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Antonio Delgado
¿Merece un bloguero la misma protección que un periodista? | -
El debate está abierto y cabe la pregunta de por qué un bloguero anónimo no estaría protegido y sí un reportero que escribe un blog independiente del medio mayoritario para el que trabaja. La pregunta es si las nuevas leyes de comunicación estarán adaptadas a la realidad de la labor periodística - Antonio Delgado
Jason Wong
Why use Yammer if you could just have a private room inside Friendfeed?
Loic Le Meur
Twitter: We Need Search By Authority -
Loic, I think this is the first time I've found an idea of your's terrible. - Shawn Farner
Prediction: this will turn into yet another A-Lister vs Z-Lister / Gatekeeper BitchMeme. - Mike Doeff
Mike, I thought the same thing....and I also think it's a terrible idea. - Karoli
Twitter, FriendFeed, etc. have done so much to level out the playing field and now we're seeing a real backlash - people longing for the days where there were only a handful of voices and the rest of us just listening. Sorry, but the horses are out of the barn. - Mike Doeff
Agree - Horrid idea. Defeats the purpose entirely - Charlie Anzman
I don't care about the A-list vs. Z-list thing, but I do want to see who's tweets have been retweeted the most. Also, I would love to order tweets in order of who has most followers, and who is following most. Also which Tweet has gotten most "favorites." It's really lame, by the way, that friendfeed lets us add so much metadata into the system (comments and likes) but doesn't let us search on that metadata in any meaningful way. Funny that Google built a multi-billion-dollar business by using that metadata - Robert Scoble
Yep the horses are out of the barn and running. Even if we have to contend with stupid spammers and the like, the benefit of speaking our own minds is well worth it. No ranking necessary. - Karoli
Google's metadata was links. friendfeed could do so much more for its search, which is very lame so far. Hopefully in 2009 we'll see dramatic changes to friendfeed's search. If they do, then all my time spent here will have been worth it. - Robert Scoble
The only problem I foresee is that "authority" is subjective, and what someone considers the benchmarks for being an authority would probably be different to someone elses. I think what is truly needed especially with Twitter Search is more granularity over the metadata. - Bryce Roney
Bryce: exactly. Calling it "authority" will piss people off, too. Google internally calls it 'relevance" but you don't see that word associated with any of its search rankings. - Robert Scoble
Robert, I posted a link the other day to a guy doing research on retweet frequencies...very interesting stuff. It's here on my feed somewhere. - Karoli
Robert - I have a 'feeling' Friendfeed isn't done yet :) - Charlie Anzman
# of followers is a useless metric. I explain why over on TechCrunch post that follows up on this Loic post: - Robert Scoble
The search by authority will get subject to the same manipulation as Page Rank does right now. In some sense Google Search is search by authority. - Atul Arora
@Scoble good reply totally agree, twitter's hit and miss on whoh you follow - sofarsoShawn
I'm not quite sure that number of followers could be a good indicator of authority, but also retweets, favs and maybe a combination of that. - Marilín Gonzalo
how about base it on the sum of the ratios of # times favorited/# of followers and # times retweeted/# of followers if favorited has same weight as retweet. - KyNam Doan
+1 KyNam, I was just writing the same idea when your comment appeared. A measure of how much authority one has, needs to include some reaction from their 'audience'. It seems relatively easy to gain 1000+ followers who may never (or rarely) read your tweets. - Alistair (alpinefolk)
organic works well. follow others and build up a genuine network gradually. See how those you think Tweets well/with your interest Tweet others. - AlexBowman from twhirl
The day this happens I leave. Already growing weary of self congratulatory bacon posts by a hardcore group who seem to have lost their blogging skills and hang out here all day. Weird. - Wayne Schulz
Chris Loft really, really, really liked this. But isn't this bacon thing off topic? - Chris Loft
