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Robert Scoble
parislemon: Google Will Soon Offer A Way For Users To Opt-Out Of Google Analytics Tracking -
Don't know if want. - Chris Charabaruk
Yes! This will have two effects: 1. Speed up the web. 2. Make a great argument for better server log analytics tools. Tools which do not rely on *any* scripting to execute on my visitors' machines. - Mark Zip
Robert Scoble
My first verdict on Nexus? Better than Droid. Puts it solidly in place as industry's second best phone. @arnehulstein
That good?? - Roberto Bonini
I agree. Nexus1 looks very good. No video was a surprise. LED flash nice (iPhone users jealous!). Voice command is really a game changer, very impressive - Susan Beebe
What's so special about the voice command compared to what the iPhone's got? - rønin
Is that what they demo'd? I haven't watched the video yet. - rønin
I don't think that Nexus One can beat iPhone ! - Naceron
I know it's second only to Nokia N900 - Tim Jones
@Ronin - NexusOne voice is better than my iPhone because you can speak to any text enabled feature. iPhone can't do that yet. For example, you can speak out your email or a tweet! - Susan Beebe
After watching all of the Nexus One videos on YouTube, I still think I like the iPhone interface better. - Jeff P. Henderson
good some see some competition out there. and cue apple fanbois attack in 5... 4.... 3.... 2..... - Terry O'Fee
I rarely use voice commands because I don't like people listening what I am emailing,texting, tweeting, searching or calling. But this is just me. - Ashish from iPhone
Ashish - voice commands are GREAT for folks who are driving, stuck in traffic, elevators, bathroom (LOL), and other interesting places! - Susan Beebe
Susan, you are correct but I just cannot see myself using it frequently. - Ashish from iPhone
@Susan While the voice to just about anything feature of the N1 sounds cool in concept, like ashish mentioned, it's most likely not something I can foresee using on a regular basis. - rønin
great voice features would be great - Tim Jones
Any idea how long it is before the Nexus One is available for Australians? I'm stuck with a G1 for the moment... - George Hall (Australia)
So what program do you use to manage music with the Nexus?The pc/mac sw is what helped propel the iPhone IMO - Peter Ghosh
It has to be said that the music management is not the best. This may be part of Google's de-emphasis on local storage. The phone only has 512mb on-board storage (and can address a card up to 32gb - ships with a 4gb card) so I think that G is saying, "eh, who needs music management when you have all these wonderful things like Pandora, Last etc etc". Probably also the reason they did... more... - Mark Zip
When, oh when, are they going to have the Nexus One available to Australia...? - George Hall (Australia)
Good to see that one spam post was removed. Nice work Friendfeed :) - Ashish
Paul Buchheit
By realizing you have to use the system and studying how to get the system to do your work, you learn how to adapt the system to your desires. Or you can fight it steadily, as a small undeclared war, for the whole of your life. -
Hack the system. - Paul Buchheit from iPhone
Kinda like James Kirk in the last Star Trek - Jesse Stay
Hmm, +1 Jesse - Mo Kargas
I am starting a revolution; I am re-forming the line. - Melanie Reed
Amen. My philosophy exactly. - LANjackal
Otto, Have you read 'The Man Who Was Thursday"? :) - Melanie Reed
Otto, give it a spin. :) - Melanie Reed
“The philosopher may sometimes love the infinite. The poet always loves the finite. For him, the great moment is not the creation of light, but the creation of the sun and moon.” -G.K.C. Light is the object. The sun and the moon are the instance. - Melanie Reed
Light by any other name would still possess its magnitude in heaven. ;) - Melanie Reed
I pulled that same quote when I shared it on Facebook (ripped from your original post of this article). - Hayes Haugen
Otto, do you burn down gravity, or do you build an airplane? - Paul Buchheit
Are they really *that* different? What in this universe isn't bound by the laws of physics? Or are you positing that the human spirit is made of different stuff than the universe...? ;) - Victor Ganata
Knock yourself out trying to do that then. Guardian personality types such as myself will be there to stop you at every turn though. The universe - in its fairness - allows for a wide variety of "life's work" and "heartfelt desires" - LANjackal from IM
I'm of the opinion that if you destroy one system, another one will just form and take its place. - Victor Ganata
Your opinion is fact. The universe tends toward stability and organized systems/rules, not chaos. - LANjackal from IM
I also think chaos is just a name for any system we don't understand yet (or in some cases, may not understand, ever, perhaps) It's systems all the way down! - Victor Ganata
Physical laws are a form of data compression, we take a complex series of data, form a model, and then reduce it to equations, it's really amazing that the universe even allows us to do this, because unfortunately, we know from algorithmic information theory and computer science, that not every dataset is compressible. The ones that aren't, we call "truly random", a dataset whose... more... - Ray Cromwell
It probably only works because our models of the physical universe are all really only probabilistic and not actually deterministic. I think we're just lucky that the errors are infinitesimal in most cases. - Victor Ganata
Another way to put it is "Pick your battles. Exploit the system to further your own goals". - Hayes Haugen
...and for the record he was mainly talking about organizational systems in a civil society. I don't think the philosophy extends to things such as Apartheid, slavery, dictatorships, etc. - Hayes Haugen
Quoting: "Hack the system. - Paul Buchheit from iPhone" - Can we assume that your iPhone is rooted / unlocked / jailbroken ?! - Mark Zip
Jeff Jarvis
Chinese cyberattack exploited Microsoft Explorer flaw. Balmer shoves Google under bus.
whoa! that makes me like google more. pls discuss on #TWIG. - Francine Hardaway from BuddyFeed
Bill, "There are attacks every day. I don't think there was anything unusual, so I don't understand," Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer told Reuters after a meeting on modernizing government services at the White House. - Phillip Stewart
Let's say it again folks. Turn off scripting in your PDF reader, surf with scripting off and block all Flash. Then only selectively enable scripting and Flash as you go. There is just no way that *any* employees of *any* of these high-tech companies should be doing *anything* else. - Mark Zip
Don't want to side with Ballmer but the one angle to the Google story no one seems to mention is the NSA, CIA and DOD have been spying on the entire planet since World War II, so its a little hard for the U.S. and a U.S. company to get holier than though if China or anyone else reciprocates. Some of the Google coverage also refers to the possibility the hackers exploited the system the NSA/FBI uses to eavesdrop on Google's traffic. - Ed Millard
Andy Ihnatko
...And the same shot from my iPhone:
...And the same shot from my iPhone:
Andy! You are in a cheese grater. Look out! - Mark Zip
Jeff Jarvis
Why didn't Google include AT&T freqs on its Nexus One? It would capture iPhone early adopters that way.
Maybe they don't want iPhone owners, still beholden to their AT&T overlords. - Roberto Bonini
Perhaps HTC did not have the space to include the chipset which would take care of ATT frequencies and did have the space for T-Mo. Also, would not be surprised if they said "let's not get mired in the horror that is the ATT network right now" - Mark Zip
Craig Newmark
@bbosker I've seen black squirrels in NYC, DC, and Detroit.@duncaninla
My mum and dad have a black squirrel in their back yard in Old Greenwich, CT. (S)He is a bit of a bully! Perhaps working out some issues? - Mark Zip
for a blog post: what was your best gadget/gizmo acquisition of the year? Something you love and made your life better? Thx in advance.
Not exactly one ... but the combination of my 3rd gen iPod touch and MiFi - Stephen Millard
Dell Mini 9 with OSX, it was an iphone 3gs, but it has recently replaced with HTC Droid Eris - Jim Adams
Samsung N 130 - Kundan Dhakal
Counter intuitive perhaps, but the more I get into the Nokia N97, the more I like it. Just requires a *lot* of tweaking and attention for the first several days... a *lot* - Mark Zip
Sansa Clip- I use it on all my runs. I paid $25 for this gadget but I get so much out of it, it feels like a steal for that price. - Garmon Estes
Kol Tregaskes
I wish I could use iTunes on my Nokia mobile phone. The standard player on the N96 is awful, so hard to edit playlists. :-( #nokia
Can anyone recommend a good MP3 player for the Nokia or a why I can import my iTunes or WMP playlists into my phone? - Kol Tregaskes
the phone is for talking. buy an ipod. - Nutella Ferrero (emirhan)
iPod, no way. ;-) - Kol Tregaskes
I also find it difficult to connect to it and transfer files to it. Really annoying. Surely this should be easy! :-( - Kol Tregaskes
Have you tried Salling Media Sync? - I'm hoping it will solve this problem with the N900 when it comes. - Leo Laporte
Thanks, Leo. I'll give it a look. - Kol Tregaskes
Zune HD looks pretty sweet. May be worth a gander. - Adrian
Looks like, sorry I mean an app not hardware. :-) - Kol Tregaskes
Leo, sailing media sync will not replace the default s60 music player which is okay. But I want to mention an alternative music player "oggplay" that I have used in the past. it can play .ogg vorbis files if that is your thing and audio files that your phone can play natively. - j.ash from iPod
Thanks, it's not really what it plays that's the problem, it's the lack of any decent playlist features that's annoying me with the default Nokia N96 player. So an app with a good playlist facility is what I'm after. - Kol Tregaskes
Leo, Salling Media Sync keeps trying to access my floppy drive for some reason. I'm going to have to turn it off. :-( - Kol Tregaskes
Jeff, I've got that installed now and I think it's cataloguing my files atm. Hopefully I can simply sync selective playlists? - Kol Tregaskes
I've tried and tried but I can't get it to work. It lists my mobile phone but I cannot sync any music. The device page doesn't show me the list of media types (like it does for other devices) that lets me tick and select the playlists to sync). Close but no cigar. :-( - Kol Tregaskes
No worries, thanks Jeff. I've send them a tech support message. Maybe they can help. - Kol Tregaskes
You say "I also find it difficult to connect to it and transfer files to it" . This seems odd. When I plug my N95 8GB in to my USB port the phone just mounts as a regular hard drive. I just drag and drop to side-load my tunes and I'm good to go. Of course, this does not address your playlist issue and I don't use iTunes to manage my music and "syncing" is irrelevant to me. So perhaps have nothing to contribute here ;=) But the phone *does* mount easily. Looking forward to the N900 - Mark Zip
Mark, yep, my N95 worked a treat too but I've had problem after problem with the N96, really awful phone! :-( - Kol Tregaskes
Dave Winer
Re your issues with running your software in a mobile environment: Perhaps you might look at the forthcoming Nokia N900. The OS is Maemo (Linux) and it can run any program which can run on Linux.I don't know if anyone ever responded to your idea (over 2 years ago) of sponsoring a port of OPML to Linux, but if they did, the N900 might well be your solution. Of course you'll have to pay for the unlocked GSM version and you'll probably only get to use T-Mobile's 3G network in the USA.... - Mark Zip
Mark Zip
Most depressing task brought on by dumpster: throwing out flood damaged records. Worst so far: unpeeled UV banana cover.
Should read "VU" not "UV". you knew that, of course - Mark Zip
When did Robert Scoble stop importing his tweets over to Frienfdfeed? I just noticed it now ---:(
Yesterday. - Robert Scoble
of course you could just make him an imaginary friend and import his tweets into your feed yourself - Mark Zip
Why did I stop bringing my Tweets in? Because your fellow community members abused me about them. And I don't like them coming in here. If you want to talk to me about that other service, you know where to find me. I'm keeping FriendFeed on FriendFeed from now on and that other service over there. - Robert Scoble
@Robert so are you going to quit all your feeds in now? - Lindsay
Her: nope. But I'm not bringing in anything from that other service. - Robert Scoble
need a nice image i can modify of a condom. in wrapper. just condom pack on its own. will credit person who offers. @ reply me :) Post includes a set of real condom boxes. Gents were encouraged to collect the whole set of 3 to get the full cutie - Mark Zip
YES! orange county #angels of anaheim los angeles california take the game 5-4 over #yankees welcome to SoCal NY :)
Of course, what this really means is that the Yanks will be able to win on their home field... - Mark Zip
you know you're violating Danny's Law, right? :) - Matt Cutts
i'm only violating the first law. i'm totally in keeping with the second :) - dannysullivan
Leo Laporte
Business class airfare on Emirates Airlines: $10,000. Five nights at the Shangri-La Hotel, $2500. 18 minutes at TEDx Dubai: priceless.
