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So librarians. Much distraction. Very LOL. Wow.
Joe Hardy
Got my oldest son a Kindle for the Summer and I am sick of buying books already.
library? - ~Courtney F
Yeah I need to look into those places !) We stopped by yesterday for print/AV but I didn't think about E - Joe Hardy from Android
here's some free kindle e-books for you to consider: - Marie
Awesome, thanks! - Joe Hardy from Android
I've found some good (and some VERY BAD) books through - ellbeecee
Amazon also does monthly deals and they do kindle daily deals, typically $3 or less. i typically find at least a few books a month that are interesting - Sir Shuping is just sir
does Amazon Prime get you anything special kindle book wise? - Joe Hardy from Android
You can loan books from the Kindle library, though it isn't always easy to see which ones are available. - Jennifer Dittrich
Here's the link to the books you can get free (one per month) for being a prime member. You can only buy them free from the device itself though: - kristin buxton
bookbub sends out an email daily with a few cheap/free books. you can tailor (to a point) the stuff they send you ... - henry
Rachel Walden
YOU GUYS. What was the name of the guy who would always post complaints to email lists about, uh, (afraid of summoning...) a public library in a city in Massachusetts? Something reminded me but I can't find it and now it's bothering me.
Don Saklad? - LB hates stale candy! from Android
Don it is, the one and only. - Walt Crawford
The scariest thing? I didn't even have to Google to recall his name, just to find a link to share. - LB hates stale candy! from Android
Thank you. That's exactly who I was thinking of. - Rachel Walden
omg ... i know that guy! he also tips into glbt* groups to remind us all to have safer sex. - henry
making some word clouds to 'splain reserve books. I'm liking this one, from tagxedo.
Steele Lawman
Two new-to-me works of art I came across in the books of the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center Library, given to Colorado College. That's the Devil's Bible and Fragmentary Head of a Queen.
Fine Arts Center has a library? - Eric - Back to the Grill from iPhone
They did, but when they renovated in 2007 or so they eliminated the space for the library, dismissed the librarian, and boxed up the collection. This summer, they gave the collection to Colorado College, where I'm a librarian, and we are adding thousands of those books to our collection. - Steele Lawman
tell me more about the Devil's Bible? - RepoRat
at least they didn't pulp the collection. i've heard of that being done. - Big Joe Silence
The Devil's Bible isn't actually in the collection we were given, just a photograph of it. :) It's the largest extant medieval manuscript, currently in the collection of the National Library of Sweden. - Steele Lawman
awwwww. I wish you had it, because it looks AWESOME. - RepoRat
Joe, agreed. We think it's good for the center to be rid of the responsibility for an asset they could no longer manage, and good for the college to be able to expand our already-extensive art history collection. The gift also includes a good deal of books about the American West and American Indians that we are happy to have. - Steele Lawman
RepoRat, me too! But it isn't that kind of collection. - Steele Lawman
Interesting when your emails end up in a string that's suddenly copied to the 2nd in command of the whole institution... Luckily it involved something I'm proud of.
Helen asks on FB: Helen Smith Just now Got a new laptop and it won't let me access ff. I can open everything else. It says it's because I've not got cookies enabled. But I have. Any ideas?
What sort of browser? - Jennifer Dittrich
Chrome - Hedgehog
Thanks Hedgehog - clearing my browser history seems to have fixed it :-) - Heleninstitches
Thinking of how libraries do library item locations. We have 7 different libraries (Central, Chinese, Science, Medical etc) and each library can have several collections, each on different levels, what's the clearest way to represent it to users?
Most straight forward would be spell out library name in full + collection name + level. Eg CJ Koh Law Library - Singapore Malaysia Collection - Level 3. But would that be too ugly? Our current solution is Abbreviate the library name so LW - Singapore Malaysia Collection.. but people keep asking what is LW and what level is the collection. - aaron
Okay I know the most obvious solution is to make a hyperlink to a map, but let's just say it doesn't work very well now (long story). - aaron
We use abbreviations (e.g. LHS Chicago 3rd Floor Book Stacks) but don't give a indication in the catalog of where LHS Chicago Open Reserve is (it's on the first floor)... Not much in the way of help but that's how we have in my building - Hedgehog
We either say which library "Park Library (School of Journalism and Mass Communication)" or, in the case of the main library, "Main Library (6th floor)" fwiw. - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
Walt Crawford
Just as The Annoyed One sometimes has thoughtful essays, SKitch's Kent Anderson sometimes does really good commentaries (in this case wholly unrelated to OA):
Whelp, just got to enact our brand new emergency plan for the first time.
