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What are the best goodies you've ever had (or wish to have) at conferences ? Not particularly library- oriented.
I may be the goodies person for a tedx conference next year, so I'm looking for inspiration... thanks ! - marlene
In the early 1990s, when I was still in publishing and worked our company's booth at the American Psychiatric Association meeting, I remember getting a pen from from a pharma company that looked like a syringe (it even had colored liquid inside). - Stephen Francoeur
When I helped organize Library Camp NYC in 2007, we ordered custom printed moleskine notebooks like this: - Stephen Francoeur
The tedxs I've been to, we've had the standard fare of pens and notebooks. Other conference swag has included t-shirts, coffee mugs, hats, flashing programmable pins. Sharice Collins of the IOP might be able to say what the most popular is. - Joe
From romance conferences, here's the stuff I still use: a foldable fan, magnet clips that I use as chip clips, Chico bags, and pens that double as a stylus. - Katie
I like the bags that fold into their own pocket or carrying case. I still have one in my purse (and use it regularly) from a conference several years ago. - ~Courtney F
The fan might be a good idea if it's summertime and the air conditioning conks out. (Of course, if you do give out fans, it will be freezing inside.) - bentley
I got a little (3x3?) hardbound thing full of various post-it note sizes a while back, and I love it. I am also a big fan of small hardbound notebooks, especially if they have short pens attached. - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
USB drives, USB car chargers, stylus pens. I see my tech is showing. - Jenica
A USB drive that comes pre-loaded with the speakers' slides would be perfect. - DJF
Yes! That's definitely my favorite. - Regular Amanda
USB batteries? (e.g. Anker batteries) I've started carrying one of those and I'd totally pick one up if someone was offering one. I never have enough phone/tablet charge at a conference - Hedgehog
Seconding USB drive with slides, and the USB battery. Both are very useful. - Kirsten
Keychain flashlight! - Meg VMeg
I got a simple backpack at a conference that was unadorned with ads but was a bright lime green, so it still served the immediate purpose of being able to find other conference goers in the city. Also, I managed to score a small blanket at said conference which was also great. - copystar
The 25th Army Library Institute handed out a high-quality bag with zippers, pockets, etc., that turns out to be perfect for my wife's notebook (or mine, but I never travel with mine). Heavily branded, but a great/useful gift. - walt crawford
One of my favorites was a t-shirt - but this was special in that it was actually a woman's tee (and not a skintight one either) that is comfortable and flattering. I've NEVER seen a woman's tee at a conference. - Grumpator
When I do my liveblogging thing I actively go on the hunt for any vendor who might have a squeezy ball or some such, to ward off RSI. More generally I do also pick up nice pens. USB drives are about the most technologically advanced giveaway NZ conferences tend to get outside of the "enter your business card to win an iPad" things. Oh, and one particular vendor is famous for licorice allsorts. Calendars with cats? - Deborah Fitchett
Ooh wait I forgot the real best was a laser pointer. Use them for your powerpoints, use them to torment your cats, the possibilities are endless. - Deborah Fitchett
Swedish fish and M&Ms are my favorite snacks that ER&L puts out. - Holly's favorite Anna
Thanks a lot everybody ! - marlene
I got a portable hard disk once. Not a library conference though. - aaron
Finally taking a serious look at LibGuides v2 migration. This is going to be hell. Just a bit less compared to implementing Summon + 360link.
It's not that bad - just set aside enough time to review guides before actually migrating - Aaron the Librarian from Android
The technical I can probably handle.. is the politics.... To be consistent or not to be consistent, that is the question.... The more options LibGuides v2 throws at us, the more messy it is going to get. - aaron
i took the opportunity to start enforcing consistency in our guides. we didn't have any kind of template or guidelines before, so i spent a lot of time coming up with some and introducing them. i did not review all the guides - that was the responsibility of the guide owners. We had several meetings where i explained what was going to happen and the changes that needed to be made before migration. there's a lot of details with the new A to Z list and things like that, but i feel like ours went smoothly. - ~Courtney F
several meetings.... - aaron from BuddyFeed
under pressure to do it with little man hours spent - aaron from BuddyFeed
Force the standardization of the wrapper and the color scheme... we're still discussing offering the choice between left and top nav at the guide level... I thikn we will leave it as a choice for now (but I expect at somepoint people will say "all new gudes will be left nav") - Aaron the Librarian
After witnessing the number of hours our libguides migration team has spent, I don't think there's a way to do this with little hours spent. Little hours would be= don't migrate to 2.0? - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
Yes, 4 meetings spread over June and July. Starting with we're migrating, moving through their to-do lists from me and discussing/finalizing local standards. I sent at least 10 emails to the group as a whole, and answered individual questions as well. Rudi's right - there's not a way to do this with few man hours spent unless you spread those hours out over the next semester/year and migrate after that. - ~Courtney F
And Courtney's just sharing the big-group hours. The team here spent most of their total summers understanding the new architecture and how it impacted our web design and campusguide design; understanding what would and wouldn't migrate, what we would have to work without, etc. - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
Rudi's right - i have no idea how much time our individual librarians spent, nor do i have a firm handle on how long I spend prepping for and managing the transition. It's a big project, for sure. Any migration is. - ~Courtney F
Waiting on our DNS update now. I gave up on the idea of standardization without really considering it. We're a rebellious bunch here. :) And there are pedagogical/androgogical considerations, too--it's easy to go overboard with standardization. The major confusion for us was that we migrated at the beginning of the summer, and told everyone to review their guides, and create anything... more... - Rebecca Hedreen
We learned about the migration just as we had finished our first guides on v1, which will be launched in september... After checking the changes for v2, we finally decided to wait until next year to migrate. - marlene
Hello fine peoples, what do you all use for Twitter analytics? What's free? What's good? What's good and free? Can one do this via Google Analytics?
