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8/16/32 GB models are $99/199/299 - available June 19
take that Pre! - John Hollandsworth
LOL... No way, John - Marcelo Baltar
Fabio Akita
#wwdc oops, August 9th for Brazil. damn
Grrrr - Marcelo Baltar
Fabio Akita
#wwdc all right, I'm convinced. need to sell my 'old' iphone 3g and buy the 3gs :-P
so do I... - Marcelo Baltar
Mark H
That leaves 15 minutes or so, which should be plenty of time for some kind of hardware revision be it iPhone or Apple TV... iPods are unlikely at WWDC.
or to a music show... - Marcelo Baltar
I wouldn't be surprised to see an iPhone no-show. - Chris H
That'd be disastrous for the stock - Mark H
I don't care about the stocks... - Jean-Francois Martin
Meh, it would only be temporary. - Chris H
People will still buy Macs regardless of when the iPhone comes out. - Chris H
You don't, but Apple do. I think not releasing an iPhone would be a bad move for stock, and suggest they felt they couldn't beat Palm. - Mark H
I would much rather see a carrier supported iPhone (AT&T), than a crap, half supported version. - Chris H
Remember the few technical hitches we have mean possibly over-running the two hours, also. So we may have longer to go than expected. - Mark H
That being said, I would really like to see the iPhone come out. - Chris H
Remember the US is a market for Apple, but it's not the only market, ROW trumps US in this instance. - Mark H
GameLoft showing Asphalt 5 - 25 licensed cars. Media player access allows you to control your music from your iPod. Game looks good, but not as good as Real Racing.
zzzzzzzzz - Marcelo Baltar
next - zsafwan 
Better than Need For Speed?!?! No way Gameloft. - Chris H
Nothing to see here. Move on guys. - Jean-Francois Martin
Aw.... Bringing out the dog and pony show now -- developers showing what they are doing with OS 3. Start with Gameloft.
Well, OS 3 available today for download... no new iPhone though - Jean-Francois Martin
If anyone needs the toilet whilst we wait for iPhone hardware, now would be the time to go. - Mark H
Wrapping up SDK now. Here it comes....
What??? - Marcelo Baltar
AT&T will NOT support teathering at roll out.
Crowd is hissing and laughing -- Scott didn't even mention AT&T. - 148Apps
this is a JOKE ! - Jean-Francois Martin
I need to move out of the country. - Chris H
I hope they say that AT&T won't support it but Verizon will.. Just a hope. - 148Apps
can't ATT see how bad all this is making them look? Do they care? - John Hollandsworth
Talking teathering - share iPhone internet connection with computer. Works with Mac/PC, wired with USB or bluetooth.
Finally!!!! - Marcelo Baltar
AT&T will NOT be ready to support MMS at launch.
those bastards! - 148Apps
They are so weird... they talk about upgrading speed and stuff but no mms support... - Jean-Francois Martin
I love the laughter... AT&T is a joke. - Chris H
29/76 isn't a great success rate - Mark H
who cares? - Marcelo Baltar
MMS is a thing of the past maybe ? - Jean-Francois Martin
if they can't do MMS, how could they possibly do video chat? - 148Apps
I'm starting to doubt the front facing camera. - Chris H
Mark H
Anyone else think an hour is a long time to announce one phone?
We'll see lots of app demos form the big boys - EA, Game Loft, ngmoco, etc. - 148Apps
Not so sure... - Jean-Francois Martin
Please, don't... They have already done that... - Marcelo Baltar
Yes, but still, an hour? Am thinking we may see more than one phone. - Mark H
Or Apple TV :( - Mark H
I'm telling you... John Mayer. - Chris H
Agree, Mark... Maybe... Steve??? rs - Marcelo Baltar
A lot of people talking about Apple TV in the crowd before the start. - 148Apps
Steve'd be nice, Scott's fine... but an hour of Scott... - Mark H
Now going over iPhone OS 3.0 updates - cut, copy, and paste.
yada, yada, yada... we've seen that... - Marcelo Baltar
$29 it is -- for Leopard users.
That makes sense, as an incremental upgrade - Mark H
Crowd going wild? - Mark H
Ding! That's nice. I can go for that. - Keith Kolmos
hum... Say that to Micro$oft, Mark... - Marcelo Baltar
People like cheap. I like cheap. - Chris H
Crowd went very wild -- but short of a standing ovation. - 148Apps
Microsoft don't understand the meaning of incremental, Marcelo! - Mark H
LOL... Yeah... You're right - Marcelo Baltar
Chris H
If the Macbook drops to $700, I'm buying one today.
I'm buying two for that price - Marcelo Baltar
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