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News Alert! If you put stuff out on the Internet, people might see it.
omigod omigod omigod - Glen Campbell
Does this include bank account info? - MoTO: Team Marina
Does this apply to anything in "the cloud" too? - Brian Johns
@Brian :) - Cristo
@MoTO No doubt about it. Many people will see your bank account info (e.g. the employees working at your bank and possibly their contractors as well), and there are also credit card & banking breaches all the time. - Cristo
To clarify, I'm not saying it isn't morally wrong and against the law to look at and share others' private information online. I'm saying it shouldn't surprise people. - Cristo
Oh I'm not surprised that people want to look. I am a little disappointed, though. - MoTO: Team Marina from Android
Again, just responding to the "Oh my god, I'll never feel the same about my mobile phone again". Look, clueless. It's a connected device, not a polaroid camera. - Cristo
True but most people are clueless like that. And at one time, we all had something we were unaware of. - MoTO: Team Marina from Android
Hence my public service announcement. - Cristo
Given the number of leaks, phone hacking scandals, NSA, spying and credit card breaches, claiming cluelessness isn't really holding water much anymore. If the events of say the last 5 years haven't clued someone in that having sensitive information somewhere digitally always carries a risk, then *shrug*. - Johnny
But by the same account, when a hammer misses the nail and hits the thumb no one should be surpised that yelling and cursing will follow. - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
I don't think anyone is yelling and screaming "HOW DID I HIT MY THUMB???!?". "Oh shit, I hit my thumb and it hurts" I get but yelling in shock that there was even a slight chance that you could miss and your thumb was in the firing line, not really. - Johnny
"When World War II erupted, colonialism was at its apogee. The course of the war, however, its symbolic undertones, would sow the seeds of the system’s defeat and demise. How and why did this happen?"
"First, a short detour into the foul realm of racial thinking. The central subject, the essence, the core of relations between Europeans and Africans during the colonial era, was the difference of race, of skin color. Everything—each exchange, connection, conflict—was translated into the language of black and white. And, of course, white was better, higher, more powerful than black. Whites were sir, master, sahib, bwana kubwa, unchallenged lords and rulers, sent by God to hold sway over the blacks. Into the African was inculcated the notion that the white man was untouchable, unconquerable, that whites constituted a homogeneous, cohesive force. Such was the ideology that ably supported the system of colonial domination, by teaching that to question or contest the system was absolutely pointless. Then, suddenly, Africans recruited into the British and French armies in Europe observed that the white men were fighting one another, shooting one another, destroying one another’s cities. It... more... - Eivind
The Shadow of the Sun: My African Life, by Ryszard Kapuscinski - Eivind
"[T]he unschooled European mind, inclined to rational reduction, to pigeonholing and simplification, readily pushes everything African into a single bag and is content with facile stereotypes." - Eivind
Flâneur - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia -
Flâneur - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Where might I apply for such a position? I think I should be quite well suited to it. - Bren
Seems like an active hydrothermal vent. - Margot
They look hydrothermal vents. This is the way spores coming out of puffball fungus. - Mahdi
چقدر یعنی لطیف هست اون پوسته که با قطره بارون یا شبنم اینطوری میشه - Papak
این یک روش تولید مثل قارچ ها ی پاف بال هست و واقعا زیباست. در ضمن یک سری از این قارچ ها خوراکی هم هستند. - Mahdi
فوق العادهست - Papak
ثانیه هشت اون ویدئو... - Mahdi
آخ آخ این سوال امتحان من تو دوره کارشناسی بود :)) - پریســــــا
البته تا اونجایی که من میدونم این قارچ خوراکی نیست و ظاهرا بوی متعفنی هم داره وقتی اسپورهاش آزاد میشن ولی خوب تولید مثلش قشنگه - پریســــــا
بعضی از گونه های این قارچ خوراکی هستند. حالا سوال رو درست جواب دادی ؟ :) - Mahdi
Michael W. May
An old man on campus waits for his hot, young coed to get out of class @ Ferris State University
An old man on campus waits for his hot, young coed to get out of class @ Ferris State University
Stalker! - Steve C Team Marina
*sagenod* - Michael W. May from Android
Todd Hoff
