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The BBC creates a 360-degree virtual reality news bulletin. All you need is a $350 Oculus Rift to see it. -
The BBC creates a 360-degree virtual reality news bulletin. All you need is a $350 Oculus Rift to see it.
Steve C, Team Marina
Turn my back for a second and somehow the boy is dressed in duck pants. This will not stand.
Victor Ganata
So one of my drunken impulse buys on New Year's Eve was a stationary bike/laptop desk.
My first impression was that this is exactly one of those things that sends people to the ER with an accidental foreign body insertion. - Victor Ganata
This doesn't seem like the most stable configuration. - Victor Ganata
It's funny that when I'm trying to get to enemy players as fast as possible, I find myself peddling faster than usual. - Victor Ganata
So computer games can improve fitness! - John (bird whisperer)
If you are in real danger of injury, rather than your character, then I think it's safe to say you have constructed the bike incorrectly :) - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
So you don't endorse it? Can I see a pic of it? I've been interested in one of these for a while. - Stephen Mack
I would like to see it, too. - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
I just assembled it today and tried it out for a bit. It does what I wanted it to. The laptop didn't fall down. I probably shouldn't leave the laptop on the desk part when I'm not using it, though. I'll take a picture tomorrow and post it. - Victor Ganata
we need pictures! - imabonehead
Sarah G.
WAIT. YOU CAN SPLIT THE KEYBOARD TOO? I was just thrilled to be able to do all caps....
You can also slide up from the comma and period to make single and double quotation marks. - lris
whut!?!?! - jambina
Lookit you can even make ellipses and euro signs with this sliding up thing. - Heather
Omg what is this - Jason P
§§§ - ellbeecee
¿ - Heather
I did the split keyboard thing by accident and felt like a WIZARD. - Marie
Sliding? What? - maʀtha
Marshall Kirkpatrick
I *am* working, very hard, right now. ;)
Marshall Kirkpatrick
Enviro Justice org in PDX throwing a party to clean up & fix city bus stops frequented by the poor & people of color
Steve Leon
Ever think about that?
But I love broccoli. - rønin
I'm a broccoli fan - Winckel
I like cauliflower---and brussel sprouts. - Son of Groucho
Jason Naylor
Been on a notifications crusade: goodreads; google+; virtualrugby; openhost; bookabach; britishcouncil; threadless; treatme - NO MORE EMAILS
Marshall Kirkpatrick
i want a browser extension that hides the word EXCLUSIVE anywhere it shows up on the web all in caps, it's so obnoxious
Brian Sullivan
iPhone 4 SLR Mount lets you shoot 5-megapixel photos with your $3,000 lens -- Engadget -
iPhone 4 SLR Mount lets you shoot 5-megapixel photos with your $3,000 lens -- Engadget
From the Redonculous Department of Idiocy. - Brian Sullivan from Bookmarklet
April fools? - Shannon - GlassMistress
I think it's cool, just not $250 cool. - Rodfather
Think of it this way, wouldn't you like Instagram, 360 Panorama, iMovie, and a 3G connection on your DSLR? You can make a quick and dirty movie and share it right away. - Rodfather
I have a friend who would actually really dig this. (He's a professional photographer too.) He just wouldn't be interested in it for that price point. - SAM
If someone really needs to carry a $3000 lens around, why wouldn't he just carry a camera as well? It looks good but of no use. - Faraz Mullick
I don't think a person would be limited to using it with $3000 lens, what Rodfather said is a good use case, and some people appreciate the novelty. Of no use to you would be reasonable. - SAM
Hooking up a SLR lens to an iPhone and calling it a DSLR is a bit like sticking a prancing horse logo on a Fiat 500 and calling it a Ferrari. - Brian Sullivan
Who called it a DSLR? It's a lens mount. - Rodfather
Other than the price, what is the actual objection to this product? - Bren from iPhone
Rodfather- I thought that was implicit in your earlier comment. - Brian Sullivan
No, you're tripping. I wouldn't mind having an OS in a DLSR. - Rodfather
As the owner of a 6MP DSLR, I don't really see what's ridiculous about 5MP pictures through a good lens. - Bruce Lewis
Rodfather -- so your comment earlier has nothing to do with this product -- you were just daydreaming about a product that you wish existed? - Brian Sullivan
It says exactly what it says. Why such much hate? There's even a group that makes movies on the iPhone only. For them, it would be a cool addition. You can use lenses you have sitting around and make a movie with different lenses. What's so horrible about that? - Rodfather
Bruce -- adding a big lens to a 5MP iPhone does not turn it into the equivalent of a 5MP DSLR -- not even close. Size in MP matters a lot less than size of sensor -- and iPhone's sensor is very small. - Brian Sullivan
Rodfather - no hate implied -- at least not to you. I just think the product is ridiculous. - Brian Sullivan
No answer to my question? Okay. - Bren from iPhone
Bren - to me seems to a solution looking for a problem -- it is technology for technology's sake -- -- just because it is possible to do something it doesn't always make sense to make and try to sell a product that does it. - Brian Sullivan
I think Rod has already made a compelling argument against that, Brian. Maybe it's just me, but your vitriol for this product seems disproportionate to your stated complaint about the product. As I understand it, the only problem (aside from price) is that *you* don't have a use for it. - Bren from iPhone
I see it as just a lens mount. That's it. On a side note, this reminds me when people started making adapters for consumer video cameras to mount 35mm lenses. This was huge. Only around 4 years ago too. That was the first time people could use interchangeable lenses on a relatively cheap video camera. It opened up so much more possibilities for students and indie filmmakers. Now that... more... - Rodfather
Bren - not sure it was intended as vitrol or should be characterized as such, I don't know how else I can assess and present a point of view except as well .. my point of view. I definitely have no use for this product (or for an iPhone for that matter) - Brian Sullivan
"ridiculous department of idiocy" struck me as fairly vitriolic for a product that is, in reality, simply not useful to you. Again, maybe that's just me. - Bren from iPhone
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iPad 2 supply shortages easing as shipments move to 3-5 days -
iPad 2 supply shortages easing as shipments move to 3-5 days
Richard MacManus
PrivacyVille: Zynga's New Game to Educate Users About Privacy
Richard MacManus
Jailbreaking Convention MyGreatFest Brings iPhone Hacking to Mainstream
Rowan Simpson
RT @ricmacnz: Nurse reveals top 5 regrets people make on deathbed ("Many did not realise until the end that happiness is a choice.")
