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Michael Bravo
Texting Death - Mike Lukovich - Gizmodo -
Texting Death - Mike Lukovich - Gizmodo
win - tehKenny
thats gold - Matt G
"bbl.. crashing" - Jemm
Damn, if that isn't the shortest, sweetest and scariest lil' PSA I ever did see. (sorry, visiting Southern relatives have infected my diction) - Andy from iPhone
@coffeemafia See, only 4 people can see this tweet. Which is why I don't want twitter to fix replies. :)
25 things you probably don't know about me
And were afraid to ask... [Okay, this might take weeks. ] - Roshni
1. I am 29. I weigh 56 kgs. Though I claim to be 5' 4" tall, I am a little shorter than that. - Roshni
2. I can hold a conversation in Spanish, I can understand French. I can read Tamil and Kannada without understanding a word of either. I could read Arabic(Urdu) script, not any more. And I am fluent in four others. - Roshni
3. I started reading before I started walking, supposedly. I could read full sentences before I went to school. I don't remember learning how to read, I could always read. - Roshni
Boy! You're old! - Ashwin
4. I need to keep my toenails painted. I have painted them the same shade called "Vixen" by Revlon for the past 5-6 years. I don't dare changing it. It makes me happy. - Roshni
5. It's 4:13 am, and I am an insomniac. - Roshni
6. I was very good at academics, and at extra-curricular activities in School. I did dance, debate, was the headgirl, blah blah, yada yada.. However - - Roshni
7. I absolutely suck at playing any game/sport. Never have me on your team in pool or bowling. I used to play Table Tennis for school which I was just about okay at. I couldn't even run 100 m. Only because I had bronchial asthma through childhood. Hence - - Roshni
8. I am paranoid about being unfit, more than about being fat. I obsess over it. I go to gym upto 6 days a week. This year I plan to finish the half marathon, but am afraid to fail. - Roshni
9. I have lucid dreams. I could lucid dream even before I knew it was called lucid dreaming. - Roshni
10. I had a pet star tortoise, called Timothy. I also had a pair of rabbits for a couple of days, but my mother gave them away. I bought them because their eyes looked like pomegranate seeds. - Roshni
11. I have hyperextensible joints. I can stretch my thumb backwards and touch my wrist. Ensure I show it to you if and when we meet. - Roshni
12. I am actually an introvert, and protective about things I consider personal. I am averse to putting things in public. I delay posting my pics forever. If I like something I write, I email it to people instead of posting it on the blog. Some of you know that. - Roshni
13. I won the Tan Kah Kee Young Inventors award for my research work by the Singapore govt. I am proud of that. thought I should tell you. - Roshni
14. I am not afraid of heights or of rollercoasters, and most other things. I am petrified of simple suspension bridges with gaps - you know, the wooden ones? I have this fear that I'll slip through the gaps and fall into the river below. :) - Roshni
15. I read "Still life with woodpecker" at a time when I was very troubled. It helped me in a way I can't explain. - Roshni
16. Coffee/Caffeine addiction - This is no secret. Given a choice between giving up the internet and giving up caffeine - I'll gladly give up the internet. - Roshni
17. I like smells/aromas more than sights/sounds - I have this crazy fixation whereby I try to remember how a moment smelt. I can sometimes recreate memories in my head just by that. I believe visual or auditory memories are way too easy these days.. [I confess my love for perfumes] - Roshni
18. I collect shot glasses.And espresso cups. And a lot of random things. - Roshni
19. I would like to retire as a teacher somewhere, in Cambodia, I think. - Roshni
20. Contrary to popular belief, I am not *that* kind of a feminist. I have no idea where I acquired the feminist tag, but it's been there for a while, and refuses to go away, and I hate it... I think the word is abused/misused. - Roshni
21. People usually look at me and invariably say - "You remind me of my <someone> from <somewhere>". I always wonder why. I wonder if they go to someone else and tell them they look like me. Oh and the moviestar comparisons crack me up, every time. - Roshni
22. The song "Torn" by Natalie Imbrigulia's chases me. I find it playing in the oddest of places when I walk in. It's a bit creepy at times. - Roshni
23. I lie when strangers ask me too many personal questions. I usually cook up random facts about myself. It's fun. - Roshni
24. I think nostalgia is overrated. - Roshni
25. I just discovered my dislike for lists. Hate them. - Roshni
GAWD! first time I know someone who could do #11! I thought I was the only one ;) - divya
divya - I know at least one more person who can do it - My dad. - Roshni
Adam Lasnik
I'm becoming increasingly concerned about the growing sensationalism in online "journalism." Will the pursuit of pageviews ultimately trump integrity and thoughtfulness? I'm seriously worried.