Have fun Leo! - Seth Goldstein
$10k? Seriously? Wow. - Rochelle
Leaving Alex Lindsay to take your place for the week? Inspired! - Johnny from iPhone
holy crap. They must really want you. Congrats Leo! - Chris
Whewwwwwwww - Justin Gerard
So you're giving a $12,500 speech? Talk about pressure. - Derek Bender
500 a night for the hotel..sounds like a dive..bring your own t.p. - Tony Klein
Do you need a personal assistant? I have a passport! - Jim
What a rip. I got 5 nights at Shangri-L8 motel for $2499. - John Rubier
Sounds like it will be a blast Leo, cost or no cost. - rob
Sounds about right, this is what I usually pay... Enjoy it! - Tyson Williams
It's good to be the king...of the internet. - Cass
$12,500 "pay" for an 18 minute speech is $11.57 per second. To avoid cheating your audience, don't inhale. - Mark Hartwell
My sister's at the "exploratory"phase. They want to know what she might speak about for 18 minutes at TED Long Beach next February. Gulp! General topic is "What the World Needs Now". There are 12 sessions and each of them have a name: Insight, Courage, Discovery, Provocation, Invention, Imagination, Inspiration, Reason, Energy, Laughter, Simplicity, Wisdom. So, suggestions? Her site is - Mark Zip
Have a good one - Geoffrey de Caires
You obviously are SOOOO worth it! Have a great time! - Cheryl L.
The airfare makes the hotel price seem reasonable! - Michael Saylor
Micheal :)) - İbrahim Uzun [ j ]
I've never understood those ads, because really, it's not priceless, it's upwards to 13K ;) - anna sauce
Leo Laporte
The beta was solid - good solution. - Steve Holden
WTF! Microsoft Security Essentials does not work for 64 bit XP. Support forums confirm 32 bit XP, 32 bit Vista/7 and 64 bit Vista/7 only. Although the System Requirements page makes no mention of a distinction between 32 bit and 64 bit OSs and merely says "Windows XP (Service Pack 2 or Service Pack 3); Windows Vista (Gold, Service Pack 1, or Service Pack 2); Windows 7 " How can MS release an important product like this and not have it for an OS which *is* currently supported. - Mark Zip
MS is trying to phase out XP 64-bit I guess. - George Mag from iPhone
@sarahlane aren't chaps, by their definition, "assless?"
That implies that one can obtain chaps with the ass portion included... - Johnny from iPhone
no, it does not. - Veronica
I think that rather depends on whether the chaps are English or not ... - Mark Zip
Matt Cutts
Chrome buries Windows rivals in browser drag race -
"According to tests run by Computerworld, Chrome 3.0, which Google launched last week, is the fastest production version of the top five Windows browsers. Chrome renders JavaScript more than nine times faster than Microsoft's Internet Explorer 8 (IE8), is over five times faster than Opera Software's Opera 10, two-and-a-half times faster than Firefox 3.5 and 30% faster than Safari 4.0." - Matt Cutts from Bookmarklet
I just cannot wait for the full Mac version - the dev preview is .... er .... iffy! - Phill Price
So how about testing them against pages with *no* javascript. JS is not the only marker for speed, right? - Mark Zip
Yeah Matt, what are ALL the main factors, when comparing the speed of a browser? - Nithin Jawali
My guess is that pages with no JS are pretty fast in all the browsers. But if you want to run anything AJAX-y like Gmail, you want a browser that does fast JavaScript. - Matt Cutts
Its good. Lots of js now on every web pages. speeding up the js will really a big achievement and boost its usage among net user. - Satya Prakash
Robert Scoble
True FRIENDFEED addicts please check in:
Here. - Damond Nollan
Check..... - Amit Nangare
*raises hand* - MoTO Boychick Devil
here - Mel Buckpitt
yo. - Zee.
Present - Clifford Kennedy
Addicted... checkin' in - Rob Schieber
addiction check - Edgar Rodríguez
I checked in before you even posted this. - Akiva
here. - Luca Sofri
'sup - Nolan Alston
shuffles quietly at the back - Ivor Whitten
I'm not an addict. I can quit any time I want. - Ha3rvey (on hiatus)
jawohl. - Spidra Webster
I am here. How about you? - Robert Scoble from iPhone
Check Check - Robert Burgin
check - Amani
I'm here! - Bonnie Foster
HeRe! - Bruno Mertins
Hooah! - Kevin Fox
Till they kick me out. - Tony Miller
here but i can stop anytime - phil baumann
In! - Pon
Here! - Oracio
I'm not, uh, like an addict, or anything. I can quit anytime. yeah - jeff hammond
w00t! - Shane
hi:P - K.D.
I don't have time for this...I'm too busy liking stuff - Scoble, Alex Scoble
Yep count me in!! - Guillaume Foutry
Present and accounted for. - Colette
Here - TonyatMATC
Present - Mike Doeff
It is amazing to see how fast these discussions fill up. - Damond Nollan
Present - Olympia Scott
Howdy. - Daniel Morgan
Present. - Alonis
Sir Yes SIr! - Robert Kenney
not an addict, but check in often - Göze Sencer
I'm only addicted to the email service - joebrooks
As always :) - Paul Buchheit
here - Ken Kennedy
Yup, that would be me =) - FFing Enigma
here - Matt Ruiz
Here Here! - Benjamin Golub
was going to be, but not anymore - Lo
here - ebru
Here!!! :P - Chris Zlatis
Snorting a line of FF as I type this. - Lola Bean (Penguin) from fftogo
++ - jacek
Phew, still here ... - Tom Horn
I'm not here LOL - Rob aka Cerberus
Here I be -/ - Chris Loft
I'm Free - kenneth glenn
Damn: a lot of addicts here still! - Robert Scoble from iPhone
Well, I *was* an addict until yesterday. - James Rishabh Mishra
alive and well. - Tyler Molamphy
present - Jeff Weber
yes we R - Johni Fisher
Hey, I can stop whenever I want. No, really. - Tom Landini
I'll leave kicking and screaming. - Andrew Smith
It's a trap!! - Micah from iPhone
---...--- - constantinos alexacos
Where else are we going to go? - Christian Burns from iPhone
Yep, here - LANjackal
Check - Jesper Lind
So addicted I said I was addicted twice. < g > - Rob Schieber
Hello everyone. - Ryan - @magicofpi
Here. - tehKenny
always here! - Marco Ramirez
Hip hip... - Gary Gannon
Still here! - Lee Watters
Still around :) - Sean Powell
Always here! - Louis Gray
staying put until they kick us out. - michael sean wright
still not here :D - Rob aka Cerberus
Yo! - Libraryman
*cough cough* - John Robert Ladd
Here. - Jonathan Hardesty from Android
I am here. Isn't it now FACEFEED? - Francine Hardaway
Here! - onurc
I love that Bret, Paul, and Kevin checked in. They probably are looking at their screens and asking "what do we do now?" how about ship some new features before Facebook overlords take you off to do bigger things? - Robert Scoble from iPhone
I feel sorry for all you addicts. My use of it is purely social. - Bruce Lewis
Not an addict but I like it. - Joao Alves
I got the papers in my glove ready to make a beer run? - Morgan
Is Friendfeed a safe place to bring new friends? - Christian Burns from iPhone
I'm here - and staying here until Paul and Bret kick me out the </door> - AJ Kohn
yup. Guess I am. - Mark Interrante
+1 happy user... till now - giuseppe c. | markgreene
What am I doing? I don't even know. - Suzanne
Here!!! - Felipe Aneudi Campana from iPhone
That hitler thing was amazing. That is all. - James Watters
present. - Trish Haley
Yo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Stephen Pickering
What of it. - Rochelle
"So, Who are you?" "very cool, very cool" - Stephen Pickering
Just my luck. I got to this party about a month ago and NOW they decide to sell. - Ian Paul
FF4EVR. :D - David Vasileff
02:10 am and still here :-) - Willem (@wim66) ☠
Yo ¡Aquí! - David Austria
present - Albert Maruggi
presente - Eric Gagne
Not sure I'm an addict yet but I'm here and working on it. - Paul Goldsmith
Here ! - DAL from iPhone
Checking in! - Marci Golub
Checking in - Richard Gallo
Present! - MsJosay
Here and ready for duty sir! - David Damore
I survived the night. - Frankie Warren
Present - Joshua Kahn
I do like FF and use it almost every day. Wouldn't it be great if FB either left it alone so we can continue to use it as "professionals," or somehow incorporate it into a more "mature" version of FB that didn't have all the annoying, time-wasting apps, games, etc. I'd much prefer a totally customizable FF "wall." - Cathryn Hrudicka
I think FFundercats HO!!!!! would have worked but I'm here anyways. - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
here! - Greg Louderman
are there fake friendfeed addicts? - acedanger
Oh I'm still here :) - Owen Greaves
here - John Kitchen
Hello? - Vaughn
you betcha - Rick Bucich
holy crap, looks like master and commander ;-) - Aad 't Hart
Not an addict but still here. - Brandon
hello from a german FRIENDFEED addicted :-) - Simon Zeimke
On in real time - Mike Lizun
Money rules! Money rules! Money rules! The world doesn't change! - ¡amFrancesco!
O HAI - Ambar Pansari from iPhone
Not an addict, but defiantly a user. Wish there was a desktop client though. Or TweetDeck integrated it. - Michael
Present! - Denverken
Aye, Mon. - Gordon Swaby
Check - Jason Heppler
It's nice seeing new comments drop down, sexy as fuck, bye friendfeed *snifs* - Gordon Swaby
president - Dennis O'Neil
Aloha - Nathan
Where else would I be? Facebook? Pfft ... - Kevin Mohr
Bueller, Bueller, ........ Bueller - manielse (Mark Nielsen)
Sorry I was late.. I have a note from my parole officer. - Mike Shulman
I CAN QUIT ANYTIME!!! - Jim #teamFFrank
here - Rahul Gupta
just getting started - Patrice Vizzone
Aye! - Joshua
hello there - Murilo Terrabuio
Here, I am - Luca Ciccarelli
Sorry I'm late. I was on Facebook. It works on a cellphone. - Paul Puri
here - Gary Prechtel
I'm not here often, but when I am... it's a happy place indeed... I hope they don't take away my fix! - Robyn Miller
Hey Robert - got a separate thread for people who have a healthy, positive relationship with FriendFeed? - Edward Coffey
Check - tristan
it's gonna take 11 years for FaceBook to catch up to where FF is now....isn't that how tech "progress" works? - Marg Uerite
Ahoy - Brett Kelly from iPhone
aye - chaz2b
Ere I am in Aust standing up with my right hand raised yelling out HERE! - Bob Heath
Count me in. - Sebastian
Present - Charlie Anzman
Knock on wood! - ↂGiorgiँ Zarrelliↂ
Check - Erik Boles from iPhone
What's the qualifier for addict? If you believe the MacLean researcher, addiction is a choice! - Sally - Skyrimmin' It
I MEAN IT!!! ANYTIME!!! - Jim #teamFFrank
O Captain, My Captain ;) - Stuart Miniman
yes - Steve Mott
I'm here. Now what? - Christian Collins
Count me in too please! - RobinDotNet from iPhone
not addicted but perhaps in a state of advanced 'like' - Threepwood
Yep Yep - Rahsheen
Yeah. Going to miss this if it morphs into something else for real. - Robert Anderson
I need my FriendFeed! - Brandon Titus
I really Need Friendfeed! - TheHenry
Ya, that's me. - Sweyn Venderbush
Yo. - Absentee
HOOAH. or something - mjc
Here. At the Rack proctoring an exam. - Stuart Rath
here - Bluesun 2600
Everybody sing: "They tried to make me go to rehab I said no, no, no " - Laurent
•_•*b - videopixil from Nambu
check - Jaica Kinsman from iPhone
Here! - Michael Hocter
yo! - Ronald S
hola! - Oguz Serdar
Aren't we all here? I guess that's the point why we adopted Friendfeed, while others just "heard about it", isn't it? - Wolfgang G. Wettach
and many of us in Europe are sleeping. - Luca Sofri
Some of us in the USA are just busy, too. - Duncan Blake
Man, this check-in line is pretty darn long... must be Southwest. heh - Daynah
<raises hand> - Jack&Cleo
please excuse me while I pretend to be one of your guys - Jamaipanese
I'm not addicted, I'm just a social FriendFeeder. - Joe "The Anvil" Pierce
check 1,2 - Wayne Sutton
Here - Bora Zivkovic
.-.. --- --. --- ..- - - constantinos alexacos
Eccomi, presente! - Alessandro
checking in from Tejas - George Dearing from BuddyFeed
Finally turned the corner. - Liza + = ?
