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So librarians. Much distraction. Very LOL. Wow.
Crowdsourcing which cupcake I should buy. Go! - maʀtha from Bookmarklet
all of them!!! :D - Sir Shuping is just sir
campfire and blueberry tart! something for everyone. (if it was just for me I would buy The Dude. Because it comes with a booze disclaimer :D ) - Marianne
They all sound great! I think I'd go for the Raspberry Burst (chocolate), Chocolate Covered Cherry, and Hawaii Upside Down Dream as my top three. - LB hates stale candy!
Their pricing cracks me up! Why would ANYONE buy a dozen of the same flavor, give all those flavors??? - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
Oh, I missed chocolate covered cherry! - maʀtha from Android
Meg VMeg
Does anyone establish group norms for committees that they work on? And if so, do you have a list/worksheet for what things/areas need to be included? I mean things like: roles, meetings, decision-making, disagreement, etc.
I wish... - Stephen Francoeur
good idea, especially some sort of structured process for decision making - maʀtha
occasionally, depending on my role in committee, and whether or not it's a Big committee. - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
We're doing this as we restructure our department and our collection development model, rather than for a committee. It's a work in progress at this point. - kaijsa
we have that for the copyright advisory board that i'm building. - jambina
work-committees or volunteer-association-committees? Work, no (because "grow up and do yuor job" is likely iniappropraite). volunteer-assn, I wish (hindsight shouts that I should have, as the chair, but didn't really think of it then) - Aaron the Librarian
I've tried to establish these in the past, and have always had difficulty. I, too, would LOVE to hear from people who have done it successfully. - Laura Krier
I DO, though, have some worksheets from a workshop I did that are intended to help groups establish norms. When I get into the office I'll dig them out and scan them to share with you. - Laura Krier
Here are two links to those worksheets: and - Laura Krier
Informally - yes, for groups I chair. Formally - no but would love to move in that direction. - Lisa Hinchliffe
I have a friend who works in a place that does this. He created meeting norms for the GLBRT, and they have been implemented at his POW. (let me know if you'd like a copy) - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
Yes please. - Lisa Hinchliffe
Deborah Fitchett
Thought inspired by trawling EZproxy logs to troubleshoot access problems: It'd probably be technically possible, from the logs, to proactively identify usernames having a certain problem with cookies and email them instructions for how to fix it. Super-helpful, or super-creepy?
FWIW I'm leaning towards the creepy factor outweighing the helpful factor, but seems a shame. - Deborah Fitchett
I think if it looks super form-letter-ish, like it's automated more than anything, it might be less creepy. "Our records indicate that the server has logged x error on your account within the last x weeks..." Of course, then don't follow it with "click here for more information" or it'll look like spam. - lris
Is there a known problem with cookies when someone is logged in, or are you speaking hypothetically? - Meg VMeg
Occasionally someone has their cookies settings too tight, or possibly something has exploded in the browser or cache or I dunno but 50% of all problems in the world are either cookies- or cache-related. Anyway, when this thing happens, the audit log shows "Login.Success" on one line, but then about a minute later shows "Login never completed" for the same session ID. From the user's... more... - Deborah Fitchett
Iris, the super form-letter-ish idea definitely would be the way to go if one were to do this. It may be a little beyond me technically right now and plus obviously I'm not very sure of the solution at the moment, but maybe one day I'll tinker. - Deborah Fitchett
Wow, that's clever. Leaving aside the technical issue, you know if this were Google/Facebook etc, they would just implement this in a heartbeat (automated even with popup with a suggestion maybe)? - aaron
Oh I have heaps of clever ideas. The ability/time/perseverance to implement them, otoh... :-) - Deborah Fitchett
For what's its worth, I too read many things that gives me ideas to combine me other things to do something too but yeah time.... - aaron
a) Met the person, it was indeed cookies, but the actual solution will be the more low-tech measure of making the existing docs/cookie.htm error message actually user-friendly. (She saw the message, I *thought* I'd included all necessary instructions there, but apparently not. To ponder.) b) Last Friday I started working on a Clever Idea project I've been daydreaming about for several... more... - Deborah Fitchett
yay you, either way! - RepoRat
Inward Cologne
I don't know how you folks feel about shameless self-promotion, but since it is library-related, and there are so gosh-darn many of you.... here goes. I made this blog-thing. It's called Ad/Lib, and it's about sharing marketing, branding and design work coming out of libraries. If that's a thing you're into, check 'er out.
