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For the complete LSW tagline please refer to the print edition. [tagline approved by committee, see minutes for vote]
Katy S
"We will need writers who can remember freedom": Ursula K Le Guin at the National Book Awards | parker higgins dot net -
"We will need writers who can remember freedom": Ursula K Le Guin at the National Book Awards | parker higgins dot net
She calls out publishers for selling e-books for more to libraries than individuals. Also, posting because she rocks! - Katy S from Bookmarklet
Great speech - but I'm waiting to see if she sends a take-down. She can be pretty hardnosed about her copyrights and people posting her words online. - barbara fister
David Handler made a terrible dog's breakfast of the YA win. Black author - watermelon jokes. Plus foolishness about the Coretta Scott King award. So disappointing (as was the general silence in response - only excusable if they couldn't find their jaws on the floor). - barbara fister
Daniel Handler? ETA: yes, it's him. Googling found me this: - kaijsa
Handler was terrible. - Katy S
He is donating $100,000 matching to We Need Diverse Books - happy to see that. Though still - oi. - barbara fister
I saw that this morning. Money is nice, but I'm more interested to see what he does in the future. - Katy S from iPhone
He strikes me as the kind of person who will learn from a fuckup. We probably won't have a chance to find out any time soon, however. - RepoRat
I have heard that he can be a jerk, but I get the impression that he could learn from all of this, too. - Katy S from iPhone
I found him thoroughly delightful at an 826 benefit a few years ago, and while he was kind of saucy, he didn't say anything that offended liberal Seattleites. I've never had personal interactions with him. - kaijsa
He has said publicly his words were racist. Stupid to say them, but he's owning up to what was wrong which is sadly unusual. - barbara fister from iPhone
Yes. He apologized for real, not just the standard "sorry if you were offended" nonsense. It's a good sign that he took responsibility, but it still boggles my mind that he thought those jokes were okay. - kaijsa
link to the better apology, please? - maʀtha
Movies with a privacy/surveillance/the role of BigBrother/BigData in your life?
Antitrust (2001). Not a masterpiece, but was a delightful shade of creepy when I watched it in the shadow of the Redmond empire. - kaijsa
Enemy of the State (1998). That reminds me I want to see it again. - Julie Kane
Minority report. The govt knows your murderous thoughts. That is true thought crime conviction right there. - Joe
Brazil. I watched that a year ago, and it is just plain weird. - Joe
Sneakers. - Joe
Gattaca. - Joe
The Net. Mediocre movie. - Joe
Truman show. - Joe
you guy rock! keep em coming? - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
Z. The Conversation. The Lives of Other People. - barbara fister
Oh boy, The Lives of Other People is so good. - Regular Amanda
The Lives of Others (German: Das Leben der Anderen) - maybe the same as Amanda's? - Galadriel C.
I used this list to remind me of the movies that I had seen. - Joe
Ack, Lives of Others is what I was thinking of. - Regular Amanda
Madison Loves Books - Watch the whole thing right now! Madison is the most awesome.
Plus, this is my hometown - maʀtha
do it - maʀtha
PEOPLE! I've just watched this four times!! - maʀtha
bump - maʀtha
my hometown too! fistbump - eta: that kid is amazing! - barbara fister
Are there any business/marketing databases that show, within a company profile, a visual hierarchical employee tree that goes further down than executives and directors?
