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Mark Dykeman

Mark Dykeman

Writes world's worst social media/network profiles. Like this one.
Comet landing? Cool!
Krover (a plush clumsy politican, not so super) #rejectedmuppets
Cerebus the Aardvark #rejectedmuppets (couldn't stand "dry" working environment, wanted Jaka as Muppeteer)
Welcome from the future, which is now today.
Tomorrow is Wednesday, Nov. 12. Sadly, most of us will have forgotten about #RemembranceDay by then. I'm no exception, alas.
Thinking of the time I visited Vimy Ridge and still amazed by the battle there and the conditions the soldiers worked in. #remembranceday
Thinking of my nephew today, who is serving his country in Afghanistan. Stay safe, young man.
All the wreaths at the National War Memorial. Someone should make a video so we can read the names on every ribbon. #RemembranceDay
Wondering if the attendance at the National War Memorial is significantly larger this year.
Thinking about writing my autobiography and starting with the big toenail on my right foot. That's MY first brick, Pirsig.
Clearly Elmo is one of the initial steps of an alien invasion, a tactic to make children adore red furry creatures (more to come!)
Was suddenly struck by the idea of using the Internet to find useful information. Seriously, who does that any more?
Tar Wars - The Return of Armus, Skin of Evil #filmswithonelettermissing
It's not perfect but I am enjoying Resurrection.
Core challenge, day 2 - 1 min low plank followed by 1 min high plank. #RunAtCan
Not gonna be happy if I am coming down with a cold or something.
RT @jonnysun: He traced the wand through the air, writing: TOM DARABEY RIDDLE He waved the wand and the letters rearranged themselves: I AM LORD TEDDYBEAR
Three mile jog (on vacation today). Thinking I ran a bit too much on the weekend.
Day 1 of plank challenge complete #runatcan
This is a great group and #chat. Good job @RunAtCan ! I look forward to the next! #runatcan
Out of curiosity has anyone every tried Wii Fit stuff for cross training? #runatcan
A4 All I've done for cross training so far are sit-ups, calf raises, simple leg lifts and a bit of dumbbell work. #runatcan
A2: in my limited experience, I haven't cross trained instead of running. I've primarily done it to exercise core muscles #runatcan
A2: in my limited experience, I haven't cross trained instead of running. I've primarily done it to exercise core muscles #runatlcan
A1 Cross training - agree with your definition. Seems logical. #runatcan
Hey there, Mark from Woodstock, NB checking in #RunAtCan
RT @RunAtCan: Just over 45 minutes to go, my awesome tweeps! Spread the word & join in on tonight's talk about cross training #RunAtCan
On the other hand, I just opened another browser tab for Twitter, forgetting that I already had a tab open, so I guess I'm still learning...
Social media, blogging in specific, creativity, writing, comics books and geek culture, now running - I can provide the stream you need! :)
Speaking about seven year old stuff, I have been on Twitter for over 7 years. Driving you to distraction with esoterica since 2007!
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