Depends on what you trying to do? Besides third party analytics did you know there is a built-in ? Don't be scared away by the word "business" it works for free. - aaron
I did not know this! I'll go check it out - maʀtha
Twittonomy and Twopcharts are free and interesting - marlene
2nd on Twittonomy - YvonneM
Ok, second maternity leave announcement of the month in my service today. Turns out I'll be the only one left (out of 3) to deal with e-resources renewals next fall. :-/
Oh wow; good luck. - Galadriel C. from Android
Ew! - Christina Pikas from iPhone
Quick. Get pregnant! :-) - bentley
Thanks for your support everyone ! (it's too late for me, Betsy, I'm outdated) - marlene
Planning to publish a conf report in a LIS OA journal : what's your favorite ?
what's the topic? - RepoRat
OA and ebooks - marlene
Wherever it goes, wanna read it. - barbara fister
JLSC might take it as commentary. Check the November special issue. I don't know how D-Lib gets its conference reviews, but I do know they publish them. - RepoRat
Practical Academic Librarianship might take it? - Hedgehog
C&RL News might be an option. - kaijsa
Thanks for all the suggestions ! I'll blog the conference anyway, but in french. - marlene
Barbara : here's the programme - marlene
merci bien. - barbara fister
You're welcome / de rien ! :-) - marlene
Anyone planning to go to IFLA in Lyon next august ?
No, but one of my students will be there on the Rovelstad Scholarship. I'd love for her to meet you both! - RepoRat
pas moi, but I'd love to!! - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
Feel free to do an email intro ( - happy to meet up with her at some point in the conference. - Lisa Hinchliffe
yes, have her drop me a line, I may help if needed (I'll be there as a volunteer) - marlene
I'm prompted to think about innovative services for our academic libraries : any ideas and insights ? (hint : probably what is innovative for me might be old news for you)
probably not innovative but now I am stationed at the circulation desk I am itching to try some ideas I have read in past - aaron from BuddyFeed
Anything good at ? - Joe
are you interested in a particular area of services? - maʀtha
because we likely need a little more information to jump start our brains - maʀtha
also, what's your time frame for innovative -- i.e., do you have chat reference? - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
I'm open-minded ; my guess is that we need to do more for faculty and researchers, but I have no precise idea of how. - marlene
We don't have chat reference, only e-mail reference service. We have an IR (at starting stage) and no discovery service. - marlene
Our faculty love desktop delivery. When we were under construction, bound journals were inaccessible so we started scanning print articles to email upon request and never discontinued that. We'll do a book chapter if it falls within the ILL/reserves parameters we use. - kaijsa
Scan on demand is an interesting service I see many Universities provide, but I am pretty sure over here, we would fear it would fringe copyright or something. - aaron
I highly recommend chat reference. Ours can be very busy. Faculty really like it too. - maʀtha
Thanks for the suggestions ! - marlene
Second chat reference, we have beautiful feedback from it. - aaron
Since the start of the fall semester, we have implemented a discovery service (summon), EndNote and BrowZine. Endnote and Browzine have gotten the most feedback so far. We do offer chat ref, but I don't think faculty use it much. - ~Courtney F
Tell me more about the responses to BrowZine, pls - maʀtha
BrowZine looks really good, and it includes links to Zotero and Mendeley, so you can save article citations directly to those systems from within the client on your tablet. - DJF from Android
Courtney, what kind of feedback are you getting on Browzine? We are still holding off on it, but still think it looks really interesting. - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
We just announced it about a week ago, so I'm getting lots of "ooh, this looks cool" or "ooh, this will be useful" - ~Courtney F
It also links to Dropbox or other apps that handle PDFs so you can annotate, etc. you can try the free version by just downloading the app and using the open access stuff ( and without contacting a sales person ;) ) it is tablet only for now, but they are expanding it - ~Courtney F
We have BrowZine, too. When I actually show it to people, they love it, but inevitably it's missing some of the journals they'd like to add to their bookshelf to keep track of. I'm hopeful more publishers sign on. I love being able to upload articles to Notability for markup. - kaijsa
The BrowZine guys say that they gather the data based on the dois, so if the journal doesn't have article dois registered at crossref, then they won't appear - DJF from Android
Yeah, we have a ton of journal subs that don't show up but are at crossref. When we're done with the flood, I might have to ask eresources to take a look at it. - kaijsa
Thinking of looking at browzine again, my sense is the medical people like it more, but some of our subscriptions were via Ovid, and it wasn't covered,so we passed. I read Ovid is now in which is interesting since that's an aggregator. - aaron
thanks everybody ! - marlene
It's cheeky to ask this, but does anyone mind sharing how much they're paying for BrowZine? Before I bother looking into it, I'm curious to know if the pricing is in a range that we can consider. - Megan loves summer
I'll see what price range we have. - Joe
megan, we got special held-over pricing, so i'm not sure our cost would be comparable to what they're quoting now. - ~Courtney F
Rememebr, you pay separately for the iOS and the Android app. We might have considered it if we got both for the price of one - but that wasn't happening according to the sales guy - Aaron the Librarian
re: Browzine, one of my faculty members LOVES it & tells me that every time she sees me. She carries her iPad wherever she goes, and she does lots of research into health communication. Our health affairs folks bought the database, so I don't know anything about cost. - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
A librarian prompted to withdraw a press release about the new Elsevier deal for France (in french) :
Am I reading correctly that the librarian was officially reprimanded by his supervisor for posting the document, which had no confidentiality statement until after the fact (handwritten on the document itself)? Google Translate doesn't pick up nuances very well. - Holly's favorite Anna
Yes, you're reading right. No confidentiality mention, and after been sent to the consortium's listservs. For a deal paid with taxpayers money. - marlene
But publishers are so NICE to librarians! So willing to discuss things with them! Transparently! - RepoRat
Yes RR, and that's not as if we were talking about an invoice of hundreds of millions euros... #ohwait - marlene
My guess is that it won't be easy to get a copy of the contract, but will try. - marlene
and now even Elsevier annonces the deal (, but the consortium says the negociation is not over and we should keep everything confidential... #wtf - marlene
Do you have a list of the libraries Facebook pages of your country, as we have here : ? I'd like to look at others' best practices.
