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Mike Fruchter
6 Emerging Trends CIOs Should Care About -
Marko Bon
another over enthusiastic doozy to try on for size: "My experience accessing the sites, people, and info that I want is easier and more pleasurable via my iPhone over my laptop."
Actually, I find that around the house my iPhone has almost replaced my laptop. I only use my laptop if I find myself with a lot of time on my hands. - Matt Baron
same thing for me, inside the house, my ipod touch has replaced most of the laptop's use (to check mail, surf, twitter,etc.). Won't edit photos in here tho ;) - moogs
Whenever my wife occupies the MacBook, the iPhone is the device to use. My first vacation with the iPhone was one where I did not use the MacBook, the last vacation did not even involve my MacBook. iPhone is all you need... - Marc Dierens
I'm on a vacation now where I'm not missing my laptop, made me realize this - nice colorful buttons directly to all the places I need. - Marko Bon
Definitely do most of my surfing on the weekend on my iPhone - Nick O'Neill
My iPhone is significantly easier and more pleasurable to browse the net on than my Eee is. Surfing the net can be a very painful process on the Eee, sometimes - David Adam
Paul Buchheit
Zimbabwe introduces the $100 Billon Dollar Bill. With it, you can buy four oranges. -
"Once-prosperous Zimbabwe has seen an unprecedented economic meltdown since it gained independence in 1980, with the official inflation rate now at 2.2 million percent." - bob
wonder how many trees still left in country? - A. T.
I wonder where I could buy some of these ... they strike me as an interesting collectible, though obviously they'll be worthless from a monetary perspective in 6 months. - Alex Power
+1 Alex. People probably do collect Weimar-era German Marks, Confederate money etc. so why not Zimbabwean dollars? Then I thought, "Wouldn't it be funny if you could buy those on eBay?" So of course I checked eBay, and it looks like you can get five $500,000 banknotes for $20. (free shipping!) So for a paltry $2.5 million, at least *someone* in Zimbabwe is going to get considerably more than four oranges. - Karim
Indeed, on queue, a link from Marginal Revolution to an eBay auction of these appeared in Reader literally 5 minutes later. - Alex Power
Zimbabwe was never prosperous; Rhodesia was :-\ - 9000
why this is a good idea: i want to buy one as a collectible... zimbabwe could make a fortune in he collectibles industry - Rob Reed
Mike Fruchter
Levels of Engagement with Social Media -
Levels of Engagement with Social Media
good slide - simply done from jane hart - full deck here - mike "glemak" dunn
Franklin Pettit
Cycling | Ricco the latest to fail EPO test -
Cycling | Ricco the latest to fail EPO test
This is crap. Cycling is more than hard to be a fan of. I think I am done. - Franklin Pettit from Bookmarklet
they should flip the rules- and allow drugs in cycling- in fact have a segment before the race showing everyone lined up to get their shots. - Nathan Eckenrode
agreed - very frustrating - mike "glemak" dunn
I am not sure what the answer to drugs is. But they can not solve their problems. They have been struggling with this for close to a decade. They have had more than enough time to figure it out. Plus I am not sure that their test are always conclusive. I still am not convinced Floyd Landis did anything wrong a few years ago. - Franklin Pettit
Don't know what the answer is honestly. A friend suggested to have 2 Tours, one where you could take any drugs you wanted, and one where you can't (don't know how that is going to ban the cheaters tough), but something has to happen at some point. I'm loosing interest in cycling every day... - Marc Dierens
it is a problem in all sports at all levels unfortunately - its a follow the money and glory issue, sacrificing tomorrow's health for today's success - mike "glemak" dunn
Jeremiah Owyang
“LIFE ON OTHER PLANETS? The fact that there is life on planet earth means one of two absolutes: 1) We are unique and this perfect condition only occures here and now 2) The universe is nearly infinite in solar systems and time, there is life here, there is life elsewhere. Do you agree with 1 or 2?
I go with response 2: (I'm sure someone will make up an option 3 and 4). My only caveat is that life will not represent anything as we know it, the beings will have evolved for their particular environment. - Jeremiah Owyang
Has to be 2. For this to be the only planet in the entire universe in the whole of history to have ever had life is ridiculous IMO - Colin Walker from fftogo
Option 3 that someone somewhere else is going to make. - Yuvi
I'm with you in the "2" camp. A near-infinite universe offers nearly infinite possibilities for life elsewhere IMO. - Kevin C. Tofel
I believe that there are at least small microorganisms on other planets, but no advanced life. At least not at human level. - Jake (aka Jawee) from twhirl
I am taking number #2 - orionstarr
Yes life occurs in places throughout the universe. - Jay Martin
#2 for sure. - shelisrael1
seems like it has to be #2. mathematically speaking it's SO improbable that we are 'alone' - Jeremy Toeman
#2 is more likely - Sally Church
I started thinking about this after I read a Stephen Baxter novel. I'd recommend checking out the Fermi Paradox for all kinds of mind-exploding explanations: - Mike
#2 also provides for a vastly more interesting universe. That's where I'd put my flag. - Steve Spalding
Does "life" have a definition for this question? - Brian Sullivan
there is not a chance we're all alone in the universe #2 I'm a believer - Dobromir Hadzhiev
Despite the lack of evidence, I have faith. #2 - Ken Sheppardson
#2, hell they'll probably discover some type of life on mars. - felix
Definitely option number 2 - Marc Dierens
The Truth is Out There - #2 - George Smith
I have to agree with #2 many other planets have life probably much more advanced than ours...Mars has water! don't you watch x-files? - Larry Lewis
#2 - after all, why not? - Royce Mathew from twhirl
2, although if we run into any advanced lifeforms in my lifetime, I will be very surprised - Deepak Singh
I'm certain there is life on another planet. And let's not forget parallel dimensions. - TDavid
For the sake of the rest of the universe, I hope that we are unique. - Paul Denlinger