Helping a student look for common job titles of entry and mid-level employees at specific companies in the advertising field. Have tried Hoover's, Mergent, LexisNexis, & Plunkett without getting at quite what he's looking for. - Lily
I can't think of any, because those are the levels that have to get reported in SEC filings. There may be something, but I'm not coming up with a name - let me poke at the Wharton db's and see if the name jumps out - ellbeecee
so, library databases:nothing jumps out from the Wharton list. There might be something through the Bloomberg terminal PEOPLE (or maybe BIO?) function, but it's not going to be a visual hierarchy. - ellbeecee
Yeah, I talked about using Ferguson's and OOH to look at related job titles and actual postings, but he's worried that they're too far up the pole, I guess. We even found something called that has charts of related job titles...problem is they don't show any companies specifically. I may have to tell him he's as close as he can get. - Lily
Seems like "company hierarchy" usually refers to the structure of the organization and subsidiaries, if it's gonna be visual at all. Just making sure I was covering all my bases--I appreciate the help! - Lily
There are some people who mine LinkedIn for this sort of data. One could get job titles and descriptions, but probably not a reporting tree. - Joe
Yellow books? Maybe not - Christina Pikas from iPhone
Can you do something with linked in? - Christina Pikas from iPhone
I think the student has all the tools he needs to put together the pieces of this and was mostly hoping for a more direct route. He said he'd printed some company information from LinkedIn, but didn't seem to want to continue with it, so we left it there for the day. - Lily
Daniel Russell noted a couple of org chart websites I hadn't heard of before that might be useful: - Stephen Francoeur
Today in an instruction session I said both "you are making poor choices" and "this is not a good use of time." It is the time in the semester to start knocking heads.
You need one of these? If I ever get my hands on the one I'm supposed to have, you're welcome to borrow it. (I'll need it back, though.) - Catherine Pellegrino
Thanks, but I have my own. :) - kaijsa
Just remembered I also said, "Not following directions is directly correlated to having your earbuds in." Yes, it would have been better to say following directions is negatively correlated with wearing earbuds. - kaijsa
Yeah, I was pretty ticked. This was an unusually disengaged group, but I'm friends with the instructor and he and I are teaming up. - kaijsa
Was the instructor there? I'm having a hard time imagining students behaving like this with S/He Who Holds The Grades present in the room. - Catherine Pellegrino
Yes, he was totally there and just as annoyed. We had a debrief after and they are usually hard to corral, but not that bad. - kaijsa
Wow. Well, I'm glad (?) it wasn't just you they were dissing. That must have been hard. - Catherine Pellegrino
Eh, I have a thick skin. It wasn't hard so much as it was mildly annoying, and sad because these are first-years who are not succeeding despite being in a learning community with extra support because they aren't internally motivated. And I'm also not afraid to confront students--I've worked with people who get really upset and take it personally. - kaijsa
I wonder if you can tell them to leave? Say either take the ear buds out or leave the class and you won't get credit? - Christina Pikas
I have done. In this case, they removed them when told point-blank. - kaijsa
I have had that thought before, too, Christina, but in the end it seemed like being straight-up confrontational and ultimatum-y would ensure that everyone would shut down, even if they agreed that the student was in the wrong. - Steele Lawman
You definitely have to choose the right response for the situation. For at-risk freshmen who are sleeping, wearing earbuds, or texting, they might just need some hard truths about the consequences of continuing on that path. For the two seniors who were disruptively chatting during a session for tech writing last year, it worked to say, "if you want to continue your conversation, leave.... more... - kaijsa
Mr. The Jason Fleming
One of my former students is one too! Rad! - Meg VMeg
You mean THE LSW DERRICK? - Aaron the Librarian
PDF;dr (KIDDING) - Zamms
ooooh, another Buckland. awesome. (poor woman.) - jambina
😎 - Julian
Yay Derrick!! - Laura
Whoa! Awesome! - laura x
Hooray! - Galadriel C.
our incoming (in January) librarian is on there. :) - ellbeecee
ωαřмaiden ❤Bassetmom❤
Looks like I'm the first faculty member to ask if I can add my collected data, codebooks, and instruments for various research projects to our repository. Very pleased about this (especially as I'm coming up against unwillingness to share a validated instrument for librarystuffs *sadpanda*).
We're still trying to work out how to best handle datasets in our repository, but I hope we can do this, too. Our field needs to share this stuff! Good on you. - kaijsa
We are beginning to look into IR software, and have been also considering which are most flexible for large datasets. I'd love advice! - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
BagIt and dump it in any old thing. (only kinda joking) - jambina from iPhone
What jambina said. We can and do take data into IDEALS. Works fine for lots of it. - Sarah
A new kind of Open Access Irony Award!