Whose Authority? Did someone elect you, Scoble and Arrington Presidents of Social Media already? LOL - Igor The Troll יִצְחָק
Weighing in to concur that authority by number of followers is a very bad idea. - Gail Gardner
...why is it that christmas turns [digital] sheeple always into some authority huggers ?; i hope friendfeed stays authority free. there is enuff digital garbage around which brought us recession, 9/11 planehuggers, obamahuggers and other Orwellian braindead peeps. And now they whine for false authority and closetCensorship ***again** ; [ ] - ewing2001akaNicomedy2010
Friendfeed is NOT authority free. It has not been since day one by promoting the best of the day, week and month and also by promoting some users, me included, some of which are not even using it, like Mike Arrington (he just automatically posts to Twitter that posts to FF). That does not make FF a bad service, on the contrary, it is great. - Loic Le Meur
Information as pornography. No filler. No idle conversation. Just get right to the sex scenes. - Michael Markman
*sigh* - Hilary Talbot
Jorge Gobbi
Sera mas barato viajar en 2009? -
Jorge, fijate mi blog de la agencia, ahi hay un par de posts con las lineas aereas que empezaron a bajar el fuel surcharge. No son muchas, pero algo es algo - Jose Villar
Sí, a medida que vayan terminando los seguros de combustible más caros, los precios de los pasajes tendrían que bajar a los niveles de dos años atrás. - Jorge Gobbi
me gustaría pensar que van a bajar a precios de dos años atrás. - Christian Van Der Henst
En Guatemala los boletos ya bajaron $100 a varios destinos de centro américa y USA - Oscar Mota
Si, la verdad es que todos esperamos que los precios sean los de dos años atrás. Si el petróleo continúa a estos valores, debería ser posible. Y más con una demanda no tan alta. - Jorge Gobbi
Mariano Amartino
Kathleen Anderson
"The first reports hit Twitter 30 minutes or so before they hit the news stations. Unfortunately, the initial reports were inaccurate, stating that a 737 (correct) had crashed (incorrect, technically) in Denver. When I hear the word crash, I think “airplane fell out of the sky”. In this case, the plane had gone off the runway on takeoff. A serious situation, but a little bit more manageable than falling out of the sky. Share photos on twitter with TwitpicOnce that was sorted out and a mainstream source came along, reports began to spread across the Twitter stream about tweets coming from passengers, which led to the discovery of Mike Wilson (@2drinksbehind) My hat’s off to Mike for this tweet: You have your wits scared out of you, drag your butt out of a flaming ball of wreckage and you can’t even get a vodka-tonic. Boo" - Kathleen Anderson from Bookmarklet
Antonio Delgado
¿Como sabe un ISP que los 4Gb que me bajo encriptado es material con copyright y no un backup de mi servidor?
Lo del carnet por puntos ya me ha parecido de risa - Marilín Gonzalo
Loic Le Meur
All my friends are calling me to talk about Arrington. Lots to say about that. Later.
Later? What happened to the real time web man!!! - Brian Roy
He sure does cause conversations, doesn't he? - Robert Scoble
Scoble! The pot calling the kettle... :-) - Rod Bauer from twhirl
Brian, that was funny! - Loic Le Meur
Antonio Delgado
@SergioRS Qué es un blog? y tu me lo preguntas? un blog eres tu
Antonio Delgado
¿Como no va a dar nostalgia la Navidad? Si vuelven los ficheros Midi, los GIF animados, el Paint, los PPT de gatitos, los logos con nieve...
Christian Van Der Henst
10 eventos que valieron la pena en el 2008 -
cuales tienes pensado ir en usa el año que viene? - fesja
En serio que lujo de post no cabe duda que aprovechaste bien el año :P - stephanie
Eso, aquí falta un post siguiente donde digas a cuáles hay que ir en 2009 :) - Marilín Gonzalo
Para el 2009 me gustaría ir a 3 en particular: EBE, Webprendedor y TC60 (O TC20 al paso que vamos ;). Pero además me gustaría quitarme la gana de ir al SXSW y a algún evento en Asia. Tengo que ir pensando en un post. Y hablando de ideas para escribir, les serviría un post con un resumen de charlas inspiradoras o de ponentes inspiradores? Tengo algo en draft, pero no se hacia donde dirigirlo. - Christian Van Der Henst
Om Malik
Embargoes are for news. Blogging never was about news, instead it was about opinions and intelligent comments. What happened?