Richard MacManus
ReadWriteHack: Will The Real HTML5 Please Stand Up?
Daniel Spector
RT @techliberty: Just posted: our submission on MED Filesharing and Copyright regulations discussion paper
Mike Nencetti
Switched from Droid Incredible to IPhone 4. Keeping the Droid as a wifi only device. I will post my experience here.
I had to switch to use cisco vpn and remote desktop. Can't do that on a Droid. - Mike Nencetti from iPhone
The Droid does not seem to mind losing the phone number. I have a few uses for it. - Mike Nencetti from iPhone
As a verizon customer, I keep my unlimited data plan. - Mike Nencetti from iPhone
I already had an apple ID, from testing the corporate ipad. Exchange setup is simple. Happy to have exchange contacts sorted by last name. - Mike Nencetti from iPhone
Apps load slow off of 3g. A few minutes for foursquare and evermore. Headed with my wife to wall mart because best buy did not have a holster - Mike Nencetti from iPhone
It's easier to use friendfeed on the iphone. To be safe, to not start arguments, I think the snapdragon processor is faster than the iphone 4's I have to block that out. Safari seems much slower than dolphin. The battery is not wowing me. I will upload a screenshot later. Hey, I can do screenshots without jumping through hoops. - Mike Nencetti from iPhone
OK, the slow safari was just a strange anomaly. Well it was just strange. All is well now. It's about the same speed as the Droid. - Mike Nencetti from iPhone
VPN and WinAdmin work great. - Mike Nencetti from iPhone
Finally got around to connecting the iphone to my laptop. Setup the free Mobile Me "Find My Phone" account. Amazed that it was free. Still have not synched 1 mp3 to it. the phone does its job, I am happy with it. Battery is working fine .Unless I take a lot of pics or video I will only need to charge it at night. - Mike Nencetti
I finally tested Google Voice. (busy week) The first attempt failed, but the second test worked. The first attempt a lady answered and said "we will try to locate Mike Nencetti on Google Voice" - or something like that. The voice-mail was blank. The second test my voice-mail messages kicked in and I received my gmail transcript. - Mike Nencetti
It's normal to have a laptop power cable wired into your bed, right?
I have two laying on the floor next to my bed at all times. Does that count? - DB, Lil LB's Dad
It's the next best thing, fo- sure. - Micah
I've had a MBP power line running underneath the bed frame, then up the foot of the bed and a bit of length is coiled up there by my feet. - Micah
I'm typing on a breakfast tray ATM. - Micah
Nice! I may have to steal your idea. :-) - DB, Lil LB's Dad
I'll be your master bedroom networking concierge. Good evening, sir. :) - Micah
I have my work and personal laptops within reach at all times when I'm at home. I do more work up here in our bed than I do downstairs in my office. - DB, Lil LB's Dad
DB, *fistbump*, same here. - Micah
Breakfast tray is a great idea. My laptop, iPhone and iPad chargers are all right next to my bed - Tamara, #TeamMarina
Tamara, yeah, it works pretty well. Wish it was a tad lower for ergonomics, but you know. - Micah
Toby outgrew the cosleeper attached to my side of the bed but I still have it attached and use it as a "table" for my netbook. - Rochelle
Yes, absolutely. - Mike Nayyar
110V outlets in the mattress, that's what I'm talkin' about. - Micah
I'm using a OLPC as a tray/stand for the MacBook Air. - Rodfather
Does anyone use both the Evernote iPhone app and the Instapaper iPhone app? If so, why? I'm just trying to figure out the point.
I use InstaPaper on my iPod Touch - because the we only have #nearlynet in NZ - wifi isn't everywhere, and often costs. MobileSafari tends to reload a page you leave open when you switch tabs, incurring more data charges or requiring a net connection to continue reading an article or page online. Flat rate connectivity isn't a reality in New Zealand - every bit costs - so a local cache... more... - Jo Booth
I've used both. Evernote I use because I also have the firefox extension installed so i can access all my notes in either application. Instamapper, I don't see a reason for most people to use unless some 3rd party make some great app to take advantage of their data. I only use it to program and play with the raw API data they provide - brendan
Tweetie integration is the big win on Instapaper for the iPhone. - Bill Sodeman
Evernote has some cool features, take a picture of something with text and it can search and find the text in the image, Instapaper is good for when you come across a story you want to read but don't have time, you send the link to it and when you have time you go to your repository and read the stories you saved and it marks them read and removes them from the list. It's bookmarking with a specific purpose. - Brian
What are the differences between these services? - Vezquex
I use evernote as a reference and a second brain and Instapaper for articles I just want to read at a later date - Simon Tracey
evernote is my outsourced brain (archive) and instapaper my todolist. - denise
This is a great way to use both. I use instapaper as a cache to read later and Evernote to store permanently. - Ernie Oporto
Where Are All The Two And Half Men Fanboys? -!57786...
