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For the complete LSW tagline please refer to the print edition. [tagline approved by committee, see minutes for vote]
I'm very amused by people's attempts to get off of ERIL-L today
lulz. Blake's trying to help with providing instructions. Wonder if it'll work... - Marie
I have been howling about this on Twitter, so I'm sharing the love: "The peer-review scam" Includes such gems as passwords stored and emailed in plain text.
Peer review: your guide to quality literature! *headdesk* - RepoRat
laura x
My friends send the best cards.
Photo on 12-13-14 at 1.18 PM.jpg
"It's been a great party... but as soon as I find my panties I really must go." - laura x
Steele Lawman
Remember, kids; when a student comes in and says "my professor recommended I read an article in [publication] by [author] about [subject], that they read [time period] ago," at least one of those variables is certain to be incorrect.
Only one? - Aaron the Librarian
Oh, you said *at least* ... alrighty then :) - Aaron the Librarian
That should also be "an [article]". - Deborah Fitchett
The public library version is "My friend recommended [title] by [author]. The book cover is [color] and it's about [plot]." - Andy
You know what I love most about this? I bet in 90% + of the cases we can find the book/article/etc. for them... - Lisa Hinchliffe
I'm in scheduling hell. trying to set the student work schedule for spring … one person just dropped / added a class that threw my masterpiece from yesterday into CHAOS. *sigh* …….. anyone have good way of coordinating student work schedules???
same (excellent) worker just added a new class that threw yesterday's masterpiece into chaos AGAIN. Fortunately, the other person affected by her schedule change is her brother, so I tasked her with getting the msg to him. also: a new masterpiece has been created!! - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
You are awesome. I make mine sign up for their own schedules and then I only tweak at the end. I also refuse to do the first post-break schedule until post-break, because if I were doing it now, they'd just have to change everything a month from now anyway. But I'm pretty sure they way I do it is both a feature and a bug of them changing schedules every month (yaaaaay block plan). - Marianne
who goes first? how do all the hours get covered? I do it now because I NEED THEM on the very first day of classes, and I like to get their sign off before they leave for break, so I know they'll be back when I need 'em. - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
Yeah, I used to try to do it now but many of their profs are tiresome about changing everything or not getting syllabi (including class times) out till the last minute, WELL after holiday break is over, so I just let whoever wants to work first day, work, and they need the money enough that we get decent coverage. It makes for a zany first week, but better than a zany last couple of... more... - Marianne
wow, Marianne, that all makes my head spin!! sounds like you've got a great system going there!! (I love making the students who missed mandatory meetings get last preference in schedule!!) - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
Marianne is so great at doing the scheduling in a way that works for both the library and our students given our eccentric academic calendar. I'm so appreciative, because I don't think I could do it (at least not without pulling my hair out). - Steele Lawman
Scheduling is a Rubik's cube. I schedule a couple dozen part-time people, all of whom have other jobs, classes, and/or children, all of which needs to be worked around. I have no idea how we manage to make it work. - laura x
We just upgraded our Springshare package and are getting LibStaffer as part of it. It allows people to input their availability and generates schedules. We're changing the reference model from library faculty on the desk to pulling in staff from many departments and think this might work better than making our department admin staffer do it all by hand. Circ uses something else that's tied to the time clock for hourlies, but may try LibStaffer if it works for research help. - kaijsa
ooooh, really curious about LibStaffer. - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
LibStaffer! It works brilliantly. - Jenica
^^glad to hear this! - kaijsa
Oh, we use Volgistics. It's not perfect, but it's cheap. - laura x from iPhone
Question for the archive types. Do you list all of your vertical file or subject file holdings on your website?
in giant long lists like this? - weelibrarian
wow, that is a scary list... and no way to search it that I can see. - RepoRat
isn't that what ctrl+f is for? ;) - weelibrarian
the list spans multiple pages, I thought -- maybe I'm wrong - RepoRat
No, we have lots of vertical files no one knows about. - The First NoeLB from Android
Lisa Hinchliffe
Hey all - today's the deadline for feedback on the ACRL IL Framework Draft 3. Hope everyone is sharing their views. I posted my comments to the Task Force at
Thanks for sharing your comments, Lisa - maʀtha
And ... I just learned "public" on FB means "public in FB" so here's a different link for non-FB users: - Lisa Hinchliffe
Yes indeed, thank you! - Megan loves summer
Hello. Who is going to ACRL 2015?
I am - lris
Me, too. - kaijsa
*raises hand* - Catherine Pellegrino
Me! - Marie
I haven't decided. - Meg VMeg
me! and I'm running a scholcomm camp on the 25th if ya wanna join in! - jambina from iPhone
Of course I am! :) - Lisa Hinchliffe
I'm hoping that I am... - Laura Krier
I have to make that decision within the next week or so, about CiL and ACRL (and? or?) - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
I might go. - Joe
I will be, I believe - Sarah
Trying to decide - maʀtha
LibTech Conference 2015 - Registration | Online Registration by Cvent -
LibTech Conference 2015 - Registration | Online Registration by Cvent
You snooze, you lose! Conference filled in 28 hours. There's a wait list, though. - maʀtha from Bookmarklet
Aaron the Librarian
Cod signal: one of the business profs here is the new editor of 'Academy of Business Disciplines Journal' which i do not find indexed anywhere, though it is listed in Cabells. Have I missed it?