The line between the two has been blurred out. Technology "blogs" like Engadget and Gizmodo are perfect examples wanting to break the news 'first' - Bhavishya Kanjhan
The main attribute of all of the blogs I read regularly is the distinctive personality of their authors. - Bret Taylor
Was that before blogs started taking on ad dollars like the traditional media? - Shawn Farner
+1 Bret - the voice is what forms the elusive context to all this random data flow. - Micah
IMO there are new breeds -- Online "journals" like Arstechnica, Engadget, etc. that almost function like online "newspapers" in the traditional sense. Then there are "blogs" like Scoble or Andrew Sullivan which are distinctive authors whose opinions you are collecting as well as information. I apologize for the gratuitous use of quotes... The English language is ill suited for these types of distinctions =) - Mark Philpot
Tech embargoes many times are for promotions, not news. You often get information spoon fed (screenshots and other product promises & descriptions) which turns out to be advertisement, not fact, and basing an article on that instead of a real-live product review (which finds bugs, quirks etc. a press release would never list) can turn out to be misleading to readers. - Philipp Lenssen
The most valuable blogs are the sources, the platforms of people reporters go to (or should go to) for the facts and expertise that forms their reporting. - Dave Winer
Blogging *is* about news, in the first person. - Dave Winer
@brett - I agree. it is about people writing about stuff they cared about. @Dave Winer... you are right about it being news. but it wasn't news as how we knew it. it was different. it was about finding and sharing things. reporters who cared. not press releases. - Om Malik
Om I agree. - Dave Winer
Bhavishya Kanjhan... I agree. Anyway it has been good to get off the embargo bandwagon for me personally. nearly four months and well the only thing i can say - i am glad i take my time writing something. - Om Malik
Simple: they are not blogs, they are news sites. - eparody
bloggers when they want to do whatever they want, journalists when they want to be taken seriously. - Allen Stern
Blogging is about news - paul mooney
Allen, I've seen you make that comment a bunch of times. Let's see if I understand what you're saying. You think we're all hypocrites. Did I get it right? - Dave Winer
What happened was that blogging became part of the news when it became widespread. PR folks cannot ignore the bloggers because they make a difference. And that's a good thing for us bloggers. - James Kendrick
So there is a definition? Are we all now supposed to jump in a a box and say this is blogging and that is not. And the plain belly sneetches had none upon thars... - Stephan Miller from Posty
The whole piece wreaks of a slow news day and self-promotion. There's really very little new here (and, in classic TechCrunch fashion, it apparently worked?!) - Charlie Anzman
ted, descarga automáticamente nuevos capítulos de tus series favoritas -
Si al final tendré que hacer algo... - eduo
Pero tú me recomendaste otro hace dos días... cuál es la diferencia con el TVshows? - Marilín Gonzalo
What is the name of your Wi-Fi network? -
What is the name of your Wi-Fi network?
The (Holland-based) CoffeeCompany got a lot of publicity recently because they continuously change the names of their Wi-Fi networks to persuade visitors to order more coffee. A few examples: OrderAnotherCoffeeAlready BuyCoffeeForCuteGirlOverThere? HaveYouTriedCoffeeCake? BuyAnotherCupYouCheapskate TodaysSpecialExpresso1.60Euro BuyaLargeLatterGetBrownieForFree - Zee. from Bookmarklet
In my home the network is called LeechNet. And on my girlfriend it's called "chupala gil". - Leandro Ardissone ⍨
You know what? This would make me never visit their establishment again. Ever. - FFing Enigma
Mine is OmgWhoKilledKenny. - Nir Ben Yona from twhirl
Mine is "chupacabra". - Steven Perez
Clever idea, but annoying to customers I'm sure - Tom Mack
Mine is Bitemeorgetoffmynetwork! HAHAH!!! - Paul
Honeypot - Shawn McCollum
yeah sure..and here are my coordinates and this is my login passkey. - Josh Haley
you cannot be serious Josh... - Zee.
I want to call mine "TastyYellowSnow" but I may get some weirdos - Bwana ☠
have you ever war-walked through a city centre? I've seen plenty like "hoth", "bitbucket", "deathfromabove" and a personal fav "fuckoff". - alphaxion
There's a network in my dorm called "BloodyStoolSample". Don't know who it belongs too but it's weird. - Brandon Titus
Jesus. - Zee.
Tina said it all. - Jim #teamFFrank
Resembles something like WiFiMage - MiniMage
The all-time classic thread: - My favorite is "Stoplookingatmyssid". - John Craft
Because we are all out to get you Josh... ;) - Brian Bufalo
I love this kind of back-channel messaging system: at one company I worked people used to maintain IM-type conversations within iTunes by constantly renaming their shared libraries. I notice some people do this here with their nicknames. - Tim Ostler
"WHO FARTED!?!?" - Brad Williamson
Something meaningless and abstract that hopefully doesn't give away any information about me, the router type or the location that might be used by a casual hacker to gain entry. Of course any seasoned hacker wouldn't care about the SSID anyway. - Troy Forster from twhirl
thepasswordisboobs - Benton
And one for the bluetooth names you've seen - alphaxion
I go with a Disney theme. Right now, EPCOT. - Eric - Final Countdown
Scott's HotSpot - scott anderson
There is a network in my area called 'Call 555-1234 for access' - interesting idea... - Yzard
Bret Taylor
When you notice it, it's news -
shared this this morning... good point i think :o) - Rob Sellen :o)
I think this is part of why people are so depressed about the world today. Crime, war, globalization, etc. – it doesn't seem worse than in centuries past (the world seems better to me) – but now we get to hear these things all the time, and bad news spreads faster. - Amit Patel
Jordi Soler
Any possibility to view the Twitter @replies as nested in our Twitter entries?
