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I'm sure I must be up to something, and I will not stop until I find out what.
Stuff I don't want to do getting pre-empted by more urgent things I do want to do is one of my favorite things about working. #fridayafternoon #donwanna
Thought of you the second I saw this, Steven:
I have a backpack just like that. :) - Vampire Hunter DYSP
All summer, I *knew* intellectually that I'd finished my degree, and that I wouldn't have to do the school/work two-step this fall, for the first time in 3 years - but it wasn't until I was walking home tonight, at the end of the first day of the academic year where I work, that I really FELT IT down to my bones.... I AM FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I had so much free time this weekend! I had so much free time *today*! I was happy and interested and intellectually engaged at work all day, never overwhelmed or anxious at how few brain cells I had left (even though it was a crummy day physically, and involved a lot of saving my strength - but it didn't seep over into panic - BECAUSE THERE IS NOTHING TO PANIC ABOUT)! HOORAY. - Marianne
High fives! - t-ra supports #LOLSpidra from Android
Yay. :-) - Megan loves summer
It's THE BEST feeling not to start school as a student! - Lily
Transformers: The Ultimate Pop-Up Universe - Transformers Wiki -
Transformers: The Ultimate Pop-Up Universe - Transformers Wiki
If you or some kid (or former kid) you know was ever obsessed with Transformers, YOU WANT THIS BOOK. The Transformer pop-ups? Actually transform!!!!! My mind is blown. - Marianne from Bookmarklet
I uh. Kind of want this for myself. - RepoRat
RepoRat, my copy is absolutely for myself. I *might* let other people play with it. .So I say go for it :D. - Marianne
I need to see this. Reinhart does such good work. - Katy S
Mostly I skim the Times Literary Supplement. Every so often a sentence comes along that makes me glad I bother. Today, a nasty burn at the end of a review: "Come Christmas, this will make a vindictively disappointing present." *whistles*
That is SO TOTALLY TLS. - Steele Lawman
Yikes. Which book is it?! - Kirsten
Heeeeeeeeeee - lris
Kirsten, he was referring to Alexander McCall Smith's book about Auden (reviewed in conjunction with a new edition of Auden's Christmas Oratorio). There are many other mean-funny sentences in the review, and I don't really TRUST the review, but it still cracked me up. - Marianne
Ah. Cool, thanks. - Kirsten This is pretty interesting.
(An essay about why "unplugging" really doesn't have a lot to do with "reconnecting", among other things.) - Marianne
Turns out, lack of caffeine is just as effective as anything else for bringing out my Maritimer accent. Not just the vowels, but also the tones and rhythms. Who knew? #twentysixhoursandtryingnottocount #weirdjobproblems
One of the things I find frustrating and awkward is when I have some fundamental point of agreement with an author who I know I would not actually enjoy AT ALL. Like, the author writes a book about how the way to make America better is by focusing more on personal relationships (friends, family, community) and local politics....
.... and then I realize, OH, he doesn't mean MY friends, family, and communities, we are excluded from his idea of a better America. *sideeye Jim DeMint* I pay so little attention to those folks that I usually don't remember their names and only on googling their books to see if I want to read them, do I realize what's up. - Marianne
(I mean, I'm sure we'd be theoretically welcome. If we reformed ourselves to be completely different people.) - Marianne
That moment when you realize the reason you were so grumpy about the heat yesterday is that the high was 103. (Overnight low of 60, yay semi-desert). Today it is purportedly going to stop at 89, although it's already up to 89.7 so I have my doubts about that. But the rest of the week will (in theory) stay under 90!
The weather measurement station is about 8 blocks from my house.... also, summer is the only time when you can so closely predict my mood just by tracking the high temperatures for the day. - Marianne
"oh wow, this room is so nice and cool... only 80 degrees!" - Marianne
Happy birthday, Barry's Uncle Robert! You helped a young boy grow into a fine, upstanding man whom I am glad to know. Even a little bit, on the internet :D. Thank you!! #unclerobert
Due to trying to be chipper about annoying things, Jay and I have been coming up with alternative endings for the word nauseated. So far my favorites are nausticated and nausesque. Fun times.
Nausealicious! - Steele Lawman
Nause-O-rama - Meg VMeg
Nauseleum. - Katy S
Naustalgia - Steve C Team Marina
Nausoree! - Spidra Webster
Nausoretum - laura x from iPhone
Nausomat - laura x from iPhone
Naustae - Katy S
Nausmaste - Jaclyn aka spamgirl from Android
Naustastic. - Melly - #TeamMarina
Naumnaumnaum. - bentley
Nausilly. - Joe
nausique. - jambina
nausinator - Janet
Most interesting publisher's weekly moment of the last few months: John Darnielle wrote a novel!! And it is coming out in October. "Darnielle ... captures the allure and danger of being in thrall to a mythic vision." The reviewer says the book's central conceit is "a monumental symbol for a supple novel." I say, EEEEEEEEEEE.