Did you get to kill anyone? - Professor A.I.
NOT YET - lris
you ok? what happened? - Sir Shuping is just sir
Oh yeah, I'm fine. Construction caused a leak, so I let the people know who needed to know, and hopefully there won't be too much damage done. - lris
whew...glad that you're ok and that it isn't too bad of a thing - Sir Shuping is just sir
I'm glad everything is fine. Did the plan run smoothly? Not that you ever want these things to happen, but it can be good to assess the plan after an incident. - Katy S
Everything on our end went pretty well (notifying people who needed notifying, etc), but there were complications to learn from (as always). - lris
Library Assessment Conference in Seattle. Who will I see there? If there are enough of us, LSW meetup?
I will be there! Yes to meetup! - kaijsa
Kaijsa, yay! - Marie
Deborah Fitchett
When you report a bug to your vendor and they say, "Oh, because it doesn't X" and you say "No, it does, this is just a bug," and they say "Oh, but it doesn't Y," and you say "No, I've done Y, but not when bug," and they say "But no can Y" and you say "No, SEE MY PROOF THAT CAN TOO Y, JUST FIX THE BUUUUUG!" Over the course of a *month*.
Seriously it's a really tiny bug. There'll be one line of code somewhere in which they need to either add or subtract one character. - Deborah Fitchett
Ha. I can relate. - aaron
Ugh. Frustrating. - Kirsten
Today they say "Oh, actually your input file is in file format Z" and I'm all "...Your system is *converting it into* Z." I have however extracted a promise that they'll forward this to a developer. - Deborah Fitchett
Deborah Fitchett
In sentences I never expected to write: "I watched an exciting video yesterday about metadata customisation and validation."
I dunno, it sounds exciting to me! - RepoRat
It's in the context of MARC cataloguing in Alma. Just for clarification, not that this makes it any more or less exciting / weird to be saying. - Deborah Fitchett
Actually, that's even more interesting for me, since MfPOW is moving to Alma. I'm on the transition mailing list (just as a lurker), but I don't understand above half of what I see there -- it's very telegraphic. - RepoRat
Okay then you should join our almamigration Friendfeed group. Apparently I don't know how to Friendfeed because it won't let me invite you but anyway maybe someone else can figure that out. --I think one reason for telegraphicness is because a) the migration process is really quick and b) it requires rewiring your brain a huge amount so c) at the end of it you're too exhausted to translate back into the old way of ILS. Or maybe that's just me. - Deborah Fitchett
~Courtney F
Note to vendors: when we tell you we are looking to choose a new ILS, don't come and show us only the discovery part. We really are more interested in the nuts and bolts part. Two hours in and we haven't seen cataloging or acquisitions, but we've seen shine social media and app stuff.
But Courtney, surely if there are social media sharing buttons prominently featured on every item, cataloging won't be necessary! - laura x
Not to mention a purchase option that allows your library to make $.02 off every book the patron buys on their own! - ~Courtney F
Well, you don't want to *not* see the discovery part. But yeah. - Deborah Fitchett
laura x
Found at the library today. Label reads "Files from old computer index--see 'Computer Files' pre Y2K."
this would make a good slide for something - maʀtha
CC-BY. :D - laura x
Trialing browzine again for the second time, since they are now supporting aggregators like ebsco, proquest and Ovid. Any of you who have this for a while? How are users taking it? I got the impression it's quite well received on the medical side.
