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For the complete LSW tagline please refer to the print edition. [tagline approved by committee, see minutes for vote]
I miss the old AL Direct format.
Me, too. They end up in my spam folder now because of the ads. Same with ACRL Update. - kaijsa
i actually get the new one consistently; the old one went to spam probably 80% of the time. - holly #ravingfangirl
I guess all of our email programs vex us in different ways. - kaijsa
Now Choice is all bizarro. - maʀtha
I like that actually have time to go through the new one more consistently than I was able to with the old format, but I'm not actually a fan of the new format either. - John: Thread Killer
well, and the content isn't very interesting. plus, big old ad in the middle - maʀtha
What martha said. It used to have interesting stuff in it, towards the bottom, all the way down.... - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
For AL direct, I used to start reading it from the bottom up. - Joe
yep - maʀtha
John: You should have time; AFAICT, both weekly editions of the new format, once you ignore the advertorials, have a lot less content than one-half of the old format's weekly. - Walt Crawford
yep - maʀtha
Deborah Fitchett
Today is apparently the day for "So when our documentation says 'The sky is blue' actually we meant 'Ia! Ia! Cthulhu Fhtagn!'"
Thanks, since all we have to do is think the phrase... we're all doomed now :) - Aaron the Librarian
Considering some of the cases I've been dealing with (and also the unrelated six meetings I have scheduled for today) that'd quite possibly be an improvement. - Deborah Fitchett
Meg VMeg
Not to jump on the anti-coding backlash/bandwagon, but sometimes it cracks me up how much of my job would not be made easier/faster via coding.
Seems like we haven't done a random poll in a while, so. Author, artist, musician, or other creator that you like but someone important in your life can't stand?
Kate Rusby. Don't ask me why, but the huz just cannot with her. Whereas he is forbidden from playing Led Zep in my presence because NOPE. - RepoRat
is it because led zeppelin sings about hobbits and shit? - kendrak
I just can't stand 'em, no matter what they're screaming about. - RepoRat
Although I don't listen to his ditties much anymore either, I'm afraid it's Johann Sebastian Bach; my wife finds him far too repetitive. - Walt Crawford
my husband hates jazz. all jazz. even jazz influences in other genres. except the occasional band that he doesn't believe is jazz no matter how many times i insist on it. meanwhile half my cd collection is jazz. good thing we mostly overlap-or-are-indifferent otherwise. - Marianne
I am kinda the jazz hater in my relationships. To be fair, I don't hate ALL jazz, just the experimental/freeform/super noodle-y stuff. So basically the stuff people who love jazz often love the most. - kaijsa
My mother hates Tori Amos. In better news, though, I seem to be converting Peter into a Dylan fan. - laura x
Uck, Tori Amos. Maybe I'm just a hater in general. A long-term bf of mine from my 20s was into Primus. I was like, NOPE. - kaijsa
i don't think there's anything musically, though i hate books and he's an avid reader. he also hates soccer. - kendrak
I get a lot of ribbing at home about my enjoyment of "middle aged/older women solving murders" television (Murder She Wrote, Agatha Christie, Rosemary and Thyme, etc) but he'll sit through them. - Hedgehog
heeeeeeeeey Rosemary and Thyme is awesome. - RepoRat
I love a lady sleuth myself. - kaijsa
My guy digs Tom Waits like whoa but all I hear is screeching and moaning. - Marie
I can't think of anything of mine that C truly can't stand, but he can listen to his Jethro Tull SOMEPLACE ELSE DEAR GOD. - Catherine Pellegrino from iPod
You all can have the lady sleuth party and I will have the Jethro Tull/Tom Waits/Led Zeppelin party. On vinyl. - laura x from iPhone
My hubs is not a fan of Adele or Beyoncé and I'm a big fan of both. But he's into all kinds of terrible contemporary country that makes me gag, so... - Laura Krier
I like ABBA - particularly loud when I'm cleaning. M can't stand any disco - Christina Pikas from iPhone
I really can't think of anything that falls into this category, unless Sarah tried to make me look at cadaver anatomy pics or something. I've fallen in love with lots of artists because of Sarah, though: Richard Thompson (!!!), Virginia Woolf, E. M. Forster, Oysterband, Maddy Prior... Okay, sometimes I get sick of Elvis Costello, but I don't hate him, I just can't listen to him for days upon days like some people. - maʀtha