I suggested that here: - Marilín Gonzalo
I don't think this is something that can be constructed solely with logic. Although rules could be written about @replies, the thing is, when someone sends an @reply there is no way to know IF it is truly a response, and WHICH tweet it is responding to. I have been known to use an @reply as my initial way to contact an individual. - Laura Norvig
I'm trying to use friendfeed as my twitter client and since I can't realy reply to them (I had a custom rss to ego-searchme, but that is not a twitter entry, not allowing me to answer. - Christian Van Der Henst
Antonio Delgado
@lolacomomola 233grados es el blog más caro del mundo. ¿Aún no lo sabías? :P
José Luis Antúnez
Cada vez que clickas en Like en FriendFeed muere un gatito. Deberían dejar tags como Delicious y como haremos en YouAre
Like funciona bien, a mí me gusta. - Marilín Gonzalo
@manu @Marilín Puedes usar el buscador y encuentras lo que sea al instante, pero de cara a organizar contenidos tantos para ti como para los que te siguen es lo suyo. Si además en los contenidos que se importan, se abren nuevos hilos de conversación (algunas veces derivando en temas paralelos), se hace más necesario - José Luis Antúnez
El buscador funciona bastante bien y lo uso. Lo de los tags sin embargo me gustó, puede ser muy útil y de hecho en el grupo ff feedback están pidiendo algo así, no tags, pero más etiquetas y no sólo Like. Pero hay que entender que Like en estos momentos está funcionando más como una alerta, un llamado de atención que otra cosa, y por eso digo que así funciona bien. - Marilín Gonzalo
Mis dos centimos: ya tengo etiquetas en google reader, delicious y flickr (al menos). En friendfeed a mi no me hacen falta de momento, y de hecho creo que me obligarian a trabajar mas que las ventajas que tendria. - jmiguel rodriguez
Laura Norvig
“Another Friendfeed etiquette question. What do you think about things that are NSFW (primarily referring to nudity) on the main feed? Obviously everyone hides what they don't want to see but should there be some unspoken etiquette about what one shouldn't put on the main feed to begin with?” -
Resharing to make sure FF staff see this. - Laura Norvig
I am particularly reminded of the string of nudes that ceebee posted the other day. Nice photos, but...well, I'm not a prude or anything and yes items can be hidden., - Kenley Neufeld from PeopleBrowsr
For discussion's sake, how does this differ from people posting NSFW pics on a blog you read or subscribe to in an RSS reader? Is the friend-of-a-friend nature of FF the differentiating factor? - Kevin Fox
FOAF vs. Friends doesn't make much difference. At some level a large network can't be expected to post to the same standards as you might like. I assume the biggest issue is viewing FF at work where seeing NSFW pictures on someones screen could be a firable offense. IMO, this is a risk I take with RSS, or any social network that supports user generated content. A reasonable request for FF, would be to support a "safe" mode where no pictures are shown. This could be easily implemented via JS. - Dave Dash
Due to the nature of the internet and its users, viewing nudity accidentally is virtually unavoidable. I occasionally have nudity in my feed, but only if I think it's in good taste. Personally, I think it immature for others to have a problem with it. - Tanath
Agreed, Tanath. Being offended is a personal problem. This doesn't jive with workplace nude viewing though. - Andy Bakun
I don't have a problem personally with NSFW stuff... I would just hide it if I don't like it. The problem arises if I happen to be viewing FF on my work computer (which I do rarely now but still occasionally, and I do when I working from home over VPN). In that case the NSFW stuff could potentially get me fired. Hiding is too late. I think it's in everyone's best interest to play nice in that case and keep that stuff to the rooms. You wouldn't want to be responsible for getting someone fired would you? - Lindsay
Here's what I posted in the linked thread: If someone is on the web at work, they're already taking a risk of seeing NSFW images. Spend enough time and it's virtually unavoidable. NSFW images popping up on FF (or most other sites) is not justification for firing someone (whether the law would agree or not). If someone's actively looking for NSFW content, that's another story. - Tanath
If you're talking about things coming in over VPN, then unless they have control over your computer, they don't necessarily even know whether you've seen the offending image. You could be running filtering software like adblock or privoxy. If your employer is going to be that anal about "NSFW" content, maybe you need a new employer, or they need an excuse for a new employee. - Tanath
What about things in poor taste? - anna sauce
Thing is, this is the internet, and a major part of what makes it valuable is its anarchistic nature. Who decides what is in poor taste? If you want to avoid things you consider to be in poor taste, there are ways to go about that. It's difficult to avoid completely online, as IRL, but deciding for others is a slippery slope. - Tanath
That's nice and all, Tanath, but "whether the law would agree or not" is the issue. Companies can use anything as justification for firing someone. And they may not do it immediately but the more fodder you give them, unintentional or not, is a problem if you ever "get in trouble". In this economy, it's not a good time to be flippant about whether you're employed or not based on whether you view their policies as anal. I don't agree with a lot of policies that my employer enforces but I can't be picky. - Lindsay
