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So librarians. Much distraction. Very LOL. Wow.
Joe - Systems Analyst
I want to thank jambina and many others in the LSW for giving me the inspiration and encouragement to initiate the startup of the Scholarly Communication Section of the Academic Division of SLA. We now have a basic webpage and twitter account. and
Jeez my pic is huge on the libguide. Think I will edit that to make it less huge. - Joe - Systems Analyst
Keeping my promise and joining SLA. *g* Looking for service opportunities, so lemme know whatcha got. - RepoRat
I am also tempted to rejoin SLA after many years. - John Dupuis
Dorothea, be sure to also join the data caucus that just started. - kendrak from Android
i didn't intend to let it lapse - despite my distaste for some of the hq stuff - but it came up for renewal when there was a freeze and haven't gotten around to it since. i miss the DC list - was very useful - Christina Pikas
thanks, Kendra, will do! - RepoRat
Thanks for the plug on the Data Caucus, Kendra!!! Repo,I am a co-convener and we would LOVE to have you :) - LibrarianOnTheLoose
We will sooooo plug data caucus stuff/resources/content as well. - Joe - Systems Analyst
linky to the data caucus? - RepoRat
Here is info on their first meeting. - Joe - Systems Analyst
One of our librarians brought in a giant tub of stuffed animals for end-of-the-block study relief with a big "Need a Study Buddy?" sign. And her favorite monkey puppet, which has been slung around both her and the ref desk monitor (alternating). Actual squeals of heartfelt delight have been heard. Some of them from hockey players.
There are stuffed animals dispersed throughout the building. I love this place. - Marianne
That's brilliant. We've been having fun with a bunch of donated stuffed animals (for teen craft this summer). Head of Circ arrived yesterday to find a Teddy Bears' Picnic Staff Meeting going on in her office. - Louise "Weezy" Alcorn
Sir Shuping is just sir
Bone gives Shades of Grey a run as one of the 10 Most Banned Books of 2013 — The Beat -
Bone gives Shades of Grey a run as one of the 10 Most Banned Books of 2013 — The Beat
"If you were to guess what the 10 most banned or challenged books in the US in 2013 were, you might guess 50 Shades of Grey for its class-consciousness tinged bondage romance; or John Green’s Looking for Alaska with its classic themes of coming of age and the required drugs and sexuality. And yes both those books are on the list, released today by the American LIbrary Association. But also on the list? Jeff Smith’s Bone series, which we’re told by the CBLDF, has been cited for “Political viewpoint, racism, violence.”" - Sir Shuping is just sir from Bookmarklet
Violence I get. The rest -- wtf? - RepoRat
clearly it's all about being racist towards the Lord of the Locusts! he's a victim of being perceived as evil because he's a swarm of locusts. and he's evil. :P ...but yeah I have no idea either - Sir Shuping is just sir
grumph. - Marianne
And I quote from a book I recently read: "Stupid people should never read books." - Katy S
Stupid, stupid rat creatures! - Steele Lawman
^^^^^^^^^^^ wins. - RepoRat
Bone?? whafuk? - Louise "Weezy" Alcorn
Took my class to the rare books library today to geek out over 15th C. illuminated manuscripts, a cuneiform tablet c. 2300 BCE, and gorgeous 19th C. chromolithographs. The students were fascinated by these things in a way I've *never* seen with databases and it made me so jealous of our rare books curator. Who would you trade jobs with for a day?
Or with whom would you trade jobs? I'm tired. - kaijsa
I'd like to trade jobs with someone in administration/management to see if I liked it at all. - Steele Lawman
Page at an academic library. Or really any library. - laura x from iPhone
Both good ones. I kind of want to trade with a public reference librarian, but I'm also kind of afraid to. - kaijsa
i'd trade jobs with any of you.i might not want to give it back at the end of the day, tho. - henry
I did jr. year semester study at Newberry Library. Loved being amongst all the old books. Also paged in Special Collections at UMich. I'd work at Newberry again for a few days, just to enjoy,but wouldn't want to stay. - Louise "Weezy" Alcorn
Occurs to me that the fact that the interface of our databases changes regularly = job security.
Meg VMeg
"Residents will not receive health benefits while in the residency, however the cost of healthcare has been factored into the salary rate listed above."
