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Martin Reed

Martin Reed

I am an online community building consultant. I also develop and manage my own online communities. Let's talk.
@DrLibrary I've heard of a few (I believe most require paid membership) but for the life of me, can't recall any URLs. Sorry.
@purefan You sent me a DM about chess communities; but I can't reply as you aren't following me :)
@purefan I can't reply to your DM from last week as you're not following.
@ynanasi Reseller account was suspended without being told over a week ago. Four support requests, all ignored.
If you're looking for UK webhosting, please, please, please avoid Donhost / Webfusion Group at all costs!
@yumchaconnect No, I didn't. Any ideas?
Does anyone have any contacts at - my hosting account was suspended over a week ago and nobody responds to my support requests
RT @RichMillington: This is a very misunderstood topic, naming your online community:
Never miss an opportunity to mark a milestone with members of your online community.
@JimKukral I wish I had thought of :)
@DrLibrary Yes, it's possible - but not very helpful! You're probably making things more difficult (for yourself and other members).
When an influential community member goes rogue:
If you can't delegate, you're not going to be a very good community manager.
@TarotJunkie Thanks for your kind words!
Still trying to shake of a nasty cold - there will be a new blog post this week, I promise!
You know you have an extremely strong online community when its members arrange their own offline meets.
RT @blaisegv: Interesting @community_space provides coworking office specifically for community managers & online editors
Ah the irony of posting this on Twitter! A beginner's guide to building a presence on Twitter -
How Engadget are moving forward after closing down user commenting:
@Kirstenwagenaar - Yes, eg those that are under pressure with arbitrary membership targets. They need every "+1" in the member count.
@Kirstenwagenaar I completely agree.
Does anyone know of a place to find advertising sales freelancers who would work on a commission only basis?
Engadget switches off user commenting due to abuse:
Being a member of your online community should never feel like an obligation. Don't beg members to stay and contribute.
When building a new online community, always think 'Baby Steps' .
@erin_bury - Thanks for mentioning that post. It's over year old now, but I think it's still very relevant.
@guyma - Thanks for the kind mention :)
@voinonen - If you like hamsters, you might like this!
@TylerConlee - Bring the community onto your homepage. I'd also recommend you reduce the number of forums; you're emphasizing inactivity.
@TylerConlee - Your current homepage is a barrier to your community. I'd also recommend you reduce the number of forums; you
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