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I'm sure I must be up to something, and I will not stop until I find out what.
High of 77 and sunny today, high of 16 and snowy on Sunday. It's like the weather *knows* what swooping temps do to my aches and pains. Also, my sister's neck of the woods (where I grew up) has had accumulations of about 10 feet of snow in the last 3 weeks, with more snow on the way this week. Ah, February.
(Despite the grousing above, I actually find winter weather rather exciting. Once a Maritimer, always a Maritimer I guess. There are 20 foot drifts in PEI! 20 FEET!) - Marianne
Did you see the story of buddy with the 24 foot tunnel to his snow entombed car? (And the next round of snow has just in Halifax in time for rush hour.) - Heather
Heather I did! Madness. - Marianne Seems like this project would be of interest to many of us...
The Colored Conventions Project at the University of Delaware is delighted to announce the launch of a crowdsourcing project, Transcribe Minutes. This initiative invites people to visit to transcribe records of the nineteenth-century African American convention movement. The first batch of available documents includes some of the most exciting conventions, featuring well-known leaders such as Frederick Douglass and Henry Highland Garnet from the 1840s with other batches to follow in 2015. CCP also extends a special invitation to "A.M.E. Transcribers" to work on conventions that convened in A.M.E Churches from Philadelphia to California. - Marianne
The "currently reading" stack on my desk at home has 40 books in it. And those aren't actually *all* the books I am somewhere in the middle of, here's probably a dozen more scattered around work and home. Guess I know what one of my upcoming book projects is...
Does anyone else embark upon "book projects"? A bit different from a challenge, I think... - Marianne
My book projects usually entail declaring to-read pile bankruptcy and weeding heavily. - Kirsten
I do themes, if that counts. I did Greece (with a combination of ancient and modern history and Greek literature) before going island hopping, and I recently had a little Russia project with a couple of broad stroke historical accounts, a couple of travel books, a Putin biography, and One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich. - Eivind
Most of the books I read are from th library, and I've got a list of books I've returned unread or unfinished. When we find a place to live & I've got time again to read, my project will be checking those books out again and finishing them. - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
Fine projects, all. Kirsten, the book project I'm on *right now* is going through my entire "working library" (h/t Umberto Eco) of a house and weeding heavily, then cataloging the keepers in LibraryThing. I expect it to take a year or more. (Obvs. not the *only* thing I am working on :D.) So I hear you. - Marianne
"Idleness is a disease which must be combated; but I would not advise a rigid adherence to a particular plan of study. I myself have never persisted in any plan for two days together. A man ought to read just as his inclination leads him; for what he reads as a task will do him little good. A young man should read five hours in a day, and so may acquire a great deal of knowledge." --Samuel Johnson, and Laura Crossett - laura x
Heh. I'm pretty sure if I wasn't following that advice already, I wouldn't be in the middle of 40 different books :D - Marianne
Oh yeah. I have no idea how many books I'm in the middle of or am thinking of reading or what have you, because I don't keep track. People always quote the part about reading just as your inclination leads you, but I like to include the parts before and the part about reading 5 hours a day, too. - laura x
Dutifully came out of office cave so I could send student worker off to do stacks-work. Promptly rewarded with repeat-visitor reader's advisory ("I really liked the book you recommended last time...") and a visit from one of my favorite professors I don't actually know at all. :D
It's so cold (with bonus freezing fog) that our automatic doors froze in the open position and wouldn't close (fortunately the outer one had an off switch so we could close it temporarily). Friday's upcoming weather? 55 degrees and sunny. I saw a meme once that has become my label for this time of year in general: "Go Home Colorado You're Drunk."
We have film shoots in our library a few times a year, but I think this is my favorite so far:
We have film shoots in our library a few times a year, but I think this is my favorite so far:
Here's a link to reviews of my favorite 21 books or series of 2014. Would love to know what you all loved reading this year, if you feel like sharing. -
Day 2 of staycation. So so so needed, so so so welcomed. *goes back to reading comics*
Hey, you know what is awesome? The semester is coming to a close and I am NOT waiting on grades. Because I don't have any. Because I'm not in school any more! *boogies*
Me & Him, Therapy Edition:
Me: So is it annoying that I tell you what I'm feeling so often now? - Marianne
Him: No. Because you tell me what I should be feeling a lot less. - Marianne
Him: Not saying you don't STILL DO THAT SOMETIMES. - Marianne
Me: WELL SO DO YOU. - Marianne
Him: ... - Marianne
Tonight I am happy because a young community patron in her early 20s needed to print some forms for a job that starts tomorrow, and we are the only place around here where someone can print something that is still open at this hour on a Friday. #notinthemissionstatement #stillpartofmymission
My version of patron-driven acquisitions continues to consist of saying to patrons (esp but not always faculty / staff patrons), "Yes! We would totally love to buy that book for the library! If you would like I will write an email to your liaison and the acquisitions person right now! I don't mind AT ALL." #slaclife #handsellingisahardhabittoshake
(we have, you know, a form. and also they could just email the people. which I also make sure they know. but when someone expresses "want book," my reflex is BUY BOOK NOW RIGHT NOW YAYAYAYAYAY.) - Marianne
(it's pretty awesome when we get visiting faculty who just finished or are finishing a ph.d. at some R1. "I can... order stuff?? ALL THIS STUFF??? Even though I'm just a visitor??" And it is pretty awesome to be able to point out that they are enriching our collection and we're actively grateful to them.) - Marianne
My office smells like burnt roasted marshmallows. o.O
Even though I didn't particularly want to be accidentally subscribed to their mailing list, I have to admit that Tottenham Hotspur is a remarkably euphonious name for a football club. *unsubscribes with a miniscule pang of regret*
Temperature when I looked at the weather page: 69.2F. Predicted low tonight: 15F. "Layering for the weather" is an art in this state...