trying to figure out how to use it... - Ted Kinzer
There sure are a lot of people in here. It's a good thing Robert got the big room with extra chairs. - RobinDotNet from iPhone
Reporting! (My next blog entry will be called "Social Media Is My Crack".) - Dennis Jernberg
present. - Jim Halligan @jim
late but here - Heather Solos
Yo. - Steve Lowe
all present and accounted for sir ! - John Wallace from BuddyFeed
Nah, I'm too busy posting #badjokememe stuff. - Ordinarybug Heather
I am in. - Gabe Taviano from iPhone
Depends. - Nick Humphries
I'm working hard to get an addiction. - Minu Nianda
never left - Josh Haley
Robert, Now that you have us all here (or some of us), what are you going to do with us? - RobinDotNet
Here I am... sad but I am! - ¡amFrancesco!
here - Holly is Happy from iPod
I'm here, but is this FF or FB? - Dana Fosburgh
Guilty as charged. Use FF more than any other social network, including Twitter. - Larry Hawes
I can stop anytime I want... - mikepk
I can stop mikepk anytime I want... - Akiva
holy cow that is a serious list...oh yeah here and dear!!! - Braden Douglass
I tried to get addicted but none of my friends could afford it. Now I just have bad dreams about Scoble. - Mr Saturday Morning NFG
here, too. - browneyes from iPhone
Here...and cloaked with sadness... - Anthony K. Valley ©
True. What will happen to FF now? - @barisunver
Alright - Rodfather
Roger that - Rob Fahrni
(from Streamy) - Marcos
yo - Gus
cello! - Big Joe Silenced
reporting in. - Randy Shapiro
ola. - anna sauce
hello my name is Kim and I'm a Friendfeedaholic - Kim Landwehr from BuddyFeed
1st Step - Thomas Page
True FriendFeed addicts don't need to report in. :P - iTad
yep - Marty
true friendfeed addicts are there.. always ;) - alphaxion
Tad: and yet you did! - Big Joe Silenced
Still following Robert the Wise. - Phil Boiarski
that's a *boolean true* - Peter Renshaw
check - Tim Ake
I'm here. FriendFeed will have to leave me, before I leave it. - Tyson Key
ayo... - Lipanantsi
Fashionably late ...BOOYA! - Rich Weaver
Chris Martin checking in - Chris Martin
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present but in 12 step for addiction - Criz
yo ho ho! - Ferdinand Perez
I'm an addicted lurker. Does that count? - ax0n
Solid Copy - Drew Lucas from iPhone
Checking in by phone while on vacation. :) - That's So CAJ! from iPhone
here. anecdote: a friend of mine just signed up for FF this evening. apparently the FriendFeed hype of the last 24 hours pushed him over the top. leaves me wondering whether FF has actually gained users today?it would be a crafty way of marketing the service. I'll wake up tomorrow to discover that there was a problem with the paperwork and the FriendFeed team have had a change of heart. - JSLeFanu from BuddyFeed
late, but present - George Deane
Present and accounted for - John Pfaff
hello hello - shaun mclane
yo yo yo. ladi-dadi. - berchman
i have been locked out of twitter since first attack on friday so just got into friendfeed and loooove it! - Alannah Ryane
We are truly the coolest bunch on the internet. - Vezquex
·[▪_▪]· - Desirade
Whats up? - AJ Batac
Present and accounted for! :-D - Amy Flynn
Hello, my name is Pete, and I am a FriendFeed addict. Will there be cookies and coffee at this 12-step meeting? - Pete D
Here stopped over on my way to Brightkite. - John Ferron
I'm a Facebook junkie - Molly Song ;)
Hi. - Trent Olson
I'm not as active on FF as I used to be but I'm back. - Bob Gannon from iPhone
more than 2 days ago - Alistair (alpinefolk)
Little late but yes, I am still here. So to speak. - Martha
I'm new but i like it... - Jose Antonio Trujillo
Count me in even though I was just starting to get hooked. I guess it's time to find a rehab and get all sobered up until the next relapse with some other new addiction. Isn't life grand? - Usman Bashir
addict.. - Peter
Define addict. - Carl Black
Here too, lol - Ange Recchia/angesbiz
ANYTIME!!!! - Jim #teamFFrank
addict: currently 02:53 and I've failed to even start this weeks script because I've been messing about on friendfeed ;) - alphaxion
Not exactly addict but very close. - Ashish from iPhone
03:01 in the morning in the UK and I am here! - travispuk
Since we are logging time its 5:05 AM in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and I am here too. :) - Usman Bashir
Travis get some sleep! - Arleen Boyd
Aloha! - Peter Liu
guten tag! - imabonehead
hmmm. - Carlos Ayala
hello hello - Tate from BuddyFeed
define addict :-) - Duane @PreppyDude Myers
Gonna miss you honey. This is Facebook for adults - Alan Morris
Is it just me or is the FF interface just plain usable? Clean! Uncluttered! Simple!. - Alan Morris
Check is in the mail. - Louis Trapani from iPhone
Wow Peter, Are we all that crazy for friend feed and twitter? - Marilyn Jansen Lopes
Aloha! Mahalo Robert... now WHAT IS the plan??? - Arleen Boyd
Hello there. this is today's last....go to bed now. - Carloe Stamp
present - Alex Scrivener
Allo - Jan Ole Peek
^_^ - HealingBrush
I could be an addict if there was an app for my phone like one for the winmo! - Andy Ghozali
Presente - patrick
Checking In.... - Chris Jackson
Not quite addicted yet here. - Mike Pennell
Where's Holden? Maybe celebrating his birthday early. - Myrna
Yes SIR!! - Mark Guadalupe
Present! - Adam Turetzky
Reporting for duty SIR! - Jack Humphrey
Checking in. - John (bird whisperer)
¡Presente! - Luis D. Santos
On it constantly! - Tobin Truog
West Coast evening shift reporting for duty. - Kryptic
Connected across all social media.Who needs open social? - Lori Laurent Smith
Here! - David Cook
talk about a name and shame list... - Nathan Vingoe
Count me as an addict. - Joey Gibson
check - Kate
Always here! - Michael Cuff
need more, need more friendfeed than any one has needed before - Robert Higgins
Present. - Lucas
I am present and accounted for...well present anyway - Keith Murray
Here! - Barry Owens
I'm not sure is "being addicted to lurking on FF" counts, but I'm chiming in. - Christian (Simply X)
I JUST joined and am trying to figure it out. - Janine Nickel
I quit everytime I go to bed - Jeff (Team マクダジ ) from iPhone
check. It rocks - Richard
Jay, you win ;) - Jesper Lind
oh hey, look, the added an "add comment" link to the end of the comment list. Huzzah! - Brett Kelly from iPhone
++Jay. I was going to do the same thing yesterday but I didn't want to pay the money. - David Cook
Yo Scobey! I like Dave Winer's thoughts on user owned tech companies ... been thinking similar things. - Jason Cronkhite
check. - Justin Korn
Ozgur reporting - Özgür D. Cyric from iPhone
Present - Herb Hernandez
Me too - Peter Hollard
Junkie - Genaro Bardy from iPhone
Seems like there's not much point being a FF addict, now. Bummer. - Kathy Fitch
Checking in! - Glenn Slaven
whatup! :) - simran
Here as always. - Jeff Smith
Here. - Parth Awasthi
Do you even have to ask? - Johnny
Aquí! - Miguel
moi. - amygeek
Are we doing anything today? - Shea from iPhone
nano nano - Eran Even-Kesef
ok, I'll play - chrisofspades
:) - Susan Beebe from iPhone
I like this list of people, good crowd - Jack DeWitt Smith
Yo. (And what is the point of this thread and why are we all saying Yo?) - Bob Morris (polizeros)
Howdy! - Bec Rowe @d0tski
And if you're a *real* FF addict, comment twice. - Dennis Jernberg
Arrrr!! - Adrian
late, but check and still here. - Rocky
No matter how many times "ff!" is met with "??" I still preach. - Garin Kilpatrick
Another one for the books - Greg Birch
well, it's 12:12 a.m. and I'm perusing FF from my iPhone via BuddyFeed before turning in. so yeah, I guess I count. "Here!" (raises hand) - Don Faulkner from BuddyFeed
Here - Paola Bonomo
Here..from Shanghai - Marc Dong
My name is John, and I am a FFolic.. :-) - John Serra
Here from Hong Kong! - Dan Van Hoy
Here - Musa Yılmaz
Good morning from Finland. I'm here again. - Tapio Kulmala
Can't stay away. - Tanath
Checked in ...How can I check out - Sriks7
Sorry I am late - Emre Öktem
Present - Technogran
Here here... - Alemsah Ozturk from iPhone
here.. - Chris Myles
Hello I am here! - Chris Bellinger
Am I too late? I've been out crying at my personal Friendfeed funeral :-( - Jannifer @wordsforliving
Ci sono - zuck from fftogo
Just woke up and saw this thread. Addicted ? I guess so... - Jacque from
✔ I'm not addicted. I can quit any time I want. I just don't want to. ;o) - RetiredTeacherD
still lovin it - Mark Sorsa-Leslie
Teacher: Awesome checkmark ;) - Fajar Nurdiansyah
Yes it does ! :) - Veda Informatics
Oh I'm late, just spend to much time at Streamy - Michael Zehrer
:) - M F
merhaba - Sinan İŞLER
Here I am, having my first coffee in the morning. - Federico Bolsoman
wazzzzup - Andrew Salnikov
Breakfast FFeeding.... - David Peacock
Wof Wof, WOF ! - valerio fiandra from iPhone
First site I launch - Patrik Arwengrim
checked in - Sarper Sılaoğlu
All present and correct! - Paul M Evans
Présent! (for how long?) - Zackatoustra
here I am - GG...
I send newbies straight to FriendFeed as the base for all of their online activities. I wonder how it will change. - Sally Albright
[DEAN HOLMES] - Dean Holmes
I recommend FF to some of my clients, and there are some companies and nonprofits with presences here—not like Twitter, but I'll be curious how that will be affected when FB takes over more. Most have FB fan pages, groups and/or causes, too. - Cathryn Hrudicka
Still always. - Iain Baker
Still here, but I don't know until when - Roberto from fftogo
Here I am - gigicogo
Because.....? - Andrew Terry from iPod
yup - Thomas Power
Wassup? - Winston Teo
in - paniaguai
howdy! - Nir Ben Yona
I can give it up any time. I swear. - Matt G
Here! - Brome
Me definitely one of these. :-) - Kol Tregaskes
Trying to keep the addiction low. - Muthu Ramadoss
Buongiorno - FullSite
Just another one. - m. elena
What are we checking in for? Just to start a long thread? - Adam Helweh
in - MobilAdam
Where's duty free? - Paul Downing
sorry i'm late :) - Doruk Bayer
Late, but here I am. - Filippo Ronco
Reporting for duty. - Mark H
Here I am! Would you collect 50M$ to "buy-back" FF? :) - Marco Dal Pozzo [mdp]
I hope I'm not an addict... ;-) Oh, well. - Hanna Wiszniewska
вписался -
I'm here - Nick Bristow
8 hours later? i passed it! - Avi Joseph
yop! - zooz
привет чятег! давайте зохватим этот тредик? - Based on real people
заходит чувак к Scoble, а там чатег - у всех так ?
Boom - Simon Wicks from iPhone
а сколько у них тут каментов? - Based on real people
смешные - Based on real people
Свободу попугаям! - Ⓚⓔⓝⓞⓑⓘ
zdrastvitze! - anna sauce
check! - Don Digidon
КТО ВСЕ ЭТИ ЛЮДИ??? - Танаев!
Right Here! - Ümit Orhan
слабаки, до нашего чатега им ещё работать и работать - Танаев!
Да здравствует народ Чятега. Скобл мы следим за тобой™! Let our friendfeed alone! - ideali
это не тру чатик - Танаев!
кстати, все помнят, что у Даши сегодня день рождения? - Based on real people
The view is better from here - Anthony
они виноваты сами. пускай теперь терпят. - ideali
о, зайка пришол! - Based on real people
здравствуй Зайка. ты кого сегодня сделал счастливым? - Based on real people
*facepalm* -
Дашенька, в этом уютном подобии чятега мы поздравляем тебя! - ideali
Дашенька ушла в салон красоты, но я ей передам обязательно! - Based on real people
路过:) - K.D.
нитрогай кетайца, у него там коммунизм, ему тяжело - Based on real people
then ? - alperyz
превед кетайцам - Танаев!
