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Wheels down at SNA! #mcaOutWest
UA560 delayed due to missing crew. Happened twice in two weeks. United's short staffing shaping up as a "feature" & not a "bug" #mcaOutWest
Boarding today's only flight: SFO-SNA. looking forward to the Ted Nelson Festschrift at Chapman Univ. tomorrow. #mcaOutWest
RT @jakevsrobots: Recreating Duchamp's hand-carved chess set by tracing over photographs in a CAD program & then 3D printing -
my @apiacademy colleague @inadarei is hosting a Tech Talk tomorrow @ 9AM PDT on "Linked APIs." sign up and join in:
RT @gblock: blogged: Fluent 2014, Splunk for JavaScript developers, and a dash of Hypermedia: //cc:@mamund @PhatBoyG @wardbell
RT @hapaxhegemon: overtravaileth
Wheels down at SFO! #mcaOutWest
RT @NASAGoddardPix: Stunning view of the Americas on #EarthDay, April 22, 2014 at 7:45 a.m. EDT
Boarding last leg of the day: CVG-ORD-SFO. fingers crossed I make my noon meeting in mountain view. /cc: @apiacademy @CAinc #mcaOutWest
RT @lacedoggydogg: RT @dannysullivan: Death and Anger on Everest via @dohertyjf < So sad.
RT @slicknet: Accessibility is about people, not technology. This book excerpt is gold (can you spot my persona?): (via @jennison)
RT @apiacademy: Join our Tech Talk ft @inadarei to discuss breaking through data silos with linked APIs (4/24)
RT @qconnewyork: How can our #API s converse in a common vocabulary without over-exposing the #domainmodel? @tedepstein at #qconnewyork
RT @apidaysMedit: Ruby hero & hypermedia API evangelist @steveklabnik will be speaking at #APIdays in Barcelona. Don't miss the chance to meet him :)
RT @x5gtrn: RESTful Meetup vol.3 を開催しました #RWABookja - ぶろぐ。@はてな
RT @courtpassant: Best use of Peeps ever.
RT @EC_MEA: CA Technologies Hosts API Academy Event in Dubai:
RT @layer7: API Academy Overview - Learn API Design the Right Way -
RT @tomayac: My friend @RubenVerborgh looks back at #WWW2014 (Seoul), #WWW2011 (Hyderabad), and #wsREST2014/#LDOW2014 Good times!
RT @echoechojs: 104 JSJ Hypermedia APIs with Steve Klabnik
RT @steveklabnik: Foucault.... next to Sarah Palin... breakdancing? Against Darwin?
RT @MinuteEarth: NEW VIDEO!! Love Letter to Food:
RT @MinuteEarth: NEW VIDEO!! Love Letter to Food:
Wheels down at CVG! #mcaInAsia
Boarding last leg in my adventure today SIN-NRT-ORD-CVG. @United's 3hr+ delay in ORD brings my total transit time to over 30hrs. #mcaInAsia
RT @GeorgeDWatt: .@AndiMann I strongly recommend you do that, Andi. Mike’s a great guy. (Though I would never admit that publicly.) @mamund
RT @inadarei: Had a wonderful time talking APIs with the good folks of @TheAdvisoryBd today. Thanks for your hospitality and insightful discussions.
Checked in for the first flight if a long day. SIN-NRT-ORD-CVG. heading home after an amazing @apiacademy week. #mcaInAsia @CAinc @CA_APJ
"Every one can now publish their actions using a shared vocabulary..." /via @terraces
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