RT @ashedryden: The “diversity in tech problem” is always framed by privileged people offloading the responsibility onto marginalized people.
The 101-Level Reader: Books to Help You Better Understand Your Biases and the Lived Experiences of People | ashe dryden - http://www.ashedryden.com/blog...
Kitty Cat annoys Dawg - http://www.youtube.com/watch...
Kitty Cat annoys Dawg
Why I Hope to Die at 75 - The Atlantic - http://www.theatlantic.com/feature...
When your mushrooms taste a little like wine: good. When your wine tastes a little like mushrooms: bad.
Five yard home run penalty foul touchdown fault. Second base Goal!
People talk about professional sports and after 10 seconds all I can hear are buzzes and clicks.
I work in a triple-password protected environ. Today's newest security feature: type in the wrong password once, and you get kicked. Damn.
Aren't we tired of reliving history? Why can't we learn?
People who need to listen are talking. They're telling the people who need to talk to go home and be quiet.
I'm a "reverse ermine". White in the summer, auburn in the winter. Thanks a lot, sunshine.
5 Reasons to Publish with JukePop » Scott Alumbaugh - http://scottalumbaugh.com/2014...
144 Free Online Learning Sources - http://themindunleashed.org/2014...
Conspiracy theorists make the most excellent additions to our Worst Case Scenario Brainstorming Team.
OH: "Do not use emoji when communicating with an old man."
It must be "post gross recipes" day on Facebook. Either that, or my friends are into eating really questionable foodstuffs.
The packaging of Crest toothpaste declares, "Fresh Mint" but it tastes like Hawaiian Punch. It's so wrong. And yucky.
Gmail: our interface makes it super easy for you to archive spam and report your customers as unwanted nuisance mail. https://twitter.com/maniact...
I wish the "Archive" & "Report Spam" icons looked significantly different from each other. And that they aren't placed next to each other.
OH, Old Man: "It seems you can do anything with the English language these days." Sniff.
Well, cool! Four snowy white egrets in the backyard pond. We usually don't see them, but there they are, fishing.
Hmm. I'm doing the same thing and expecting the same results. In a world of constant change, I might be the crazy one here.
Yesterday, I witnessed customer service so outstanding I felt like applauding. Customer Service Masterpiece Theatre.
OH: "I'm pretty much a vegetarian, except for lamb. And venison in the fall. Oh! And I love a good pig roast. Especially Cuban style."
Quit blaming yourself. Instead of saying, "I'm terrible at remembering names", say "People are terrible at being memorable." Blame others.
Briefly considered Honey Badger as a write-in candidate for Governor. (Go vote.)
I now want to open a PR firm called Hogwash, Monkeyshines, and Bullshit -- just to see who I get as clients based on name recognition.
You know darn well that if a proposal is worded so that a reasonable adult cannot understand it, you vote NO. It's really that simple.
PR pitch: "Would you cover our groundbreaking? Excellent photo op of 5 old white guys in suits holding shovels, wearing hardhats, grinning."
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