И так чятег, пока Скобл не поговорит с нами представителями СовиетФрендфидика, все мои записи теперь можно читать в этом тредике. Пользуясь случае передаю Парню Бухайту и его команде большой привет, в связи с тем что [He can has sleep naw]. - ideali
превед кетаец! давай сегодня сделаем тебя счастливым! - Based on real people
а кто такой Скобл? - Танаев!
кстати да - Based on real people
Greetings from Australia. Im here :-) - Aussie_Camper
кто такой Скобл. и вообще, объясните мне плз про звезд американоязычного френдфидика - кто там есть кто? - Based on real people
кто все эти люди™ ? - brain
у них там ночь, они спят еще. вот проснуцца - прифигеют - Based on real people
Triple check - Geer
их спрашивать бессмысленно - сейчас они спят, а когда проснуцца, комменты уйдут далеко вверх - Based on real people
хоть тысячу каментов-то мы им сделаем сейчас? - Based on real people
All your base are belong to us - brain
I am here Jedi master. - Steve de Mena
про этого Скобла статья в википедии есть. он евангелист. работал в мелкософте и в фаст компани. известный блоггер. - Based on real people
я уже спрашивал у Зайки, кого он сегодня сделал счастливым, но он молчит - Based on real people
here - Ahmet Soyata
точно! поэт, пародист, переводчик. известный блоггер. - Based on real people
я вчера был в издательстве, с меня сведения об авторе просят. давайте, говорят, напишем, где учился, что генеральный директор. и что известный блоггер. - Based on real people
here I am - Vedran Rudelj
чо ладно? - Based on real people
blessed are the sick - undisclosed recipient
Бесков, не ругайся - Based on real people
а можно получить профессию известного блоггера? какие экзамены сдавать надо? какую специализацию лучше выбрать - микроблоггинг или аудиоподкастинг? - Based on real people
*где можно получить профессию* - Based on real people
а кто сертификат дает, что экзамены принимать можно? - Based on real people
себе полайкай! (с) - Based on real people
чо? - woof
ой чатег - [10] дней
давай Скоблу сертификат выпишем? - Based on real people
известный блоггер - Based on real people
в псто призывается Фил, рисовать сертификат для Скобла - Based on real people
Checked-in - Özkan Altuner
согласен. экзамен принимает Зайка, сертификат рисует Фил. роли распределены. - Based on real people
чорт. я опаздываю. убежал. сделайте, пожалуйста, тысячу. я буду иногда появляться. - Based on real people
привет всем в этом чате - осталось 10 дней ядра
только до 7 тыщ ему всё равно не дорасти - осталось 10 дней ядра
привет этому чатегу. в прошлый раз не участвовала, но тут грех не поддержать. - teinett
ээ, зачем второй чатик сделали? - можно, я потуплю?
показать американцам, где раки зимуют - осталось 10 дней ядра
кстати, вы в курсе, что сегодня Россия играет с Аргентиной в Москве - отборочный матч на ЧМ-2010? сегодня в метро будет ЖЕЕЕЕЕЕЕСТЬ - teinett
пока они спят - nundesign
and here! - Arnaud Fischer
Here! - SimoTed
а кто-нибудь хоть раз катался в метро на машине? в рекламе это показывают, а реально? хотя бы слышали что-нибудь про ваших знакомых? - teinett
Фесйбук, где наши деньги? Мы ёрлиадоптеры, дай нам тоже бабла! - осталось 10 дней ядра
me too, me too! Facebook baaaad, friendfeed gooood!! :-) - Chris Pantazis
Скобла, защити наши интересы! - осталось 10 дней ядра
girls, send your photos here -> - осталось 10 дней ядра
let's chat!!!!1111111oneoneeleveneleven - осталось 10 дней ядра
но только чтоп по-русски - осталось 10 дней ядра
кстати, IM пропускает 90% сообщений. :( как вы следите за этим чатегом? - teinett
МОНЕТИЗАЦИЯ - Based on real people
а работа стоит? - teinett
Чятег вы молодцы! - ideali from iPhone
Guys, you russians are best! - осталось 10 дней ядра
Австралийцы призываются в пост, где Бацек? - ideali from iPhone
опять русские с балалайками наперевес - можно, я потуплю?
с блаблаблайками - осталось 10 дней ядра
Митрич сегодня Скобл будет счастливым когда прознает силу Чятега. - ideali from iPhone
Ждем на машабле статью "после слияния с фейсбуком в уютный френдфидик ломанулись русские" - у всех так ?
это напоминает мне одну историю про Сосидко - осталось 10 дней ядра
это что еще за на? - Алишер
I'm still here. You won't get trid of me that easily. - James Myatt
а ты не был на канале #2ch - осталось 10 дней ядра
привет чятег! - Sergey Juchkov
ыч - Billy
Фил по вашему указанию прибыл. Чо рисуем? - CES & nootropics
привент ивангелистам - Алишер
И чо они должны делать? - CES & nootropics
тусня Скоблов - Алишер
Фил, рисуй все подряд :) - Sergey Juchkov
Вот еще, тредики читать! Я настоящий Friendfeed Addict - я пишу и рисую, а не читаю. - CES & nootropics
русиш фантастиш скоблз - Алишер
Скобл - это чувак с самым большим на данный момент количеством friends of в Френдфиде. - у всех так ?
dı rırı dı rırı dı rırı cant touch this :P - Sinan İŞLER
чятег, превед! - penguin
Наскоблил себе друзей. - CES & nootropics
Have I accidentally clicked a translation button or something?!? - Nicola Quinn
массфрендер, масс его - Алишер
中文用户 飘过 :) - R093r-
^^^ гыгыгы - penguin
Дебютирует так сказать - Алишер
from Russia with Love - у всех так ?
hello - Ru Viljoen
интересно в каком словаре можно перевести с русского массфрендер - Алишер
На ифоне этот тредик не справляецо уже, и я перестал понимать кто чо говорит, когда кругом Скоблы. Чуть не проехал свою станцию. - ideali from iPhone
нет, не сериаладдер, просто популярный чел. - у всех так ?
да не важно кто что говорит, Скоблись - Алишер
Один чувак пришол в чятег и говорит я известный блоггер кто тут тру на первый второй рассчитайсь. А ему говорят чувак у тебя сертификат есть что ты известный блоггер? Вот иди Зайке экзамен сдай потом приходи. А Зайка стоит такой с топором и улыбается. Щас думает счастливым его сделаю. - Based on real people
ты кого скоблом назвал? - Алишер
Yeah still kickin - Dobromir Hadzhiev
Holy moly - ◄ani625Ξ ಠ_ಠ
всем учить русский! - Алишер
каждый день в зеркале вижу - Алишер
албанский - Sergey Juchkov
learn albanian! - Sergey Juchkov
oh, now it's all water, all water... - K.D.
время от времени прорываются addicts забавно - Алишер
зобанить их - Алишер
@pozorro, на сертификат отдельно опубликуй, как нарисуешь! - nomoretears
аддикты чятега - у всех так ?
do you know the longest thread in friendfeed is in Russian?:)) link - K.D.
если забанить - с кем трепаться? - Sergey Juchkov
Почему каждый использованием Роберт Scoble как зовут? - Matthew Horton
ololo - Алишер
Nice Russian Robert, Bulgarian isn't far off, be happy to teach you :-) - Dobromir Hadzhiev
it's very smal thread in russian - Sergey Juchkov
Google Translate тебе в помощь - Алишер
here is the link - K.D.
привет и добър ден :-) - Dobromir Hadzhiev
@dobata hello - Sergey Juchkov
партизанщина сплошная - Алишер
Здравей, България! Как ви времето? :) - nomoretears
линкер, все ещё впереди - Sergey Juchkov
@grantape да без разницы, nevermind - Алишер
Он придет и молча забанит всё. - Based on real people
Вавилонская башня, realy ((= - brain
I'll still be around as long as this site exists. - Neurario
Polacy? - Sergey Juchkov
Češi mají jedno? - Sergey Juchkov
хрена тебе. это я польский и чешский знаю :) - Sergey Juchkov
Here, Mostly! - Kreg Steppe
Хере Мостли - Алишер
@sergey morning @nomeratears мрачно...чакаме слънцето - Dobromir Hadzhiev
@Dobromir 早上好!:) - K.D.
wombata misserious - undisclosed recipient
ОМГ. На меня подписался китаец, который тут в чятеге разговаривает! Чувак, тебе зачем? - Based on real people
各位早安 - R093r-
вдруг и ты взаимностью ответишь... - Алишер
А, он сразу же и отписался. Сириалэддер? Может, у него скрипт? - Based on real people
да можно из постов чувака повыше - Алишер
Доктор, у меня скрипт. - Based on real people
(я ушел на час) - Based on real people
пей масло - Алишер
汗,上面的Robert都是假的_ _!!! - K.D.
vi a ze chempionz - undisclosed recipient
亲眼目睹的事情,有一年过年,深圳梅林一个邮局,很多人排队寄钱回家,有个民工等着等着睡着了,抓在手上的几张钱撒了一地,保安就过去叫醒了他,让他小心钱,他说没办法,连续加了几个晚上的班,眼睛都睁不开了,保安马上和VIP室的 ... - Алишер
Митрич, ему байки интересны. - Sergey Juchkov
I'm alive :) - Dimitar Tsonev
Скобалайзер мод он. - Алишер
Ехал Скобл через Скобл. Видит Скобл в Скобл Скобл. Сунул Скобл Скобл в Скобл. СКОБЛ СКОБЛ СКОБЛ СКОБЛ! - Ⓚⓔⓝⓞⓑⓘ
what's with all the Russian? Can I have a large Calzone please? - MercyFlush
я запутался в своих двойниках. - Sergey Juchkov
终于发现了,这些人都是专业的”俄国闪客“!!! - K.D.
ема, палево - Алишер
就看这楼刷刷的升啊 - 拓 | wavesand
Большой Калзоне и счёт товарищу! - можно, я потуплю?
Скобл сломал Фэйсбук! У меня пароль не принимается и не ресетится. :( - nomoretears
страна СКОБЛЯНДИЯ - Алишер
Russians! - Jacque
King Midas 2.0 — breaks every startup he touches - undisclosed recipient
Линкер - не надо - Sergey Juchkov
о, наконец-то просыпаются. "рашнз! рашнз!" - кричали они и прибегали смотреть и тыкать пальцем. - teinett
НЕ НАДО - Алишер
Türkler sohbet! - Sergey Juchkov
может им еще вприсядку станцевать? - Алишер
главное не заблудиться по дороге - Sergey Juchkov
и медведя показать? - Алишер
просто НЕ НАДО - Sergey Juchkov
MEDVEDEV - Sergey Juchkov
SGUSSCHYONKA is the brand new real thing - undisclosed recipient
Будет ли комментарий самого Роберта по поводу творящегося здесь пиздеца? - Профессиональный зануда
BANYA - Алишер
SNEGUROCHKA - Sergey Juchkov
DED MOROZ - Sergey Juchkov
DEAD MOROZ - Sergey Juchkov
TOPOL - Алишер
BALET - Алишер
TOPOL-M - Sergey Juchkov
Пользуясь случаем хочу передать привет своей маме. Hi, mommy! - Ⓚⓔⓝⓞⓑⓘ
SATANA-22 - undisclosed recipient
Wow I was so confused before I started mousing over your names guys. - Neurario
Теперь в подарок иностранцам дарят не только воду и матрешек, но и балалайки с ГУСЛЯМИ. - teinett
Скобл хотел видеть аддиктов? Скобл их получил. - CES & nootropics
Yes I have revealed your secret mwahaha. =) - Neurario
Введем новое слово в обиход инстранцев: GUSLI - teinett
Такой сиртификат пойдет? - CES & nootropics
чятег!?? - Fernweh
кто посмел замолчать? - Sergey Juchkov
it's hide time. Enjoy yourself. - Luca Sofri
Эй! Разбудите там главного Скобла, у него в камментах русские! - CES & nootropics
@Лёля, нет, только Скобл - Sergey Juchkov
404 других пользователя/-ей оценили этот материал - Sergey Juchkov
hide,hide,hide,hide,hide,hide,hide,hide,hide,hide,hide,hide,hide,hide,hide,hide,now~~ You guys are playing with Robert's name :( - K.D.
wow LONGEST post I've seen on ff 8) ...checking in too! - Franc, a rememberer
ОУ НОУ - Алишер
Дайте им ссылку на лонгест пост. А то эти ламеры думают на этот. - Sergey Juchkov
This post is goes to hided posts folder - Jacque
@ocurro, it's not longest. Longest is 7k comments long. %) - nomoretears
Robert Scoble, Robert Scoble and 404 other Robert Scoble liked this - brain
проснулись черти - Sergey Juchkov
тогда не надо давать :) - Sergey Juchkov
Это хромой. Вы знаете, это, верно? - Matthew Horton
it's small post. - Sergey Juchkov
I still love it. - Paul Kinlan
i just unhide, and I see the true Robert is coming :) - K.D.