Already bookmarked, for the course in basic design techniques in libraries that I want to do someday. - RepoRat
& consider this an open invitation to share anything awesome coming out of your libraries. - Inward Cologne
FTR, I believe we in the LSW are firmly in favor of shameless self-promotion. Or at least, in favor of shamelessness in general. - Catherine Pellegrino
I'd add it to my Feedly … if I could see my Feedly. - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
Cod question: I'm working on creating an intern position at my library. Other than paid (which is what I'm angling for in order to generate interest), what other job duties would be in your ideal intern opportunity? What types of work would benefit interns the most in your opinion? [Funny answers always welcome, but I need some serious ones too!]
Especially looking for answers from people who hire since one of my implicit goals is to give those interns a leg up on their fellow job seekers. - Andy
Just for clarity, do you mean an internship for a library school student? Or did you have something else in mind? - Kirsten
We do a 12 week practicum in collaboration with the hospital library at the uni next door. Ideas: shadowing teaching, actual teaching opportunities (if they have this capacity), tangible projects they can complete (e.g. one created an online tutorial we use all the time), attend things and meet people--we try to take them to a few committee meetings. - Hedgehog
at least one solid, awesome, needed deleverable the person can later poiintg to and say "I did this" - Aaron the Librarian
^^^ This, very much so. Also so that whoever is supervising said intern has something to talk about in reference letters and phone calls. - Catherine Pellegrino
It's probably too soon to do this, but to keep in mind for later: what improved our practicum program by leaps and bounds was having the student sit down with the practicum supervisor in advance to work out learning goals -- not just work goals (though those are helpful and important too!), but "what am I as the student supposed to take away from this?" Practitioners/supervisors are in... more... - RepoRat
Kristen: at this point, yes, a library school student. Although, to be honest, if the internship is a success it could be scaled to other fields of study. - Andy
RR: Excellent point. I'm up against the clock for getting this ready for the fall semester, so this ought to be... interesting. - Andy
I saw a cool presentation on an internship program in which lib school students work as embedded librarians for a community college. They take what they learned in instruction class and get training from librarians at the CC and then embed in a class as the librarian for the semester. I want to replicate it because it provides interns with hands-on experience supporting distance... more... - kaijsa
I hate to be vague after asking for specifics, but I think what we are cooking up here will be something that will get some notice in libraryland. :D - Andy
Cool. If we can work with you at SLIS, let me know! - RepoRat
I'll keep my eyes open. Good ideas are always a welcome sight! - kaijsa
RR: I'd welcome some feedback on what we are thinking from an actual faculty member! Do you have my email? - Andy from Android
nope, throw it my way, or just email, happy to help if I can. - RepoRat
Coming from a collection management/development area, fiscal responsibility (I managed a budget of $X) and an assessment of an area of the collection. - Katie
Adding to what Katie said, an internship that focuses on skills/tasks of acquiring, assessing, managing e-resources. - Galadriel C.
Definitely a second on the fiscal responsibility and/or collection assessment--maybe beyond weeding or updating current selection, creating and consulting with new(er) faculty on adding things to the collection that will be for their particular research and course prep needs. If there's any Access Services related stuff, maybe updating or cultivating the reserves. I might also comb current job ads to see what employers are looking for and tailor accordingly. - MontglaneChess
I had a really excellent internship with lots of good projects, but two that come to mind were putting together an exhibition in special collections and giving a presentation to librarians on Artstor, which I believe was new to the college at the time. The latter was really scary, but it was a great opportunity (and I hope at least marginally useful) - Megan loves summer
RR: Sent. - Andy
Montglane, Megan: *scribbles down notes* Some of this is already in the works, but always helps to underline it. :D - Andy
Steele Lawman
Hey everybody, it's my mom's birthday today! Happy birthday, mom!
happy birthday ms lawson! - Sir Shuping is just sir
Happy birthday! - Laura
Happy birthday, Mama Lawson! - Catherine Pellegrino
happy birthday, Mama Lawson! - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
Happy birthday! - RepoRat
Happiest birthday, Mama Lawson! Big Internet hugs - maʀtha
Thanks, everyone. Today I am sixty-ten. - Mama Lawson
Happy Birthday!!! Mama Lawson - the king of the interweb
Happy (Belated) Birthday, Mama Lawson! - MoTO: Tufted Coqeutte from Android
I hope she had a great day :) - Pete
Happy Birthday, Mum! - Melly
Happy birthday! - Betsy from FFHound(roid)!