That being said, that's why I now use my Android phone if I want to look at FF at work 90% of the time. The only reason I do otherwise if if there was a link that I wanted to look at that someone posted on FF and the easiest way to get it is to just open the site. - Lindsay
Lindsay, that's actually part of my point, though I didn't explicitly say it. If they want to fire you, they can find an excuse anyway. Accidentally coming across NSFW material is to be expected. You're right about practical concerns being important. They always are, but there are slippery slopes here, and I don't think nudity should really be as much of an issue as it is for some people, so I guess I'm railing against that. Perhaps people should see about ensuring they can't be fired for unjust reasons. - Tanath
Why is it to be expected? If you are following most company policies to the letter you would never come across NSFW stuff. NSFW stuff is only found on sites for "personal" use. In any case, as a common courtesy to others, it would be nice if people didn't post NSFW stuff in their main feeds so it wouldn't be a potential firing offense for ANYONE. - Lindsay
It's to be expected because you can't control the web. Consequences don't always follow intent. Even if it were true that NSFW content is only on personal use sites, FF arguably is a personal use site and should therefore be avoided at work, if that's the case. I'm arguing that accidentally coming across NSFW content is not justification for firing someone. It should never BE a firable offense. If you're that close to being fired, you likely have bigger problems. - Tanath
I say, don't follow people that post things in the nude. Problem solved! - anna sauce
Actually, while we're on the subject, anyone have a list of names of who DOES post things in the nude? :) - Ian May
Again, Tanath, it's a matter of simple courtesy from my point of view. If you COULD potentially do something that risks someone's financial stability and you can easily avoid it then you are a good person for having restraint. If you choose not to because you think everyone is anal for asking you to, then that's your choice. It seems a bit immature to me, and if that becomes the standard on FF then I think it's a shame. I'll adjust by cutting down subscriptions... sad to do that though. - Lindsay
@Ian - Ask Tad for a link to his Flickr Toy Naughty Bits room. There are entertaining nude pictures posted almost daily there by several people (including me - not OF me!). - Lindsay
Not really, Anna. You generally have to view their feed to know if they do so or not (except, for instance, in my case where I've said that I occasionally have such content). - Tanath
Not nude today? Heck, when I got up for starters. And in the shower. And before I get into bed. I've actually sat at the desk in my birthday suit in the middle of the summer - one of the joys of working at home. I'm not a naturist though. - Ian May
Lindsey, my feed is my own, and is about what I'm interested in & such. I have little influence on what others do, and keeping it out of my feed will not have much effect on ones chances of coming across NSFW content on the web. It's still out there all over the place, and I wouldn't have it any other way. I'm not going and putting NSFW content on people's work machines. I'm posting to my personal feed. Nudity is not unethical, so I'm not being a bad person by having it in my feed. - Tanath
And it would be wrong to legislate the internet based on employers' conceptions of propriety. - Tanath
I don't accept responsibility for what others view, or what employers choose to ban. - Tanath
You're right. It's my responsibility to not subscribe to people who post NSFW stuff in their main feed. And I take that responsibility seriously. I still think it's inconsiderate to do that, but that's my opinion and I have control over my subscriptions. Unfortunately, without a vetting process, it's a barrier to figuring out who to subscribe to in that case. I guess I need to learn to use lists for that purpose. It would be nice, however, if FF would provide filters for that purpose. - Lindsay
Another thing that would be nice is FF profiles wherein you could answer yes/no to the question "I have no qualms about posting NSFW stuff in my main feed". That would make it easy to choose to subscribe or not (or to subscribe and relegate to a list) without lots of research. No surprises then and you know what you're getting into if you subscribe. - Lindsay
I suppose, and please don't shoot me down for saying this, one isn't really supposed to be using friendfeed when at work. I guess one could use the excuse that you needed to get a link or an expert opinion from another friendfeeder but that's thin ice isn't it? - Ian May
Everyone needs a break, Ian... and there's such a thing as a lunch hour. Like I said before, occasionally I do find something that's helpful for work on FF and come to the site to get the link (since I would have found it at this point on my phone). I don't want to log into my feed and have a bunch of NSFW stuff there just to search for that post. But again, whatever... better subscription management seems to be the answer, or FF filters... or warnings in profiles... - Lindsay
Marking one's feeds as having NSFW content is in theory a good idea, but then you have to ask what is "NSFW"? For some strange reason it's generally accepted that nudity is NSFW, but why? Where are the lines drawn? Think about it. - Tanath