$33K over 9 months, no health insurance, and finding an apt to rent in NY? - Hedgehog
Applicants must be backed by a high-earning spouse or wealthy parents, apparently. This kind of crap steams me. - kaijsa
Yeah, I feel like a jerk because I know the orgs involved are great, but that sentence particularly depressed me. - Meg VMeg
oy - lris
clearly "cost of healthcare" for completely healthy 20yo is what they mean? - Louise "Weezy" Alcorn
JAson FLeming
20140415 Scan of current use/disuse of Discovery Layers by Libraries (30 second survey) (via
heh. Summon still isn't listed :) - ~Courtney F
Who knew I had such a mental block against Summon ! - JAson FLeming
boom - awd
19 responses (thanks!) So far seem to indicate people love EDS, Half of the respondents using Summon are dissatisfied, and more than half of the respondents using Primo. I will publish a vidual graph of the findings after a week to let anyone take it who hasn't - JAson FLeming
um, we have Summon and VuFind. I think other libraries do too, like Carleton - maʀtha
hmm. yeah I'm not sure what to do about that. They are both discovery layers right? maybe choose other and fill it in and I'll try to reconcile it in the results? - JAson FLeming
that's what I did :) - maʀtha
thanks! - JAson FLeming
Question from our Music dpt: Anyone know of a free or cheap system for checking out music equipment? It's for their instrument checkout, is my understanding.
I've seen a community media organization use Drupal modules for this, but that is expensive in terms of time to develop and customize. I can't remember the organization name, but will think about it. It's in Denver. - kaijsa
Would something like Delicious Library work? - Soup in a TARDIS
I honestly don't know, Soup; I'm just going to pass along any suggestions to the librarian who was asking me for ideas. - Kirsten
How about a clipboard with a sign out sheet. Columns for name, date out, date returned, instrument id. - DJF from Android
I think part of why they're looking is that they've been using a paper-based system and it hasn't been working. The clipboard gets lost, or something. - Kirsten
Barcode and use your ILS? We do that for all of our equipment. - Holly's favorite Anna
we house the equipment here and it's barcoded and checked out. but barring that, my best suggestion would be librarything. they could manually create items, with title, barcode, whatever other notes/tags they need, and then notate who has the item and when it's due back. if they prefer better records, then i would look at something like a google form, where the can have a drop down list... more... - Sir Shuping is just sir
I also vote for ILS, if you can swing it. - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
We barcode and circ pretty much anything, fwiw. - kaijsa
Thanks, all. I'll pass this along. The library really doesn't have space to house the instruments when they aren't in use (tubas, cellos, and the like take up a lot of space), so I don't see us taking this over from the music department--they just wanted some ideas for changing their in-department methods. - Kirsten
Another vote for barcode and put onto reserve. - Joe - Systems Analyst
Fwiw, our music folks put their stuff in out ILS, but we don't have their stuff in our space. They operate like a branch library. - lris
It sounds like the ILS might be a good and much easier option, but fwiw I did remember the org I visited: Denver Open Media. They gave a tour during ALA-MW several years ago and showed us how their equipment reservaton/checkout modules were built. We decided not to use their stuff, but it's cool. - kaijsa
MESSAGE FROM TUNNEL: What is that, off in the distance? A glimmer? Could it be... light?
Walt Crawford
Almost off for weekly hike; hoping decongestant/aspirin will finally shake a two-day headache. Meanwhile, my current ridiculous project is proceeding nicely (and don't expect a June '14 C&I on May 1 or 2). Currently 301 and 5225, which probably means nothing to most of you. Oh, and just under 20% "real."
Christina Pikas
I find we use "resources" too much on our website... what other words? databases - too narrow. stuff - too informal. services - too narrow, not exactly right. suggests thingamabob, but somehow doesn't see right. suggestions?
