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For the complete LSW tagline please refer to the print edition. [tagline approved by committee, see minutes for vote]
So...what are y'all doing for OA week?
I'd *like* to suggest a "bring your CV and let's see what we can grab for the IR" but would love to hear how that's gone other places. - Hedgehog
Praying that next year they'll change OA week to sometime in the spring. - Meg VMeg
We held ours early this year because the official one is around our end of year exams. List of events archived at, pending videos of them all being uploaded to our community archive. - Deborah Fitchett
Something? I really have no idea. Our marketing committee is planning it and apparently mum on details. - ~Courtney F
I don't know, but it needs to be enticing - we are trying to lay the groundwork this year for recommending an OA mandate next year. - Jen
we do OA month in february since it always falls during midterms in october. Abs - have done a CV drop off before to moderate success - jambina
I would love some day to see a one-hour library subscription blackout teach-in across the land. But this is an idea that exists only in my head in an imaginary alternate universe. - barbara fister
Our schol comm librarian is doing IR workshops, but I don't know what else. - kaijsa
Early plans are to combine a showing of The Internet's Own Boy with some sort of event on government surveillance. Since I'm on sabbatical this year I'm not involved in the planning. - John Dupuis
I'm in the process of planning a faculty panel talking about their experiences w/OA publishing and recommendations for students/early career researchers. I've got a couple profs on board and wrangling for a few more I have yet to hear a response from. The actual logistics and scheduling of this panel are still beyond my ken, but I'm hoping to get it worked out soon. Otherwise, I dunno -... more... - Grumpator
I ran a panel like that last year. It almost came together by itself: my only regret is not getting the gender balance I wanted (ended up 1F:3M) but the race/discipline/seniority/kind-of-OA-experience balances all worked out well. Oh, and I regret not having thought ahead to film it for our community archive because they were great. I just came up with a bunch of questions which I let... more... - Deborah Fitchett
Thanks Deborah, that's reassuring! My gender balance is similar, but I'm still hoping for some other responses which may help even it out. - Grumpator
Editor would like me to provide a footnote sourcing the term "The Big Deal". Do any of you happen to have at your fingertips something describing/defining/originating this term?
Hm. Someone mentioned on liblicense who coined the term. - Christina Pikas from iPhone
Unless there's an earlier mention, I'd go with Kenneth Frazier in D-Lib in 2001. Here's the link: - Walt Crawford
Thanks Walt! The term was thrown around as common when I was in libschool, so this threw me :) - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
In a surprising twist, our spam system is preventing me from sending messages to Gustavus librarians. Is Barbara blocking me? ;)
Revenge for the 30 Years War? - Spidra Webster
Whaaaa....???? It's probably because our PR is so dreadful. If it's me you need to contact, I have an alternate identity, as you might imagine for a sekrit agent. - barbara fister
*Your* spam system is doing it? That seems odd. - Meg VMeg
I got around the difficulties by using Gmail. And yes, nothing about this makes sense. I can't WAIT to hear from the server dudes what happened with this one. - lris
Ha! Turns out we had a compromised account that caused Carleton email addresses to be blacklisted by the spam folks. - lris
Christina Pikas
crap on a banana. Looks like DoD will be using DoE's PAGES and will initially use an instance on DoE servers. Looks like DTIC will have the authors accepted manuscripts available (not just as a link or just in a dark archive) but those will only be available to registered users. Sorry - can't provide copy of where I read this :(
*eyeroll* - RepoRat
Of course. - kendrak from Android
Seconding RR's eyeroll - Hedgehog
In my head I'm thinking of this as the first NIH Public Access Policy, which as we all recall sucked giant boulders... but was eventually unsucked. Here's hoping... and working. - RepoRat
"crap on a banana" heh - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
DoD is probably all pissed that they have to restore funding to DTIC after they've sucked all the funding out of it over the past couple of decades - Christina Pikas
When he inducted the Talking Heads into the RRHOF, Anthony Kiedis said they made him "want to have sex with a lot of librarians." (At 2:55) Huh.