A Paul Denlinger, if they are like us, they could be self-destructive. - Jeremiah Owyang
2. No doubt. - Ha3rvey (on hiatus)
While I can't say for certain, I would place all my money on option #2. - Michel Savoie
There are lots of other solar systems, and just in ours, we have one hit and two near misses. #2 ftw. - Eric Hamilton
I'll take option 2. The funny thing is that while I don't need any proof to believe and accept the probability of life outside our planet, I DO have the hardest time reconciling the concept of God (or gods) prevalent in various religions. Yet with all of the sci-fi/fantasy and various religious stories created throughout the ages, there has to be some additional presence. Why am I accepting of it in a sci-fi context and not in a religious one? - Sally - Skyrimmin' It
There's no logic to No. 1.... That said, while I subscribe to No. 2, I think intelligent life is still a diamond in the rough. I don't think we're going to go to every star in our neighborhood and find playmates. I actually like the dramatization done on Galactica where they go to plenty of worlds, see lots of plants and other creatures but never run into other intelligent beings like themselves.... It's a big universe.... - Chris Reed
Put me in the #2 camp. Very arrogant to believe that we are it. - Steve
#2, agree with Steve - Dom
"The universe itself keeps on expanding and expanding In all of the directions it can whizz As fast as it can go, at the speed of light, you know, Twelve million miles a minute, and that's the fastest speed there is. So remember, when you're feeling very small and insecure, How amazingly unlikely is your birth, And pray that there's intelligent life somewhere up in space, 'Cause there's bugger all down here on Earth." Monty Python, The Galaxy Song. - Colin Walker from fftogo
#2, for sure. In an infite universe we are unique? such arrogance - Sarah Perez
I think this is a false dichotomy. Perhaps the universe is not infinite, just very very big. It's still possible that other life exists. How about the idea that the physical properties the whole universe are well-suited for life and that this itself is somewhat miraculous? - Dan Kaplan
Dan Kaplan, true. I said 'nearly' infinite as I'm not sure either. - Jeremiah Owyang
#3 - "Life is an illusion; lunchtime doubly so" - Douglas Adams - Mark Dykeman
I agree with #2 and #1. In an infinite universe, chances for same conditions on another planet which enabled life on earth are high. After origin of life, unique conditions of earth, and its environment, caused specific species and adaptations to survive but not others. Chances of all these variables being present exactly as such in another planet are less probable. - Pre Priyadarshane
#2, but life may not have always existed, nor will it always exist. - Mike Reynolds
Life is plentiful - RAPatton
#2. For the Biblical scholars, try John 10:16. - Louis Gray
I am really trying not to snarkily point out the Flying Spaghetti Monster as a priori proof of #1. - Clay Newton
Louis: thanks, ok I am reading John 10:16 - Susan Beebe
#2 for sure. - AJ Kohn
Definitely #2!! - Dominique
Jeremiah Owyang
backing up all my data to my external hard drive. don't you forget to do that too.
i dont use my laptop hard-drive, I store data directly to hard-drive that velcros to my laptop.2 many laptop issues 2 worry bout it - Tanya
I'm buying my first 1 terabyte external hard drive this week :) can't wait for all that extra legroom. - Brooklyn Art Project
why dont you live on the edge? - Allen Stern
Webroot, source for my anti-virus/anti-spyware tools, is now promoting remote backup services.(Jeremiah, they haven't offered to pay me to use their service yet, though!) - dennis d. mcdonald
when I did tech support, my friend and coworker Sam's first question used to be 'did you restore from your latest backup?' And that was in 1995! - Phil Glockner
I don't worry about using a external harddrive, you can us HP upline, and it works great. ( - Aaron Myers
I use for continuous backup into the cloud. Ninety bucks gives me peace of mind that if my house is ever smote off the face of the earth, my data lives on. - Rob Clark
$90/year or lifetime? - Aaron Myers
I use Amazon S3, via - Andrew Terry
I let SuperDuper! make a bootable clone of my HDD to an external drive every night. It's a great program. - Tom Harrison
I used to do Jungledisk, but it got too expensive (>500GB total). My boss was kind of enough to let me stick a Drobo at the office, so now I just upload to that over the VPN for offsite backup. Plus I mirror all my local drives. - Eric P
Apple Time Machine Backup in the cloud? Anybody offer this? - David Henderson from twhirl
I've backed up to the cloud - Nick O'Neill
Backup is a never-ending task. Do you guys have an automated schedule even for personal data? - Winston Teo
I just got a new Drobo with 4Tb for local and also use JungleDisk and S3 to back up important stuff to the cloud in case of fire, etc - Jimmy Gardner
... and don't forget the sunscreen either... Oh, yes. And remember to floss. - Michael Markman
How timely. I usually back up my data every Sunday, but I forgot to do it today because I was rushing to dinner. Backing up as I write this. - Joey Lo
I do it almost daily to S3 using jungledisk, so awesome and cheap. - Jim Kukral from twhirl
I have a 1TB Time Capsule for my iMac and MacBook, and a 500GB external HD for my MacBook Pro. My most important docs are also on iDisk. - Marc Dierens
I use Acronos True Image to do a full drive image backup of all of the drives in my desktops and laptop. At the moment, these drive images all fit on one 1TB external drive. I then duplicate the backup sets onto a 2nd 1TB drive and take it off site. I use MS sync toy to mirror important data and photos between two machines which acts as my interim backup between monthly drive images. This has workes very well for me and saved my butt one time when Corp IT F#$% my machine at work. - Jeff P. Henderson
Ever though of using an Online Backup service. Shameless plug - Damien Stevens
Amazon s3 via jungledisk - mjc
I have Time Machine and Time Capsule - Francine Hardaway
@Aaron Myers $90 is for two years.... so it's about $3.75 a month. So one less latte a month gives me full data backup. - Rob Clark
Jeremiah Owyang
Describe yourself in High School, did you ever expect to be where you are today?
