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Paul Otlet, visioning a web in 1934 -
Paul Otlet, visioning a web in 1934
Introduction au Mundaneum - Paul Otlet, visionnaire -
Introduction au Mundaneum - Paul Otlet, visionnaire
RT @hlgr360: "Okta’s New Mobile Device Management Tool Separates Work And Personal Data"
i'll be monitoring the historic Rosetta/Philae comet landing today. #CometLanding
"It would be an autonomous machine that allowed the user to create a highly personalized information...
“The book is to the brain as the tool is to the hand.” -- Paul Otlet #readingToday Hand tools had helped...
RT @kfury: "Prof. Mandelbrot? It's Dr. Schrödinger. I seem to have a problem."
RT @seancribbs: That thing where you find an old talk abstract that didn't get accepted and you still want to give that talk
"[Biblions are] how each atomic unit of information would receive a fixed locator record to ensure its...
RT @NathRochs: I spy a little #api360 swag at #CAWorld precon sess SCX14E - how to innovate biz through APIs @apiacademy @CAapi
RT @HoardingInfo: Why “Enterprise DevOps” Doesn’t Make Sense #DevOps
Wheels down at LHR! #mcaTravels
Boarding last leg of today's flight: CVG-EWR-LHR. Delayed due to servicing but finally allowed to board. London, here I come! #mcaTravels
Boarding first leg of today's adventure. CVG-EWR-LHR. Ten days in London for conferencing and mtgs. #CCSDSorg #API360 #mcaTravels
all packed and ready to head to the airport for another adventure. CVG-EWR-LHR. just a short jog, really. #mcaTravels.
RT @randal_olson: When to fly to get there on time? Six million flights analyzed. #travel #dataviz Source:
very cool Cj browser written with @eiffel_software /cc:@collectionjson
Looks like @mikekelly85 has owned up a clothing shop in downtown Tokyo ;) #hal
RT @deepak_nadig: My QCon slides on the Evolution of the PayPal API Platform is at Thank you for having me #qconsf
just 24hrs after returning from Tokyo i'm packing for 10 days in London for CCSDS mtgs ( & #API360 Summit #mcaTravels
just 24hrs after returning from Tokyo, i'm packing again for 10 days in London for mtg & #API360 Summit. #mcaTRavels
first time at my office desk in over two weeks -- feels odd. and i've got a crap-ton to get done here before heading to London for two wks.
Wheels down at CVG! #mcaTravels
"[T]he ability to juxtapose one concept with another, by means of a semantic link." #readingToday Rather...
RT @andypiper: Oh look, I'm on a panel at #api360 with @apiacademy in a couple of weeks.
RT @gblock: At 1PM I will be at the @OReillyMedia booth doing a book signing of @webapibook. First 10 folks get a free book!
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