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Jo Booth

Jo Booth

Geeking around on the internet from NZ.
#3Tech Labour wants everyone in New Zealand to access fast broadband, but National says its policy increases t...
#3Tech Trade Me doesn't play by kids' rules, putting slides, picnic rooms and a caravan bang in the middle of ...
Hope to deploy some 3D this year RT @HexGeospatial: ... How do you convey 3D Hotspots?... Hmm.
RT @Dakshinamurti: Drone pilot locates missing 82-year-old man after three-day search
Still not back to sleep after @Cisco call. Sig says: Work Hours: Tuesday to Saturday 8:30 PM - 5:30 AM PST Pretty sure no PST for a while!
Yes @cisco, 12:23 am is the middle of the night, not after lunch. Catch you in a few hours after I've slept.
RT @TheNextWeb: How cat photos can reveal privacy issues with what you share online by @jonrussell
RT @InternetPartyNZ: We really wish we had one of these for the PARTY PARTY tonight:
#CallPlus FTW "Malware authors are welcome to contact w/GPS coordinates & bunker thickness- we can arrange something"
Sorry #TeamKey, your app doesn't fit.
Bring on the #InternetMANA #roadtrip next week and PARTY PARTY in #Wellington Friday See you all there!
Just noticed iOS 7 isn't updating weather app temp. 18°C it says. #jailbreak hack on iOS 5 worked back then 2°C vs 18
3rd Pilsner of day, last two were @TuataraNZ, but this is my second ever @TuiBeer #Pilsner. It's ok. It's still Tui
It seems that it does. #bacon goes with anything tho.
Hungry and fending for myself for dinner tonight. What's a baguette? Does #Bacon go with it?
RT @niwa_nz: Crepuscular rays beaming onto Wellington time-lapse video, just stunning, check it out: #sun #weather #beautyofnature
RT @craigthomler: Track UK river depths in real-time - can we do this in Australia please! #gov2au #opendata
Been trying to sync 80GB of pics, but my @vodafoneNZ 'net is useless upstream. @MEGA_Co_Nz having issues with it
currently I have no real desire to wear the @googleglass (with my glasses and it's warmth) - so it stays at work.
RT @PaulGrahamRaven: Weaponised self-referential semiotics RT @hackneymarshman: Sign warns cyclists about itself
I've been rationing myself to 20 minutes of playing with @googleglass per work week, but this week I got carried away
Had to use @Microsoft #Excel for first time in, like, 10 years for charting. It sucks heaps more & I've lost my foo!
RT @AidanKirrane: Chicago police convicts felon with help of face recognition software
RT @AbbottMaverick: To stand as an independent in Mana, I need a campaign manager #nzpol #InternetMANA
RT @miriampierard: SO excited about tonight's Party Party! I'm wearing cat tights, cat shorts, cat singlet, cat necklace - who can outcat me? @InternetPartyNZ
#3Tech Beijing has created at least 100 fake Twitter accounts to spread propaganda about Tibet and other Chine...
RT @jadeshearstone: Favour pls twitter world, can you please visit my site? Not much there yet but I need traffic to analyse for school!
8°C and not raining. vast improvement. (@ Wellington Urban Motorway)
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