How can you use these contacts for Inherent and trade. For sharing makes sense. - ##galivestream live on
The iOS developer center has been down: "We'll be back soon." Has the iPad mini gotten people that excited?
RT @wadhwa: Little doubt: this decade entrepreneurs will set stage to solve humanity's grand challenges. They can do what only Governments could
Sort of strange: Amazon AWS goes down and Google announces Compute Engine, both within days of each other.
Sort of strange: Amazon AWS goes down around the same time that Google announce s Compute Engine.
RT @levie: In one of life's great ironies, cloud computing really sucks when you're flying in an airplane.
Insights from Steve Jobs circa 1997:
RT @jfahmy: A Greek, an Italian, and a French guy walk out of a bank. There's no joke, I'm just describing what's going on in Europe right now.
RT @levie: Windows 8 seems neat and all, but I'm already on Windows 95.
RT @eladgil: People always decry the "end of innovation" right when things are about to get interesting.
RT @newsycombinator: California Senate votes to allow self-driving cars
RT @levie: After I tried Facebook in '04, I thought, "This will be worth $3 million one day." I was actually just talking about its janitor.
RT @levie: Remember: there's an inverse relationship between great user experience and how much the user experiences.
Paul Graham's todolist Don't ignore your dreams; don't work too much; say what you think;cultivate friendships;be happy
Finished last night, the last programming assignment of the awesome @nlp_class
Just finished the last programming assignment of the super awesome @nlp_class
Shout out to @angelpad and @thomask for the weekly wrap newsletter!
Saw an amazing video on vimeo: goes from "Class starts in February" to "Class starts To be announced" ... that's a good sign:)
RT @TechCrunch: The "Unhyped" New Areas in Internet and Mobile by @vkhosla
RT @cdixon: Every book about Apple should be forced to label chapters "recycled old stories" or "stuff that is actually new".
A tutorial on python generators, really cool:
RT @newsycombinator: Be better at math: Running causes neurogenesis in spatial reasoning region.
RT @sumeetparmar: aesthetic simplicity, structural complexity
Plastic eating fungi discovered in the Amazon: #cooldiscovery
Plastic eating fungi discovered in Amazon: #cooldiscovery
Check out Vtok: Google talk video calls, Google Voice, text chat and more:, via Vtok for iOS
RT @ryanlawler: Boxee’s new iPad app packed with social discovery
RT @vtokapp: AppAdvice compares video calling apps on iOS!
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