our department has had multiple meetings about this and we decided that "stuff" was just about the right term to use. - Marie
maybe verbs instead of nouns would help? what should they be doing with the stuff at particular places on your site? - RepoRat
Time to reclaim "silos"? - Meg VMeg
Snoopdoggify it and call it shit. The Web of Science? That shit is da bomb. - Joe - Systems Analyst
I think you mean shizz. - kaijsa
I for one would like to revive the word index for citation indexes that don't necessarily include full text. - maʀtha
Is that like shizznit? - Joe - Systems Analyst
I have been advocating "stuff" for over a decade... it really is all stuff in there - awd
I explain to students in instruction sessions that "databases" means "searchable collections of online stuff" in library-ese. - Rebecca Hedreen
Content? And where that doesn't work try enlightenment. - Todd Hoff
Inventory - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
I just got a support question about RefGrab-It, the firefox extension for RefWorks. I responded by telling the user it's a piece of shit and he should just uninstall it. (without the swearing)
word - maʀtha
Responding to the ACRL draft Information Literacy Framework - DEADLINE EXTENDED (via
Edited: "The deadline for comments has been extended to 5pm Central on Monday, ***April 21,*** 2014." (feel free to use what you need from ours if you agree) - lris
Half an hour left. - lris
too late, all done? - awd
I say go for it even though it's past 5pm. - lris
They extended the deadline to ... I think the 21st? - Lisa Hinchliffe
I can't find any information on that. Link please? - lris
Digs through deleted emails .... - Lisa Hinchliffe
Thanks! (I wish their website said this) - lris
Do any of you hang other folks' art in your libraries? Do you have policies about that? Specifically, insurance policies, both directions (damage to building, and loss or damage to art)?
My old library had a policy on this. Ping me tomorrow and I'll try to get a hold of it for you. - laura x from iPhone
We have student art installations going all year round. I'll ask about insurance policies tomorrow. - Jen
Laurax, I DMed, Jen, thanks, if you can! My library really appreciates all the policies we can find! - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
Fwd: Librarian @reddit_AMA! Ask your questions here: (via
Awwwww. A line from the comments section of a campus survey: "Iris Jastram is a gem. She is the most helpful, most upbeat, and most knowledgeable library liaison I could imagine, and I'm really glad I get to work with her!"
I wish I knew who said it. :) - lris
Rachel Walden
Anybody have recommendations for students on sources of financial aid/grants/scholarships?
More specifically, student was told to get a book on sources of grants/scholarships, but I am not sure what to recommend. - Rachel Walden
Wow. We used to keep books like that in our reference section, until they invented this thing called "the internet." We've weeded them all, but maybe your reference section has one? Or the public library? Can the student narrow it down any: grants/scholarships for college? grad school? students with particular characteristics? studying particular fields? - Catherine Pellegrino
pub lib has these big floppy books that list grants/scholarships... tons of them. they're with the gre/gmat/act/whatever study books - Christina Pikas,, and are all free databases that are pretty good. - kaijsa
What is this "internet" you speak of? ;) Thanks for the online suggestions, will pass along. - Rachel Walden
JAson FLeming
Quick Poll about Discovery Services (2 seconds)
Hmmmm... embedded assumption in your poll that a library would have just one? We have (arguably) three. - Lisa Hinchliffe
Why did you choose to leave Summon out of the first list? - Holly's favorite Anna
I was trying to set up some survey monkey type logic in the poll but I couldn't quite figure it out. I had originally included a question about if you have one already so I think I'll treat this as a good beta survey and make the changes based on your feedback - JAson FLeming
OK, reconfigured. results so far before that happened though current use=Summon: 4, EDS: 3, Primo: 2, other:1 - JAson FLeming
Regular Amanda
Unique barcode prefixes in library books: are they really unique, and if so, who makes sure we all do have different barcode prefixes?
I was asked a really interesting question by a faculty member about barcodes used in library collections. Each library seems to have its own special prefix, so that all of your barcodes start with the same 6 digits or so, and the prefix is distinct from any other library. Do the vendors keep track of this? Is there a central database somewhere of which libraries have which barcode prefix? Is this something that was assigned in say the 1990s, when people were barcoding their stuff? I.e., did you just call a vendor and say "hey, we want those barcode things" and the vendor made sure your prefix was unique? Or are they not really unique? - Regular Amanda
my recollection is that to a certain extent each individual library has a range they work with--as you noted with beginning with the same 6 digits--but that they can and do overlap with other libraries a great deal. we've found that with ILL, where if the barcode on a borrowed book is scanned it will sometimes match a barcode we have attached to a different record. - Sir Shuping is just sir
It used to be that there was a registry of prefixes. I think OCLC might have run it (of course), but that mostly fell apart after a while. Nowadays, people just make sure they're not using the same prefix as anybody close to them (ie, same state/consortium/whatever) - DJF
The barcode is based on the ISBN. I still have some of these memorized from my bookseller days. 0-14 is Penguin. 0-671 is Simon & Schuster. - maʀtha
ISBNs prefixes used to be determined by, maybe still is? - maʀtha
or are you talking about the barcode labels libraries use? - maʀtha
D'oh, I should have specified: I'm talking about the library-assigned barcodes, not the publisher/bookseller barcodes. - Regular Amanda
I don't know why I ever stress about the April deadline for ACRL stats, given that they always extend it to sometime in May... for which I am eternally grateful during this maternity leave year!
