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PiP | The Pet Recognition AppPiP | The Pet Recognition App | Re-uniting lost pets with their owners. -
Apple - iPad Air - TV Ad - Pencil (by Apple) Nice spot. Nice VO, Mr. White. Great way for Apple to attach itself to pop culture. Beyond their own pop culture. -
Apple - Making the all-new Mac Pro (by Apple) Interesting play by Apple. They normally don’t show you what’s going on behind the curtain. Reminds me of GE in a way. And I nice way to say we’re making these in the US of A. -
Cheetos - Project TP -
Fiber One Presents: Snack Drama | A Cheesecake Between Us (by Fiber One) So good!!! -
OMG BISCOFF SPREAD (by FilmCow) This is not a sanctioned spot for the brand. BUT In a few days this spot will hit 1m views without 1$ spent on media. Imagine for a minute coming back to a brand with this idea. OR worse, imagine what the brand would have created to go to market to promote this spread – with a simple message of “make sure they know... -
THE GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL - Official International Trailer HD (by FoxSearchlight) Can. Not. Wait! -
Saroo Brierley: Homeward Bound (by Google Maps) The promise of technology… -
Enter One Show / Entry Showcase -
The World’s First Really Live Pig Feed (by Elvis) Holy crap. Great idea. And the physical/digital interaction is magical. -
The World’s First Really Live Pig Feed (by Elvis)
Holy crap. Great idea. And the physical/digital interaction is magical.
Surrender Your Say: Experiencing Tourette Syndrome on Twitter. -
'Humans of New York': Photog Gone Viral | Video - ABC News -
Dodge Durango | Ron Burgundy | “It Comes Standard” (by dodge) Wieden. Imagine that. -
DICK’S Sporting Goods Golf Commercial - Swing Your Swing (by DicksSportingGoods) one of my favorite brands right now. -
An Interpretive Dance For My Boss Set To Kanye West’s Gone (by Marina Shifrin) 13+ million views. And a job offer from Queen Latifah. -
Phonebloks (by Dave Hakkens) A lot to love here. Great innovation on the phone. And then I love the idea of gathering everyone’s social reach and then using it to release a message on one day. -
Kiss TV ­» Songs without music - PSY (by Lola Madrid) Something about this I really like. Timely. -
DUMB WAYS TO DIE IN GTA V (PARODY) (by brysi) Great parody. -
DICK’S Sporting Goods Football Commercial: Every Snap (by DicksSportingGoods) Insight: It’s what happens between the plays that defines the game. I love the tension the soundtrack makes. One take, folks. Anomaly shot this in one take. -
Coca-Cola Creates Park: Roll Out Happiness (by Coca-Cola) No one can surprise and delight like coke. -
The Witches of East End - Columbus Circle Station - Pearl Media (by PearlMediaLLC) I love interactive billboards! -
Geox Amphibiox: One Man For 7 Days In Nonstop Rain (by GEOXspa) I love that somebody had this idea. Someone approved. And a bunch of people committed to make it happen. -
Honda Warns Snack Brands on Twitter About the Odyssey's In-Car Vacuum Cleaner | Adweek -
Johnnie Walker Black Label TV Commercial, 'Keep Walking' - -
Valvoline Garage 140 (60-second) (by Valvoline) I love how authentic this spot feels. I’m not the target, but I think the target will love this. -
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