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RT @mtpublicradio: Butte is Rockin to Chicago Blues at sunset. Lurrie Bell band bringing it! @MTPRMichael stage announcing. #mtfolkfest
RT @bfeld: reminder to self: not happy with game? change the game.
RT @levie: Sizing the market for a disruptor based on an incumbent's market is like sizing the car industry off how many horses there were in 1910.
RT @RikerGoogling: kobayashi maru cheat codes
RT @iamdevloper: 2008: There’s an app for that 2010: There’s a WP plugin for that 2011: There’s a jQuery plugin for that 2014: There’s an npm module for that
RT @Jason: Bold tweet dissing kingjames by @tidesign
RT @anildash: Smart: @congressedits tweets when a Wikipedia article has been edited by a Congress member or staffer. @edsu built it from @parliamentedits.
RT @dougwolfgram: "The right thing to do and the hard thing to do are usually the same." ? Steve Maraboli
With Big Data Comes Big Responsibility
Consistency is Critical to Repeat and Word-of-Mouth Business -
Accelerated change redefines your market
Accelerated change redefines your market -
Do your meetings produce good decisions?
Shades of GTD: How to Manage Idea Overflow
RT @SlateVault: Images from a soldier's camera, found in a foxhole 70 years after the Battle of the Bulge
Your addiction to drama makes you far easier to replace.
Doctor Obvious, but still a critical read: The Cost of Employee Turnover
Busy Business Owners Have No Time -
RT @adampopescu: Help support #realjournalism and pledge to this important story about the invisible people of #Everest @BeaconReader
That's an increase IMO:) RT @TheAtlantic: By one measure, U.S. productivity is plummeting during World Cup matches
The Terrified you know one? Are you one?
Why Venting About Work Frustrations Actually Makes You Angrier
Consistency drives word of mouth business
Consistency drives word of mouth business -
That's one less troll.
RT @balajis: The primary diff between FB study and newsroom is that FB got IRB approval and quantified.
RT @FastCompany: Apple Is Killing Off Aperture, Its Pro Photo Editor
RT @ValaAfshar: Employees stay when: 1 paid well 2 mentored 3 challenged 4 promoted 5 involved 6 appreciated 7 heard 8 on a mission 9 empowered 10 trusted
So obvious. Why isn't it happening? Manufacturers seek workers — but in wrong places
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