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laura x
Tonight we are happy!
:-) - Mary Carmen
<3 x infinity - Jenny H.
I had a rather cute baby. - laura x
Your baby has a rather cute mom. - Marie
God, I look so much younger there than I do now. - laura x from iPhone
No way, prove it. - Meg VMeg
holly #ravingfangirl
i don't know what this is on the cover of this cookbook, but i am pretty sure i want it.
That's crostata al gelo di mellone. AKA watermelon pudding tart. :) - Hookuh Tinypants
Needless to say, this bitch is preordered. :D - Hookuh Tinypants
I want to take this cookbook out behind the middle school and get it pregnant. - Hookuh Tinypants
imma kidnap you and make you bake for me. - holly #ravingfangirl
Khutulun - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia -
"Khutulun was born about 1260. By 1280, her father Kaidu became the most powerful ruler of Central Asia, reigning in the realms from western Mongolia to Oxus, and from the Central Siberian Plateau to India. According to Marco Polo, Khutulun was described as being a superb warrior; one who could ride into enemy ranks and snatch a captive as easily as a hawk snatches a chicken. She assisted her father in many battles, particularly against the Yuan Dynasty of her cousin the Great Khan - Kublai (r. 1260-94). Khutulun insisted that any man who wished to marry her must defeat her in wrestling, forfeiting horses to her if they lost. She gained 10,000 horses defeating prospective suitors." - Jessie from Bookmarklet
"Khutulun is the basis for the character of Turandot, who has been the subject of a number of Western works. While in Mongol culture she is remembered as a famous athlete and warrior, in Western artistic adaptations she has become a proud woman who finally succumbs to love. François Pétis de la Croix's 1710 book of Asian tales and fables contains a story in which Khutulun is called... more... - Jessie
"The most famous version of Turandot is Giacomo Puccini's operatic version, which he was working on when he died in 1924." - Jessie
Mongol queens were badasses! - Jessie
Mary Carmen
Back from OB. Baby and I are doing great. Surprise, surprise she is measuring big. #notreallysurprised
best in class comment EVER! I asked students in class today where they went to find stuff for their paper. One said the LibGuide I made for that class. After we all discussed Google & other free sources, I asked her why she went to the LibGuide. She said I'd made one for another class and it was really helpful, so she wanted one for this class.
*affixes gold star* - Marie
that's what I told the student!! - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
laura x
Night sweats : an unexpected pregnancy (Book, 2013) [] -
Night sweats : an unexpected pregnancy (Book, 2013) []
Iris's library AND Martha's library have my book! - laura x from Bookmarklet
Did you see that all three branches of the Park County Library have it? - kaijsa
Yes! My old coworker Edie gave her copy to the Cody library and then convinced the other two to order it. :) - laura x
Hmm. Library doesn't have it; Link+ libraries (the multitype easy-borrowing consortium around here) only have the Thom Gunn poems. - walt crawford
I don't know when it will show up in the catalog, but we should be getting a copy of your book, too. Threadjack: Laramie has stolen two library people from Park County. Our new county librarian and the lab school library assistant. - kaijsa
Cindy and Shannon, right? I know Shannon, who is awesome. Cindy I only know slighly online. - laura x
Yay! We're in the Worldcat record! - Rochelle *boom* Hartman
we do? YAY! - maʀtha
I mean, I ordered it, but didn't know it came in - maʀtha
Yes, Cindy and Shannon. Shannon is awesome, and Cindy seems to be, too. - kaijsa
First day.
Have a great day! - Trish R from iPhone
May your first day be made of pure awesome! - Katy S
Go you! - Soup in a TARDIS
Woot! - Stephen Mack
How did it go? - Hedgehog from Android
It was good! Long five hour faculty orientation, ID card procured, computer in my cube, but waiting for ID info to go through so they can connect access and my login. People here are super sweet, and to some extent I'm being thrown into the deep end with lots of classes already on the books for instruction as well as the obligatory meetings with all the library departments to get up to speed as classes begin next week. - Derrick
at least you know you are needed. and wanted. AU is lucky. - ♫Maurice the Dolphin♫
Yay! Sounds kinda fun. - Mary B: #TeamMonique
Yay! - vicster.
