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So librarians. Much distraction. Very LOL. Wow.
Happiest birthday to Sir Shuping! Best to you as you embark on new adventures
Happy birthday! - John (bird whisperer)
happy birthday! - RepoRat
Happy Birthday! - Katy S from iPhone
Yay! Happy birthday, Andy. - Steele Lawman
Hope you have a great bday. - Joe
Yes indeed - a very happy birthday to you Andy and I hope you gave a great year ahead. - Galadriel C. from Android
thanks all. i'm hoping for a good year ahead as well. - Sir Shuping is just sir
Happy birthday! :D - Jennifer Dittrich
Happy birthday, Sir Andy. - Betsy
Happy birthday Sir Pal! - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
Happy day! - laura x from iPhone
Happy birthday! - Jen
Happy birthday! - John Dupuis
thanks all! appreciates it - Sir Shuping is just sir
Happy birthday! - Anne Bouey
Enjoy your day! - B. LB. from Android
Happiest of birthdays! - Jed rocks the party. from iPhone
happy bday! - holly #ravingfangirl
Many happy returns! - Megan loves summer
thanks again everyone I appreciate it! its been the strangest birthday yet, given that I've spent the day cleaning and packing last few things and throwing things out. the wishes and thoughts have made it feel more real - Sir Shuping is just sir
Wait wait wait! Let me add my voice to the chorus! Happy birthday! Happy new life! - Rochelle *boom* Hartman
Wait, I'm late too! Happy birthday! - Catherine Pellegrino
Hope you had a great day. - YvonneM
I hope it was wonderful Andrew!!! - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
yes! happy happy Andrew! And all the best in the future - which I look forward to following! - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
Walt Crawford
SKitch's softball interview with the pres. of the Council of Scientific Society Presidents (and former ACS president!) causes the same reaction in me that the guy's "The Hill" story did: On what basis is it acceptable for libraries to be forced to support non-publishing society activities? Link:...
No, I'm not going to comment at Skitch. Pointless. - Walt Crawford
Megan loves summer
Question for those of you who create videos and tutorials and things (e.g., interactive Captivate thingers): where do you host the tutorials/videos, e.g,. for the purpose of embedding in LibGuides, course management systems, etc.?
This may be a 'duh' question, but at MPOW, we're stumped. We had been using a purpose-built, but expensive and clunky repository to host tutorials/videos (among other things), but it's being decommissioned, and now we don't know where to store our stuff! - Megan loves summer
We only have a few, but they're stored in my account at - Catherine Pellegrino
You could probably use - just explored this for a prof assigning podcats. Or Vimeo or Youtube? - barbara fister
Hmm. Thinking of using Vine since 3 seconds is about the limit of my patience as a viewer :) - barbara fister
Oh, yeah, I have a screencast account. Will look into how much space we need--that might work. The prob with Youtube (and I believe Vimeo) is that I think we'll lose the interactivity of "clickable" Captivate tutorials. At least that's what we've found so far... Will look into! - Megan loves summer
Oh, gotcha. - barbara fister
Oh, yeah, I don't know if the clickability gets preserved at, either. - Catherine Pellegrino
We use our YouTube channel; Our ID team uses Kaltura. - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
We host a pile on our own server. Probably not optimal. - Deborah Fitchett
Sir Shuping is just sir
happy happy happy hippy hoppy birthday to the one and only awesome holly! creators of holly's famous mac and cheese!
Happy birthday, Julio! - Pete : Team Marina from FFHound(roid)!
Happy birthday :) - Eivind
Happy birthday! - John (bird whisperer)
Happy birthday! - Meg VMeg
Happy birthday! - Catherine Pellegrino
Happy birthday! - Kevin Johnson from Android
Happy, happy birthday!!! - Galadriel C.
Happy Birthday!!!! - Katy S from iPhone
Happy birthday! - Jenny H. from Android
Happy birthday! - Betsy
Happy birthday! - Stephan Planken from iPhone
I shall listen to Butch Walker today in her honor. Happy Bday Holly. - Steve C Team Marina
Happy Birthday! :D - Jennifer Dittrich
thanks, everyone! steve's got a great idea there. ;) - holly #ravingfangirl
Happy birthday! - Tamara J. B.