Look, I already knew radio was a lost cause. I bet far more people (at least far more Americans) listen to Limbaugh and Hannity and such than NPR or the BBC. And TV "investigative journalism"? Ha! But I had higher hopes for the online medium. Instead, what seemingly gets to the top is "[x] will kill [y]" and "Sex offenders on [servicename]!!!!!!!!!" So sad :-( - Adam Lasnik
Adam - you are NOT alone in your viewpoint... Lots of puffy headlines and link bait... hate it! Hot air crap - Susan Beebe
Adam: most pro content professionals online get paid for page views. Until that changes expect pandering to the audience. I'm trying to fight it, but it's growing more and more difficult. - Robert Scoble
Glen: heh! :D. And Bindu, Susan, Robert, thanks! Nice to know others are similarly concerned. I'm wondering if a "tips" model (rather than relying on advertising) would dampen or exacerbate the sensationalism. Or a different revenue model? What do you think? - Adam Lasnik
It already has. There is a race to be first and loud. That's why you see so many short posts with images from Flickr or LOLcats without quotes. Publish and forget it. Too bad. - Louis Gray
You just hit upon another aspect I had forgotten to note: speed. This is also where I disagree with otherwise agreeable folks like the kind Robert (above) :P -- I think fast is not necessarily best or even particularly exciting; thus I find the emphasis on first-to-know/first-to-publish to be mostly valueless (with emergency situations being a stark exception). - Adam Lasnik
I'd guess that most people are looking to online news for entertainment and stimulation rather than integrity and thoughtfulness. (Or maybe it's just me.) Where do all of you find consistently thoughtful journalism online? - Jim Norris
Jim I would love to find "consistently thoughtful journalism online"...none exists!?! As we go down the path of journalism based on ad revenue and "first to market", we're all going to see quality journalism go right out the door. Sound byte cash model vs. in-depth analysis value model - Susan Beebe
Adam: I like the sponsorship model for exactly this reason. I get paid whether I have viewers or not. But if I don't have the right kind of viewers, er, participants, then the sponsorship goes away. - Robert Scoble
and how concerned are you about sensationalism in offline "journalism"? The only person who decides the quality of the information you get is you. - Richard Lawler
Bindu: exactly. - Robert Scoble
@Bindu: both! But there's not much immediate benefit or gratification to most people in reading an in-depth Iraq war analysis, so if they choose to skip over to the article about octuplets or the latest on Jessica Simpson's weight, it feels a little paternalistic to complain that the journalists shouldn't do what works. - Jim Norris
It has always been a question of how much you are willing to whore out your journalistic integrity. If you want to make a living at it you will have to sell out a bit. Sad but true. FTR-I make pathetically low amounts of money from my sites because I suck at selling out. - MarkCarras
Give the people the New York Times, and they get their headlines from Digg. So what do you expect writers to do?? - Rafe Needleman from twhirl
We (as in Finland) have this news aggregator site ( that collects news headlines from various news sites and blogs. Very convenient for at a glance -news. The most popular news get picked to a list on right. The stats show what are the most clicked etc. and many sensationalist headlines get very many clicks and that causes even more sites to use them, too. Even many respected, domestic news papers are starting to use them when they fight for attention. - Jemm
Live4Emma (L4S)
I wonder if that was premeditated or if it just happened? - Jeff P. Henderson
Amusing... :) - Grant Bierman
Rob Diana
The Bandwagon Effect and Other Social Media Behaviors -
Rob Diana
Storytlr Continues to Impress with a Batch of New Features -
Mark Dykeman
Re: Do you follow a calling? | Broadcasting Brain -
"Thanks for recommending Joseph Campbell, I do need to read his work for a number of reasons. There are times when I share your vision of a self that's larger than our physical bodies, but other times I just don't believe it." - Mark Dykeman
I stuck my finger too far up my nose and now my nostril's sore. Anyone holding Vicodin?