ulrichs says: EBSCOhost Business Source Alumni Edition, 8/1/2013- Business Source Complete, 8/1/2013- Business Source Elite, 8/1/2013- Business Source Premier, 8/1/2013- - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
also, said journal has a rather unfortunate acronym. - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
but… looking in Business Source Complete, I don't see it as a source. #NotHelpfulAtAll - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
Local CoB confirmed they now have an indexing contract with EBSCO (signed yesterday 12/11/14) - Aaron the Librarian
Catherine Pellegrino
Fwd: Photo: humansofnewyork: "I don’t think the library is threatened. Circulation of physical books has never... (via
Fwd: Photo: humansofnewyork: "I don’t think the library is threatened. Circulation of physical books has never... (via
The Librarians is apparently on iTunes in the United States (it's not in the Canadian iTunes Store). could some kind American check to see if it's available in the American google play store, and report back?
season 1 is $16.99. ETA: but they don't look like they're available yet? - Jaclyn aka spamgirl
First episode is free on Google Play. - bentley
On iTunes, first episode is free, second episode is $2.99 - bentley
Well, crap. Nobody wants to take my money - DJF from Android
No! Wait! It's on google play in Canada today! It wasn't yesterday. - DJF from Android
Hmm. Wonder if I could chromecast the first episode? eta: no need. available from the tnt website. alas, just need time to watch :( - Christina Pikas from iPhone
The Canadian channel carrying it doesn't have it on the Web at all. The only way to stream it in Canada is iTunes / google - DJF from Android
Academic librarians! Do you get professional development money from your campus? Is it from The Library or the campus?
We do. It's from the library. Amount per faculty member has been between 1500-2500 per year that I've been here. There's also a separate research fund of $5K that my Dean has set aside that we can apply for --student labor, printing posters, help defray presentation costs. I'm currently Chair of the committee that reviews how the 'Faculty Dev money" is spent (we have to eyeball it--most goes to conference fees). I'm concenred that this may be greatly reduced with upcoming budget changes. - Hedgehog
Librarians are faculty here, and all faculty get support for travel to one conference per year, with full reimbursement of costs (up to $1200) if you're presenting, half reimbursement (up to $600) if you're just attending. - Catherine Pellegrino
Follow up - are all librarians working for The Library? - kendrak
There's one librarian working in a small dept library somewhere in the College of Medicine. I've never met her, I've only spoken with her a few times when something of our electronic resources was broken. Other than that, we're all under UnivLibrary - Hedgehog
(At Berkeley, 25-30% of librarians work outside The Library.) - kendrak
(Ah. No, we're not like that. There are seven of us librarians. We all work for and in The Library.) - Catherine Pellegrino
Librarians are faculty at Illinois; untenured faculty get 2250 and tenured faculty (and academic professionals) get 2000. Faculty can also apply for Scholar's funds from the campus. This is not available to APs. - Sarah
We do, from the library. (We can apply for additional campus minigrants) - ωαřмaiden ❤Bassetmom❤
Yes.Both. Also, our union. - J. Marie B
Yes. We get from the library's departmental line, which all faculty in all departments have. We are 12 month non-tenure track faculty rank and all work for the library department. I don't know what the librarians at the law library get, as they are all staff and their budget is completely separate from ours. - ~Courtney F
We're staff and not tenure-track, and get no dedicated development money. There's a small budget to help someone get to a conference if they're presenting, or to pay for webinars. But that's it. The money comes through the library's budget. - Kirsten
We are faculty here and get $750/year, which is never enough. Thanks to all those who posted amounts - good evidence to have! - Jen
There isn't money per person, but there are line items in the 'library' budget for conferences/seminars/etc, travel, misc associated expenses. It's allocated as opportunities arise basically. - Deborah Fitchett
Yes, from the library. All library faculty get a stipend that varies per year depending on budget, but is very generous. Currently it's $2500. I have also been funded above that for international travel a couple of times, and we often get additional funding when we're accepted to present papers or on panels at certain conferences. - kaijsa
Yes, from the library, though I had to slash it this year due to budget cuts, and it pisses me off. - Jenica from iPhone
yes, and the amount varies each year, depending on the pot of money available and the requests submitted. - ellbeecee
Yes. Librarians are professional staff. We get professional development funds from the library and the union. The amount varies a little each year, but it's usually enough to cover one national conference. The library also sometimes has funds allocated for specific training/professional development. - Galadriel C. from Android
Ours is a very mixed bag, which helps a ton. We get the typical $450 annual faculty travel funds to be used however we want, plus an additional $150 if we sit on a national-level committee or present at a conference. Beyond that, the library's funding varies from year to year based on budget cuts but in a "lean" year, my boss will say "We can pay for the ALAs and maybe one other, but... more... - Julie Kane
McGill had 500$ from the Provost plus 1500 (pre tenure)/1150$ (post) from the library. anything you had to do as part of your job (law librarian to AALL) was on administrative money, not your own allocation. UofC is a pot of money you apply for and each AUL gives their people what's in line with priorities. I think. - jambina from iPhone
At MPOW the library sets aside development funds for professional staff, and it seems to be in the medium range of what you all are describing. - Regular Amanda
Mary Carmen
I don't know if any of y'all are into Alternate Reality Gaming (ARG), but there is a kickstarter for Brian Humphrey's newest: The Lurker in the Library 2. His first game, The Lurker in the Library was fantastic, based on Lovecraft and had wonderful props and tools.
