Google confirms plan for second generation Chromecast » Digital TV Europe -
Your own energy island. Microgrid could standardize small self sustaining electric grids. - quietly disrupts the problem of online identity login | Technology | -
The entrance to the campsite -
The entrance to the campsite
BeON’s Smart Light Bulb Will Help Deter Burglars Casing Your Home -
OK Google, am I feeling rich? Android Wear app puts bank in your smartwatch | ZDNet -
Jawbone’s Up3 fitness device monitors heart rate to track sleep cycles | Technology | -
Jawbone’s new Up3 uses electrical sensors placed against the skin to measure heart rate, skin temperature and sweat. - Martin Stone
Fiamma Caravan And Motorhome Waste Roll Tank - Grey Waste Carriers Water Caravanning -
Look at what Google and Amazon are doing with databases: That's your future | ZDNet -
Amid conflict and poverty, this school in South Sudan is an unlikely success | James Copnall | Global development | The Guardian -
Warblr - Shazam for birds -
We waste more heat than we pay for to keep homes warm. -
Crossrail 2 plan boosted by Boris Johnson funding claims | UK news | The Guardian -
An anti-inflammatory grain | Health and Nutrition Advice on Patrick -
Hand over power to your energy company - and cut your bills - Telegraph -
Tempus Energy buys on open mkt & advises customers when to use elect. Sarah Bell - Martin Stone
MyFitnessPal stronger back, better posture -
Food translations | sevilla tapas -
Retailers are disabling NFC readers to shut out Apple Pay | The Verge -
HTC new video camera & phone -
Sainsbury's and Asda become the latest firms to accept Zapp mobile phone payments | Daily Mail Online -
uses banking app - Martin Stone
Plastc Aims to Replace Your Wallet With One High-Tech Card | Digital Trends -
Standards on the way for the Internet of Things -
AllJoyn, The Physical Web, Industrial Internet Consortium, Open Interconnect Consortium, Thread. - Martin Stone
BBC news: Nobel Prize for Brit neuro -
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