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Claire Pearl

Claire Pearl

I am a fashionista. I love to keep up with the latest trends in fashion.
Bra Shopping 101 - Bra Measuring How To Guide -
We know how difficult it can be to purchase a bra online especially with every brand and style varying slightly in size. We wish that we could measure every one of our small breasted customers in person but, as we all know, that just won’t happen so we have the next best thing. - Claire Pearl from Bookmarklet
Natural Solutions to Small-Bust Size -
If you are a small-busted woman, you may wish to consider ways to enhance your bust-size naturally. With the following tips, you can look and feel your best no matter what you happen to be wearing. Your small bust can make a big statement when you keep just a few simple techniques in mind. - Claire Pearl from Bookmarklet
Spring Bridal Gown Trends for Petite Women -
If you are a petite woman who is looking forward to a spring wedding, there are some exciting new trends to keep in mind when it comes to dress shopping. There is also some tried-and-true advice that petite women should keep in mind when shopping for the wedding gown of their dreams. - Claire Pearl from Bookmarklet
How to Find Bras that Will Fit My Petite Frame -
If you have a petite figure and small bust, you may have found that bra shopping can be difficult. To fit your petite frame, you must consider how breast shape influences bra selection. Not only do breasts come in a wide array of shapes and sizes, they also change, and your breast size may be different in a year's time. - Claire Pearl from Bookmarklet
Solutions to Bra-Fitting Problems -
Women face all sorts of common issues when it comes to wearing bras. No matter your bust size, you may find that you are plagued by various bra complaints too. There are solutions to these bra dilemmas such as the following tips that can help you find a better fit. - Claire Pearl from Bookmarklet
Five Essential Clothing Items Every Petite Woman Should Own -
If you are a petite woman, there are several clothing items that you should definitely own to form the framework of your wardrobe. The following five clothing items are must-haves if you are short and slight of frame. - Claire Pearl from Bookmarklet
Advice for Petite Women: How to Resolve Slipping Bra Straps -
If you are a petite woman with narrow shoulders, you have likely been plagued at some point with slipping bra straps. In fact, most women of any shape have encountered this issue at some point. - Claire Pearl from Bookmarklet
2015 Petite Swimwear Trends -
If you have a petite shape, you'll be thrilled to note that 2015 has a wide array of great swimwear styles in store for you. From wild patterns to figure-flattering cuts, the swimwear lines for the new year brims with styles that are perfect for women with petite shapes and small busts. The following are a few great trends to keep in mind when you shop for a new swimsuit. - Claire Pearl from Bookmarklet
Things All Women Should Know about Bras -
Even though most women wear a bra each day, many women, nevertheless, seem to have a difficult time finding one that fits the way it should. - Claire Pearl from Bookmarklet
Thanksgiving Dinner: What to Wear to the Party -
Yes, Thanksgiving is over but here is a great article to offer you tips on what to wear for a Holiday/Christmas party. - Claire Pearl from Bookmarklet
A Bra for Different Types of Dresses -
Some of the most amazing dresses simply weren't designed with traditional bras in mind. Although it's considered chic in some quarters to show off your pretty bra, it can also look downright tacky when "a strap [is] sticking out from the back of a racerback dress." To keep it chic, consider some of the following bras and support solutions to look your best in those amazing dresses. - Claire Pearl from Bookmarklet
How Does a Perfect-Fitting Bra Increase a Woman's Confidence? -
Whatever her bust size, a perfect-fitting bra can boost a woman's confidence in various ways as well as make her feel great mentally and physically. Feeling uncomfortable in your clothing may make you feel less confident about your appearance when you're at work, on a date, or anywhere in public. - Claire Pearl from Bookmarklet
Things Small-Busted American Women and Dutch Women Have in Common -