Where Are All The Two And Half Men Fanboys?
"Know what's amazing about this whole Charlie Sheen fiasco? That no one who actually watches Two and a Half Men seems to give a shit that it may never come back. Usually, when the future of a TV show is in doubt, you get fanboys waging massive grass roots campaigns to keep the show going. They send bags of pistachios to the studio, because the main character liked pistachios or something. And that's for shows that no one even watches. But here's the number one comedy on television, and it's been number one for years now, and I'm not even sure people who like that show have even fucking noticed." - Jessie from Bookmarklet
"The show resides in the same neighborhood as Leno and Idol, ambient programming that people watch because it just happens to be on. You can air reruns of Sheen's show for ages and the audience won't even notice. In fact, it was still in the Top 20 last week. People like Two and a Half Men, but no one seems to actually CARE about it. If Fringe gets canceled tomorrow (and it probably... more... - Jessie
"It's kind of amazing, that something could become so popular without ever being loved. And it makes you wonder: If the show is so eminently disposable, why don't they replace Sheen? And why did they pay him so much goddamn money to begin with?" - Jessie
As one previously-rabid fan of this show, I tolerated the sexual jokes only so far. Even before the Charlie Sheen fiasco, I was ready to ditch the show as it had become a home for adolescent humour...and not much else. - Just another Bubba
Agreed. It's neither original nor funny. It's not even interesting enough to leave on as background noise. - Jessie
I vaguely remember there being some funny lines in it when I watched an episode 2 or 3 years ago. - Bruce Lewis
The only time I watched was when it was background noise. I only paid attention when that girl from Heavenly Creatures was on. - Rodfather
Ooooh I like her too! If she had more screen time I probably would have watched the show more. - Jessie
I watched one or two episodes way back when it happened to be on and never understood the appeal. - rønin from iPhone
I have tried so many times to watch this show. I actually can't stand Sheen's character and found the kid and the housekeeper to be the entertaining ones. But only mildly. I figured it was just me, because sitcoms nowadays just don't catch my attention much. Glad to hear that I'm not alone with this one. - Hookuh Tinypants
This is the flip side of really niche shows like Jericho, Firefly, Veronica Mars, etc, that have small but extremely invested fanbases. Too bad networks would rather have large numbers of disinterested people than smaller numbers of passionate people. - Jandy
What Jandy said. Note the common thread among those shows, btw. They are not merely lowest common denominator dramas or sitcoms. Basically, any show that makes you think, even it's just to get the joke, is doomed. - Kevin (aka ThreadKilla)
This show was on when I got home from work last night. My roommate said she was watching the show before it and just left the TV on. I think this is how most people watch Two and a Half Men. - Jessie
"Chuck Lorre is a hack." An immensely successful hack, but yeah. And it pains me that BBT has more nerd followers than actual nerd-friendly shows like Community. - Andrew C (✔)
Community is the smartest and funniest sitcom around. - Andrew C (✔) from Android
Gotta disagree with you, Otto (and agree with Andrew). No sitcom has made me laugh or care as much as Community since Arrested Development. (Party Down is up there, too, now that I'm catching up with that.) I'm usually falling off the couch laughing by the end of the teaser - the whole cast's comic timing is impeccable. And not hampered by laugh tracks. - Jandy
I really like Community, and I barely watch television. I give them props for going against the grain and at least trying new things, but that's solely my opinion. If you don't like it, don't watch it, I guess. - Derrick
Clearly, Otto. Out of curiosity, if Arrested Development and Community aren't funny to you, and Two and a Half Men and Big Bang Theory are terrible, what shows (or films) do you find funny? - Jandy
Hatin' on Arrested Development *and* Community. Hm. Excuse me, Otto? Would you mind standing next to this tar-covered pole on top of all this dry kindling? I know the footing is a little unstable, let me just attach these ropes so you don't fall. ... Oh, this? I think torchlight is romantic! - Roger Benningfield
I could never figure out the Two and a Half Men appear. I guess the kid had his moments? Charlie Sheen being a character named Charlie who was a poon hound was a nice bit of performance art? Who knows? I enjoy How I Met Your Mother a lot, but I know it's a by the numbers sitcom. I can see why people like Big Bang Theory. Both BBT and HIMYM have followings, and howls of protest if they were pulled off. It could be there isn't a larger protest for 2.5 Men is because that show has run its course. - Mike Nayyar
I just want to say that this is a great thread, and I'm just leaving a comment on it so it will pop up for me if anyone else says anything. And another vote for Arrested Development here. I dismissed it as stupid when I saw the pilot, then found it again many years later on DVD and was converted. Arrested Development is not even in the same universe as a by-the-numbers sitcom. - Kamilah Reed (K. Gill)
Richard MacManus
RT @digiphile: @RWW I suspect @FakeGrimlock to be from FakeCybertron, where IT folks are apparently in such short supply that FakeDinoBots are so employed.