Walt would know! - Christina Pikas
If there is such a list, I don't (sorry) know about it. Given that there were more than 3,200 libraries with Facebook pages or presences in the 38 states I looked at two years ago, it's likely that there are 5,000 to 6,000 or more such pages in the U.S. Sorry. (I might be able to provide a spreadsheet showing which libraries *had* Facebook presences, but that was two years ago...) - walt crawford
Too bad ! But thanks anyway :-) - marlene
india free classifieds For sale Real estate Jobs Services Vehicles Community Classes Personals - Venkatreddy Mudusu
New Zealand libraries with Facebook pages: - Deborah Fitchett
I can't find clear info about what has been chosen between CHORUS and SHARE - or maybe both solutions will coexist ? (sounds unlikely to me, but I may ave missed something) thanks !
We will know nothing until the federal agencies announce their plans. They haven't yet. - RepoRat
thanks ! and do you have an idea of when is it supposed to happen ? - marlene
no, unfortunately. AFAIK everybody met the six-month deadline to have a draft plan in to OSTP, but how long the resulting horsetrading will last is anybody's guess. - RepoRat
I hope it will be in 2014, at last. Thanks to you I could finish my blog post, thanks again ! - marlene
desperately looking for the number of journals in Westlaw (to fill a yearly report) : does anyone have a clue of where I can find this ?
Serials Solutions Client Center would show all periodicals and not pick out just the journals. Hmm. Anyone else? - Stephen Francoeur
wouldn't your westlaw rep be able to answer this? - ~Courtney F
actually no :-( - marlene
That's weirdly hilarious. The Borgesian database doesn't know its limits. - barbara fister
I think sometimes they just won't say? I think this has happened to us with something else (Factiva? no?), or I think this was mentioned on LSW before *goes to check* EDIT: too tired to check. - Meg VMeg
Am I late on this ? This russian site appears to open paywalled articles - the demo is impressive (, as my own tests so far.
I am hesitant to click on anything like that. - Meg VMeg
yeah, me too. - ellbeecee
I also found this one, not russian afaik : - marlene
This also has a Russian option, see the RU in the upper left, and the donate box has some Russian characters. I wouldn't recommend this to anyone. - Joe
neither would I, Joe. - marlene
laura x
What is it with all the French words in academic librarianship? Liaison, dossier... maybe that's it.
Respect des fonds! RESPECT THEM. *g* - RepoRat
I had that Suzanne Briet in the back of my cab once. I blame the Belgians. - Pete's Got To Go
Also, it's all William the Conqueror's fault. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. - RepoRat
But why do we mix languages when it comes to literary forms: roman a clef, bildungsroman - DJF from Android
Festschrift not French. - Joe
I force myself to spell catalog incorrectly. I want to write catalogue. - kaijsa
I'm not that multlingually witty ;) and in your case, Steve, it's more Ernstian collage :D - Pete's Got To Go
"Library" is kind of a French word too, come to that. - Deborah Fitchett
Except that in French, a librairie charges money. Libraries are bibliotheques. - DJF from Android
i blame gomez addams. "tish, that's french!" - henry
You're right DJF, because french "librairies" are bookstores. - marlene
Laura, what do you use 'dossier' for ? I don't think I ever met this in lib literature - marlene
Other academic librarians I know call their tenure & promotion documentation a dossier. Here in the unpretentious west, we call them T&P packets. Packet is a misnomer, as mine is made up of two big fat binders. - kaijsa
Polling Aca Lib-peeps: what if anything should 1st years know about library -- even if no research is assigned? (via
Where they can find quiet and social study spaces. That yes, there is fiction even though there's no fiction section. That they can ask questions and nobody will think they're dumb. - barbara fister
That if the thing (book, movie, article, whatever) they are looking for isn't there, there are other ways to get it (or sometimes to find a decent substitute) and we are eager to help them figure out how. (Specifics like "here's how ILL works" or "here's how consortial borrowing works" or "the public library is 8 blocks that way and our sister college lends to you too" are *good*, but... more... - Marianne
I like to tell ours about the recreational reading section, the media collection, study rooms/areas, and the self-service multimedia production lab. Also the writing center is located in the library here. ETA: we're part of the consortium Marianne mentions, and you can bet we show firsties how to request stuff. - kaijsa
I always teach the proxy bookmarklet and demo the chat service. No idea if it is that useful, but it tends to get me great evaluations so...... - aaron
The computer labs so they don't have to lug around a laptop. - Joe
What barbara said. Also, curiosity solved while you wait. And, if we don't have it, we can get it for you, quickly and for free. - Larry Schwartz
That some books are available electronically (it helps when all print copies are out), from home as well. - marlene
the short answer is: librarians can help you save time and find more stuff. Then expand on all of the above. - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
We have subject librarians so we tell them, "There's a librarian for every subject." I often add, "The only dumb questions are the ones that don't get asked." (Except for the ones that I just answered and you asked again because you weren't paying attention. I usually don't say that, unless they are very noisy.) - Rebecca Hedreen
Thanks all! - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
looks like a new name for patron-driven acquisition to me. - RepoRat
Maybe because it's videos? We've only done it with books. - Jaclyn aka spamgirl
This is the first DDA I've seen for streaming media, and I'm kinda into the idea. I wish Swank would do something like this. It would be so cool to dump records for all their titles in the OPAC and then let faculty have the Disney films, etc. they want immediately. - kaijsa
That's exactly what I thought, RR - marlene
Data scientists, do they exist ?