In a recent interview involving two specialty lingerie shops that cater to small-busted and petite women, one from the U.S. and one from The Netherlands, the difficulty of finding a properly fitting bra was discussed. The interview demonstrated that small-busted American women and Dutch women have much in common when it comes to bra shopping. - Claire Pearl from Bookmarklet
Benefits of Organic Cotton Clothing -
Here is an interesting blog post about the benefits of organic cotton clothing. Check it out to learn more! - Claire Pearl from Bookmarklet
Check out this article about petite lingerie for women! - Claire Pearl from Bookmarklet
Swimwear Trends for 2014: How Suitable Are These Swimsuits for Petites? / Metamorphosis -
Check out this list of swimwear trends for this year and see if it will stick around for 2015! - Claire Pearl from Bookmarklet
Lingerie - The Best Padded/Push Up Bras -
Check out this forum thread from the Purse Forum that discusses padded/push up bras that are great for petite women. - Claire Pearl from Bookmarklet
Petites Photo Shoot 2014 -
Check out this exclusive video footage from the Lula Lu Petites February, 2014 photo shoot. - Claire Pearl from Bookmarklet
Three Ways to Look the Best for Thanksgiving -
Although Thanksgiving is over, this is a great blog post to prepare you for Christmas! 24 more days until Christmas. - Claire Pearl from Bookmarklet
The Best Bras for Your Shape -
For AAA to A Cups, What to look for: A smooth and molded or padded design that will add volume while staying invisible, even under thin fabrics. - Claire Pearl from Bookmarklet
Getting it off their chests: Small-busted Women -
When Ellen Shing, owner of San Mateo’s Lula Lu Petite Lingerie, debuted her own line of AAA bras, she knew she was filling a niche market, expecting it to be a small but important one. She carries bras sized 30AAA to 38A, and 14 lines to supplement her own. - Claire Pearl from Bookmarklet
Find the Best Lace Bra for Your Figure -
If You Have an A Cup Look for: A molded bra to enhance what Mother Nature gave you, or a soft-cup style with or without underwire for a more natural look (just make sure the fabric is double-lined to provide extra modesty). For a believable-looking push-up, choose “bump pads” that sit at the base of the cups, not the sides. - Claire Pearl from Bookmarklet
Popular Petite Women Celebrities -
Check out this Hubpages about petite women celebrities. - Claire Pearl from Bookmarklet
Assuming You're Too Small to Wear a Wire -
HOW TO WEAR IT Do smaller chests need the extra support? - Claire Pearl from Bookmarklet
How to Choose the Best Sports Bra for Your Cup Size -
Women who engage in any type of fitness activity should wear a sports bra. In fact, even if you are doing some serious gardening, raking leaves, or washing the car, you will likely feel more comfortable if you wear this type of fitness bra. - Claire Pearl from Bookmarklet
Tips for Women Daring to Go Braless -
or many women, the thought of going out in public without a bra is unthinkable. On the other hand, some women find that leaving off the bra is a good option that may complement their look for the evening or simply lead to a feeling of comfort. If you dare to go braless, the following tips can help you look and feel your best. - Claire Pearl from Bookmarklet
How to Know When to Throw out a Bra -
Did you know that your bra has an expiration date? Those stretched-out bras that hide in the back of our lingerie drawer are just taking up space. - Claire Pearl from Bookmarklet
What do Small Busted American and Dutch Women have in Common? -
We're always intrigued to hear whether small busted women from other countries, run into the same problems as those from the US. - Claire Pearl from Bookmarklet
The best racy, lacy lingerie in San Francisco -
Nothing elevates your look from lackluster to va-va-voom like perfect-fitting undergarments. Fine lingerie can refine the silhouette, boost the spirit and set the foundation for flawless style. Whether you possess an A-cup or a cup that runneth over, these specialty boutiques have you covered. - Claire Pearl from Bookmarklet
Back to the Basics: Petite Bra Fitting Tips - San Francisco Fashion -
No matter what your size, you'll never achieve a comfortable bra fit unless you are properly measured so you can choose bras that provide that perfect fit. If you are a petite woman, you can benefit from getting properly fitted for a bra. - Claire Pearl from Bookmarklet
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