Belated, but happy birthday wishes! - Galadriel C.
How did I miss this? Happiest of birthdays, even a day late! - laura x
laura x, you were busy writing a wonderful rebuttal to a Washington Post op-ed piece, that's how you missed it! Anyone who missed it, read it now! Oh, and thank you for the wishes! - Mama Lawson
Happy birthday, Mama Lawson. - Andy
Sir Shuping is just sir
Deweys Cartoon | Savage Chickens - Cartoons on Sticky Notes by Doug Savage -
Deweys Cartoon | Savage Chickens - Cartoons on Sticky Notes by Doug Savage
I like the big old pile of books system myself - Sir Shuping is just sir from Bookmarklet
Yeah, I think that's a pretty popular system. - Deborah Fitchett
Doesn't sell gigantic wood cabinets tho. That's a drawback from the Dewey perspective. - RepoRat
Drawback from which Dewey's perspective? (Melvil or Chuck) :) - Aaron the Librarian
Chuck's, I should think. Melvil sold PLENTY of the card catalogs he designed. - RepoRat
Holly's favorite Anna
What kind of annual goals would be appropriate for someone relatively new to acquisitions/libraries?
Staff position or librarian? - Marie
I'm so sorry, Anna. I read "goals" as "goats' and got the biggest case of the giggles. I'll think about your actual question once I recover. - ellbeecee
Now I want an annual goat. - ωαřмaiden ❤Bassetmom❤
Demand it as your tribute! "The bravest of your women, the most courageous of your men, and oh- a goat." - Pete
someone new to acquisitions/libraries needs a calming goat...and one that can fetch coffee. and kick people in the shins. (sorry I couldn't resist thanks to ellbee) - Sir Shuping is just sir
Wow. I clearly didn't learn enough about negotiating compensation in library school... Anyway, to yank this back onthread, I would think increasing-productivity goals would be appropriate? Basically "get better at the things you're having to learn." - RepoRat
to paraphrase our HR - goals should be SMART - "specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely"... so maybe learn x new thing and report out to this group. apply y to problem z and evaluate to see if functional. develop plan to do x.... - Christina Pikas
BUY ALL TEH BOOKZ! - Aaron the Librarian
staff, no goats - Holly's favorite Anna
Something around getting familiar with your larger institutional context? I'm a liaison type person, so I'd think of it like "meet faculty and students and learn about campus clubs and orgs in my area." For acquisitions would you have a goal like "MEET ALL TEH BIZNESS PEOPLE"? To learn more about the university or city accounting standards, or the licensing/legal process, or whatever byzantine online payment system you use, etc. - Regular Amanda
Finding out about community needs. I'm at a university, so that would be things like reviewing course descriptions and syllabi, talking to faculty about assignments, finding out about how new courses are approved. (This last is a constant problem--"Oh, I'm teaching a new course this semester, do you have anything on Nanotechnology in Healthcare?" "No, but if you'd told me when you designed the course, we would by now!") - Rebecca Hedreen
I get super-overwhelmed by the sheer number of people/tasks in Acquisitions, so I wonder if a goal along the lines of "know who everybody in Acq is and what they do and where they fit in the workflows" would be a reasonable goal? - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
One of my first ones was to contact all of our vendors (or at least the ones we use constantly) to let them know we had a new main Acquisitions contact and establish a new working relationship. Reviewing the course reserves/course listing b/c inevitably stuff will need updated...become familiar with invoice/payment process, know the workflow of journals and monographs so you aren't left... more... - MontglaneChess
dear LC: WHY there is no "autobiography" subject??? how am I supposed to teach students how to find *autobiographies* of journalists when they are mixed in with the decidedly different "Journalists - Biography" ??? Any ideas? kthxbai
well, I'd know how to write a SPARQL query for this in a linked-data context, but in MARC I dunno -- is it possible to ask for records that have the author (100$a or whatever it is) also as a subject? - RepoRat
that is the trick, RR. But how?? - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
in related news, I talked the prof. into letting our archives be an option - students can look at journalists' actual letters rather than reading published autobiographies for their projects. - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
advocating primary sources? perhaps some secondary and tertiary authors are feeling like the newspaper industry now... look what you started - Aaron the Librarian
I'm totally with you on this, Stephan!e - maʀtha
I had to limit subject=biography to what was in our branch library - because all the biog's @ mai library are roughly in the right field. Trying to pull genre + subject out of ginormous univ. library catalog made my head hurt. - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
There is an Autobiography LCSH: I was sure there was, so I had to check. There's also one for Journalists. I did an advanced search in our opac using both of those subjects and got a nice set of results. - kaijsa
Of course, it's keyword in subject in our opac searches, but it worked. - kaijsa
kaijsa, I tried that - not so good.because there's a BISAC heading "biography/autobiography" that could be either (so brings up David Brinkely's bio of Cronkite) and still misses a great many actual autobiographies. - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
I want to do what RR says: subject = biography AND biographee ~ author. #NoCanDo - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
Remember a million years ago when my team was awarded the IMLS grant to create the Institute for Research Design in Librarianship? It starts next Monday!