We're looking at it again, too. People are more impressed this time, and the pricing is more sensible. - Holly's favorite Anna
one of my faculty members LOVES it & she tells me that every time she sees me. - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
I think we are finally getting it - maʀtha
We had a trial for a couple of months, had moderate use (good for a trial really), and just subscribed for a year. We'll see how it goes. - Galadriel C. from Android
We are several months into our first year. I haven't really heard any feedback other than excitement when I tell people about it. I'll take a look at stats tomorrow. - ~Courtney F
So we're about 6 months in. It's an interesting mix of titles that are being used. We've had less than 100 sessions, but almost 1000 TOC views and a good number of full text downloads. (also, entirely iOS) - ~Courtney F
Meaning that it only works on iOS, right? That's what it seems like from their site, anyway... Hard to stomach. - JffKrlsn
Jeff There's a android version. I am trialling it on a Nexus 7 (2013). It's less polished compared to the iOS one but workable. I could be wrong but the pricing model charges seperately for iOS and Android. - aaron
Aaron is correct - right now it's tablet only, both Android and iOS. They are going to release an iPhone version soon, and then an Android phone version. The pricing model did charge separately when we started our subscription (we have both), but they may have changed that. - ~Courtney F
They have changed it. There's now a single price based on fte that's platform independent. - DJF from Android
iPhone version is already out. I adore Browzine. Keeps getting better. - Julie Kane from iPhone
I think it's a great app -- MPOW is launching it in the Fall. My only complaint is that a lot of humanities sources are missing, I think because smaller publishers have a harder time getting their feeds up-to-snuff and/or included. Our tech services staff showed me where you can request inclusion of new publishers: - Regular Amanda
Seems like everyone has only good words for browzine. How is the speed of loading of pdfs on your side? Feels a bit slow here.. can be maybe 10-15s - aaron
Yep, the only complaints I've gotten are about the small selection of titles available. No gripes about Android, either, but I rarely see a non-iOS tablet on this campus. I don't think ours has gotten a huge push, and I work with mostly humanities and cultural studies faculty so haven't promoted it aggressively. The people who've tried it seem to love it. - kaijsa
Just realised today the way we do ILL here is quite different from most libraries. Yet another insight to why sometimes our faculty staff or researchers who have experienced other systems are confused.
How is yours different? - Christina Pikas from iPhone
Okay "most libraries" is probably a bit exaggerated. But i keep getting queries from new faculty or staff who keep asking where to search to find books for ILL.*edit* I was unclear, I mean they already have item in mind but want to find which library has it. We have always been a "you tell us what book you want to ILL and we will figure out where to do it for you" kind of library, so... more... - aaron
We expect people to know the item they want as well. - YvonneM
Aaron, that's how we do ILL too: they don't need to know where the thing is, we figure it out. We do a lot of consortial ILL stuff so it doesn't help for them to tell us that Random Library X has the item, if Random Library Y also has the item, and is a part of our consortium. - Meg VMeg
Do y'all have a form they can submit requests through? I know that's what ours are used to, even those that come from schools with ILLiad. But the bulk of libraries I'm familiar with, we expect them to know what they want before talking to ILL and ILLiad doesn't let them search that way. If i'm helping someone I often direct them to either Amazon or Worldcat (either database or .org) to look for things and I'll help them search if they need it. - Sir Shuping is just sir
We have a online form. I tell them how to get it. Yet some of them seem to feel that we are strange that they don't get this special search place to look for stuff.. I am a bit confused about "expect them to know what they want". That's a given, they already have the item in mind. What i mean is they seem to want to search through some special place to check if the thing they want exists in there. I get the sense they don't want to ILL something unless they think there is a high chance of getting it.. - aaron
Oh, we tell them to search Worldcat because it includes things we don't have. But they don't have to tell us where the thing is when they place their request (though providing a Worldcat ID will expediate the request). - Meg VMeg
people ask me that, and I tell them that we worry about that, once they've identified what they want to read. Sometimes I show them WorldCat, but usually not. - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
Just to be clear this isn't the case of a grad student trying to discover new itmes to ILL. It's about someone who knows something exist but insist on finding a library that has it before submitting ILL. I tell them to go worldcat too if they insist too much to check if the book they want is there (we not very big on OCLC for some reason). . But I don't think our ILL staff really care... more... - aaron
Another thing I noticed is that for us ILL = book items only. But I get a sense ILL also means requests for articles for many libraries? We call that document delivery. - aaron