John Dupuis
For those that are interested, an open letter to AAAS about Science Advances:
any value to signing if i'm not a member? - jambina
It seems that not many of the signers are indicating that they're members. So yes, I think it's worth signing for non-members. - John Dupuis
Final version, until Friday to sign: - John Dupuis
Deborah Fitchett
Reality check: for the whole LibraryLinks thing in Google Scholar, is there any respect in which libraries ever deal directly with Scholar for the set up? Or is it all entirely done through one's vendor? Is it even *possible* to talk to Scholar?
It is possible I think if your setup is very unique, but Google I heard prefers to go through the usual vendors. - aaron
I have not heard that speaking to Scholar is possible. - Meg VMeg
We've talked to GS about our IR on many occasions. I don't know about the library links but it is certainly possible to talk to them! - Sarah from FreshFeed
Ah, we don't have an IR. - Meg VMeg
I can confirm what Sarah is saying there is a Google Scholar contact for handling IR results in GS, (Sarah helped me with the contact). Not too sure about for library link part, but I have heard from another librarian it was possible to talk to them but that was years ago. Just curious what do you want to talk to them about if you could? - aaron from YouFeed
Our systems lib has talked to them, or maybe just emailed, to set up our links and get our holdings pushed to them/crawled. I don't know what it entailed, but we also did something with our IR stuff in Scholar as others mentioned. - kaijsa
Aaron, when you provide IP range to LibraryLinks via Serials Solutions, you get the independent choice to a) recognise users by IP and b) restrict users by IP. Alma bundles these two things together which is a *pain*. I made an enhancement request but was told we'd need to talk to Scholar. I felt this couldn't be right and have since responded to that effect, with link to - Deborah Fitchett
ETA: This will apparently be fixed in the September release. Yay for products being in active development. :-) - Deborah Fitchett
Desperately seeking: Anybody? kendrak at the gmail
got it. hang on - DJF
Yep, on its way. - Meg VMeg
that particular citation looks like it's a letter, rather than the original article. Are you sure that's what you're looking for? - DJF
oh i got both! - kendrak
ωαřмaiden ❤Bassetmom❤
Your favorite materials to hand to a librarian who is trying to crash-course impact factors for a faculty workshop, with purpose of ameliorating campus lack of WoS - Go!
Do you have Scopus? - Meg VMeg
With my devils-advocate hat on: - RepoRat
Here's a basic presentation on "scholarly impact" that I give: Let me know if you see any errors or have any questions. (ETA: I changed the link to go to a more recent version) - Meg VMeg
Spending some quality time at Gustavus. My first time in their library!
I didn't know that time at Gustavus could be anything but. - Joe
Sad I am not there. But hope my colleagues treat you well (the few who are around in August!) - barbara fister
Holly's favorite Anna
"In constructing the metaphor of pedagogy as drag, I want to suggest that, like drag, pedagogy is about what teachers reveal and what we conceal in the classroom and why." -Bryant Keith Alexander, from Performing Black Masculinity
linky? I would like to read this. - RepoRat
ne'er mind, found it, getting it sent to SLIS: - RepoRat
Sorry, should have linked to WorldCat. - Holly's favorite Anna
hey, that guy is a dean at my uni. - Marie
heh, no worries, I'm a dang librarian, I shoulda just looked it up before asking. - RepoRat
My friend who posted the quote on Facebook says, "I read an essay of his in a collection earlier in the week that knocked the socks right off my feet. I really love the way he talks about identity and teachers." She's a literary arts high school teacher and preparing for comps in her American Studies doctoral program. Her dissertation is on Jayne Cortez. - Holly's favorite Anna
Galadriel C.
It is now official: UConn Libraries is discontinuing access to Web of Science as of 9/1/2014.
In 2005, UConn Libraries began a subscription to Scopus with the intent to, after a period of time, evaluate both Scopus and Web of Science and determine which *one* of these two resources should be maintained given use, user feedback, coverage, and fiscal resources. - Galadriel C.
Our usage overall for Scopus over the last three years is higher than that for Web of Science, while the cost of Scopus is significantly lower. - Galadriel C.
Additionally, while Scopus does not yet have the deep coverage that Web of Science does, Scopus does include books, patents, and more conference proceedings at no additional cost. - Galadriel C.
