Red meat consumption linked to higher mortality. -
Mortality is 100% regardless of diet. - Eivind
I thought we knew this already. They taught us in pathology class that red meat has been implicated as a risk factor for colon cancer. - Victor Ganata
Victor, have they established why that is? - Spidra Webster
Aren't we omnivores? Did we just not evolve enough yet? - rønin
Evolution only cares if you live long enough to create offspring. - Victor Ganata
Fish and chicken didn't seem to have the same effect - Victor Ganata
There's this paper that implicated N-nitroso compounds - Victor Ganata
:-/ Bad news for me. I really hate seafood and my diet is already super limited by being a picky eater and having to watch blood sugar... - Spidra Webster
Victor, I think evolution cares that you live long enough to see your offspring up till they reach childbearing age themselves. - Andrew C (✔)
That's not necessarily true—in some species, organisms just spawn as many offspring as possible and hope that at least one of them survive when the parent is dead or gone. But considering that the peak incidence of heart disease and colon cancer isn't until the age of 50, I suppose that could be true for us. - Victor Ganata
Red meat: What is a 13% increase in the risk of death? - Maitani