I was a band geek, very creative, in Jazz, and very social. Got into trouble as a senior, broke a heart, had mine broken in return. I always though I'd be an architect, the internet was barely in the back of my mind, let alone the front. - Jeremiah Owyang
I was a total geek in high school, and had a very very close circle of a few friends. I still have those friends, and am still pretty geeky, but have found my social side, which has helped me get to where I am. - Michel Savoie
Quiet, not very sociable. Was never with the "in crowd". Somewhat of a geek, but more of a pre-computer era geek. Had plans to be a naval architect because my Dad was one, but that never panned out. Now I'm a Software QA Specialist for a global high-tech software corporation. Never would have predicted where I am today. - Scott
I was a major geek. Do you remember that guy who got called to the principal's office to reset his digital watch every time DST began or ended? That was me. I could solve a Rubik's cube in just under a minute. And I played offensive guard on the football team. I always knew I'd be doing computer stuff, but I had no idea where it would take me. Didn't even hear about the internet until my first Unix class in college. - Ha3rvey (on hiatus)
I was a total band geek (trumpet) as well. Sr. year, Youth Orchestra, Symphonic Band, Concert Band, Jazz Band and music theory. My favorite part (still) is improvisation. However, tech is my other passion and that's the direction I went. - Ben Thomas
Class clown. Wanted to be Stephen King. Turned out to be a rodent who writes. - Sprague D
Can't describe myself in H.S. - I was too complex then. Yes, in some ways and No in others. I expected not to have to stay in the box I kept get putting in by my adolescent peers - and that came true. But the rest of my life is and has always been an unpredictable adventure. - Lucretia Pruitt
Trumpet player and band geek champion. Artsy fartsy and theater dweeb. Always drawing on my notes and folders rather than paying attention in class. Didn't much care for the majority of my classmates but was lucky enough to be left alone by the bullies and jocks. Had no idea what I wanted to do in life but always trusted my gut and listened to my heart. Don't think I ever expected to be... more... - David Murray
Lots of trumpet players, me Trombone, low brass section leader - Jeremiah Owyang
When I look back at high school, I can't believe how eccentric I already was. Sure, a lot of it was typical teenage posing but some of it was astonishingly strange even then. I had always expected to pretty much be where I am now although I expected it to have happened sooner. The only thing I've not yet done is to have become a published author. It's been my lifelong dream since first grade that's constantly been the victim relegated by transient hobbies and computer programming. Need to get back on track. - Akiva
I was fat but somehow one of the "popular" crowd, though I never felt like I belonged there...or anywhere. I was nicknamed Encyclopedia or Britannica. I was good at making people laugh, and used that as my primary survival skill. I had a horrendous home life, and always was desperate to escape. I hoped that I'd travel and live in other worlds, maybe even expected to. I am always amazed and glad that that's exactly what I am doing. Every day, I am astonished to be where I am. Very blessed. - Jackie Danicki
I was a computer geek then and I still am now :-) - Jason Herald
Thanks Jackie, you're with friends now. - Jeremiah Owyang
I was Gravy Dave, started an underground newspaper, led student strikes, smoked a lot of reefer and did lots of other drugs. Participated in student govt, ran for class president (lost), held a big rock concert, dropped out, went back, managed to get a bit of education in all that. It was a funny time, late 60s early 70s, that's actually the kind of stuff people were doing then, if you can believe it. Had my own apartment too. Got in a lot of trouble and made a bunch. I was one of the in crowd an a-lister. - Dave Winer
In High School I was a Band nerd, Dungeons and Dragons nerd and generally shunned by nearly everyone. I was fortunate enough to have a few close friends, but high school was mostly a nightmare. I didn't really begin to become the person I am today until I decided in college that it was high time to have a girl friend and start a grown-up life. Back in high school I never would have thought I'd be a programmer today living in a nice house with a pool married to a beautiful nerdy woman. - iTad
I was a total theater geek and bookish nerd ... and while career-wise the place I am now bears no resemblance to anything I'd imagined, from what I've been told by folks who've known me since I was a mere pup, I'm not all that different. Once a geeky-nerd ... always a geeky-nerd, I think ... and proud of it too! - Cathy Brooks
I was very much a NON-techie and never imagined that I would someday "grow-up" to recruit technologists. I was pretty active in virtually every imagineable activity in school...played tennis for the school team, part of the weight-lifting team, Student Gov. VP in my Senior year. I had lots of friends and tended to mingle with a fairly eccletic crowd. I entered college, and pretty much replicated what I had accomplished in HS,...VP of SGA, Pres. of my Fraternity, etc. Life turned out good for me. - Michael
DaveWiner I'm not surprised at all. :) - Jeremiah Owyang
Jeremiah, the funny thing is if you had told me I'd ever do anytihng with computers I'd have laughed. I really looked down on the kids who hung out in the computer lab at the school (we actually had one, even then). Never in a million years would I have guessed I'd go down that path. - Dave Winer
Big athlete, smart but only top 20% student in class rank (put in some effort, kid!). Voracious reader, especially SciFi and Fantasy. Thought my career would take me toward sales or banking/business, but it turned out it took me right back to public education. - BISQ
I probably do need to add that I was the only girl in Computer Club in high school tho - back then, I was a serious anomaly. - Lucretia Pruitt
I think I'm the same now as I was in high school. I won "best personality" which is to say - I'm nice and can be a bit of a push-over. I just want other people to be happy. I never thought of myself as technical at all. I didn't start getting into tech until I worked at In fact, in high school I never would have thought I'd be into journalism. I got into that at UC Berkeley while majoring in philosophy. - David Cohn