Yes, why? - RepoRat
Well, at the last Liber conference we were told that research data management was the next crucial mission for acad libraries, and that data scientists were needed to handle this. Problem is : no training seems to exist at the moment... - marlene
there have been data scientists who came from the various disciplines for many years. there are some at NASA, for example, but mostly with geosciences or astro or CS backgrounds. It's newer to put it in a library - Christina Pikas
uh, "no training"? At least two-three LIS-school emphases, various post-MLS certificate programs, scads of conferences, a MOOC or two, even my own modest contribution to the genre. - RepoRat
And KD Nuggets, which is a data mining community site, has a lot of library-external education information available, programs, Fellowships etc - Hedgehog
Like this? Or do you mean data scientists trained specifically in/for the LIS field? - Meg VMeg
RR : None in my country I'm afraid - what I wonder is wether a librarian can become a data scientist : if I understand well a strong disciplinary background is needed, isn't it ? - marlene
Meg : thanks for the article, yes that's what I meant - marlene
See for an example of what is envisionned (Ilike the idea of 'librarians in the lab, btw) - marlene
Aren't informatics folks supposed to be data scientists trained in LIS? - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
5 minutes to decide... Now that's a super-fast moving wall.
Or "moving brick" ? - marlene
They sell access for 24h no print or copy for ~5. I think it's a terrible idea. - Christina Pikas from iPhone
I bet I could do a lot of screen captures in five minutes. - Stephen Francoeur from Android
what do you think about Freemium-funded OA ?
i'm not sure i know what that means? - Christina Pikas
OA to articles, other stuff (editorials, reviews, print) costs. I don't have a huge problem with it, though I tend to believe it a transitional rather than long-term business model. - RepoRat
it's not exactly what I mean : HTML is OA and other formats (pdf and epub) + services for libraries are submitted to a yearly subscription (services are : usage reports, MARC records, training sessions...) - marlene
I don't have a problem with either of those, just as the optional print version of a Gold OA journal would reasonably carry a price. As to RR's version: I suspect it would make a great long-term model for things like Science, where the refereed articles are a relatively small part of the value. In general, though, I'd agree: Mostly transitional. Well, except for optional print versions, probably done PoD. - walt crawford
The OA movement has always AFAIK considered value-added services fair game. I'd *rather* see journals offer usage data openly, myself, but I get how it's a thing that only libraries care about so libraries should fund it. MARC records and training sessions are pure value-adds in my book, so I see no reason they shouldn't cost something reasonable, not least because if we don't wanna pay, we can do our own cataloging and training. - RepoRat
It is a really interesting concept. I wonder how a freemium OA journal would integrate into our existing landscape in terms of discovery tools, etc. This is the real gaping whole in OA as far as I am concerned, our students can't find OA content through our library search tools very easily. Plus, I think usage reports may become more important to the younger cohorts of phds as altmetrics take off. - Freeda B.
I assume librarians curate (i.e. "collect") OA content the same way we would subscribe to other journals of interest to our user community. Why wouldn't the metadata for these publications be entered into our regular discovery tools, where other journal content can be discovered? - Laura Krier
Laura: Your library actually decides on each journal based on its individual merits--you curate your entire journal collection? That's refreshing; seems like most academic libraries take bundles, where curation is at a very gross level. (See also: Approval plans, but of course I assume each book received is curated at that point.) - walt crawford
My sense -- and this isn't my area of expertise, so I may be wrong -- is that the tools offered to libraries for OA content paint with a pretty broad brush, e.g. SerSol's checkboxes. Outside that, it's kind of all-or-nothing -- OAIster or DOAJ search. I think not being able to increase the signal-to-noise ratio for OA stuff in the context of a particular institution's needs does OA a significant disservice. - RepoRat
There is also the issue of whether a discovery tool is primarily about access (i.e. yes, you do have access to this piece of garbage) or about curation (you don't want to see that, really, you don't). Big Deals and SerSol's check boxes are the first. - Rebecca Hedreen
My first thought was that libraries were the wrong target, and that reducing OA to a "library stuff" was missing the point, in terms of OA promotion towards researchers. Now I've come to think it's better than nothing, but it makes informing users about the additional services we have access to a bit more complicated. - marlene
Yeah over here, we generally turn on whole packages like "Freely available xxxx" package. That said, there are a few packages we only selectively turn on titles within such packages. I got this feeling the librarian requesting this thought that it was less work turning on selective titles... :) - aaron
What word do you use to say "the way you identify and inform about your e-resources" ? In french we use "signalement", but I don't think "signposting" is used in english in this context (I don't remember reading it in professional literature). Any help is welcome !
Actually, 'signposting' would work in that context :) - Pete's Got To Go
sure ? I've never seen it before - marlene
Dashboard? - Aaron the Librarian from Android
Infographic? - Aaron the Librarian from Android
Do you mean physical placeholders for them, like in the stacks there's a fake book that gives a QR code for the e-book? Or do you mean general identification/information about e-resources (regardless of whether this occurs in meat space or online). - Meg VMeg
I don't mean physical localisation, but general id/info about e-resources. I'm looking for a word between 'localisation' and 'discovery', I think. - marlene
Not a ton of hits, but signposting seems like an okay word: I can't think of anything else, off the top of my head. - Meg VMeg
Thanks everybody for your inputs ! - marlene
I'm participating in the organisation of a conference about "libraries and disability" (overview of the situation, innovations in the field, etc). I'm looking for an image related to the theme for the flyers and posters : any suggestion ?