I tease the mister all the time about his second tier prog rock collection (Emerson, Lake and Palmer, Yes, etc.) and Rush. Although Rush is redeemed in my eyes because they did a song with Aimee Mann. - Elizabeth Brown
Spouse is not a big fiction reader (!!), reads a lot but almost exclusively non-fiction. This boggles my mind. Over time, I've pushed spouse towards fiction and he's pushed me towards non-fiction. So, weirdly, almost any fiction I read is something where I tell him about it and he's like "meh, when I have time", which often means never. - Regular Amanda
My wife can't stand Aimee Bender but I love her writing. Also, she really despises most 1970s music (there are artists she likes but not many) while I am a big fan of 1970s music. ABBA is a perfect example. :) - John: Thread Killer
My ex-husband didn't like ANYTHING I liked, books, music, or otherwise. My current husband and I are pretty well meshed, and he complains very little about my choices. <---- LIFE LESSON. - Jenica
Woody Allen's Annie Hall. I'm Yay and she is Nope. - ♫Robot Chicken, Trainer♫
My cats put up with my choices, on the whole. They do prefer I read e-books to paper, because I don't have to lift my cat-petting hand to turn pages as often. - Louise "Weezy" Alcorn
Oh Woody Allen. I just have an irrational Nope to it all. I'm sure some stuff is really good, but just Nope. - Regular Amanda
Woody Allen reminded me that with one exception, all my closest friends hate Roman Polanski and by extension, his work. He may be an odious person, but Rosemary's Baby is my all-time fave film, and I really like his other work (esp. Repulsion, Chinatown, The Pianist). - kaijsa
Mr. The Jason Fleming
A Code of Conduct Is Not Enough by Maggie Zhou & Alex Clemmer & Lindsey Kuper | Model View Culture -
"We didn’t do anything to explain to our attendees what a social rule violation looks like, or how to respond to it if they saw one. We could have done better by explicitly role-playing what a microaggression looks like and how a bystander could respond to it, and making it clear that microaggressions are considered CoC breaches that violators will be held accountable for." - Mr. The Jason Fleming from Bookmarklet
I think it would be a great idea to have a crowd sourced COC example video showing breaches of conduct and what should be done in response to them. Maybe coming out of ALA for use by other library organizations? or does something similar already exist? - Mr. The Jason Fleming
I dig this idea. I don't know of anything similar. Maybe reach out to the Ada Initiative and see if they'd be interested? - RepoRat
"microaggressions are considered CoC breaches that violators will be held accountable for." Yowza. That sounds like it's getting close to thought police. - Steele Lawman
That is why I think they need a video that everyone can point to showing what accountability looks like. It might just be the moderator standing up with a point of order (?) - Mr. The Jason Fleming from Android
Microaggressions are too often defended with "But they didn't *mean* it that way; in their *head* they're a nice person" so I think holding people accountable for what they actually *do* (even small things) without regard to their thoughts and intentions is actually the opposite of thought police. - Deborah Fitchett
So if a man asks a woman programmer if she's in public relations or a woman tells a man that he "looks strong" so could he help move a table; that's the kind of stuff that should get reported to the conference committee? If not, what would be a better example? - Steele Lawman
Also, COC is a particularly unfortunate acronym for "Code of Conduct." - Steele Lawman
It's the kind of stuff that the conference committee wants to role-play what it looks like and how bystanders could respond to it. And yeah, maybe if bystanders do respond to it and the person still keeps doing it again and again then it wouldn't do any harm for someone with a badge to take them aside and say "Dude, this is actually officially not okay, please to stop now and we mean it." We're not talking about chucking them out at the first offense here, but-- Call it "micro-accountable" maybe, whatever. - Deborah Fitchett
OK, I guess that makes sense. Thanks for the reply. - Steele Lawman
John: Thread Killer
Anyone know what these marks are? It's the inside cover of a 1970s paperback.