We have determined that our priority in collection development is e-preferred full text content. When we examined our top five e-resource subscriptions by spend for FY14, Web of Science was the only one that is an abstract and indexing resource while the other four are full text journal packages. - Galadriel C.
An official press release, and hopeful an article of our findings from the massive analysis that we did are forthcoming. - Galadriel C.
wow. very interesting! - Christina Pikas
As a side note, should you ever cancel Web of Science, have your internal communications to users ready to go as soon as you tell Thomson Reuters as they will soon blast an e-mail to your campus alerting everyone of the upcoming loss of access without warning you first. - Galadriel C.
^ Good grief. - Marie
Yes, indeed Marie! They even sent one to the archivists and the president of the university. - Galadriel C.
Reminds me of stories I've heard about that time we canceled subscriptions to Elsevier. - lris
Wow! Can't wait to read your full article - nice work! - Jen
But remember, vendors LOVE librarians! - RepoRat
Jeez, that's dirty tricks. - barbara fister
o_O WTF Thomson? that's messed up - Sir Shuping is just sir
Yes, I had strong words for TR. They first said that they knew it was a challenging situation and wanted to help make sure that users had time to switch their alerts. I kept reiterating the four main points *besides* budget for the cancelation. - Galadriel C. from Android
I don't think any librarian needs to be ashamed of budget management. Also sod you, TR, you disingenuous jerks. - RepoRat
I also explained that I knew with the loss of revenue from a big university that it was a challenging situation for them and that I could see their interest in alerting faculty with hopes for a reversal, but that they should be working with the library as their primary customer and that we were profoundly disappointed in their actions which represented a poor business practice. - Galadriel C. from Android
<3 <3 <3 - RepoRat
The ACS pulled the same stunt with our faculty fifteen years ago when we SWITCHED from print to electronic. They spammed all the faculty telling them we were canceling journals. - DJF from Android
Oooooh, interesting. What happens to your WoS backfiles? Or did you have them. - Meg VMeg
We'll be receiving the back files (1974-1995) on CD or external harddrive. Because Scopus is in the middle of reindexing records to go back to 1970, we're going to wait a year and see if we need to invest in locally hosting the back file. Originally TR said they host the bckfile for 10% of last year's subscription fee but then said that they no longer host... - Galadriel C. from Android
...because they need to focus on existing subscription customers. - Galadriel C. from Android
Interesting. We're deeply invested in backfiles, which has made me hesitant to consider canceling, even if my Science librarian wasn't so deeply in love with TR. - Holly's favorite Anna
^ same. - Marie
back in the day I was hopeful that this would be the end result. - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
AND this is not news to Web of Science, iirc. - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
I'm just happy that there's competition. I actually like WoS a lot better than Scopus, but competition is good. - Christina Pikas
the competition made Web of Science better … but not better enough, imho. - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
Looking into back files and our investment in them was interesting. It proved to me that licensing them should be much stronger as we paid once for the back files; so, we shouldn't have to maintain an incredibly expensive A&I subscription in order to access back files easily especially when there are competing A&I resources that on our campus is used a lot more. - Galadriel C. from Android
Would someone mind unpacking the backfiles question for me? I'd like to understand it better. Is the issue how much of purchased backfile is covered by whatever A&I databases have been separately purchased? Or am I totally not getting it? - RepoRat
RR - Web of Science as a regular annual A&I subscription presently includes 1996 to the present. If you want to go further back, the library has to pay a one time fee to purchase back file coverage that is chunked out by year. For example, UConn purchased back filed that included 1974-1995 for art and humanities, social science and science. As long as we had a subscription to current WoS, back file content was also available on the WoS platform. - Galadriel C. from Android
Oh. And that backfile access goes away when you discontinue WoS? - RepoRat
Many libraries have purchased more extensive back files. - Galadriel C. from Android
While it is very true that one has to be able to find a citation to even know that full text exists, there are other ways to get citations (subject specific databases, Google Scholar, Scopus). In addition to paying a very high price for WoS citations and platform access, we are also paying for an OpenURL linker to connect from citations to full text, and then paying millions for full text as well as a lot for ILL if we don't have full text. - Galadriel C. from Android
