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Jo Booth

Jo Booth

Geeking around on the internet from NZ.
Boat trailer half blocking Silverstream lights at merge nth bound - @Jeep broken down with bonnet open #SH2 #traffic @NZTAWgtn @nzpolice
RT @TheGeekJo: Hey @IVoteNZ do I need to change the name of @6OtoO to comply with electoral act tonight? #InternetMANA
RT @TheGeekJo: @IVoteNZ @6OtoO currently named politically. Hotspot and Bluetooth ...
POPSMK numberplate - Mazda Demio - any guesses what it means? (@ Urban Motorway)
Re: Should 'Moment Of Truth' be declared as an election expense? -
"Pretty sure this was deemed by Electoral Commission not to be a party thing - rather a national related issue." - Jo Booth
Please somebody ask me to turn on 111 txt integration. I'd love to. (@ The Refectory)
#3Tech Facebook says it is testing a way to let members know when articles posted to the social network are to...
Is there a corporate version of @1Password ? Gets desperate when I need to write encryption key down for rest of team
Venison pies! (@ The Refectory in Wellington)
#3Tech The person claiming to be the hacker who attacked the Whale Oil blog says more information will be made...
All the billboards except National smashed down. SUV damage? (@ Totara Park Lights)
RT @lailaharre: Another spectacular group of rangatahi warms up another crowd on the #InternetMANA #RoadTrip
#3Tech Cameron Slater has released a series of text messages reiterating his claims that Kim Dotcom was involv...
I wonder if @modsta had any perspective on the interconnect space getting content to ISPs in #nz ref #NetNeutrality
Bit of a prang just past Silverstream on River Rd, #SH2 Nthbound delaying #traffic @NZTAwgtn
re-edit of #InternetMANA video of #PartyParty - better reflects my experience: RT @InternetPartyNZ: #Itsallpositive
RT @kiwicon: NZ PM says its "fine" to hack things that are "unprotected". Might be time to check @viss's no-auth SCADA dumping...
RT @Scooby_NZ: @SevenSharp @stevenljoyce To summarise - Hosking is a National Party stooge, not a fricken journalist
RT @awjburns: @SevenSharp pathetic biased interview re #hagerbook No hard questions to Joyce no serious consideration of the allegations. Shameful.
RT @gigatown_levin: For those who wish to help a 'local' town win Gigatown - lets help #gigatownporirua
RT @gigatown_levin: For those who wish to help a 'local' town win Gigatown - lets help #gigatownporirua
RT @DomPost: VIDEO: The very moment lightning struck wind needle in Wellington
RT @katieabradford: Fallout from new Nicky Hager book continues (3:41) via @ONENews
RT @FlamingAim: This just got blown up by thunder. Kilbirnie. I am shaking. Called fire. It was like a huge explosion.
RT @pauljacobs4real: Weather apocalypse #Wellington
#3Tech An interactive teen slasher from Supermassive Games, built on a modified Killzone: Shadow Fall engine.
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