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"@firstpostin: 2 States review:A chore to watch,infuriating at times" True to the book then ;)
RT @GautamGhosh: Good advice from Marissa Mayer
"How I’m experimenting with Life-as-a-Service" by @jowyang How absolutely interesting!
“@FunDuhMentalist: Coffee flavoured condoms? My previous office served us condom flavoured coffee.” Hahaha
Saw a voting mark with NaMonishan on the Facebook TL. Nice wordplay :) Common?
“If you want to know what God thinks of money, look at the people he gives it to.” via :)
"This Is the End of #Facebook as We Know It" Interesting perspective #social #strategy
"The Ideal Length of Everything Online" Hmmmm #content #marketing
Trying to find this name in candidate lists. #bangalore #elections #GoTcha #nowwearing #GoT
Some excellent work and life lessons from @katiedreke at :)
"3D Printable Luggage Can Be Sent To Your Destination Via Email" whatay concept :)
#blog A long weekend trip to O’Land Estate, Coonoor #travel #coonoor :)
If you've wondered about fragile vs robust vs anti-fragile, this would be a good primer #antifragile
Office check in, given it's official 4sq day :) (@ GroupM Bangalore)
"The Default-Thinking Method of Problem Solving" Insightful read!
Dated by twitter standards, but in case you missed "How Gmail Happened: The Inside Story of Its Launch 10 Years Ago"
"3D Hubs: The 3D printer next door" an excellent alternate approach to mass #3Dprinting
'Vishu the same' never gets boring! :D
Pretty much seals the deal for @peegeekay being all #mallu Happy Vishu and budday yo :D
"Robot Mice Help Scientists Study Evolution" what an awesome application of #robotics :)
"Ducking Responsibility: Marketers and Agencies Playing a Shameful Facebook Blame Game" disagree. One word - trust
Never occurred to me that sanskrit could also be seen as a language of caste oppression. #perspective courtesy Ian Jack's Mofussil Junction
This restaurant believes in complete transparency! #lulz
Ugh! Facebook messenger! Chat heads proved irritating enough to get turned off in 5 mins.
"Infamous Kitchen Nightmares Couple Still as Crazed as Ever" Amy's Baking Company #youremember :)
Meanwhile, published (only) my second post on @LinkedIn - "An Internet of Things" #IoT Do share your thoughts :)
Meanwhile, on Education Times recently, :)
"Why 40% of us think we're in the top 5% - SmartPlanet" a very insightful read
"A woman likes to be spoken to." says Shobhaa De in that column. I thought they wanted to be listened to! #dammit
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