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Maria Niles

Maria Niles

Badass. Loves everyone, hugs inappropriately. Connector, curious & likes to share
Have conversations with humans.Love this marketing perspective:
Having this mail vs. email thank you convo a lot lately. Mail can make you stand out when few do so. Via: @egratto
Just officiated my third wedding. At a bar, during happy hour with former coworker, waiter and friend…
Boom. It's official (again). Now with more internet. Let me know if you want to get married. I can…
"Food First" reads the sign on the shed. Local garden build at the edge of a parking lot. #hopeful
RT @WeBlogtheWorld: Tasting up a storm @calafiapaloalto! THX for the intro @ElisaC & also fun to hang w/ @chrispage @marianiles #foodie
RT @MarieDenee: And check. Mate. "glass houses, Olivia" #Scandal #AskScandal
I love it when good things happen to great people. Congratulations @jguynn on your new gig @USATODAY!
I was reminded today that I started this voice over journey nearly 3.5 years ago. I'm still learning,…
I’m standing up for the 1 in 3 kids who are bullied by #hunger in our community. Will you join me? #NoHungerBully
Even if you don't have a garden or much space you can probably grow some herbs so you have something…
Eureka, it works! Recording to my iPad: Hot. Diggity.
You know that saying, "when the student is ready, the teacher will appear?" It was one of those kind…
Fresh, frozen, canned & mixed with green, I've always got something #red to eat! #fasupportsnutrition
Warm Sunday afternoon and the perfect post walk cocktail (water). #thirst #fasupportsnutrition
Quesadilla with high fiber tortillas and scrambled eggs for dinner. Why not? It's #satisfying
See, I told you... "@JonTenney *can* touch the first ladies #Scandal"
See, I told you... "Jon Tenney *can* touch the first ladies #Scandal"
Beautiful @lauriewrites!
Not the prettiest food picture because it was so tasty I couldn't bring myself to stop to take it…
I was telling someone today about how when we were kids, since my father is from the Caribbean, we…
I'm in a room filled with people asking data questions that the facilitator can't answer. Nerds! My people.
Experimenting with homemade Strawberry Aqua Fresca. Fruit + water = #droolworthy #fasupportsnutrition
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