Congratulations. It's a tough road. - RepoRat
Woooo! - Joe
So excited that this is happening, best of luck! - Galadriel C.
Thank you! We are like kids in a candy store, waiting to see how it all turns out. - Marie
Walt Crawford
Browsing some folders (in Windows), and encountered a 2004 outline for an "eventual book"--on the ethics of derivation and electronic communication. Ten years later, I cannot imagine what could have possessed me to believe that (a) I was a candidate to write that book and (b) anybody would read it.
Dunno if I'm wiser now, but I'm definitely older, and have had at least a few stupid ideas beaten out of me. Including that one. - Walt Crawford
[Why doing this browsing? Something about finishing indexing for C&I 14.7, knowing tomorrow's a hiking day, and not really wanting to do much of anything today. At least at 4 p.m. it was 88F, not yesterday's 102F.] - Walt Crawford
Do any of you have ebooks on the De Gruyter platform? We have some journals, and I'm trying to figure out if it's worth it to get an encyclopedia on that platform. I hate getting books on rando platforms, and I'm pulling teeth to get info. Thoughts will be appreciated.
There was recent talk on our consortial listserv about it. One random comment: "The no-DRM, ILL terms are good, but the De Gruyter interface is a tragedy." YMMV. - Jaclyn aka spamgirl
This is exactly the kind of info that helps! - kaijsa
Just figured out that the ref works function as databases, which is nicer than just throwing an ebook on a journal platform. - kaijsa
So, RefWorks actually DOES have a backup system that allows a user to download their entire account, including the folder structure and all the attachments. But you get a password protected zip file. So only RefWorks is allowed to open it.
I recommend AGAINST RefWorks, and if I was in a position where I was evaluating citation management systems (and I am right now), this would be reason enough for me to not purchase it. - DJF
I've only had three questions about citation management tools in the last 5 years (since discontinuing RefWorks due to low use). Even so, I'm interested in your list and conclusions... - Aaron the Librarian
We're starting with the question, "do we want to pay for an institutional license?" I'm leaning towards, "No.", personally, and there are other librarians that feel the say way. We will probably provide assistance for Zotero, Mendeley, and maybe EndNote. - DJF
What what? you can export your whole library - and that will give you your folder structure and attachments... but you have to import it into another rw account. - Christina Pikas
Christina , that's right. Under the "Tools" menu in RefWorks is a "backup/restore" option, but it only works with RefWorks. There's no way for me, the so-called "owner" of the account to read the data in that backup file. So, the backup file can't be used as a way to migrate your account to another service. - DJF from Android
true... you can export all your data in ris or whatever, but you lose your file structure. actually you could probably rebuild that if you assigned a descriptor for each folder using the global edit ... but yeah... I don't know that any software - endnote, zotero, mendeley... let's you export with the folder structure or lets you import a competitors file structure - Christina Pikas
Mendeley will quite happily read your zotero library and rebuild its structure in mendeley. In fact, mendeley will monitor your zotero library for changes and import new content dynamically. - DJF from Android
[I do wish Mendeley were not part of Elsevier] - maʀtha
It's amazing what one can do when the source code and data formats are publicly available (as is the case with zotero) - DJF from Android
We got rid of Refworks several years ago, due to the same question--is a subscription worth the (low) use. We now support Endnote Web (or whatever they are calling it now), Zotero, and Mendeley. And the MS Word Bibliography feature. We just discovered that the Refworks free accounts did resurrect our old subscription-based accounts (subject to whatever limitations they have on the free accounts), so we might add support for the free version. Maybe. - Rebecca Hedreen