<3 - Cecily
I missed this Monday but hopefully you're still excited. Yay!! - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
No one told me I was actually getting them, but I GOT BEANBAG CHAIRS!!
No one told me I was actually getting them, but I GOT BEANBAG CHAIRS!!
laura x
I confess I enjoy switching email messages in purple type with a background to plain text when I reply to them. #passiveagressiveofficemoves
I believe I will start doing the same. - Jim #teamFFrank
I do the same! - Yolanda
who the F uses backgrounds still? Oh, right...librarians. - Louise "Weezy" Alcorn
(here, it's staff. the staff freaking love that crap. And sig images that cover 1/3 of a screen....) - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
Mary Carmen
And...Baby Nyce is a girl! She is perfect and healthy and huge!
Yay!!! :))) - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Mark Kille
Yay! What a relief and a joy! - The Other Yvonne from FFHound!
That's wonderful! Welcome Baby Nyce! - LoisMarketing
Yayayayayayayayayay! - vicster.
So sweet!! - Lnorigb
Wootwootwoot! - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Hooray!!!!! - Katy S from iPhone
Woot! - Jed
Scott and MC, remind us when the due date is again? We need to use Micah's baby pool site and set up a pool! - Stephen Mack
LOL....due date is November 20th. - Mary Carmen
Mary Carmen
Whoa...just felt the baby move for the first time.
Yay!!! Crazy, right??? - The Other Yvonne from FFHound!
Gratz!!! - Lnorigb from FFHound!
YAY!! - Georgia
laura x
Laura Crossett's Books and Publications Spotlight -
Laura Crossett's Books and Publications Spotlight
Laura Crossett's Books and Publications Spotlight
So my book is now available on Lulu, in paperback and epub. It will eventually be available in paperback on Amazon and through the Kindle store. I make more money if you buy it through Lulu. - laura x from Bookmarklet
Also: FriendFeed only special: if you buy a paperback, I'll send you the ebook for free, in your preferred format (EPUB, MOB, PDF). Drop a line to newrambler at the gmails to take part. - laura x
OMG Laura its a book!!! - maʀtha
Also, apparently FAST5 will get you 5% off on Lulu at the moment. - laura x
We need to get this book into WorldCat! - Stephen Francoeur
Kindle version now available! - laura x
indeed, is someone up to doing the original cataloging? - maʀtha
Jkram: Hahahahaha. - laura x
Also, I am conveniently already in WorldCat: - laura x
And now I've recommended that our library buy a copy. Students are making this decision all the time. - lris
What a great headshot! - Mary B: #TeamMonique
The LC classification in the "medical" class is a bit odd, I think. - DJF
I just finished it. It is a wonderful tale and well told. - DJF from Android
DJF: where would you put it? (NB: I am not a cataloger.) And more to the point, thank you. Immensely. - laura x from BuddyFeed
I don't know, since I I'm not a cataloger either, but it's not a medical book, or about the medical aspects. RG525 puts it beside What to expect... and similar titles. I would probably look to PR, American literature, assuming that that includes creative non fiction. When I'm at work on Monday, I can check the schedules ;-) - DJF from Android
(the only reason I know that R is medicine is that I worked in a medical library for a while and we DIDN'T have use R, because e used NLM classification for medicine. - DJF from Android
The Dewey number puts it in the same spot, and in my experience, memoirs tend to get shelved according to their subject matter (if they have one specific enough), unless the author is famous for being a Literary Figure. I have mixed feelings about all this, but they're too long to write on a phone. - laura x from BuddyFeed
Didion's Year of Magical Thinking is in PS, in my library. I am unimpressed with the idea that the classification of a book depends on the prominence of the author, rather than the subject matter. - DJF from Android
I would probably have put Laura's book in PS myself, without thinking about it hard (enough?). That said, from the perspective of a circ person without much cataloging background at all (though, outside libraries, I did spend almost a decade classifying books in a bookstore), the purpose of cataloging is access. So when you have a book like this, and you can only put it in one place,... more... - Marianne
My copy isn't here yet, but it doesn't seem crazy to me to put it in RG133-137.6 Conception. Artificial insemination. Contraception. Or we could go with the abominable HQ998-999 Illegitimacy. Unmarried mothers (need to look on my shelves for this one! yikes!!) There are some great essays and memoirs in the Rs. (Also, PS is a horrible section to browse. You'd think whoever devised it hated literature. Very user unfriendly.) - barbara fister