Spoiler: the punchline is "Taylor and Francis." - RepoRat
ahhh bless. - kendrak
My guess is that the editorial board and accounts receivable don't communicate very well. - Holly's favorite Anna
Hopefully just generated some good karma by being kind and understanding about a student who was very rude to me yesterday, and came asking for help today.
end of semester stress - LibrarianOnTheLoose
Catherine Pellegrino
I can always tell when a Nursing class is about to start because the printer practically leaps off the table, it's printing so many #$%@^ Powerpoint slides.
Our students keep making short films in our library, about the library, and they keep being funny: .
This is rad. - kaijsa
This was at LMU? Cool. - Joe
You know how I feel about white boards! - Kirsten
Walt Crawford
"Catalogue inclusion is also a clear signal that an open access journal is an authoritative or trustworthy source of research." Wow. Really? Everything in an academic library's catalog--everything--is "an authoritative or trustworthy source of research"? Who knew?...
Wait, isn't it?! - Aaron the Librarian
Aaron the Librarian
Business Libn Stumper for Today: Market info and consumer demographics for Peanut Butter in Morocco.
I've got some anecdata from two Euromonitor consumer behavior reports that mention PB in snacking behavior (in Algeria) and export data for US peanut products to morocco. but nothing even remotely suggesting reasonable market size nor consumer behavior/demographics for Morocco. Other resource suggestsions (I've plumbed our Mintel, IBISworld, ABI T&I, & BSP subscriptions) & possiblly relevant report discoveries welcome. - Aaron the Librarian
I wish profs would ask me to come talk to their classes about reasonable search topics which are likely available via our (limited) resources. At least the students were comfortable with making "reasonable assumption"-backed wild a** guesses - Aaron the Librarian
checking in with our FSU folks. thinking of you right now.
:-( - Julian
:( - ellbeecee
Oh dear. - aaron
indeed. - Christina Pikas
damn - bentley
Oh no - Galadriel C.
Damn - Hedgehog from Android
holy shit - Meg VMeg
FSU, we're with you. anything we can do for you? - Aaron the Librarian
so sorry. blech. - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
A sneak peak at our Libguides V2 with search modified for "bento style" (Summon API fuels catalogue, Articles and our suggestions boxes)
Did you have to work with Springshare to alter the LibGuides search box functionality like that? - Stephen Francoeur
Nope. It's basically css/html you add to the search template "search page layout". The hard part was to manipulate the Summon API. Requires a server to host yr script (edited to avoid confusion "Server side") - my colleague used php. If you have questions, I can relay them to my colleague who did the work. I am sure he wouldnt mind sharing. We did ask Springshare about *their* API for... more... - aaron
When you say server-side, which server? and will it work through https? - Aaron the Librarian
As in you need to run an independent script on your own server. I think the scripts send your api key etc to the Summon server, get back results in json etc. Then parse back the results to appear on the Libguides Search page. I know he used and adapted this . - aaron
thanks for the clarification and the link *plots madly* - Aaron the Librarian
Wow. Thanks for this! I don't kno if we'll be able to do it here, but now it's a goal! - lris
Catherine Pellegrino
There are too many reasons to love this to pieces: "This Sat. @11am B&N book shops across the U.S. will teach your kids how to infringe on my copyright."
