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Mark Changizi

Mark Changizi

Author of THE VISION REVOLUTION (Benbella), and cognitive scientist at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
RT @TheSocialBrain [Neuroscience of Screwing Up] Your "Oh shit!" brain circuit:
...and did I really promise to deliver many real examples of harnessing humans better? Jeez, I did. ;)
My first piece at Forbes, where I suggest that the metaphor to next-gen tech is fantasy-genre magic. ...not sci-fi.
RT! @marynmck @edyong209: Congrats @stevesilberman and @jonahlehrer for making TIME's list of top 140 Twitterers
RT @matthewherper Geraldine Ferraro and the high cost of cancer drugs
Skyport's floor art. @brainpicker Stunning specimens from the underappreciated world of airport carpet designs
Psychosis themes over time track cultural themes. (...kind of like Twitter.) @mindhacksblog @vaughanbell
RT @RogerHighfield Nice review of #SuperCooperators by Dick Ahlstrom in the Irish Times
Related to that last one: No world wide mind. @anibalmastobiza
Rama's nine laws of art. (Theory w/ nine laws sounds like a klugey list, not theory at all.) @anibalmastobiza
RT @mariapage Science Magazine: Devastation in Japan -
Lost patience of photography. @WiredUK GeekDad asks: What age can kids enjoy taking real photos? @GeekDadGamer
RT @rj3sp LinkNotes: Universal Property of Music Discovered
What we don't know about the largest shark could fill a whale. @kzelnio
RT @guardianscience It's time to question bioengineering
"Google is like a university, but with money." @goodmachine
Google's quarterly. @goodmachine [ICYDAK] A short book about data by Google
RT @tonyveitchUK Not only do 'economists' expect a Greek default #marriedGreek
Nice. And I'd never heard of the Ethiopian wolf. @guardianscience
That last excuse for not jogging goes away. Fine for the knees. @robinlloyd99
RT @sciencegoddess: Elizabeth Taylor had a mutation in her FOXC2 gene, giving her a double row of eyelashes. Stunning! Beautiful Mutant:
Dibs as alternate. RT @TonyComstock X-posted to CF "Now accepting applications for Comstock Foundation SubGenius Grant"
Why 3D Movies Could Be So Much More via @forbes
And second: "Why 3D Movies Could Be So Much More."
My first Forbes piece! "Harnessing Humans."
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