The horrible name of HQ998 aside, that's a more reasonable section than RG525, since the book is, arguable, "about" mom more than it is the fact of the pregnancy. - DJF
Also, I really need to reclaim Hope Olson from the library at work and finish reading it. The fact that LC puts female genital cutting in the middle of wedding planners as a "coming of age ritual" is really a problem. - DJF
LOLsob - lris
but back to Laura, this is why so many public libraries break the rules and have a separate biography section in nonfiction. - DJF
I try to get students to read the shelves as a record of past attitudes. The HQs are amazing for it. - barbara fister
I should say read the system - the shelves tell a different story. - barbara fister
DJF, yes, Dewey does that, too, as was discovered by one of our volunteers when pulling books . To quote her exactly, "WHYYYYYYYYYY???!!!!????!!!!!!" - laura x from BuddyFeed
I'm suddenly terribly saddened that I did not put it in the HQs. But in truth, I chose the medical classification (and I started with DDC, since I am, after all, a public librarian) for exactly the reasons Marianne mentions. I actually love browsing in the Ps, which just goes to show you that there is no one system to rule them all, or at least to make all the readers happy. - laura x
(I am watching this conversation carefully for tidbits to teach in org-of-info. :) ) - RepoRat
You can see the 618.2s at my library here: - laura x
I just ordered my copy!! - maʀtha
Ugh, the Ps! They take up the majority of two floors of stacks. This literature librarian would sometimes KILL to be able to send people to the 800s to browse fiction. And to have a biography section. That said, I like having memoirs in subject classes because of all the assignments to read about an athlete, a scientist, a Deaf person, etc. Moar browsing plz. - kaijsa
See, I just love getting to a spot and finding everything that a person wrote AND everything about them all in the same place. So I love the Ps. They take up a whole side of one floor at the UI Main library, and it's always been my favorite section. - laura x
well, that's the problem with public libraries: when does something stop being fiction and start being "literature"? It seems to boil down to "prose is fiction; poetry and plays are literature." - DJF from Android
The thing I find hardest is the cutters - everywhere else the author's name has some relationship. But not in the area where people are likely looking for particular authors. - barbara fister from iPhone
Well, we could put all the fiction into the 800s or pull all the poetry and plays out. I think the 800s are much, much worse for browsing that the Ps. But I may be in a minority here. :) - laura x
As noted, I'm thinking of offering a stapler to the first library to catalog Night Sweats: - laura x
Mine arrived on Saturday. Saving it for a treat after I slog through the five library-reserved books that all arrived at once. I'm enjoying looking at it, though. - Mama Lawson
"Well, we all need a hobby," is, I think, my favorite line in the whole book. - DJF from Android
DJF: That was a great moment. I always felt so dumb calling the women's health center. - laura x from BuddyFeed
I *hate* that all the works about the author and the work are shelved with the work in LCC. Because I want to browse the WORKS to read them, not the works about the works because I won't read them. #BrowsingAsAPatron - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
Mainly, I want an easy answer to WHERE THE HELL IS SHERMAN ALEXIE?! without having to remember PS3551.L35774. Cause I'm lazy. - barbara fister
Mary Carmen
I think something is growing in there. 19 weeks #pregnant
I wish I looked better. Nausea can bite me. - Mary Carmen
you look fabulous mc - Sir Shuping is just sir
Thanks, Andrew. I wish I felt fabulous. - Mary Carmen
Cuteness! - Georgia
barefoot and pregnant....i should have taken this in the kitchen....:-) - Mary Carmen
i believe for full effect it would have to be a fascist kitchen ;) - Pete's Got To Go
Hi, beautiful! - Stephen Mack
what's a fascist kitchen? - Mary Carmen
I guess Italian white goods and everything runs on time ;) One version of that line I have seen is "barefoot and pregnant in the fascist kitchen" - Pete's Got To Go kitchen does not run on time. - Mary Carmen
You look wonderful! - Mary B: #TeamMonique
You're ALMOST 1/2-way there!!! You look great!!! - The Other Yvonne from FFHound!
