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For the complete LSW tagline please refer to the print edition. [tagline approved by committee, see minutes for vote]
Mr. The Jason Fleming
If I wanted to preserve a web page as is for archival purposes should I use the wayback machine service? or is there another way? I'm wondering specifically if I should find a way to download the entire site to a library server
Look for info about the WARC Web archive format - DJF from Android
could be something useful to you in - RepoRat
Megan loves summer
This was good for a giggle.
Sometimes I can make a wild guess at what the autocorrect is doing. This... is not one of those times. - RepoRat
Susan? (did you add this to the tumblr) - Christina Pikas
Yup, submitted - Megan loves summer
Desperately Seeking... - RepoRat
I will get it posted later today! - laura x from iPhone
(I need to get Tumblr on my phone, aka my home computer) - laura x from iPhone
Which tumblr? - bentley
Sorry, I need to bump this RIGHT NOW. - Zamms
Thanks, Laura. I just giggled a lot. - bentley
laura x
Do you have a MacBook Air? If so, what size, and do you like it?
I have a 4-year-old Air in the big size (13") and I love it. It's still running like new and is on Yosemite, but I've had to replace the charger twice because the cords fray eventually. A good friend got the 11" at the same time and I'm kind of jealous of him because that would fit my purse. - kaijsa
3 year old 11". Its good laptop. Sits by my bed for when the tablet can't cut it. Its also the bedrooms Media center for when the Roku won't cut it. It also is the guest laptop when needed. I don't like people on my main rigs. - Me
Two year old, 13", love it. - Todd Hoff
2012 Macbook Air 13" with 256G SSD. Best laptop I've ever had. - Eric - Regulate
I miss my 13" Air. Easily best laptop I ever had. - Jason Griffey from iPhone
I live off of my 2013 11" Air. Can be fully opened on any economy class plane or train on the planet* [*that I've tested it on] - Cameron Neylon
So for someone who has never owned a mac and want to start using what would you recommend? - aaron from Flucso
That depends. If you're using it for normal library stuff, then a macbook air of some size is probably fine. If you're going to be doing media editing on it, then a macbook pro. - DJF from Android
I really just want something I can write on (and check FF on) that doesn't want to install updates for 15 minutes every damn time I open it up. - laura x from iPhone
For writing, do you need Word? Because if not -- especially if Google Docs is an acceptable alternative -- I'd really recommend a Chromebook. Plus, they're super-inexpensive. - Catherine Pellegrino
No, I almost never write in Word (I haven't even owned it in years). I just want a keyboard and trackpad I don't hate and a computer that's not constantly in need of Windows updates. - laura x from iPhone
I still use the 2010 11". I still love it. The battery could be better. - Rodfather from Android
We got J this one about 6 months ago, and I use it for Google Apps work stuff sometimes, and it's been lovely: extremely portable and reliable, no (noticable) updates. Can't say whether you'd hate the trackpad, though: - Catherine Pellegrino
I'm LOVING my new Chromebook 11 for writing!!! - Lisa L. Seifert from iPhone
I have a Chromebook and it's good for web surfing stuff, but the sound and trackpad are so inferior to my Air that I rarely use it. I use mine mostly in the kitchen with recipes. Can't beat the price, though. - kaijsa
Yeah, the price is great, but so was the price on my current laptop, which I hate. Maybe I'll brave Best Buy tomorrow and see if I can try some things out. - laura x from iPhone
If you're willing to pay more for a better machine, I am biased toward recommending a Mac. - kaijsa
Macs cost more than cheap laptops. They also last two or three times longer than cheap laptops. - DJF
I adore my 13" Air. And I also am quite fond of the gaming laptop we have at home, but my hatred for its constant need for Windows updates is unspeakable. So if you don't need the graphics or processing power of something more robust, the Air is, IMO, unbeatable. - Jenica
Windows updates take forever, too. - kaijsa