early barcodes? really small microprint? - Aaron the Librarian
I've stumped all sorts of people in publishing, too. - John: Thread Killer
At first I thought it was a datastrip, but it's much too simple for that (also too early--datastrips were mid-1980s). I got nothin' - Walt Crawford
It looks like a printer's line test, but I can't imagine why that would persist into the final published book. - RepoRat
I was thinking what RR said. It's possible that it wasn't meant to be ever sold, could have been a proof copy for someone? Or it could have been there and just been a mistake. Do you know if other copies of the book have the same markings? - Sir Shuping is just sir
Nope, I see them in a lot of 1970s vintage mass market paperbacks. Maybe something for managing alignment for multicoloured printing of the cover. So it wouldn't be in every book, but only in 1/8 of them? - DJF from Android
It's the alien's instructions intended to interact with the implant and drive you crazy. - Katy S
One hopes the new surgical center doesn’t maim? -
NB: There are precisely as many results for “frage”... -
oh sure, decide to do this once i leave the city. fine. *grump* ; ) - jambina
there's one in oakland ca, too ... so if you're going to CLA this could be the meetup venue! - henry
I'm building some software user groups for data analysis tools (ArcGIS, NVivo, STATA, SPSS). I know what I want to put in them, but I'm curious what you would want in them, as a user?
Um... Shouldn't you ask your users? - Christina Pikas from iPhone
I'm trying to have the UGs somewhat populated with content before rolling out the fact of their existence to users. Primarily, getting the architecture in place. Can't really do that once they're in.... (Also, problem number 2 is identifying the actual users of the software -- we only have records of who has SPSS installed, and I know of many NVivo users. It's going to take a hard push to shake 'em out, and I want there to be compelling content and flexible architecture from the beginning) - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
Steve Krug's web usability book, "Don't Make Me Think, Revisited" (which is actually the 3rd ed) recommends other books to read throughout. But he doesn't include a bibliography. So, here are all the suggested readings. Each one has a note that indicates the page on which Krug references it....
who else wants to put that in their catalog with the 3d edition record?! - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
I've now made the group public so anybody can join. But the library is still read only. This just makes it simpler for you to access the library from within your Zotero app (either plugin or standalone). - DJF
Does anyone have an invite code for #RiseUp email?
just apply for an account without a code. it'll take a few more days to get one, but then you'll be fine. - henry
Thanks! There's a space for detailing my social justice activism, which is sadly not much. - YvonneM
Dear (Contact First Name).... (from a vendor, in my email this morning). Clearly I'm not an actual contact for them.
Meg VMeg
"Looking old, she said, should be a boast about experiences accrued and insights acquired, a triumphant signal 'that you are someone who, beneath that white hair, has a card catalog of valuable information.'"
Catherine Pellegrino
I pulled the 5-9 shift on the last day of break. - Catherine Pellegrino
SImilar story here: 4-8PM on the Sunday of block break. I'm amazed there are people here. - Steele Lawman
There are a couple here, but not many. But I just got a chat from someone who says our link resolver isn't showing up in EBSCO databases, which, FAIL. - Catherine Pellegrino
Me too: 11:30-9 - YvonneM
*Sunday evening fistbump* - Catherine Pellegrino
I'm here, 4-7 - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
I was there 12-4. As my coworker says, Sunday ref (in the public library world) is a bloodbath. - laura x from iPhone
I just asked a patron to turn down his music, feeling like an old lady. But if I can hear the music you playing in your headphones from half a floor away, that's too loud, right? - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
Holly's favorite Anna
I'm looking for someone based in the US who could do a workshop like this one:
Marie? Galadriel? - Holly's favorite Anna
That sounds fun (esp if G and I did it together). At what venue did you have in mind? - Marie
Ooh. Can I get in on this? - Jaclyn aka spamgirl from Android
Maybe a panel? If so, I would be interested, too. - Joe
we have the best community ever, just sayin'. - Marie
Not a panel. Workshop. No more than two leaders for the sake of logistics and fitting everything into 4 hours with a break, and it would be a post-conference for NASIG in late May. And... I totally understand if G doesn't want to do it, given that. - Holly's favorite Anna
A great community indeed! I love the concept of this workshop, it's really needed and fantastic - I can't commit right now, but will think about it for sure! - Galadriel C.