I love Mo Willems . Saw him at a lecture a couple of years ago where he taught us all to draw the pigeon and told us all the stories he receives from children who are blatantly copying/infringing and how it's he started as well (drawing peanuts, Calvin etc) before figuring out his own art style. - Hedgehog from Android
Love this! - Stephen Francoeur
I heard an interview with him on NPR where he talked about how he specifically designed the Pigeon to be something that a kid could draw. It was hilarious, because he was going on in the happiest possible way about how he *wanted* kids to infringe on his copyright. - Catherine Pellegrino
There's a page in Don't Let The Pigeon Finish This Activity Book* where he lays out the steps just like in the sign pictured above, too. (*Highly recommended for any 4-8-year-olds in your life.) - Catherine Pellegrino
Megan loves summer
Interesting job opening: Executive Officer, Australian Open Access Support Group (2 years / half time):
Walt Crawford
Piece in Atlantic on OA, and the writer says of Martin Eve: "You point out that the sciences have many more free or un-paywalled journals than the humanities." That's tricky. Take out OASPA, and I think there were more free English-language OA journals publishing articles in 2013 than there were STEM (including biology but not including medicine).
Wouldn't it also be true that there are more toll access journals in the sciences than in the humanities? Certainly there would be more articles (more per issue, more issues per volume). - barbara fister
Of course, that does include "social sciences" in the humanities. - Walt Crawford
That depends. Leaving out biology and medicine--and also leaving out Beall's set but including OASPA--I see 509 STEM journals with fees publishing articles in 2013 and only 235 in HSS. (But Beall adds 1,240 fee in STEM and 561 fee in HSS. - Walt Crawford
Medicine, of course, is the Big Kahuna, both in journals and articles. And in funding to pay fees... - Walt Crawford
I meant to link to the Atlantic article (hat-tip to Ondatra): - Walt Crawford
(My numbers for DOAJ+OASPA for free journals publishing articles in 2013: 1,056 for STEM excluding Biology; 1,299 for HSS. But it's possible that Biology adds enough to make them roughly even. Still, "many more" only works if you include Medicine-or exclude social sciences from the humanities...) - Walt Crawford
Martin Eve may be thinking strictly of just Humanities without the SS components. - Joe
In that case, there are relatively few Gold OA journals of either paid or free variety--although (DOAJ only) the 433 freebies publishing articles in 2013 certainly outnumber the 19 with fees. (OASPA wouldn't change that much: 6 fee, 30 free. Only Beall manages to go the other way: 95 fee, 4 free. But then, that set is specifically selected for fee charging.) - Walt Crawford
Yes, there are a lot fewer free gold OA journals in the humanities--but more than 95% of the DOAJ-listed humanities gold OA journals *are* free. So unless Dr. Eve is saying "humanities scholars don't publish enough journal articles," I'm not sure there's a great point here. - Walt Crawford
~Courtney F
Today's stumper reference question... There were many important and impactful Civil Rights organizations (e.g., SNCC, SCLC, NAACP, CORE). Which group had the most significant and long-lasting contributions to advancing racial equality? (I expect you to compare and contrast the impact of at least 3 key Civil Rights organizations in arguing your...
point.) I have found sources that have a lot of information about these different organizations but I am having a hard time finding really useful information regarding their long-lasting impact. I think I mostly need help figuring out how to condense my search to find sources that more specifically talk about that." - ~Courtney F
I would be inclined to tell the person to examine the orgs' histories for evidence of impact, I guess? - RepoRat
i'm thinking also that this student needs to figure out what counts as impact - ~Courtney F
This is not a great thesis, imo. As you say, Courtney, the student needs to make a more specific argument that is suppotable by evidence. - maʀtha's a freshman paper :) hopefully, the research appointment will help with the thesis - ~Courtney F
Yeah, that's a book, not a research paper. Sheesh. Courtney, you're right about the student having to first figure out what they mean by "impact." - Stephen Francoeur
The challenge won't be finding sources, it will be focusing and then digging deep into the material. Also, lots of primary documents available on Web. - maʀtha
FWIW, you can keep yourself pretty busy in America: History & Life by putting the name of one group in the first search box and something like this in the 2nd box: effective* or impact* or legacy - Stephen Francoeur
And what Martha says is absolutely true. I think the student's performance on this project depends more on analysis of sources than on finding the perfect sources (which likely don't exist or would only be known to someone who's already an expert scholar on the topic area). - Stephen Francoeur
This looks interesting (and the author is a known expert). LITWACK, LEON F. "Fight The Power!" The Legacy Of The Civil Rights Movement." Journal Of Southern History 75.1 (2009): 3-28. America: History & Life. Web. 18 Nov. 2014. - Stephen Francoeur
Wondering if Opposing Viewpoints might be better source for a freshman to start with. - Stephen Francoeur
Also, so many great books on this. Books will help with context. - maʀtha
This is a crazy assignment for a freshman. What are the assigned readings for the class? - Laura Krier
i'm not sure - i didn't get a copy of the syllabus - but it sounded like several books at least. - ~Courtney F
Favorite books that feature cold, winter, snow, ice. Go!