Mac all the way. Jojo (son) loves his Air. I have a 13" non-Retina Pro that I'll trade in for a 15" Retina this summer (it's a VAR program here where I trade in the machine every two years). Because Macs last longer when you're not driving it into the ground with giant image and video files and hundreds of megs of font files, you can save a few hundred dollars by buying a refurb from Apple or a machine that's a couple years old from or - Mary B: #TeamMonique
2 yr old 13" MacBook Air - Best thing I've ever owned. - SAM
I made my wife and parents all get 13" MBAs. They like 'em just fine. My parents travel at least two-three times a year so they really like the lightness. - rönin
Wow. You *made* your wife get a specific computer. I've only been married 36.9 years so far; I can't even imagine *making* my wife buy a specific computer (or much of anything else). (OK, so we're both happy Windows users, even with the usually-once-a-month updates.) - Walt Crawford
And, admittedly, if I was traveling a lot I'd probably buy a lighter machine. It would probably be a Chromebook. - Walt Crawford
Tech stuff are the only things I can get away w/doing that. She just doesn't care w/computers & phones. I just hand her things, "Here, use this." Anything else in the house though, forget about it. - rönin
Until my current machine, I've always had Macs at home. I decided to save money last time I got a computer and I have been regretting it ever since. I've gone back to writing by hand because I know by the time the current machine gets going, I'll have forgotten my idea. Mostly I'm wondering if people find the Air a satisfying alternative to a MacBook Pro, which I don't want to pay for. - laura x from iPhone
It doesn't have the retina screen, otherwise I like mine (13 in) - maʀtha
Laura, the biggest differences between the air and the pro are the optical drive and the number of ports. If you don't use cds/dvds, and don't plug a lot of stuff into your computer, then you can get away with an air. I got a pro because I needed those extra connections. - DJF
Thanks--that was my impression, but I wanted to be sure I wasn't missing something I should be thinking about. Now I just have to find some money hiding under a rock or something. - laura x from iPhone
well, the pro also has a faster processor, but that's not a problem if all you're doing is web/email/youtube/netflix. - DJF
If you buy an Air, I've heard that getting extra RAM will make the computer last much longer (i.e., you'll have room for OS upgrades and new applications). You can also buy discounted Applecare on Ebay (though you should use PayPal and "beware fraudulent sellers" : ). These are all my plans when I get around to replacing my MacBook with an Air. - Meg VMeg
You can also get extra RAM and flash memory later. My bro is a Genius and is going to help me upgrade my Air (I might put in a faster processor, too). I'd love the retina screen, but can't justify replacing a machine that runs almost perfectly even if it's getting old. Correction: he's a Creative who works Genius a few hours a week. Sorry, Brother. - kaijsa
DJF: no more cd/dvd drives in the MacBook pro, fwiw...haven't been for a couple of cycles now. - Jason Griffey from iPhone
Kaijsa: you can't actually get new RAM for the Air...the ram is soldered to the motherboard, not slotted. I'm fairly sure even the Geniuses don't do that level of hardware work. - Jason Griffey from iPhone
Yeah, he just corrected me and said I can add bigger flash memory but not RAM. This is okay for my purposes. - kaijsa
So I assume I would then want to start with the largest amount of RAM possible? - laura x
^^ yes. And I TOTALLY support a MacBook Air - I LURVE mine. It's so light for conferences & so much easier to type on than a tablet. It's pricey tho, but worth it, imho. - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
I have the latest 15" MacBook Pro, and I like it much better than the previous version I had. - COMPLICATED MR. NOODLE
Get the best standard config MacBook air (ie they sell four models at Best Buy, the best one) as d you should be good for the life of the laptop. - Eric - Regulate from iPhone
I would recommend: 11" Macbook Air w/8GB RAM. Best laptop and OS I've ever used. I would never buy a Windows or Chrome machine. Life is too short for mediocrity. - Heisenberg
Evidence Based Collection Models: Not Your Traditional DDA, Tuesday, December 2, 2014, 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM ET / 7:00 AM - 8:00 AM PT. You might recognize one of the panelists.
Thank you kindly for the shout out Joe! - Galadriel C.