I encourage you to check it out or spread the word. The game doesn't look like it will start till next year, but now is the time to get involved. - Mary Carmen
I know it seems odd to "pay to play" but, if you've seen some of his other work, you can see that the money is very well spent and is funneled straight into the game. - Mary Carmen
You can see his other work here: - Mary Carmen
Oh, and yes, I'm all in on this at the $100 level. When done well, these are amazing....and who doesn't want to be Agent Mulder every now and again???? - Mary Carmen
Oh, yeah, I'm in - though at $25 for now. I haven't done too many ARG's, but was just feeling nostalgic about Perplexcity the other day. - Jennifer Dittrich
I'm in big ;-) because I want to get mail that isn't bills or ads ;-) - Mary Carmen
Deborah Fitchett
This is awesome - Creative Commons Aotearoa New Zealand are working on a free legal notice that Māori can use to release cultural works more openly:
How do you feel about the "protection against culturally offensive uses", compared to the problems people see with a non-commercial CC license? - Meg VMeg
It is restrictive, yes; but it's less restrictive than no open release at all. Creators need the reassurance that, say, their photo of their granny isn't going to end up on someone's Cafepress teatowels, otherwise they're not going to go anywhere near open. At the moment there's huge amounts of information that is locked up for use by the iwi itself and in many cases people would be... more... - Deborah Fitchett
(It has been a journey for me, with a natural Western bent towards "Knowledge wants to be free!", to get my head around the fact that some knowledge *doesn't* and I have no right to it. Comparing with my thoughts about privacy has been a useful benchmark/triangulation point when my brain's otherwise been tending to flail in despair.) - Deborah Fitchett
What would be the benefit of this license over registered copyright? Is copyright not strong enough? I am not at all saying that indigenous knowledge needs to be free. I'm just curious what niche this license fills. - Meg VMeg
There was a wonderful talk at Access Vancouver about work that was done at University of Washington about designing systems for managing culturally sensitive information. - DJF from Android
Like, in the US we have laws against falsely ascribing Native American ownership/creatorship (e.g., ), so I'm wondering if this is, like, the contrapositive to that. Or something. - Meg VMeg
yes! what djf said! huge community involvement in the collections for both authentication and access. i know that ubc has adopted some of the tech for their Xwi7xwa library. - jambina
It's not that copyright isn't strong enough; it doesn't replace that at all. Everyone gets copyright. It's that *creative commons licenses* don't give/withhold the appropriate permissions when it comes to indigenous knowledge. You can say "Go ahead and use it but attribute" (CC-BY) or "Go ahead and use it but not for commercial purposes" (CC-BY-NC) or "You can't use it at all without... more... - Deborah Fitchett
An example of the challenges of Creative Commons that are simpler for us to understand is the all the CC licences also waive the creators moral rights to restrict how material may be used. So, if you CC license something, you can't stop the KKK from using it. - DJF from Android
Sure, and I'm wondering whether people imagine it will face the same problems as NC. Because, in theory, NC is a good idea too. But, in other theory, NC is *not* a good idea, because no one knows what it means, so it's useless (e.g., ). And "culturally offensive" seems even more ambiguous than NC. Ergo my initial question. - Meg VMeg
I want this to be a clearcut awesome good thing. But NC-CC licensing has not at all been a clearcut awesome good thing (even though I would have thought that would be the case). So I'm wondering how/whether this can be a DIFFERENT clearcut awesome good thing. Or whether trademarks/law/something else are a better recourse. - Meg VMeg
I think it's a bit strong to say NC is "useless." "Not as useful as it might be," yes, but it's still useful. Half a loaf and all that. - Walt Crawford
Hence why they're consulting at the moment about what restrictions it should and shouldn't include. I think trademarks/law would do the exact opposite of opening things up. - Deborah Fitchett
Deborah, can you explain why things are not open currently? Is it something about Māori protectiveness, beyond whatever would or wouldn't be allowed by NZ law? The laws we have here prevent falsely ascribing ownership or creatorship to Native American tribes (and many of the tribes have registered trademarks for their names). So they don't close things down, exactly, but allow legal recourse when IP is used improperly. - Meg VMeg
Sorry, I am not trying to be contrarian. I would like this to be good news. I was excited until I remembered all the NC turmoil. - Meg VMeg
Two part answer: 1) Can you explain why a white person doesn't make their content open? It's because we want to retain certain rights. Sometimes I might want to make something open but I don't want a company to profit off that; NC was created (however imperfectly) to allay these concerns. Likewise a "no culturally offensive use" license can allow people to open their content up without... more... - Deborah Fitchett
That wandered so encompassed part of 2) which is the tikis on teatowels kind of thing. Some things do not belong in the wrong kind of context. Western law does not deal with this. Existing Creative Commons licenses don't deal with it. So the goal is to create a license that does deal with it, by (presumably) spelling out what uses are and are not appropriate. Then a creator can say "I... more... - Deborah Fitchett
I'm not sure if this clarifies things because I'm not sure where the gap is, because I've got all this cultural context you don't. But it's basically for the case where authors want to be open but also want safeguards. Existing CC licenses provide the safeguards that matter to Western creators (attribution, share-alike, non-commercial, no-derivatives) but they don't provide the... more... - Deborah Fitchett