The cake is a lie - brain
lol: 7020 coments - longest post. - Sergey Juchkov
Следующий! - CES & nootropics
а вот если китайский френдфидик придет в наш чатег будет уже не так весело - Алишер
Интересно - топикстартер подписался на получение комментов на почту или нет? - Sergey Juchkov
Серьезно. Качество> количестве - Matthew Horton
hide time... enjoy - Armando Grati
^^^^^^ like - Sergey Juchkov
all your base are belong to us - 13pm
怎样用假名的呀? - 陈浩小贤
Тема эта должность была ясна. Давайте не будем принимать его. - Matthew Horton
here i am and using the all new add comment feature :) - Ali
что-то о качестве и количестве - Алишер
и всё типа по теме - Sergey Juchkov
Here I am - wolly
The theme of the post was clear. Let us not take it. - brain
Фигасе! ) - 4shir from fftogo
Word. - Charles LePage
^^^ оценил/а - Ⓚⓔⓝⓞⓑⓘ
@matthewhorton -What do you want to say? - Sergey Juchkov
@matthewhorton write in english pls, i don't understand your russian - Алишер
up^^ - nazer1
i don't understand russian - Sergey Juchkov
ЧМОГЕ ЧАТЕГГГ!!!!! - ʕ⨂˕̥⨂ʔ Т ПДМЛ?
that thread is crazzy : P - Franc, a rememberer
Yes please to Google Translate integration. - Kol Tregaskes
merde alors! - Tom Horn
\o/ - Jemm
какая гугля транслята? - Sergey Juchkov
я видимо так и не узнаю чо имел ввиду Хортекс - Алишер - Он работает лучше, чем вы думаете. - Matthew Horton
Hi, Steve - Алишер
@matthewhorton давай все же на английском, моя твоя не понимай - Алишер
Это делает работу плохо, но работает достаточно хорошо, чтобы понять. - Matthew Horton
*waiting for real Robert Scoble* - nomoretears
@matthewhorton speak englich please - Sergey Juchkov
we don't understand your barbaric language! pls speak English here - 13pm
какая тема чятега? - ʕ⨂˕̥⨂ʔ Т ПДМЛ?
I'm real!!!! - Sergey Juchkov
I will gladly. Robert is asleep, I'm sure. Now please stop this. People are getting very annoyed. :-) - Matthew Horton
Скоблятина - Алишер
И общение с иными мирами френдфидика - Алишер
если анноит - вали отсюда мудак. - Sergey Juchkov
I don't know if I'm a true FF addict, but I'm here nonetheless ;) - Peter Kruit
О как! Кого-то уже забодало. - teinett
@Matthew Horton НИВАЗМОЖНА - Алишер
red dawn - bopm
I sense the inspiration for an April Fool's Day gag... - Neurario
Ехал Скобл через Скобл, видит Скобл в реке Скобл, Скобл Скобл Скобл Скобл... - 13pm
А вообще, кажется, не хватает еще парочки Хортонов для полного счастья - 13pm
Задолбало? Дави на "блок"! - ʕ⨂˕̥⨂ʔ Т ПДМЛ?
unicode power! - bopm
BALALAIKA POWER - bye bye symphony
Привет, кстати. - bye bye symphony
babushka force! - bopm
кревед - bopm
Таша! - Ⓚⓔⓝⓞⓑⓘ
@matthewhorton let me hug you, we are friends, we do no wrong, juss bring happiness to people around, join us in rejoice! - undisclosed recipient
КЕНОБИ! - bye bye symphony
oh those Russians. They turn every topic into "chateg". - 13pm
check - Marco Fabbri
Тэш, я скучаю! - Ⓚⓔⓝⓞⓑⓘ
Это не настоящий чатик - Anton Volnuhin
Ты не чатег! - она с Хитманом пришла
@Maieutic Rejoice of what? - Matthew Horton
and don't believe these Scobles, they're not real. But we are - 13pm
у нас в ебурге солнышко наконецто - ʕ⨂˕̥⨂ʔ Т ПДМЛ? from IM
millomì - Francesco Cugurra
@juchkov, дизреспект. -1. - nomoretears
But HE IS RUSSIAN - 13pm
ugh, Мы все знаем, вы все фальшивые. - Matthew Horton
I'm here! - ★ Soner Gönül
Они выучили слово «chateg»! Чуваки, еще несколько тысяч комментариев, и они научаться великому и могучему - fxf
Мэтью нас раскусил! - Ⓚⓔⓝⓞⓑⓘ
Я ТОЖЕ СКОББЛ - осталось 10 дней ядра
юхууу!!!))) а если еще весь чатег перечитают!!!! - она с Хитманом пришла
START PANIC IMMEDIATELY! - осталось 10 дней ядра
LET'S PANIC! Uiiiiii!! - Ⓚⓔⓝⓞⓑⓘ
chateg panic! - Sergey Juchkov
SCOBBLE FACEBOOK KGB CHATEG - осталось 10 дней ядра
Don't believe Horton. We're real. And he's fake. - 13pm
Checking in. - Robert Miller
А А А А А А А А А А А А А А А А А А А А А А А А А А А А А А А А А А А А А А А А А А А А А А А А - осталось 10 дней ядра
Checking out! - Sergey Juchkov
Hi, Robert! - Алишер
поскоблите чатег - осталось 10 дней ядра
Ладно, я только в нетрезвом состоянии уделять достаточно внимания, недостаточно для того, чтобы верить или укусить вас - Matthew Horton
Hello chateg! - Sergey Juchkov
LOL Robert. :) - Robert Miller
Hortex не надо меня кусать - Алишер
опять Хортон тутфту несет непонятную - Sergey Juchkov
укусить нас - Sergey Juchkov
пьяный он видите ли. алкаш. - Sergey Juchkov
пусть у русских пить учится - Sergey Juchkov
и работать после этого - Sergey Juchkov
Кто притворяется говорящим по-русски Меттью Хортоном? - ʕ⨂˕̥⨂ʔ Т ПДМЛ?
ВЕРЬ! @ КУСАЙ! - fxf
НЕ Я - Sergey Juchkov
Matthew Horton, please stop drinking in chateg - Алишер
Ладно, водка хороша. Я люблю пиво. Сталь Резерв FTW! - Matthew Horton
Америца сейчас вся спит. Где-то в 17:00 по москве там начнется рабочий день. Вот тогда нас всех запалят. :) - у всех так ?
beer - good! - Sergey Juchkov
НЕТ МЫ - 13pm
у нас есть еще 3 часа - Sergey Juchkov
Это он по сталь резерв какую-то марку подразумевает? - Алишер
МЫ — МЯСО! МЫ – ГАЗ! - fxf
тоже ничего так :) - Sergey Juchkov
надо притаиться, а потом КАААК ПРЫГНУТЬ! - осталось 10 дней ядра
ПОПЯЧТЕСЬ @ КУСАЙТЕСЬ - она с Хитманом пришла
всем лежать два саса!!!!! - Sergey Juchkov
Robert Scoble has subscribed to Robert Scoble's feed. Robert Scoble, Robert Scoble and Robert Scoble liked it. - 13pm
зачем он в яндексе? скоблить будет? - Sergey Juchkov
Ready to serve! - Anders Dahlberg from iPhone
3 часа за скобление! Да вы оскоблитесь! - teinett
у меня чатик неимоверно тормозит - осталось 10 дней ядра
Я потерял интерес в данный момент. Я буду скрывать, как и любой другой. Это хромой, что вы захватили этот. Пивные правила. Спокойной ночи. :-) - Matthew Horton
скоблите, скоблите - они золотые - она с Хитманом пришла
I am here.. - Burak S. Vanlı
Да, Мэтью, это хромой. Мы старались все скрыть, но ты пришел и обнаружил это. Прости. Таковы уж пивные правила. - 13pm
Buradayım :) - Burçak Çubukçu
опять алиены - осталось 10 дней ядра
Все, надоело. Когда настоящий скобл придет - скажите. - CES & nootropics
Вы все упоротые! Вас всех забанят!!! - она с Хитманом пришла
Метью родил новый мем, не подозревая о том. Это хромой, но таковы Пивные правила. - ʕ⨂˕̥⨂ʔ Т ПДМЛ? from IM
@burcakcubukcu merhaba - Sergey Juchkov
Мем-хуем - bye bye symphony
это хромой! get in da car! - осталось 10 дней ядра
I'm here from Italy :) - Ale♪nastrorosa
ola - Durukan Duru
пойду пообедаю что-ли пока скобл не проснулся - Sergey Juchkov
Hi, Alessandra - Алишер
Hi, Durukan - Алишер
hello Italy! - Sergey Juchkov
Hi Roberts! - 13pm
Hi Robert :)) - Fatih Küçükbaltacı
Anseo - Ken Power from iPhone
Hey Robert! - Berk D. Demir
Hi my name is Rasmus and I'm an addict - Rasmus Lauridsen
Hi Rasmus! - Ⓚⓔⓝⓞⓑⓘ
Да сражу же видно кто тут настоящщие аддикты - ʕ⨂˕̥⨂ʔ Т ПДМЛ? from IM
CHO? - Алишер
СИСИтмВИ - fxf
про сиси я понял, а дальше? - Алишер
всех не забанишь! - Антискобл
ну что, ЭПИГ ЧЯТЕГ или день пропал? - ʕ⨂˕̥⨂ʔ Т ПДМЛ? from IM
window, over wing please :P - Yunus Tunak
Hi, I'm Bette... I don't know if I'm an addict, but I can't stay away... I keep checking, just to see if something's new... and I cry if I get no responses to a post. Is that addictive behavior? :D - Bette Cooper
балалайка - Танаев!
His name is Robert Scoble! His name is Robert Scoble! His name is Robert Scoble! - bye bye symphony
водка - Танаев!
матрёшка - Танаев!
ПОМНИМ! СКОРБИМ! - Антискобл
матрёшка - Танаев!
нет, не так - Танаев!
... и скоблим тоже... - mikolka
VODKA - Танаев!
SPUTNIK - Танаев!
PUTIN - Танаев!
буржуинцы начинают просыпаться. Я начинаю паниковать/ - ʕ⨂˕̥⨂ʔ Т ПДМЛ? from IM
мы пришли с миром - Танаев!
