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RT @YinzcamPriya: 45 years ago, the greatest picture ever was taken. Still nothing to top it. HT @historyepics #goosebumps
RT @Jason: For those folks wondering about the Oxford comma... Let me explain the four choices you have. Hattip @wilw
RT @michaelcale: Jet engineer designs saucepan that boils water ridiculously fast
RT @geekgrrl: Cannot. Stop. Laughing. RT @lmorchard via @embee: what happens when non-tech people discover web developer tools
RT @T_Harv_Eker: “After you plant a seed in the ground, you don’t dig it up every week to see how it is doing” – William Coyne
RT @conradfly: If there's no way... create one.
RT @ValaAfshar: Mobile is eating the cloud as consumers use their apps and data across devices
RT @tom_peters: .@ChuckLeddy @peterhrngl Presidents like CEOs. Positive results product of genius. Negative results product "variables beyond our control."
Will Accelerated Change Redefine Your Market? -
Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella: 'No renewal happens' without change
I found 1215 people do not follow me back via
RT @explanoit: Would you prefer XP RT “@mathowie: reassuring when a bank's card reader reboots and the whole thing looks like it is running on a Commodore”
RT @iamdevloper: Buzzfeed-style commit messages: • “Our site crashed, you won’t believe what happened next…” • “22 ways I refactored this code”
'Pharmaceutical grade' water FTW:)
RT @Portland_Beer: Airport people watching: • @flypdx - Beards everywhere. NEWS kiosks sell craft beer. • @BWI_Airport - No beards. NEWS kiosks sell Newsweek.
RT @mtpublicradio: Butte is Rockin to Chicago Blues at sunset. Lurrie Bell band bringing it! @MTPRMichael stage announcing. #mtfolkfest
RT @bfeld: reminder to self: not happy with game? change the game.
RT @levie: Sizing the market for a disruptor based on an incumbent's market is like sizing the car industry off how many horses there were in 1910.
RT @RikerGoogling: kobayashi maru cheat codes
RT @iamdevloper: 2008: There’s an app for that 2010: There’s a WP plugin for that 2011: There’s a jQuery plugin for that 2014: There’s an npm module for that
RT @Jason: Bold tweet dissing kingjames by @tidesign
RT @anildash: Smart: @congressedits tweets when a Wikipedia article has been edited by a Congress member or staffer. @edsu built it from @parliamentedits.
RT @dougwolfgram: "The right thing to do and the hard thing to do are usually the same." ? Steve Maraboli
With Big Data Comes Big Responsibility
Consistency is Critical to Repeat and Word-of-Mouth Business -
Accelerated change redefines your market
Accelerated change redefines your market -
Do your meetings produce good decisions?
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