our medical school uses rw heavily, fwiw. - Christina Pikas
I will not take on my students' procrastination as my own anxiety. I will not take on my students' procrastination as my own anxiety. I will not take on my students' procrastination as my own anxiety... #finals
My own procrastination,on the other hand ... oh, say, would like some of my anxiety? You're so helpful, thanks. - barbara fister
Yeah, I just got a panicked annotated-bib-due-tonight email. That I'm posting this during the 10 free minutes I have to shove a luna bar in my mouth before the desk tells you a bit about how sympathetic I'm feeling. - kaijsa
Security Blanket: “I asked my students to extract the 1000 most popular passwords from the RockYou data set and provide a list to me with frequency counts. I then went through the list and sorted them into a number of thematic groups. I assigned a color to each group and entered the passwords with weights and colors into the Wordle online word cloud generator. I then saved the output as a PDF and edited it in Adobe Illustrator to rearrange them in a shape that I liked, with some pairs of words purposefully place in close proximity. I designed a border, and had the whole thing printed on one large sheet of fabric bySpoonflower. When the fabric arrived, I layered it with batting and quilted it. I bound it with matching fabric from Spoonflower that I designed.” - Betsy
Password Dress: “This is old news, but just now getting around to posting it. I made a password dress to go with the password quilt. I wore it to the opening of theComputers, Quilts & Privacy show and to give my artist’s talk. I also wore it to a faculty meeting and disrupted the meeting. As with the Security Blanket quilt, I generated a Wordle from the RockYou password set, and then... more... - Betsy
I love it that the dress fabric also comes in "clean edition." - Betsy
Meg VMeg
"A journal’s editorial board has been left on the brink of resignation after an eight-month standoff with its publisher Taylor & Francis over the publication of a debate on academic publishing and the profits made by major firms." Apparently the issue was just (finally) published, but T&F includes a disclaimer with each article, saying "the accuracy of the content should not be relied upon." - Meg VMeg
RR posted it - Christina Pikas from iPhone
DAMMIT. That's what I get for going to a conference. - Meg VMeg
I didn't post it to LSW tho. I think Marie? beat me to it. - RepoRat
I didn't do nuthin'. - Marie
Jaclyn aka spamgirl
Iris just got name checked by our instructional design candidate as being one of her inspirations.
Obviously a stellar candidate who is on the ball. - barbara fister
Clearly I should meet this Iris person. - lris from iPod
laura x
People, I need your reference help. #toddlerx has questions. Perhaps you have answers!
1) What water doing? - laura x
2) What door doing? - laura x
3) What cat doing? - laura x
Flowing, where it's going, there's no way of knowing (i) - Pete
Defining in and out (ii) - Pete
3) whatever it wants to do. - Katy S from iPhone
That is a mystery to all for all time (iii) - Pete
Pete has awesome answers! Channel Pete! - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
Answer all 3 with the question "What do you think it's doing?" - April Russo
(3) Cat judging you. - Regular Amanda from Android
1) Being water. 2) Being door. 3) Being cat. #zen - RepoRat
1 Being 2 Being 3 Being #heidegger - Pete
We need to get J and #toddlerx together. It would be an excellent object lesson for J in why his questions are SO GODDAMN EXHAUSTING. - Catherine Pellegrino
Either that, or they'd cure cancer. - Meg VMeg
Either way I'm for it. Damn 7 hour drive. - laura x from iPhone
Oh wait. Google tells me it's only 5 hours. Damn 5 hour drive. Though we could in theory do that some weekend. - laura x from iPhone
Maybe there's a playground halfway between? - Catherine Pellegrino
How about Starved Rock? - Betsy
With a toddler I bet it's at least a 7 hour drive. At least. - Deborah Fitchett
What Laura and Catherine doing? - Joe
Water is emoting, door is blocking, cat is cat - Joe Hardy from Android
Melissa M
Is anyone working on privacy education in libraries, particularly in public libraries? Specifically...