This one time at Band Camp... Actually I wasn't in the Band, but worse the War Games club. Fortunately, though I was in the nerd section, I hung out with the Football team and got to be in the "in crowd". - Stephen Terlizzi
@davewiner I'm not sure it has anything to do with computers, just an independent spirit we've come to enjoy from you. - Jeremiah Owyang
. academics nerd. excelled in English, history, philosophy, was on school newspaper , nights/weekend job at dept store as sales, model & stylist, eclectic fashionista that was outside current HS style. totally not in the right spot. HS was *boring*.. I hung out with friends who were 5-10 years older. went to big univ & didn't follow my dream-- but am now. - Stevie
In high school I was a nerd. I loved technology and I love literature so it made sense that I would be involved in the Web with my writing. I was in high school in the mid nineties but I was one of the few kids with my own site and it was a poetry/literature site to boot. I never would have guessed that I would be doing plagiarism work, I had always seen myself as a future author, but I knew my future would involve the Web and writing in some way... - Jonathan Bailey
School always got in the way of my education. I played football and helped establish radio station WJSV-FM - paul mooney
Kinda disappointing, I don't see any of my friends from high school anymore. I never had a lot of friends, but we kinda split up after graduation. - Ha3rvey (on hiatus)
wow! Jeremiah you wrote my entry too! - Nathan Eckenrode
I'm commenting since I am still in high school. I'm on our band (includes marching and concert) in addition to jazz band and performed in the pit for Beauty and the Beast last year. I'm friends with the popular and unpopular kids and my best friend is a popular kid. I can (apparently) make people laugh and listen well. To be honest, I don't know what people see in me because I think I'm pretty boring most of the time. Life's a mystery. You just have to roll with it. - Zach Flauaus
Attended high school for smarty/arty kids (no sports) & then performing arts school for theater. Lots of good friends, parties, etc. Thought I'd be an actress/singer very involved in politics. Not surprised I wound up in film production & now multimedia, but wound up on the corporate side of it by falling ass over teacups and finding I liked where I'd landed. That the corporation has anything to do with IT continues to amuse me on a daily basis as I'm lucky to get my laptop in the 'on' position. - dfugate
The answers here were fun to read. Not sure about the etiquette for commenting on friendfeed. I just do it when something is interesting even if I don't know the person. So my apologies if doing so is out of line. In high school I was pretty much the same in that regard. Much better at asking forgiveness than permission. The former provides so much opportunity for practice. I fully expected that I would be dead before now, but people are so forgiving! - Boo
Boo, you're doing it exactly right. - Akiva
High geek factor, although at the time (1985-1991) not because of computer skills, just the looks ;-) Nothing special during my high school years, better than average student, although I did not have much trouble getting the right grades. Spent all of my high school years playing competitive snooker, so I did not party, practiced and played tournaments each weekend. Did a lot of catching up in later years ;-) - Marc Dierens
I was expecting to be a bit further down the line, but the path has never changed - Dobromir Hadzhiev
interesting thread - i split my high school years between hawaii where i played football and tennis for the school and surfed ever swell & upstate new york where i played football & hockey and hung out w/ the physic geeks who were all musicians (i was not) - i had good grades, sat etc... & took classes at local college while still in hs, also hung out in their comp lab - mainframe w/ punch cards - i was an enigma, still am ;) - mike "glemak" dunn
Hmmm.... high school... I was "different", that's for sure. I wasn't in any clicks, but I was always invertently starting new trends. I never really had any expectations as to where I would be in 20 years, but I didn't expect to have been a world traveler, nor hold down some of the jobs I've had. It's been an interesting ride! - Dominique
Best of the worst: the App Store's hits and misses - Engadget -
No matter what anyone says, the iPhone Lightsaber is my favorite app, Twitterrific is a disappointment and Mobile Flickr is great... - David
Good rundown - agree on a lot of those verdicts. - Patrick Jordan
Granteezy - I agree - prefer Twittelator so far ... - Patrick Jordan
Andrew Smith
Is there anyone on friendfeed yet that has never used Twitter?
I started friendfeed before twitter...but have both now - Erica Toelle
That's interesting too. How many started here on ff then joined the other services supported. - Andrew Smith
Been on twitter for ages, only just joined friendfeed. - Ian May
Although I signed up for a twitter account earlier, I've been active on FF longer. - Jon-Paul Bussoli
I was on twitter before FF, but like @andrew said, I started using services supported by FF only after joining FF, like - joshuabacker
FF but not Twitter. - Roberto Bonini
i use both but for different purposes - Dieter Schwarz
Yes, I never used Twitter. - Jeff P. Henderson
I've never used Twitter, but I may have to start to get my status into FF. I've been using Facebook for that for a long time... sucks that can't get pulled into FF. - Jon Price
Matt Hooper
The Human Factor in Social Media (part 3) « Alexander van Elsas’s Weblog on new media & technologies and their effect on social behavior -
the Social Web is coming - Matt Hooper from Bookmarklet
Great insights. The behaviors also vary from service to service. FriendFeed, for instance, is a remarkable way to exchange ideas. So most of my "friends" on FF aren't friends in personal life, but they are "idea-friends". That's how I understand my relationships here on FF and Twitter. Unless I know someone in person, I behave as if the "friendship" is based on idea-sharing and conversation, not so much the kind of friendship we get in face-to-face communication. - phil baumann
Ben Parr
Predict the fate of Facebook two years from now. Will it be even bigger, will it fade, will it be public, and will it be worth over $15 Billion?