Losing our Hero, Rest in Power Leslie Feinberg | Lambda Literary -
Losing our Hero, Rest in Power Leslie Feinberg | Lambda Literary
One of many moving tributes to the great Leslie Feinberg - maʀtha from Bookmarklet
Oh goodness. I remember a friend loaning me that book 14 years ago. - laura x from iPhone
Catherine Pellegrino
Codsignal request: I need to build a tool that will take textual information from a Google spreadsheet, reformat it and display it differently, probably in a document of some sort. I don't even know what keywords to type to find instructions for doing such a thing. Can you help me describe the task specifically enough ...
... so that I can find information or instructions? Essentially, I need to tell Google: "Take the data from row X of this sheet, reformat it according to the following rules, and send it into the following container." Ideally, there would be a mechanism whereby a non-technical user could specify what row(s) to use. - Catherine Pellegrino
Please note that I'm not asking you to SOLVE the problem (though if you know of a pre-packaged solution, that's great), I'm just trying to DESCRIBE the problem so that I can find solutions on my own. - Catherine Pellegrino
Similar to mail-merge functions in MS Excel? - lris
I searched "Google spreadsheet automated" and got this: - Meg VMeg
Although maybe you actually want Fusion Tables: (sorry, no search terms, I've just used it before) - Meg VMeg
I never managed to wrap my head around mail-merge, Iris, but I bet that's what I'm looking for. Meg, thank you for those links, and I will investigate them shortly! - Catherine Pellegrino
Ooh, I've been wanting something like this, too. I'm going to investigate Fusion Tables. Thanks for asking this question, Catherine. And for some cool stuff, Meg. - kaijsa
Just getting back to this now to do some more investigating. At first glance, it looks like Iris may have pegged it with mail-merge, and you can do mail-merge-like stuff with Google spreadsheets, e.g.: However, it's possible that something involving scripts would work as well or better: (found that page by following links from Meg's first link above). - Catherine Pellegrino
Ha! That's what I get for skimming: mail-merge uses scripts, so in point of fact, they're one and the same solution. - Catherine Pellegrino
This published abstract of a JASIST article (not early view) has at least 3 errors in it. Who knows how much is wrong in the article. I used to look up to JASIST, but not much lately. #addedvaluemyass
But it's one of very few very expensive toll-access journals left among the top LIS journals. That's gotta count for something, right? Holding the fort against those nasty ALA divisions and independent groups with their freebies... - Walt Crawford
My sense is the authors are primarily LIS school faculty so they probably don't think of themselves in competition. ASIST certainly doesn't IME. - Sarah
Sarah's right. These are people who wouldn't be caught dead publishing in a practitioner-oriented journal. - RepoRat
Interesting (not surprising), although it seems to me LIS faculty aren't exactly missing from the less theoretical journals... - Walt Crawford
Yeah, no, they're not -- not all LIS faculty are total snobs. I think a network analysis would show that JASIST authors are snobbier than most, though. - RepoRat
Getting this past the IRB might be kinda tough though. - Joe
Not as a comparative network analysis -- it's publicly-available information, and the results don't HAVE to be phrased in a way that's invidious. Just "these authors cluster in these journals; those authors cluster in those other journals, HMM WE WONDER WHY." - RepoRat
Oh, I was thinking of doing surveys to determine snobbiness levels. On a scale of 1-10, how snobby is Author X. - Joe
Oh look, more publisher short term loan changes via ebrary and EBL. This is our shocked face.
Mr. The Jason Fleming
When you think your reference desk shift ends at 4pm, and then you find out that it really ends at 5PM
that will have happened to me tomorrow. thought I could leave at 4:30, normal time, only to realize I scheduled a student appointment for 5-6 pm. - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
Mr. The Jason Fleming
Do I have an Associate Tag from the Amazon Affiliate program? What does that even mean
So whats the easiest non-geeky way to extract google search results into excel? Include the usual links, title, description etc?
copy + paste? - ~Courtney F
Trying to find the link to a somewhat geeky but well-explained method, I instead rediscovered - Deborah Fitchett
Holly's favorite Anna
Is it just me, or has the SerialsSolutions client center been cranking pretty slowly this week for everyone else, too?