Ah if only 2 then Marie & G should go for it. - Jaclyn aka spamgirl from Android
Oh rats, I'll be out of the country at the end of May (hopefully). - Marie
Anna - what's you time frame? - Galadriel C.
I'd like to get a commitment nailed down in the next few weeks, as I'm planning to use our workshops as additional promotion for the call for concurrent session proposals ("come speak at our conference! see, we have awesome content you can add to!). But, that doesn't mean I need a fully fleshed out workshop program by then. Just a commitment to doing it. - Holly's favorite Anna
Jennifer Leffler on Twitter has also expressed an interest. - Holly's favorite Anna
I want to watch!! also: LSW meetup opportunity!! - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
If you're stuck, please allow me to recommend Taryn Resnick, head of e-resources at MfPOW. She's sharp! - RepoRat
If any of you who have expressed interested can get me a proposal in the next few weeks, do it. :) - Holly's favorite Anna
May I pass this on to Taryn? - RepoRat
Please do! - Holly's favorite Anna
BTW, anybody who is interested in proposing something, contact me at anna dot creech at the gmails. I really want to make this workshop happen! - Holly's favorite Anna
*bump* - Marie
*bump bump* (also passing on to a couple of folks. - Galadriel C. from Android
laura x
Okay, folks. It exists. Please populate. Damn You Auto Suggest -
Okay, folks. It exists. Please populate. Damn You Auto Suggest
Show all
"or Primo Knows Best. Auto-suggest failures from library catalogs and databases." - laura x from Bookmarklet
Happy to contribute! - Zamms
Laura, you are a treasure. - kaijsa
Hey Laura, can I send you a revised Berlin All graphic? Just noticed my kid's name mentioned it so I want to crop it a little. - Zamms
And now it is also automatically fed into the LSW room. Heeeeeeeeeeee - lris
Well played! - Zamms
Zamms, yes, please do--or just go ahead and submit it and I'll delete the other one. - laura x
I found the avatar by searching for search fail, licensed for reuse with modification on Google images: - laura x
"yoga poses" and "otitis externa" just made me guffaw at the reference desk. Damn you, Auto-Suggest! - Catherine Pellegrino
This is just so awesome. - Galadriel C.
Oh darn. Can't recreate my favorite. They turned of suggest globally in our ebscohost. Oh wait - publib! - Christina Pikas from iPhone
Delightful. - Marie
I am sending this link to MPOW's cataloger. *evil chuckle* - Catherine Pellegrino
I love this so much. - Meg VMeg
This definitely goes in my best thing ever file. - Megan loves summer
related, in a weird way: - RepoRat
I don't know if I did it right but I tried submitting. PQ took this exact title New Research Center Aims to Develop Second Generation of Surgical Robots and wanted to change aims to maims :) - Christina Pikas
Oh phooey. I need to get it to email me when people submit so I remember to post them. :) - laura x from iPhone
Turns out, we might be getting Primo. Soon I'll be a contributor. - lris from Android
Gave this to my coworker who is doing a little comparative research on discovery systems . she was much amused - Hedgehog
Deborah Fitchett
Anyone want to come to New Zealand and be my boss? (University Librarian/Director of Library, Teaching and Learning: Also, what are non-NZ venues where we should be advertising this?
ALA Job List - Aaron the Librarian
(also, that would be teh excellent adventure - but Miss14 would kill me (after she toured Middle Earth) for pulling her away from her settling-down HS life - Aaron the Librarian
I'm assuming ALIA as one place... - Walt Crawford
Thanks! - Deborah Fitchett
ARL's career page, if they'll let you. Maybe the Chronk or Inside Higher Ed if it's affordable. - RepoRat and UToronto FIS job list - jambina
Maybe a JISC list ? LIS-LINK or LIS-PROFESSION? - Megan loves summer
Tweeted :) - Katie
laura x
Not a newsflash, but seriously, the Library as Incubator Project are awesome.
yes, yes they are :) - RepoRat
laura x
My book is in 100 libraries.