Tanath and Ian your statements that "FF arguably is a personal use site" and "one isn't really supposed to be using friendfeed when at work" don't necessarily apply to everyone. I find a LOT of relevant professional resources on here, and I now have a separate account here representing the organization where I work. I haven't really thought about this issue much because it hasn't come up for me, but I suppose I would start unsubbing to people who posted NSFW more than once or twice. - Laura Norvig
I have to agree with the folks here who are more disappointed in (or outraged at) absolutely asinine workplace freakouts than anything else. I think a reasonable step for those who have crappy employers (and understandably can't afford to be picky in this economy) would be to create a "safe" list in FF, only including in that list friends and others who have either explicitly agreed not to post what you'd consider NSFW stuff or who you know won't post it. - Adam Lasnik
That way, you still have the option of playing on FF during work (and safely!), and others don't have to worry about whether an image of their naked child would be considered porn or whether their use of the phrase "goddamn!" would be considered a vulgarity (hey, maybe someone works for a church?) or whether someone is offended by a pic of a friend who happens to be in a slinky dress or offended by two guys holding hands etc. etc. etc. - Adam Lasnik
Lindsay, just so I'm clear, I'm all for courtesy, but it's not an appropriate argument where the internet is concerned. It's not that I'm being inconsiderate of certain concerns, it's that I'm more concerned with bigger issues, and in context this "courtesy" issue vanishes. My feed is not a professional venture, it's my personal feed, and the requirements "courtesy" would impose are unreasonable. What's SFW in one place is NSFW in another. - Tanath
I'm all for enabling people to filter out content they don't want to see, I just don't want it to be decided by others. In the context of an employer's policies, I think a judge would see that it is unreasonable to expect the web to be "SFW" even if measures are taken. And hopefully one's employer would see that before it got to that point. - Tanath
It depends by the definition of nudity. Facebook deleted a picture I posted since, behind me and my friends on the beach, there was a woman (not part of my group) sunbathing in topless!!!! We need to distinguish nudity (and IMHO topless is not nude, let's tell Americans!) from porn. - Flavio
children will turn into perverts if they see the nude human form, sexual or not. boobies are meant for husbands only. - Andy Bakun from IM
In Europe it is very normal to see topless women on the beach (less now due to breast cancer issues, way more in the 90s) and there's nothing wrong in it. And I wouldn't say that Europe has the most perverts! - Flavio
Andy, I don't think so. It's repressing kids that's harmful & potentially dangerous. From [pdf]: "persons exposed to most forms of the pornography widely available then did not show significant changes in their attitudes toward women and showed no increases in tendencies toward sexual violence. These scientific findings could have been used reasonably to substantiate a policy of no legal intervention." - Tanath
some nudity is good food. - Thomas Hawk
Juan Luis
Aqui lo que comenta Varsavsky:"Es verdad que hubo poca comida (algo que me parece muy francés) y que hacía frío (nevaba afuera, el sitio no estaba preparado) y que Internet no funcionaba (a ver si ponen Fon la próxima), pero el resto fue GENIAL y nos lo pasamos super." A ver si nos cuenta lo genial.
el primer dia el wifi iba como el culo, hacia frio (no tanto) y la comida una mierda. Pero algunas conferencias muy buenas. El segundo día valió la pena mi viaje. El Wi-Fi era rapidisimo (por momentos tenia velocidad de 30 megas por segundo solo para mi, pero lo normal era unos 10 megas por segundo con cable) y el Wi-Fi iba totalmente normal. La comida siguió siendo mala (punto a... more... - Eduardo Arcos
Eso es una review :) . Lo que hace Martin me parece ridiculo.Si pagas 1000€ en una conferencia de ese nivel, y no va internet y hace frio, no puedes decir que son pequeños detalles y casi como que los que se quejan lo hacen de vicio. El proximo año que pidan consejo a los chicos de EBE. - Juan Luis
si pagas 1000 euros y no es perfecto hay que cagarlos a trompadas :) - Mariano Amartino
De acuerdo Juan Luis. Si pagas 1500 euros y la comida es escasa yo estaría jalándome de los pelos y pidiendo mi dinero de vuelta. El punto de vista de Martin es diferente porque fue de conferencista y estuvo en la tarde del 1er dia y en la tarde del 2do. - Eduardo Arcos
Pero quien fue el que pago por ir a Le Web? corporaciones y empresas grandes no? porque todos los amigos y primos lejanos de Loic fueron gratis. - Antonio Delgado
La asistencia fue de 1.600 personas. Vi a muchos pagando sus entradas, incluyendo un buen grupo de españoles. Habían descuentos si pagabas temprano. - Eduardo Arcos
A mi me han pagado tickets de 2.000 euros por ir a ferias mundiales a Cannes. Pero yo iba a cerrar acuerdos y comprar contenidos. Con un solo acuerdo ya compensaba pagar mi asistencia, pero.. en Le Web ¿Cual es el retorno en venta directa? - Antonio Delgado
No creo que Martin quiera gastarse la pasta que cuesta una conexión que funcione como lo hizo Jazztel en EBE. Dudas que me surgieron viendo la retransmisión. ¿El plenario era mucho más estrecho que el Barceló? ¿Asimilacion de los temas externos a web? ¿Cuánta gente en la organización entre organizadores, soporte, azafatas, realización...? Otra de las cosas a mejorar: mala cobertura de posts en la web - José Luis Antúnez