Meg: Have you been following the furor here in Oklahoma surrounding the way Christina Fallin appropriated a plains tribe headdress? I know it's a physical object rather than knowledge, but to me, seems like this is the exact sort of thing that this license option is trying to protect against. American Indian tribes have always dealt with white people appropriating pieces of their... more... - Kirsten
I am not saying that protection isn't called for, or that I don't understand why it might be called for (my last question about the Māori was asking if there was something specific to their traditions/culture that made this different from a CC license for all indigenous people, because it seemed like Deborah was saying that). It is ABSOLUTELY called for, and I 100% understand why. What... more... - Meg VMeg
It seems like a way to put your hand up and say "hey, you can use this, but if I think you're using it in a way that offends me, I'm gonna revoke that right." I see the complexity of limits, but I also see why people may want "some rights reserved" defined in specific ways so that they can say yes while saying no to some uses. People would presumably still have uses that fall under fair dealing (?? is that the phrase in NZ for what yanks call fair use?) - barbara fister
Sorry, Meg. I wasn't reading closely enough. Teach me to skim pre-caffeine. Anyway, to the point: I doubt the Maori license would be able to avoid all those criticisms, since there would always be people (like Fallin) who would want to use items with that license in a way that was disrespectful. Such people often fall back on some combination of free speech and capitalism to justify... more... - Kirsten
Purely pragmatically, the problem I have with NC is that it overprotects -- it renders uses problematic that the licensor probably wouldn't have any problem with. I honestly don't think that's true in the indigenous-knowledge case! So I'm in favor (for the little my white-ass approval is worth), partly in the name of getting more truth out there and drowning out the noisy appropriators. - RepoRat
Back to the U Washington work that I mentioned above, "culturally offensive" probably isn't just a vague phrase, but has strong, well understood, restrictions on culturally appropriate use associated with it that are well understood by the culture in question. For example, letting the US flag touch the ground is (well, was) a simple example of a "culturally offensive" use. - DJF
Barbara's comment about "It seems like a way to put your hand up and say 'hey, you can use this, but if I think you're using it in a way that offends me, I'm gonna revoke that right.'" is exactly why the Creative Commons licenses explicitly waive the creators' moral rights. So, even where Western European culture has a way to control uses, the CC stops one from doing so. - DJF
It seems as this particular effort a) is working very hard to come to a mutually-agreed-upon-by-creators, nuanced and detailed definition of "culturally offensive" (if you click through to Deborah's link, it includes a survey) - which I actually would expect to vary from indigenous tradition to indigenous tradition, given that their sacred / tapu / etc contexts also vary, and b) is... more... - Marianne
tl;dr: oooh, this is really interesting and shiny. - Marianne
An interesting discussion, but I must admit that my reaction to a "no culturally inappropriate uses" license would probably be "If you're not Maori (or Native American or whatever), stay the hell away." Because I would never be sure what was and wasn't culturally inappropriate, except that I'm not part of the culture. And maybe that's right? - Walt Crawford
Maybe museums and schools would be able to use more easily? - Christina Pikas
Walt, I think part of the idea is that the license would *tell* you what is and isn't inappropriate. Meg, yes, while indigenous peoples are in heaps of dialogue with each other for mutual support and sharing ideas on how to reclaim heritage in a coloniser-dominated world, their cultures and therefore needs are still very different from each other so I would expect licenses to vary... more... - Deborah Fitchett
Blast from the past - we got someone in to do a talk about this for us, and now have a video online at - Deborah Fitchett
The straw that broke auto-suggest's back. We've turned it off, we're so frustrated by it.
Yes! - Kirsten
I dunno, I know people who'd watch that movie. - RepoRat
i LOLed here and i had food in my mouth! there should be laugh warnings on these posts... - Marie
So is a penis labyrinth what the kids are calling a vagina these days? - Steve C Team Marina
A penis labyrinth is the pentagon #satire - Pete
you two are just full of beans today, aren't you? Edit: though you are also near the top of your game - MoTO: #TeamMarina
lololol - Rachel Walden
I suspected some of y'all would run with this one. - Kirsten
Somewhere someone is making a porn parody of Pan's Labyrinth with this title... - Pete
Rule 34, Pete - Aaron the Librarian
Do you have bX too? I'd hate to see what it would recommend... - Zamms
"I didn't mean it before, but I certainly mean it now!" - Steele Lawman
Wow. Our Did You Mean hasn't done anything near this interesting, to my knowledge: I'm a little sad. - Deborah Fitchett
This wins, like, everydamnthing. :D - Catherine Pellegrino
oh, thank you! I really needed that ROTFL today!!!! - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
Cod Signal! Our library (small liberal arts college library) is going to migrate to a Library Management System (e.g. Intota, WorldShare, Alma, Sierra, etc). If you have one of these and would be willing to answer a couple questions from our reference department, could you let me know?
Thursday Bump. :) - lris
Email sent. And, more bumping. - Joe
email sent. #dumb. we don't have any of the above. please to ignore email, unless you want some useless info. - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
Meg VMeg
Elsevier acquires Mendeley, Macmillan/NPG acquires ReadCube, Taylor & Francis acquires colwiz. Sometimes I think I'm really going to miss A&I sources, but it might be because the publishers make me more angry, generally.
right there with you - maʀtha
(Are you familiar with ColWiz? They emailed me this morning, I'd never heard of them before. I'm trying to figure out what they're good at) - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
Don't forget that Springer got Papers. - Joe
LSW roll call! Go!