I'd prefer to avoid the "wheelchair cliché", since all disabilities are concerned. - marlene
Please keep us posted on the conference. I'm getting really interested in universal design, but I have a lot to learn. - maʀtha
Seconding Martha on keeping us posted. - Jaclyn aka spamgirl
In a super quick scan of logos on websites for disability rights organizations, they don't seem to use images of people at all, fwiw - maʀtha
Hmm. We had a great image of our new circ desk whcih has high and low coutners alternated - something like that could be fun if youre looking for peopleless pictures - ωαřмaiden ❤Bassetmom❤
Links please ! :-) - marlene
If all disabilities are concerned, what about a simple photo of a group of people? Maybe just their heads, and then you wouldn't necessarily know if they had prosthetic limbs or if they were on disability for depression and anxiety or if they were deaf or what. - laura x
I guess a peopleless photo is easier to deal with, regarding rights etc (in France it's complicated) - marlene
Disability services as they relate to libraries, including accessibility and universal design, is my primary area of academic and work interests - I'd love to know more about this conference, what group(s) is/are responsible for organizing it, and what topics you're focusing on. - Lily
The conference is organized by a group of 10 librarians, as part of our training at the library school. The 1st part of the conference is about context and types of disabilities : there's a law stating all public facilities have to be accessible in 2015, the question is how far have the libraries and their institutions been in compliance with the law ? Second part of the day is devoted... more... - marlene
but it is in France? - maʀtha
That's incredible to hear about, Marlene, I only wish more places in the US were encouraging programming like this. Let us know if any of the materials or agenda will be online somewhere! - Lily
no actual helpful content to share with you, but wanted you to know i'm cheering you and the idea of this conference on! - Marie
Yes Martha, on june 17 - marlene
Lily, Marie : I'm a bit surprised by your enthousiast reactions, since there are some conferences about disabilities (in libraries or elsewhere) every year here, isn't it the case in your country too ? - marlene
I've seen continuing education opportunities and conference sessions about better serving people with disabilities in libraries, but I haven't run across any conferences. I was ready to sign up and come if it were in the States. - maʀtha
Do you think a report of the conference (in english) would have an interest ? - marlene
I certainly *hope* it would garner interest, but it's also necessary that the example is set for a wider range of people. There are definitely conferences about disabilities here, but as for where they intersect with libraries, the scholarship and support is sorely lacking. Even individual presentations on this topic at larger library conferences don't attract as much attention as you... more... - Lily
A propos of nothing, I really like the term "differently-abled" instead of "disabled." I wonder how that might render in French? - Megan loves summer
Post your Google Scholar profile links here:
Oh and I am supposed to do a class on Google scholar profiles and Google scholar metrics on top of the usual Scopus/Wos for citation analysis at the end of this month. Me thinks, I am going to get lots of questions.... done all the reading but...going to be interesting .... - aaron
i think i might put a copy of this in my annual review packet this year. i wonder if anyone uses this to supplement their web of science citations, for tenure? seems like goog picks up more than wos does because it's not concerned about what's indexed. - Marie
Barbara huh? Did you set up 2? Both are verified with institution emails?? - aaron
No "verified" email since I'm not institutionalized, but: - walt crawford
aaaaaaagh, now I'm spending the entire dang afternoon reading stuff that's cited me recently. - RepoRat
For comparison, here's my profile in Microsoft Academic, which I see needs some cleanup, as the profile includes articles by others. - Stephen Francoeur
i've really enjoyed perusing all your profiles. any other peeps want to share theirs? - Marie
we have some influential peeps all up in here. - RepoRat Added my book chapter :-D Must get other stuff up there... - Hedgehog
I got really lucky with my undergraduate research projects in Chemistry. :) Otherwise my citation counts would be fairly low. - Elizabeth Brown
Wow, y'all are super impressive. Here's my less illustrious profile - LibrarianOnTheLoose
Frenchies are lobbying in favour of OA on (english translation probably next week) ! #betterlatethannever
super! est-ce que c'est pour les orgs français/francophones seulement - ou est-ce que l'université mcgill peut signer? - jambina
of course ! you're welcome to sign and pass the info along. I'll post the english translation when available. Merci +++ :-) - marlene
Catherine Pellegrino
Lately I've been trying to figure out where to submit the article I've been working on for the last year and a bit, and suddenly I have a lot more sympathy for some of the things faculty do and the choices they make. I've identified five potential journals whose scopes match the topic of the article to a greater or lesser degree:
Journal A is from Taylor & Francis. I can pay them several thousand dollars I don't have to make the article OA, or I can put it in an IR (which I also don't have) or a subject repo (which I could do). They strongly urge me to transfer my copyright, but don't appear to absolutely require it. - Catherine Pellegrino
Journal B is from Springer. I can pay them several thousand dollars I don't have to make the article OA, or I can put it in an IR (also don't have) or self-archive it, but only after a 12-month embargo. They appear to require me to transfer my copyright. - Catherine Pellegrino
Journal C is from Elsevier. I've signed on to Cost of Knowledge, so that's a no-go. - Catherine Pellegrino
Journal D appears to be published by a scholarly society of sorts. They say the initial review process takes 5 months. My tenure portfolio is due Oct. 1 and the article isn't precisely finished yet, so that's a no-go. They also require me to transfer my copyright. - Catherine Pellegrino
Journal E is also published by a scholarly society and has a 17% acceptance rate. Yeaaaaaah, no. - Catherine Pellegrino
Given the choices, it's no surprise faculty do what they do. (None of these are LIS journals, by the way.) - Catherine Pellegrino
Catherine, thanks for taking the time to spell out this concrete example. So useful for demonstrating the problem. (is your article a sort where the "what about PLOS ONE" question would be relevant?) - Heather Piwowar
Thanks, Heather, but no - it's at the intersection of ed-psych, LIS, and distance-ed/online-learning. I'll probably wind up submitting it to an LIS journal of some sort (one possible candidate is another T&F title, sigh). Mostly, though, it just makes me feel hemmed in and panicky. - Catherine Pellegrino
Yeah, I hear you. :( - Heather Piwowar
Yes, I agree with Heather - thanks for sharing this. It helps those of us who talk to faculty about these issues to better understand! But sorry that it's frustrating for you. - Sarah
Thanks, Sarah - it's eye-opening to me, too, because most of the time I'm on the other side of this transaction, wondering why faculty make the (apparently stupid and short-sighted) decisions that they do. Now that I'm temporarily seeing it through their eyes, it makes a lot more sense. It also reminds me a lot of, I can't remember the specific economic term, but it's the phenomenon... more... - Catherine Pellegrino
Also thanks here: I'm tagging this as background material for my April OA precon, as this is a GREAT example of the legitimate difficulties/issues in OA on the ground. - walt crawford