Jose Luis: El plenario SÍ era mas estrecho al del EBE. En total la organización eran más de 20 (diría que casi 30 personas sin azafatas), de hecho muchas azafatas, pero por ejemplo acreditarse me tomó literalmente 20 segundos, hablaban inglés, francés, español y perfecto. Las sillas y mesas de Le Web eran de una calidad MUY inferior a las del EBE. Le dije a Luis que el nivel de organización del EBE es muy alto y que Le Web es la mejor prueba, lo que ustedes hacen es impresionante. - Eduardo Arcos
Dicho todo eso sobre la ORGANIZACIÓN del evento, aprendí muchísimo de los exponentes y de muchas personas con las que pude conversar. - Eduardo Arcos
No creo que la gente vaya a aprender algo, mas bien a hacer networking, pero no se si los ponentes eran accesibles o no, eso que lo diga Eduardo - Antonio Delgado
Cada uno va y hace lo que quiere, saca lo que puede. Muchos van en plan networking, por supuesto. Pero Antonio, ¿tu has ido a una conferencia de tecnología en estados unidos? me parece que no. Aca pasó lo mismo que alla, mucha gente a lo que iba es a PROMOCIONAR su servicio. El networking hay, pero es MUUUUUUUUUY diferente al que se ve en España. Yo fui a aprender y saqué muchas cosas buenas. - Eduardo Arcos
Hombre, tienes razón, yo también he aprendido algo viendo la última mesa. La falta de educación de algunos era lamentable. Sin embargo otros ponentes como Searls fueron muy correctos e interesantes. Pero vamos, hablabamos de si merecía la pena pagar por ir, y yo, francamente, creo que no. - Antonio Delgado
Yo tampoco creo que nadie vaya a aprender. Los ponentes al final no suelen decir nada nuevo, mas de lo mismo. Hay mucho autobombo y mucho networking. Pero aun asi, y con todas las ventajas y lo bien que te lo pases no hay justificacion para todas esas cagadas, a no ser que sea tu colega y no quieras machacarlo mucho :) que es lo que ha hecho Varsavsky - Juan Luis
Ojo, yo hablo de mi experiencia personal, que entre sin pagar un centavo. Habría que preguntar impresiones personales a alguien que desembolsó 1000+ euros por estar ahí. - Eduardo Arcos
La mayoría de las cosas que se aprnede no son de los ponentes, es lo que escuchas entre la gente y las caracteristicas conjuntas de los servicios exitosos que tienes oportunidad de comparar de cerca estando todos ahi. - Eduardo Arcos
Gracias, Eduardo. Mañana veremos a Luis y nos contará cosas. Martin dice que el precio a la gente es lo que permite cubrir gastos. El año pasado creo que dijeron que costó la conexión 125k y este año Loïc dice que han pagado más de 100K. No me sorprende. Una de las reglas básicas: conexión debe salir gratis. Que en 2 años no haya ningún patrocinador que la haya puesto, dice poco de las empresas francesas. A todo esto, cosas como la escasez de comida, torturan mucho. Así que ánimo y felicidades a Loïc & team - José Luis Antúnez
LeWeb 2006 fue malo, LeWeb 2007 fue increible.. Y ahora otra vez con problemas. El tema es que es un sube y baja y no parecen aprender de las cosas buenas que ya habian logrado. Lo que me queda de LeWeb es la falta de emociones que incluso te complica escribir un post pues tampoco tienes mucho bueno que comentar, ni cosas malas que criticar. Simplemente no hubo tanto impacto como hubieras esperado - Christian Van Der Henst
Mona Nomura
[APPLE / iTunes] How to stream your iTunes library across the web for free -
[APPLE / iTunes] How to stream your iTunes library across the web for free
Simplymedia was also recommended. :) - Mona Nomura
Bret Taylor
FriendFeed now in Deutsch, Français, Español, 日本語, русский язык, and 简体中文! -
oh no (о, нет!) - Peter Fedin
Russian translation is kinda ugly :) -
Alex: please leave us feedback about the Russian translation here: We are eager to fix translation problems. - Bret Taylor
I agree, the Russian translation could do with a bit of work - Oleg Podsechin
Merci FF! - ◄ani625Ξ ಠ_ಠ
Who did all these Chinese translation? Ana? - Ray(
Some Chinese users are afraid that the Chinese version will lead the site been blocked (or GFWed) by authorities. :-( - Ray(
FYI, Italian, Farsi, and Turkish are at the top of our list to launch next. - Bret Taylor
支持FriendFeed,支持B.T的团队 - 阿石
no 繁體中文? - Jessie
@Jessie, not yet, but we do have more languages planned :) - Ana
Hmm, anyone know what "FriendFeed" would translate to in Nihongo, for what it's worth? - Tyson Key
How do I - Show embed in one language, and when I browse it's in another language? - Ming Tsai
@Bret, can we help for (Turkish) translation or it's almost done? - Arda Çetin
Tyson: フレンドフェード ? - Stuart Woodward
Dear FF, how about user-generated translation of long tail languages? - Mindaugas Dagys
gracias! - matiasjajaja
Spanish translation is great! Gracias! - Martin Añazco
why not Korean? - Ejang
怎么还没出https连接呢。和谐啊。。。 - cch
Hey what about Persian? I heard you are working on it - Hadjir
Tanx I saw its in teh list, I'll wait - Hadjir
when will it be available "på norsk"? - Amund Tveit
any change of language based filtering? Eg: I have a few russians in my network, and their friend-of-friend additions are 80% in russian. Right now the only things i can do is remove all of it, i.e. hide his friends. But I wouldnt mind seing the 20% in english... - Iphigenie
What Alex Gawley said. Is that even possible without getting too complicated? - Kamilah Reed (K. Gill)
Bret Taylor
FriendFeed is shorter and sweeter now - we got rid of the words the entry summary ("Bret posted a message on Twitter") and replaced them with a dash ("Bret - Twitter"). Easier to scan, fewer words, etc...
