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Karen Purves

Karen Purves

For marketing information from all around the place
RT @guardian: Wayne Swan takes aim at 'plutocrats' opposed to reforming economy:
“@TheGodLight: He who can turn difficulties into opportunities of growth, has learned the art of spiritual transformation.”
It's Bramley Apple time... beautiful apples lots of pie making :)
Hey! Just one week to go until i fly to Oz .... :)
I am fed up with the way Facebook uses stealth methods to its customers. Email me. Don't send a personal message...
RT @WomenOfHistory: I'd rather be disliked for who I am than liked for who I'm not.
Good post on whether Facebook likes still matter and where to put your marketing budget
RT @MarkEHix: I'm on the look out for a marketing manager to join us @HixRestaurants ping cvs to cheers !
“@The_Multiman: Multiman's Community Views is out! Stories via @lalafenti @karenpurves @DailySURREY” thanks :)
RT @MariamBarghouti: Made in USA teargas canister was shot at us a few days ago in #Palestine by Israel, now they are used in #Ferguson.
I am always doing that which i can not in order to learn how to #wattpad #nonfiction #quote
Hazelnuts shortfall forces buyers to shell out 60% more for supplies. Bad for my homemade granola as well :)
Headlines say shock fall in UK wages. Not so sure really - part time working, low rates paid both big contributors
Check out my latest articles:
Great TED video where Nick Hanauer talks about the need for change to reduce the inequality gap
Laws of Karma work even without us being aware of them.
If you don't think you can learn from a situation or a person, then you won't. If you think you are right, then...
This is madness! Chinese city bans Islamic beards, headwear and clothing on buses
Good Morning! Its a lovely day today. Lots of wishes for my birthday. Thank you. On a course at Schumacher...
Thanks for the RTs this week! @SurreyMassageC via
RT @PaulDuxbury: @karenpurves @lindajames60 @BulliesOut love it when the "magic" of Twitter happens and you can connect people who can help each other!
“@lindajames60: @PaulDuxbury @BulliesOut Thanks Paul I've sent an email :)” ok replied and excited :)
RT @SurreyMassageC: Don't waste the first few days of your holiday unwinding, de stress with a #massage before you go. Call 01306 400004 #prevention #dorking
“@TheGodLight: People only have power over you if you give them power, no one can have power over you unless you submit to their will.”
RT @illdoitanyway: Time to end false economy of tax system - level earnings & investmnt tax & raise £40B : @pollytoynbee @RichardJMurphy
RT @TheGodLight: Why make everything complicated, you worry & you see only the worst case scenario, instead of keeping it simple & positive.
RT @TheGodLight: Misfortune & accidents are warning signs, telling you to take another path, as you are heading in the wrong direction.
RT @ecl_conference: The eurocoachlist2010 Daily is out! Stories via @KarenKnowler @karenpurves @feistycoach
David Jensen of BBC Surrey interviews Karen Purves about Promising Futures
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