Akiva has Vicodin. That is, unless he consumed them all last night with his fondue... - Hookuh Tinypants
Amanda, he dipped it into the fondue. - Rochelle
I was doing WAY dos muchos. Ow. - Derrick
No, but I do have a couple of hydrocodone. Hidden away. - Mathew™ aka Youngblood
Mathew, it's the same thing. Vicodin is the brand name and hydrocodone is the generic name. - Rochelle
I'm good. I was gonna take an advil cause I have a bit of a headache. Should be fine in the morning. - Derrick
@Rochelle Didn't know that. I just know that when I had to take it after mouth surgery it got rid of the pain. And now I got my hands on a couple just in case I ever need them. - Mathew™ aka Youngblood
He was looking for love in all the wrong places? - Akiva
There was a kitten with some vicodin around here a couple of hours ago. If I see him I'll tell him you're looking for him. - Dave Winer
Wow, I never knew I had Vicodin! - MiniMage
Well at least it was just the finger he stuck up there then. - Mathew™ aka Youngblood
BTW, this is exactly the kind of discussion I'm looking for on FriendFeed. - Dave Winer
Sparky, sometimes, I'm REALLY STUPID. - Derrick
Aww, shucks! - MiniMage
Jimbo is looking for some Vicodin too. His "personal appeal" -- sure! - Dave Winer
Dave, welcome to the FriendFeed that *WE* experience on a daily basis. - Akiva
Thnak you. - Dave Winer
LOL @ this thread. WTF. - Derrick
Vicodin has enabled me to physically walk these past few months, so I'm a fan. - Rochelle
I don't think I've *ever* taken Vicodin. What's it do? - Derrick
If you have pain, it helps the pain. If you have no pain, it makes you feel drunk. - Rochelle
But you don't feel drunk if you have pain? - MiniMage
Nope. It acts on the pain instead. Well, if you took a LOT of it you probably would feel drunk even if you had pain. - Rochelle
Hmmm. I like getting drunk, on occasion. Not really in pain, and my nose isn't bothering me even though I never got to the Advil. - Derrick
I Know You're Listening -
@scorpion032 You are hurting my fillings. :P
@prolificd Ah well, I've been to the dentist many times so I know the drill. :P
@roshnimo wow! you found it!!! May the God shower u with 100 kids! :)
I wish she had said "May God make you Angelina Jolie and hope you have Brad Pitt stuck to your arm" - Roshni
Sudarshan Banerjee
Ideas Before They Were Ventures: Early Sketches of Twitter | PSFK -
"Ideas Before They Were Ventures: Early Sketches of Twitter 5 comments July 22, 2008 We’re all for inspiring ideas - even when they’re just scribbles on the back of napkins or messy drawings on a legal pad. Campfire points us to a simple yet telling sketch of what was to become the social microblogging giant known as Twitter - as it was first mapped out by its creators. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey shares one of the original drawings of the idea behind Twitter on his flickr and includes an interesting explanation of how the concept came about. Upon further investigation, we found some more photos of inspiring early sketches of ideas that have since become successful ventures, including Flickr Places and Vimeo. Check them out at Deeplinking. [via Campfire]" - Sudarshan Banerjee from Bookmarklet
Priya Shah
RT @IamSB Status of a friend on gtalk : Be quiet in the office! Respect the fact that others sleep! LMAO!