Picture 1.png
Very nice. - Rolf Schewe
ha, wow it only took you 14 seconds for a response? impressive even by FF standards! - MG Siegler
I approve. Please continue. - Akiva
I love how FF just pushes out features once they are ready. A feature release mid-day is awesome - Derek
This is great, but did you change something on the API? My lifefeed crashed at the same moment: Wait, now it's back. It was only down for a few minutes. - Jesper Lind
Down again... - Jesper Lind
Much better. - Marilín Gonzalo
Jesper: our API is not returning errors - perhaps it is an unrelated issue? - Bret Taylor
It seems like this also fixed all these problems with plural nouns and grammatical gender-related issues in non-english versions of FF =) - Anton
Ontario Emperor - welcomes. (Speak truncated now.) - Ontario Emperor
You - Awesome - AJ Batac
Bret: Yes perhaps it was a hosting issue. My site seems stable again. Thanks for the reply. - Jesper Lind
very good - MikeAmundsen
I - Liked - Micah
I just noticed that! Clean and spiffy! - Jandy
COOL - Josh Haley
Bret Taylor - just posted comment full of win and awesome on FriendFeed via BrainWavez - Josh Haley
I refreshed and this happened, but couldn't put my finger on it until I saw this post. *observant* - xero
Hm.. sort of liked the "humanized" ".. posted a message on.." or "..liked.." this etc. - ɯɥøq sɐɯoɥʇ
Cool. If users think it's too little, you could add "on" or "from", I suppose? - Ed Shahzade /NextInstinct
@Thomas, I'm feeling the same. - Anton
It will take getting used to. Right now... not so sure. - Louis Gray
It's been an hour and I didn't notice this until I read the post. I am not sure I read the text to begin with, just names and icons. - Daniel J. Pritchett
that's the simple and better. - Arda Çetin
even linguistics become frugal in these times. - Amund Tveit
Quite. - Nicola Quinn
way cleaner, nice - Iphigenie
Nice one, rare to see companies removing stuff thats not needed to improve the service. Great move! Thanks - Scott Purdie
Definite thumbs down on this one. I liked that FriendFeed spoke in full sentences. This feels more like random tidbits strewn across the screen by some computer somewhere. Do. Not. Like. - Kristin of Two Everything
Very nice :) - Molly Song ;)
continually impressed with the speed and quality of your burn rate!! - Susan Beebe
nice little change - (jeff)isageek
cool - Loic Le Meur
Battlestar Galactica Webisodes Premiere This Week [Bsg] -
Lo malo de tener el TVForecast en el iPod y el Dashboard es que estas cosas no son sorpresa :( - eduo
Eduardo Arcos
@Retroferran no. El futuro es de quien lo busque y lo quiera. El valor del euro o la política son solo factores y algunos lo hacen excusa.
Eduardo Arcos
con tanto negativismo entre los anglosajones, los hispanos tan positivos y con tantas ganas, deberíamos ser el próximo futuro del internet
Y a ver si nos acompaña el dinero necesario tambien. - Antonio Delgado
Lo vamos a ser.. Y más que dinero, se necesita que la gente se de cuenta de su talento y se ponga a trabajar, en lugar de seguirse quejando y buscando excusas para no intentarlo (financiamiento, recursos, apoyo del gobierno, etc.) - Christian Van Der Henst
si, pero si exponen como el de Zoover, me duermo... - Eduardo Arcos
Exacto. El tema con el dinero es un push&pull, cuando demostremos que se pueden hacer cosas buenas, el dinero vendrá, no antes. - Marilín Gonzalo
El primer paso para hacerlo es cerrar el real time de FF. Hasta luego amigos! - Antonio Delgado
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