources and primary source archives and the underused and underloved databases that will be great for them. - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
I do make guides for all my classes. It's easier to teach from them than from my branch website or the main library website - there's so much interdisciplinarity in mai field that it's impossible to have 2-3 databases that work for every situation. - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
Unless one of them is Google & the other is Google Scholar. #JustKidding - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
I make a lot of them more as an aide-memoire (sp?) and so that my colleagues can help students when they say "that database the libarian showed us that has, like, history and stuff?" But with first years I always intro the front page first - here's where you search for book, here's a big shaggy database that works for lots of topics right at the top of this list, and here are guides." Mostly I have them play with stuff because otherwise I die of boredom along with them. - barbara fister
^^ yes. Also, I use it as my outline - sometimes I can even get away without a PowerPoint outline. - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
Is it bad form to admit one hasn't used powerpoint for a library instrution session in over a decade? - Aaron the Librarian
Aaron, I only do it very occasionally. And more and more, use libguides to hold that info - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
:) My brain balks at ppt (or prezi or anything that isn't live interactive action) when speaking with students. If it works for folks, run with it - but for me, ppt etc. hasn't worked since about the third time I did a live-action demo with clickalongs and conversation. (I have a hard time sitting through presentations that use ppt etc. too) - Aaron the Librarian
I don't make guides, but my colleagues who do have made many of them for classes. - Holly's favorite Anna
Hedgehog you have any favorite books/articles on policy development either at the library or university level? Or suggestions of who I should ask?
Ok LSW, I need your help, bady. What happens when a former mentor, now more of an equal colleague, who you really really respect, and really really LIKE as a person gets all argumentative with you about a big philosophical issue in librarianship? I wanted to defend my position but kept trying to make nice. Colleague kept pressing...
it may have gotten a little heated and I made a quick exit when there was an interruption without resolving... may not be resolvable, in fact. - LibrarianOnTheLoose
Is it important to resolve the philosophical issue? Or is it the way he/she pressed the issue that you need to resolve? - Steele Lawman
Well, kind of...I am spearheading a project and she is opposed to the reasonings as to why we need the project. She thinks the issues are completely different. I think that her perspective is a decade old and things have changed, although I didn't say it to her in that way. - LibrarianOnTheLoose
I would like her buy-in but i think I am going to have to live without it - LibrarianOnTheLoose
I wonder if maybe some other things were going on in the background that were making her frazzled? or is it something really fundamentally important to her that she feels needs defending. Hmm. - barbara fister
Sometimes you need to say "I hear you and respect your opinion but our bosses/strategic directions require this so can we move on with our jobs and do it? kthxbye". Obviously the challenge is doing it in a friendly and also positive way.... - Deborah Fitchett
Sometimes, providing more evidence to support your view may not help any. A lot of times people believe in things just because it matches their gut, even though all of the evidence points in a different direction. Not sure that you can prove your point to others when they have a gut reaction that is counter to the evidence. Just agree to disagree. Can you move the project forward without their support? - Joe
i've resolved it that she takes this change as a fundamental affront to the way she teaches and her personal satisfaction on the job. The project will move on without her support, but it's more that I think this issue is putting a rift in our formerly very amicable and what I considered to be a close (in a workplace appropriate manner) working relationship. I guess I just have to get over that. - LibrarianOnTheLoose
Freeda B.
Friday afternoon stumper: I have a student looking for the educational test Need for Achievement Scales by Albert Mehrabian, first published in 1968. I've found a couple of articles that report on using the test, but not the actual test itself (the test isn't an appendix on any I've seen so far). Any idea on how to get a hold of this?
I'm also a complete novice at things like psychology/education tests. I have very little idea where and how they are published. - Freeda B.
Apparently, I am teaching "How to read for method" today. I know the homework (smart past me designed the homework in the actual coursemap) but am a little at a loss for actual in-class handling of the topic.