ILL is books and articles for us, but honestly it varies place to place as to what they call it. It means the same thing in my opinion. As far as what you're talking about then yeah...yeah I get that a lot as well, typically from faculty. I think its a holdover from 16+ years ago where it helped ILL people to know where something was (before OCLC became fancy) I've stopped trying to tell them that they don't need to tell us where it is and just let them do that. - Sir Shuping is just sir
I have always been fascinated with how different faculty are, because of what they are used to. Ours nowadays tend to come from American ones, like Duke, Yale due to the partnerships, so there's a bit of confusion sometimes. Sometimes, there is so much confusion because our staff have no clue what they are talking about. The major one I mentioned before is the way eresources are authenticated in-campus and off-campus. (Answer: Ezproxy always, no vpn, no in campus login.. that blows their minds ha) - aaron
We call it all ILL, and we're set up the same as you are -- no need to know which library it's coming from, and in fact that would be extra complicated because we choose various libraries to borrow from for consortial/pricing reasons rather than whatever reasons a patron might choose. - lris
If you work in an academic library, does helping students format their theses (inserting section breaks, for ex) fall under your duties? Our Writing Center can't or won't show students how. We had a librarian that did this, but co-workers don't want to spend time (admittedly sometimes hours) on this, so director asked us not to, period.
We established a technology help desk service for students (located at the research help desk) just so that the librarians could stop trying to be IT specialists, and focus on the research questions. We have students, now, who are hired and trained to do the tech parts. It helps a lot. (And our reference stats include a lot fewer notations of "printers!") - Jenica
We also have IT student workers at our Research/IT desk who can help with that kind of thing. Also printers. - lris
We just started this, but unfortunately the library is open later than the IT desk is staffed. Admittedly we don't get a ton of research questions. - YvonneM
That was the case here until just this year. This year they've shifted all evening staffing to the library after 8pm and are staying here until we close at 1am. - lris
Our IT help desk is staffed more than our research help desk, because students are cheaper than librarians, and we get more tech questions than research ones. - Jenica
Our graduate college does some of this work. - Sarah
We would certainly show someone how to insert a section break, as in your example, or set margins or whatever. However, I don't think any of us would sit with a student while he/she put in ALL the section breaks, etc. I think we'd handle it the way we do reference: here's how you do the thing you want to do, now go do it. (Edit: We also have an IT staff member we can send them to if they have thornier problems.) - Steele Lawman
The library has computer help people on our staff. That said, I help people with this all the time. I think academic libraries *should* help students with this sort of thing. I don't want students to feel like they are getting the run around. Also, it is a way to start building relationships with students, let them know we are helpful, etc. Also, I know if they went to the regular IT department, they wouldn't get helped with this sort of thing very well and their hours are really short. - maʀtha
Also, what Steve said. - maʀtha
Our IT department hours are much longer, so generally I'd suggest people go there first, and Word/productivity suite stuff is more their purview. But if they show up at the reference desk we don't turn them away. I think we'd generally take Steve's approach, of "here's how to do it, now go do it". Or, even better, "here's how to Google/Office Help your thing, now go do it". - Regular Amanda
Thanks :-) Yeah, the lib I mentioned (also my boss) would spend several hours w/ students on this kind of thing--and no one else wants to. My boss thinks this is bad service. I'm on the fence. - YvonneM
Alegria Kyra Professional Sockeye - Free Shipping BOTH Ways -
Alegria Kyra Professional Sockeye - Free Shipping BOTH Ways
shoes on their way! - maʀtha from Bookmarklet
I had a pair of Alegria's that I wore to death. The only thing I don't like is the velcro. - Laura
shiny - maʀtha
And cute. - Julian
Do not buy patent Alegrias. I have two pair of patent and they squeak so much that I avoid walking through public spaces when I wear them to work. Actually, I've stopped wearing the patent ones. My regular leather ones, though---heavenly! - Rochelle *boom* Hartman
does this shiny purply stuff count as patent? - maʀtha
OR is it really fishskin? - maʀtha
My non-patent leather Alegrias squeak as well, though I still wear them. - kristin buxton
teeeheeeheee - maʀtha
Silver shoes are also good for rapid transit - DJF from Android
um... - maʀtha
But only if you prefer the book over the movie - DJF from Android
What is the Wizard of Oz? - maʀtha
(what do I win?) - maʀtha
$400 added to your point tally. - DJF from Android
The shoes are here! They fit perfectly right out of the box and are gloriously squeak free - maʀtha
I think I have a new shoe brand - maʀtha
Excellent! - LB hates stale candy!