That is a great accomplishment! - Steve C Team Marina
I do find the wording of this URL interesting... - Joe
this book contains 'unexpected Laura Crossett' ;-) - Marina's Godmother :-)
Checked out 7 times here! - Rochelle *boom* Hartman
No one expects Laura Crossett, surprise is her greatest weapon. - Blake
I know at least one library that has it that is not in worldcat. - Katy S from iPhone
*wonders who will play him in movie version* what? it could happen ... FF could be a kind of pseudo Greek Chorus - MoTO: Team Marina
Katy, yup, my library has it and isn't in Worldcat. I assume there are others. - laura x from iPhone
So I think you could safely say "my book is in 100 PLUS libraries." - Regular Amanda
...and no MINUS libraries! - Aaron the Librarian
And it's on my kindle. I checked Wyldcat to verify that only 4 WY libraries have it, and it's true. BAD FORM, Wyoming librarians. - kaijsa
John Dupuis
Perhaps not so relevant to non-Canadians, but Myron Groover's evisceration of the Canadian Library Association is well worth reading.
"Useful idiots" is the term that comes to mind. - John Dupuis
Not being Canadian, I won't comment, except to wonder whether this has anything to do with the apparent fact that the OLA SuperConference is much larger than CLA's conference (or am I wrong about that?). - Walt Crawford
OLA is much bigger than CLA, maybe 4 or 5 times bigger. Neither association is that big on strong policy statements (nor is CARL for that matter) so I'm not sure how much that plays into it. I not sure I have a particularly clear idea why the size differential is so big, other than the fact OLA is in Toronto every year while CLA travels around, often to much smaller cities. Not far off 1/3 of Canada's population is within a day's drive/bus/train of Toronto. - John Dupuis
Thanks, John. Not only the conference but the association? [I could be involved with other CLAs, but I gave up on the one serving more people and a whole lot closer to me a long, LONG time ago.] - Walt Crawford
I don't know about the associations' relative size. - John Dupuis
The one time I went to OLA, several different people told me that one of the reasons it's bigger than CLA is that CLA has its head up its ass. Not, um, in exactly those words. - RepoRat
RR: Well, yeah, I heard similar things the one time I went to OLA. (Technically, I've been to CLA one time as well, but only because of the joint ALA/CLA annual conference in Toronto. It was hard to detect CLA's influence on the conference...) - Walt Crawford
After a little checking: CLA has--good grief--1,279 members (959 personal) out of a population of 35.5 million, while OLA has more than 5,000 members out of a population of 13.4 million. (By comparison, ALA has about 57,000 members out of 318 million U.S. population. So OLA is proportionally larger, but CLA is...well...) - Walt Crawford
I could say bad things about another CLA, the one I should theoretically be involved in (in a state with somewhat more people than Canada), but I gave up on it many years ago, and can't readily find its membership. If I had to guess, I'd say "more than Canada LA and a lot less than OLA." - Walt Crawford
Oof. Yeah, given those numbers I'm hard-pressed to explain why CLA exists. (I don't understand why there are THREE state library association conferences in Wisconsin, either.) - RepoRat
What are the three? Ohio has academics separate from others, but then lots of states have school librarians separate from others. (I'm convinced that one reason TxLA is the world's third largest library conference is that it's managed to keep all segments of the library field in one big association. I'm guessing Colorado's done better since it reunited the segments...) - Walt Crawford
Need I add: The world's two largest library conferences are, respectively, ALA Annual and ALA Midwinter. - Walt Crawford
There may be years in which OLA SuperConference beats TxLA to be the third largest... but I think TxLA's been running 6,000 and up. Both conferences are energizing and a bit frenetic, although that comment is based on a sample of one for OLA and three for TxLA. - Walt Crawford
Did a little more looking. Calif. LA has about 3,000 members (out of a population of 39 million), and the 2014 conference is being held in a hotel with around 450 rooms; TxLA has about 7,000 members (pop. 26 million), and the 2015 conference is being held in a convention center (as are they all) with multiple hotels for housing. - Walt Crawford
I don't know which is worse, complex copyright scenarios or figuring out new health insurance options. This afternoon was chalk full of both.
