is it a problem that i'm obsessed with vacuuming? i'm pretty sure it annoys the crap out of my husband but atleast the floor's clean.
celebrating the AMAZING crew of "tangled" tonight. blown away by all their hard work. thanks for the incredible film, guys!! xoxo
watching a live stream of the chilean miners being rescued. what a day! makes you want to squeeze your loved ones a little tighter.
Congrats to sean and @robertleblanc on @sylvainnola opening tonight! Everyone should check it out if you're in new orleans!
home with the fam and very happy to be enjoying a lazy evening. hope everyone out there in the twitterverse is doing well...xo
Still recovering from jet-lag but sure am missing the people/places of C.A.R. Can't wait to tell you all about our trip!
new year, new projects! check out my entry on @GSKUS blog talking about my work on cervical cancer
Launching the Reality Check: What Young Women Don’t Know About Cervical Cancer campaign with @GSKUS and GCF! Learn more
So, right now Mandy is still posting here @TheMandyMoore ...she will move over here soon.
Woohoo....We got the real one...Mandy will start using this one soon. (@dalemanning)
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