The cost of access is absolutely unbelievable. - Galadriel C. from Android
Yes RR - the back file access on TR's WoS platform goes away when you no longer have a subscription. University of Prince Edward Island cancelled WoS and now they locally host their own back files. There is no support from TR once they've handed over the raw back files as I understand and it took them a while to get it set up. The whole set up of requiring a subscription for platform access to back files bothers me greatly especially since the back files alone are quite pricey. - Galadriel C. from Android
Wow. That is pretty f***ed up. How much did UPEI have to do to make use of those raw backfiles, if you can give me a sense? - RepoRat
Agreed. In the correspondence I had with UPEI, I got the sense that they had a very competent IT/systems person working on it and it took about a year of steady work amongst other responsibilities. I also *think* it occurred before a lot of libraries were investing more in hosting their own digital collections which may or may not have make it easier - I don't have deep grasp on what local hosting would entail. - Galadriel C. from Android
Thanks, Galadriel. Now I feel I can usefully explain this to students. - RepoRat
You're most welcome! - Galadriel C. from Android
Christina Pikas
Looking for a way to identify big/important conferences that mpow isn't already attending. Like I know sfn is a big conference and there are always news reports and press releases about it. AAAS is smaller, but there are some... is there a way or an altmetrics service maybe where I can find conferences that are covered a lot or are big?
For the library peeps or for the faculty/staff of the institution? - Joe
And, what is sfn? - Joe
for scientists/researchers - not library staff. society for neuroscience - Christina Pikas
anyone? - Christina Pikas
Do you have the Papers Invited database? It has a lot of conferences in it so you could poke around by subject. - John Dupuis
Elsevier has a list of conferences that they know about. Maybe these are conference that they exhibit at? http://www.globaleventslist.el... - Joe
Steele Lawman
"Never ask a rhetorical question of a librarian!" - Amanda, the college assessment guru.
Mea culpa. - Meg VMeg
Catherine Pellegrino
Big Thinky Question for the day: What have you (or your library) stopped doing in the recent past, and how has that worked out for you (or your library, or your patrons/users/public)? This could be a large, library-wide or department-wide initiative that's been discontinued, or something you individually have stopped doing.
We stopped putting librarians at the reference desk. We have well trained students who triage with one of us as back up. Overall, it has gone well. 90% of desk questions were 'do we have this journal' or bathroom/computer. Has greatly improved librarian flexibility to teach/do liaison stuff/ etc. Up next will be closing that desk--going to one service point with remodel starting later this fall. More staff training still needed. - Hedgehog from Android
We have stopped doing collection development and moved entirely to DDA, and providing access through ILL. It's working ok so far, but we are strung to have difficulty obtaining materials via our local consortium, which also appears to have moved away from print and can't loan ebooks. With huge numbers of new hires and new areas of research/teaching on campus this fall, we'll see how it actually works. - RudĩϐЯaЯïan from YouFeed
Interesting! Staffing the reference desk with students is an idea that we've kicked around a bunch but have decided, for now, not to go with, even though we see lots and lots and lots of other academic libraries doing it, and doing it successfully. We've also talked about PDA/DDA, but again, decided for local reasons not to go with it. Other ideas? - Catherine Pellegrino
We stopped Saturday reference entirely and weekend and evening reference in summers. It seems to have gone well. Cutting back in other ways during the school year has been met with major resistance from others in the library, even though stats show we have next to zero business at certain times. - kaijsa
we have finally, FINALLY agreed to stop staffing the reference desk on the Saturday before final exams. (We ordinarily don't staff it on Saturdays, just that one weekend out of the term, and our numbers were appalling: some years we had NO questions in an 8-hour shift.) So I guess that's something. - Catherine Pellegrino
We are also using students to staff the reference desk (afternoons & evenings only for now). I'd love for us to stop staffing the desk on saturday (at least with librarians), since our numbers are so dismal. I feel like there was something we've stopped recently, but I don't recall what it was... - ~Courtney F
Deborah Fitchett
Btw today is apparently "Give Deborah the most unhelpful answers ever, or alternatively reveal that the apparently helpful answer of two weeks ago that she was relying on is actually LIES ALL LIES" day. We're batting at three for three and it's barely 8:30am.
laura x
33 years later, I still miss my father. Today I discovered that Grinnell has put the finding aid to his papers online:
love to you, Laura. - Marianne
Hugs - Janet from FFHound!