I especially encourage those who might be quietly reading out there or might be new to say howdy. - maʀtha
👋 - Julian
Martha, medlib in an academic library with strong focus on serving external community as well as the university. Dark chocolate, yes anchovies on pizza, don't call me on the phone, dogs love me, cats not so much, I like winter. - maʀtha
Dorothea, instructor in a library school. Dark chocolate, vegetarian pizza hold the mushrooms, PLEASE don't call me, cat person, winter's okay except when it's injurious. - RepoRat
Jenica, director of two academic libraries at a small SUNY in upstate new york, and coordinator of our campus's upcoming bicentennial celebrations. Dark chocolate (intense orange is my jam), pizza is best with pepperoni, i only answer the phone for family, my dog weighs more than my child and my cats combined, and I live in the land of perpetual winter so I try not to whine. - Jenica
Science & engineering librarian at York University in Toronto, the largest university you've never heard of. Currently on sabbatical. Interested in open access and its related ideas. As well as sf, horror, mysteries, popular science writing, classic rock, blues, jazz and related genres. Oh yeah, a strange obsession with science-themed graphic novels. - John Dupuis
Laura, middle management at a public library (dear God, how did that happen?). Dark chocolate. I am actually sick of pizza. I envy you people who can get away without using the phone. I love winter, and I am getting a new winter coat for the first time in 22 years. - laura x
Catherine, reference & instruction librarian at Saint Mary's College. No, not that St. Mary's. The other one. No, not that one either. The one that's across the street from Notre Dame. Pizza: yes. Chocolate: yes. New cat: yes. Winter: yes. Dumbphone: yes. - Catherine Pellegrino
Julian, working for a major vendor (not in Libraryland; hint: think about bridges...). Apizza > pizza, good dark chocolate (of course), Android, Linux, likes other people's cats. I take your calls every day. I like October. - Julian
Christina. Librarian in a research lab and phd student. Any kind but white chocolate is fine with me. Have a big dog and toddler twins. - Christina Pikas from iPhone
Mary Carmen, former academic library administrator. I now manage the care and feeding of one small human and am currently incubating another one. I actually never answer my phone. Sesame Street is my jam. If the television is on, it's tuned to Sprout. When I can actually eat food, pizza is number one, although I've been very into bagels lately. Dark chocolate. 3 cats. I miss winter. - Mary Carmen
Hello lurker Martha! *waves* - maʀtha
Walt, mostly-retired (except for research/writing) former library professional/non-librarian. Omnivore. Dark chocolate. Landline phone if we recognize the number (the flipphone's almost never on). Mild OCD-like attitude on providing facts to flesh out OA and other debates. My 15 minutes were about 20 years ago. Two cats. California native and enjoy the weather (esp. if we get more rain/snow this year). - Walt Crawford
Good work, people! I would like to hear from more usual and unusual suspects, please. - maʀtha
Sarah, currently Scholarly Communications Librarian at large public research university but soon to be Associate Dean at large private research university library. All chocolate except bad chocolate. My spouse and I make our own sausage. Three cats and a dog. And let's just say that I'm very happy to be moving about as far south as you can go in the US! Also, hate the phone but am getting better at it because I have to. - Sarah
Congratulations, Sarah! Very cool. - maʀtha
Pete. Law and Social Sciences information adviser at Sheffield Hallam University. My main professional contribution is library themed silly songs. - Pete
Rochelle, adult public services manager at a public library. Cat wrangler. I have developed a bedtime ritual of listening to old episodes of Gunsmoke at I seldom stay awake to hear the ending, but it's very soothing. I get a huge kick out of supporting my staff in developing and implementing their awesome ideas. Migraines are my unfortunate jam. - Rochelle *boom* Hartman
Laura. Currently Team Leader for Social Science, Business & Education at large research university library. Come January 1, the Head, Research & Engagement with the same employer. No kids, no pets, no spouse, though I'd like a cat. I just haven't convinced myself to pay the pet deposit at my apartment complex. - ellbeecee
Laurabrarian tally 2 and counting! - maʀtha
Jaclyn - soon to be ex-electronic resources lib at large public teaching university. Dark chocolate, pizza (hold the anchovies), no pets unless you count the 2 children. In SoCal, where we get no winter (to our detriment). OA/accessibility reviews/diversity in libs are three things I'd like more of. - Jaclyn aka spamgirl
John. Assistant Director at largish public library. In charge of technology and stuff. Hugo award winner. Editor of the SFWA Bulletin. Aspiring writer. Not a fan of dark chocolate. Loves to cook (and eat). Mostly love winter but hate all the house upkeep it makes. - John: Thread Killer
Heather, collections strategy librarian at mid-sized Canadian university. Pizza and chocolate are dandy as long as I don't have to pay in USD. Medicated me will love your cats and dogs. Winter's also dandy but I need a new set of yak tracks. I'll pass on Gunsmoke: Terry Prachett audio books do the trick for me. - Heather
Rachel, medical librarian at Vanderbilt *until tomorrow* - then taking on directorship of medical library and biomed communications at ETSU. Will be paying a $600 pet deposit at the new place due to the 3 cats and 100lb dog. - Rachel Walden
Jason Fleming, Information Technology Librarian at a medium sized academic library - Mr. The Jason Fleming from Android
Stephen Francoeur, user experience librarian at a medium-sized public college in New York City. - Stephen Francoeur
Community college library director in the mitten. Chocolate is good. 3 dogs. Winter is good. - J. Marie B
Oh, hey, I'm on a committee which is trying to reach more community colleges with NLM resources. Ping me if interested in learning more. - maʀtha
Stephan!e, small branch library director at oldest public univ. in US. Likes *good* dark chocolate, cats, and pizza. Ordered $45 worth of pizza for student staffers tomorrow, along with therapy dogs. library interests = reference, promotion, journalism, PR, and interdisciplinary things. - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