Oh goodness....halfway....this seems like forever. - Mary Carmen
Are you sure you just don't need to fart? - Melly
Melly would clearly make the best OB/GYN ever. - Hookuh Tinypants
I can fart just - Mary Carmen
Just when I thought it wasn't possible to love MC any more than I already did. - Hookuh Tinypants
:-) pregnancy is all about gas. - Mary Carmen
Fuck. I must be pregnant somehow. - Holly's favorite Anna from Android
Life is all about gas. - Melly
My sister joined FriendFeed! We will be the mundane version of the Glassmeyer sisters. :-D
Bring. it. on. - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
I feel like Grandma........... unfamiliar technological ground here. Definitely not ready to throw down yet. - Heidi Bee
Probably the main thing to know is that if you send me a direct message, only I can see it. If you add my name to the "To" line but don't take your own name out, everyone can see it. - lris
You'll be way more entertaining than my sis and I! - LB needs a break.
Yay Heidi! - laura x from BuddyFeed
Woot! Welcome heidi - Hedgehog
yaaaaaaaay! - Sarah G.
Welcome, Heidi! - Mary B: #TeamMonique from iPhone
laura x
Look what arrived while we were out and about!
Two embarrassing spacing errors to fix, but otherwise it looks good! - laura x from email
how much copyediting do you want? I also noticed a missing period, and a couple of other little things. - DJF
You're welcome to send them to me, and I'll fix them at some point if I do another edition, but probably not right this minute. :) - laura x
I expect there are more errors, despite having had multiple people copyedit. - laura x
Deborah Fitchett
Excuse Me, Do You Have a Minute to Talk About Data Storage? - Cheezburger -
Excuse Me, Do You Have a Minute to Talk About Data Storage? - Cheezburger
What kind of computer did Jesus have? PC, Apple or Linux box? - Joe
I used to have a button that read, "Jesus saves. Gretsky gets the rebound. He shoots. He scores!" - bentley
But could he play standing on his head? - Joe
What kind of computer did Jesus have? Windows ME, for two reasons--the obvious one (I mean...), and that it took a miracle for it to work the way you'd want it to. - walt crawford
(I really want to use this image in class. I know I can't. But I want to!) - RepoRat
John (bird whisperer)
It's official: Cory Booker announces candidacy for U.S. Senate | -
It's official: Cory Booker announces candidacy for U.S. Senate |
"Cory Booker this morning officially declared his candidacy for U.S. Senate. The Newark mayor put an end to days of speculation that he would enter a growing field of Democrats running an August special primary election to fill the seat left vacant by the death on Monday of U.S. Sen. Frank Lautenberg." - John (bird whisperer) from Bookmarklet
"The 44-year-old Booker had previously filed paperwork to run in the 2014 Senate election, but had not officially declared his candidacy when Lautenberg died. Many in the political world considered it all but a certainty he would win a Democratic primary next year. But Gov. Chris Christie's plans to replace Lautenberg - an August primary and October general election - "throws a monkey... more... - John (bird whisperer)
"Booker, a Democrat who was elected mayor in 2006, will likely face stiff competition from U.S. Rep. Frank Pallone (D-6th Dist.), Rep. Rush Holt (D-12th Dist.) and Assembly Speaker Sheila Oliver (D-Essex) in the Democratic primary. All three have either declared their candidacies or expressed an interest in running for Lautenberg’s seat." - John (bird whisperer)
Scott. Cat Herder.
Happy Birthday to my beautiful and wonderful wife! I love you baby.
