Laura Norvig
Mail 2 FF is not accepting my emails :(
Brian Joseph
Would it be possible for an html formatted email to work at some point in the future?
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Kol Tregaskes
Wow, just found this via Ken's post here:
This is a nice little gem. Can you help with Ken's (and my) query at the link please? - Kol Tregaskes
Brad Young
Mail2FF is great- just got it working at our site - a new social prediction market. When people make a forecast against a world event prediction thei forecast is posted to their Friendfeed page and the room -
John Blanton
Technical details of permanent failure: Google tried to deliver your message, but it was rejected by the recipient domain. We recommend contacting the other email provider for further information ..blah blah ... Mail2FF is down and where is said proprietor??
Mail2FF is down and it would be nice if we could get an update on this - John Blanton
sorry for the late reply .. been really busy tonight .. it said that the recipient domain had refused the connection ..I sent it to the wrong room by mistake only to realize that right after I sent it .. then I sent it to the right room and it still came back undelivered.. .I changed my remote key and it worked the 3rd time <edit>I do hope I don't have to change my remote key everytime I need to or want to use Mail2FF</edit> - John Blanton
seems like Mail2FF is down. i just got a "Technical details of permanent failure: Google tried to deliver your message, but it was rejected by the recipient domain..." error :-( - AJ Batac
Does mail2FF take .gifs? sent one but it hasn't showed up
I don't see why it wouldn't. - Aaron Myers
I'm new to M2FF and new to FF, however I've been using this nifty little app to post my pictures from my blackberry. But it took the first 4 and posted them like nothing. I then sent 2 more and the previous 4 were replaced by the newer 2. Is there a limit as to how many I can do over a fixed time?
Scratch that. I just now noticed the link to expand. Forget I asking anything. - Adam
FF has interesting picture replacement algorithms. Wait 1+ hr between sets if you want them to load separately. - Mitchell Tsai
Noted. - Adam
John Blanton
Is Mail 2 FF still up I just tried sending something but it hasn't posted within the hour ago when I sent it .. I'm trying again .. I'm not getting any fatal error msgs
My message never posted. any way I can check to see if it was received by friendfeed? - John Frost
Gray, the Mail2FF's maximum attachment size is ? 1M? OR? - Quan Mengli
thx,Gary! - Quan Mengli
figured it out. I had the room name wrong. check url, not 'alias' for room - John Frost
Ross's FriendFeed Tutorial #2: Email Pictures To FriendFeed Using Mail2FF -
thanks for the tutorial .. it'll help explain things to many people :) - John Blanton
“Trying out Mail 2 FF” -
Works now! Yeah, problem was a typo in the key. Thanks! - Lindsay
people keep posting testing stuff in this room :) - Jansen Lu
Is that a complaint or an encouragement, Jansen? I guess the smilie face makes it the latter... - Phil Glockner
no complaints at all. just find it interesting to see several testing posts here. i love mail2ff and covered it in my blog but the contents are in Chinese. - Jansen Lu
Testing :) - Mike Reynolds
mail2ff supports rooms: send mail to -
cool! - Susan Beebe
Mike Reynolds
My props to Gary for this great app! I have to say ... IT WORKS (sorry for all caps, but I am happy) ... so this opens up a new gateway into FriendFeed :)
Phil Glockner
“Mail2ff Email Test” -
Photo attachments work. - Phil Glockner
the idea of Mail2ff is cool, but beware of the signature! - Jansen Lu
Mike Reynolds
“(Jott from Mike Reynolds) Testing.” -
Mike Reynolds
“(Jott from Mike Reynolds) Testing. Testing to Franc...” -
Jick Nan
“再试中文标题,作者说改好了-” -
Subject in Chinese/GB2312 display right now, wonderful RFC 2047! Thanks Gary! - Jick Nan
Bug report: mail2ff does not do MIME-decoding (rfc2047) of subject -
Can mail2ff speak GB2312 for Chinese users? See - Jick Nan
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