Rachel Walden - Departmental Resource Librarian, Sweaters
It's like the warm and fuzzy version of Cabela's gun library. - Betsy
Walt Crawford
Today's San Francisco Chronicle had a nice obituary for Zoia Horn--a locally-written one, I believe. :
"The American Library Association did not support her in 1972, but later praised her courage." Wow, the density of subtext there is amazing. In fairness, I think ALA's a bit better than that now. - RepoRat
Wherever I am, that is where my office is. #constructionzen
I'm have far too much fun "kicking people out of my office" by walking away after saying goodbye. - lris
OnTheMap for Emergency Management Help and Documentation: "is a public data tool from the U.S. Census Bureau that provides an intuitive web-based interface for accessing U.S. population and workforce statistics, in real time, for areas being affected by natural disasters."
"OnTheMap for Emergency Management is a public data tool from the U.S. Census Bureau that provides an intuitive web-based interface for accessing U.S. population and workforce statistics, in real time, for areas being affected by natural disasters. The tool allows users to retrieve reports containing detailed workforce, population, and housing characteristics for hurricanes, floods, wildfires, winter storms, and federal disaster declaration areas." ["OnTheMap Version 6 is the sixth generation of OnTheMap, a web-based mapping and reporting application that shows where workers are employed and where they live. It also provides companion reports on age, earnings, industry distributions, race, ethnicity, educational attainment, and sex."] (via - Betsy
laura x
Our library's IP address range is currently blocked from Craigslist.
no more shenanigans for you, missy! - maʀtha
holly #ravingfangirl
book suggestions needed! a new series for a 7 yr old who likes American Girl, Magic Tree House, 3rd Grade Detective.
Has the 7 year old read the Clementine books by Sara Pennypacker? Or Louice Erdrich's series that starts with The Birchbark House? (the latter might be on the verge of too hard) - Katy S
The Eleanor series by Julie Sternberg (starts with Like Pickle Juice on a Cookie, 3 books total) or The Top-Secret Diary of Celie Valentine by the same author (a new series launching October 1, 2014). - Soup in a TARDIS
Oh, and maybe Ivy & Bean - those books are very popular, as are Bink & Gollie. (but, in this case the latter might skew too easy) - Katy S
Super fudge fire errbody! - Joe "The Anvil" Pierce from Android
How about an old series: Encyclopedia Brown? - Deborah Fitchett
I was pondering Encyclopedia Brown when I was looking yesterday! and I just saw Ivy & Bean when I wa on amazon today and wondered if they were any good. :) keep the suggestions coming! I am so excited because she's just getting to the age where I can start buying her some of my favorites from when I was a kid! wheeeeeeeeeeee! - holly #ravingfangirl
Naturally, I think of more as the evening progresses: Geronimo Stilton is very popular and might work well for her. There's an associated series with Thea Stilton, Geronimo's sister. Dan Gutman's My Weird School books are fun, too. - Katy S
I loved Encyclopedia Brown at that age fwiw. - Brent Schaus
Thinking more, I also loved the Secret Seven. (I never got into the Famous Five, but that was probably by chance.) I've still got original fiction I wrote that was clearly *very* inspired by it. Nancy Drew's *probably* for slightly older children. Oh and for a standalone, Harriet the Spy. - Deborah Fitchett
I am debating whether to get her Frindle now or wait until Christmas. it's one of my all-time favorites. - holly #ravingfangirl
Sisters 8? - ellbeecee
oh man, now i have too many choices. aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh - holly #ravingfangirl
This may be out of left field: Franny K. Stein? - Katie
create an amazon wish list for them in your account so you have a go-to list! - ~Courtney F
ooh, i like the sound of that one too! these are all going on the wishlist i have for them until i make up my mind. :D - holly #ravingfangirl
ωαřмaiden ❤Bassetmom❤
Tell me all your thoughts on Intota. Sat through 3 hours of presentation yesterday, but after a few years of being a beta partner for WMS, I'm disinclined to go with folks whose product is still half vaporware...