I think I might hand out a few articles and have them identify the methods section, but that seems very obvious and spot on. - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
I like cooking/baking analogies for methods sections, would something like that help? - Hedgehog
Maybe? I'm not sure I understand. Can you try one out on me? - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
Stephen Francoeur
Stumper question from a prof: say you wanted to track over time the rise and fall of a specific word on the web on an annual basis, is there way to do that? Can you get a set of Google search results from 2001, 2002, 2003, etc.? I realize the very nature of the question is highly problematic, as the number of sites on the web grows exponentially.
Google's advanced search that lets you limit by custom date range doesn't give you a count (and I know that those counts are themselves estimates from Google anyway). Trying to help this prof but have a feeling what he wants to do really can't be done exactly. - Stephen Francoeur
Does Google Trends have an advanced option that would let you do this? - Hedgehog
I think you used to be able to do this with Google Trends, but you can't anymore. - Meg VMeg
Dunno. I was just there poking around when I thought I'd come back to this thread. It seems like Google is more interested in sharing with you the rise/fall of search terms. - Stephen Francoeur
Also, maybe I'm misremembering. - Meg VMeg
Here's a report on searches for "obama" in 2004: - Stephen Francoeur
There's a difference between number of searches for a word and number of results / frequency of the word, though. - DJF from Android
You can't even figure out how frequently the word is used *currently* on the web. That "About 23480000 results" figure is *wildly* inaccurate, and wildly *inconsistently* inaccurate, as demonstrated and discussed by countless Language Log posts the finding of whose URLs I leave as an exercise to the reader. - Deborah Fitchett
^^ Thanks, Deborah. "About" is one of those wonderful words... - Walt Crawford
I pretty much figured out from the get-go that my job when I first got this question was to prove a negative--there isn't any way to do this--but wanted to see what folks came up with in the way of alternatives. I need to get a better sense of why he wants this info, as maybe the search query data might also help him make the point he is aiming for. - Stephen Francoeur
academic libraries: is anyone else responsible for collecting / hosting syllabuses for their departments? I am for mine .. it's a headache. looking for better solution. here's the end result of mine:
the workflow is teh stink: faculty post to department intranet. library student workers download & print, then upload to library website. many swearing, much annoy. - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
What is the purpose? - barbara fister
I have my own little repository of syllabi, but only for classes for which I design and/or give library instruction. We don't host or archive syllabi at my library. - kaijsa
At MPOW, syllabi are "archived" (I'm using that term loosely) in either the department or the dean/provost's office, for use in responding to requests from other institutions for the purposes of evaluating transfer credit. The library is in no way involved. - Catherine Pellegrino
the univ. requires departments to make their syllabuses available to all students. My departmental / branch library has become the repository & curator of such work, for intellectual reasons that escape me but make perfect sense to the Powers that Be. - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
I get syllabi from the department secretaries each semester. If the profs aren't actually uploading them to the intranet themselves, the secretary is probably the one doing it, and should be able to send you the files? Especially i fyou are a designated repository, a better workflow seems more than reasonable! - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
we haz no secretary. iz problem. - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
Is there a way the library could point to the availability of a CMS and coax departments to take responsibiity for uploding their shit to that open site as well as to their own courses? Unfortunately this will ikely land on department chairs and (more to the point) admin assistants, but they should own their shit. We use Moodle and that's what we would do if we did it. Which we don't because cats, the herding of. - barbara fister
I wonder if this is an instance of conflating librarians with secretaries because women with org skillz. - barbara fister
<threadjack> Don't let me near the scissors today, feeling stabby. - barbara fister