[When I say background: I won't point to it directly, but will mention the situation as a real-world issue. One I frankly had sort of skimmed over...] - walt crawford
This is brilliant and fascinating. (Also, totally frustrating for you.) A very good eye-opener. Reality checks are awesome. - Jenica
Walt, you can point to it directly if you want; I posted it in a public forum. And Heather, Sarah, anyone else: if using this material, either quoting it or paraphrasing it or whatever, would help you in communicating with various communities, by all means please do so. - Catherine Pellegrino
Thanks for sharing this, Catherine. Have you considered using the Scholar's Copyright Addendum engine from science commons, maybe with the T&F journals? The Access-Reuse version would help you keep most of your rights. From what I've heard, worst case scenario is that they just don't agree to it, and then you're back where you started. But if they accept it, that would be an improvement. - Grumpator
I'm intrigued by this, I think, because it never occurred to me to do a blind walkthrough approximating the user experience of the process in re: publishing/OA. I did that with a Kindle recently, trying to see what the user experience of ebooks in libraries is like, and i do it with other library services/spaces, but this one never occurred to me. Blind spot. - Jenica
Your specific case will be really helpful for me in talking to my subject faculty, Catherine. Thank you for sharing it. I know it's not nice to ask people to do more work, but if you plan on writing up this scenario on your blog, it sure would be a great resource to point to. Also, I'd love to hear where you finally decide to publish, partly because I want to read the article, and partly to find out the ending to the story. - kaijsa
Thanks, Kaijsa, I hadn't thought about writing it up on my blog, but maybe I will...maybe not until the article gets accepted, or something, I'm not sure. I'll look into the Scholar's Copyright Addendum, since right now it's looking like the top choice, both in terms of scope and in terms of OA possibilities, is Journal A, the Taylor & Francis imprint. That way, if they reject the... more... - Catherine Pellegrino
in my experience most journals accept the SPARC addendum... - jambina
this is great. it illustrates my long-held belief that librarians should (try to) do things that the facultys do - both so we have credibility with them ("oh, I know how hard it is to figure out where to publish! let me show you some helpful tools…") and so we have some familiarity with their struggles ("yeah, grading is the worst!") - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
OK; I may link to the thread in supplemental materials/links (which, presumably, only a few dozen or few score Oregon and Washington librarians will see)--in any case, it's a great case study. - walt crawford
May I just suggest E-LIS as a subject repositiry of choice ? - marlene
Yes! I have had the same pain as a newly- minted academic. Add to this however that often Jane Academic is not looking through OA/ rights lens but if she is anything like me has an annual review with Head of Dept with target set to publish x articles in journals "of y quality/reputation". Here in Australia with RDA there is an actual LIST of journals each discipline (accepts?) (bureaucratically haggled?) as "quality". - Kathryn is a free elf from iPhone
There's a discussion here about making public the yearly spendings for e-resources of all universities : what do you think ? Do you know of some type of public mutualizatin of this kind of information ?
Main argument against is that this way publishers have more info about us, main argument in favor is that it's public money, taxpayers have to know how it is spent. - marlene
For us there's no discussion--all state spending is public information. It isn't necessarily easy to find, mind you, but there's a website with everything there. To figure out what, exactly, was spent on e-res would be nearly impossible, but the library budget as a whole would be doable with enough time and knowledge. - Kirsten
I think the main argument in favor is "find out when you're getting screwed and fix it," but I guess I'm cynical that way. - RepoRat
In the US, this already on the NCES Academic Library Survey website - go to and search by an institution's name. Reporting varies but in general you can see an awful lot! - Lisa Hinchliffe
For all US universities? Download the 2010 NCES material and look. It took me 10 minutes in Excel just now. Electronic books: $152.8 million. Electronic serials: $1,252.6 million (that is, $1.25 billion). "Other info resources" $105 million. (Just for fun: Bibliographic utilities: $118.8 million. And, for context, total expenses: $6,860.1 million--that is, a bit under $6.9 billion.) - walt crawford
So I'll ask again: Is there a market for a down-to-earth book that would, among other things, show how to do this stuff yourself, rapidly and easily? - walt crawford
Oh: Correction: I didn't mean all US universities--I meant all US institutions of higher education. "Universities" aren't actually a category. And, since almost any college can call itself a university, that's probably appropriate. - walt crawford
What I would like to see is a full, clear picture of how much *each institution* pays *for each online resource* (heck, or every expenditure as a line item) in a table sortable and filterable. We would hear screams of horror where there are discrepancies in payments between similar sized institutions, sure, but at least that would give everyone a ballpark idea of how much something costs - Aaron the Librarian
Aaron: Seems to me somebody's tried (maybe more than once) to set up a wiki or something for that purpose--but it would likely only include public institutions in right-to-know states, given confidentiality agreements. It's a great idea, but so far seems to be tough to make happen. - walt crawford
I think it's important to acknowledge that because of the current information asymmetries, librarians are justly scared of releasing this info. What would happen to an e-resources librarian, were it discovered that his library's contracts were significantly more costly than those at peer libraries? - RepoRat
I suspect that what RR sez means that, even for public institutions in right-to-know states, you'd need to use FOI-style requests to actually get the info. - walt crawford
Yes, that, and also trying to contextualize why libraries of all types are sitting on this info w/o sharing or releasing it. It goes beyond NDAs, even. - RepoRat
To get more precise : the point is to display spendings of each institution for each resource (what Aaron says). A wiki has been set up by some librarians. Resistance comes from some librarians negociating for the national consortium : publicizing numbers would reduce their negociating power. - marlene
Could you unpack that, marlene? I'm not clear on why negotiating power changes due to disclosure. - RepoRat
From what I've heard :1) publishers would be very happy to know more about how much we spend at their competitors,it would serve them as an argument against our demands of price decreases ("if you've accepted +5% for publisher A, you can accept +5% for publicher B as well") 2) specialized publishers would like to know how much is spent for pluridisciplinary resources, proving their... more... - marlene
And negociators counter argument against the public release of info is that researchers juste have to ask the librarians for the information about how much is spent. - marlene
The idea is to disintermediate, i thought - Aaron the Librarian from Android
If anyone's interested, the wiki pages on Bibliopedia are here : No one has filled any page yet, but the issue of openning the access to the information has been raised at the consortial level, which is a progress. I'm a bit surprised to see no similar initiatives in orther countries ? - marlene
marlene.delhaye at - thanks ! - marlene
sent! - András Tóth
John Dupuis
An LSW member Twitter handle post. Just in case...