Eyez video recording glasses promise to 'revolutionize' social networking -- Engadget -
Eyez video recording glasses promise to 'revolutionize' social networking -- Engadget
"That's the bold claim made by the folks behind these so-called "Eyez," at least, which unsurprisingly seem to be filled more with vapor than any actual hardware at the moment. If the company is to be believed, however, they'll eventually pack a built-in camera that's able to record 1080p video, 16GB of flash memory, WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, and a 350 mAh lithium ion battery that promises three hours of recording on a charge." - edythe from Bookmarklet
Kevin C. Tofel
RT @Lessien: @KevinCTofel I loved my Commodore 64. LOAD RUN. Me: When PEEK and POKE were used acceptably in conversation. ;)
Louis Gray
Apple and Steve Jobs Are Still Afraid of Android, And They Should Be
Yeah I'm sure they're quaking in their collective boots. - rønin from iPhone
Of course they are. You don't remain competitive by being overly confident. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
Dang. I was going to "like" ronin's comment. :) - Louis Gray
I don't think they're overly confident. I just don't think they care as much as Droidies want them to. Especially when it comes to the sheer numbers metric. - rønin
I don't think Jobs cares about the numbers, he knows the market. What he should care about is what they are doing to take away his UI/packaging advantage. His team has to keep abreast of the work being done to make Android better so they can leapfrog that. They also have to worry about HP and RIMM at the same time. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
Just like Apple disrupted everyone else, Jobs knows it can be done to them as well. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
I would think they'll be more worried when 99% of the competition isn't rushing to copy what they're doing. - Patrick Jordan
Sure, Apple & Jobs most likely do care about (and keep tabs on) the competition. And I doubt they're just sitting on their great big pile of cash like fat cats while casting nervous glances over their shoulder. I'm just always amused when pundits make it sound like Apple & Co. are passing every waking moment wringing their hands or are waking up in cold sweats because of Android. I'm pretty sure they're nowhere near that level of anxiety. - rønin
We know Jobs is concerned because he even bothers to mention Android. Is he waking up in cold sweats? Probably not. What's more interesting about the mobile market copying Apple is the fact that the copycats are grabbing the consumers Apple doesn't care about. - Rahsheen
Which are those Rah? - Patrick Jordan
The ones that want to be able to use their mobile device without a computer as a requirement. The ones that don't have any interest in being tied to the iTunes Store. Primarily, the ones that aren't going to spend $600 for a new phone or tablet. - Rahsheen
Fair enough. Though if they want a tablet, they won't be finding any less expensive options than Apple's just now. - Patrick Jordan
There are quite a few Android tablets less expensive than the iPad, actually. The Samsung Galaxy tab comes to mind. - Rahsheen
How much is a Galaxy tab without a contract? - Victor Ganata from iPhone
You have to think about the individual components that make up a device too. Apple does have an advantage at this point in time for packing in a lot hardware for the money. Not too many companies can make bulk orders of parts costing billions of dollars. Apple can get away with it since they know they can sell the inventory. Competition is good. What's nice with other devices is different sizes and options. - Rodfather
I was under the impression that the cheap Android tablets are cheap for a reason. Rodfather can probably attest to that when he dabbled with the Viewsonic for a while. And the Tab when it came out was comparably priced to the equivalent storage-sized iPad I think. It's cheaper now cause nobody's buying it. ;-p - rønin
Heh the Viewsonic was a mess, but mostly for badly implemented software. It's an odd mix. It has a very fast nVidia Tegra2, which is being found in the latest Android tablets. Yet, the screen was crap. The capacitive touch was crap. Something like the Nook Color is fantastic IMO. The processor isn't the fastest, but fast enough to work well. It has a nice screen and is small. It's only $200. - Rodfather
The other thing to remember is that each consumer is different. For every one thinking a cheaper Android tablet is crap, there is one thinking they just wasted $600 on an iOS device that doesn't do what they need. The trade-offs are more important than you might think. - Rahsheen
I spent a lot of cash for both the iPad and Galaxy Tab. Each do different things well. I carry around the Galaxy Tab since it's small and the apps are very useful to me for day-to-day stuff. It doesn't diminish the iPad's value for me. I like the games and cool apps. It would still be difficult to decide between the two if I had to keep one, but honestly, I don't really need either. - Rodfather
Apple always handicaps itself with its fascist approach to user interfaces. Android will easily best Apple in the smartphone and tablet markets. Watch and see. - Sean McBride
Do you need a computer for an iPod Touch experience? It has iTunes and the App Store on it. - Andrew C (✔)
I think an iPod Touch still needs iTunes at startup, and definitely if you want OS upgrades. - Victor Ganata
Yep, Victor speaks true. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
Steve Gillmor
Gillmor Gang, recording live today 1pm PST participate at
LLLLLLLLLLets get ready to rumble!!!!!!!!!!! - Matt Terenzio