I am already spending way more time in Twitter and FF than on Facebook, and I suspect this trend will continue, especially if every time I log into Facebook I have to ignore these stupid requests... - Marc Dierens
Ben it is really hard to say, but Face Book is a walled garden! In the long run walls cave in and a community is destroyed! Here on FF we may disagree, fight, even raise hell, but we come to turns with each other and respect each other! It is all out in the open, for everyone to see! - Igor The Troll יִצְחָק
Marc, i share the same pattern with you. Twitter, FF and Plurk are where i'm spending most of my time on, rather than Facebook. Many of my friends lost interests in facebook as well. but some of them still love to stay long time there, as Facebook offer limited storage for photos. - Jansen Lu
Facebook has become overpolluted with viral applications. It's lost the KISS principle. I see it fading, as will MySpace. I see social networks being like nightclubs - they have a shelf life. - Craig Thomler
it will eventually plateau, as MySpace has, perhaps within the next 6 months. What I don't know is whether the decline will be slow as with MySpace, or quick. - Duncan Riley
Facebook has reached a plateau, at least as far as its relevance is concerned. It will be around for a good long time but I doubt it will be anywhere near as vibrant as it was 9 months ago. - Steve Spalding
Wow, we all seem to agree with each other! I like the Night Club metaphor, it is really right on spot here! - Igor The Troll יִצְחָק
It will be one of many social networking providers, who are working with a standard (social) networking service of the internet, which grow up from the data portability initiative. - Sebastian Küpers
within 5 years, desired, acquired, faded, upbraided, reorged, deformed, non-performing, storm warning, gone. - Alan Wilensky from twhirl
I definitely think it will continue to grow & be bigger & better than Facebook. It's the social network I use most often (that's not including aggregators, microblogs, etc). - ChaCha Fance
it depends, most likely it will devolve into a mess like MySpace and a more usable site will open up. - Darren Daz Cox
I'm with Alan Wilensky ;) - john conroy
Facebook is old hat, tiresome crap trying to re-invent itself with new functionality which doesn't reach the user cuz of all the blinding spammy apps!! Prediction: FB will continue to grow (it IS mainstream now) and will loose luster like LinkedIn already has. - Susan Beebe
Facebook has acheived mass popularity....something that Twitter/Friendfeed etc only aspire to do. Annoying as it is Facebook will be modestly bigger in two years and be worth over $15 b unless, of course, the American economy crumbles entirely. - chantelle from twhirl
@Susan - LinkedIn lost its luster? Please explain. It just raised a billion and I have tons of people joining the network still. - Ben Parr
Ben: I have nearly 1,000 "connections" so obviously I know LinkedIn well; in fact, I am the founder of the FriendFeed Friends Group so do respect the app. But did you notice that they have built a walled garden with zero integration with any other app? This is a stale socnet strategy, maybe just me but I think they need to open up their app, e.g. status updates would be so easy to update via twitter... hello?! - Susan Beebe
Ben, is there away to message all group members at one time? I am still lost on LinkedIn! - Igor The Troll יִצְחָק
fade! please!!! *fg* - Dieter Schwarz
Facebook sucks - no great potential - Igor Poltavskiy
@Igor - One of LinkedIn's great weaknesses is its lack of features and search for Groups. I've heard from internal sources they're working on it, but they've got so much on their plate. But so far, no. I'd still like to message my 200,000 member Facebook group, but that still can't be done. - Ben Parr
David, there is something about the Internet you need to realize! Nothing is private, not even emails! - Igor The Troll יִצְחָק
Maybe God has smiled on you that day! ;-) Or you just got lucky! You seem to be just as popular as I am! - Igor The Troll יִצְחָק
Bigger. Not public. - Hutch Carpenter
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Is Having Sex with a Robot Hooker Cheating? -
no but it is kinda strange... well, I guess it really depends on if you develop an emotional attachment to the robot. But no cheating is not really tied to that. That's a tough question. - Kris Kelley
Best person to ask is your partner. If they consider it cheating, it's cheating. - Craig Thomler
you know... i think it has something to do with how "human" the robot is - Kris Kelley
My son says "no, it's just weird." Maryam says "I'm not sure I'd want to be with you if you had sex with a robot." (She meant that if I had gotten to the place that I'd want to have sex with a robot that I'd probably have lost all my marbles and/or found something inanimate worthy of doing that with would make her feel unloved/unappreciated). So, maybe it's not cheating, but it sure would bring discord into this family. - Robert Scoble
Straight out of A.I.! I remember Jude Law playing Joe the robo-gigolo! Is it cheating? No, as long as you're not in a relationship with someone! Do I think its weird? Absolutely! Do I think it will be a thing of the future? Yes. Some people can't get the love of their life, for a few grand, they could. - Michael Forian
Of all the problems that bringing intelligent artificial life into this world will solve, having sex with a robotic hooker and getting away with it on a technicality (technicality hahahaha) is probably what drives A.I. scientists most... - The Fat Oracle
I asked my girl and she got worried about me! She didn't know why I was asking. Anyway, she says she wouldn't consider it cheating, but it would be just weird. She also said if she were married to me it would be grounds for divorce because it was so weird. Haha. - Dennis Jackson
Hey Chris - Checked your site but couldn't find the "Unboxing the Robot Hooker" video?? - :) - David W
Yeah, on your computer. No longer do you spend long hours hunting for porn you haven't seen 20 times already. Now you have your robot. Hardly even check your email anymore. - Jack&Cleo
have you seen battlestar galactica? Six and three threesome is where it's at! - Ralph Whitbeck
Is the Long Tail Theory really true? -
like most theories, it can be proven true in many ways. I wonder how wide is the long tail. how many dimensions? - Andy Sternberg
Dave Winer
The people on Twitter are still more diverse and (imho) interesting than those on FriendFeed. Twitter seems brighter.