Thank you, love. Everything is wonderful. I love you. - Mary Carmen
Rachel Walden
I have a phone/web interview on Thursday. Eep! I have not done a job interview in > a decade!
if we can help, hit us up! but you got this, I have every confidence. - RepoRat
Good luck! - Jaclyn aka spamgirl
Thanks! - Rachel Walden
good luck! - Mark Kille
Best line of my babysitting gig tonight: Kid: Is your husband famous? Me: No, he's regular just like me. Kid: Nuh-uh- you're famous cuz you're a LIBRARIAN. <3
That kid will be president one day. Trust. - Hookuh Tinypants
The happy feeling this gave me has carried over to Monday. Best second job ever. - LibrarianOnTheLoose
HOMER HICKAM pays space camp tuition for Kiera Wilmot & twin sister Kayla!
While school officials debate whether Kiera will return to Bartow High School, the Wilmot family received an unexpected surprise. The explosion struck a chord with 18 year NASA veteran Homer Hickam, a former lead astronaut training manager for Spacelab, and later for the International Space Station. In the late 1950s, Hickam had a brush with law enforcement for allegedly starting a forest fire. State police came to his high school and led him and his friends away in handcuffs, but his high school physics professor and school principal came to the rescue, clearing him of wrongdoing. Back then, schools did not have zero tolerance rules. Kids could make their mistakes without the threat of a criminal record, or serving time in jail. "I couldn't let this go without doing something," Hickam said. "I'm not a lawyer, but I could give her something that would encourage her. I've worked closely with the U.S. Space Academy, and so I purchased a scholarship for her." - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
Now that is a hero. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
I thought I couldn't admire him more than I did. What a Mensch <3 - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
Mary Carmen
We have entered the world of maternity clothing.
Also I am soooo warm and need a haircut. - Mary Carmen from iPhone
Cute! - Laura
I agree with Laura! Cute! - ~Courtney F
You look fabulous! - LibrarianOnTheLoose
Cute & comfy! - The Other Yvonne from FFHound!
Thanks y'all. I am at the point where I can't have any thing across my stomach that is remotely binding. Damn uterus is growing and is sore! - Mary Carmen from iPhone
You look great! Hope you're feeling well, too. :) - Harold Cabezas
Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart
Happy birthday to my beautiful son, Joaquin Valentino! He always has a smile on his face even through visits to the hospital with asthma (and some epic pouts). I love you!
Show all
Happy Birthday! - Shevonne
Happy Birthday!!! - vicster.
Happy birthday, Joaquin! - Friar Will
Happy Joaquin Day! - Lisa L. Seifert from Android
Thanks, everyone! - Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart
Happy birthday, Joaquin! - Tamara J. B.
Happy birthday! - Pete's Got To Go
Happy Birthday Joaquin! - MoTO Boychick Devil
Thanks again, everyone! :) - Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart
Happiest birthday to our own beloved Marianne!
happy birthday! - Sir Shuping is just sir
Happy birthday to Marianne, my friend and my source for all my best ideas about the circ desk and my role model in many things! - laura x from BuddyFeed
Happiest of birthdays indeed; hope it's a great one Marianne! - Galadriel C.
Happy birthday to one of my favorite people. May your coming year be all you need it to be. - lris
Many happy returns, Marianne! Be sure to take a break today (or many breaks)! - Lily
HIPY PAPY BTHUTHDTH THUTHDA BTHUTHDY, my friend-who-I've-never-met! - Catherine Pellegrino
Happy Birthday! - Rochelle *boom* Hartman
Happy birthday!!! (here's some bonus exclamation marks: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) - Stephen Francoeur
happy happy happy to you! - barbara fister
Happy Birthday! - MoTO Boychick Devil
Happy b-day! - Joe
Merry birthday! - ωαřмaiden ❤Bassetmom❤
Happy birthday! - Katy S
Thanks all. I've actually taken the *whole* day off, so I just rolled out of bed. Birthdays are important! :) - Marianne
Happy birthday! - Meg VMeg
Oh, noes! I almost missed it. Happy happy happy birthday - Megan loves summer
Thanks, Meg, Megan, miscellaneous likers. - Marianne
Marge LW
I understand some more congratualtions go out to RepoRat on winning 2013 @UWMadisonLS Early-Career Award. What can I do, but simply bow down? Commencement speeches, cutting edge research and classes..I could go on. Rock it out!!
thanks, Marge :) - RepoRat
Excellent news; hearty congratulations to you RepoRat! - Galadriel C.