Was slower than usual Monday afternoon. Haven't been in today to know. - Kathy
So what does everyone think of Flipster. Possibility of getting Time, Newsweek, Fobes, Fortune, Businessweek, Foreign affairs etc
Not impressed. May be more useful to public libraries where users are likely to want to browse popular magazines than students at an academic library are. - Stephen Francoeur
What Stephen said. Seems like they're going after Zinio more than BrowZine - ~Courtney F
Courtney definitely they going for Zinio rather than Browzine. But don't your academic users ask for Time,Newsweek, Fobes etc on tablet? Mine do. I would think in terms of usage many more (think UG) will flock to Flipster than browzine :) Of course I agree most of the offerings do seem more suitable for Public libraries but there's a small bunch that might be worth it. - aaron
I've never heard users ask for magazines on a tablet. But they do want app/tablet subscriber access to the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and sometimes the Economist. We're only able to do the NY Times as app through the Academic Pass service all of CUNY signed up for this year: - Stephen Francoeur
How much did that NYT access cost CUNY at large? - Aaron the Librarian
Nope, I've never been asked for popular magazine or newspaper access on a tablet, whether through their app or other methods. - ~Courtney F
NYT access cost? I dunno. I think we got a really good deal, as I can't imagine us having the funds for anything other than a bargain. - Stephen Francoeur
~Courtney F
Why do vendors even bother sending me a renewal quote with a price that's more than 50% higher than last year? Who can pay that?
*shrug* errybody has in the past. - RepoRat
"My business office requires justification for annual price increases above CPI-W. Can you detail what value is being added to the product to cause such an increase?" - Holly's favorite Anna
if only my business office did require such a thing. I go with "we can't afford that. please try again". - ~Courtney F
pull a Jenica and respond with a cancellation notice. - DJF from Android
if my faculty were behind me, i would. i'm trying to work out something we can afford, but it's not looking promising. - ~Courtney F
Aaron the Librarian
Stumped: physical mall kiosk visitor to sale conversion ratio. Chekced: Mintel, Euromoniotor, IBIS, ABI, BSP, Google (scholar and vanilla)
my librarian-fu is variable today - Aaron the Librarian
are you stumped, too? We finally decided to pull demographics for the mall and pull a number out of thin air for a percentage of expected foot traffic. No data to back up the percentage assertion (0.5% or 1/200) and even that seemed a wildly unsupportable rate. The student calculated break even at 12-15 sales per day and the 0.5% says they'd get ~150 sales per day ... I expect them to be eviscerated by the prof - Aaron the Librarian
What are the best goodies you've ever had (or wish to have) at conferences ? Not particularly library- oriented.