Sudarshan Banerjee
No-nonsense brands will prosper in 2009, says The Economist -
Sampad Swain
Navneet Potti
Programming today is a race between software engineers striving to build bigger and better idiot-proof programs, and the Universe trying to produce bigger and better idiots. So far, the Universe is winning.
of course, havent you heard the cliche "just as you make it idiot proof, they make a better idiot" :) - manuscrypts
|  Balu  |
Spot something suspicious in your neighborhood? We could help you. DNA invites citizen journalists visit for info
Justin Long
How do you go about finding a person to follow that is of real value to you--when "real value" may be something entirely tangential? perhaps several "degrees" away from you? What's your strategy for separating wheat from chaff? for finding needles in a haystack? for finding a "real friend"?
The dunbar number says you can have at most 15 friends. Would it be possible to follow, say, just 15 people on friendfeed (taking into account friend-of-a-friend) and get all the information you "really need"? - Justin Long
Friendship isn't about need: need-based relationships are about dependency, "I need to be friends with this guy because he does X" or "I need to know this person because they are Y." Once that need is satisfied, there's no basis for the friendship. So establishing criteria for what makes a Friendship beyond very loose principles creates weak relationships: what happens when your... more... - Mark Trapp
Hm. That's a good point. What you're describing is not what I had in mind, but I can see that once again definitions and semantics are important. Part of the problem on FF of course is that just because you follow someone doesn't mean there is a "friendship" tie that automatically enables interaction..... - Justin Long
Might it be a better strategy to follow or interact with LOTS of people shallowly... or with FEW people with greater DEPTH? Probably the two strategies are equally valid, but how does one choose which strategy is more valuable? - Justin Long
Social networks don't, at least currently, describe friendships. Because of their inability to capture what friendship is, they have been adapted by their users to what amounts to a convention. Do you wind up meeting someone at a convention that eventually you become friends with? Sure. Do you wind up becoming friends with everyone at a convention? No. Does the convention do anything... more... - Mark Trapp
Following people isn't friendship. Friendship involves more than just knowing a list of facts about a person: it's about sharing experiences. C.S. Lewis describes two friends as always walking side-by-side: walking the same path together. Merely following a person, no matter how much depth you give it, doesn't amount to more than a biographer or a fan. - Mark Trapp
Guess I should say, for this particular conversation thread, we should eliminate the phrase "finding a 'real friend'" and restrict it to... "how do you find a person to follow who is of real value"? - Justin Long
Justin: the Dumbar number is bullshit. - Robert Scoble
If all you care about is finding someone important to follow, it's easy: figure out the set of criteria that you care about, and identify the people who best fit that. A google search could probably accomplish the task. That's not very interesting. - Mark Trapp
What Mark Said. Mark: +100. - Parth Awasthi
I don't care about finding someone "important" to follow. I care about finding people to follow who consistently provide information or ideas or thoughts that are or become important to me. Those 2nd or 3rd degree connections on the edge of my networks that lead me to brand new thoughts/ideas/whatever. I care about upping the efficiency of my ability to find information in this huge sea. - Justin Long
Personally I'd like to follow people with enough interests in common to be relevant, but enough differences that I'll get interesting information I would not have otherwise seen. I would think the friendfeed database could be mined to suggest people with just the right level of overlap. - DGentry
What Denton said. That's a better description than mine. The problem is, you can't mine the FF database. So you have to have some other kind of strategy... for evaluating who to follow, or at least how to filter. Scoble did this in a sense with his smaller high-quality list. I'm just trying to think through how to do this better myself. - Justin Long
One problem I have is that I have vastly varied interests... maybe I need multiple lists, but then I have to visit different lists... wish there was a way to unify it. - Justin Long
