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manielse (Mark Nielsen)

manielse (Mark Nielsen)

Mark Nielsen - Digital Visionary, Gadget Enthusiast, Passionate to Improve Things, Entrepreneurial Mindset and Foodie.
It's time to encrypt the Internet
Snapchat Uses A Hokey-Sounding Success Strategy And Makes Employees Talk About Their Feelings Every Week
The Difference Between Projects and Processes Very interesting thoughts
5 Ways To Cope With Workplace Stress
How Gender Affects Your Stress Dreams
Why are diamonds clear, but coal black?
Are You in Motion or Are You Taking Action?
LA Sheriff's Dept. On New Surveillance Program: We Knew The Public Wouldn't Like It, So We Kept It A Secret
Goodbye FuelBand: Nike reportedly fired dozens of its wearables experts
Does the First Proposal Always Lose in a Salary Negotiation?
You Don't Read Code, You Explore It
H-1B loophole may help California utility offshore IT jobs
Universal artificial blood set for 2016 human trials
Why Feedly has stuck around on Google’s public cloud
30 Simple Tools For Data Visualization – Smart Bookmarks
AcDisplay Adds Moto X-Style Screen Notifications to Any Android Phone
Your Tendency to Put Things Off May Have Been Inherited
Pym.js: Embed iframes responsively
The IoT requires thinking about how humans and things cooperate differently when things get smarter – Big Data SQL in real time
Saturn's latest icy satellite 'Peggy' could reveal how moons form
I just backed Resistance: An Innovative Fitness System on @Kickstarter
Resistance is not futile, helps your free-weight workout
Pandora might lose all music recorded before 1972 due to copyright infringement
39% Of Americans Believe Teleportation Will Happen In The Next 50 Years
Ahead of its TWC merger, Comcast may sell 5M subscribers to Charter
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