I'm ready to rumble! Waiting for the call... - Robert Scoble
Sorry if that offended people that think boxing is barbaric. - Matt Terenzio
I have a feeling we'll talk about UberMedia and Twitter. Oh, and Apple's 30% charge too. - Robert Scoble
Is Apple going to charge Amazon the 30 per cent also? - Stephen Pickering
That UberMedia announcement sends chills down my spine. Dave Winer is right on. Let's get out of the silo. - Matt Terenzio
What's UberMedia? I'm outta the loop. Content Farm like Demand? - Stephen Pickering
TweetDeck owners that had a few apps shut down for violating Twitter's terms of service. - Matt Terenzio
Evening all - Nick Halstead
Here's the problem with the 30%. My local paper advertises it has an app. I download the app, but there's no where to subscribe within the app. Apple didn't bring "me" to them. Their own add did, but I still want to subscribe within the app. - Stephen Pickering
I think it's fair not to use Twitter in a product name but Tweet doesn't seem right. Tweetie Bird was a favorite character of mine : ) - Matt Terenzio <<-- Story about UberMedia and Twitter. - Robert Scoble
Dick Costello did donate to Obama's Inauguration... - Kevin Marks
Who should have been there that wasn't invited that he is referring to? - Stephen Pickering
Costello, as in Bud Abbot and Costello : ) - Matt Terenzio
Guess we wont be hearing Kevin sing the SamSong - clive boulton
TweetCaster is fantastic solution for those Twidroyd users who are left hanging - Erica Wells Cohen
Samsong? or samsung? - Kevin Marks
I like Seesmic for Android - Kevin Marks
Stephen: HP? - Robert Scoble
Once we've used you to build our network and credibility - Stephen Pickering
Dev's are happy to pay 30 pct. Can't see Sony or FT paying up. - clive boulton
What about Amazon? - Stephen Pickering
Have used both Seesmic and Tweetdeck for Android. Seesmic was giving me memory problems, Tweetdeck has been really good. - Aron Michalski
How much does Kindle charge publishers? - clive boulton
friendfeed? : ) - Matt Terenzio
Stoic. - Aron Michalski
Stephen: AMazon isn't a Silicon Valley company. Microsoft falls into the same bucket of why they weren't invited to John Doerr's house. - Robert Scoble
Ah, thanks, Robert - Stephen Pickering
are and etc vulnerable to internet shutdown in Libya? - Paul E. Ester
KIndle charges more (or at least used to). Amazon's Android store wants to let them pick prices and discounts completely - Kevin Marks
Sure Paul. True of any country, but certainly Libya has already shut some down. - Matt Terenzio
HP? eBay? where they not there becasue historic CEOs ran as republicans? - Kevin Marks
track? - Jerome Hughes
Oh, you mean affected by the recent shutdowns? I don't think so. It's DNS - Matt Terenzio
Yeah, but Kevin, is Apple going to charge Amazon 30% too? That wouldn't seem viable - Stephen Pickering
They flexed their muscle by never responding to their users about concerns. - Aron Michalski
Obama and Zuck nicely captured pic - clive boulton
Did I see @jason at the dinner. :) - Paul E. Ester
lol hoodie comment - Paul E. Ester
Nice hoodie comment Danny. - Kevin Mullett
Twitter for a long time took many of their features away from the users, under the guise of being lame when it was in fact a powerplay. - Aron Michalski
But Kindle is a retailer itself, not a wholesaler, so if it gives 30% it will lose all of its margin - Stephen Pickering
Stephen: exactly. If you are a shopping mall you don't allow other people to built new malls in your building. - Robert Scoble
@jyarmis blog post about Apple overstepping - clive boulton
Good find, Clive @jyarmis is on a roll. - John Taschek
OMG...the most amazing product.... (rolls eyes) - Kevin Mullett
Go Danny go. - Aron Michalski
Yeah, Amazon has gotten so big, I think it will cost Apple more in the long run, to run them off the platform - Stephen Pickering
I don't go to the shopping mall - Kevin Marks
Kevin is right. The transactions are incredibly simple and smooth on Apple's iOS. - Alex de Soto
Is overstepping Steve Jobs loosing a grip? - clive boulton
palo alto or valley fair? - Paul E. Ester
It's Tithing for the Apple Lord...Amen - Aron Michalski
Is Danny's point Apple is overcharging? - Jim Posner
can you make it up on volume ? - Jerome Hughes
Paul: I usually go to Palo Alto. - Robert Scoble
Buying from Amazon outside the Apple world is fine, except for video,which is not Appleriffic. - Aron Michalski
There's no question that Apple has the "right" to do this, we're just saying they shouldn't. It's going to open the door to competition. Amazon is a worthy competitor. - Stephen Pickering
ustream ads are killing me, hope steve gets a cut. - Paul E. Ester
Paul he gets paid in free distribution and bandwidth. :-) - Stephen Pickering
Well, as long as none of us create content, we'll be fine. - Aron Michalski
Steve should go back to the 5 minute ad at the start of the show, to pay for his daughters college education :) - Jamie
earthlink I think it was. - Jamie
When I buy a book on my iMac from Amazon why doesn't Apple require 30%? - Stephen Pickering
This is hilarious. - Kevin Mullett
people are caffeinated today w00t! - Paul E. Ester
they will, stephen - Kevin Marks
They use Twiiter for search...right? - Aron Michalski
The publishers have political clout, app developers don't... - clive boulton
Why doesn't Toyota take 30% of my mall purchases, since its car took me to the mall? - Stephen Pickering
How many secure and user-friendly "store" platforms are there anyway? Google's, Amazon's, Apple's? The question is which one does a developer use and how much of a cut they hand over? Kindle could still work with Apple iOS. Apple users could use Amazon's shopping platform and Apple could ask for a more reasonable referral fee of under 10%. - Alex de Soto