was that really Robert Scoble ? or hacked ? - она с Хитманом пришла
No. Impersonated. By several. - Dennis Jernberg
NAZDOROVIE! - ʕ⨂˕̥⨂ʔ Т ПДМЛ? from IM
Кстати, если писать что-нибудь типа «Апруе ылцц оррке валдов», то особой разницы они не заметят. - bye bye symphony
Апруе ылцц оррке валдов! Апруе ылцц оррке валдов! Апруе ылцц оррке валдов! - fxf
Бедный, бедный гугл-транслейт. - fxf
Yup, I have blocked all the impersonators now. You will still see them, but I don't see them and they no longer can comment on any of my items. - Robert Scoble
Present. - Dean
Yep Addict here :) - Russell G
Check :) in - Connee
addicted. - Miketrevis
Checked. - Smeerch
vabbe', eccomi - punkwithgun
+1 - Borgognoni
@scobleizer As far as I can see you have blocked not only the impersonators (who renamed themselves back the moment they found out you have a problem with this) but most of the folks who chatted there. - Based on real people
@meatreach yes, see next thread. Scobble becomes anti-Russian. - Never Impersonate You
here too:) waiting for my mission :) - abdellah
Here - PI from iPhone
Maxatma: well, that's just too bad. I speak English. Sorry. People who don't speak English really don't have any business commenting on one of my items, except in rare cases. - Robert Scoble
Why you, Robert Scoble, don't block users from Spain or Italy? China or arabic countries? Those users that comments on non-English languages? - Never Impersonate You
I'm an addict so I'm here. - Francesco Passannanti
@Robert, in fact they do speak English. But they also do make fun of Friendfeed and everything that's going on there. You can block them or take part in this fun. ;) - Based on real people
Epic SUCCESS - Mark
I'm here! - Bastian
Here! - Martynas
Go & Come ! - JohnDu™
here i am - Howard Trickey
Use it every day. - Nils Sandin
check - arnaldostream
кисо куку ;) - penguin
Maxatma: I have enough noise in my life. I don't need to have more. - Robert Scoble
Epic success in banning innocent people - Never Impersonate You
Checking in - Johnny Chadda
@scoblezier, really? Why this census of the population is not noise? - Never Impersonate You
Never: no, it's not noise. What's noise is going off topic on a thread. I'm very close to blocking you too. Keep it up. - Robert Scoble
here! - Nilesh
Here! - DanDan
I prefer FF over twitter and facebook, but all my friends are on twitter and/or facebook. Maybe facebook will get it right this time now that it has acquired FF. If they simplify it a bit more without removing functionality. Then I would spend a bit more time on FB. Lets hope all goes well with the merger. If not I'm jumping ship and going over to Google Wave. oh wait, I'm going to go with Google Wave regardless! ;-) - Captain Jack
Bu arada Russian friends Turkiye'ye selamlar gonderiyor. - ideali
Red 5, standing by - Danny F Santos
ideali: can you speak English please? Thanks. - Robert Scoble
Yep - Giorgio Burlini from iPhone
for 6 words, this post sure got a lot of mileage. What now Scoble wan kenobi? - shaun mclane
Oh, check FF.. doh FarceBook... my fingers are crossed in hope. - Greig
Me! Me! - DGentry
@scobleizer i can speak english and i beg you to remove bann from all russian friendfeeders, because we are all from it-community, working in internet companies and we came with peace, you asked for feedback from friendfeed addicts — we show you how really it is being frf addicts, we change names, we chat, we making things that are not serious. Why so serious? Unlock people, they are not bots, they just playing the game of real addicts and have fun. Common. - ideali
shaun: I started this post to demonstrate that a lot of us are still here and aren't likely to leave. At least not quickly. So, life goes on after FriendFeed gets acquired by Facebook. Point proved. - Robert Scoble
Beyler, bana bir sey anlatin, bu kadar ciddi olmaya ne gerek var? Translation: Guys, why so serious? - ideali
Good morning, Robert! - Hector
here - Maitani
ideali: have them send email to and I'll unblock anyone who says they weren't impersonating me. - Robert Scoble
Hector: good morning! I need coffee. - Robert Scoble
@robert yes they (we will) stay here, I think tat the migration process will take time and after reading @Paul Bucheit, I think that what we all are trying to get even if we don't say it explicitly is to preserve a kind of intimacy (beeing a part of the Huge faceBook community) don't mean that FF community will preserve their intimacy, why should a community be a plan one, (let imagine a community as a set of sub-community) that all. - abdellah
Wow!! So many likes and comments; is it a record Rob? - Erfun
@scobleizer thank you, for understanding. be cool, guys we just want have fun here a little. Take care. - ideali
K - Glenn Fay
Er-fun, This is the largest list of comments I've ever seen on FF... but no idea if it's a record or not - Roy Herrod
whenever you're ready - patrickdh
the record is in our russian community, guyz. - ideali
Roy: it's not even close to being a record. It's nice to see that there's still a nice group hanging out here, though. - Robert Scoble
Totally addicted - Fernando Parra
"fax a cat" has 711 likes : anything else top that? Is there a ff record page? - Mr. The Jason Fleming
so is this part of the regular Scoble-cull? :p - Iwan
here - Contz
totally addicted - zsafwan 
Yes We Do :) - Jan Friman
right here, right now - Hakan
@Iwan --hahaha "we could be so lucky" lol - Mr. The Jason Fleming
There is no addiction, only habitual sin :) - Mike Shields
@harfehesaab Уes, it is a Яecord for sиre ! .) - Peorð byþ symble plega
Here - Chris Riewe
Just for the record, yes and loving the "add comment" at the bottom.. it was a long way to scroll back up otherwise. - Rhys Amos from iPod
I'm here captain! ;-) We may be on a dying ship, but I'm glad to have sailed with her. :-) - darnell from BuddyFeed
Хотела остаться в стороне. Но тут такая "пьянка"! Всем привет в этом чатиге:) - a little bit crazy
I feel like such a slacker checking in about 12 hours later. You caught me the one night I go offline early. - Rob Diana
Present And Accounted For - Roberto Bonini
check - Mark Zip
I do. - dstamand
Slow response from me, but still ... - Christian Bolstad
@Robert RE "I have enough noise in my life. I don't need to have more" - isn't it a lot of noise having 26K subscriptions and 46K subscribers on your frf account? I'm kind of surprised - you create a community that large around yourself, yet when you see a new and unusual activity you just block it right away. - Based on real people
Good morning from the east coast! - Domingo Rogers
Maxatma: when people impersonate me I have no patience. Sorry. - Robert Scoble
present and accounted for - Shawn Roos
Checking in. - Warner Crocker
here - Tracy Benham
I am in, of course!! - Ronald
Still figuring it out, but liking it - Rob Fisher
Here. - Joe Bonner from fftogo
Here. - Joe Bonner from fftogo
@Robert, patience? Who's talking about patience? It's about curiosity, not patience. When something strange and unusual happens around you, you can either try to stop it or try to see what it can develop into. You choose to stop - and it stopped. Well, not stopped - just moved to some other place. And do you really know what it was and what it was about to bring you? - Based on real people
Pow! - Rolf Schewe
+1 to Maxatma :) - Connee
why so nervous? - Connee
Глядико, чатег) - У меня все было…
Late to the party but here all the same. - Pete Gilbert
+1 to Maxatma too - Shareli
оО - Monk Albino
Oh Captain, My Captain! - Daniel van Moll
yes sir. - James Macgill
please don't go - Zach Scott
here i am! - Barbara R. S.
check. - Brian Sloane
hi. i can get a note from my wife and kids. - Thom Kennon
here - saskia
I love the fact that I can't read a good amount of the comments here :) FFAddicts without Borders - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Check - Marco Massarotto from iPhone
да, чатег однако ) - заasset'ил™
here - ahmet bulent
as requested - Al Pasternak
in the process of getting addicted...yo - Chad Gesser from BuddyFeed
Yo addiction as per requested Sir. - Steve Ram
ну пиздец понеслась - Dolgiy-Rapoport
Here.. yay! - seda irengü özmen
Check - Eric Johnson
There!, Am I wrong or they added "add comment button" at the end of comments? - Antonio Correnti
Guilty as charged :). Hope FF will continue to kick ass, even after being acquired by Facebook. - alfred westerveld
I don't think of it as an addiction though I do get severe withdrawal symptoms for taking a long hiatus.. hmm - Wang Yip
@Паша, чятег был утром, но потом проснулся топикстартер, пришел и молча забанил всех™. - Based on real people
here - timepilot
hola - spiros
howdy - Brandon Ball
My middle name is belated. - Benjamin Taylor
Do I need to state my first name (Hi Robert - My name is Laurie and I am a friendfeed addict! "Hi Laurie" :)))) - Laurie DesAutels
I'm here - Michael_techie
I'm getting there. - Spencer
word. - Ron Wening
here - imran
not sure if I commented already but I will add onto the pile. - beersage
pick me! pick me! pick me! - .i.m.a.r.s.o.r.a.m.a.
oups !!! - Polluxe
comment number 1287... - Yann Ropars
This is trying to become the longest thread in the history of FF, eh? Nice show of hands, definitely good numbers! - Bora Zivkovic
Wut? Oh, HERE! - Noah Gray
Last, but not least - Paul Brannan
Here I am from Italy :-) - catepol from iPhone
from Italy too ;-) - Andrea - womarketing
I;'m currently in Rome, Italy - Danica Radovanovic
Nobody from Russia here already? - Кто это тут у нас
Here I am. - Evan Travers
Addiction came in again, I raise my hand. - Zu from AOD
Here - and hoping that any changes here are for the better - that nothing goes backwards. - Courtney Engle
Walmartization of friendfeed now in progress - imran
Если все забанены, то хто ето пишетъ? - У меня все было…
Present - TheDiva Rockin
Hello and goodbye. - Carlton Prest
Party's not over yet? :) - Sasha Kovaliov
Well, there is another party here in Chinese and Persian languages :)) Welcome joining! - K.D.
Here we are! ;) - Экскуратор
Большой чятег, однако! :] - Экскуратор
Nice to see so many languages. - E-Advocate Network
Better late than never! - Sherry BakerBrio
Here! - David Sharpe
I'm here - Amit Morson
here. - felix
what was that again? - Karthik Sridhar
Ой, да это маленький чятег оказывается. 1300 всего. У нас-то 7000 было :) - Экскуратор
Hey, this chatroom appeared to be quite small - only 1300 messages :) We've done 7000 in our Russian thread ;) - Экскуратор
Present. I'm here in Chile. - Roberto Arancibia
@Сережа Мэ Come to join our chatroom:) - K.D.
presente! - Alex Sauceda
What is this 'Russian' thread you speak of? ;) - Mr. The Jason Fleming
It was already mentioned here - check this out: - Экскуратор
@yogar thanx, I'm coming to visit you ;) - Экскуратор
Im back! - Lee Kent
Present from Romania - cata b
Present. - xero
İşsiz güçsüz bir sürü adam işte. Dağılın olm. (No, I'm not addicted, I'm just watching) - ilterocktive
Тук! - Valentine Valov
I'm always login in friendfeed - Edgar Rodríguez from iPhone
ehy guys! - ɔɹɐɯ
me! - prezzemolo
Greetings from Bulgaria! - Valentine Valov
:O) - Jeanne
I'm here all the way from South Africa! I dig this service and I'm not quite ready to give it up. Regardless of the news about the acquisition, this remains an awesome service. - Paul Jacobson
I'm new to ff but find more valuable information here than anywhere else! - Janet Crance
Hello! Here I am! - Maria Gabriella Quadri
Oh hello there! - Jaremy Rich
Here - 1Co from iPhone
+1 - gerri from iPhone
Present! - April Buchheit
here too - Flavio
not addicted yet :) - vinod
presente - Eric Gagne
Here! - Anne Bouey
Me too! - Tudor Bosman from Android
ok, now what? shall we dance for you? - Trent Shields
Check - Elf
I probably qualify. - Lindsay
Count me in - Andrei M. Marinescu
I'm here. Still :) - Svartling
yes, we can dance, we can dance, everybody look at your hands! - .LAG liked that
if i leave a comment means I am an addict? - Nikos Anagnostou
1360 is that all out of a so called million hmmm ... must be more like 100,000 users in reality then - Thomas Power
if if I "liked" - does it make me an FF addict ? - Peter Dawson
aye! - vino
I am not a true addict but I checked in to be part of the record :) - Erfun
I find FF the most useful of my social networks. - Leigh Marriner
Checkin in - Bryan R. Adams
Got other things to do too :) - Richard Hill
hmmm.. - Krishnamoorthy
Addict? Neh. Loyal, now-more-than-a-little-concerned user? Yeh! - Anthony Citrano
Well, sure. Yeah, fine. Count me in. - Jason Pontin
Just arrived. Is this the way to the next cliff? - goodmachine
Guilty - Ian Wright from BuddyFeed
Still? - Tyler Hurst
what for? - Ali Sanaei
Hollah - Greg Santos
I'm Thaths and I am a FF addict! - Thaths
Check me in... - Alb. [CHIUSO]
present. - Marco
Check. - vic from iPhone
burada ;) hier, here,voilà... - Bengi (Kılıç) Kepkep
Present - Dave Martin
I'm late. But Mom got 75. Count me in though. - Ton Zijp
I'm here scoble! - Jason Pollock
presente - Eric Gagne
I'm a friendfeed addict and I'm here! - Bryce Campbell from iPhone
allo - Patrick
Here! - Bill Thomas
Here! - Steffan Antonas
Still here - Transcribe It Quick
I'm NOT addicted! - Iphigenie
I dedicate this song to friendfeed addicts :) - ilterocktive
reporting for duty - Jason Miller
check. a little late. by i'm addicted, i swear!! - Mike
ping - Sameer
Here. - Araceli
Here. - Iván Abrego
Been without a computer for a couple of days. The horror! I'm here. Finally. - Julie Barrett from twhirl
in! - Andrew David
right here - Nightwatcher☣
✔ - Majento
amilateamilate??! - Sarah Lane
word - Fee501st
New fan but longtime subscriber. - Steven Zenith
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I'm checking in again. - DGentry
Louis: you can if you want! I heard you can drink a Diet Coke once a day if you check in! - Robert Scoble
that I don't understand at all - Mark
are you checking to see who has left since the FB purchase? I'm staying here! - Katy Barrilleaux
I just expanded this thing, what a fun ride! - Cass
What if I drink a Diet Coke every 60 minutes? Then what? - Louis Gray
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Yes! I'm 23 hours late. :s That doesn't make me an addict. Damn. :( - Faraz Mullick
so only a few % of rob's followers on here responded? - Mark
Just logged into Friendfeed in the last 24 hours. This seems a lot cleaner than Twitter for certain. I'm an organization freak! - David Kolln
Mark: I have 46,000 followers, but the usual thing is only a percentage of them show up on any week. - Robert Scoble
That's sad - Gianluca Neri from iPhone
I'm sure this is part of Scoble's plot to poll all the people who really read his posts, and unfollow the rest. So I raise my hand. - Shivanand Velmurugan
Just a wannabe. Not an addict (yet). - Carole Hicks
It might also be a way for me to filter down my "following" count (diff (my followers, scoble)) are the only people I really need to follow. Those that scoble follows, I can safely unfollow and use Scoble as my social media filter :) - Shivanand Velmurugan
Loading this thread on the iPhone uses 1% battery life lol - Mark from iPhone
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pardon the arrogance but it really sucks this great forum of sharing will turn into a myspace humdrum. Now I have to find another SM where first adopters and well informed techies won't haft to compete with general "noise" - earl wallace
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Now that's an excellent question. - Dennis Jernberg
When I heard the FaceBook news, I tried to quit FriendFeed and I couldn't... I'M HOOKED - The Web's Wendell Wittler
i clicked the "1488 more comments" and my computer nearly exploded. and yes, i am using an amiga 500. - jack
Now that I have instructions (thanks LouisGray) and figured out my Bookmarklet! I am LOVING the ease of use! addict - not quite... - Robyn Hawk
you're addicted to deez nutz - skunkman62
LOL - skunkman62. It's all good, the sun is still shining. - Harold Cabezas
Is this the location of the next FA (Friendfeed Anonymous) meeting? - Cynthia Holladay
LOL - Cynthia - nfan12
Monkey #1496 reporting in, sir. For true ADDICT status, I'd say the cut off is the first hour. The rest of us are wannabes. ;-) - michael silverton
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It's not an addiction until there's an intervention. - Bill Sodeman
Some of us addicts will refuse any intervention. Especially by Facebook. ;) - Dennis Jernberg
I like it!!! I really, REALLY do : D - Ellen Spencer
Actually, I lied. I am not a die-hard friendfeed fan. I desperately want to be but have just not been able to get into a good "feeding" rhythm. Maybe I need to add some more friends - Anant Gairola
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I don't need to be addict. I'm just here, everyday, absorbing so many geeky info :D There's no place like FF - Lysender
I'm still with ya, Robert. Whatever FB paid for FF, it wasn't enough! - Donald C. Lindsay
New here, but learning. Tips for best use? - Barbara Langham
@bdlangam From my perspective the #1 tip in this category is: Explore and define "best use" for yourself. Despite potential "finishing" impression of some productive consolidations in this collective-collaborative cognition space, the emergent #cognosphere is still WAY too nascent to assert anything other than initial impressions. March to the beat of your own drum; build your own... more... - michael silverton
yeah sorry, late. was at Shambhala Music Festival, I know tardy, sorry... - sofarsoShawn
I'm getting hooked, still figuring it all out - Michele McGraw
I think I do. Not enough contacts to make a impression. - Michael Schlag
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Sanki takip ettigim, tanidigim herkes like'lamis. | It's like everyone I follow, know liked this. | Habidi dubidi du. - hz. ceku efendi
Like'imi verip geri aldim cunku IPHONE'DAN GONDERILMIS!!! | I gave my like but took it back because IT'S SENT FROM IPHONE!!! | Habidi zubidi kubudu ANANIBUDU BU. - hz. ceku efendi
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April Buchheit
There are 75 bands depicted in this picture. Let's see if we can name them all.
