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BBC News - Burt Reynolds nude: 10 facts about the Cosmo centrefold -
BBC News - Burt Reynolds nude: 10 facts about the Cosmo centrefold
It's 40 years since a nude Cosmopolitan centrefold of actor Burt Reynolds broke a taboo and launched a new era of women's magazine publishing. "At last a male nude centrefold - the naked truth about guess who!!" screamed a banner on the front page. Cosmopolitan editor Helen Gurley Brown saw it as a victory for women whose "visual appetites" had been ignored by male magazine editors and proprietors. It also boosted Cosmopolitan's circulation and turned Burt Reynolds into a 1970s sex icon. So what was the story behind the photograph? - CarlC from Bookmarklet
O_o - CarlC
C'mon, you know he iz way saxxxxy! - CarlC
Nude? But he's covered in furs! - Adrian
It's that 1970s definition of nude. Hard to believe that Burt Reynolds was a sex icon. - CarlC
Pfft. It doesn't count if he's not showing his hoo-hoo. - Rochelle
There was a shot of him and his hoo-hoo, but not the centerfold. The Safe House Bar in downtown Milwaukee has (or had?) a life-size version of the full-frontal shot on the wall of the women's restroom. Except it had a small "trap-door" covering the "hoo-hoo area", and a warning on the trap-door that said "Do Not Lift This!" Unbeknownst to the woman/women in the restroom, everyone in the bar knew when the lifted the trap-door because flashing lights and sirens went off in the bar. #ThisIsWhatOneDoesForExcitementInMilwaukee. - Jkram|ɯɐɹʞſ
^^^... LOL - ᏓᏰ #team Monique
Ewww..."Liked" - sofarsoShawn
Hoo-hoo. x_______________________________x - Pixie