I don't agree with you Dave. The people here are earlier adopters and are people who want to have great conversations, rather than just push messages at people. - Robert Scoble
I think Dave and Robert are both right! On FF we get more into discussions, even if sometimes hairballs are flying all other the place! lol But still there are many Social Media and SEO professionals who have not come to FF yet and hanging out on Twitter. - Igor The Troll יִצְחָק
I think comparing friend feed to twitter is like comparing a desktop to a laptop. Sure both are computers and can do a lot of the same things, but they were designed with different purposes. I think FF and twitter are the opposite of what Scoble says. - Patrick Tulskie
Dave: you need to visit the "Everyone" tab. There's a TON of non geeks here. I just don't "Like" their posts, so you don't see them. There's also a very active non-geek community that writes only in Farsi but I don't translate them either. Speaking of which, wasn't this a slam against our blogs at one point? I seem to remember people used to say this kind of stuff about those back in 2001. - Robert Scoble
Yeah you should read all of what I said, not just this one bit. I agree with Patrick, totally. I said the best system would be a combination of both. - Dave Winer
Personally, I think that FF is better as a true "micro blog" because of the nature of leaving comments, where as twitter is more of a STATUS update blast to your friends. - Ron Acierno
You guys missed the whole irony of a Twitter message showing up in FriendFeed where we're now discussing it. Dave: you should have posted some URLs so you could connect all your discussions together here. I'll do that in the next post. - Robert Scoble
I am a nongeek & more drawn to FF. - R. Ferguson
The key difference is twitter is a very low friction system. I can post things without fear. They go out to just those who have agreed to follow me. Here I inject myself into a conversation. By nature I am therefore more cautious and thoughtful about what I write. There is more friction and in a small way that creates a more thoughtful discussion. - Joel Ordesky
Another thing is that I haven't learned how to use FF yet. Not that I haven't put in the time. There are just vast areas I have yet to explore, like the Everyone tab (per Scoble's recommendation). I wasn't slamming anyone Robert -- I'm actually just trying to figure it out, and I'm confused along with most other people, imho. - Dave Winer
Not only wrong, but somewhat of a "jerky" statement. What's next, Twitter users are also "more pretty and popular?" Seriously, I don't get it. Edit: After seeing what you wrote above, don't you think that you could have said: "I'm not seeing as diverse items on FriendFeed as I am on Twitter, what am I doing wrong?" Instead of sounding like a troll to those of us on FriendFeed? - Vince DeGeorge
Joel: funny thing is I see a lot of people's Tweets here. I don't get what you are saying at all. But let me try this another way: I've noticed that the half-life of a conversation on Twitter is about four minutes. On FriendFeed? One conversation can go on for hours. Far different. Maybe it's this that you're noticing. - Robert Scoble
I think Dave is probably right regarding the diversity. Although if one's idea of a "diverse" conversation is one in which both and Plurk are mentioned, FriendFeed is OK. I wonder which service has more discussions of Miley Cyrus, American Idol, and the Federal Reserve Board. Will check... - Ontario Emperor from fftogo
The conversation is here ... 'nuff said? - David Weiner
Twitter is is the headlight of a train... - J.T Dabbagian
People on FriendFeed are more interested in the conversation so that makes them more interesting. It's like when you are dating- the more they like you the more you like them. - Sarah Austin
Yes Robert that is the essence of what I meant. Things here are less ephemeral. Even the tweets become more solid and lasting here. - Joel Ordesky
Twitter is fine for throwaway lines, but I find I get more sense of the conversation with Friendfeed. - Craig Thomler
FF is more like a mail list and they're famous for flaming out. This one is right on the edge of flaming out right now. In all the time I've used Twitter, it's never flamed out once (AFAIK). - Dave Winer
Dave - isn't it about conversation? Or is the paradox of Twitter/ talking but not listening? - David Weiner
Diverse yes, interesting no. - Andrew Smith
Dave: Twitter flames out all the time. It's just that those conversations move out of sight within two minutes. Here they keep moving back into view until you hit "hide." Also, if someone is flaming you out, you just need to learn to "block" and "hide." Also, you are in control of any comment left under your name (as is the case here). If you don't like a comment you can delete it. So, if it's flaming out it's YOUR FAULT. :-) - Robert Scoble
Dave - Barack Obama HAS to consider Senator Evan Bayh as his VP. Bayh is a Democrat who has successfully won as governor and senator in the very red state of Indiana. He knows how to talk to the middle ground. Obama already has the left sewn up, he's going to need to win the middle. True, Illinois + Indiana do not provide geographic diversity, but that didn't stop Clinton-Gore in 1992. - Hutch Carpenter
Dave W. - honestly I think that Twitter is just a status update site ... It has nothing to do with conversation or it would have it organized and you would be able to leave comments on posts like on Twitter/Jaiku... ect. - Ron Acierno
I agree with Scoble re. this is a better place for real conversations. It's asinine - and increasingly more so - to refer to this "geek" hierarchy "I don't like non geeks". what does that mean? we're all people here. twitter, ff..your slicing hairs: they are are early adopters... - j sven
I really don't think that Twitter ever thought of their site as a real micro blog that would be a tool for conversation, I just think that the users started using it that way. How can anyone even follow a conversation on twitter, there is not structure like there is here. - Ron Acierno
Twitter+FriendFeed - great solution - Igor Poltavskiy
Twitter is not about the conversation. It's about the information. FF is about the conversation. - Nick in Manila
Twitter is a signal you do not like it, do not listen to it! Robert is a Dictator, he does not like the signal he blocks the user! - Igor The Troll יִצְחָק
The twitter audience is more diverse and less tech savvy. more of a wide slice of life. - Rodney Rumford
Friend Feed is a discussion, you do not like the discussion do not participate! Robert is a Dictator he does not like the author he bans him to Siberia Gulag! - Igor The Troll יִצְחָק
Nick: you're right and wrong. It's also for discussing Dave Winer's tweets. - Robert Scoble
twitter is "friendlier" imo - Chris
they may be more diverse, but if I look at it from a value equation, I get far more from FF than Twitter in terms of interesting. Although to be fair, Twitter still wins as a pure networking tool - Duncan Riley
Where "brighter" = lacking the ability to really interact or challenge assumptions? No doubt this will not be seen since I made the mistake of disagreing in the past and am probably now blocked. I still like Twitter (conceptually) but got tired of being talked at - love the conversations here, even if the disagreements that sometimes occur make everyone seem a little less "bright/shiny or happy" - Marco(aureliusmaximus)
I disagree. - Thomas Hawk
boo, hiss! - Alan Le
Dave, apples and oranges. - Dave Martin
I think there are plenty of people on both services that we don't know yet. - Francine Hardaway
also seems to be easier to 'strike a conversation' there - Mrinal Desai
FriendFeed Blog: FriendFeed iPhone interface -
FriendFeed Blog: FriendFeed iPhone interface
FriendFeed Blog: FriendFeed iPhone interface
can someone tell me why following a link in friendfeed from my iPhone *doesn't* open a new safari window? Am I missing a prefrence here? - Marko Bon
Since the FF iPhone UI came out, links now open in the same window. It was better before because you wouldn't lose your place in the FF stream. Bring back target="_blank"! - Bryan Landers
Chris Brogan
What The F**K is Social Media -
That is just BRILLIANT. - Lucretia Pruitt
Slide 46, 48, 70. - Hao Chen
Slide 78: Marta didn't add a Friendfeed. You get on the f**king train. - Hao Chen
Great presentation too. Nice facts especially the porn one. - Corvida
yeah, but the difference between social media and pr0n is that pr0n makes money. - Cyndy
Marta Kagan is @mzkagan on twitter - Brad Collins from twhirl
Cyndy, you like typing pr0n way too much. ;] - Hao Chen
Wow, an excellent presentation of what social media is. The statistics shown at the beginning are amazing! - Jeff P. Henderson
It was rather cool, very simple to understand, I am going to be using it when i chat with clients - Lantz from twhirl
some amazing stats and numbers presented here for sure. ;) - Garry Conn
Groundswell: Winning in a World Transformed by Social Technologies -
Groundswell: Winning in a World Transformed by Social Technologies
This is an excellent read, I highly recommend this! - Marc Dierens
Jeremiah Owyang
So many are getting it wrong, it's Twitter AND Friendfeed, it's not Twitter OR Friendfeed. Agree or Disagree?