I don't know if you guys get asked often by researchers desperate to get some metric, Impact factor best of all if not any metric at all.. I usually just check Scimago and Scopus related ones, but just remembered you can do it using Google Scholar metrics eg
and Yes, I know the limitations, but you really get people who just want something.. either because they already published in there and now need to justify something, or looking for any reason to publish in that publications. - aaron
Thanks for the reminder on that one, Aaron. I had forgotten about it, too, for super-quick general queries. - Megan loves summer
kristin buxton
EndNote help please? I just got a question from a student about what the difference is between the reference types "Conference Paper" and "Conference Proceedings".
I found a blog post at that says that "Conference Paper" should be used for a something that's been published and "Conference Proceedings" for something that hasn't been. That feels backwards to me, but I haven't been able to find a more official source that describes the difference. Anyone know if this is right, or can point me somewhere more helpful? - kristin buxton
that sounds completely backwards! A conference proceeding is a published thing. A conference paper is the item as presented-- whether that was read or slides. - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
Interestingly IEEE Xplore exports its items as "Conference Proceedings" and ACM Digital Library as "Conference Paper" - kristin buxton
Thankfully EndNote's tech support agreed with what made sense to RudĩϐЯaЯïan (and me): conference Paper for unpublished thing, Conference Proceedings for published - kristin buxton
And conference papers are often published in the proceedings. I've never used conference proceeding to mean a single item, just the whole thing. When it's one paper, I've called it a paper. I've also never called a presentation a paper, so I've given presentations and given papers. - kaijsa
It really just depends on your output style, doesn't it? You pick whichever type matches how you want your reference to be formatted in the end. A lot of styles probably don't even use the Conference reference types or might only use one. Is the student using a particular style? - Megan loves summer
Katy S
Today in workplace fun we learned that the local H&R Block office was telling people that they could go to the library for free tax assistance. They were wrong. Let's just say that I had a very firm phone conversation with the them after an encounter with a particularly anxious gentleman who had been sent our way.
The person I talked to just said that "someone told us that you do this" as their excuse. They never thought to confirm this with us before sending people over. - Katy S
ugh. - RepoRat
We're lucky if we get the forms. And this year, the state pulled a new one: no re-orders. Once we ran out, that was it, no more. - Betsy
Betsy - We never have enough forms. Learning this bit of info was enlightening, since we had been wondering why more people than usual had been coming in looking for free tax assistance. I was not happy and I'm pretty sure the poor man I spoke with knew it. - Katy S
PhilPapers reminds me of EthicShare, except that EthicShare is produced by UMN Libraries. Kind of a cool project. And it is free. Truly.
Another cool UMN DLDL project is this: - maʀtha
I think Chad did both of those, didn't he? - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
Yep - maʀtha
Do you still make QR codes? If yes, can you recommend a QR code generator? - we mostly use bitly for our Twitter account but it automatically creates QR code and logs stats (so you can see how many/few came via Twitter/QR/other.) - Deborah Fitchett
I think the Google link shortener has a built-in QR code generator as well. - Catherine Pellegrino
How did I not know about the Google link shortener. I would be lost without you people, lost! - maʀtha
I had no idea made QR codes, or that Google has a link shortener! - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
(I must be looking wrong -- I can;t find QR codes in how am I missing?) - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
<checks> Huh. <logs in and checks again> Huh. <finds an old link> {410 Gone} ...Huh. Well, okay then, just... just don't mind me. - Deborah Fitchett
(For sheer useless interest, QR codes *used* to be at eg and were 249x249pixel PNG images). - Deborah Fitchett
Sir Shuping is just sir
anyone here have access to the proquest historic black newspaper collection or the readex one? I've got a history student doing research on Tiger Flowers ( and we're thinking that there might be some good resources on Flowers from that perspective
We don't. Could you try the Google Newspaper archive search? - Jaclyn aka spamgirl
we do. see for what we have. lemme know if I can help! - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
We also have it, but Stephanie beat me to it. - Joe - Systems Analyst
We have both. - kaijsa
Jacyln I'm going to help him look there tomorrow, but these papers tend to be...hidden. Stephanie, Joe, and Kaijsa thanks! I'll let one of y'all know what I need :) - Sir Shuping is just sir
Meg VMeg
Does YPOW have an internal listserv for discussion of libraries-related (or other relevant) news?