the original parsing of syllabuses to library predates me. now it's all "libraries are academic, syllabuses are academic, so you do it." (btw, I'm not affil. with primary campus library, and I'm only talking about my School's syllabuses. Still, see: cats, herding of.) - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
I was able to get out of reminding faculty to submit their textbook orders. That's been gone a good 2-3 years now. Because books, textbooks, books … it's all the same. But pestering is not done by me!! - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
We aren't but I would love it if we were because I would treasure the opportunity to have that sort of insight into teaching practices/student experience of curriculum. - Lisa Hinchliffe
Lisa, the only information I get out of having them is that students want to see them. As do faculty. ok, yes, I could look at them, but I don't. - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
stephanie, the secretary is question is the subject department secretary-- each secretary collects their syllabi and uploads them. I ask my department's (the ones I liaise to) secretaries to send them to me each semester, and they do, cuz they like me ") - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
in this case, I am the department secretary. I (or my boss, the Senior associate dean for undergraduate studies) collect syllabuses & upload them. *sigh* - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
Meg VMeg
I read this: But in my head I hear, "I am the Annoyed Librarian"
That was 7 years ago? God, I'm old. - Meg VMeg
Bin Laden is the Annoyed Librarian? Seems far-fetched. - Steele Lawman
Ha ha. I remember that. Someone I work with thought I was serious. - Rochelle *boom* Hartman
Christina Pikas
ugh I can't find how to get an RSS feed out of RefWorks anymore. In, sure. I shared the database. I turned on the option to have a feed with 10 items - no feed url. It's not on the shared site, either. Ideas anyone? I'll e-mail their support if i have to
I can't follow what you're trying to do. Are you adding RSS feeds from dbs into Refworks to use it as a reader? Or are you trying to make a feed from a Refworks folder or your whole database? - kaijsa
the second - I'm trying to create an RSS feed that will show when anything has been added to the database, not just a single folder. - Christina Pikas
I just looked at the output and you're right, there is no option to make a feed anymore. I know I've done this in the past, but it's gone. It's weird, but it only exports as email or social bookmarks now. Total fail. Don't know what to say, but they haven't made Flow shareable, and you'd think they wouldn't remove functionality from O.G. Refworks before enabling it in Flow. - kaijsa
I realize this isn't helpful, but wanted to cosign your frustration. - kaijsa
I finally found it - just now - if you log out or go to a different browser, open up the shared site, go to the folder on the list on the right (there is a folder marked "entire database"), right click on it, you'll get an option to view the feed. Oy! - Christina Pikas
That is ridiculous. - kaijsa
I'm sitting in a conference session next to Galadriel. #lsw at #chs14
This is better than the usual library song parody:
Yeah, that singer can really sing. - Steele Lawman
She's talented! - RepoRat
Love this video. It's Nashville - we joke that everybody at karaoke has had singing lessons. - Rachel Walden
because puppets - maʀtha
Stephen Francoeur
Check out Helena Bonham Carter as the sad librarian in the video for this new song by Rufus Wainwright.
"If Miss Honeychurch ever takes to live as she plays, it will be very exciting--both for us and for her." - Steele Lawman
I have been playing this over and over since yesterday. "Look at you, look at you, look at you / Suckers! Does your momma know what you're doing?" I want to re-make the video (starring me in the HBC role) in my library. - Steele Lawman
Do you think the skirt would fit you? - Stephen Francoeur
I want to see Steve do that. With those shoes. - Spidra Webster
This beats hearing her actually sing... - Zamms
BUMP - Steele Lawman
Hillarious! - maʀtha
and, yes, very much Miss Honeychurch - maʀtha
Meg VMeg
I don't understand why anyone thought this was a good name, especially for what it is
authorrhea would be better. - kendrak
Regular Amanda
Now I'm less argybargy because ellbeecee made me laugh, but I still would like to raise the possibility of future argybargy at: streaming media purchase models. We are hearing that VHS and DVD are totally outmoded, so we should only buy streaming media moving forward, but you can't actually "buy" streaming media, just rent it for three years.
