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Hitchcock's psycho drama "Marnie" released in 1964. "You Freud, me Jane?"
looking forward to joining the Nashville API Meetup in August.
MSFT's Open Technologies booth at #oscon has all their screens facing inward. Srsly? #sendingTheWrongMessage
favorite #OSCON speaker perks: full pass to ride Portland MAX train & pair of Converse to ride in style. #mcaTravels
what do Eric Raymond, James Bond films, & Oregon-based Textronix have in common? find out at my Tuesday #OSCON talk.
RT @anildash: "To walk away from an open source project for mental health reasons seems somehow selfish."
RT @the_intercept: Meet the Online Tracking Device That is Virtually Impossible to Block via @JuliaAngwin @ProPublica
Invader Zim art spotted in Portland during the #OSCON #glowrun 5k. #mcaTravels
Mark Allyn knows how to enjoy a race! All hand made including wiring, welding, and sewing. #OSCON2014
putting finishing touches on my tuesday #OSCON talk: "Cathedrals in the Cloud" @apiacademy
settling in for a week of #OSCON here in Portland, OR. two talks and lots of sessions to attend -- busy week ahead.
Took a walk round Whalers Cove on Lake Washington in Bellevue, WA. rather warm today! #mcaTravels
RT @MattMcLartyBC: I am very excited to announce our upcoming #api360 Summit in Washington DC on Sept. 12... @apiacademy
Wheels down at SEA! #mcaTravels
RT @AndiMann: Join me at #CAExpoAU and see how the App Economy is shaping your future #Ownthefuture @CA_apj
"Designing APIs for the Web" O'Reilly Video Series Free Preview : "Introduction" #apiDesign
Christopher Alexander - Patterns in Architecture -
Christopher Alexander - Patterns in Architecture
Christopher Alexander's OOPSLA '96 speech. and patterns v living systems #Timeless
RT @GooldRichard: Nest and Samsung launch Thread, a wireless mesh standard for the smart home via @gigaom
"Your Muse has shipped!" -- #squee
.@bastiankrol yep - here's Donald Norman (@jnd1er) on that very topic: #affordances #design #programming
.@bastiankrol yep - here's Donald Norma (@jnd1er) on that very topic: #affordances #design #programming
writing a script == solving a single problem. writing a program === solving a class of problems. what are you solving today?
"I believe the official answer would be ... The reason this [email] thread is so huge is because some people don't like that answer" #yep
RT @lukehohmann: This is *really* brilliant: The Problem is NOT the Problem: @harrymax
"Successful API architectures need to balance security and consumability,” -- @L7Sirota #IDevNews
RT @garybernhardt: The problem of mutation in module A causing unexpected effects in module B will now be known as "spooky action at a distance".
RT @thomasreggi: Excited to see @steveklabnik talk @EmberNYC studied a lot of his work on #hypermedia #api.
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