Mita, user experience librarian from a mid-sized university in the rust-belt of Canada - but who knows what I will be when I return to work from sabbatical in January. I just talked for an hour for a webinar that no one attended. And it was still awesome :) - copystar
Rudy, currently an outreach & instruction librarian in Nevada. Feminist, vegetarian, foodie, speculative fiction, cats. Dark chocolate. Chicago pizza. Cheese. Library interests: outreach and engagement with campus, the role of liaisons, social science data users, social media and emerging technology in libraries. Looking to move into administration - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
Lily, newly-minted, fresh-outta-library-school ref/instruction librarian at a medium-ish for-profit college in NYC. Pomegranates. Ask me about accessibility (universal design, library services to patrons with disabilities, assistive tech, etc.). - Lily
Maurice Coleman -- Master of Training and Speaking. Keynote and Speaker of Color for Hire. Trainer at Best Damn Public Library in Maryland. Host and Producer of Library Training Podcast T is for Training. Geek. Sports. Next week I start heading up our new Innovation Lab. Winter shoveling sucks. Any pizza is good pizza when served with a good beer. - ♫Maurice the Trainer♫
Marianne, circulation team coordinator at a small liberal arts college. I am also fresh outa library school, although for me it's more of a "fresh back from" since I did my degree online while still working at my current job (which I've had for about 4 years now, and a similar job at the same place for 3 before that). Pro-pizza, love all chocolate, but there's a lot of stuff I can't or... more... - Marianne
Definitely interested, Martha. - J. Marie B
Now I want pizza..... - Mary Carmen
Zamms, metadata librarian at an office in the international department of a large, well-known North American country. - Zamms from iPhone
Newbie systems librarian (former e-resources and serials) at large regional university in Oklahoma (yes, we have winter; no it isn't too bad, mostly). Learning the new ILS and my new job at the same time! Dark-dark chocolate (80%+) and cracker-thin-crust pizza are now topping the list of possibilities for my last meal. Yes, I'm suggestible. - Kirsten
Krista, web services librarian at a mid-sized university on a rock in the north atlantic (with our own half-time zone) - weelibrarian
But no halftime show - DJF from Android
*looks around for more lurkers* Come say hi, we're friendly, I swear! - maʀtha
Jen, e-resources/periodicals at medium midwest public university. Winter - no thank you. Pizza, yes please. Chocolate - dark. My mantra is "everything will be fine" because it will, of course. - Jen
Ruth, systems librarian for an astronomical observatory. I'm in Arizona, the observatory is under construction in Hawaii. Chocolate, coffee, pizza and beer: hell yes. Eggplant: hell no. Winter: I've heard of such a thing but not experienced it since I was a child, and I'm damn happy for that. Dogs, cats, child and multiple computers at homestead. Ask me about Drupal or PDM systems! - Ruth Kneale
Colleen, InfoLit Coordinator, Printer Whisperer, and General Purveyor of Awesome at CSU Channel Islands. Former 8-year Access Services/LibManagement wonk, reuniting with my original love for teaching and curriculum. Dog lover and slave to 2 basset hounds, Otto and Igor. Married to fellow ubernerd Jed, Lord of Comics and Pop Culture. I collect advanced degrees for fun (MA, MLS, MFA,... more... - ωαřмaiden ❤Bassetmom❤
Joe, at the University of Denver. I even remember when the LSW was using the pre-FF Meebo Chat Room way back in 2008. - Joe
Another Laura, a/k/a LB. Associate Director for Special Collections at a private university in GA, so I'm more of an archivist, really. All pizza is fine as long as you hold the mushrooms and anchovies. All chocolate is welcome. Two dogs, but I will pet your cat. Winter is not a problem. I need to learn more about DSpace and institutional repositories, but I love my job. (I do not, however, love bureaucracy.) - The First NoeLB from Android
Jonathan, Head of IT at a mid-sized public university library in SoCal - the land of no seasons, also de facto web librarian and institutional repository manager. Moonlights as a brewer at local craft microbreweries, and free time spent as a youth soccer coach/ref. - jönαthaη
(All anybody needs to know about DSpace is RUN AWAY VERY VERY FAST.) - RepoRat
Deborah, sort-of-accidental systems librarian at small New Zealand university's combined library-and-teaching/learning/research-support dept (two of us supporting *all the systems*, occasionally getting in a bit of training as we go). Dark chocolate, all the pizza. Hot chocolate over coffee or tea, ginger beer over beer. (I don't mind a little alcohol with food if it tastes good but... more... - Deborah Fitchett
Laurabrarian Tally: 3 - maʀtha
(RepoRat: Not nearly as fast as one ought to run away from integrating DSpace and Elements.) - Deborah Fitchett
I see how it is, @DJF, you and your driveby snarking - maʀtha
(Also, I have eaten pizza with Martha. :D ) - The First NoeLB from Android
(TRUE!) - maʀtha
Meg, science librarian at a large research university. In my spare time, I teach data-related workshops here and there, in addition to a semester-long MLS course on data librarianship, and I also have a science-writing gig. Clearly I'm bad at hobbies. Beer? Beer. I also love snow. - Meg VMeg
Robin, Director of Technology at a regional system in Kansas. I also write books and teach Project Management at Library Juice Academy. Milk chocolate - any kind; carnivore toppings on my pizza, 2 dogs but I have a cat tattoo. I'm not a fan of winter, but not enough to move away from it. - WebGoddess
(Deborah: what a nightmarish idea. :/ ) - RepoRat
Betsy, newspapers and microfilm librarian at a large midwestern public library. Pizza yes, hold the olives. Like Deborah, hot chocolate over coffee or tea, ginger beer over beer. Milk chocolate, dark chocolate, it’s all good. I love winter. Currently dog-less, but hoping to remedy that in the next couple of years. Whovian since 1981. - bentley
Anali, Scholarly Communications/licensing librarian at a large research university. I live in Phoenix, I don't do winter. I love coffee, beer, pizza, but am middling on chocolate. 2 kids under 3 & 3 needy cats, but luckily I have a husband to help manage all the needs. - Grumpator from iPhone
Hi Anali! - maʀtha