The toyota mall on planet toyota? - Paul E. Ester
Don't worry, as unions are crushed and regulation is eliminated, the market will sort it out; we'll never have to pay an upcharge because we're Americans and they love us. - Aron Michalski
Stephen: funny argument, but Toyota has no leverage there. If it could convince every other car company to charge, maybe. - Robert Scoble
kevin is getting eaten by a monster - Tina Chase Gillmor
she's a cute monster though - Kevin Marks
very cute ;-) - Tina Chase Gillmor
surely the publisher just gets them to sign up on their site rather than the app. apple only take a cut of their referrals. - Jamie
and Microsoft bans any open source in its App store! - clive boulton
Tina when are you gonna get GGang on appleTV Podcasts?</whine> - Paul E. Ester
So are Apple users willing to pay 30% more for one click and being cool? - Aron Michalski
is the location worthwhile ? - Jerome Hughes
Did anyone look at Pandora's S-1? - coldbrew
(of course we're listening to people who have multiple iPads in their home, and there are still a few households worldwide who don't have one yet...) - Aron Michalski
Apparently Apple is pissing off at least one publisher. - Jim Posner
Jim: which one? Have they pulled down their iOS apps yet? - Robert Scoble
The problem is that just because you subscribe within the app doesn't mean that Apple has actually brought you to the product. - Stephen Pickering
searchengineland :-) - Jim Posner
Using the Kindle app on the iPod touch avoids the 30% for Apple... - Aron Michalski
Jim: and he's not a publisher that charges money. - Robert Scoble
It doesn't look like they're going to remove their offerings, and publishers are hoping to get the Feds involved. - coldbrew
I agree that if Apple causes the sale they should get that or even more, but just because that you buy within the app doesn't mean that. - Stephen Pickering
until they throw out the Kindle app... - Aron Michalski
I thought Danny sold premium content via subs. - Jim Posner
when did twitter become the bad guy? lol - Kevin Mullett
roundabout Chirp last year - Kevin Marks
notariety - Jerome Hughes
Kevin: when they did the suggested user list. That pissed off lots of us. Then they picked certain clients and made them god and pissed off lots of developers. - Robert Scoble
private APIs for their own apps - Jamie
sadly, no one has been able to make a network to compete. - Aron Michalski
Robert: I could see that point...that didn't trickle down to "normal" users much though. - Kevin Mullett
Perhaps content organisations' overhead and revenue were over valued for the last 50 years? - coldbrew
argh, building notoriety - Jerome Hughes
Twitter don't be evil zinger from @davecclure - clive boulton
Watching Scoble's screen, it reminds me of speed reading Pynchon; comprehension is limited, point is lost. - Aron Michalski
And user base - Kevin Mullett
Of all the types of apps, the content companies have made the least use of the capabilities of iOS APIs. - coldbrew
Agree with Kevin, Twitter has BIG Data - R Macdonald
Real Time Search should be worth a bunch - Stephen Pickering
The back side of Twitter has always been the story. - Aron Michalski
facebookers have different goals - Jerome Hughes
How about this: Amazon raises the typical $9.99 Kindle book price to $11.98 on Apple iOS and $10.98 on Google. $9.99 on Amazon. Buyers choice! - Alex de Soto
I choose Amazon. Done. - Aron Michalski
apple say you have to charge the same price - Jamie
Alex, Apple requires the app price to be as low as the lowest price offered elsewhere - Stephen Pickering
Amazon never charges the same price twice - Kevin Marks
Twitter was anything but fair. - Aron Michalski
Jamie: Price fixing will get them in trouble with the Feds. I think. - Alex de Soto
Do you have to pay premium for FIREHOSE? - Kevin Mullett
tweetie - Jerome Hughes
But I'm not sure that's legal with FTC for Apple to be able to dictate the price - Stephen Pickering
Kevin: for the full real time firehose, that's what I hear. - Robert Scoble
Mullet: Yes. - coldbrew
Alex, that's what I was thinking, that's Price Fixing - Stephen Pickering
Stephen: why not? THis isn't price fixing. - Robert Scoble
wonder when twitter will buy DataSift or build out that function - Jim Posner
Amazon also demands that the Kindle price is the lowest. those are the rules to get onto their store.. thats not price fixing. - Jamie
I think its a law called "Price Fixing" but I'm sure Apple's lawyers are smarter than I! heheheheheheheh - Stephen Pickering
Just make all your apps free and then you don't have to worry. - Matt Terenzio
Jim - they wont build that function - Nick Halstead
Robert & coldbrew: thanks that is what I thought - Kevin Mullett
Is DataSift a betaworks thing? - coldbrew
Jamie: if you are giving away something under what it costs you can get government after you. - Robert Scoble
coldbrew: I think betaworks is invested. It's Nick Halstead's company. - Robert Scoble
Scoble: Thanks - coldbrew
Oh, I hi Nick! I love this chat room. I guess that means that Twitter will buy DataSift. (My thesis) - Robert Scoble
robert: no they are not - they would like to - but wont get a part - Nick Halstead
Nick: can I use DataSift on the folks I'm following yet? - Robert Scoble
hornOKplease just tweeted: @scobleizer alex payne had a post that said that at this point twitter devs are either a) twitter partners or b) hobbyists. no middle ground - Robert Scoble
dialtone. - Aron Michalski
just seems data mining/ event-pattern recognition is a logical area for twitter to grow - Jim Posner
robert: yes - wait for ver 0.9 coming out early next week - lots of amazing new things - including real-time storage - you can keep every tweet you want. - Nick Halstead