I may be the goodies person for a tedx conference next year, so I'm looking for inspiration... thanks ! - marlene
In the early 1990s, when I was still in publishing and worked our company's booth at the American Psychiatric Association meeting, I remember getting a pen from from a pharma company that looked like a syringe (it even had colored liquid inside). - Stephen Francoeur
When I helped organize Library Camp NYC in 2007, we ordered custom printed moleskine notebooks like this: - Stephen Francoeur
The tedxs I've been to, we've had the standard fare of pens and notebooks. Other conference swag has included t-shirts, coffee mugs, hats, flashing programmable pins. Sharice Collins of the IOP might be able to say what the most popular is. - Joe
From romance conferences, here's the stuff I still use: a foldable fan, magnet clips that I use as chip clips, Chico bags, and pens that double as a stylus. - Katie
I like the bags that fold into their own pocket or carrying case. I still have one in my purse (and use it regularly) from a conference several years ago. - ~Courtney F
The fan might be a good idea if it's summertime and the air conditioning conks out. (Of course, if you do give out fans, it will be freezing inside.) - bentley
I got a little (3x3?) hardbound thing full of various post-it note sizes a while back, and I love it. I am also a big fan of small hardbound notebooks, especially if they have short pens attached. - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
USB drives, USB car chargers, stylus pens. I see my tech is showing. - Jenica
A USB drive that comes pre-loaded with the speakers' slides would be perfect. - DJF
Yes! That's definitely my favorite. - Regular Amanda
USB batteries? (e.g. Anker batteries) I've started carrying one of those and I'd totally pick one up if someone was offering one. I never have enough phone/tablet charge at a conference - Hedgehog
Seconding USB drive with slides, and the USB battery. Both are very useful. - Kirsten
Keychain flashlight! - Meg VMeg
I got a simple backpack at a conference that was unadorned with ads but was a bright lime green, so it still served the immediate purpose of being able to find other conference goers in the city. Also, I managed to score a small blanket at said conference which was also great. - copystar
The 25th Army Library Institute handed out a high-quality bag with zippers, pockets, etc., that turns out to be perfect for my wife's notebook (or mine, but I never travel with mine). Heavily branded, but a great/useful gift. - Walt Crawford
One of my favorites was a t-shirt - but this was special in that it was actually a woman's tee (and not a skintight one either) that is comfortable and flattering. I've NEVER seen a woman's tee at a conference. - Grumpator
When I do my liveblogging thing I actively go on the hunt for any vendor who might have a squeezy ball or some such, to ward off RSI. More generally I do also pick up nice pens. USB drives are about the most technologically advanced giveaway NZ conferences tend to get outside of the "enter your business card to win an iPad" things. Oh, and one particular vendor is famous for licorice allsorts. Calendars with cats? - Deborah Fitchett
Ooh wait I forgot the real best was a laser pointer. Use them for your powerpoints, use them to torment your cats, the possibilities are endless. - Deborah Fitchett
Swedish fish and M&Ms are my favorite snacks that ER&L puts out. - Holly's favorite Anna
Thanks a lot everybody ! - marlene
I got a portable hard disk once. Not a library conference though. - aaron
Walt Crawford
I guess this post really should have gone in LSW, since that's where I put most of my OA rants:
Regular Amanda
Vendor salesperson repeatedly emailing me plus 4 faculty in two different depts. about setting up a trial. Salesperson is starting to really annoy me and said faculty. Folks that deal with this more than I do: does it work to just call vendors and tell them to knock it off? I feel like, I dunno, if I engage then they'll never stop.
Just found out they've been cold-calling people, too. Sheesh. Strategy FAIL. - Regular Amanda
Escalate it above the sales person and/or publicly shame on a listserv they monitor - Christina Pikas from iPhone
I've asked for supervisor's names before. - Hedgehog
I let our head of collection development know and she can deal with a regional manager if appropriate. ETA or even somebody higher up. This has happened. - kaijsa
A rather surprising number of vendors appear to watch LSW (or find its threads on search engines or whatever). It can be worth naming (edit: vendor rather than individual) names; we punch above our weight. - RepoRat
Chiming in again to say we try really hard to give the consistent unified message to vendors that all inquiries should go to the collections office and that individual subject librarians don't deal with them. I think it's working. - kaijsa
Yes it can work to firmly, professionally let the vendor know that their approach isn't working but it's also worth having the primary vender contact person contact them too. - Galadriel C. from Android
Thanks, y'all, very helpful! - Regular Amanda
I successfully tell vendors they can call me back in six months, but not before. I think they think I'm mean ... - henry
I've told vendors that. The problem is when suddenly it's six months later and they're calling you again... - Deborah Fitchett
I've been getting a number of cold calls lately from some of our business database vendors wanting to check in on how things are going. I tell them that if they haven't heard from me, then things are fine. If they have heard from me, then it's probably because I'm reporting a problem with their product. In my line of work, no news is often the best news. I'm sure they have a quota of... more... - Holly's favorite Anna
"The Hungarian Games". I dunno. Sometimes stuff just pops into my head.
About to go introduce the data analysis software user support groups. Wish me luck intro-ing the most awkward thing attempted to do in Blackboard, ever!