Jeff, title-free community college librarian, stapler fondler, tweaker of borrowed scripts, support-ticket-enterer. Somebody is giving out dark chocolate? Ok. - JffKrlsn
Katie, collection development in a specialized division of a very well-known governmental library. Baking addict, yarn connoisseur, romance genre wonk. Lives part of her life as an alter ego. No pets or any other living things in my home, though I wouldn't mind some plants or a dog at some point. Chocolate, yes--though I prefer milk, and pizza as long as I have dairy pills handy. - Katie
Kathy, still in the "who the hell put me in charge?" phase of my career at an acad lib. App to Ed Leadership doc program submitted. Milk chocolate. Pizza is best made at home with friends to feed. I screen my calls. Winter is best with snow. Bouncy guard dog of a rat terrier, Link. H-son's broadening my parenting skillz with lots of new things this year: girlfriend, show choir, wrestling, and low interest in getting his learner's driving permit. - Kathy
(Btw, you don't have to share real names or job details or real anything, say hi anyway) - maʀtha
Jen. Information Technology librarian in the wilds of Maine. Longstanding fascination for 'how to have a better online life' (in terms of getting what you want out of it), computers, books, and organising all the things. (Also currently engaged in an epic knitting project.) One cat named Astra, one folk harp, and I am fond of chocolate that involves either coffee or hazelnut. - Jennifer Arnott
Beth/Elizabeth. Administrator at a medium-sized public university in upstate New York. Coffee: dark roast, chocolate: Cadbury's royal dark; cats: two; child: one; snow: OK but I don't have much choice; pizza: sausage and onions; beer: Spaten or a good Czech pilsner; hobbies: knitting (although in a dry spell right now) and cooking. I like to think of life as material for the ultimate movie comedy. - Elizabeth Brown
(Jen: I miss Maine. I get to go to Waterville in June for my 20th reunion and can't wait. :) ) - ellbeecee
Kaijsa, academic librarian at the only university in Wyoming. I have many titles to choose from, but mostly work with humanities, teach, and play with tech. Am an outgoing introvert. Love coffee, dark beer, white wine, and bourbon. Dark chocolate but into savery more than sweet foods. Am from the PNW and prefer to keep snow in the mountains and not town, but live at 7220 feet--so, you know. Snowshoeing is fun. Hobbies are reading, music, perfume, and being a smartass. - kaijsa
(This feels like an online dating profile.) - kaijsa
Abigail, medical librarian in Chicago. Lots of interest in Data. Compulsive knitter and drinker of tea. 2 cats and one Philosopher at home. Chocolate is always welcome, though I think white chocolate is weird. - Hedgehog
Kendra, transportation librarian in Berkeley. Likes data, policy, and research. Record collector and plucky left back. 2 guinea pigs and a computer chip maker. Chocolate is OK, but I prefer pickles. - kendrak
(I know, Kaijsa! Everyone is sticking with my format which I didn't intend to be a format) - maʀtha
Another Laura, web services librarian at Sonoma State. All the pizza and all the chocolate, yes, please now. Plus coffee. Plus beer. I like California winters, which are actually fall. Feminist bleeding heart liberal. I read and I sew and I knit. Is there anymore pizza? - Laura Krier
Courtney F., electronic and educational resources at Belmont U in Nashville. Pizza should not have vegetables on it at all. I run so I can eat what I like (and drink beer). Winter stinks because it's so gray all the time. I am librarychic around the web and have more hobbies than i can handle :) - ~Courtney F
Laurabrarian Tally: 4. Do we have a quorum yet? - maʀtha
I really feel like there are tribes of librarians, and I'm pretty sure the Lauras are one of them. Also the Jasons. - ellbeecee
(Martha: a friend used to call it a quarrelum.) - bentley
Katy. Supervising Librarian at smallish medium public lib. I work mostly in Adult and Children's services, but I've been known to work in Teen and Genealogy. I've also done some cataloging when one of the catalogers was out. I manage the Children's collection (doing most of the selecting, but i have a few selectors for other areas) and I select in the following areas for the adult collection: 000s, 400s, 500s, 600s, and sf/f. I also manage the blog. I'm the person they can put anywhere in a pinch. - Katy S
Oh yeah, I have no life. Chocolate is almost always appreciated. Servant to two cats. - Katy S
You people are awesome. Okay about the other >900 of you? Feel free to start making stuff up :D - maʀtha
Those other 900 may be making up their entire existence, judging the number of them posting weight loss tips... - Zamms
Andy,head of the reference department at a public library in NJ, very late to this thread, and the my boss's most frequently asked question of me in the six months i've worked there is "have you pissed off any librarians today?" (Usually yes, mostly on Twitter.) - Andy
Nancy, former systems librarian at a small, public, liberal arts college in FL.Currently "between jobs." Likes: dark chocolate, pizza (no mammal-based toppings except cheese, of course), vodka, cats & dogs, cool weather. Dislikes: bullies, humidity. LSW rocks! - Nancy Sp♠id
Galadriel, head of e-resources services at large university library in New England. Only very good and very dark chocolate; two cats; pizza with spinach, feta, and onions; leave a message and I might eventually call back for immediate reply, e-mail. I like all four seasons, am bummed that winter here is sans snow so far. - Galadriel C.
LTC 2015 | Library Technology Conference -
LTC 2015 | Library Technology Conference
People! Registration for LibTech opens TOMORROW. If you have any intention of registering, I suggest you do it right away in the morning. This conference always fills within days. And I would love to see and meet more of you! Come to MN! - maʀtha from Bookmarklet
So, who is planning to attend? Anyone presenting? - maʀtha
not this year, though I'll miss it. too much else happening. - RepoRat
Some day. Some day. - laura x
Perhaps one day again. (My only time there was almost five years ago.) - Julian
JULIAN, YES!!! - maʀtha
Our community college district will be advertising for *5* librarian positions this spring at 3 different colleges. If you know anyone who wants to work in "Northern California" (preferred term rather than Central Valley), tell them to keep an eye out at starting in Jan.-Feb.