at the moment, yes. but that doesn't need to be the case in future - Jamie
Yes to both currently. - Paul W. Swansen
Of course its both... as Shel says: "New Media don't kill Old Media." Does this mean Twitter is now 'old media' - David Phillips
Agree. Twitter for a-synchronous talk, Friendfeed for more extended discussion. For me that is:) - Martijn Verver from twhirl
I've been preaching that for awhile now... Use twitter as a broadcast and FF for the conversation. It's a relationship that works. - Vince DeGeorge
absolutely agree, but I am wondering whether they are going to be the "defacto" standards. - Rob Diana
mine is a little more extreme - friendfeed mostly & twitter rarely - i do push my ff's to twitter & i check my twitter replies & dm sometimes - i would like to get to the point where all my friends are in friendfeed and i no longer need to go to twitter at all - i used to like whales ;) - mike "glemak" dunn
Agree. They are different and both ueful in different ways. I see no need to choose between them just yet. I'm using Plurk too, which is different again - very informal conversation. - jjprojects
Jury is still way, way out. - Warner Crocker
tiwtter is short and sweet.... ff is for discussions... i think they both have a niche - c010depunkk from twhirl
agreed - Mona Nomura
You don't need one to use the other but they sure are handy to use together - John Blanton from twhirl
Haven't maid up my mind yet, but it seems that the different services and their approaches fill different needs. Undecided for now! - tekspectator
Exactly! Why does it have to be "either" "or"? - Steve
I definitely agree. It is frustrating to have people insist one is better than the other. Two totally different beasts. - Shawn Farner from twhirl
could not agree more. probably the best twitter, FF comment in a long time. - Bastian
Agree! At this point, FF's comment functionality isn't good enough to replace Twitter for me. With Twhirl, it doesn't seem like tool overload to use both. - jen robinson from twhirl
Apart from twitter's SMS interface.. what is missing (for you) in FF? @ ? - Kishore Balakrishnan
Its FF only. reaons against Twitter : (a) Twitter whaling to often (b) not easy to track/thread twitter replies together. FOR FF (1) FF stable (2) FF Conov enabler/agggreagator (3) I like it better :)- - Peter Dawson
An integrated solution with both would be best. Twittering out of FriendFeed - that's my dream! - Matthias Schwenk
Oh definitely agree. They are symbiotic beasts - Deepak Singh
Agree absolutely, when social media tools complement, the sum become greater than the parts - Charlie Hope from twhirl
@ Matthias you can comment back from FF in Twitter already... - Charlie Hope from twhirl
and, and, and... there's Utterz, Flickr, blog, etc. etc. etc. -- so, yes. It all goes together. FriendFeed has a chance to become a hub (the way Twitter is foe me now, but more so), if it can somehow tame itself - Doug Haslam from twhirl
Funny how this comes to my attention now as Twitter is not updating for me, but FF is. I love how I can reply to FF via @Twhirl. That is a dynamic combintion. - Tracy Lee Carroll from twhirl
agree - Dieter Schwarz
elliot: twitterfeed does that, put in your ff atom feed and remove your twitter feed from ff - mike "glemak" dunn
Agree....finally somebody comes out and says it as it should be said :) - Arjun
it's both right now - if you have group of people in Twitter then it is both - otherwise the conversation is moving more into friendfeed on a greater range of topics so for those not so tied to twitter it is twitter or friendfeed - Riaz Kanani
Disagree. Twitter has crossed the line. It is dead to me and too much of the time it is dead to everyone. - Dave Slusher
I kind of agree. There's too much noise on FriendFeed to have simple, conversational, exchanges. - Bill Bittner
If Twitter doesn't get its act together, it will be FriendFeed and no Twitter. I'm revisiting FriendFeed today after a nice hiatus - Michael Koby from Alert Thingy
Completely agree. - Parth Awasthi from twhirl
This is be being real: I love Twitter, and don't get me wrong, I think FriendFeed is cool, too.. but I think Facebook will ultimately adopt the killer features of both and wipe them out. - Shawn Farner from twhirl
Elliot, you can try feeding your FF entries feed into - Dewald Pretorius
And probably many other services we'll adopt - Sally - Skyrimmin' It
Agreed. FF, to me, is more of a reading rather than authoring experience - Michael Lehman
Agree. Friend Feed is my Twitter extension for comments and groups - Jon Bishop
Yep, I use both. - Brent Newhall
Agree! - Sarah Perez
Agree; tell me though, does Pownce = Twitter + FriendFeed [or vice-versa] or am I just being thick? Twhirl posts to Pownce for me as well, but taking Rafe Needleman's advice and not tracking multiple communities. FF good for posts too long for Twitter - Justin Guy Souter from twhirl
FriendFeed > Twitter for me. I feel more value when I post here first. - Steve Isaacs
agree, and, in between Twitter and Friendfeed , many other indispensible things are included. - Nikos Anagnostou
Agree! - Marc Dierens
twitter for messaging, friendfeed for aggregation - Tyler Gillies
Agree 100% - Mike Doeff
I agree. I still just wish that twitter is more stable. - Alan Le
agree!! - edythe
I definitely agree. FriendFeed is not a Twitter replacement. - Jake (aka Jawee) from twhirl
agree for now, but not forever... - Jeremy Toeman
well I would have to agree as I do use both.. it seems obvious they are different things. - Karl from twhirl
Both - but grudgingly. Honestly? The only reason I go to FF is because some of my Twitterpals migrated here and won't come back. Twitter is my main gal - FF is my Friday night stand-in. If I could do away with FF I would. - Lucretia Pruitt
Twitter is too myopic to last much longer. Our online lives are a lot more complicated than 140 characters. - David Weiner
How much time to we all have?? There are use cases for both twitter and friend feed. Some people WILL choose one or the other. There are functional aspects that i like about both. For me it is both. - Rodney Rumford