So... abrogation of basic library ethics, anyone? On the other hand, our population really does only want streaming media. But I just don't want to buy into the new economic order of "lease or die". - Regular Amanda
Also, you're paying for the content, but the vendors get to track your patrons being habits. - DJF from Android
This would be a good ethical discussion for various media-centric entities (SLA/ALA, divisions, sections, RTs, etc) to really hash out and figure out how to address things - because the way things are going right now, those discussions are already waaay overdue - Aaron the Librarian
I'd love to see something like a streaming media bill of rights. Something to put pressure in vendors. - Regular Amanda from Android
^^^ agreed. We have held out for buying DVDs. Faculty who rely on film support that. (We are a residential college, which makes a difference.) Financially, it makes no sense for us to pay all over again when listed courses are often taught only every other year or even less frequently. - barbara fister
Who's telling you DVDs are totally outmoded? If by DVD you include Blu-ray, that's nonsense: Yes, streaming may dominate, but DVD's not going away this year or next. (Last I heard, Netflix founder figured they'd stop mailing discs around 2030...) - Walt Crawford
I should note that CDs, which died YEARS ago, still sell by the billions. - Walt Crawford
Walt: People trying to sell streaming media to libraries. - laura x from iPhone
Laura: Yeah, that sounds exactly right. Oh, and every Technology Guru. Show some of those people a printed daily newspaper and their heads might explode. - Walt Crawford
The concern with our population (college students) is that new computers don't have CD/DVD drives. Which for us is a legitimate concern, but is accepting a horrible purchase model ok even if it gives your patrons better access? I have so many feelings about this. - Regular Amanda from Android
We have a lot of online classes, so that coupled with the lack of disc drives in computers is a big reason we're trying to stream. Also streaming gives multiple people access to a title at the same time, which is pretty important for big classes. It's a struggle to deal with licenses, and we definitely need to push for better terms. - kaijsa
we should be teaching this in LIS, as well as discussing it as Aaron says. In the Journalism school, we have a class on Ethics - but I don't see an ethics class, or even discussion, in LIS. Otherwise, I agree with all of the above. - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
Another case where academic libraries differ from public libraries: You can presumably assume true broadband availability for almost all students and the simultaneous-streaming may be a *need.* (Right now, for many public libraries, "buying" streaming is explicitly advantaging the already-advantaged...but that''s another discussion I've mostly given up on.) - Walt Crawford
We can assume broadband availability *on campus* but not off. That has been an issue even for students here in town--I know some grad students can't afford internet at home, for example. In Wyoming, lots of our students are rural and not in Laramie and the public libraries are a *huge* part of their college experience. We work pretty hard to collaborate with the county and CC libraries to make this all work, but it's not perfect. - kaijsa
barbara fister
This is a thread for inarticulate growling. Rawr!!!
grrrr argh - lris
thanks. I needed the solidarity. - barbara fister from iPhone
Arglarglarglarrrrrr! - Grumpator
mfargrahsshew - ellbeecee
grrrrrrrrrr ruff - Christina Pikas
What Steele everyone else having a week as well? - Cameron Neylon
I'm just a bit overwhelmed by lots of Things. - ellbeecee
Yeh. That... - Cameron Neylon
Grraaa -- *dissolves in coughing* - RepoRat
Rrrrrrrrrgarrrrrrrgrar. - laura x
Grrrrrrtttthh. - The First NoeLB from Android
ARGBARGARGbargargbargARG. - Regular Amanda
d-d-d-d,b-b-bu-bu-buh,aaAAARRGH *facepalm* *doublefail* - Kathy
urrrrrrrrgh aaaaaaaaargh - Nikki D.
grgrgrrgrrrrrrrrrrrrRRRRRRRRRRRRRrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr - Andy
Uuuaaaarrrrgggghhhhrrrrr - Mr. The Jason Fleming from Android
pppppppphhhhtttthhhhhbbbbtttttt [eta: *some witty Ministry of Silly Walks reference that works better then the lame one my brain refuses to release*] - Aaron the Librarian
schmoopie. - Megan loves summer
Neeeow ... wum ... ping! - Aaron the Librarian
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