I would rather do teh Copyright questions - Insurance is sufficiently advanced as to be magic to me - Aaron the Librarian
Not "chock full"? - LB: Water Witch from Android
That too. - lris from Android
laura x
For a friend: recommendations for an almost 12 year old boy whose dad is choosing his new wife over his kids and generally absconding with parenting responsibilities. Good reader, likes books, etc.
I assume a molotov cocktail is not what we're looking for, here. - barbara fister
I also assume it's not much comfort that Huckleberry Finn's father is a nightmare. - barbara fister
anything rick yancey--alfred kropp series, monstrolugist, 5th wave series, piers anthony xanth series--early books at least. - Sir Shuping is just sir
Little Brother by Cory Doctorow is good. I haven't read Homeland yet but it also got good reviews. His In Real Life graphic novel also seems good. - John Dupuis
Barbara, the molotov cocktail is so tempting. But yeah, probably not quite what we're looking for. - laura x
this series of books my my yoga teacher's husband are pretty good: The Nine Pound Hammer (Book, 2009) [] - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
Trouble with Cory Doctorow's books is that his parents are so awesome. At least real, and there. Well worth reading, though (just still pondering the "books to help out a kid who's father is absent." ) - barbara fister
The rangers apprentice series might be good, I think justin went through that about age 9-11 or so. - Joe
Kids that age often love Riordan's Percy Jackson series, but since one of the problems for Percy and his friends is that their dads are VERY much crappy absconders (being gods and all...) It might be too on the nose. - Marianne
This Boy's Life, Tobias Wolff? (Edit: That's probably too old for him. I was looking at this list: ) - Steele Lawman
Is he willing to read books with female protagonists? I just finished Rain, Reign and it has a horrendous father (and a very good uncle). It might skew too young, though. Sure Signs of Crazy by Harrington is good. Stroud's Bartimaeus books are good if he likes fantasy, as are Sage Blackwood's Jinx books. Zebra Forest is good if her prefers more realistic fiction. If he can handle books... more... - Katy S
(Threadjack: I've actually met Doctorow's parents and they are awesome. Jewish Toronto is a pretty small place and Cory's dad went to school with my wife's cousin's husband. I've met them at a couple of birthday parties, etc.) - John Dupuis
John, I wonder if you know my family, then. David & Rebecca Harris? (Despite the last name, I'm actually related to Rebecca, on my mom's side.) - Laura
I don't think so, but I'll have to ask my wife, who's my connection into the Toronto Jewish community. - John Dupuis
Absolutely True Diary because it's worth reading? Also love Flight which is aobut a really messed-up teen which has a (spoiler alert) insanely hopeful and happy ending and i love that subversive gesture. It's also just phenomenally an ode to empathy in the face of painful history. - barbara fister
Portable Childhoods - Ellen Klages; One Is One - Barbara Leonie Picard - MoTO: Team Marina from Android
Speaking of Ellen Klages, Green Glass Sea and White Sands, Red Menace are both great historicals set around the Manhattan Project. - John Dupuis
I've noticed everyone in the Chrestomanci series have absent parents and/or treacherous uncles... - Deborah Fitchett
My Side of the Mountain - maʀtha
The Green Book by Walsh. - maʀtha
Do you have a label maker that you love? What make/model is it, please?
but of course! I like the old-school style though. mine's a DYMO 1540 Office Mate II. - t-ra supports #LOLSpidra
Did they ever have Jimmie Walker do commercials for them? 'cause they should have. Dymo-MATE! - bentley
We are using the Zebra, but I haven't figured out how to send multiple labels to it yet, otherwise it seems to work fine - Mr. The Jason Fleming from Android
Dymo LetraTag - Melly - #TeamMarina
We just got the Dymo LabelWriter 450 for spine labels. - Deborah Fitchett
If you were going to introduce someone to David Foster Wallace's writing, with which book/essay would you begin?