Ethan Frome - maʀtha
His Dark Materials - maʀtha
Doctor Zhivago - maʀtha
Left Hand of Darkness - maʀtha
The Dark is Rising - maʀtha
Oh, I love The Dark is Rising. Winter by Rick Bass. - laura x
The Ice Storm - maʀtha
Wintering by Kate Moses - laura x
Oh, good one, Rick Bass - maʀtha
The Cross-Country Cat. (I'm currently reading a lot of picture books to the kidlet...) - Jenica
The Snowy Day - maʀtha
One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich - Solzhenitsyn. Edit: aaannnnd martha just won my heart with that last entry :) - MoTO: #TeamMarina
What's the Louise Erdrich book in which everyone is starving during the winter? - maʀtha
It's not Greenlanders (that's Jane Smiley) but I'm nominating it anyway. Also The Shipping News, and a variety of Barbara Hambly novels. - Catherine Pellegrino
To Build a Fire - Jack London - MoTO: #TeamMarina
Crime & Punishment - Dostoyevsky - MoTO: #TeamMarina
good, more Russians - maʀtha
Into The Wild - Krakauer - MoTO: #TeamMarina
Icerigger, Alan Dean Foster. (pulp sci-fi first contact novel featuring ice skating cat people. - DJF from Android
Let the Right One In - maʀtha
DJF, you are a font of knowledge - maʀtha
You've seen my wall of sci-fi - DJF from Android
I love you too, MoTO - maʀtha
The Long Winter - maʀtha
(also the sequel, Mission to Moulokin, which I spelled successfully before confirming it in librarything) - DJF from Android
The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. :D - LB snowed in.
holy hell, we (library) doesn't own the Shipping News - maʀtha
How much winter do you need? Gaiman's American Gods features a critical winter plot point - DJF from Android
Little by David Treuer - maʀtha
The winter must be a big deal - maʀtha
I think maybe the Erdrich is Tracks? - maʀtha
Winter Dance by Paulson - maʀtha
The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. - Jennifer Dittrich from FFHound!
Julie of the Wolves - maʀtha
would you like some Turkish Delight? - maʀtha
Orlando - maʀtha
Girl with the Dragon Tattoo - maʀtha
Beowulf? - DJF from Android
The Winter book . Moominland Midwinter. If not now,when? - Pete from FFHound(roid)!
The Giver - maʀtha
Mission Child - McHugh - maʀtha
I was going to suggest that one, but wasn't sure if it had enough winter. - DJF
At the Mountains of Madness, Lovecraft. - DJF
and we don't own any Lovecraft. sigh - maʀtha
The Winter Knights - Pete
oooh, what's that, Pete? - maʀtha
One of the Edge Chronicles :) - Pete
Beowulf, totally - maʀtha
I can't remember... how much winter is there in The Master and Margarita? - DJF
I was wondering the same thing. - maʀtha
Hogfather - Jennifer Dittrich from FFHound!
Sir Gawain and the Green Knight - maʀtha
Outsourcing your display cabinets again? ;-) - DJF
Maybe. Also, entertaining myself :) Also, I love reading books about winter. Given that we are about to have >5 months of winter, it seems appropriate. - maʀtha
(Martha, you may have my Turkish Delight. I'm not a fan.) - LB snowed in.