I thought Halstead was bringing Track back? - coldbrew
:) Am I wrong? - coldbrew
Nick: AWESOME! coldbrew: that is track! - Robert Scoble
Wish I had been grandfathered in on the whitelisting. Now that's a sweet deal. - Matt Terenzio
kind of great how datasift was mentioned here and nick logged in and responded within a minute. - Jamie
Robert - here's al3x's post: - Richard
Scoble: No! It is Duke Nukem part II ;) - coldbrew
I have always said - all that counts is that twitter continues to grow - Nick Halstead
very worried about the gTLD issue. Maybe falsely so, but still. - Kevin Mullett has said they are working on that very solution. - Kevin Mullett
whats her name had her .ly yanked - Paul E. Ester - Paul E. Ester
what are the SMS percentages now? - Aron Michalski
twitter is sitting on a massive real time database that they have yet to monetize or have the tools to monetize. - Jim Posner
Halstead: I'm glad you've not been afriad to play in their sandbox. But, I guess that means you think ubermedia was in the wrong today (they weren't, imo)? - coldbrew
Is there still a need to consider text with Twitter? - Aron Michalski
Pretty popular in 3rd world, no? - coldbrew
cold: big difference - we dont play in a sandbox - were a twitter partner - Nick Halstead
does broken-boarders come back as a co-working space chain - clive boulton
I'm interested in discussants perspectives on Facebook adding hCalendar & hCard microformats to millions of events - R Macdonald
WHAT? Robert isn't a robot? - Kevin Mullett
Halstead: Sounds semantic unless you are talking about signed agreements. - coldbrew
what about - dlature
save your Monitor boxes... - Aron Michalski wont be using - Jamie
feel so bad for you on that ski slope - Matt Terenzio
unfollow anyone on my timeline who does - Jamie
Nick when are going to get some wysiwyg tools for DataSift? throw us non developers a bone. - Jim Posner
from @stop: One fresh pull of data using Twitter/iPhone is almost 300k of data. Int'l pay-per-use is $.0195/Kb. That would be almost USD$6.00 per pull! - Kevin Marks
.tw domain ftw - Paul E. Ester
tweetdeck was causing me to accidentally use it b/c of their intial interface....they improved it this past week - dlature
tweets are bloated compared to SMS - a tweet pulled via APi is way more than 140 chars - Kevin Marks
So, bottom line, will Kindle be leaving the iOS platform? - Stephen Pickering
(Downloading Vanity Fair on my iPad from the chairlift right now...) - Aron Michalski
jim: working on it - but storage + map-reduce functionality had to come first - Nick Halstead
like to know what GG group thinks of - dlature
They had to do it. BING helped them along. - Kevin Mullett
Why couldn't AAPL offer a sliding pricing scale for volume on the subs thing? - coldbrew
dlature: It hasn't hit my life at all. - Robert Scoble
@diatuure never heard of it - Paul E. Ester
Nick- thanks..looking forward to the growth of DataSift..hope it ramps up sooner rather than later. - Jim Posner
coldbrew: probably because Apple likes simplicity, even in its business models. - Robert Scoble
When did Bing results start showing up on Facebook search? - Matt Terenzio's built into tweetdeck - dlature
social search is pointless - the fact is search will be replaced with 'follow' - by interest graphs - Nick Halstead
Nick: I'm really happy I'll be able to do DataSift on the folks I'm following. That makes it MUCH more useful! - Robert Scoble
so overseas data is about $15-19 a meg while a text will be .50 to .75 cents. Mobile Realtime is a rich man's luxury once you cross the border. - Aron Michalski
Jamie, Robert, Stephen: Sorry had to walk away for a sec. I guess that's right. Not pricing fixing in the true sense. I guess Apple will remain an exclusive mall with a lot of customers with deep pockets. Publishers will want to be in that "mall" for sure just like some stores want to be on Rodeo drive regardless of the rent. - Alex de Soto takes +140 chars into a separate database...and linksto it appaer as "More" - dlature
dlature: doesn't TwitLonger do the same thing? - Robert Scoble
so does Tantek's falcon - Kevin Marks
don't know of it - dlature
So what dlature? Doesn't that save some people from having to write a blog post? - Matt Terenzio
ran into it b/c Tweetdeck kinda forced me to - dlature
jim: thanks, we will start inviting more people soon, we only have 500 invited into Alpha currently, but have 10's thousands on the invite list ready to rock. - Nick Halstead
matt, I don't neccessarily have a problemwith it...lot of tweeters don't like it...I can see its uses - dlature
Wow, That's some serious insinuation. - coldbrew
Danny: I still see that *twitter LIST issue we talked about last year. - Kevin Mullett
Yeah, I think it's kind of like autotweeting when you write a blog post. - Matt Terenzio
I already covered why Social search is not the answer -> - Nick Halstead
Yes. I hear this Siegler person is quite knowledgeable and unbiased :) - coldbrew
like Twitter Suggestions? ;-) - Aron Michalski
when I search [canon s90] I get 2 friend results at the top - Kevin Marks
rumors GoogleIO setting up viewing places nr Moscone dealing with registration backlash - clive boulton
but the story was actually measuring the conversion of deals shared on fb vs the same deal shared on twitter - Richard
it's the Super Bowl all over again... - Aron Michalski
not the same as ad conversion, I don't think - Richard
Tell me you are not more apt to click on a SERP with a friends pic/name in it? CTR will be higher even if lower, but not on the bottom. - Kevin Mullett
