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Mark Dykeman

Mark Dykeman

Writes world's worst social media/network profiles. Like this one.
I'll probably watch the first episode of Selfie, because Karen Gillan. But, WTH? Really?
I think my metabolism is speeding up, which is probably a good enough thing.
Something about watching a toddler walking: they are constantly about to fall but their enthusiasm keeps propelling them forward.
RT @AdviceToWriters: All writers have this vague hope that the elves will come in the night and finish any stories. NEIL GAIMAN #amwriting #writing
Extremely slow 1 KM jog tonight, sandwiched by a bunch of walking. Back to it.
How come no one prints signs that say "Stay Frantic and..."?
If bored with what's on TV, watch the background characters and see if what they're doing makes sense... or if you catch anyone goofing off.
RT @GailSimone: Don't worry, there are still a million ways the movie could be awful. BUT DAMN! WONDER WOMAN IS AWESOME. :)
Race day!
Marvelling at a former co-worker's Power Point slides #thingsyourarelydo
When you're 45, you're definitely not 19 anymore.
5.5 KM jog tonight, the rain was refreshing.
So far I can't make myself excited about the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy flick.
“The secret of Minecraft” by @robinsloan [a cool, different way of looking at Minecraft, the "ecosystem"]
Being a Better Online Reader via @newyorker [reading isn't just scanning text, dudes]
RIP James Garner #rockfordfiles
Jogged tonight. So. Much. Sweat.
Back from the Slipp/Marshall ceremony. Congratulations to @nicoleslipp and @scottmarshall! Beautiful day, beautiful wedding!
Also, I think I deserve a cupcake.
Day 4 - deck construction. Framing 100% done. Definitely looking like a deck w/o flooring. Fingers crossed it passes inspection on Monday.
The smell of cut sealer, it haunts me, it will not go away.
RT @scottmarshall: Lovely comic about being introverted:
Alternate TV series titles: Lost (in Jail) #OrangeIsTheNewBlack
This is not a Tweet as much as it is a mental burp.
So, wow, 28 hrs without power... bloody glad it's over.
Do not eat the green bananas. #ugh
Happy 4th of July to friends and family in the US!
How time fries.
Mid year resolutions?
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