HB HB! - B. LB. from Android
Happy Holly Birthday!!! :) - Hedgehog
Happy birthday! - Jen
Holly's favorite Anna
This is the best language for jurisdiction I've ever seen in a license agreement. I will be stealing it to suggest for future agreements.
"The party initiating formal legal action must do so in the jurisdiction of the party against whom such formal legal action is taken. The party against whom formal legal action is taken submits to such jurisdiction. The rights the subject of this License arise under the law of their place of creation and will remain so regardless of the jurisdiction in which formal legal action is brought. The law of the jurisdiction in which the legal action is brought shall apply to all other matters relating to this License." - Holly's favorite Anna
that's kinda evil - Aaron the Librarian
You'd prefer, "jurisdiction is Delaware"? - DJF from Android
We're not likely to pursue any legal action against the companies we license content from, so it's fine by me. Possibly easier than getting them to agree to changing it to the Commonwealth of Virginia. - Holly's favorite Anna
so do I understand correctly that if I'm in Wisconsin and I sue the other party (which for the sake of argument is in another state), a Wisconsin court has to decide according to the other state's law? how does that make any sense? or did I misread? - RepoRat
The defense gets their jurisdiction, but copyright is decided according to national origin. So, proquest would take the university of Toronto to court in Toronto, but US copyright would apply. Or something silly like that. The copyright past would be laughed out of any other court on the planet, I suspect. - DJF from Android
oh. well that's stupid. - RepoRat
Advice for shipping filing cabinets of stuff? Is it easier to have it boxed? How should I ask them to do it. (This is totally out of my element.)
I'd box up the stuff. Then you can send it media mail, which will be cheaper. Filing cabinet with stuff weighs a freaking ton. - laura x from iPhone
When my MfPOW was moving to a new building, the movers gave us special filing boxes that fit the contents of one file cabinet drawer. It's like moving things as-is from one drawer to another, except it was a box. - Betsy
(Found this in a moving company's website: "Q: Do I need to empty out my filing cabinets? A: When the cabinets are made of metal or plastic, 2-drawer filing cabinets can be left full. The top two drawers of a 4-drawer cabinet need to be emptied. All lateral file cabinets need to be completely emptied. All drawers need to be emptied in wooden cabinets.") I don't know if this applies to shipping. - Betsy
They want to leave stuff in the metal cabinets, I think 4 drawer. I don't want to deal with moving/getting rid of them. Betsy, you might have the answer! - kendrak from Android
Meg VMeg
Hey, I searched the catalog for "Encyclopedia of Domestic Violence and Abuse" and the only result was "International Encyclopedia of Marriage and Family" so it must be opposite day!
Or the catalog has a mean sense of humor. - Meg VMeg
Yes, I know how catalogs work. - Meg VMeg
You do? Could you explain it to me? - Steele Lawman
Maybe when you're older. - Meg VMeg
B. LB.
Asserting Rights We Don’t Have: Libraries and “Permission to Publish” | Peer to Peer Review -
The Nursing faculty at MPOW have gotten into the habit of using RefWorks RefShare to share weekly course reading lists with their students. Since we are discontinuing our institutional support for RefWorks at the end of next summer, they need to find alternatives. Both Zotero and Mendeley provide "groups", which allow sharing of references...
