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I'm a Techie Geek from Northern NJ...My interests are Mac/Apple Computing, Blogging, Website & Graphic Design, Purple Stuff, Big Cats, Photography
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Great, furniture is coming between 7:34 and 10:34 Saturday morning. The new Landlord is gonna love that. #movingsucks
Tomorrow is my Friday! The few holidays we get off nowadays comes in handy with a move in progress! :)
Woke up to the sound of the lady downstairs scraping ice off of her car windshield. I mean, c’mon now! - two weeks short of May!
Am I the only one who doesn't have the new Twitter layout? Thought the top header was supposed to resemble FB Cover. hmmmm #TwitterLayout
Counting down til moving day. This Saturday the furniture is coming from Bob’s. So psyched! #Ihatemoving
Welcome to backwards keew!
Road trip shirking our responsibilities..Coors Light drafts and pizza with the Love (@ The Log Cabin Inn)
Spring is gloriously here! 70 degrees :)
Wonder where the name Coachella came from? Just curious...sounds like an annual purse sale. #Coachella2014
My answer to What is something missing in Evernote web clipper? What features do they need to add?
Not for the lack of trying, but I just can't get into that Google + thing & the cliques of Geeks that don't welcome others? #GooglePlus
My answer to Do you find Piers Morgan arrogant? Why or why not?
Who cares if Facebook removes chat from their mobile many chat from there anyway? FB Messenger is the way to go! #Facebook
Love the new Twitter layout! Awesome job Guys! #Twitter via @po_st A dramatic revamp of the iTunes store?
RT @ZodiacFacts: What can make a #Virgo angry or frustrated: Having to repeat themselves and Messy Situations
How come I don' t have the "new" Twitter yet Guys?
Happy Hour with the girls! (@ Grand Lux Cafe w/ 2 others)
As much as I adore my Mac Air, I’m going to say it. I miss the Windows File folders and file system vs. the Mac.
So so tired of this Save Benson thing with this nutcase Guy. Should’ve been wrapped up a long time ago…sorry. #SaveBenson
Okay, sick or not I have to pack or throw out something. tonight. The packing Fairy once again didn’t show up.
Grrr..I hate this not being able to breathe through my nose thing.
10 Great Zingers from Law & Order’s Lennie Briscoe
A New Version of Comic Sans Actually Looks Pretty Cool via @mashable LOVE IT
Internet Slang As Interpreted By Your Parents. via @someecards
Is Tim McGraw Too Skinny Or Not?
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