Justin: without establishing what you're looking for, the exercise will ultimately be futile. If you want the most amount of "stuff" exposed to you: subscribe to the top most active people on FFHolic. Figure out what you're interested in, then follow the most important people in those interests. To establish that there's some pinnacle or finite set of knowing stuff that one can maximize... more... - Mark Trapp
It's interesting trying to figure out how best to use FF; how to maximize one's use of it. If you follow too many people your noise goes up. But without following lots of people you won't find those few who share your interests. Yet trying to find those few who share your interests in the midst of the noise is difficult. I really prefer my Google Reader where I follow a huge # of subscriptions yet can organize them easily in folders and see which ones I have read/have missed etc. Sigh. - Justin Long
I have yet to figure out how to best use FF. - Justin Long
I don't use lists yet either, but you could put people both on lists and in your home feed, so you wouldn't absolutely have to visit lists except at times when you want to filter a certain interest. I find people to follow by looking at feeds/likes of people who post interesting stuff. I started out just following Paul Buchheit, who led me to Louis Gray, who led me to Robert Scoble, etc. - Bruce Lewis from fftogo
The thing is, you'll never have a system that brings you everything you're interested in and nothing else. You either have to tolerate noise or risk missing something good. - Bruce Lewis from fftogo
Yeah. But what I need to really do right now is lower the amount of noise. :) - Justin Long
i think you have tapped into one of the greatest strengths and challenges of things like FF - its awesome that it can be customized to suit each person's needs but with an almost infinite array of options it can sometimes be daunting - Marco(aureliusmaximus)
Justin, the problem is that people that you subscribe to on FF are just that, people. They will have varied interests and varied quality consistency levels. We're not official news sources for particular types of information and some of us just post whatever strikes our fancy. The percentage of those posts that interest you could fluctuate on a daily or hourly basis. Until FF provides filters the only way to limit the noise is to learn how to use the hide button effectively or limit your subscriptions. - Lindsay
I wouldn't worry so much about finding a "person of real value", but just focusing on the content... if you notice via FoaF that someone is providing content you like frequently, then subscribe to them. Be prepared to use the hide button so you clear out the things you're not interested in. You'd be a very lucky person indeed to find 15 people who delivered exactly the content you're looking for and nothing else. - Lindsay
Justin, I just noticed you're following about 300 people. There's your noise problem. Are you afraid you'll offend people if you unsubscribe? - Bruce Lewis from fftogo
The more complex you are the more challenging compartmentalizing your "friends" becomes. Because "the wise man can learn more from the fool than the fool learns from the wise man" I follow many knowing that any may post with insight. I make it a point, though, to follow those with brilliant minds. - Gail Gardner
Here are some practical suggestions for finding FF users that fit you best. Use to search FF for specific topics. Click on the Most Whatever links to find active discussions. Check out other's favorite FF users and submit your own at - Gail Gardner
Hi Bruce (I went to bed last night) I do follow a lot of people on the front page because I have been trying to search for people who share certain interest - and then add them to lists. I think I hit upon a partial solution to this problem (for me at any rate) this morning which I'm going to try. (I do unsubscribe from time to time, but because people have varied interests its hard to know when they're going to share something of value... just as in real life... ) unsubscribe=opportunity cost - Justin Long
While Rome was Burning... -
now reading the parent article..some telling points - manuscrypts
Its a pity that noise levels are the only thing that help priorities and action...
Louis Gray
Social Web’s Big Question: Federate or Aggregate? -
@twilightfairy Depends on the kind of goals. I sometimes set shallow goals for their feelgood effect.
Weltschmerz: world-weariness, sadness on thinking about the evils of the world.
Louis Gray
Lifestreaming and Microblogging Collide in New Minixr Service -
The need for quantifying spoils everything. Grown ups are always chasing numbers (must tweet little prince quote later)
reminds me of the old joke...wife: you cant quantify relationships; husband: what about alimony - manuscrypts
Rob Diana
Shrinkomatic URL Shortening With A Twist -
FF should give us the option to dis-like posts. We occasionally need some negativity.
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