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Mark H
Thanks very much for tuning in to the 148Apps coverage of the WWDC in 2009, we'd really appreciate your feedback on the products Apple have announced, and also on the coverage we've produced in the comments. Enjoy the rest of your day, Apple store'll be up in an hour or so.
Thank you - zsafwan 
Great WWDC after all ! - Jean-Francois Martin
Thanks - Dow Tunis
Thanks!!! - Keith Kolmos
Chris H
Wow, $99 3G's are going to sell like crazy.
Good move ! - Jean-Francois Martin
Hardware encryption - improved battery life -
Compass announced. App and API. Nice maps integration. Accessibility settings - voice over, zoom, white on black. Nike+ support.
New camera comes with Api. Announcing video now. Switch in camera for 30 FPS VGA res
Addition of camera API is going to make ShopSavvy-like barcode scan apps a lot easier to create - Mark H
On device video editing now being reported - Mark H
Camera has tap to focus - also set proper exposure for spot. Better light sensitivity.
This follows the leaks we've previously seen on TAB, TUAW suggesting we may also see video support announced in a few moments. - Mark H
Just announced - Chris H
Fabio Akita
#wwdc as expected! 3GS
Same design externally as 3G -- hard plastic back. Much faster -- 2x faster
TomTom app will be available this summer in a variety of configuration for local and global maps.
let's hope they have Saudi Maps - zsafwan 
Showing TomTom car kit to hold your phone / charge it / enhances GPS / built in speaker, microphone.
Real TomTom navigation as an iPhone application. Looks really slow and chunky though. Does turn by turn.
All these accessories just made your overheads for reviewing so much higher - Mark H
like very GPS hardware manufacturer... they all sucks... - Jean-Francois Martin
Fabio Akita
#wwdc aha, tomtom for iphone. now, that's great
Next up -- Tom Tom!
Yay for Sat Nav - Mark H
Talking teathering - share iPhone internet connection with computer. Works with Mac/PC, wired with USB or bluetooth.
Finally!!!! - Marcelo Baltar
$29 it is -- for Leopard users.
That makes sense, as an incremental upgrade - Mark H
Crowd going wild? - Mark H
Ding! That's nice. I can go for that. - Keith Kolmos
hum... Say that to Micro$oft, Mark... - Marcelo Baltar
People like cheap. I like cheap. - Chris H
Crowd went very wild -- but short of a standing ovation. - 148Apps
Microsoft don't understand the meaning of incremental, Marcelo! - Mark H
LOL... Yeah... You're right - Marcelo Baltar
Quicktime X rebuilt from the ground up. Title bar, controls fade away when you move cursor out of the window. Now includes the ability to trim and share movies with a visual timeline / scrubber.
Wow. Snow Leopard is only going to be a $29 upgrade. - Keith Kolmos
Quick confirmation - Keith's comment is pure speculation at this point, but I'd sure like his speculation to be correct! - Mark H
Engadget is reporting it as fact. - Keith Kolmos
To my knowledge, nothing as been said in the keynote. Where are they getting this information? - Chris H
Not sure. - Keith Kolmos
This may be an NDA'd post that was sent out too early - Mark H
OpenCL - hardware abstraction, automatic optimizations, numerical accuracy. Apple making it an open standard.
Stands for Open Computing Layer - Mark H
Multicore / Threads - Grand Central Dispatch - built in support for multicore across all of Snow Leopard.
Talking about new technologies in OSX now. 64 bit, more and more coming. All major system apps in 64 bit in Snow Leopard.
Safari 4 on Snow Leopard gets crash protection. If a plugin crashes, the main cause of browser crashes, the window stays intact and the plugin goes away. And 50% faster on Snow Leopard (64 bit).
Apple's answer to Tab protection there - Mark H
wow! - zsafwan 
Safari 4 ships today on all platforms - Leopard, Tiger, Windows.
add to upgrade plan -
Gets 100/100 on Acid3 test. - 148Apps
Note: That's our first 'Today' (software) - Mark H
Five todays in total - Mark H
Making fun of Vista and Windows 7 now.
As is Bertrand's job - Mark H
No express card, SD card slot instead.
Good move from Apple there, focusing on the vast majority of customer needs - Mark H
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