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manielse (Mark Nielsen)

manielse (Mark Nielsen)

Mark Nielsen - Digital Visionary, Gadget Enthusiast, Passionate to Improve Things, Entrepreneurial Mindset and Foodie.
Aereo at the Supreme Court: a guide to the biggest TV case in 30 years (and where to learn more)
7 skills to land your open source dream job
Coldwater Creek files for Chapter 11
American Runner Wins Boston Marathon
SOA and Business Processes: You are the Process!
How Bad Is CableCARD Support?
Rain Bird Sprinkles Automation Into Your Yard for Under $199
Free for all: Samsung stops selling apps for its smart TVs
The complete guide to dual persona work/personal Android devices! (Samsung Knox, VMware Horizon Mobile, and more!)
ROCKI: PLAY Review – Enable WiFi Streaming to any Speaker System
Typesafe has announced the early preview of Akka Streams, an open source implementation of the Reactive Streams
Microsoft Office Mix Lets You Sign Up For Preview
Karen Gillan’s Hair May Be Playing A Role In Star Wars: Episode VII #starwars
@cleidich It's all about jobs of course, best for the tax paying citizens...
Flashing Headlights to Warn Other Drivers of Cops is Free Speech
Need faster Wi-Fi around your house? The Amped Wireless REC15A is just the thing.
Notification Toggle Adds Settings and App to Android's Pulldown Bar
Web Development Free Testing Tools
Spinal Implant Allows Paralyzed Men To Move
iTherm Bracelet Records Your Body Temperature
Meet the guys who store humans at freezing temperatures for the future
Flex Your Nerd Muscle to These Pop Culture Workouts
Advanced Concrete Could Last More Than A Century Without Maintenance Believe it when I see it on our tax-paid roads
Pluto May Have Deep Seas and Ancient Tectonic Faults
John Bachir – Never use ActiveRecord persistence methods in #Rails controllers #Ruby #RoR
Food-analyzing app tells you how fat you're about to get
Microsoft teaches robots and computers proper human interaction
8 Personal #Fitness Tools to Get You Ready for Beach Season #health
@PrimozArtac As long as we actually try to do something better than what we are doing today.
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