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Mark Dykeman

Mark Dykeman

Writes world's worst social media/network profiles. Like this one.
This Barry Allen reminds me a lot of Wally West but maybe more in looks than anything else #theflash
Jean-Luc Picard, archaeology nerd.
Composing my earth-shattering blog post about why it is good to love imperfect things - starting NOW! (or, crap)
KISS will wake you up, by damn.
The Name of the Wind (The Kingkiller Chronicle, #1) -
Keep calm and keep jogging?
Ran hard tonight. Tired. Feels good though.
Gonna take it easy today.
Doctor Who series 8 premiere in just over one week. Looking forward to this!
Experiment: I will complain about the creepiest of Facebook Liking here to see if I get sponsored Tweets about the value of Favorites. Hm.
Good morning. My headphones are about 25% effective and my ears are hungry. Meh. ::shrugs::
That awful moment when you can't think of a good title for a new blog. #doesnotbodewell
Now more speculation begins as people process the idea that Robin Williams was in early stages of developing Parkinson's disease...
I just Tweeted a link about the effects of the Facebook Like function - wonder if the same is true about Favorites?
I am going to try this for the rest of the month:
No one unfollowed me after the Fiennes/Thurman movie revelation so I guess I'm golden. :)
I like the "other" Avengers movie. There. It's out there now.
Have any of you smart people out there played the board game called Scotland Yard? Any good? Still in print?
Now I'm full of full. :P
Full of hungry at the moment.
It's kind of weird that I'm still on a bunch of social media/SEO/marketing/PR type Twitter lists. Not so much, guys. Not really (at all).
Me and the Doctor rocking in (at a rocking chair work space)
A chair so big that you can disappear into it.
The term "trustbowl" came to mind... I wonder what that could be?
RT @gameinformer: Blizzard Honors Robin Williams By Adding Him To World Of Warcraft -
That wonderful feeling of a cool breeze striking your skin as it passes through an open window. #gratitude
Hanging. The poor soul.
Having to handwash the dishes because the dishwasher is broken. :( #firstworldproblems
That wonderful feeling of sunbeams striking your skin as they pass through a window pane. #gratitude
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