I'll start: Alice in Chains - April Buchheit
B52's - Charles Dick
Pet Shop boys (Isthat a band?) - Rahsheen
Smashing Pumpkins - Rahsheen
Guns and Roses - Rahsheen
Gorillaz - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
Nickelback - Rahsheen
The Pixies - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
Eagles - Rahsheen
Led Zepplin - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
Matchbox 20? - Rahsheen
Whitesnake - Rahsheen
Rolling Stones - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
Blur? - Rahsheen
Alice in Chains - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
Garbage - Rahsheen
White Zombie - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
U2, Queen, Sex Pistols - Gunneh-MoTo Calls me that
Scissor sisters - Gunneh-MoTo Calls me that
Nine Inch Nails - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
Iron Maiden - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
Red Hot Chili Peppers - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
Cowboy Junkies - Gunneh-MoTo Calls me that
Lemonheads - TVTechGrl
Crowded House? - Gunneh-MoTo Calls me that
Beach Boys? (Guys in the background carrying surf boards) - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
Talking Heads? people on the TV's in the back - Gunneh-MoTo Calls me that
Chevelle - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
The Eels - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
Dinosaur Jr. - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
The Postal Service - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
Hole - TVTechGrl
The Black Crowes - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
Skinny Puppy - Gunneh-MoTo Calls me that
The Cars - TVTechGrl
Better image to work with - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
Styx - TVTechGrl
The Police - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
Radio Head - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
Deep Purple - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
Men At Work - TVTechGrl
I think we're close to Fifty, I can't figure out the mountain in the background or the guys on the roof. - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
Seal - TVTechGrl
Pearl Jam - TVTechGrl
The Roots - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
The Dead Kennedys - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
Yellowman? Don't know if that's a real band - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
The Posies - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
Black-eyed Peas - Rob Michael (Atmos Trio)
Twisted Sister - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
The Killers - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
Blues Brothers - Rob Michael (Atmos Trio)
Lostprophets - Rob Michael (Atmos Trio)
Great white - Rob Michael (Atmos Trio)
The Runaways - Rob Michael (Atmos Trio)
Counting Crows - Rob Michael (Atmos Trio)
Plaid banana - Matt Cutts from iPhone
Black Sabbath? - Rob Michael (Atmos Trio)
Rob, where do you see Black Sabbath? I had it pop into my head but I couldn't find it. - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
Cypress Hill. - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
I was just looking at that in a pizza shop up here in Lake George. Nice find (and don't forget Matchbox 20 on the floor there and green day on the calendar.) - B.J. Mendelson
James-The black statue on the cross-walk behind 'the blues brothers' (I don't know--it's kind of a stretch) - Rob Michael (Atmos Trio)
Dead Kennedys, Korn - Clare Dibble
Are those bags of raisons by the fruit stand in the lower right?---I'm going to say that they represent Marvin Gaye. - Rob Michael (Atmos Trio)
Wow, no one caught Sex Pistols yet? - Lindsay
Rolling Stones too - Lindsay
Is there a bigger version of this somewhere? - Lindsay
Lindsay, "Better image to work with" - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
Rob, that was an "Iron Maiden" - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
LOL--that's better... - Rob Michael (Atmos Trio)
Prince, and I think the "raisins" might be Cranberries. - Clare Dibble
Bloc party - mike fabio
Seal (from the poster behind the White Zombie) - Gabe
The Eels (assuming those things on the street under the queen's pistols are eels) - Gabe
Is it "Blues Brothers" or "Blues Traveller"? - Joe Beda
Tree on mountain is "Bush"? - Joe Beda
Clare: are you sure it's Dead Kennedys, and not Presidents of the USA? - Gabe
Gabe, it's definetly the Dead Kennedys, the pictures on the wall are of JFK and Robert Kennedy, who was never a president. - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
Joe, I believe the tree on the hill is a cypress, Cypress Hill. It's a bit big for a bush. - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
Sticks or The Sticks (two different bands I think). And didn't we see this in 2005 or 2006? - Mark Zip
Mark, Styx and yeah it has a calendar that says Aug 21, 2006 - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
Cornershop - Christian (Simply X)
The Pet Shop Boys - Christian (Simply X)
Led Zepplin - Christian (Simply X)
James, Styx maybe, but there is at least one other band on my shelf called Sticks. And I seem to remember "The" Sticks also. I wonder if we get to count the same thing as two spellings and therefore two towards our total? ;-) - Mark Zip
Could the M&Ms on the ground by the smashed pumpkins be the band Sweet? - Mark Zip
James: you're right. The picture posted is too small to be able to tell for sure who the other photo was. But really, RFK was shot while running for president, so it's not out of the question. - Gabe
White Zombie. - Colette
Big Fat Gray Boulder - cvkathy
Shadow on Ground - cvkathy
i love that so much lol - shannonmorley
Mark Zip
Twitter / Daniel Tumiwa: Bom @ marriot and ritz Car ... -
Could this be the first Tweet to mention latest Jakarta bombing. Seems he was in the coffee shop. Ugh. - Mark Zip from Bookmarklet
Harry McCracken
Would You Pay For Firefox Extensions? -
AdBlock Plus, NoScript and Firebug - Yes, probably. Of these, I think only NoScript takes donations at the moment. Others would have to have a long track record of stability and updates before they would get support. So, in a pay-for-play world, how would extensions get that track record? - Mark Zip
Robert Scoble
Is Office 2010 the largest JavaScript app in the world? -
Is Office 2010 the largest JavaScript app in the world?
Are you sure it is a javascript app? Is it not using Silverlight? - sarvesh
Sarvesh: In the video they say that it's running using Ajax and Java without any silverlight or other plugin. - Roy Herrod
Roy is right. No Silverlight. All JavaScript. - Robert Scoble
Robert, let me tell you right now, the fact that all that runs in Javascript, is one of the finest pieces of modern engineering i've seen on the web - Mark
Shaun: Microsoft invented Ajax, so should know how to do it! - Robert Scoble
The sheer mount of coding required to take every office feature and correspond it to javascript and match functionality is just insane, i mean millions of work hours - Mark
it also allows them to get all the OS's and support for most top browsers is also great . - Kashif Khan
Which means it will work on the iPhone - Jesse Stay
Office on Linux :) - Kashif Khan
Microsoft deserves massive credit for getting all this to work cross-browser, it's absolutley stunning. - Mark
I still wonder why Paul Thurott dismissed all these office online rumours as "silly" up to a few days ago and yet he has the best technical coverage on the web of Office 10. - Mark
Maybe he was just playing the game - Mark
they were under embargo - Kashif Khan
Yeah but the easiest thing to do is just say nothing, not say the rumours are false and then the next day have lots of coverage on it. - Mark
Well I am all for it, them using javascript. But with such a huge web application running on IE7 or IE8 isn't going to be easy due to the slow javascript engine. So are we gonna see an update to the browser then? Probably IMO. - sarvesh
Maybe they want everyone to start using Chrome! - Californian
That's a really good point, all the browsers now love to quote javascript speeds. So Office will be faster on some browsers then - Mark
Maybe thats why they showed it in FF 3.5 on those Scoble videos! Probably sucks on IE! - Mark
That and I am guessing they don't want to show off their new browser. Man I so wish they have a faster IE. I have pretty big web app and even after all the optimization I could think off it still runs so bad that I don't support IE yet. - sarvesh
Mark: He demo'd Word in IE at one point (in one of the videos) but then Scoble encouraged him to swap back to FF by asking about it - So I don't think there's going to be a problem, you'd expect they would have tested it and tweaked it alot so it works as well in IE as other browsers - Roy Herrod
Robert, did you happen to ask them what is happening to given that they keep mentioning Windows Live as the place where this stuff is going to be hosted? - Jamie
Jamie: I didn't ask that, sorry. - Robert Scoble
No worries Robert. My suspicion is its going to be mothballed. - Jamie
Jamie: I can't answer your question because I don't have contacts inside Microsoft, I'd guess that the new Office web apps become Office Live Workspace at some point or that OLW is rebranded to something different. - Robert Wawrzyniak
I know this was a surprise for me, I thought it would be silverlight. I bet they'll do an enhanced silverlight version eventually. - Ben Reierson
Has this been demoed running on Linux + FF3.5? That's always the true test as to whether they're using some sneaky tricks to run native apps in the browser... - Steve and 4 other people
It funny how he names Safari, Firefox and IE as their 'Top Tier' browsers. Opera and Chrome aren't even an afterthought. - Arawak
Sucks, <3 Chrome, but we have such a small market share it might be financially irresponsible to code for it :( :( - Mark
Doesn't this just make the surface area for javascript attacks and exploits much much larger? Scripting is already the source for a huge number of problems. Now we're gonna *really* hafta run the browser in a sandbox. And if we catch a nasty in the online version of the document/spreadsheet and save it, will the nasty transfer to the local client/machine when we get back to the office? - Mark Zip
Twitter goes down. Do you head to FriendFeed to express your thoughts in real time, Facebook, some place else?
facebook - Wesley Barrow
I guess it would depend on whether the ff > twitter > fb stream were to get updated all at once when twitter came back. If it dumped all of my ff all at once onto my fb page things might get hairy with the folks over there in the fb walled garden - Mark Zip
Dave Winer
Jorn Barger is still on top of my Top 40 list.
