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The Terrified you know one? Are you one?
Why Venting About Work Frustrations Actually Makes You Angrier
Consistency drives word of mouth business
Consistency drives word of mouth business -
That's one less troll.
RT @balajis: The primary diff between FB study and newsroom is that FB got IRB approval and quantified.
RT @FastCompany: Apple Is Killing Off Aperture, Its Pro Photo Editor
RT @ValaAfshar: Employees stay when: 1 paid well 2 mentored 3 challenged 4 promoted 5 involved 6 appreciated 7 heard 8 on a mission 9 empowered 10 trusted
So obvious. Why isn't it happening? Manufacturers seek workers — but in wrong places
RT @johnhaydon: The 3-Minute Technique for Brainstorming Your Product's Roadmap:
RT @TheFakeESPN: Dallas Cowboys closely studying tape of USA vs Germany desperately trying to learn how to lose and still advance.
Also noticing that oDesk does not have a filter for "Utility infielder" :)
Stumped why oDesk and the like dont include state and/or city in their "desired location" filters. #buylocal
Meeting tips from Jobs, Mayer, Musk:
RT @NZZData: Proper labeling of axes is absolutely crucial - via @ChElm @Pascallisch
:( MT @Poynter: Aereo loses Supreme Court: “...Aereo is illegal"
Civility, Empathy, and Women in Technology
RT @skap5: Biggest problem w/ institutions is decision making governed by HIPPOs, Highest Paid Person's Opinions. @ValaAfshar #SHRM14
Busy business owners have no time for this -
Help Them Produce Their Best Work -
Also looking for an experienced support manager. Again, telecommute friendly.
BTW, that was a telecommute friendly position. (see my tweet stream)
RT @BenDiPietro1: Halsey Knapp, partner at Krevolin Horst, says worst thing company can do in a crisis is lie, destroy documents:
RT @AmberCadabra: It’s amazing to watch the body language of people in the car dealership waiting room. Distrust, skepticism. Folded arms, leaning away…
Startups rising in the Middle East
RT @dvogel7921: A man can get discouraged many times, but is not a failure until he blames somebody else and stops trying. ~ Burrough
MT @KenMcCarthy: Tech disruption in the taxi industry
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