Its neither - it's what fits your structure and how you want to connect. If you want actual conversations and build on relationpships, IMO, Plurk is good at that. FF seems too cluttered but aggregates a lot information together. Twitter is still good for me and is a great broadcast tool, some communication, and a lot of industry heads that you can learn from. - Sonny Gill
It's becoming less and less so. I'd much rather have one service I can do it all on and FriendFeed satisfies that much better. Twitter still has things FF doesn't though so for what FF doesn't satisfy, I will continue to use Twitter for. - Jesse Stay from twhirl
I suppose I could go with the AND if FF offered a pure stream like twitter. I really don't like the threaded conversation presentation ... but maybe that's because I mostly use twirl? - Clint
Agree *completely*! - Kasey Sistrunk Anderson
You're almost right. I get what you're getting at. But the two are different and will grow separate paths with some common features. - phil baumann
phil, if they do grow in separate paths, that's great! I'll continue using both! However, I will not continue to use both for the same reasons. I'm removing the duplicate effort lately and consolodating what I can over to FriendFeed, leaving the remaining effort to Twitter. - Jesse Stay from twhirl
My other concern is that Twitter just doesn't have the expertise up high to make it a successful service. You will see the FF founders frequently engaged in conversations about FF on their service. I have yet to see a single Twitter founder engage in any of the critiques or compliments about their service on Twitter. - Jesse Stay from twhirl
FF ideal for social discovery as long as folks hooking up enough of their services. I like the "noise" of FF. - Stephen Francoeur
...and Plurk, and Facebook, and Pownce, and Jaiku, and more to come. Twitter for its simplicity and all the add-on apps and all the others for conversations or smaller groups with specific interests. - Brenda Young
agree! - Clay Newton
Agree! To me, it's "FriendTweed" - David Cook
Just for you Jeremiah (Just a rough draft) - David Cook
currently it's only Friendfeed cause twitter has lowered the allowed API requests. I don't use Twitter via web - Frank Hamm
Completely agree - Peggy Gartin
Pretty much agree. - Bec Rowe @d0tski
Twitter+FriendFeed! - Igor Poltavskiy
Adam Helweh
in anticipation for the new native apps I spent a little timetoday finding some fresh new web apps to book mark on my home dock. I added mobile IMDB, a web based Skype client, and friend feed. Any others of interest out there?
Facebook, LinkedIn, Plaxo, FlyTunes and are some of my favs. - Jonathon
I have facebook already marked, but never thought about Plaxo and linked in. Whats popurls and flytunes? - Adam Helweh, Digg, iWeathr, iLounge & if you're lazy ;) - Roger Penguino
Im only talking web apps (don't want to jailbreak my phone). I have brightkite, Hahlo, facebook, friend feed, twitter, IMDB mobile, Skype web client, Digg, Amazon, Pocket movies, wi-fi finder, and the rest are just shortcuts to sites. - Adam Helweh
JiWire free WiFi Finder, Revision 3 Mobile for internet TV, CNET, Evernote,iRovr - Patrick Jordan
Did AIM launch already? Or was the release for winmo only? (currently I use my BB for chat and iPhone for surfing.. shameful, i know lol) - Mona Nomura
Oh wow.. Revision3 has a mobile version. I should have guessed. Adding now - Adam Helweh
Adam: FlyTunes is a cool web based streaming music service optimized for iPhone. Works well on EDGE and wifi. Popurls is a great headline aggregator for social networking sites. - Jonathon
All the Google stuff. Meebo is good for IM if you don't open up any other Safari windows. I use FFToGo instead of FriendFeed. - Hao Chen
I'll add the following to the list above: Google Reader, Powerset Wikipedia, Remember the Milk, Listingly, Evernote, and Instapaper. - Michael Connick
How do you access mobile IMDB? - Marc Dierens
My favorite mobile IMDB is - Michael Connick
Adam Helweh
Now will you use FFtogo or the new friendfeed for iPhone? -
Definitely the new FriendFeed for iPhone - Michael Connick
I will absolutely keep using FFToGo on my Blackberry, and this will be great for iPod Touch - Louis Gray
FFtoGo seemed to load faster but that won't matter at all come 3G... - Josh
Just bookmarked it on my iPhone and replaced FFtogo - Adam Helweh
Official FF for me. - Jonathon
FF now Officially has real estate on my iphone home screen - Shiva
Another vote for the FF iPhone site -like it a lot. - Patrick Jordan
I'm on via regular site only because I'm too stupid to memorize my remote key for FF to go :| far so good! - Mona Nomura
john conroy
New article on CMSWire -- it's a Social Media wrap-up. this may become a regular thing, so feedback welcome. It's for ppl who need to keep an eye on SM but don't have the time to follow it in depth.
Managing Corporate Social Networks - http://harvardbusinessonline.h...
Managing Corporate Social Networks
they use a lot of business jargon and fancy words but don't really say much about managing a social network.. - Jason Peck
Tx for sharing, I am right now working on an internal social network, and will certainly use this to put in my business case. - Marc Dierens
Jansen Lu
FriendFeed is becoming the Wikipedia of social networking. -
Nice aphorism. - ※Fu※
Michael Connick
Google Mobile News « Staying Connected -
This does work well. Anybody using News through Reader? - Bryan Landers
Ben Parr
Is it time for the Twitter memorial service?
Twitter will only die when the "A" Listers leave and declare it dead ;) - Shane
Their time has come I think - it's over - Philippe Dame
As long as people are using Twitter it has a place on the map... - Håkan Dahlström
Louis Gray
Jeremiah Owyang
It seems like it's a standard in Analyst Briefings that by slide 5, the "Quadrant" appears, every vendor is in top right. Seen many times
Robert Scoble
My interview with's CEO is up: h My Enterprise Reeducation continues.
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