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Is the future part of our history? Or do historians only concern themselves with the past?
Listening to Weird Al's "Mission Statement" as I write a new corporate "About" page. This is not ironic. It's purely coincidental. I swear.
Why do people try to make Inbox Zero sound like a major achievement? It's deleting things. A trained pigeon can do it.
"OMG, people are getting quoted out of context all over Twitter and Facebook." -unknown
Why isn't somethings a word like sometimes is?
I like Mainstream Al.
"Making the internet rounds" is the new "going viral".
I am not procrastinating. I am actively playing high-stakes chicken with my deadlines.
Crowdsourced jokes don't exactly kill, now do they? But spy organizations with no oversight? We kill! We literally do! #BETTERCIATWEETS
Lose Yourself to Spanx (Daft Punk) #RejectedWeirdAlSongs
Hey, Ma! (OutKast) #RejectedWeirdAlSongs
A school sends an irony-free form letter telling every student that they are special and unique.
I know at least 99 better things to do with a potato than to make a cold boiled salad out of it.
I judge white shirts with black buttons harshly. I also judge plaid shirts harshly. Basically, button down shirts are all on notice.
Like you, I actually know people from Cleveland who left the city to successfully find employment in another city.
I visit magazines that don't even play ads on the 'skip this ad' page. Just blank. They've given up on both readers AND advertisers.
Got all smitey.
The Christians here must believe that God will smite them if they drive anywhere near the speed limit on Sundays.
One summer, my music instructor made me practice Summertime every day, on every instrument available. The living was not easy.
"Hello. I'm. I'm pathetic." -Google Voice Translation
Is it a great idea to put your actual mugshot on a LinkedIn profile and ask strangers to connect with you...or is it the best idea ever?
You think AT&T might care about associating their brand image with crime, but they are a monopoly. So they don't. It's as simple as that.
And now the police told me to call them if an AT&T rep knocks on my door.
Of course, we reminisced about Doonesbury in the 70's. In particular, we marveled at Zonker and his professional tanning career.
I wonder how well those Hawaiian Tropic models from the 70's aged. Remember the greasy tan brassy blonde skin cancer look? Retrospective.
Juggalos are gang members. And your grandma's a terrorist suspect, because she uses a Tor browser. This is your life now.
"I don't know. Ask Jeeves." -the sassier, more retro alternative to saying "Let me Google that for you."
Please. Tell me about where you're the mayor. Again.
My neighborhood association president told us to call the police if AT&T reps come knocking on our doors again. What a pain.
What is preventing my age peers from reading web serials? Books are so 1900's.
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