Not that any of us are surprised, but continued congrats anyhow, RR! - Lily
Congrats, RR!! - Katie
Woo! - lris
Hoo! - Joe
Well deserved recognition for an underappreciated Rat! - Bill Hooker
Awesome! - kaijsa
I seem to have won over two faculty I thought would never understand what I'm all about.
YAY! How long did it take to win them over? Patiently over the course of many years or a quick flash of inspiration from an elevator pitch? - John Dupuis
One of each, actually. Each had boxed me into "how to use MLA and JSTOR," but today one asked about research strategies for her own upcoming work out of the blue and the other one seems to have really heard me when I said I wanted to blur the mythical distinction between the intellectual work that literary scholars do in the classroom and the research process. - lris
Rachel Walden
Thanks! Now if anybody can suggest a good looking headshot I can photoshop my face on to, I'll be grateful. - kendrak
yay! - lris
Go you! - Catherine Pellegrino from iPod
My only problem with this is that I thought she done riz. - Rochelle *boom* Hartman
Use mine! - Zamms
Hey folks, it's Derrick's birthday! I, for one, feel very lucky to know him. Best wishes for your coming year, Derrick.
Happy! - Jenica
Most wonderful of birthdays to you, Derrick! - Lily
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Blake
Happy B-day. - Joe
Happiest of days, D! - laura x
A happiest of birthdays to my brother from another mother. - ♫Maurice the Dolphin♫
Happy day to you, Derrick! - Friar Will
Happy Birthday!! - Hedgehog
Many happy returns of the day, my friend! - Catherine Pellegrino
Thanks everyone! - Derrick
hippo birdie two ewes - LibrarianOnTheLoose
Happy birthday, Derrick! - John (bird whisperer)
Happy Birthday! - Kevin Johnson
Happy Birthday!! - Kathy
Happy happy - WarLord
Happy bday superman! - Steve C, Team Marina
Happy birthday. :0) - YvonneM
Happy birthday! =) - rønin
Merriest birthday, D! - ωαřмaiden ❤Bassetmom❤
Happy birthday, sir! - Meg VMeg
Happy birthday! - Eric - Final Countdown
Happy Happy Birthday, D! - Kisha from iPhone
Happiest of birthdays to you Derrick! - Galadriel C.
Happy birthday! - Stephen Francoeur
Happy birthday, dearest Derrick! - Laura
Happy Birthday, Mr. Jefferson, Happy Birthday to you. - Laura Norvig
Enjoy your day, Shug <3 - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
Happy birthday! - Regular Amanda
Happy happy birthday to an awesome librarian! - John: Thread Killer
Happy Birthday Derrick!! - adf
Hippo birdie! - Rebecca Hedreen
Happy Birthday Derrick! Awesomeness should come to you today! - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
Happy Birthday, Derrick. - Greg GuitarBuster
Many happy returns of the day, Derrick! - barbara fister
You're the best, D, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
I think it's now tomorrow here, but happy birthday anyway! - Deborah Fitchett
Hey Derrick. Feliz cumpleaños! - Franc, a rememberer
Thanks again, everyone! - Derrick
<3 Happy birthday, D!! - Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart from Android
Happy birthday, my friend! - Jim #teamFFrank from iPhone
How wonderful life is that Iris and Derrick both are in the world. And alla y'all. - Mary B: #TeamMonique
Still thinking of you, D! - Anne Bouey
Many happy returns! - Megan loves summer
Happy belated birthday Derrick! - the king of the interweb
Jennifer Arnott
Rudy's session at CiL has tons of people in it. Which is awesome.
Also tons and tons of great conversation. - Jennifer Arnott
it was crazy! and so much fun! - RudĩϐЯaЯïan from YouFeed
laura x
Napping with the baby pretty much always wins out over any other activity.
Yes ma'am, it certainly does. It continues to do so on into at least the 18th year of life, though you have to pick bigger spaces on which to nap. I remember when he just laid on my chest while I laid on the couch. That's just no longer possible. Enjoy it while you've got it!! - WebGoddess
A wise choice. I always used to get a kind of contact-high sleepiness just from laying down next to him, even after we stopped nursing. Always wondered what that was. - Laura Norvig
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