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Mozillian, JS Ninja, Technoholic, Python Enthusiast, Amateur Photographer, Mechanical Engineer
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I have already declared my online independence and celebrating it today. Join me! #ChooseIndependent with Firefox.
Celebrating Choice, Control and Independence On the Web via @firefox
Like seeing sensible and up-to-date people at Microsoft: - Good job @ahmetalpbalkan
I should try this in our conference calls: /cc @chazcb
My new favorite XKCD comic: Query -
RT @iamdevloper: A monkey hitting random keys on a keyboard, for an infinite amount of time, still won't be able to exit Vim. Infinite Vim monkey theorem.
RT @ShaunKing: Gunshot wounds on the inside of his arms conducive to someone shot with his hands up. Mike Brown was executed.
RT @janjongboom: Choose Firefox now or later you won't have a choice...
RT @disqus: Join us next Tuesday, Aug 19 at 7pm for an evening of: ☑ Board games ☑ Pizza ☑ Beer
RT @hblodget: This new app, “Sup,” sounds pretty cool. Kind of a “Yo” killer
Perfect analogy between software and a baby by Dilbert:
RT @zaytungtweet: Foto - Taksim'e yapılacak cami projesi basına tanıtıldı...
RT @opennews: Two 2015 Knight-Mozilla Fellows will join the NYT & Washington Post in building an open-source community platform:
RT @ericholscher: Time zones were invented to prevent computers from taking over the world. - @jtowle
RT @codinghorror: What ORMs have taught me: just learn SQL
"authoritarian regimes currently experiencing some growth are likely to reach the limits of extractive growth bef...
Another hilarious Dilbert strip: "I quit" -
RT @IEDevChat: Join the conversation with the #IE team tomorrow, July 31 from 10AM-Noon PDT for our next @IEDevChat tweet chat: use #AskIE for questions!
RT @bentlegen: I wrote a thing – The best tool for the job, isn’t always:
RT @shacker: Notice a redesign of github issues over the past few days? More than polish - lots of new functionality there too:
RT @ichbinichbin: Ahahah bu gerçekse Selo Başkan müthiş bir kampanya yürütüyor.
"NATIONS FAIL TODAY because their extractive economic institutions do not create the incentives needed for people...
RT @jsistorg: Burak Yiğit Kaya ( @madbyk ) will join us as guest of honor! September 27+28 #jsist2014
RT @PropagandaY: Umuyoruz ki bu kitapla birlikte ateist düşüncenin derinlikleri daha kolaylıkla görülecektir..
Welp, just joined the crowd at @DropDropboxNow by deleting my Dropbox Pro account I've used for years. Privacy & human rights matter more.
Answer by @yczleon to What is the most awesome paradox?
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