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Mark Dykeman

Mark Dykeman

Writes world's worst social media/network profiles. Like this one.
Going to buy Magic:The Gathering cards for the first time in many years today. For myself, I mean. Brings back memories. Expensive ones.
Oh, this is SO not worth retweeting.
I'm sure this is a sign of something: my son is now consistently beating me when we play Magic: The Gathering. #butheistheonewhobuyscards
A smartphone is an unrealistic place from which to view the world. (thanks, LeCarre)
Hershey, I'm very disappointed that Reese's Peanut Butter Cups have become smaller.
I wonder what @lauriecburns will think of this cc @scottmarshall
R.I.P. Kurt, it's been a crazy 20 years.
We live in the age of amplification.
How I Photobombed Your Parent #failedtvshowconcepts
Say what?
Here comes the rain, here comes the rain.
Everybody knows, man. Everybody knows.
Definitely some whiteout conditions happening now
Now that's starting to look a little bit like a storm.
The wind is picking up and there are flakes of snow in the air now.
Using IE 8 is like being blind in one eye while the other eye orbits randomly in its socket.
Stands up, looks out window, marvels at the intensity of the storm, sits back down. #nosnowyetwhereilive
Apparently work is the antidote.
Storm day sky: unhealthy pallour. Like it hasn't been eating its veggies or getting enough sleep.
RT @TheComicHunter: Due to the impending storm, the Klingon Empire have cancelled their invasion of Atlantic Canada until further notice.
I think I kicked something the wrong way tonight. Yes, that's a real thing.
My new hobby is unsubscribing myself from email mailing lists, especially the ones that I didn't actually sign up for. That's so 2009.
I have a World Party earworm.
Just realized that telling a UKer that they are a European is like telling a Canadian that they are an American.
Revelation: that feeling you get after being smacked in the head by a hard, heavy object: ow, that hurts.
Compassion. Let me be (and feel) more compassionate today. I never know what's going on in someone's head and vice versa
Pilot time - How I Met Your Mother
Comedy: reaction to weirdness or obliviousness to weirdness.
Seems to me that Northern Canada might be the place to survive a zombie apocalypse. Surely the cold would slow them down?
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