Gretel Ehrlich's This Cold Heaven, and The Girl With Glass Feet by Ali Shaw - Kirsten
M.J. McGrath's WHITE HEAT set in Ellesmere Island, with a jaunt to Greenland. Brrr. - barbara fister
Asa Larsson's Rebecka Martinsson series is set in northern Sweden. - barbara fister
I recently read Nick Bertozzi's Shackleton graphic novel and it's about as epic an ice & snow tale as you could ever imagine. - John Dupuis
Does The Jolly Christmas Postman count? - Marina's Godmother :-)
Seconding "The Long Winter." - bentley
Orlando, Woolf. - DJF from Android
Winter of Magic's Return - laura x
December by Elizabeth Winthrop - laura x
Far North by Marcel Theroux. - Regular Amanda
A Companion to Wolves and A Tempering of Men, Elizabeth Bear/Sarah Monette - RepoRat
East by Pattou - maʀtha
At the Mountains of Madness by Lovecraft - Katy S
If I Ever Get Out Of Here by Eric Gansworth - Katy S
I have a soft spot for Hercule Poirot's Christmas by Agatha Christie. - Katy S
The Goblin Emperor, Katherine Addison. Title character is ALWAYS cold in his palace, and there's plenty of winter festival type stuff going on. - RepoRat
^That is a good one! - Katy S
Laura x I love winter of magic's return! (but otherwise have nothing of substance to add to this thread :) ) - ellbeecee
The Snowy Day by Jack Ezra Keats - Katy S
The Martian by Andy Weir definitely features cold (Mars isn't exactly steamy). Splendors & Glooms by Amy Schlitz. And, I don't know how I forgot it earlier, but my favorite fairy tale since I was a kid has been The Snow Queen. - Katy S
Winter's Tale by Mark Helprin (one of my favorite books ever) - Galadriel C.
LBC, I'm so thrilled I know someone else who loves that book! I may reread it soon. - laura x from iPhone
But which version of the Snow Queen, Katy? - maʀtha
I have got to read the Goblin Emperor - maʀtha
I love the Snow Queen by Joan Vinge - maʀtha
Martha - Andersen's fairy tale. I started compulsively reading and rereading it when I was ten. - Katy S from iPhone
I'm reading Goblin Emperor right now, and I really like it. And, I was trying to remember the author of Snow Queen -- Vinge's is the one I was going to recommend. - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
Pushing Ice. Misery. - Anika from Android
The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe [eta: d'oh, repeated because I didn;t read the previous entries first] - Aaron the Librarian
bioCADDIE | biomedical and healthCAre Data Discovery and Indexing Ecosystem -
This is interesting... - Hedgehog from Bookmarklet
LB snowed in.
The Modern Library Awards? Oh, I'm judging alright.
does anyone know software for creating timelines? Patron wants a good platform for creating multi-category timelines that can be filtered by category? Or one where I could have multiple timelines collected into one larger one?
Simile Widgets (I suspect the usability of anything from SIMILE will be pessimal, however. Designed by Information ScientistsTM.) - RepoRat
thanks, RR!!! - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
I was going to recommend Timeline from KnightLab, which I'm poking around with right now... - Jenica
there's also this set of resources from Univ Tennessee library Tools & Software - Digital Humanities - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
Mr. The Jason Fleming
If I wanted to preserve a web page as is for archival purposes should I use the wayback machine service? or is there another way? I'm wondering specifically if I should find a way to download the entire site to a library server
Look for info about the WARC Web archive format - DJF from Android
could be something useful to you in - RepoRat
Megan loves summer
This was good for a giggle.