<3 - Jenny H. from Android
I took classes my first year at Grinnell from your father. He was very kind to me and I learned a great deal from him He moved to Cornell the next year. - Clay Williams
What a wonderful legacy. - Megan loves summer
Thank you, all, and Clay, thank you for telling me. It means a great deal. - laura x from iPhone
Finally taking a serious look at LibGuides v2 migration. This is going to be hell. Just a bit less compared to implementing Summon + 360link.
It's not that bad - just set aside enough time to review guides before actually migrating - Aaron the Librarian from Android
The technical I can probably handle.. is the politics.... To be consistent or not to be consistent, that is the question.... The more options LibGuides v2 throws at us, the more messy it is going to get. - aaron
i took the opportunity to start enforcing consistency in our guides. we didn't have any kind of template or guidelines before, so i spent a lot of time coming up with some and introducing them. i did not review all the guides - that was the responsibility of the guide owners. We had several meetings where i explained what was going to happen and the changes that needed to be made before migration. there's a lot of details with the new A to Z list and things like that, but i feel like ours went smoothly. - ~Courtney F
several meetings.... - aaron from BuddyFeed
under pressure to do it with little man hours spent - aaron from BuddyFeed
Force the standardization of the wrapper and the color scheme... we're still discussing offering the choice between left and top nav at the guide level... I thikn we will leave it as a choice for now (but I expect at somepoint people will say "all new gudes will be left nav") - Aaron the Librarian
After witnessing the number of hours our libguides migration team has spent, I don't think there's a way to do this with little hours spent. Little hours would be= don't migrate to 2.0? - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
Yes, 4 meetings spread over June and July. Starting with we're migrating, moving through their to-do lists from me and discussing/finalizing local standards. I sent at least 10 emails to the group as a whole, and answered individual questions as well. Rudi's right - there's not a way to do this with few man hours spent unless you spread those hours out over the next semester/year and migrate after that. - ~Courtney F
And Courtney's just sharing the big-group hours. The team here spent most of their total summers understanding the new architecture and how it impacted our web design and campusguide design; understanding what would and wouldn't migrate, what we would have to work without, etc. - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
Rudi's right - i have no idea how much time our individual librarians spent, nor do i have a firm handle on how long I spend prepping for and managing the transition. It's a big project, for sure. Any migration is. - ~Courtney F
Waiting on our DNS update now. I gave up on the idea of standardization without really considering it. We're a rebellious bunch here. :) And there are pedagogical/androgogical considerations, too--it's easy to go overboard with standardization. The major confusion for us was that we migrated at the beginning of the summer, and told everyone to review their guides, and create anything... more... - Rebecca Hedreen
We learned about the migration just as we had finished our first guides on v1, which will be launched in september... After checking the changes for v2, we finally decided to wait until next year to migrate. - marlene
Is there a tactful way to push back when a researcher (not faculty or student) feigns ignorance of resources in a way that makes it clear they expect you to do the work for them?