General feedback, please: do you have an ORCID ID? ( Do you talk about this on your campus with researchers?
yep! and nope, not my place. - RepoRat
Yes, and yes. We're planning on implementing ORCID here over the next year. - Sarah from iPhone
yes. and i am hatching plans. - jambina
Amy - the CIC is purchasing a consortial membership in ORCID but I can't remember if UChicago is part of it... - Sarah from iPhone
Yes. I haven't used it much, probably should more... I remember hearing nascent plans about this on uni level but what they are escapes me - Hedgehog
No. (Unless I filled in some form and forgot about it. I do that a lot.) And no. - barbara fister
^^^ This. (only I'm pretty sure I didn't fill out a form and then forget about it.) - Catherine Pellegrino
Yes, although I'm not sure I know what it is... ah, it uses my usual non-sensitive login, so: - Walt Crawford
Oh, man... yet another profile I have to manually fill out that won't just incorporate previously entered sources elsewhere - Aaron the Librarian
^no it will suck data from Web of Science, Scopus, and probably others. I have one, but I don't promote it that much. I was when we were trying to launch an external resume program that pulled from ResearcherID. It didn't go well and won't until publishers are really requiring it. - Christina Pikas
As for filling in the profile: Maybe *you* remember the actual day you started and ended college, but that was 52 years ago (starting), so... - Walt Crawford
Sarah - we are! - jambina
I've got one, and we promote it actively. We recently did a mass roll-out of ResearcherIDs to all faculty and the plan is to do ORCIDs soonish. - Megan loves summer
Amy, There's a call next week (I think) for the CIC ORCID affinity group - fyi. - Sarah from iPhone
I have it. I've heard plans to promote it (or even create them for everyone) for a while now though right now seems to be testing system after system trying to figure out this whole ecosystem of CRIS/benchmarking etc tool. - aaron
Yes i am teaching a class these days on ResearcherID and ORCID and other identifiers. - LibrarianOnTheLoose
Yes, but this kind of thing is not in my purview on campus. - Holly's favorite Anna
Yes (! But no systematic communication with researchers. May happen on a subject librarian by subject librarian basis. - Galadriel C.
Yes, it has lots of 0s in it. And we're planning to implement ORCID on campus at some point I think next year. - Deborah Fitchett
idk if anyone pointed to this already - may be of interest: - Christina Pikas
So, LSW Midwest Meetup. Make sense to plan it around ALA Midwinter in Chicago, 1/30-2/3?
I'm in! - copystar
Oooh! I will be at Midwinter but don't know yet how long. As an LSWer formally of Wisconsin can I come? - Galadriel C. from Android
but of course! "Midwest" is in the sense of "taking place in the Midwest," not "Midwesterners only." - RepoRat
I'm not planning to be at Midwinter, but I am a day-trip train-ride away from Chicago. Assuming I can make it work with childcare, etc. I'm in! - Catherine Pellegrino
Awesome! Just wanted to check and such a meetup makes me happy. - Galadriel C. from Android
YES - jambina
Catherine, is there anything the "planning process" could do to make it easier for you to attend? - RepoRat
find me a babysitter? (kidding.) Nope, just figure out a date and a time; I'll take it from there. :) - Catherine Pellegrino
I'm not going to Midwinter, but I now work in the Loop. As long as it's not on Thursday night or Friday day, I'm there. - bentley
Not going to midwinter either, but would love to meet up - just hours away. - Jen
Yes!!! - Hedgehog from Android
I'll be at MW! Would love to and will find the time, durnit! - Lily
I'll be at MW and would love to come too :) - ~Courtney F
I plan to atten the LSW meetup and hopefully will be functional enough to attend MW as well - Aaron the Librarian
Saturday night? Monday night? Sunday night? Thursday night? Friday night? (my order of preference) - Aaron the Librarian
I'd lean for Saturday/Sunday night as it's possible people will be traveling Monday - Hedgehog
How about Saturday dinnertime, with perhaps an additional afternoon activity for those of us not attending MW? After-dinner bar time could be negotiated at dinner for those able to stay that long. - RepoRat
