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RT @benatkin: Here's one way to use twitter purely as a microblog:
"International Conference on Dublin Core and Metadata Applications" - #metadata #profiles
"[We used to] deliver three major updates per year. [Now] we push to production every Friday. -- @workday
RT @StevenTait: team is hiring: Digital Marketing Manager - Marketing Automation and Demand Generation
Twitpic is shutting down-> "Twitter...implied we could be denied access to their API if we did not give up our mark."
RT @jaredbkeller: NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO
RT @FranklinEvents_: #Aug21 @ Lonely Planet -- Implementing Evolvable API Services with Mike Amun... #Tech #Franklin
see this paper for more on how these numbers are selected and computed:
The Real Value of $100 -- "The tax policy consequences of this data are significant."
Register Early #API360 Summit 9/12 Wash DC: Learn from industry's best in #API design & managment /via @CASecurity
RT @ClausTorpJensen: Does an #API always need to be reusable?The case for more opportunistic APIs #developer
RT @daniel_jacobson: Map: How much $100 is really worth in every state -
"My past is littered with the bones of men who were foolish enough to think I was someone they could sleep on."
RT @adrianco: @cloudpundit @mthiele10 @mappingbabel @kylehilgendorf monocultures have to carefully avoid epidemic failure modes
RT @HeavenOfBooks: “The way to love anything is to realize that it may be lost” - G.K. Chesterton.
"meh, we like building software using layers" /from @simonbrown in #microservices
RT @JefClaes: "But the really great person will keep on going and find the key, the underlying principle of the problem."
RT @necolas: French police to wear body-mounted video cameras after successful 1-year experiment
when you find yourself defending a position instead of learning new POVs, you're in trouble. #protip
"A small design change could require costly changes in equipment that had already been installed." #...
prepping for my trip to #Nashville this week. @nashvillesounds, @lplabs, and #NashvilleAPI Enthusiasts @apiacademy
RT @AmnestyNZ: The situation in #Ferguson has prompted us to send human rights teams. First time we've deployed inside the US.
RT @kcqon: @locks no :-) Link: a (dynamically) generated location field returned by the target server Endpoint: a static address defined by an API spec
RT @kcqon: @mamund @seancribbs Not really :-) Non-HATEOAS APIs have well defined endpoints. Links are THE way to navigate/discover HATEOAS APIs.
RT @PTC: Internet Of Things = Internet Of Gateways → #InternetOfThings #IoT #M2M
RT @karlpro: The possibility of knowledge is everywhere.
RT @kcqon: @mamund a lookup key/name doesn't cause a leak if it's properly implemented. On the other hand, a link is an address like a C-style pointer.
RT @kcqon: HATEOAS in APIs is an interesting concept, but it has zero practical value. The API client code still needs to know what to do with the API.
taking the time this week to clean out my closet, the basement, and garage. might try this: #jettisonBrothers.
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