The problem is that Mendeley free only allows a user to create ONE account that restricts the ability to add citations to a group to the owners/members of the goup, while also allowing the list of citations to be publicly visible on the net. - DJF
Zotero offers MUCH BETTER options for distinguishing between public vs private, and read-only vs editing the contents of a group. - DJF
Is this a question? Zotero is MUCH better than any other tool out there for group libraries. Although Flow has potential (as yet unreached) for possibly being better - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
Another nice thing about Zotero (compared to RefWorks) - you can use it post-graduation. The investment students make in leanring the ins and outs could keep paying off. Though not so much if most of the stuff they need to read is toll acess :( - barbara fister
Barbara, RefWorks changed its policy a while ago, so that alumni are covered by your institutional license. For as long as you maintain your institutional subscription. So, our alumni who continue to use it, are going to be losing it anyway. - DJF
Ooooohhh, right - i had forgotten that. I suppose people who never were affiliated couldn't use it though? I mean if a group of practicing nurses decided to have a group, it would be limited to people who'd had a RefWorks account from school. So still score one for Zotero. I am a good weasle. :) - barbara fister
Ok i need your help, LSW. I have a chance to take one of two classes: one is something I could definitely put in to practice at my current job. The other class is more interesting to me, and has potential to take me in a new direction, but nothing specific on the horizon. Which one would you spend your $4K on? I can't do both.
more interesting, esp. if it's that much and it's your own $$ - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
I'll go with the later. The former you could probably figure it out on your own if you really wanted I suspect. - aaron
Is the current-job one something that would save you time that you could put toward learning? If so, I'd lean in that direction. - RepoRat
As it turns out, the more interesting one is not available :( but the practical side of me was leaning towards the bird-in-the-hand class. - LibrarianOnTheLoose
Meg VMeg
Today I got to show how bad an expensive thing's search algorithm/logic was, to the person who made the thing, in front of people much more important than I am.
I felt bad, but what could I do? Socialization is a bitch. - Meg VMeg
Usually I only get to demonstrate how bad things are to vendor reps at conferences. They're always terribly distraught but so far it's never really helped anything. - Deborah Fitchett
Awesome. - laura x from iPhone
You're a good egg, Meg. - Stephen Francoeur
it's a dirty job, but somebody's gotta do it. - RepoRat
If the person is interested in building a good Thing, you did him/her a huge favor. - barbara fister
Catherine Pellegrino
LazyLibrarian request: I've been charged by my library with drafting a problem-reporting-and-resolving procedure (like a helpdesk ticketing system) for e-resource access problems.* Mostly this involves our link resolver, and occasionally our proxy server and various individual subscription weirdnesses. Is this, like, a Standard Thing...
that academic libraries have, and have developed certain standard tools (possibly even adapted existing helpdesk ticketing systems) to address? Or does each library invent their own wheel here? Or does each library do as we do, and solve problems via lots and lots and lots and lots of emails? - Catherine Pellegrino
*the question of why a reference and instruction librarian has been charged with this task is left as an exercise for the reader. - Catherine Pellegrino
Ours goes through our helpdesk system on the intranet - lots of functions in the library have issues reported through there - and the electronic resources librarian has set up prompts for information that's helpful for problem solving (what browser, on or off campus, etc). We use osTicket on our wordpress-based intranet - - ellbeecee
We have listserv that all electronic resources questions go to. They look into the problem, send out notifications, bring in systems as necessary, notify of resolution. There's a staff person who does primary triage. We've got a lot of helpdesk ticketing around here too but not for that specific area - Hedgehog
Thanks, Laura and Abigail, that's really helpful. Others, especially at smaller places? - Catherine Pellegrino
We have a ticketing-type procedure. We use a forum in which public services folks (and others) report e-resources problems. The e-resources librarians and staff monitor that forum and respond to postings, closing each thread as they resolve the issue. This helps us track communication with patrons as well as allows everybody to look at the forum to see if something has already been reported and/or what the status is for a fix. Bonus: no emails! - kaijsa
