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RT @snorewell: How many dinosaur remains must we dig up before we understand why they lived underground?
“The Risk Not Taken” by @dunn What a fantastic read!
Uh oh! Looks like I might have to rethink that Mi4 decision! :\ via @schmmuck
RT @DeathEndsFun: Hilarious. RT @millyshaw: Either Reuters is paintfully honest, or the designer didn't understand Venn diagrams
"Skinny, sad and pale" this (superficial association) usually pops up when I discuss the apple brand and consumer :)
After hours of power failure, light doesn't cut it anymore. There should be delight at the end of the tunnel!
Gunday hain hum uske, hum pe kiska zor #YRFMashup
It is amazing how scientific and philosophical debates end up in the same place - quantum physics and consciousness in this case!
"Is Samsung bigger than Google?" I somehow find it difficult to imagine Samsung as a viable long term threat.
Hearing that tomorrow is not a dry day in Bangalore. Hope it isn't someone's idea of a sick weather joke!
"Facebook Lets Advertisers See Which Ad on Which Device Led You to Buy" attribution getting better. Nice. #digital
"The luckiest generation" do read. Sigh.
"Happy employees make happy customers? Think again" interesting read. I did kind of assume...
RT @DigitallyDownld: Everything wrong with modern media in one screenshot:
Immortalised by the stories you told us, killed by the stories you told yourself. Sigh. Life can be like that. :\
#blog "Artificial Morality" When artificial intelligence meets morality, what could happen?
"What happens when a user fights back and experiments on Facebook" heh
"Xiaomi Mi4 to launch in India by end of 2014; Redmi 1S releasing by end of August" yay! for now, we wait :)
"Designing for Word of Mouth" Very good read via @arjunram
"How a relaunch saved Foursquare from certain death" interesting indeed, though I still wonder....
Brothers protecting sisters, it seems! So regressive! But Happy Rakshabandhan ;)
Watched 'The Hundred Foot Journey' last night. Tried a Neti pot this morning. Hypothesis on Om Puri's nose being formed.
"Experts weigh in on the coming robot takeover" largely positive, don't mind the headline :)
"Why Modern Civilization is a Vicious Circle." Some super perspectives on #life and #consumption
"How Successful People Stay Calm" A non-meme guide to #KeepCalm :)
"The Owner’s Manual for the 21st Century Organization" Love where this is going!
"Google Tests Timeline View for Knowledge Graph" This could be interesting, especially if it gets into time+social
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