Richard: They write lots of stuff over there with opinions and a few facts from being freinds with so many of the value. Most of their interpretations seem to be worthless. - coldbrew
Nick-any interest in data visualization (heat maps) on the live DataSift streams? - Jim Posner
Chris Dixon had a good talk about this: Graphs presentation at Google NY - Kevin Marks
maybe a slider from "Chaste" to Slutty" for your friends influence... - Aron Michalski
"the underlying geekery!" - Tina Chase Gillmor
copy that Tina. - Aron Michalski
rww posted an interesting article on fb marketing yesterday: - Richard
jim: with storage + map-reduce any kind of visualisation is possible, we have quite a few 3rd party developers building them - Nick Halstead
Direct mail has always been 2-4% - Aron Michalski
spam gets by with much lower numbers - Jerome Hughes
Nick-Good to hear..having "glanceability" for fast flowing streams would be useful. - Jim Posner
Fuchia ads? - Aron Michalski
Search has intent. Most don't search for FUN. - Kevin Mullett
Danny's right. Facebook is better for Brand ads. It's just like network TV. Facebook is where the attention is. - Stephen Pickering
fb hyper targeting yellow page adds on your profile (even if you don't click) builds brands - clive boulton
but brand ads are mostly useless - Kevin Marks
all this talk about facebook and twitter we all know foursquare is going to rule the world - Paul E. Ester
Kevin Marks: Depends on if you want to be top of mind. It "can" make a difference. - Kevin Mullett
Brand ads aren't useless. They are just longer term. Ask Coca Cola. Ask Ogilvy. - Stephen Pickering
see the same thing in twitter bot patterns - Jerome Hughes
Ad blindness - that is exactly what I have. @kevinmarks - John Taschek
You advertise on Adwords for cashflow, and Facebook for Brand or Mindshare. - Stephen Pickering
What is new is that more people are brands; and they are promoting things. - Aron Michalski
Buy Rackspace <<-- John Taschek can't see this! :-) - Robert Scoble
priming can be important, true - Kevin Marks
someone mention Watson..big story that happened this week - Jim Posner
Hmm. I thought most tech people had highly curated host files, no? - coldbrew
Robert, Why can't Josh see it? Did he block you or vice versa? hehehehehehehehhehehe - Stephen Pickering
Even though I don't click on the ads, I might subconsciously see them. R . A. C. K. S. P. A. C. E - John Taschek
It's so easy to go from a link on Google SERP to a Web page that offers to FB "Like" your brand so that in seconds you're on Facebook learning about the brand from real people. That's powerful! - Alex de Soto
btw aapl got killed today - Paul E. Ester
Robert; best point today. Nobody HAS to go to the mall. Unless you're locked in to a hardware provider who prevents options. - Aron Michalski
@robert it's not info overload, it's filter failure - C. Shirky re: what JT can see - Jerome Hughes
Alex - Agreed - Kevin Mullett
Taschek: WhatSPACE? - coldbrew
OMG....Robert! - Kevin Mullett
you get the '50,000 people like this, none of them are your friends' problem - Kevin Marks
saw Clay S. on Al Jazeera yesterday..great conversation - Jim Posner
thank, Jim, will look for that - Jerome Hughes
thanks Jim. - Aron Michalski
show was called Empire - Jim Posner
plus $99 / yr whether you release or not - Jerome Hughes
this is always a truly interesting, smart chat environment. Never ceases to amaze me - Tina Chase Gillmor
There are sites doing that manually, but not auto. - Kevin Mullett
Shucks, I was just trying to be contrarian, Tina ;-) - Aron Michalski
Social networks, social revolution - Jim Posner
we'll also have to see the version with the electric shirt(s) ? - Jerome Hughes
danny froze again but since we're at the end I'm not going to re=establish the call - Tina Chase Gillmor
notoriety - Jerome Hughes
best pose to freeze in ;) - Jo Booth
a magazine that grows after you buy it? - Aron Michalski
danny unfroze! - Tina Chase Gillmor
Marks: You endorse that? I haven't read it, just asking? - coldbrew
tricaster rocks - Paul E. Ester
Thanks for the show! - R Macdonald
interesting Point of view - Kevin Marks
Thanks @markbenioff too - Paul E. Ester
exhalation - Jerome Hughes
Thanks Tina, thanks guys, see ya soon! - Aron Michalski
ipad 2 coming in april annnnn - Paul E. Ester
that was close. - Aron Michalski
yeah....I looked up when Robert said that - dlature
this is the best part of the show. - Paul E. Ester
Yeah, some after show fun! iPad 2 coming in April with a 2048-pixel screen, my sources said. - Robert Scoble
w00t! thanks rober - Paul E. Ester
Tricaster: ready for Robert or Steve to cover in depth - clive boulton
He also said iPhone 5 will come in September. - Robert Scoble
last nights dinner was epic - Paul E. Ester
whose house - Paul E. Ester
John Doerr's. - clive boulton
Yeah, it was John Doerr's house in Woodside. If Obama were really cool he would have stopped at Bucks. - Robert Scoble
Bam at Bucks would have been terrific scene - clive boulton
Scoble: We'll see how your sources do :) Great info. I hope you exorcise your options... - coldbrew
Reference to are Facebook ads more power than Twitter ads - - John Taschek
was going to do the audio bootleg, but no YouTube video up, any thoughts? - Sebastian Keil
Gavin Knight
JohnKeyPM singing on Main Stage at #parachute2011
JohnKeyPM singing on Main Stage at #parachute2011
Gavin Knight
Parachute Band doing it great main stage Sunday night #parachute2011
Parachute Band doing it great main stage Sunday night #parachute2011
Packed up and on the road to Whakatane from #Parachute2011. Somehow we managed to pack everything into the Rav4 without a too much crushed
Daniel Spector
"I'm not black - like Barry White - I am white, like Frank Black is".
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