Oooh, that sounds interesting. What do you mean by "forum," precisely? And does the software that you use send automatic notifications to the e-resources librarians and staff? - Catherine Pellegrino
Sorry for my very 90s internet vocab! We use a threaded discussion message board. Individuals can elect to have notification emails turned on. Our board is built into our intranet, but we will likely be switching to something else, potentially within Canvas. Any threaded-discussion message board would work. - kaijsa
p.s. I'm heading to train circ folks on basic ref (yay!) but can email screenshots later if that helps. - kaijsa
OK, that's what I thought you meant (a phpBB board, or similar) but wanted to confirm. Thanks! - Catherine Pellegrino
We're fairly small. We use osTicket for all our enquiries. Not sure how easy to set up as it was before my time but it's easy to maintain (in that I've hardly had to do anything to it). - Deborah Fitchett
We have a listserv that goes to all five ERM folks as well as a dedicated ERM support email address. Messages to the support email automatically go into our ticketing system where they are distributed to those who have troubleshooting as a primary responsibility. Emails that come to the team list are replied to by whoever gets to it first and the reply copies the support email b/c of the ticketing system's stat and report features. - Galadriel C. from Android
We also have a guide for basic troubleshooting tips for those on the front lines as well as a checklist for what info to submit to help ERM provide the quickest help possible. - Galadriel C. from Android
We building a system, or rather trying to adapt one built by the parent institution. Don't think it's going well. - aaron
Thank you again! I will admit that I am a bit boggled by the idea of five -- seriously, FIVE? -- ERM staff/librarians at one institution, but I guess that's a difference between a Big Library and our itty-bitty one. - Catherine Pellegrino
Five is fantastic and it is far, far better than the one ERM librarian (me!) that managed all e-resources when I came to UConn 3 years ago. Yet, like everyone, we could use more human resources because of the 5, only 2 are full time, permanent ERM librarians . 1 in our department also coordinates streaming video processing, one is a one-year appointment that I hope will become... more... - Galadriel C.
Jennifer Arnott
So. Facebook library page policies. Do you have one? Is it public to people or internal to the library? (details on what brought this up next comment.)
Particular situation was someone (alum, no longer in the area at all) being a jerk on our page about some new changes: we view our Facebook primarily as a way for us to get news out about what we're doing, and while we're okay with comments back, we want it to be mostly a "Yay, Library!" space and have lots of other ways for people on campus to give us less positive feedback. We think we probably want a policy, but would love examples to work from that people like. - Jennifer Arnott
Here's the relevant bit from ours. "• Accept but monitor comments and postings by others. Social media thrives because of the community’s ability to participate in the “conversation.” To support and encourage this interactivity, you should be prepared to accept and respond – judiciously – to comments, not all of which will be positive. If necessary, to correct misunderstandings or... more... - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
I'm not super-well-informed on Facebook moderation affordances, but this is kind of setting off red flags for me. Trying to shut down everything but happytalk strikes me as the short route to Streisand syndrome. Maybe there's another way? - RepoRat
Essentially, you can't control how people respond to your presence. And being on social media and not being sociable isn't good practice :( Think of the negative comments as a way for you to highlight excellent customer service and disgruntled folks management? - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
We don't want to shut down anything but happy talk, but in this instance, it was someone who's 20 years out of college, no longer in the area, and whose comments were hitting some inappropriate places in terms of sexual comparison, so it wasn't just 'I don't like this'. We didn't do anything about the person who went "I hate that" because she didn't go on to push the point in... more... - Jennifer Arnott
Oh, and we also had already gone through the round of 'library staff pleasantly explaining the reasons behind the changes' and things got worse after that: the guy clearly didn't want a conversation, he just wanted to keep dumping nastiness. - Jennifer Arnott