...the creation of handouts, classes, and other public learning opportunities about staying safe (including from corporate and/or government intrusion) online; staff training about staying safe online; peer training (outside of institutions) about staying safe online; the installation of software, browser plugins, and other anti-surveillance technology on public computers; advocacy and other efforts to support an open Internet? - Melissa M
There's a fairly active meta-discussion among librarians themselves, e.g. (and follow links), but at this point the practical upshot mostly appears to be libraries testing out technologies for possible rollout to staff and patrons. - RepoRat
Though, actually? I tell a lie. It's the K-12ers who are all over this. Hang on and lemme dig for some links. - RepoRat
guh, for once my backup brain is coming up short. but yes, look at school libraries for Internet safety stuff. - RepoRat
there's some resources here - maʀtha
Yes, I have done it for a few years. I do a staff training on Managing Your Online Presence and incorporate various things in my Public Trainings. is a great resource for may things. EFF too. - ♫Jorge Covert, Trainer♫
Yes, for sure. Thanks to all for links so far. I was tangentially involved in the creation of the zine posted at, and the librarian who took the lead on that project is developing in-depth privacy workshops at her library with input from people from EFF and the ACLU, which is pretty exciting. - Melissa M
Oooh. If any stuff from those workshops goes public, PLEASE let me know! - RepoRat
Definitely! Going public is part of the point. - Melissa M
The zine is great! - YvonneM
My partner teaches a similar workshop at his PL called "Hiding your Digital Footprint". Can't find a web link but I know they discuss private browsing, cookies, common scams, choosing passwords, etc. Aimed at a beginner crowd. - ɥɐɹɐs
Cool! I would love to see an outline and/or handout from your partner's workshop if at all possible. - Melissa M
Here you go! He notes that it is "pre-Snowden": - ɥɐɹɐs
Thank you! "Defensive Engagement" reminds me of the "digital harm reduction framework" described at - Melissa M
Sir Shuping is just sir
happy happy happy happy birthday to the awesome mary carmen!
Happy birthday MC :) - Pete
Happy birthday, MC!! - Tamara J. B. from FFHound(roid)!
Happy birthday! - John (bird whisperer)
Happy, happy birthday! - Galadriel C.
Mary Carmen Day - yay!!! - Melly
Happy! - Jenica
Happy Birthday Mama MC! - MoTO: Tufted Coqeutte
Merry day, MC :) - ωαřмaiden ❤Bassetmom❤
Best birthday wishes! - Lily
Have a very happy birthday!!! - Katy S from iPhone
Thanks, y'all! - Mary Carmen
Happy Birthday Mary Carmen!! I hope there's knitting time in your day :) - Hedgehog
feliz cumpleanos mamasita! cheers! - t-ra: WeirdnessSandwich
Happy Birthday! I hope it is a great one :D - Jennifer Dittrich
Happy birthday, beautiful lady. <3 - Alix May
Sir Shuping is just sir
asked on twitter (and I think here before) but does anyone have procedure sheets written up for ILL worldshare training and/or use the Innovative Interfaces Interlibrary Loan Module?
we didn't bother to write anything up for WorldShare since we use it for so little with ILLiad. We just have a couple printed copies of the basic instructions they provide. - holly #ravingfangirl
thanks holly. i've got some version of those printed handouts as well. we're about to have to start using it full time so i'm having to relook at our workflow stuff. - Sir Shuping is just sir
If you find or make anything, let me know! Our ILL folks are attempting to learn to use worldshare--complicated by not needing to use it much, so there's not much opportunity to practice. - Rebecca Hedreen
John Dupuis
Because who doesn't need more chaos in their lives:
Apparently two librarians are being sued for libel/slander. - John Dupuis
Do we know by whom? - barbara fister
we can guess. And my guess is that his nickname rhymes with Bowie Bidgets. - Jenica
I think it's an open secret in the sense of when you look at who it is being sued there's really no other possibility. I'm assuming but don't know for sure that this post was the reason in one case: - John Dupuis
I honestly can't remember if I missed that entirely or I read about it and filed it generically into the gigantic "Yet another high profile serial sexual harasser" bucket in my head. Either way, this time I'll definitely be remembering the name. Yay Streisand effect. :-) - Deborah Fitchett
right?! whoever the plaintiff is, I'm boggled as to how it's going to do him ("him" seems the safe bet) any good. - RepoRat
I find myself reminded that this FF room is crawled. It sometimes feels like a semi-private space, but it isn't. I say this because I've seen a couple people say things elsewhere in online Libraryland and I think, "Oh, wow, hey, don't get yourself sued." I haven't seen this in any of the recent LSW discussions, but I would hate to see it happen, you know? - maʀtha
Yes - thanks for the reminder, martha. Possibly even more risky for our Canadian and UK members. - barbara fister
I always assume that LSW is read pretty widely beyond the people that actually comment. I think it might still have the rep as a cabal of rowdy malcontents and trouble-makers. - John Dupuis
Well, that's us only on our good days ;) - maʀtha
rowdy malcontent and troublemaker --> - RepoRat
me, too -> - Christina Pikas
mischiefmaker --> - maʀtha
prefers the term rabble-rouser --> - Jaclyn aka spamgirl
Actually been published on --> - John Dupuis
Is anyone in charge of hijinks? - maʀtha
Merrymaking? Malarkey? Shenanigans? - maʀtha
not malcontented enough. - RepoRat
I note the linked posts are gone now... - Aaron the Librarian
I call shenanigans. (couldn't resist) - Grumpator
Aaron the Librarian
Double checking myself before answering an easy copyright question: reproducing an image from a 1917 newspaper is fine because public domain. Right?