Great to see that Jorn is still getting props. What a fascinating character. I well remember the frisson of finding Robot Wisdom and the knowledge that there was a real, ornery guy thinking hard about this stuff. Infuriating too, of course. They were sad days for many of us when he went on one of his periodic hiatuses. I wonder if he and Dave eventually "made up". - Mark Zip
He was angry with me, but I was never angry with him. - Dave Winer
Robert Scoble
Official Google Blog: Let's make the web faster. Good discussion topic for Building43. How can we all work together to make the web faster? -
Get rid of Google Analytics :) (actually, you just need to delay load until after the page is finished loading) - Paul Buchheit
@Paul Do pages still load slow if analytics is in the footer instead of the header? - EricaJoy
Let's remove all this useless design stuff on websites. Remove all flash from the web. - Charbax
everyone download Google Chrome first! - iTbay
Erica, putting it in the footer helps a lot, but it will still make the browser animate and potentially delay other js from executing, which will slow the page. External JS and CSS are a big cause of slow web pages. - Paul Buchheit
Do you think eliminating spam would speed up web traffic? (Kind of like trying to eradicate cockroaches in Texas though) - RobinDotNet
Get rid of all the hackers and spammers jamming up servers and bandwidth :) - LPH™ and his dog P™
iTbay: already done that! Paul: we should do a video with you about some of the things you've done at FriendFeed to make this consistently one of the fastest sites I visit. - Robert Scoble
@Robert I'd watch that. - EricaJoy
Google needs to add PHP support in App Engine, it'll make all Wordpress blogs, phpbb forums and mediawiki sites faster when hosted for free on that. - Charbax
Make like the old days ... stop using full URLs internally. (Of course, you 'might' lose a little SEO juice too ?! ) - Charlie Anzman
@robert that would be a great interview with @paul - andy brudtkuhl
Charlie, the feeds need to have full URLs, and it's a pain to use different URLs in pages vs their feeds. - Bruce Lewis
I'd like to know what they use to decode incoming emails. My use of metamail+lv is a hack, and I'd like to know what cleaner tools are out there. - Bruce Lewis
Regarding Analytics slowing down page loads, I was surprised to see that it's not always its fault. Per the status bar in Firefox does not always blame the correct resource when the page is hanging. - Mihai Parparita
i'm trying desperately not to be cynical and cringe at all the shiny happy people in the video telling us that they just want to make the web faster because, golly, that's what people want and it will make the world a better place, tra la la -- without mentioning how it might benefit Google financially ("Google Internet! Now with more ad impressions per second!") the Steve Souders quote... more... - Karim
i think there are a lot of good technical ideas already around (e.g. jumbo frames, IPv6) but getting everyone to implement them is another story. so i'm not sure how much "making the web faster" boils down to political consensus-making on existing solutions, and how much of it involves radical changes like replacing TCP/IP. - Karim
Paul: I just have "" in my hosts file - Gabe
Making the web faster is a result of building proper web sites. The subject should be "Let's build better websites so they perform faster". - Gilbert Harding
Ah, but what constitutes "proper" or "better"? There are a lot of subtle details to page (let alone ajax/dhtml) optimization that are not well known, and plenty that is only now becoming well-understood by those of us who deal with it daily. The tools and techniques that Souders and many others are working on should help everyone who cares about making their sites/apps faster. @Karim:... more... - Joel Webber
Joel -- if the justification for a faster internet is "glaringly obvious," then why does Google need to mention it on their blog? not only does it deserve a mention, but *research,* quote: "...our research indicates that people prefer faster, more responsive apps." File under "Duh?" News Flash: Google Research discovers people do not like eating excrement. Film at 11. if they bothered... more... - Karim
Amen to those asking for less use of scripting and GA in particular. Scripts are dangerous and GA slows us down. I run noscript on my machine and deny GA as a matter of routine. when I encounter a machine with scripting tuned on I notice the impact on page load times. If hosts provided decent, powerful and pretty stats packages as a matter of course site owners would not have to use GA. @gabe: Null routing FTW ! - Mark Zip
Off-domain ad networks are even worse than GA. - Gabe
Distributed processing methods such as HTML5 in-browser database, similar to Google Gears, can make a user's experience less dependent on central server performance and network latency. - Mike Chelen
Mark Zip
Lance Armstrong makes an 8 year ol kids day - On the Col de la Colombiere. (a category 1 climb!) -
Lance is just so easy with the kid and his dad, as though they were just out for a Sunday ride together. Such a cool guy. - Mark Zip from Bookmarklet
Paul Boag
UK ATMs set to offer WiFi access, free for BT and iPhone users -
Bad enough that many of 'em are built with insecure consumer OSes (you know who you are), but now the crackers aren't even gonna hafta be next to the machine to get our details? Great. Will they *really* separate the access point software from the bank software? - Mark Zip from twhirl
wil wheaton
Am I the only one who feels like USA defeating ESP today is like USA defeating USSR at Lake Placid in 1980?
No, Wil, you're not the only one. A massive win for the USA, and against the run of play too. Now, let's make sure we get to the World Cup! BTW - One of the only good things about living in a country which doesn't go mad for *football* is that I could work all day and be safe in the knowledge that I could go home and watch the DVR without having the surprise ruined. ;-) - Mark Zip
Jason Calacanis
@answers Are you going to buy the new iPhone 3G S? Why or why not? M$1
I would if I didn't just switch to ATT in January. - Richard Leiter
I got my 3G in September, so I'm not sure what my options are for upgrade. But if it's $399 for the 3GS, I'll buy one. - Paul Ring
Not with the current 3G upgrade path. - Ben Newton
I will definitely be buying one,I have a first generation iphone and have been holding out for this day. - Lee
Yep I am upgrading to the 32GB one! - Susan Beebe from BuddyFeed
No, as it would cost me way too much now as I bought the 3G a year ago. Disappointed. :( - Steve de Mena
Nope, mid contract and way too much for the upgrade - Tom Searing from twhirl
yes, but waiting for the Jul 11 anniversary when I bought it to make the switch. otherwise iphone 3G S will cost too much - Ernie Oporto from twhirl
Nope, because AT&T's non-qualified upgrade is too harsh. If I could upgrade the 3G I bought in January for $199, then I might consider it. - Jandy
Nope. The UK upgrade path is crazy for current 3G owners. :( - Aaron Dyer from Alert Thingy
yes absolutely. i am still using the original iPhone, which I have to say still works great for being two years old. I didn't see that much of an advantage to upgrading when the first 3G came out, but now there seems to be enough new features that it makes it worth it. - Jennifer
@Jandy AT&T's upgrade policy is no different than any other cell carrier's policy, in making you wait 2 years before upgrading for a greatly reduced price. I am excited that they're subsidizing at all actually; when I bought my original iPhone there wasn't any subsidizing and I paid full-price *and* was locked into a 2-year contract. If you ask me, their policy now is a lot better than it was then. - Jennifer
Just got my 3G for work going to try to upgrade. Not to fussed though. - Jason Remnant
I would buy it now if I was upgrade eligible. Oh well, gotta wait until December. We'll see if it is a big deal. Personally I wouldn't want 3Gers to comfy, and get 'em while the upgrade itch is hot. - sailorj
No because they aren't available with Verizon :( - Adam Martin
No. Will wait for the next iphone when my two year contract comes up for renewal. iPhone 3GS features and price are not worth it for me. - Carlos
Yes. I have a first gen iPhone, the better battery life, autofocus camera, video, gps and compass are enough & being faster also - Shannon Clark
No. Like many others, I'm mid contract. I'd pay $299 for the update, but not $399 or $499 depending on the model. - Michael Groner
upgrade price not worth it for features i get with quickpwn - Tyler Gillies from email
Tyler - you are just flat out wrong. A jailbroken iPhone won't have: autofocus camera (of higher quality), builtin compass, be ready for next gen data networks (up to 7mps), have a faster processor & better battery. I'm upgrading from a 1st gen so the diff is big if I had a 3G it might be closer - Shannon Clark
i was mostly using hyperbole. those features just aren't worth the upgrade price to me. - Tyler Gillies
Just checked, I have to wait until February. Aarrrgh! - Paul Ring
Not available on my provider, another year on contract. Also starting a new job, so will probably get a company mobile (Crackberry). So probably not getting one any time soon. - David Wright from twhirl
Data plans for AT&T are still keeping me from getting into smartphone craze...yet I may be cheap. - Manuel Mas
Here in the UK if you have the existing Iphone 3G you probably have at least 6 months of contract to run - bit of a rollercoaster - June 19th then damn January 2010 :( - David W
Still no pricing here. T-Mobile haven't updated their tariffs, you can arrange to be notified on the 19th though... :-S - David Wright from twhirl
I preordered a 3GS last night from the online apple store. I still have a first ten phone, so thankfully I qualified for the lower pricing. - Beau Liening
Yes, but when I can get the subsidized price (December) - Martin Johnson
definitely not before the contract renewal is possible and who knows how I will feel about it then.. - David W
Probably not. iPhone 2g still works great for me. - Rob Michael (Atmos Trio)
@Jennifer, I know, and I agree that the initial iPhone customers got screwed, too. But just because it's an industry standard doesn't mean I have to agree with it or like it. I haven't jailbroken because I was hoping to get a new handset with video support, but I may jailbreak instead in the meantime and pick up the new handset when my contract is up. - Jandy
Planning to!! Features that are going to stay for a while from now. The problem in India is the price tag (31 & 36 grands). Looking forward to get one from the US. But then AT&T sucks there :O - Praveen Vasudev
I setup a POLL for this topic at Let me see the stats! - Frode Stenstrøm
No - bad working out by o2 with regard to current 3g owners and the length of their contracts. I'm guessing they know hardcore Apple fans will buy out the remainder of their contract to get the new phone. That, I'm not going to do. I don't have £464 upfront to end my current contract and purchase the new handset. - Charley M
It is really irritating me how much people are complaining about this. No one cared about their 2 year contract when the only thing to look forward to was a $30 flip phone. Maybe contracts are a dumb idea but that's the way it is. Get over it. You just received a subsidized phone a year ago. What makes you think you deserve one every single year? It's nothing that they're doing to... more... - Jennifer
already brought 16G 3Gs set for delivery purchased it as soon as the Apple store opened back up - Kim Landwehr
In 6 months or so. O2 have the same idiotic plan as AT&T. It would cost me a fortune to cancel and then sign a new contract. - Roberto Bonini
Yes, my Blackberry/Verizon contract is up, and I've heard people love At&T so I'm switching. - Greg Birch
@Greg Birch - pls tell me you're kidding. - John Fogarty from twhirl
Yes, but It's like having to choose a contract with the Mafia, Yakuza or the Triads. Eventually you're going to lose an appendage. - Greg Birch
that's a very accurate description. As long as you realize that AT&T = Yakuza. :) - John Fogarty from twhirl
I can dial without a pinky... - Greg Birch
Nope. I just purchased my 3G in November. I'll wait and see what Apple comes up with in the next 18 months to replace mine when my contract expires. - Bryan Clark
Nope---happy with my 3g. - Kelly W.
AT&T sucks, and I am not willing to allow Apple to decide what applications can be put on my phone - Chad Albert
I like AT&T but, I sure don't like their iPhone plan. Might get me a G1 or another HTC product that will take android. - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Unfortunately, I just bought two iPhone I'm going to wait a while. It seems every time I purchase an Apple product, they drop the price soon thereafter. Which is okay -- since I'm willing to overpay for Apple products but not pay discount for anything Microsoft at this point. - Curt Mercadante
Nope - N97 unlocked for me. Even at ~$600 it's cheaper than the Iphone. Plus better camera, physical keyboard, FM transmitter, etc etc - Mark Zip
I've been waiting to buy an iPhone and plan to make the 3GS my first one. - Herb Hernandez
I just got an Android instead! - Ric Johnson
lol loyal customer tax - Tyler Gillies from email
I'm getting the new iPhone 3GS because I have been delaying my buy decision for new cellphone waiting for Apple to drops it's new iPhone - Sebastiaan van den Akker
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