Also, thanks for the example - that gives me something to go to other people with. (If I were deciding this myself, I'd design how we use Facebook differently, but I'm not queen, so.) One of the things this brought up is what we're open to from people in our community vs. people outside it - one of the things we don't want is people *in* the immediate community, current students and... more... - Jennifer Arnott
Fair enough. I'd look at blog comment policies, then, maybe excerpting from Geek Feminism's or, if you're feeling snarkier, John Scalzi's - RepoRat
It's Here! The NMC Horizon Report > 2014 Library Edition | The New Media Consortium -
Do you find this useful? - Hedgehog from Bookmarklet
Not really. Usually, I like the NMC reports. This one is striking a very meh note for me. - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
I was part of the panel that essentially voted on the various technologies and where they ended up in the various rankings. The downside to this kind of averaging out of multiple opinions is that if you're living this stuff every day, nothing that comes out in the report is particularly surprising. I believe a couple of other LSWers were also involved. - John Dupuis
John, maybe that's it? That there's not much "breaking news" but it's much the stuff I work in hear.about fairly regularly. I will shift my feeling to "validated"!! (I think also, I have a general meh response to a lot of "libraries in aggregate' reports, probably for the same reasons) - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
I usually find the Horizon Report useful as a tool for opening conversations, rather than as breaking news. I've had this one open for a couple of days, but haven't had time to look at it yet. Glad to see something focusing on libraries, though! - kaijsa
I also found this to be a little lacking in "breaking news". It's tough to brand your report as "identifying emerging technologies", because then you have to identify emerging technologies, when I think now we're rather in a period of wide adoption of emerging tech that's been around for quite some time. I thought the challenges section was nicely done, and each trend had a good... more... - Regular Amanda
Was in the NMC panel too. I guess If you are the type that keeps your ears and eyes open by reading twitter,blog,LSW, mailing lists aka the typical LSWer - I would expect you won't find anything news breaking given that this is in our domain area. It's the same thing when attending some conferences, I suppose - where you may find some attendees going "wow, this is so amazing" and you are internally going "meh" because you read about it already. - aaron
I will be adding this to my librarybox - ♫Robot Chicken, Trainer♫ from Android
Thinking about this more, Kaijsa's point is a good one: these are good overviews that can be used to start good conversations. I feel like maybe I was overly negative yesterday. - Regular Amanda from Android
Happy new academic year, everyone!
may we all be friendly! may we all be smart! :-) - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
may our printers work seamlessly! - Catherine Pellegrino
may we meet goals - MariWeaver
may we enjoy our work - RepoRat
may we literallly restrain ourselves from killing our cow orkers - Aaron the Librarian
so say we all - maʀtha
Do you have a Mendeley account? If so, how have you found it useful?
Yes, I use it to mark things for the group - Open Access Irony Award. Only 30 members, and I seem to be the only one who posts new articles to the group. - Joe
Elsevier cooties, so no. Zotero all the way. - RepoRat
^^^Amen - Meg VMeg
Yeah, I started using it before Elsevier bought it. I can't say I've used it much since then. - kaijsa
Galadriel C.
Come be my new supervisor! UConn Libraries is recruiting a new Associate University Librarian for Collections & Discovery:
Catherine Pellegrino
YOU GUYS. Big Research University Across The Street apparently now has guest wifi. This is (or may be) a total game-changer.
It has yet to be determined whether that guest wifi also confers access to licensed electronic resources, but I'm about to test that out. - Catherine Pellegrino
Let us know!!! - laura x
Can you connect to their guest wifi from within your library? That would be wonderful/evil. - Steele Lawman
Nah, we're way too far away. ("Across the street" is actually a mile+). But they've NEVER had guest wifi before, so this is HUGE. - Catherine Pellegrino
signal booster? - ♫Robot Chicken, Trainer♫
rogue mesh network! - RepoRat
excellent. - MariWeaver
Come on out to Denver. We have guest wifi. - Joe
We have guest wifi, too! With access to e-resources. - kaijsa
No guest wifi, no eresources....over here.... - aaron
We have guest wifi. Access to e-resources depends on which IP range we've given vendors, which depends on our license. - Deborah Fitchett
Heh. Dean of the Big Research Library Across The Street confirms that guest wifi does not confer access to licensed resources. If they want to use BRLATS's e-resources, our faculty and students are still limited to the two "guest" workstations with no printing or access to email. - Catherine Pellegrino