Ah, I see we're in the same CSU-Intota roadshow (ours is today). I have feelings, but not for public consumption. - Jaclyn aka spamgirl
we're not even getting a presentation right now. I think the part they have done seems promising, but we're not interested in waiting that long for the rest (or going through the Beta process) - ~Courtney F
Jaclyn - the show was a decent one; the ERM is pretty sexy looking, at least, and I understand that's their focus, but they dont have a complete ILS to offer, and wont until end of '15. We're probably at 95% electronic and barely have any print (no print serials, only a wee bit of monographs), but as a former Access dept head, the "we'll deal with Circ later, that's the easy part"... more... - ωαřмaiden ❤Bassetmom❤
@Courtney - yep. - ωαřмaiden ❤Bassetmom❤
I saw a presentation at least a year ago and thought it was vapourware then. Disappointed that it sounds like they haven't really progressed significantly since. - Deborah Fitchett
I am in that 3 hour preso today in Colorado. - Joe from iPod
Someone I respect very much is sold on it, so I'm hopeful it won't be vaporware. - Holly's favorite Anna from Android
NEVER BUY VAPORWARE. This is the second law. The first law is NEVER READ THE COMMENTS. - Jenica
Saw the presentation a few months ago and liked what I saw very much as the *concept* and the assessment piece seems foward-thinking and more than just a new ILS that is designed to finally incorporate e-collections like we needed 5-10 years ago with an analytics layer on top. Yet because it's still being developed, it would be be quite an adventure to embark upon now. - Galadriel C. from Android
Happy Birthday to our Marie!
Happy birthday, Marie :) - Pete
Happy Birthday! - lris
yay :) - Julian
Happy Birthday! - Jennifer Dittrich
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MARIE! - MoTO: Tufted Coqeutte
happy birthday! - Marianne
Happy birthday! - Jen
Happiest of days! - laura x from iPhone
Happy birthday! - LB hates stale candy! from Android
aw, i luh y'all. thanks. - Marie
Happy Birthday!!!! - Katy S
Phew, still have a few more hours to get my birthday greetings in. Hope you're having a great day. - Stephen Francoeur
Happy birthday!!!! - Galadriel C. from Android
Walt Crawford
Cites & Insights 14:8 (August 2014) is out...which also means that "Big-Deal Serial Purchasing: Tracking the Damage" is now available at the ALA Store. This is a relief... (A short version of my blurb for that is just the first two pages of a 32-page issue.)
[And if somebody reads the LTR, gets to the final chapter, notes my discussion of Transparency as one way to help matters, and complains that I shoulda' cited the recent study on actual bundle prices...I will have words about the reality of formal publishing, even expedited formal publishing. Sure am glad to see the study, though: it's a start.] - Walt Crawford
Walt Crawford
Fascinating thread on Publib that I could characterize as "Drones! New tech! There must be SOMETHING public libraries could do with them!" Because, you know, any gadget must have a vital role in the Public Library of The Future.
The July 4th sale runs till July 16th, so hurry in for huge savings!
How did this get into the LSW room? Sorry bout that. - Joe
what, are you letting people borrow books for free or something? - maʀtha
'Twas a plain old mistake. Maybe I will just delete. - Joe
I think it's way more fun to leave it and let us speculate about what, exactly, you're selling. - lris
Guess the commercial I saw. - Joe from iPod
My inbox tells me I've been disinclined to deal with stuff lately...
I thought this was "Ignore Your Inbox Tuesday" *checks calendar*. YOU MEAN IT ISN'T? - MoTO: Tufted Coqeutte
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