@LibSkrat - RepoRat
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@jokrausdu - but I might start using a different handle. [Edit, yup, changed to @oajoe sometime in late 2012 or early 2013.] - Joe
@griffey - Jason Griffey from iPhone
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@waltcrawford [what? you expected something different?] - walt crawford
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And someone should make this a twitter list. - Andy
someone, eh? ;) - maʀtha
"Someone" is the code word I learned from my parents that meant "not me". - Andy
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Jeez, really wish SOMEBODY at Friendfeed would add the ability to like a specific comment--why doesn't anybody there add improvements like that? [JK] That one from Laura is great. - Joe
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ωαřмaiden ❤Bassetmom❤
Was just sent an LIS journal article to peer-review. Not only is the content nonexistent, it's barely written in English. I dont want to be That Bitch does one even start with one of these?
"We feel this item would be better in another publication, such as the 1924 Surrealist Manifesto" - Pete's Got To Go
Please, be That Bitch Reviewer. It's better than seeing something like that in print. - Kirsten
I've been That Bitch Reviewer once or twice. It has to be done. - walt crawford
Be it. Do it. - Rachel Walden
I think you just did your peer review here in FF. You're done. - Stephen Francoeur
What everyone else said. Just Say Hellz Naw. - RepoRat
Please, after suffering through reading the library literature for classes for the last year, be the Bitch Reviewer - ~Courtney F
SMASH - jambina
yup, be the bitch. - Hedgehog
+1 plz - marlene
"The topic covered is of potential interest to the readers of the journal, but the exact significance needs further explanation in the paper. The author's approach to the material is unclear and needs to be outlined more specifically. The methodology section needs far more expansion as the reader could not necessarily draw the same conclusions as the author from the way this section is... more... - Kathryn is a free elf
That's the Outside Voice version, the polite "you need to fix this" version that goes back to the author. If it's as bad as warmaiden suggests, there's also the Inside Voice that goes to the editor (which I've had to use, but only twice): "This is almost certainly hopeless; is there a polite way to discourage this person?" - walt crawford
[I have to say: Of the two totally-hopeless papers I refereed, one did appear in almost unchanged form, in a commercial LIS journal, and it was just as bad as I remembered. LIS is a poster child for the truism that peer review doesn't determine whether an article will be published, only where.] - walt crawford
And lo, on this Tuesday in the month of April on its twenty-and-fourth day in the Year of Our Lord Two Thousand and Twelve, Colleen was chosen to carry That Bitch Reviewer mantle in the name of the Holy Library. Though the mantle be heavy and its treads be dusty from disuse, such is the burden for those who peer review journal articles for the science of the library. But ye, as she... more... - Andy
This is your Gandolf moment: You shall not pass to publication! - Andy
Wow. Just... Wow - Aaron the Librarian
I'm stuck at home with what is probably strep, so I need something to kill time. :D - Andy
Mr. The Jason Fleming
How many hours a week do *you* provide desk reference service at your library?
The library as a whole, or librarians? - Angel R. Rivera
ah, thanks Angel. I edited it to reflect that ;) - Mr. The Jason Fleming
this month? none. usually 8 (we're only open 4 days a week.) after june? WHO KNOWS! - kendrak
Me personally? I'm assigned 1 desk hour( and 2 chat shifts per week, done away from the desk). - ellbeecee
What Steve said. If I got very unlucky it could be 19, with a night, a Friday shift, and a Sunday on top of two weekly shifts. - barbara fister from iPhone
9-13 plus one hour of chat. It is a goal my boss is writing for me for next year to get that number down. - Hedgehog from Android
I sort of miss the days of 20 a week, but those were very different times. I think we won't have any after June, but that might not be the worst thing ever. - kendrak
Mine is currently 23 hours(academic). My boss and I have set a goal to break that time into 2 hour consecutive chunks of time. Right now I work up to 5 hours straight at the desk at a time - Mr. The Jason Fleming
4 hours per week, desk and chat. - Jason P
9 to 12 - maʀtha
I do an hour or two per week, but Im not a reference and instruction librarian, they carry heavier loads. Non R&I folks work 1-3 hours on the refdesk per week, and one Saturday per semester. (My & my ILLbrarian's refdesk hours are lower because we pull 3-5 hours a week on the circ desk.) - ωαřмaiden ❤Bassetmom❤
14 a week. (Public lib.) - bentley
22. :( - Derrick
4 hours per week desk. Every moment i am at deck for chat :) - aaron
6-8 hours per week. - Joe
8 hours a week (plus more if I'm covering a shift) - kristin buxton
11 weekly (includes one evening) plus four or five 4-hour Sunday shifts per semester. - Catherine Pellegrino
As a school librarian I'm on the desk whenever the library is open (32 hours) but then I'm generally not doing in-depth research. - Heleninstitches #teamff
During the regular school year, I usually do two shifts per week, so four hours (we cover chat reference at the ref desk, so no separate shift for that). Summers I might occasionally take a shift, if Reference is short. I also cover the Periodicals desk at least three hours per week. - Kirsten
I am formally scheduled for 2 hours a week, though I nearly always pick up at least an extra hour from somewhere. I also manage to grab about 4 hours a month on the circ desk and at least 2 a month on the Teen Zone desk. - WebGoddess
All of them (solobrarian). - Blake
zero. I have no public facing service responsibilities. Unfortunately. - DJF