That's bogus. We count guest wifi users as walk-in users--they get the same privileges as anyone who walks in and uses one of our computers. Which means full access to all our e-resources. Or is this another of those public uni vs. private uni things that I just can't seem to wrap my head around? - Kirsten
I have no idea. My experience has been that large private research universities can get VERY growly about random walk-in users, and this is no exception. Where it really burns me, though, is that they're treating our faculty and students -- who have full borrowing privileges with their print collection, co-register in their classes, etc. -- the same as random walk-in users. - Catherine Pellegrino
Oy. Yeah, that's messy and confusing. And y'all are probably the ones who have to explain it to your students most, even though it isn't a policy you can do anything about. Frustrating. - Kirsten
Seconding what Kirsten says. If you're in university guest wifi range, you're a walk-in user. There are maybe a few things that don't work on guest network, but that's because they need individual accounts and only university emails work for those. - kaijsa
Oh, I just caught that this uni is private (reading comprehension, may I have some?). Yeah, that makes a big difference, I think. Still, if your students can register for their classes, seems like they should get to use the network when ON CAMPUS. Jeez. - kaijsa
No printing/email is even meaner than my private academic library is to walk-ins. - Steele Lawman
We are a tier or three below ND, but even as a private U, our guest wifi provides access to our resources, even for walkins. - Joe
~Courtney F
just answering text message reference questions for my education faculty's children's you do :)
I can't tell you how many text messages and social media ref questions I get from friends, but you all probably have the same experiences. - kaijsa
I also enjoyed seeing my mom (retired school libn) doing reader's advisory on Facebook, recommending books for her brother to read to his granddaughter - ~Courtney F
John: Thread Killer
Every year I see the call for proposals from LITA for Midwinter/Annual so I create calendar reminders for myself and do some brainstorming, and then nothing. Maybe I'm not being innovative or maybe I can't be objective about myself. What types of things about library technology would interest you all?
Lib tech and privacy, Government policy and library tech, Accessibility, Data driven (if we're being told to dashboard all this stuff, how?). - Hedgehog
^^all good. I'm also interested in more cross-pollination between "tech" people and digital humanities people, so programs on DH tech would be cool. - kaijsa
Summon users -- have you made decisions about keeping, paying for, or killing Flow yet? We've recommended we turn off Flow, until they develop RIS export functionality. Just curious if others have been making like decisions
Turned it off as well almost ASAP when it was launched. Didnt think there was anything that stood out at the time. Given that we don't even support reference managers that aren't named EndNote, and fact it was near to our semester start (we started early Aug) was a fairly easy decision. That said, I think there is export RIS functionality exposed now (just checked), initially when it launched I asked about it too, worrying about lock-in - aaron
we've asked to turn it off - weelibrarian
We are going to have it turned off. - Joe
Thanks for reinforcing my thoughts about it - DJF from Android
mad about flow. it doesn't have a ton of the features i need, but i want something that integrates with google docs. - Christina Pikas
Christina, have you seen this: It's not "integrated" but seems like it could do in a pinch. Or this is the quick and dirty way for Scrivener, and seems like it would work for Google Docs: - Meg VMeg
We have it on, but we subscribe to O.G. Refworks and Flow. - kaijsa
We're hoping to turn it back on over winter break, there's a lot of great potential there. And I feel much better now, knowing that many of you all have similar concerns. - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
Christina, you can still use it, even if your school turns it off. I think the URL is, and you just work with the bookmarklet instead of Summon integration. - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
Aaron, where did you find the RIS export info? - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
We have no intention of turning it off and we don't have summon either because our search results with it were very weird - Christina Pikas from iPhone
Rudi, I saw it by trying flow on another library's Summon instance. Also see - aaron
ωαřмaiden ❤Bassetmom❤
Yep. That's an Otto & Igor totebag by artist John LaFree. Cutest. Swagbag. Evar. -
Yep. That's an Otto & Igor totebag by artist John LaFree. Cutest. Swagbag. Evar.
So... what have I missed?
