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"Instagram's Explore Tab: Now Tailored to You" controlled serendipity :)
RT @MSFTVenturesInd: Check out what @manuscrypts, one of our awesome mentors has to say about #startups and being a #mentor:
"Facepalm! Tata DOCOMO forgot to renew its domains" I SO believe in karma :)
"Marc Andreessen on the “smart people fallacy”" heartening :)
Mrs. #AdityaChopra. Now that's what I call Evolver Rani ;)
Mrs. Aditya Chopra. Now that's what I call Evolver Rani ;)
RT @krazyfrog: “Et tu sa tha!” - Julius Caesar’s dadi
Really intrigued by the Nike decision on #wearables They have always been ahead of the game, but if it's just based on the iWatch...
"The simple truth of Nike’s FuelBand retreat is that it just wasn’t very good" hmmmm
Ah #EarthDay Might be a good idea to stay grounded :}
How amazingly prescient! Written in 1991 by Ian Jack on India's political future.
"Zabosu Wants To Turn You Into A Remote-Controlled Human" surreal stuff!
RT @ImLeslieChow: Some day when scientists discover the center of the universe many people are going to be disappointed to find out it isn't them.
"#Google opens +Post ads to all (ish) including new Hangout ad option" Very interesting! #digital #advertising
RT @FacesPics: The paper clip from Microsoft has fallen on hard times
""How do I get rid of the fear?"" what timing! Just what I was discussing with @nixxin :)
Sunny Deol's favorite dish! :D #menu #food
"Nike Fires FuelBand Team in Move to Ditch Wearables" much surprised! :(
"@firstpostin: 2 States review:A chore to watch,infuriating at times" True to the book then ;)
RT @GautamGhosh: Good advice from Marissa Mayer
"How I’m experimenting with Life-as-a-Service" by @jowyang How absolutely interesting!
“@FunDuhMentalist: Coffee flavoured condoms? My previous office served us condom flavoured coffee.” Hahaha
Saw a voting mark with NaMonishan on the Facebook TL. Nice wordplay :) Common?
“If you want to know what God thinks of money, look at the people he gives it to.” via :)
"This Is the End of #Facebook as We Know It" Interesting perspective #social #strategy
"The Ideal Length of Everything Online" Hmmmm #content #marketing
Trying to find this name in candidate lists. #bangalore #elections #GoTcha #nowwearing #GoT
Some excellent work and life lessons from @katiedreke at :)
"3D Printable Luggage Can Be Sent To Your Destination Via Email" whatay concept :)
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