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“When you have a product as remarkable as this, you need to do something remarkable with it.” W+K -
Maxwell House - YouTube -
Busy Earnin dance jam -
Busy Earnin dance jam
Guinness. A brand who knows how special it is. -
I like this approach to fighting cancer. Reminds me of Dumb Ways To Die. -
What a beautiful spot. Thank you BBDO. -
The campaign that keeps getting better. W+K and ESPN -
Interesting to see how The Simpsons are trying to become relevant again. -
Hey look! Our next door neighbors are rebranding themselves (or retro-branding themselves…did I just make up a marketing word??) and doing a pretty good job at it. -
Idea we presented to Nestle in the baking pitch back in April. Now live from another brand. This happens to us way too often. -
I like how Crispin is trying to turn the topic of life insurance from “death” into “who are you living for” - very smart way to make people think about something they don’t want to think about. -
Nicolas Cage as Everyone | THEINSPIRATION.COM -
McDonald's in Sweden now accepts Cards, Cash and Cans as payment. -
GAP - Dress Normal By David Fincher -
C & A Fashion Magazine Ad with Like buttons -
The book book by IKEA. Nice! -
The latest from BuzzFeed and Purina. This time for Beggin” Strips. Still using the approach they created for us on Tidy. -
I love this spot so much. What Droga5 is doing for this quiet little brand is nothing short of amazing - helping them own and redefine the notion of wholesome. Gary Osifchin, senior marketing director for the Mondelez brand, tells USA Today that sales jumped 7 percent in June and July, and Google searches for the name Honey Maid were up 400... -
I love the references. And the fun take on the thought that this idea is so good it should have happened a long time ago. -
I like how the brand is playing hard to get. We try to do that with DiGiorno on Twitter. Smart. -
Brainstorming doesn’t work. All ideas are not good ideas. -
Talking Shock Top six pack. Genius. Great writing. -
"Introducing Normal. Custom 3D printed earphones exquisitely tailored to your earhole." Pretty awesome video, too. -
Arby’s makes a 13 hour commercial (world record) showing how they smoke their brisket (hey now) for…you guessed it…13 hours. -
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