Also, I put on lip balm for the first time since early last spring this morning. Also, my lip balm got coated by particulate matter within a minute of stepping outside because it is SO WINDY OUT. signs of winter :D - Marianne
fall headwinds drive me bonkers as a cyclist. they can be fierce. - RepoRat
Today's update: only a Canadian can overdress for snow... *wipes sweat off brow* (not really. i mean, probably minnesotans and north dakotans and swedes do it too...) Huh. It's 18 degrees out. *eyes temperature regulation subsystem warily* - Marianne
oh, I wouldn't say that, Sconnies can do it too! (New sweater. I didn't really realize how warm it is!) - RepoRat
I think Canadians are more likely to underdress for winter, although not at the beginning of the season. - DJF from Android
DJF, I just had a sweater and a jacket. And some mittens. I keep forgetting how impervious I am to wet cold above, say, 5F or so. (Dry or windy cold? Totally different matter. So not a prairie girl.) I ended up walking to work barehanded with all my unzippable layers open. - Marianne
Home safe after driving through crazy icy snowy weather to Bastille concert. Concert was amazing.
1) I almost never go to arena concerts, everyone was superkind and respectful, and thousands of people all enjoying the same damn things is amazing. - Marianne
2) OMG WHEN DAN SMITH DID HIS RUN AROUND THE AUDIENCE THING I ENDED UP THREE FEET AWAY FROM HIM *FACING HIM* WITH NO ONE IN THE WAY IN A POGOING CIRCLE FOR LIKE 20 SECONDS MY BRAIN EXPLODED AND HAS DECIDED THE ENTIRE NIGHT IS A DREAM BUT IT TOTALLY WASN'T *deep inhale* It was pretty grand. And the friend / almost-graduated student worker I took with me totally caught the Bastille obsession virus, so I feel like I have done my part in passing it along after I was infected with it last year :D. - Marianne
Stuff I don't want to do getting pre-empted by more urgent things I do want to do is one of my favorite things about working. #fridayafternoon #donwanna
Thought of you the second I saw this, Steven:
I have a backpack just like that. :) - Steven Perez
All summer, I *knew* intellectually that I'd finished my degree, and that I wouldn't have to do the school/work two-step this fall, for the first time in 3 years - but it wasn't until I was walking home tonight, at the end of the first day of the academic year where I work, that I really FELT IT down to my bones.... I AM FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I had so much free time this weekend! I had so much free time *today*! I was happy and interested and intellectually engaged at work all day, never overwhelmed or anxious at how few brain cells I had left (even though it was a crummy day physically, and involved a lot of saving my strength - but it didn't seep over into panic - BECAUSE THERE IS NOTHING TO PANIC ABOUT)! HOORAY. - Marianne
High fives! - t-ra supports #LOLSpidra from Android
Yay. :-) - Megan loves summer
It's THE BEST feeling not to start school as a student! - Lily
Transformers: The Ultimate Pop-Up Universe - Transformers Wiki -
Transformers: The Ultimate Pop-Up Universe - Transformers Wiki
If you or some kid (or former kid) you know was ever obsessed with Transformers, YOU WANT THIS BOOK. The Transformer pop-ups? Actually transform!!!!! My mind is blown. - Marianne from Bookmarklet
I uh. Kind of want this for myself. - RepoRat
RepoRat, my copy is absolutely for myself. I *might* let other people play with it. .So I say go for it :D. - Marianne
I need to see this. Reinhart does such good work. - Katy S
Mostly I skim the Times Literary Supplement. Every so often a sentence comes along that makes me glad I bother. Today, a nasty burn at the end of a review: "Come Christmas, this will make a vindictively disappointing present." *whistles*
Yikes. Which book is it?! - Kirsten
Heeeeeeeeeee - lris
Kirsten, he was referring to Alexander McCall Smith's book about Auden (reviewed in conjunction with a new edition of Auden's Christmas Oratorio). There are many other mean-funny sentences in the review, and I don't really TRUST the review, but it still cracked me up. - Marianne
Ah. Cool, thanks. - Kirsten This is pretty interesting.