Why Doctors Are Sick of Their Profession - WSJ -
Why Doctors Are Sick of Their Profession - WSJ
"All too often these days, I find myself fidgeting by the doorway to my exam room, trying to conclude an office visit with one of my patients. When I look at my career at midlife, I realize that in many ways I have become the kind of doctor I never thought I'd be: impatient, occasionally indifferent, at times dismissive or paternalistic. Many of my colleagues are similarly struggling with the loss of their professional ideals." - Todd Hoff from Bookmarklet
"only 6% described their morale as positive." It's no wonder so many self-medicate. - Ken Morley
I wonder how much the internet has contributed to this... Is it harder to feel heroic when your better-informed patients cause you to second-guess yourself? - Ken Morley
The surgery I attend is classified as a training surgery, which essentially means that doctors who have finished their education and done their mandatory time at a hospital work there for a year before they go to their chosen practice. It is a joy to see them so eager before the system has crushed the care out of them. - Slippy
Crush the Care Out should be the name of an all burnt out doctors band. - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
Ken, if as a doctor you have a hero complex rather than a get the person well complex then perhaps you should be doing something else? - Todd Hoff
Well I don't mean to bring the room down but I consider this merely one of the symptoms of middle age. You get tired of doing the same thing you've always done? Shit, Get in line. - MoTO: Team Marina from Android
It is also frustrating when the treatment plans for better health are continually ignored by the patient. - Janet from FFHound!
Isn't the interesting question then is how could treatment plans be structured to be better followed? Typically plans are in the form of orders, which isn't all that helpful. - Todd Hoff
Todd, if you are a diabetic and you are asked to follow a simple diet plan and walk 10 minutes post meal and you don't. If you have asthma and on oxygen and you are asked AND assisted to cease smoking and you do not. How much more structure is needed? I believe in personal accountability but similar to give me something for my headache and then I won't take the medicine. Then I complain about my headache. - Janet
A simple diet plan? It's not a diet change. It's a total change of your life. Everything you've done your whole life is not only wrong, it's killing you. Every meal out, every meal at home, every time you want a snack, every time you are thirsty, every birthday, every holiday, every social situation, everything has changed. How do you make the transition? There's nothing simple about it. - Todd Hoff
Enabler or caretaker. You are preaching to someone who lost loved ones because they would not or could not break their health disorder. Psychological counseling with dietician supplementing better choices? My point is the vicious circle of 'help me doctor' - 'I will not take responsibility for my actions' - 'help me doctor'. I am a burned out healthcare worker, sorry. - Janet from FFHound!
I'm not preaching, I'm saying what my experience has been. I definitely hear you about taking responsibility for your actions. But just giving an edict and tossing up your hands when it's not followed is also avoiding responsibility. How could that ever work? I don't see how psychological counseling with dietician will be effective. People need to learn how they can live their lives completely differently. I don't think that can be done with a visit to get a lecture. - Todd Hoff
People under going weight reduction surgery DO get psychological therapy pre-surgical. It is approaching the mental and physical. Stigma exists for people to openly admit and accept help. - Janet from FFHound!
How effective is it? - Todd Hoff
Very, it is a life changing step they take. We have a very busy bariatric surgeon at our hospital and psychotherapy as well as dietary as well as physical rehab are part of the program. I can count six of my co-workers having success with the full revision surgery. More complications and less success with the lap band. Patients can overeat with those. - Janet
Odd that we don't do that for other interventions? - Todd Hoff
Glen Campbell
So my friend's novel is officially out today, and you all should read it. She's right up there with Steven King (I mean, literally, since her name is Shelly King, she's just to the left of him). It's called "The Moment of Everything" and it's about a high-tech worker, a used bookstore, and a cat, I think.
