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RT @TheHackersNews: So called #NSA-Proof "Blackphone" Gets Rooted Within 5 Minutes by Hackers --
Shark Week!!
RT @hdmoore: Dear Tor users, the web site torbundlebrowser dot org is serving up a fake version (3.6.3), only use releases from
RT @kickfroggy: Take this Dorito as my body and this vodka as my blood, @ihackedwhat conducting #Defcon communion
RT @kickfroggy: Take this Dorito as my body and this vodka as my blood, @ihackedwhat conducting #Defcon communion
RT @markrussinovich: Sysinternals Sysmon is now available for download!
RT @kevinmitnick: Thank you for all the birthday wishes. Turned 21 today so I finally got to drink a mojito! So awesome!
"52-Minute Work, 17-Minute Break is the Ideal Productivity Schedule"
Google lowers search ranking of websites that don't use encryption -
RT @briankrebs: Site offers free service to help decrypt files encrypted with CryptoLocker
RT @HackerHurricane: John McAfee at #BSidesLV !!!
RT @SecBarbie: The #defcon badges are soo cool this year!
RT @hdmoore: Gamma FinFisher hacked: 40 GB of internal documents and source code of government malware published:
Internet Explorer to start blocking old Java plugins -
"WordPress 3.9.2 Security Release"
"Q&A on the Reported Theft of 1.2B Email Accounts"
RT @WebSecurityNews: Russian Hackers Are Hoarding More Than a Billion Stolen Passwords
Android RAT impersonates Kaspersky Mobile Security -
Most 'hackable' vehicles are Jeep, Escalade, Infiniti and Prius -
"Obama signs cell phone unlocking bill; It is now officially legal to unlock your phone"
Craving a gyro all of a sudden. May have to search south Austin this weekend for some killer Greek food.
"Nearly 600 business impacted by POS malware attack"
"Sandwich Chain Jimmy John’s Investigating Breach Claims"
"Massive, undetectable security flaw found in USB: It’s time to get your PS/2 keyboard out of the cupboard"
consume for health and/or fitness benefits? (2/2)
I still consume something daily that's listed as the #1 seller on Amazon for Garden Fertilizers. What's the strangest thing that you (1/2)
So, does Lumosity and meditation cancel each other out?
RT @moxie: Open Whisper Systems has released Signal. Free, worldwide, encrypted voice calls for iPhone:
AV engines are riddled with exploitable bugs -
RT @kalilinux: Kali Linux 1.0.8 released - Boots recent Macbooks (Air / Retina), as well as new EFI boot support -
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