I would start with the cruise essay and/or the state fair essay ("A Supposedly Fun Thing I'll Never Do Again" and "Getting Away from Already Being Pretty Much Away from It All") If they don't think those are funny/engaging, they probably won't like most of his work. - Steele Lawman
Seconding the cruise essay. - Meg VMeg
I really like the tennis essays, but I don't know that those would be a good intro for people who don't know the sport. Also, good list here: - Kirsten
Cruise essay, for sure. - laura x from iPhone
Just got the "Supposedly Fun..." book at our Library Book Sale, and any really any of the essays are good introductions. - Elizabeth Brown
The first thing I read by him was "The Depressed Person", and it totally slayed me, but that's probably a risky first read. - JffKrlsn from Android
I second the recommendation of either the cruise essay or state fair essays. I got into his writing in a completely different way but I think those would be good choices for those who never read him. - MariWeaver
If you go to the Harper's site, they want you to be a subscriber to get access to the first-published forms of those stories. But if you use the googles, you can find them free on Harper's blog: Here is "Ticket to the Fair" (later "Getting Away from Already Being Pretty Much Away from It All" (I think I messed that up earlier)):... more... - Steele Lawman
^ nice, thanks. - Marie
My attempts to buy a mailing list keep going south. Do any of you have suggestions for obtaining quality email lists for Deans-Liberal Arts, or Provosts, at all 4 year degree granting and above universities?
Aaron the Librarian
Academic Librarians - Are you following YikYak?
? clearly not... - ellbeecee
what the heck is yikyak? - Sir Shuping is just sir
Nope. - LB: Water Witch from Android
Who in the what now? - Catherine Pellegrino from iPod
I checked it out earlier this year and then uninstalled it after a few days. Creepy place full of douchey bros. Not a cool place. Lots of k-12 schools are banning it because of the heartache it can cause. For example: When I tried it in Manhattan, I found tons of awful posts from NYU and Columbia students. - Stephen Francoeur
good lord. based on that article, wouldn't touch it with the proverbial ten-foot pole. - RepoRat
oh crap...i did hear about yikyak and blocked it out of my mind because the early press on it was so poor, much of the same reasons for what occurred in the article stephen linked to - Sir Shuping is just sir
Yep. What I see when I'm at home (local high schools, other colleges) is different than what I see at work. It's interesting/useful to see what's going on when they're having real dialogue there, but the high school age stuff is abhorrent. - Julie Kane
Tl;dr me about this, please? - Marie
YikYak is an app that uses your device location to show you anonymous posts by people in your vicinity (not sure of the range, maybe a few miles or so). You can post your own anonymous comments. - Stephen Francoeur
Merci - Marie from iPhone
I am now. Second post is a vulgar joke that mentions the library. - Steele Lawman
I can't even handle monitoring mentions on Twitter, I'm pretty sure this will kill me. - Meg VMeg
I downloaded to check it out. It's somewhat amusing. - Andy
I just checked it out. Two posts I could intervene in, but a whole lot of tedium, annoyance, and way too much blowjob advice. Still trying to figure out if it's worth spending time there in the building.... I'm also wondering if my commenting (Hey, just sent a building monitor to shush that noise!) will be seen as helpful or creepy. Because being seen as the creepy one on YiKYak would be pretty awful? - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
But you're being creepy anonymously, so nobody knows it's you specifically. ;) - kaijsa
If you want to know when people are having sex in the library, there's an app for that - Laura Norvig from iPhone
Took a look. Not going back. - John Jackson from iPhone
I look at it occasionally. I'd check it more if it had a search function so I could search for library mentions...unless it does, and I just don't realize it. - YvonneM
I am not an academic librarian, but I do read it here occasionally. Iowa kids are actually remarkably sweet probably 80% of the time. Once in awhile they're very funny. The rest of the time they are racist sexist assholes, but I was expecting that to be most of the posts, so I was pleasantly surprised. - laura x
Today they are tired, have advice about how you should make sure you have lots of time to sleep if you take Tylenol PM, lest you miss class and Michelle Obama, are unsure of how to tell people they like them, and have discovered, by means of pH strip, that a pumpkin spice latte is basic. Also one said "whoa, I should go to the library more often! I actually studied." - laura x
"Basic" is relatively recent slang for me. So I looked it up on Urban Dictionary (because I am old and librarian) and found that the definition there is 8 years old. I'm so basic. - Steele Lawman
Well, you know, I'm so basic I am down with any joke made at the expense of a pumpkin spice latte. - laura x
Tried it. Not big here. Picked up only stuff from international schools. - aaron from Flucso
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