Indikation: Vi är inte så rika idag som vi tror (som officiella siffror visar)
Ett sånt här skulla man ha! #Viktoriaparaply01
Next conference to attend: Sustainable Innovation in Bonn, Oct 29-30, 2012. #SusIn12
Very true: Arthur Benjamin: Teach statistics before calculus! #TED
Se upp! Så undviker du att trimma mopeden av misstag - NyTeknik
I just gave #feber a 10/10 on #rankable! What do you think?
Today's trivia: In a recent survey asking for people's "lucky number", many Swedes answered thirteen (13).
Transportation and Young Adults: Driving is Down, Biking and Public Transport Way Up
What Works in Development: Kickstarter funded economics research: via @kickstarter
Car horn lead users? :-) "...the horns are specially adapted for driving conditions in India, a booming market..."
The economy that is Singapore, disloyalty cards -
“The quantum state cannot be interpreted statistically” -
Isang Litrong Liwanag ADVERTISEMENT -
Isang Litrong Liwanag ADVERTISEMENT
Strategy Research Worth Your Attention -
Den övergivna svenska järnvägen -
Capitalist Kibbutz or from Marx to Rawls -
Faster Signup With Primed Accounts -
Can a Strong Central Government Credibly Commit Not to Intervene? -
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