Only read it if you like books. And love. Or cats. - Glen Campbell
I like two of the three. - MoTO: Team Marina
What if I like reading between the lines? - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
An Unlikely Coincidence - took the family + my mom on a steam engine train ride from Stettler to Big Valley. Did our site seeing, and the last place we stopped in was a garage with antique cars -- reminded me of Radiator Springs -- anyway, the docent there telling us about the cars and the history had a vaguely familiar voice. ...
So before we left I finally asked him asked him: "How long have you lived in Alberta? Have you lived in BC? In Langley? -- Well then, you're our old landlord from 13 years ago!" And he was. - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
ثانیه ٨ این ویدیو رو قبلا همین جا شر کرده بودم. - Mahdi
Female medical students posing with a skeleton, c.1900. ( )
t-ra supports #LOLSpidra
for what it is but also for what it means. Strangers care that you cross the street safely. You ain't out there as alone as you might think.
t-ra supports #LOLSpidra
That's the nugget, y'all. The beauty of being. A fleeting exchange with a marginally familiar group of people is significant not just...
Betsy's wit slays me. I'll be scrolling through my feed, read her comments, and LOL.
This is true. - RepoRat
:-) Thanks. - Betsy
m9m, Crone of FriendFeed
I've been 69 years old for an hour now, and I can't say I feel any different. Betcha 70 will be a bump.
Happy birthday, m9m! - Anne Bouey
Happy birthday! - Spidra Webster
Happy birthday, love! - Alix May
happy birthday - chaz2b
Happy birthday, Jain! - Anika
Happy 69! - Eivind
Happy birthday!!! :) - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
Happy birthday! As my grandfather would say, "You are not over Fool's Hill yet." - Corinne L
Happy birthday - Eric from iPhone
Happy Birthday. - Greg GuitarBuster
Happy Birthday! - Jennifer Dittrich
Happy Birthday! 69 is the new 48. - Janet
Happy Birthday! - Kevin Johnson
Happy birthday! - Jim: with more caffeine!
Happy birthday! - John (bird whisperer)
Happy birthday! - Betsy
Happy birthday! - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
happy birthday!!! - Sir Shuping is just sir
Happy birthday! As I'm acutely aware (being 13 days younger than you), 70--really 70.5--is when you have to make some 401(k)/403(b) decisions... 69 is a grace year. - Walt Crawford
Happy birthday :) - Pete : Team Marina
Have a wonderful birthday! - L to tha B from Android
Happy birthday! :) - Jenny H. from Android
Happy birthday! - Stephan #TeamMarina from iPhone
Happy birthday! - vicster: full-bodied
Happy birthday! - Soup in a TARDIS
Oh my- what a good day. Kids took me to Lebanese Taverna for a late lunch of samplers of Everything Vegetarian and a Mojito. The waitress treated me to a free dessert of baclava and pistachio ice cream. And then there were presents! A sweater knit with an owl design, a blue&white Chinese glass ornament, the world's cutest hedgehog made of sticks, and "Letters of Note." Thanks everyone for your good wishes! - m9m, Crone of FriendFeed
Walt, tell me about this! I will be 62 when my husband turns 70. Because of the age difference I will be early retirement at 59, 58 if I can hoard enough to pay my health insurance. If he must take the test of his pensions I may need to rethink the plan. - Janet from FFHound!
Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy- Songs Without Words op.62 no.3, piano: Peter Nagy
Gorsel ;_; - grizabella from Android
Görselde üç sene yaşadım griz - Mach
o zaman görsele layk - solange
Beautiful - Sepi ⌘ سپی
#musikişinasship i shat where i listened now i shall listen where i shat - Jarolim Gayri
My yappy chihuahuas bark their heads off at any & everybody walking by. The big tough pit bulls on the corner? Bark at everyone EXCEPT lil kids. Kids & babies go by, even the ones accompanied by grownups, and those pitties stand quietly at their fence, wagging their tails at the little humans :-D
MoTO: Team Marina
I don't say it enough (or perhaps I never have) but I admire the hell out of Jimminy. He gets it done, even though half the time I have no idea what he's doing. And in a world of people who constantly brag about "keeping it real" he just does it.
