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“So you wanna learn how to design? Here are 7 things you can do right now to get started” by @cyn_koo #awesome!!!
I would wear one of these wireless health data tracking patches. Imagine an artist's design on it. Super cool.
Oakland: Week from Tues I'll be breakfast speaking on authentic, data informed influencer relations for fun & profit
In SF? A week from Tues I'll be breakfast speaking on authentic, data informed influencer relations for fun & profit
Summer '14 at @getLittleBird is going to be a period of big change, big new hires (sales, mktng, design) new office, big changes to app, API
Portland's fabulous @TownshendsTea has opened a location in Bozeman, MT - cool! Congrats!
Building new skills can be like an elephant chewing rocks, says B2B sales leader @jillkonrath
I used to think there were certain things I couldn't imagine my life without. Now those things aren't part of my life and I'm fine.
RT @shelholtz: Come hear @marshallk of @getLittleBird talk about influence at April 29 Social Media Breakfast East Bay. RSVP:
I don't care about tennis but this is great multimedia reporting, with Tweets & YouTube: Djokovic vs Garcia-Lopez
Urban Airship co-founder Steven Osborn rejoins the company! Cool!
When people get new jobs, that's an awesome news event. People + potential + work = swoon!
RT @carmenhill: Three Steps to an '"Unbound" Content Marketing Strategy - OMI Blog < My new post on @ominstitute
MarketingProfs interviews social selling super star @jill_rowley
Just found out one of the softwares I subscribe to requires I open a support chat to cancel. Wow.
I wrote about GNIP as Grand Central Station of the Web almost 6 years ago now it's part of Twitter!
RT @SportTechie: Wearable Technology Industry Changes Personal #Fitness with Athos via @LiveAthos #tech
Just the idea of Google Helpouts iPhone app is a futuristic tear-jerker, what a great thing for humanity if it works
We've never touched the firehose at @getLittleBird - so far we haven't used people's content to discover key social network users at all.
Really interested to see what Twitter will do with Gnip data
No matter what else happens today, the fact that I just ran 3 miles at 7:42/mi means today's got at least one highlight already.
RT @abeaujon: Sun-Times eliminates Web comments: "embarrassing mishmash of fringe ranting and ill-informed, shrill bomb-throwing”
The right music and an iced americano in an airport and almost anything becomes an adventure.
RT @Paulbeirne: And with one tweet Eisner becomes the coolest 72 year old in history -->RT @Michael_Eisner: @Skrillex @Coachella #edm
The way learning yields sharper, more granular vision is a miracle.
RT @USEmbRu: RT @USTreasury Санкции направлены на крымских сепаратистов, бывшего украинского чиновника и газовую компанию в Крыму:
Watching a demo from Rooftop Reds. Urban rooftop vineyards. Wow.
Wacky world: Google Doc (on? From?) gov agency re heartbleed hits techmeme
I love watching @allstarcharts speak, so much fun. #lindzonpalooza
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