any opportunities to volunteer an hour at a help desk David? - Mr. The Jason Fleming
I've been thinking about it, yeah. - DJF
none yet but planning to start doing 2-4 hours a week - weelibrarian
Until recently, it was about 20, but now I'm "on call" for those hours instead - Megan loves summer
Megan: Was this a transition of the reference service model at your library? - Mr. The Jason Fleming
About 12, including an evening shift, and add another 9 when it is a weekend I have to work (which could technically be more since I would be on call on one day of the weekend, then work the other weekend day for nine hours straight). And I do pick up extra now and then to help others who may need coverage. - Angel R. Rivera
me, 2 hours. the rest of the librarians have 4 hours/week regularly scheduled, and a rotation of evenings and weekends that means an additive 25 hours over each 16 week semester. - Jenica
During my internship, 6 - 12 hours a week (3 week rotating schedule) with a combination of reference desk, information desk, and chat reference. - Heather
Personally, none. I'm the on call librarian this week, and I have on call hours, too. Most of my reference work is done elsewhere, with the emergency medicine department or in the course of other work. - Rachel Walden
4 or 7, depending on if it's my evening shift week. (every other week). - Jennifer Arnott
Zero for me and all librarians as there is no reference desk here. Instead, there is an iDesk (Circulation) that is staffed by a variety of folks for a couple of hours at a time (librarians, staff, students). There is also a help desk where the reference desk used to be staffed by trained students to answer IT questions and then call a librarian on call out when there are reference questions. - Galadriel C.
8-10 hrs in my 3 days at the public library. I'm the only one on the desk for the entire day when I am at the jail. - Alan
8-12 hours as dept manager. Rest of Youth staff is 12-16 hours on desk plus programs they do - another kind of "desk" for youth librarians! - Marge LW
~ 0.5/wk, when averaged out, as I am not a librarian :) (personal circ desk hours vary between about 3 and 30, depending on the week) - Marianne
Around 6-8 - Pete's Got To Go
Jason, yes, we're transitioning now! For the most part (depending on the branch in our system), the library assistants (or whatever term you prefer) don't answer reference questions---they call on a librarian as needed - Megan loves summer
8-12 (academic graduate library) - LibrarianOnTheLoose
Galadriel, I'd like to talk to you a little more about your library's setup, so I requested to add you.... - LibrarianOnTheLoose
Sure! I'd be happy to chat! - Galadriel C.
Usually 4-6, depending on the semester. Now it's 0 because I'm 50% on a special project. We all pick up shifts to cover for instruction, which continues to grow. - kaijsa
6-8 (academic library) - YvonneM
17.5 hours. Half my work day is on the reference desk. (public library) - Andy
3 per week (academic library, desk) + 7 on saturdays 3-4 Times a year - marlene
hi I'm looking for Driving usage – what are publishers and librarians doing to evaluate and promote usage? by Sarah Pearson and Christian Box DOI:10.1629/24225
marlenedotdelhayeatgmaildotcom - thanks ! - marlene
I'am a bit late on this, but thanks a lot !! - marlene
I'm looking for a (preferably opensource) tool to share spreadsheets like googledocs does, but not googledocs (IT team sez "NO") - any idea ?
Open Office (yay, IT will do that) with Dropbox (bet they don't allow that). Or Microsoft's sharable version of Excel online. See Office live - Kathryn is a free elf
my guess is they won't agree either with dropbox or with MS office Live :-( - marlene
Nothing that you can host yourself works like google docs. Why can't you just use a shared drive and MS Office? - DJF
Honest question: how can they stop you from using gdocs? It's a website...are they gonna blacklist it? Pet peeve: IT depts who drive services, and not the other way around. - Jason Griffey from iPhone
I suspect that the concern is about storing sensitive corporate information on external servers. Note: very little information that librarians want to share is actually sensitive by any reasonable definition. - DJF
it they don't allow gdocs then there really isn't a good tool out there that would let you share, other than sending it back and forth by email. also, why won't they let you use gdocs? it doesn't require any extra plugins or anything - Sir Shuping is just sir
Shuping, mail is NOT for file sharing. That way lies madness and huge amounts of lost productivity. Shared drives are the best way to share files internally. - DJF
oh I know, but if they're blocking gdocs, probably won't let them do dropbox there isn't much else...and I hate shared drives. they only work a little bit better than email. - Sir Shuping is just sir
I didn't say "dropbox", I said "shared drive." You remember windows file shares, don't you? - DJF
what's the scope of the sharing? is it within the organization (in which case windows/macosx/NFS shares might work), or do you need more flexibility (in which case you're probably SOL for the reasons DJF describes. - henry
Jason: IT departments execute the policy foisted upon them by management. make IT do what you want by making management want what you want. - henry
internal sharepoint? (ugh) - Christina Pikas
Are they blocking Zoho, too? - Joe
I also came here to say Zoho. - Meg VMeg
I suspect that the problem is not the particular vendor, but the fact that the data is outsourced. - DJF
henry, I'd have to say that I've seen a fair bit of IT depts convincing management of what they want to do, or being given free reign to do whatever is easiest for them, because mgmt doesn't necessarily know enough to argue. It's more complicated than just convincing management in complex, large organizations where IT and upper mgmt are located well beyond the library walls. - Rachel Walden
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