HI ANDY - maʀtha
we helped Martha stage a coup! *shhh she doesn't know it yet, it's a Christmas present* - Sir Shuping is just sir
Bogglement over AAAS's new hire. - RepoRat
wut? - maʀtha
Who did AAAS hire? - Andy
Skitchen dude. - Joe
Yes, THAT AAAS. - John Dupuis
Not just Skitchen dude, but the very Skitchen dude who got himself banned from Wikipedia. Best. 21st-century. Hire. Ever. - RepoRat
ωαřмaiden ❤Bassetmom❤
Sooprize! Since I came in with a year credit, my reappointment portfolio is due 9/26. *mad scramble*
ah, reappointment calendars. They suck so hard. - Jenica
So I read a fun YA book last night (Alanna: The First Adventure) and this morning went to the public library to check out the sequel. IT WASN"T THERE. The library let OTHER PEOPLE check out the book I wanted to read??? Libraries are so unfair!!!
Oh, Iris. - laura x
I could almost recite those books for you. Not the same, I know ;) - ellbeecee from Android
Also, once you get through Alanna, if you've liked them, go for the Wild Magic series (your library has the first of those ) and then the Protector of the Small. Watching how Tammy Pierce's writing skill has grown over her career is really neat. - ellbeecee
It's nice to know I'm not the only person who checks other people's libraries when making recommendations. - DJF from Android
Don't we all do that? - laura x
Looks like my public library has them, EBC - lris
what kind of librarian would I be if I didn't, DJF? - ellbeecee
Olivia (my 23 y.o.) still re-reads those books once in awhile. - Rochelle *boom* Hartman
Information Today?? We've been saying this for years!
And yet, when you look at the content, it's just an invitation to a Proquest infomercial. - JffKrlsn from Android
Christina Pikas
so CHORUS and PORTICO have reached an agreement - I guess the publishers are trying to even keep DoE from having to have a dark archive
"(New York, NY August 18, 2014) The not-for-profit digital archive Portico and CHORUS (Clearinghouse for the Open Research of the United States) have entered into an agreement to support the preservation requirements of the policy memorandum released in February 2013 by the White House’s Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP). This policy directs United States federal agencies to develop plans to make articles reporting on the research they fund freely available to the public immediately or after an embargo period, and highlights requirements needed to ensure long-term access to this research through preservation." via liblicense - Christina Pikas
Christina Pikas
ProQuest Flow for Google Docs... that's a pretty cool idea. I just wish, wish,wish these features were added to RefWorks instead!
i missed that, link? - Sir Shuping is just sir
Wow. - Meg VMeg
Although this is a terrible way to name things - Meg VMeg
"ProQuest for Word"? Yeah, that's badly named. - DJF
Yeah, you have to install ProQuest for Word to access your Flow library, which is not (ostensibly) related to using ProQuest databases. Maybe I haven't had enough coffee to read this. - Meg VMeg
Proquest is continuing to be driven by the marketing schedule. My favorite (not really) is the "login" link in Summon 2.0, which is really a Flow login. - DJF from Android
Also, I half-assume RefWorks had painted itself into a corner and these features *couldn't* be added to it. - Meg VMeg
Yeah, there are some very basic technical design decisions built into RefWork that make folder sharing for collaborative writing almost impossible to implement without making incompatible changes to how the whole system works. - DJF
I asked our Flow rep, and she confirmed that Flow is ultimately to replace RefWorks, but they won't kill RefWorks until Flow is full fledged. It's essentially RefWorks 2.0, in Alpha.... - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
I am going to have a presentation on Altmetrics in a couple of months. I think I've got a title for it, but it is a little boring. Can the LSW hivemind come up with anything catchier? And, the boring possible title is:
Altmetrics at Altitude. - Joe
If you want to grab them by the Impostor Syndrome, try Altmetrics: Do You Measure Up? - RepoRat
A canon is a stick : measuring to a different beat - Pete : Team Marina
The audience will be librarian/info professional types. - Joe
Soft Grunge, Hard Numbers - Pete : Team Marina
Invoke Nirvana or Pearl Jam? - Joe
(No) Alt Apologies - Pete : Team Marina
Down With Impact Factor! - RepoRat
Almetrics: What Have They Done For You Lately? 0_0 - YvonneM
Altmetrics attitude: in your face - Aaron the Librarian from Android
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