Does your library have research tutorials you could recommend? - YvonneM
Not really (though I'm taking a class about that tomorrow!). - kendrak
Say something to the effect of you not depriving that person of the opportunity to learn how to use that resource. - Joe
I tell people I can show them how to do X once or twice, but they have to take it from there. Is that tactful? - kaijsa
as an academic library, we are committed to teaching our colleagues how to search rather than doing the search for them. we're teaching them to fish! - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
Respond with clarifying questions about what they've tried so far (which resources, what search strategies), and where exactly in the process they're getting stuck (what they expected to see, what they're seeing instead). Explain that if they can tell you a bit more about what they've tried, you can give better suggestions/instruction. - Meg VMeg
I send them the links to the articles, and information on how to find more like them, and how to connect off campus. "I just want the PDFs." That's not an endearing response. - kendrak
All of my suggested responses come with teeth-bared polite smiles... - Hedgehog
Quote licences. They need to find the *links* And being able to do that is a skill they need to demo. - Pete : Team Marina
"Are you having trouble accessing the PDFs when you go through the steps I listed before? Where are you getting stuck?" - Meg VMeg
Thanks. I'm copying that line. - kendrak
If you're feeling especially annoyed, you can tell them to make sure to copy/paste any error messages into the email so you can help troubleshoot. And that you definitely want to make sure their off-campus access works (in addition to their knowing how to get to PDFs) because you know how annoying and time-intensive they will surely find it, if they have to email someone every single time they need a PDF. - Meg VMeg
"It's not my job to do research for you." A colleague basically had to say this to a guy in our econ dept. The charitable interpretation was that he was used to a corporate environment where somebody did his research for him, probably female. The more accurate interpretation was that he was an a$$hole. - barbara fister
^^^^ this. - Joe
Meg's responses are great. If they still don't take the hint you can ask for screenshots. And screencasts. - Deborah Fitchett
Campus tour guide with flare: black suit and dark glasses, plus tour-based stand-up routine.
Oh, Carleton students. - barbara fister
Don't be forced to transfer to Amherst:
Don't be forced to transfer to Amherst:
We're hiring 2 librarian positions! A Digital Projects Librarian: and a Health Sciences Librarian: I'm on the committee for the Digital Projects Librarian, but can answer general questions about both. Spread the news
Dear Student Research Assistant: Unfortunately we won't be able to get that book your prof wants fast enough, but don't worry, what he wanted to do with it is illegal anyway. Love, Me.
Catherine Pellegrino
Hitting that sweet spot between "tasteful" and "in your face." (New refdesk sign)
BuxDv0yCIAAyLy0.jpg large.jpg
No comic sans? - Joe
after my orientation preso this morning, the dean of grad students said "remember what I told you? 'Work Smarter, not Harder.' Stephanie will help you do that." *stephanie went & made many signz saying "Work Smarter, not Harder."* *mulls putting one at the desk* - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
Read an eBook Day | Tell your story -
Overdrive declares September 18 to be "read an eBook day". Really? - DJF from Bookmarklet
Have any of you done an audit of your e-resources to see if they work in JAWS or any other assistive technology? (please say yes, so I can borrow your workflow procedures and determination mechanism)
Riley, Cheryl A. "Libraries, Aggregator Databases, Screen Readers and Clients with Disabilities." Library Hi Tech 20.2 (2002): 179. Might help -- if there's a DOI on this one I can't find it tho. - RepoRat
Maybe contact one of these people? I feel like there was one person at least who tested every resource. - Jaclyn aka spamgirl
you people are magic. thank you! - Marie
Kaijsa sighting at the Library Assessment Conference!
Aww. I was internetless, mostly. I enjoyed my Marie sighting! - kaijsa
Happiest birthdays to Courtney and Krista!
Indeed! - LB: Unable to Can from Android
happy birthday both! - Sir Shuping is just sir
Happy happy birthday birthday! - Megan loves summer
Aaron the Librarian
Work signed me up and paid for a Data Management online course (good) while I'm not on the clock (not so good) but I've wanted to bone up on Data Management options for a while (so, overall: good). anyone got a pile of data they want help making a plan for? (it's an assignemnt, I would get credit for helping you)
anyone got a pile of research data they want help making a plan for? (it's an assignemnt, I would get credit for helping you) - Aaron the Librarian
i have ideas about data i would like to collect into a pile but no time to make said pile much less make a plan for it :( - LibrarianOnTheLoose
Right - I have library statistics data - but that is not "someone who is not [me]" and not "research data" is envisioned for this course. I'm sort of at a loss for who to ask... the faculty are still mostly gone for the summer - Aaron the Librarian
can you go shopping on an open repository or do you have to collaborate with the data people - Christina Pikas
I've got some research I'd kinda like to do but I'm not going to have time to even start putting out feelers for whether it's possible to gather the required data for at least a month. At least. - Deborah Fitchett
i'll have some substantial data to manage, but not until December probably... - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
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