Nothing short of epic. I love how the brand saw themselves as soooo much more that just butter. Every day we have to help brands see what’s not easy to see. To help get them to next. -
So very cool to see someone give Nike/W+K a run for the type of advertising that makes you want to cry and punch yourself in the face. -
No words for this spot. -
Watch Apple's First Ad for the Crazy-Thin iPad Air 2 - Video - Creativity Online -
“When you have a product as remarkable as this, you need to do something remarkable with it.” W+K -
Maxwell House - YouTube -
Busy Earnin dance jam -
Busy Earnin dance jam
Guinness. A brand who knows how special it is. -
I like this approach to fighting cancer. Reminds me of Dumb Ways To Die. -
What a beautiful spot. Thank you BBDO. -
The campaign that keeps getting better. W+K and ESPN -
Interesting to see how The Simpsons are trying to become relevant again. -
Hey look! Our next door neighbors are rebranding themselves (or retro-branding themselves…did I just make up a marketing word??) and doing a pretty good job at it. -
Idea we presented to Nestle in the baking pitch back in April. Now live from another brand. This happens to us way too often. -
I like how Crispin is trying to turn the topic of life insurance from “death” into “who are you living for” - very smart way to make people think about something they don’t want to think about. -
Nicolas Cage as Everyone | THEINSPIRATION.COM -
McDonald's in Sweden now accepts Cards, Cash and Cans as payment. -
GAP - Dress Normal By David Fincher -
C & A Fashion Magazine Ad with Like buttons -
The book book by IKEA. Nice! -
The latest from BuzzFeed and Purina. This time for Beggin” Strips. Still using the approach they created for us on Tidy. -
I love this spot so much. What Droga5 is doing for this quiet little brand is nothing short of amazing - helping them own and redefine the notion of wholesome. Gary Osifchin, senior marketing director for the Mondelez brand, tells USA Today that sales jumped 7 percent in June and July, and Google searches for the name Honey Maid were up 400... -
I love the references. And the fun take on the thought that this idea is so good it should have happened a long time ago. -
I like how the brand is playing hard to get. We try to do that with DiGiorno on Twitter. Smart. -
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