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Your REST error message that refers to field identified only by an internal UID that I cannot see is not helpful, sir.
Nothing like a cold recruiter call where they talk like a firehose for a minute or more.
Morons. RT @consumerist: General Mills’ New Policy: If You Engage With Us Online, You Can Never Sue The Company
RT @tom_peters: Bosses: Get your shit together. See if you can go 90 consecutive minutes without interrupting anyone.
RT @tom_peters: National productivity improvement less about a few giants than about incremental effort by great mass of small businesses.
RT @alexismadrigal: CAPTCHA's are becoming security theater. Google's machines can solve them 99% of the time.
RT @jmangan: Google launches Chrome Remote Desktop for Android, letting you access PCs and Macs on the go
First Impressions: Driven By Mastery -
Wow. RT @BGR: Terrifying interactive map shows global cyber attacks happening in real time by @zacharye
RT @PattyFarmer: "The grass isn't greener on the other side, it's greener where you water it." ~ unknown
RT @TedRubin: Yes, the metric of common sense ;-) RT @jeroen4green: @TedRubin are there any metrics avaible that make it possible to calculate #RonR
Yeppers. RT @chrisbrogan: Want to raise your own value? Become the ultimate resource, says @cadredc -
RT @hjarche: The crisis in Canadian democracy is not that Canadians are voting more than once, it is that they are voting less than once - @ElizabethMay
Looking for a 24x7 answering service that is dependable - like 5 nines dependable. Any recommendations?
RT @Forbes: 18 reasons why golf needs Bubba Watson right now:
The Fallacy Of Android-First
RT @LollyDaskal: RT @billquiseng: Thanks very much for the: THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN BOSS and LEADER from @LollyDaskal #leadership
Brad Smith of Intuit: Follow the Fastest Beat of Your Heart
HA! RT @KrisColvin: So... “@firstwefeast: How about this @KFC Fried Chicken Corsage for prom”
The 3 Deadly Sins Of Bad Bosses
Tourist season is coming – Are you ready?
Awesome. @wilw @tabletop MT @ChrisPirillo: Awwwwww FREAK OUT! Le geek, c'est geek – GEEK OUT!
RT @Leadershipfreak: Ppl who don't trust each other shouldn't work together. Find trust!
RT @EFF: BREAKING: Heartbleed vulnerability can reliably extract SSL secret keys. Attack demonstrated by @indutny.
RT @kevinmitnick: I'm in a Verizon store and this lady is complaining about hackers getting her password. She looked at me and I smiled. Only if she knew. LOL
.@office365, you task me. Setup, setup, click click click, "an unexpected error has occurred." This after a mass of spaghetti instructions:(
RT @GlennF: “we have been unable to successfully use Heartbleed on a vulnerable server to retrieve any private key data”
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