In the U.S., yep. - lris
Addendum, reproducing a reproduction may not be fine. But reproducing the thing itself: totally public domain. - lris
Reproducing a reproduction ("slavish copy") is also fine. Though many museums commit copyfraud on this point. - JffKrlsn from Android
Except if the reproduction is governed by a license agreement, as is pretty much all digital content. License trumps copyright. - lris
If there is a license agreement in the way, it would be slavishly reproducing a reproduction anyway ;) Thanks for the addendum, I think that's what was poking me that I couldn't think of - Aaron the Librarian from Android
To clarify, while contracts do generally trump copyright, not every contract is valid, and you may not actually be a party to the contract. A museum can post reproductions of public domain art on its website and say, "By using this website, you agree that if you use these images you will include x information". But that is likely not a valid, enforceable contract. The reproduction... more... - JffKrlsn
Turns out this was the author creating/saving a TIFF of a political cartoon from a physical microfilm copy of a local newspaper from 1917. So, totally public domain. My response above Jeff's was meant in jest about a digital microfilm copy downloaded and cropped from a licensed archival database :) - Aaron the Librarian
Anybody else recently followed on Twitter by a filmmaker looking for downloads from HathiTrust?
no, but who, out of curiosity? - RepoRat
Aren't Summon search result URLs supposed to be durable??
this is the offending search - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
I think your search URL has some repeated stanzas (or the limits to specific campuses is breaking teh search?) This link (without limits to specific campuses) works: - Aaron the Librarian
interesting. Aaron I'm not sure how to read everything that happened there, but I'm intrigued that it works without limits, but not with them. have you encountered that before? - RudĩϐЯaЯïan from YouFeed
more notes, here is the URL your shortened link gives as the destination URL (note the "&s.fvf[]=Library,Western+Nevada+College+[5 variable loactions]),t" stanzas, which seem like overspecification) as... more... - Aaron the Librarian
(the search that works also removed limits on type -- I had removed book reviews from the result) - RudĩϐЯaЯïan from YouFeed
Oh, I had limited to Book Reviews... hang on - Aaron the Librarian
Book Reviews removed, limited to English, did you also limit to or exclude the campuses? - Aaron the Librarian
If *including the Colleges/campuses: should work? - Aaron the Librarian
If I exclude those specific colleges in the Summon interface (WNV Online, WNV Carson City, Great Basin, Desert Research, WNV Fallon) then the search itself (same link as yours) fails:... more... - Aaron the Librarian
I just figured the same thing! It looks like anything that enters in via the include/exclude pop up breaks the durability. But adding in as many things as I want from the checkbox facets seems to work well. Confusing, but hopefully I will remember. (I'm also curious if this is a quirk of our set up, or a universal Summon thing?) - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
Yet we could specifically exclude the Book Reviews via the popup list. I'd report it as a strange bug to SerSol - Aaron the Librarian
Aaron, I'm wondering if it's even worth reporting, with 2.0 coming around the corner....and then everything will break again, PLUS Wikipedia! - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
I just like to hack url structures :) - Aaron the Librarian
Meg VMeg
<3 - RepoRat
yes you are!!! - maʀtha
so close... - jambina
I am resisting all urges here to be funny... - Julian
That really is one of those "can't unsee it" images. - Catherine Pellegrino
Apparently, the architect was shooting for "peacock". Seriously. - DJF from Android
Turkey. Totally. - maʀtha
Is that cranberry sauce I see? Perhaps stuffing? - Julian
It's a seriously fantastic space. Great signage. - Meg VMeg
If you head a block west from there, along Harbord street to just past Spadina, you'll find Bakka Books, the best science fiction bookstore in Canada. - DJF from Android
BMV on Bloor just west of Spadina is also a huge cornucopia used/remainder bookstore. - John Dupuis
Sir Shuping is just sir
happy birthday to the one, the owliest...kendra!