Sometimes I can make a wild guess at what the autocorrect is doing. This... is not one of those times. - RepoRat
Susan? (did you add this to the tumblr) - Christina Pikas
Yup, submitted - Megan loves summer
Desperately Seeking... - RepoRat
I will get it posted later today! - laura x from iPhone
(I need to get Tumblr on my phone, aka my home computer) - laura x from iPhone
Which tumblr? - bentley
Sorry, I need to bump this RIGHT NOW. - Zamms
Thanks, Laura. I just giggled a lot. - bentley
Evidence Based Collection Models: Not Your Traditional DDA, Tuesday, December 2, 2014, 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM ET / 7:00 AM - 8:00 AM PT. You might recognize one of the panelists.
Thank you kindly for the shout out Joe! - Galadriel C.
Losing our Hero, Rest in Power Leslie Feinberg | Lambda Literary -
Losing our Hero, Rest in Power Leslie Feinberg | Lambda Literary
One of many moving tributes to the great Leslie Feinberg - maʀtha from Bookmarklet
Oh goodness. I remember a friend loaning me that book 14 years ago. - laura x from iPhone
Catherine Pellegrino
Codsignal request: I need to build a tool that will take textual information from a Google spreadsheet, reformat it and display it differently, probably in a document of some sort. I don't even know what keywords to type to find instructions for doing such a thing. Can you help me describe the task specifically enough ...
... so that I can find information or instructions? Essentially, I need to tell Google: "Take the data from row X of this sheet, reformat it according to the following rules, and send it into the following container." Ideally, there would be a mechanism whereby a non-technical user could specify what row(s) to use. - Catherine Pellegrino
Please note that I'm not asking you to SOLVE the problem (though if you know of a pre-packaged solution, that's great), I'm just trying to DESCRIBE the problem so that I can find solutions on my own. - Catherine Pellegrino
Similar to mail-merge functions in MS Excel? - lris
I searched "Google spreadsheet automated" and got this: - Meg VMeg
Although maybe you actually want Fusion Tables: (sorry, no search terms, I've just used it before) - Meg VMeg
I never managed to wrap my head around mail-merge, Iris, but I bet that's what I'm looking for. Meg, thank you for those links, and I will investigate them shortly! - Catherine Pellegrino
Ooh, I've been wanting something like this, too. I'm going to investigate Fusion Tables. Thanks for asking this question, Catherine. And for some cool stuff, Meg. - kaijsa
Just getting back to this now to do some more investigating. At first glance, it looks like Iris may have pegged it with mail-merge, and you can do mail-merge-like stuff with Google spreadsheets, e.g.: However, it's possible that something involving scripts would work as well or better: (found that page by following links from Meg's first link above). - Catherine Pellegrino
Ha! That's what I get for skimming: mail-merge uses scripts, so in point of fact, they're one and the same solution. - Catherine Pellegrino
This published abstract of a JASIST article (not early view) has at least 3 errors in it. Who knows how much is wrong in the article. I used to look up to JASIST, but not much lately. #addedvaluemyass
But it's one of very few very expensive toll-access journals left among the top LIS journals. That's gotta count for something, right? Holding the fort against those nasty ALA divisions and independent groups with their freebies... - Walt Crawford
My sense is the authors are primarily LIS school faculty so they probably don't think of themselves in competition. ASIST certainly doesn't IME. - Sarah
Sarah's right. These are people who wouldn't be caught dead publishing in a practitioner-oriented journal. - RepoRat
Interesting (not surprising), although it seems to me LIS faculty aren't exactly missing from the less theoretical journals... - Walt Crawford
Yeah, no, they're not -- not all LIS faculty are total snobs. I think a network analysis would show that JASIST authors are snobbier than most, though. - RepoRat
Getting this past the IRB might be kinda tough though. - Joe
Not as a comparative network analysis -- it's publicly-available information, and the results don't HAVE to be phrased in a way that's invidious. Just "these authors cluster in these journals; those authors cluster in those other journals, HMM WE WONDER WHY." - RepoRat
Oh, I was thinking of doing surveys to determine snobbiness levels. On a scale of 1-10, how snobby is Author X. - Joe
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