We have several-- Lib-Staff hits everyone but the student employees, Lib-Faculty hits all the faculty, Lib-ACStaff is for faculty + some other people, not sure quite who that goes too but not our facilities people, maybe not some of the circ staff? Then it goes to dept, etc. - Hedgehog
And they all discuss news items (e.g., Google Books settlement or new OSTP memos)? Not just for shift-swapping or "hey the printer's broken again". - Meg VMeg
Not really. MPOW forwards the Chronicle Ticker around (and I auto-trash it), but there's no on-list discussion. MfPOW's all-staff listserv is supposed to be only for library-internal news, but links and reports occasionally get forwarded to it, usually when somebody has an ax to grind. - RepoRat
Yes - we have an internal staff list that is almost never used for printer updates but is frequently used for both general library news and specific (to our libraries) news as well. - WebGoddess
Our all-staff list occasionally gets used to forward links of interest, but never for actual discussion. - Kirsten
We each have to build our own email distributuion lists... I think I'm on less than half of everyone else's distribution lists (because I have opinions and those are scarey) - awd
We have an intranet blog and posts like this get put on there. Sometimes they get more commentary than others. The number of those comes and goes - right now it's very much in a "goes" stage. - ellbeecee
Yes, we have at least one that hits everybody and one for the faculty. It's mostly announcements, but we do discuss things from time-to-time on the faculty list. - kaijsa
Our LibFac list occasionally takes the bait and discusses. Our selector's list does so a little more frequently. But not with any regularity in either case. - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
Looking for a marketing librarian job description. Anyone have one they're willing to share?
Ooh, I'd love to see one of these, too... - awd
marketing librarian: librarian to the marketing department or librarian who does marketing for the library? - ellbeecee
I'd like to see option 2 - awd
option 2 - Kathy
Of course the net on campus dies right when I begin showing a class how to use the databases. Of course.
Congratulations. You're officially a librarian. - DJF
I sho nuff started using the dry erase markers and white board, though. - Derrick
Could have been worse. There's a war story here at MPOW about the librarian who was giving a database class and the vendor changed the user interface for the database right in the middle of her class. - DJF
Oh damn. - Derrick
(Is this where I say "I'm old enough to remember preparing powerpoints with screenshots for every instruction session, just for this eventuality"?) anyway, D, I'm sure you handled it with aplomb. - Catherine Pellegrino
Yeah, PubMed did that to a colleague of mine a couple years ago (interface update during class) - Hedgehog
I was able to sketch things out. This is a college writing class (think Eng 101) but the professor does everything with a true crime slant to it, so researching how to find things in anthologies, longform journalism on things like Jon Benet, Leopold and Loeb, OJ, etc. and how it was covered in the media and press. - Derrick
Training achievement unlocked! - ♫Jorge Covert, Trainer♫
level up. - Joe - Systems Analyst
And we're done. It came back up maybe halfway through the class and a few students had questions in their "on their own" time for the rest of the session. Oof. - Derrick
Here's a funny story from my morning:
office admin assistant emails me with 2 questions: do I want to sit in on a webinar that might pertain to me? and can I suggest a space in the library where 5-10 people could watch together?' - lris
I email back: yes, and yes. - lris
Email from completely different office head saying: "Hey all, there's this great webinar. Iris will be coordinating logistics" - lris
I email back: ..... - lris
That office head emails first office head: "Wait, who's coordinating? Iris says she isn't?" - lris
First office head says "Well, we'll need her to set up for the webinar and get video and sound going and and and" - lris
First office's admin assistant finally pipes up: "No, that's me. Iris isn't coordinating it, just me." WHEW - lris
The end. - lris
ack! - DJF
I love that they knew "...." = "Iris is not coordinating" - awd
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