Happy birthday! - John (bird whisperer)
Happy Birthday Kendra! - Hedgehog
Happy birthday :) - Pete
Happy, happy birthday! - Galadriel C.
OWL!!! Er... happy birthday! - Julian
Happy Birthday!! - Katy S from iPhone
Happy birthday, Kendra! - Jenny H. from Android
Happy birthday! - Jennifer Dittrich
Happy birthday, Kendra! - Anne Bouey
WHO? Who? WHO? - ♫Jorge Covert, Trainer♫
OMG itss your birthday? How did i not know this? - LibrarianOnTheLoose
Happy birthday - Eric - Back to the Grill
thanks y'all! i'm actually surprised anybody remembered. i kinda forgot! - kendrak
HAPPY KENDRA DAY! - MoTO: Tufted Coqeutte
» Banned Books Week 2014 celebrates graphic novels OIF Blog -
I saw this earlier and laughed so hard when I saw this because of our current situation with Blue Is The Warmest Color and the threats against other books in the collection. I sometimes laugh when things get beyond ridiculous. :) - Katy S from iPhone
Yep, I immediately thought, "Aw, it is so nice of ALA to do this for Katy" :) - maʀtha
Wait... Bone? Persepolis? I'd comment on the others, but I haven't read them. But, really? Banning any book (even one I might find offensive) is wrong headed but Bone and Persepolis? Sweet baby jeebus in the manger. What a world. - MoTO: Tufted Coqeutte
Persepolis they wanted banned because it illustrates *gasp* puberty! because you know...they can't have that in a book. Bone if I remember right was some stupid ass crap about them declaring characters racist or something stupid like that. - Sir Shuping is just sir
well said, indeed, MoTO - maʀtha
Thank you, Martha. Andrew, for real doe? Wow. Puberty. I haven't read Persepolis in a while but I remember it as a beautiful coming of age story. The story of someone wrestling with growing up and with the upheaval of her country. I remember a co-worker telling me that "if you want to understand my story, where I'm coming from, check out Persepolis." Bone, racist? Against what, the Stupid Stupid Rat Creatures? - MoTO: Tufted Coqeutte
MoTO yep. Persepolis is one of the most beautiful coming of age stores that I've ever read...but yeah. people are stupid and don't like anything that presents view points different than their own. Here's a post from the CBLDF about Bone's banning: still haven't figured out what they think is racist about it.... more... - Sir Shuping is just sir
I am so excited about this! We're launching our graphic novel collection this summer, and want to do a Big Deal sometime in early fall. BBW has just given me exactly what I need to do both, really loud and well! - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
I feel like I've already spent too much of 2014 defending graphic novels. I'm glad for this, but I'm also tired. - Katy S from iPhone
Is there an equivalent to Carnegie Classification for Canadian Universities?
No. - DJF from Android
Okay. Thanks! - Hedgehog
but we all know what our Carnegie Classification would be if we were American... - jambina
Yeah but unfortunately I can't use "we know" as authoritative data for a list I'm putting together. Ah well, catching you in the ARL part of the list - Hedgehog
oh ya, no. - jambina
Obviously there isn't in New Zealand either because we've got eight universities total so the most meaningful level of classification is just the name of the university. It's really confusing when we have to fill in forms designed by USans wanting that info. - Deborah Fitchett
~Courtney F
wasn't someone looking for a self-grading assignment? It's possible with Google Docs -
that's pretty neat - Aaron the Librarian
Ooof, that's nifty, passing that around work - Hedgehog
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