(An essay about why "unplugging" really doesn't have a lot to do with "reconnecting", among other things.) - Marianne
Turns out, lack of caffeine is just as effective as anything else for bringing out my Maritimer accent. Not just the vowels, but also the tones and rhythms. Who knew? #twentysixhoursandtryingnottocount #weirdjobproblems
One of the things I find frustrating and awkward is when I have some fundamental point of agreement with an author who I know I would not actually enjoy AT ALL. Like, the author writes a book about how the way to make America better is by focusing more on personal relationships (friends, family, community) and local politics....
.... and then I realize, OH, he doesn't mean MY friends, family, and communities, we are excluded from his idea of a better America. *sideeye Jim DeMint* I pay so little attention to those folks that I usually don't remember their names and only on googling their books to see if I want to read them, do I realize what's up. - Marianne
(I mean, I'm sure we'd be theoretically welcome. If we reformed ourselves to be completely different people.) - Marianne
That moment when you realize the reason you were so grumpy about the heat yesterday is that the high was 103. (Overnight low of 60, yay semi-desert). Today it is purportedly going to stop at 89, although it's already up to 89.7 so I have my doubts about that. But the rest of the week will (in theory) stay under 90!
The weather measurement station is about 8 blocks from my house.... also, summer is the only time when you can so closely predict my mood just by tracking the high temperatures for the day. - Marianne
"oh wow, this room is so nice and cool... only 80 degrees!" - Marianne
Happy birthday, Barry's Uncle Robert! You helped a young boy grow into a fine, upstanding man whom I am glad to know. Even a little bit, on the internet :D. Thank you!! #unclerobert
Due to trying to be chipper about annoying things, Jay and I have been coming up with alternative endings for the word nauseated. So far my favorites are nausticated and nausesque. Fun times.
Nause-O-rama - Meg VMeg
Nauseleum. - Katy S
Naustalgia - Steve C, Team Marina
Nausoree! - Spidra Webster
Nausoretum - laura x from iPhone
Nausomat - laura x from iPhone
Naustae - Katy S
Nausmaste - Jaclyn aka spamgirl from Android
Naustastic. - Melly
Naumnaumnaum. - bentley
Nausilly. - Joe
nausique. - jambina
nausinator - Janet
Most interesting publisher's weekly moment of the last few months: John Darnielle wrote a novel!! And it is coming out in October. "Darnielle ... captures the allure and danger of being in thrall to a mythic vision." The reviewer says the book's central conceit is "a monumental symbol for a supple novel." I say, EEEEEEEEEEE.
PS The title is Wolf in White Van. - Marianne
I'm torn between "holy crap" and "oh dear" - Meg VMeg
who is John Darnielle? - Sir Shuping is just sir
the lead singer for a band called the mountain they are singing my favorite song of theirs in a chapel (i think meg gave me the link to this some time ago): - Marianne
^^^^^ like. - Marianne
i also love this song rather a lot: - Marianne
<3 <3 <3 (<3) - Meg VMeg
ah ok, i'd never heard of them before, but bookmarked them to listen to more of their stuff! thank ya! - Sir Shuping is just sir
This is the first song of his that I ever heard: Killed me. - Meg VMeg
Mountain Goats are awesome. I've been a fan since Coroner's Gambit. They put on a GREAT show. Go see them if you get the chance. - Akiva
Also, I love the "rights statement" on this: 129 shows there. - Meg VMeg
Jeff Buckley - Lilac Wine (Live) - YouTube. Quite possibly my favorite performance of this song by anyone ever. It crackles my heart. -
Jeff Buckley - Lilac Wine (Live) - YouTube. Quite possibly my favorite performance of this song by anyone ever.  It crackles my heart.
YES. - Jenny H. from Android
Here is a picture of me at convocation this weekend. I really do have an MSLIS now! HUZZAH. (this is the converse of POIDH. :D) (Notes: the person next to me with the curly hair is my upstate NY job/philosophical doppelganger; the one next to her is checking a picture she took on her phone, not her email!)
Congratulations again, Marianne! - Soup in a TARDIS
Congrats! - Anne Bouey
One of us! - Meg VMeg
Woohoo! - Kirsten
*waves*... you can see me waving, right? - MoTO Boychick Devil
*shrieks from the balcony* WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! - Catherine Pellegrino
:D Thanks all. - Marianne
Congratulations Marianne!! - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
Congrats! - YvonneM
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