PS The title is Wolf in White Van. - Marianne
I'm torn between "holy crap" and "oh dear" - Meg VMeg
who is John Darnielle? - Sir Shuping is just sir
the lead singer for a band called the mountain they are singing my favorite song of theirs in a chapel (i think meg gave me the link to this some time ago): - Marianne
^^^^^ like. - Marianne
i also love this song rather a lot: - Marianne
<3 <3 <3 (<3) - Meg VMeg
ah ok, i'd never heard of them before, but bookmarked them to listen to more of their stuff! thank ya! - Sir Shuping is just sir
This is the first song of his that I ever heard: Killed me. - Meg VMeg
Mountain Goats are awesome. I've been a fan since Coroner's Gambit. They put on a GREAT show. Go see them if you get the chance. - Akiva
Also, I love the "rights statement" on this: 129 shows there. - Meg VMeg
Jeff Buckley - Lilac Wine (Live) - YouTube. Quite possibly my favorite performance of this song by anyone ever. It crackles my heart. -
Jeff Buckley - Lilac Wine (Live) - YouTube. Quite possibly my favorite performance of this song by anyone ever.  It crackles my heart.
YES. - Jenny H. from Android
Here is a picture of me at convocation this weekend. I really do have an MSLIS now! HUZZAH. (this is the converse of POIDH. :D) (Notes: the person next to me with the curly hair is my upstate NY job/philosophical doppelganger; the one next to her is checking a picture she took on her phone, not her email!)
Congratulations again, Marianne! - Soup in a TARDIS
Congrats! - Anne Bouey
One of us! - Meg VMeg
Woohoo! - Kirsten
*waves*... you can see me waving, right? - MoTO: Team Marina
*shrieks from the balcony* WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! - Catherine Pellegrino
:D Thanks all. - Marianne
Congratulations Marianne!! - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
Congrats! - YvonneM
So many thank yous to everyone who helped send me presents (everything in the picture except mr iron fist is from y'all - Jay got me the superhero :D), and really to all y'all, for helping me do this thing. Sometimes it takes an internet village, you know? xxoo - Marianne
Also, it's fitting that these arrived today; I'll be getting on a plane for Syracuse, and gradumacation, tomorrow. - Marianne
Enjoy your graduation ceremony! - Soup in a TARDIS
Rupetta won the Tiptree. - maʀtha
Dear LSWians and FFolks, thank you SO much for your kind and totally unexpected gift. How delightful! And I am totally intrigued to see what is coming in the mail :D. You all are the best! *beams*
Happy MLIS! - maʀtha
Just turned in my very last assignment for cataloging. Got my final grade for my internship today. Guess that means I'm 100 percent, absolutely, completely, and FINALLY done, other than the crossed t's and dotted i's and rituals of actually graduating? I figure it will sink in sometime in the next couple of hours.... :)
Way to go, Marianne! It's rather surreal, isn't it? :D - Lily
Woo-hoo! - bentley
Congrats! - Jenny H. from Android
It is, Lily! (and thanks, all) - Marianne
so jealous! :) - henry
:) henry, you will be here SOON. *hugs* - Marianne
Congratulations, Marianne! - Soup in a TARDIS
Yay Marianne! - Rochelle *boom* Hartman
Congratulations!! - Heather
Woohoo!!! - lris
Yippppppppeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - laura x
Woo hoo! Congratulations! - Galadriel C.
Congratulations! (Not sure if you're looking to move, but we will be hiring librarians soon. Sorry for blatantly trying to poach you.) - kaijsa
Aw, kaijsa, it's very kind of you to try to poach me. I'm not going anywhere for at least a few years, I think. At least right now, I feel like the most important thing I do in my job (both most valuable AND most important to me personally) is directly support our department's eighteen-or-so student workers, and there aren't a lot of librarian-level jobs where that can be the most... more... - Marianne
That moment when you realize your impossible-to-shorten-any-more paper isn't actually too long, it just has a bunch of leftover notes and bits you weren't sure if you would need stuck in at the end of it. And you delete them. And it is all ok.
