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Mark Dykeman

Mark Dykeman

Writes world's worst social media/network profiles. Like this one.
5.5 KM jog tonight, the rain was refreshing.
So far I can't make myself excited about the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy flick.
“The secret of Minecraft” by @robinsloan [a cool, different way of looking at Minecraft, the "ecosystem"]
Being a Better Online Reader via @newyorker [reading isn't just scanning text, dudes]
RIP James Garner #rockfordfiles
Jogged tonight. So. Much. Sweat.
Back from the Slipp/Marshall ceremony. Congratulations to @nicoleslipp and @scottmarshall! Beautiful day, beautiful wedding!
Also, I think I deserve a cupcake.
Day 4 - deck construction. Framing 100% done. Definitely looking like a deck w/o flooring. Fingers crossed it passes inspection on Monday.
The smell of cut sealer, it haunts me, it will not go away.
RT @scottmarshall: Lovely comic about being introverted:
Alternate TV series titles: Lost (in Jail) #OrangeIsTheNewBlack
This is not a Tweet as much as it is a mental burp.
So, wow, 28 hrs without power... bloody glad it's over.
Do not eat the green bananas. #ugh
Happy 4th of July to friends and family in the US!
How time fries.
Mid year resolutions?
Season 6 of “Community” is coming to Yahoo | Yahoo
3 KM jog this morning. 26 C when I started, 30 C when I stopped. Was going to jog 5 KM but I quit while I was ahead.
Goodbye, old swingset.
Heretica: the font of choice for atheists, agnostics and blasphemers everywhere! Try it and insult someone today!
I hammered another nail into the RSS reader's coffin today by signing up for Twitter updates for some favorite websites... :(
He was so conscientious that it gutted him to stripmine in Minecraft.
Kind of amused that this NBA draft pick should really be nicknamed Ender if he isn't already. #andrewwiggins #nbadraft2014 #nbadraft
Blood donation 41, baby. #giveblood #donateblood
Oh internet, you continue to tempt me. Good night.
Every now and then I saw some phrase or colloquialism without really thinking about it and think "what the hell does that mean?"
Always embarrassing to miss the conference call that you were organizing.... #losing
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