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happy to see Twitter's strong financials, not just as an ecosystem developer, but as a user who loves real time web
IBM to re-make email inbox for business in Inbox Next, looks very interesting via @edbrill
RT @blake: Day one as Director of Social Data at @Kantar/@WPP! #dataofnow
Maximizing the ROI of the events you attend: a thorough guide form @HeinzMarketing
Writing in public, draft post: Listening 2.0 - Let's make it more than a backlash Feedback welcome, IMHO important
Listening 2.0: let's make it more than a backlash. I'm going to write a blog post about listening online, to more than just brand mentions.
Landfill Harmonic - beautiful video with life affirming, if bittersweet, message via @bentrem
Companies that treat leading voices online like nothing more than cheap marketing channels-to-be are missing out on a ton of intelligence.
Just read a competitor's blog say "influencers" have "control over what people think" in their "spear of interest." Ugh.
Just read a competitor's blog say "influencers" have "much more than average control over what people think" in their "spear of influence"
Writing up the opening of the new Little Bird employee handbook. And tweetin' about it.
RT @parakweets: Like Einstein and Jobs, @DGaff wears a personal uniform. To honor his last week @getLittleBird we dressed up like him
RT @OrchestrateIO: Orchestrate is one of @InformationWeek's 7 Cloud Service Startups To Watch!
Almost ran over a chicken on my bike into work #putabirdonit
You can now connect with all 18 members of the @getlittlebird team at this Twitter list
I posted 7 awesome images, including charts & graphs, on Instagram this weekend. If that's your kind of thing, I'm marshallk there too.
I bet Lena Dunham and Taylor Swift never hang out with Lana Del Rey. I wonder who does?
RT @jamesproud: Excited to finally be able to share what we've been working away on here at @hello. So proud of everyone.
I'm halfway through the first week of a Coursera class called Networks Illustrated Without Calculus & it's cool.
"Saying blogging will increase your search traffic is like saying jogging will get you into shape via @albiedrzycki
"We can’t really teach kids to do things...only to practice things." [coaching = key skill 4 future] via @bhalligan
Sometimes I wish I could favorite some people's having favorited a Tweet. Cc @mariadeathstar
In the long run, I expect science will validate esoteric spirituality more than invalidate it.
Incredible NYT write-up of refrigeration in China, its impact on food, the economy & environment by @nicolatwilley
Someday there's going to be a whole generation of retirees glued to their/our "smart phones" when they're waiting in public.
Social networks offer most people tons more value from learning & connections than they ever will from rev share.
RT @jtramsay: The networked car is no longer just an idea; it will be mandated in future vehicles — Tech News and Analysis
My mobile Safari favorites page is full of links to the hottest news among experts in some of my favorite topics.
My mobile Safari favorites page is full of links to the hottest news among experts in some of my favorite topics.
RT @baratunde: NYT editorial board calls for repeal of US marijuana prohibition
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