(Said paper still needs about 3 hours of revision work before it becomes presentable. But at least it EXISTS now. This one, one more big ole (much more chunkable) assignment to do once this is over, and then I will be done. *nods firmly, gets back to revising*) - Marianne
Go Marianne Go! - Marina's Godmother :-)
*shakes pompoms* - Kirsten
BOOM. - Derrick
That's so exciting! YOU GOT THIS. - Lily
Weirdest patron return experience this year:
Someone (a student I quite like) brought back 6 or 7 books smelling incredibly intensely of buttered popcorn. Like, eyewateringly so at the time, 4 hours later there is STILL a (now-pleasant) buttered popcorn aroma at circ, smelling intensely. Which a) how did the smell get so intense??? does the person work at a movie theater???? and b) the books were totally clean. No stains, no damage, purely aroma.... so weird. - Marianne
(my used bookstore stories put that one to shame - black widow spiders, anyone? - but for purely weird with zero ick factor, that one might win the decade, not just the year.) - Marianne
maybe! to make it weirder the same person just brought back a bunch more books and they didn't smell of anything. - Marianne
One of our librarians brought in a giant tub of stuffed animals for end-of-the-block study relief with a big "Need a Study Buddy?" sign. And her favorite monkey puppet, which has been slung around both her and the ref desk monitor (alternating). Actual squeals of heartfelt delight have been heard. Some of them from hockey players.
There are stuffed animals dispersed throughout the building. I love this place. - Marianne
That's brilliant. We've been having fun with a bunch of donated stuffed animals (for teen craft this summer). Head of Circ arrived yesterday to find a Teddy Bears' Picnic Staff Meeting going on in her office. - Louise "Weezy" Alcorn
I appear to have finished my internship (pending prof's approval). They are wonderful wonderful people, my internship colleagues, whom I would love to work with again in the future... AND I AM SO GLAD I AM DONE WITH THIS TWO-JOB SCHEDULE. Also once I finish my cataloging assignments/classwork (still substantial), I will be DONE done. Stay tuned...
The only thing harder to get out of your head than an endlessly repeating loop of "We're up all night to get lucky" is an endlessly repeating loop of "We're up all night to do homework." (Listening to the album now in the hopes that it will clean the loop out of my brain. And, I'm not ACTUALLY going to be up all night. This time.)
Good night/morning, Marianne. :) - Derrick
Howdy, D. Hi, Kirsten! (It's afternoon now. I slept lots.) - Marianne
Good! - Kirsten from Android
(Welcome) Sooprize Wednesdaybrarian! :
It is very quiet out here. In barely related news, I think the college could take a siesta from 3-4 every day and we would all be better off. - Marianne
Me to my boss: I'd be happy to cover. I haven't been getting anything done, at least if I do that out there, I might actually help people. (So nice to have a boss you can say stuff like that to.) - Marianne
stay tuned for less omphaloskeptic comments if people ever start actually asking questions. - Marianne
"where do i fax stuff?" bookstore. - Marianne
It amuses me that everyone (not just library people) finds it remarkable / noteworthy when I am over here. sample quote "You do this TOO??" Yup. (Sometimes people try to tell me that the students / faculty don't even really notice the research desk. Comments like that one make me doubt these people.) - Marianne
"Is person X here?" "She'll be here in 20 minutes, but can I help you?" Turns out they really need person Y, who will be conveniently working the desk tonight. (Person X having actually warned me about that before leaving.) - Marianne
omphaloskeptic = great word! - maʀtha
Oh, hey now, student, I'm not doing your searching for you. Nope, not me. Especially if you can't ask me using a complete sentence - maʀtha
This seems to happen more often via chat. You know, the "please send me 5 articles on [incredibly general topic], thanks" - maʀtha
Student just told me that the "reference pencils" are "the twitter of pencils". They stop him from writing too much. Apparently, he genuinely loves the tiny pencils. - maʀtha
Cleaning guy just said, "You've turned your office into a woman cave!" Which I guess means that it is clean now? - maʀtha
Gah, hard question the moment the desk closed. So of course I stayed. - maʀtha
Just helped someone figure out if they were allergic to something by using Google Translate. #librarylife #noms
I taught a 3 hour class tonight, and it went really well. Despite their wariness and disengagement when they walked in, every single one of the 22 high school students left with multiple articles they'd found on their own, and wanted to read for their research papers, and I use "wanted" deliberately.
Guess I wasn't nearly as far away from being able to do that as I thought I was .... - Marianne
Yay! I'm not surprised you could do that, but I'm glad you proved it to yourself. - Steele Lawman
Me: I just figured out where this self-published book I'm cataloging was published by tracking down the author's facebook profile.