Lisa Hinchliffe
I'm now serving as Coordinator for Strategic Planning for the UIUC University Library for the next year. (No condolences - I love planning and facilitating processes!) I have many resources collected over the years, have searched online, etc. I'd love to hear from anyone who has a favorite resource, method, etc. and/or pointers to a library that...
sticky notes, corkboard, and a lot of little tiny darts... to throw at the sticky notes - Aaron the Librarian
From a "know where you are before you try to figure out where you're going" perspective, I have ALL THE RESPECT for Jennifer Vinopal's article about project portfolio management: So much respect. - RepoRat
Thanks for the reminder of this great piece. Strategic planning definitely has a lot of moving parts - including communicating with 500 or so library employees throughout the process... - Lisa Hinchliffe
laura x
Happens to me once in a while. A reboot fixes it on my machine usually. - Stephen Francoeur
*sends provisions* - Julian
also someday I will stop yelling. - laura x
Mr. The Jason Fleming
I want to make an animated gif for the library. What is the best way to go about doing this?
Do you use Photoshop, Gimp, or something else - Mr. The Jason Fleming
GIMP is good at making animated GIFs if you are creating the image; if you need to convert video to GIF, that's a different story. - COMPLICATED MR. NOODLE
For converting video to GIF, I (on a Mac) use Streamclip to save to a bazillion images and then use GIMP to make those images into a GIF. - Deborah Fitchett
In October 2013, we listed morning desk snacks What are your go-to desk snacks now? Not just morning, but also afternoon.
Apple and a Baby Bel cheese. - ellbeecee
Almonds, dark chocolate. - Laura Krier
We started getting NatureBox snacks, and I sometimes bring those in. - Laura Krier
And some days (like today) I go downstairs to the cafe and get a big sugary cookie. Oh, wait, you asked for healthy snacks. - Laura Krier
Who said anything about healthy? (Oh, I see, the original link did. Never mind.) Healthy, not-healthy, I'm just concerned with effective at this point. - bentley
Cheerios, chex mix, other cereal, peanut butter, snickers bars. - Hedgehog
I actually just went upstairs in search of cheetos. But the machine had doritos, so I was going to buy those. Except they "upgraded" the card swipe system today, and I can't pay with panthercash (the funds you can load on your ID as a debit account) and I don't have any actual cash, so instead I'm eating walnuts and almonds. They really don't have the saltiness I wanted. But they'll do. - ellbeecee
Graze box. Dried tart cherries & honey sesame cashews from Trader Joe's. Instant oatmeal. ClifBars. (I don't get to eat lunch a lot so I mostly live on snacks). - Jaclyn aka spamgirl
Crackers + protein (peanut butter or cheese). - laura x
When hungry: Graze box. Fresh fruit. When annoyed: a bag of those mixed doritos or an ice cream. Mostly though I do OK with no snacks. - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
I have a squeezy applesauce. - J. Marie B
My snack drawer's a little thin at the moment. It's got a bit of dark chocolate, mixed nuts, wasabi peas, and one of those little fruit cups Oh, and one Wasa cracker and just enough peanut butter to put on it. - Kirsten
Oops. Thought we were just discussing what we were having for a snack. Okay, I've also got individual bags of mixed nuts, more squeeze applesauce, tiny bags of Jelly Belly beans (which I've been giving out when I walk around the library), and Lifesavers candy canes. - J. Marie B
and those Tic Tacs - maʀtha
I have muesli bars, also some plums I dehydrated last summer, also some nuts that have probably gone stale. - Deborah Fitchett
Why yes, I did just swear at Factiva. grrr.
I'm sure you're not the first. - RepoRat
True. I just wish they made it easier to find out how to do things. But it is the best newspaper database for what I'm working on, so I'm kind of stuck. I did learn how to limit to more than a specific word count, though. (it's wc>, wc<, wc=, fwiw) - ellbeecee
Not the first, definitely won't be the last. - Deborah Fitchett
Title: GMR Technology Coordinator position available - search extended
The Technology Coordinator plans and implements the National Network of Libraries of Medicine (NN/LM) Greater Midwest Region (GMR) technology awareness program in consultation with other GMR staff. The NN/LM is a network of libraries and information centers in the U.S. that provides health professionals and consumers with timely and convenient access to biomedical and health care information resources. As the recipient of the NN/LM GMR contract, the UIC Library of the Health Sciences serves as the Regional Medical Library (RML) for a ten state regional network consisting of 1100 members. This position serves as the functional technology lead for the GMR, oversees technical development of the GMR Web site, and acts as a consultant to Network members on technology issues. For consideration apply by January 5, 2015 with a cover letter, supporting resume and name and address of at least three references. All applicants must submit an online application through <>. To apply, click on the following link: - Hedgehog
We've extended this search at MPOW. Library experience need not be post-degree if you know a graduating student with some pre-degree experience. - Hedgehog
This is the job Max Anderson used to have, and then there was someone else for a bit, and now it is open again. - maʀtha
Yup. Max is still at UIC, just in another role. Tiffany got a great job at Midwestern University. - Hedgehog
It looks like a hell of a lot of fun, but I ain't movin' to Chicago. Telecommute + travel or GTFO. - RepoRat
I miss Max :) He is awesomesauce - maʀtha
Hmm, I dunno if telecommute has been presented as an question. You want me to ask? - Hedgehog
Not just for my sake; I'm still happy where I am. But maybe suggest it to them as a way to get a broader applicant pool. - RepoRat
ixnay on the telecommute option, unfortunately. - Hedgehog
I hear CiL acceptances are coming out. Who will be on the program?
I'll be there! Well, down the street at Thaiphoon anyway. (Track D for Dining Out) - Zamms
Oh great, one of our e-resources platforms is being "up-graded". I'm sure that will go well.
but all of the stuff will be migrated over for us! no changes needed! (yeah....sure) - ~Courtney F
Fwd: Regional Head Librarian (UIC Library Health Sci @ Urbana) Ask me ?? about this! (via
Not my dept head position but you'd still get to work kinda sorta with me. let me know if i can answer questions, I am not on the search committee. - Hedgehog
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