^^ That works for me. I'd advocate for an afternoon activity in addition to dinner, but that's just me. If others are booked up for the afternoon, I can work around that. - Catherine Pellegrino
I haven't registered yet - what days are best for those who don't have meetings and ALA business to attend to? Friday to Monday? Or are some of these days more session filled than others? - copystar
Whoa, all I know so far is I'm there Noon-ish Thursday through 4pm-ish Tuesday (with a ~10 hour drive tacked on each end of that) - Aaron the Librarian
I am not going to Midwinter, but a weekend in Chicago sounds great. I hope I can swing it - maʀtha
Okay, let's settle on Saturday 1/31 afternoon (for those not attending MW) and evening (for all) and possibly afters (for those who can)... unless a compelling reason comes up to change our minds. Locations? The last one in Chitown was at Giordano's on Jackson, IIRC. Nice pizza but sort of crowded/noisy. I am willing to negotiate and (help? depends on cost) pay for a restaurant's party room. - RepoRat
Possible afternoon events for 1/31: I've done the Deco Tour and loved it. - RepoRat
^^^ Yes! - Galadriel C.
surely this can happen again in SF for annual, right? not going to MW this year, because winter ... - henry
I've been asked by a friend's mother where she should post an advertisement for a part time public librarian position for a small town in Maine. I believe that this is the only librarian and the library is open limited hours. This is a bit outside my ken - any pointers?
Looks like it could be posted here. - Joe
Have it posted here, - Joe
It could be posted to a list, but I don't know which one. - Joe
Thanks! - Sarah from iPhone
Another one for Damn You Auto Suggest. It's very subtle.
Screen Shot 2014-11-14 at 9.27.44 PM.png
well, DID you mean that? - RepoRat
No. No, I did not. - Zamms
Next time, maybe. - Meg VMeg
Does anyone have an invite to This?
Hows about an invite to Ello! - Joe
No, nor an invite to That. - Melly - #TeamMarina
Nor the other! - Jen
EndNote is the Microsoft of bib management.
It's that good? (Sorry, Iris, but...) - Walt Crawford
I read that as a negative. - Joe
um... - maʀtha
Anybody interested in managing IT in PA? Know anyone who might be? Here's your chance! (note - MLS is desirable, but not required).
And, here is another systems librarian needed in PA. - Joe
Hi LSW. I've been asked to brainstorm "crazy, imaginative ideas" for my library. I have some, like taking over research management, but I'm looking for others. Help?
carrier pigeon document delivery (drones in bad weather) - lris
ooh i bet i could get a couple of drones. - kendrak
drop in sessions with city planners? scan-to-ILL services with transportation-related archives? - lris
Massive digitization and smart maps? - Hedgehog
virtual reality, context-specific help via app no matter where in the library you're standing - lris
project/grant management services - lris
RFID all patrons for assessment and service purposes (you said crazy...) - lris
Research impact tracking -- what they call CRIS services across the pond. - RepoRat
Printing that works all the time. - Steele Lawman from Android
Indestructible staplers - Mr. The Jason Fleming from Android
Vending machine for low cost office supplies! - lris
makerspace! I'd actually kind of love to know what that would look like in your context. - RepoRat
LEGOS. Must build important transportation models! - laura x
(I actually really like the idea of legos...) - lris
YES. LEGOS. - RepoRat
we already have the printing down and basically free office supplies. grant writing has come up, but we've not done much. - kendrak
We are getting legos for a finals week study break this year! - Freeda B.
Print-on-demand book machine (made of legos). After you RFID all patrons, RFID all books, so when patrons are looking for a book the phone buzzes when they are near. Put your campus museum and art galleries in the libraries. Have local artists paint beautiful murals on library walls. - Regular Amanda
Steele Lawman
Some of the books from the Fine Arts Center collection are more interesting than others.
Steele Lawman
ACADEMIA! I have been meaning to share this mens room graffito for a long time.
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