I don't know what I did. (NSFW, Language) - NOT THE CRICKET
Just keep on doing it, bruh. - MoTO: Team Marina from Android
He a badass rapper too :-) - Slippy
More like a sadass wrapper. Which is true. I can't do either. Writing the lyrics on point I can do, but spitting them is another game, that I can't play. It's a shame. - NOT THE CRICKET
Hehe - Slippy
Mark H
holly #ravingfangirl
Sculpture by Zachary Abel -
Sculpture by Zachary Abel
Sculpture by Zachary Abel
Sculpture by Zachary Abel
Zachary, delight, excitement falan demişsin ama asıl sebebi sen de biliyorsun. Procrastination üzerine tez yazmadan doktora tezi yazılamaz. (Ben de pipetten ikosahedron yapmıştım.) - mkz from Bookmarklet
(Ama hakkını vererek yapmış procrastination'ı - mkz
Zachary'nin büyümüş hali: Leo. - "Dodecahedrane is a chemical compound (C20H20) first synthesised by Leo Paquette of Ohio State University in 1982, primarily for the "aesthetically pleasing symmetry of the dodecahedral framework"." - - mkz
"By popular demand, I am posting instructions for how to make your own Impenetraball, one of my most popular sculptures." - (yapan fotosunu paylaşsın, işler çok sıkıştığı bi zaman deneyebilirim ben) - mkz
MoTO: Team Marina
What? - Joe
Aw shucks, B. Thanks for that. Appreciate you, my friend. - t-ra supports #LOLSpidra from Android
Melly - #TeamMarina
If my phone got hacked there would be a lot of cat and dog pictures. - Laura
My phone just has a bunch of naked photos of Jennifer Lawrence... - Steele Lawman
Mark H
Global warming denial: Claims of Arctic ice recovering are exaggerated. -
Global warming denial: Claims of Arctic ice recovering are exaggerated.
Global warming denial: Claims of Arctic ice recovering are exaggerated.
"Briefly: Arctic sea ice reaches a minimum in late September every year. The overall trend for the amount of ice at that time is decreasing; in other words, there is less ice all the time. Some years there is more than others, some less. But the trend is down, down, down." - Mark H from Bookmarklet
"The black line is the average for 1981 – 2010. The gray region shows the ±2 standard deviation temperatures for that average; statistically speaking it’s an expected range of temperatures (it’s actually more subtle than that, but that’s enough to understand what’s going on here). The dashed line shows the 2012 ice extent, and is clearly very low, well outside the expected range. The... more... - Mark H
This post is partially true and partially untrue. Why do they have to make their own misleading charts here is the hard data. Are we incapable of interpreting it? - Eric Logan
Actually it's not their own chart it's the one that best fits the narrative. I have been watching DMI for years. the mean near average is 2001, but we are also very near 2005 numbers and multi year ice another important metric is increasing not decreasing. If you listened to what the alarmists said there was not supposed to be any as in none by now. - Eric Logan
In 1828 Congress designated the land that would become Oklahoma as Indian Territory. White settlers were required to leave, and a number of tribes from the East and South were forcibly moved into the area from their ancestral lands. Chief among these were the Five Civilized Tribes - the Cherokee, Choctaw, Chickasaw, Creek and Seminole - who allied themselves with the South during the Civil War. Following the war, the US government looked upon these tribes as defeated enemies. This animosity combined with increasing pressure to open up the Indian Territory to white settlement prompted the first land rush in 1885, a second followed in 1889. - Halil
Melly - #TeamMarina
RT @feministabulous: Oldest woman alive says key to long life is "sleeping for days" and "never getting married"
RT @feministabulous: Oldest woman alive says key to long life is "sleeping for days" and "never getting married"
Spring, 1st movement by Antonio Vivaldi.
Antonio Vivald.jpg
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