Him: You have to DOX people for your homework?? - Marianne
Me: Not have to, honey, get to. - Marianne
Or you could just say "sine loco" - DJF from Android
also, make sure to include the place of publication in square brackets, since you didn't find it on the primary source of information. - DJF
"sine loco" is for lazy people. also, it's rda, so I would have to say "no place of publication identified". plus that wouldn't be half as much fun. and of *course* I used square brackets. jeez, DJF, what do you think I am, a library school student? ;) - Marianne
"SINE LOCO" IS FOR LAZY PEOPLE totally needs to be an LSW t-shirt. - RepoRat
:D - Marianne
this thread was awesome. Also I just wanted to brag that I got 100 percent on my "nonprint" cataloging assignment, and no corrections. Good to know doxxing pays off ;). [Note: I would never ever ever dox someone, really. this was all deliberately public info. just being a goof.] - Marianne
Fridaymorningbrarian (this one was planned):
student from my workplace calling here (my internship site) to see if we had a book and if she could borrow it directly because it was too urgent for consortial borrowing. yes indeed. - Marianne
(ref librarian called to see if she had a shift today. nope.) - Marianne
hs teacher called to make sure we still had public access to computers/dbs, copiers, free parking, and most importantly, coffee, for next Saturday. yup. - Marianne
directions. - Marianne
do you have to be a student to use a computer here? nope (there are at least 15 public terminals). - Marianne
lull. - Marianne
visit from dean. (she is awesome.) referral to circ desk. - Marianne
dates / library hours for spring break. this would've been easier if I didn't have THREE different spring break schedules that I am (not) balancing in my brain. found it on the website, of course. - Marianne
'nother circ referral. how did it get to be eleven already? *reference desk fugue state* - Marianne
computer assistance desk referral. (of the wtf??? i have never even SEEN that before variety) - Marianne
heh. computer assistance people had to kick it to IT (but didn't tell the student where IT *is*, just to go there, so she came back for directions). i feel less ignorant now. - Marianne
11:30 slump. cmon people, walk up to the desk and ask me things or i will fall asleep instead of exhibiting all the approachability behaviors I am working SO HARD right now to exhibit. - Marianne
huh, that actually worked ;). - Marianne
On this day, 5th of March 2014, for the first time, I deliberately crafted an entire proposal around the strategic planning initiatives it would support (and left out every other argument I might care to make). All By Myself. It feels like a career milestone.
(some other, wiser people will have a look at it before I do anything with it. but i feel quite competent at the moment. usually I just feel like I am good at stuff because it is stuff I like. This is something quite different.) - Marianne
Sooprize (internship) Tuesdaybrarian!
Helped a transfer student understand the mysteries of the VPN. Nothin' since. - Marianne
Helped a student think up new ways to search for an article that meets her professor's extremely specific assignment requirements. - Marianne
Helped someone else find books on makeup in the stacks (thinking to myself OHHHHHHH acting, that's why they were all in the PNs). - Marianne
Oops I read that as VPL. That's a totally different conversation ;-) - Marina's Godmother :-)
helen, you are a card. - Marianne
busy! ebook questions, printing questions, angola question. - Marianne
"I found the HQ's but I can't find this book." That is because there are FIVE SHELVES of books with the exact same number all the way down to the first cutter (inclusive); of course you are a bit confused. Thanks, Library of Congress! - Marianne
"who do I talk to about hiring interns?" - Marianne
"what is this thing and how do I find it?" (well, your specific prof is making you learn about the bound journals, even though we have access to this periodical going back online until THE NINETEENTH CENTURY.) - Marianne
good heavens, Marianne, what's the classification number? five shelves?! - RepoRat
HQ... something... in the 1000s... .U5. There was another shelf of U6's too. - Marianne
(I've answered like 4 more questions since I posted that, so I don't remember the details anymore.) - Marianne
"I missed this class and now I need to do the assignment, can you help me?" Yes! Because here is your libguide and here is the catalog and here are the databases and ... (I coincidentally had been in the class to observe / help. 3rd time that's happened to me today, that a patron I was helping was also a student in a class I helped teach.) - Marianne
have had a couple of students check back several times about different (unrelated) things. which is good. makes me feel like they are happy with the service :) - Marianne
The put-money-on-your-ID/printing-card machine AND the elevators are back up today. Woohoo! - Rebecca Hedreen
^^ Hooray! - Marianne
I am done brarianating for the day, back at my own job in my own office. - Marianne
Turns out I really enjoy creating MARC records. #whoknew Glad I stuck to my guns and took cataloging, 'cause this is the most fun I've had doing assignments since I took that mammalogy class where we had to fondle skulls all day long.
I really loved cataloging. There's a mental calm I find in that kind of task, plus I also loved the puzzle of creating the metadata that makes Every Book Its Reader possible. - Jenica from iPhone
OK, less in love with cataloging audiovisual stuff. I think because I want the ACTUAL ITEM to play with, instead of just the course-exercise surrogate. I hate guessing! - Marianne
Have to admit, my wife (who was a cataloging supervisor & original cataloger before she was a college library director) seems to be enjoying her volunteer job, cataloging the collection of the Livermore Heritage Guild, quite a lot. This doesn't surprise me: original cataloging is a worthy pursuit, and one of the reasons I explicitly don't call myself a librarian. (I know MARC, I know or at least read at one time AACRII, I wholly lack appropriate cataloging background/theory.) - Walt Crawford
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