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RT @grittygrease: @briankrebs Has anyone actually managed to get a private key out of this? If they have, I would like to see the proof.
RT @whitehatsec: Your own competitive advantage is to learn faster than the other guys. via @Jeremiahg
"WordPress 3.8.2 Security Release"
RT @torproject: Users of the #Tor Browser Bundle should not be affected by the #heartbleed bug, but new bundles will be out shortly:
RT @SGgrc: Wow. We're creeping up toward One Billion Internet web servers/site: (Research for OpenSSL disaster bug.)
RT @i0n1c: I hope you have all disabled TLS for now to protect your customers from MITM through stolen private keys.
RT @r_netsec: Cuckoo Sandbox 1.1 released -
5-year-old boy exposes major security flaw in 'Xbox' -
RT @EFF: HSTS is a security no-brainer. So why are so many sites leaving users open to man-in-the-middle attacks?
Ooh, Rock Me Asmodeus!
"Microsoft to start blocking adware that lacks easy uninstall"
This  is  big
RT @helpnetsecurity: This phishing page can do more than steal your credentials - - @Malwarebytes
RT @jduck: Android Hacker's Handbook is now shipping! Get yours today! Electronic version release will be in ~ 2 weeks
RT @McAfee_Labs: Security breaches lead to millions of stolen records. Read on to see a timeline of events:
"FireEye, AhnLab score low in lab test of breach detection systems"
"550k+ card details stolen in 17-month long Spec's breach"
I did not have time today for a kernel panic.
RT @securityshell: A Look Into Creating A Truley Invisible PHP Shell
Will this day please end so that I can start following the news again? kthxbye.
RT @whitehatsec: Think your website is secure? Prove it! We’ll scan your web applications for free.
RT @virusbtn: SANS handler @alexstanford explains how php.ini can be used to prevent accendentally introducing XSS vulnerabilities
"Microsoft will no longer access email accounts that steal company IP"
RT @whitehatsec: Get a copy of our free e-book Website Security for Dummies. Written by @Jeremiahg @RSnake & @Manicode.
RT @DarkReading: FireEye Releases Comprehensive Analysis of 2013 Zero-day Attacks; Impact on Security Models
RT @helpnetsecurity: Infographic: A phishing email's route through the corporate network -
Random picture from north Austin.
"Attacker obtains credentials of nearly 100K users of Cerberus app"
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