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.@ft #indyref live blog team at 1 Southwark Bridge, 5:30am
The full #indyref results so far:
Western Isles #indyref result. Full results so far here:
Western Isles #indyref result. See the full results here:
RT @ClaerB: Here's the @ft widget after two of 32 votes declared (1.3% of the electorate so far) #indyref
Burying bad news klaxon: Mike Hancock MP quits Lib Dems: #indyref
Highest-ever turnout in a Scottish national poll: 81.2% in the 1951 general election #indyref
RT @ClaerB: Follow @FT interactive and live blog on Scottish results all night #indyref #ScotlandDecides
RT @NateSilver538: People complaining about lack of exit polls in Scotland seem to forget how bad exit polls are at predicting results.
RT @FT: Live Blog: Scotland independence referendum results #indyref
RT @FT: Front page of the Financial Times UK, Friday 19 September
RT @mattwaite: News nerds: I asked you about what a data journalism class should teach. Got some great ideas. Here's the result:
RT @davidhiggerson: Journo blog: What motive lies behind the ‘top 10 wacky FOI requests’ press release?
RT @lukelewis: How Ferguson Exposed Facebook’s Breaking News Problem
RT @IRE_NICAR: Want to localize the #Ferguson coverage for your community? We have tips & examples of investigations.
.@joannageary: Great example of why we need Twitter geo-filtering by user-defined polygon, as discussed recently:
Meta-aggregation: My @newsdotme and @nuzzel emails recommend I check out @ftantenna
Never mind LinkedIn; "One acquaintance of mine met his wife when playing World of Warcraft."
RT @h_ojha: This article about big data quotes someone who uses the term "Data Civilians". I so wish I'd thought of that
Testing @jburnmurdoch's hypothessis that Twitter loves choropleths. Indications look good.
EU regional data site has some interesting stuff. Stark life-expectancy variation across EU:
RT @alexwalters: Want to know what articles on Twitter the FT thinks you should start the week with? Try our beta of FT Antenna:
RT @s_m_i: Hello, finance and business Twitter. An experiment you might enjoy: $$
RT @SylkeGruhnwald: - @kleinmatic interviewed by @juliustroeger and me on "How to build a data team" #ddj
RT @Newsweek: How America's police became an army: The 1033 Program #Ferguson
Discovered the website I made for my high school newspaper in 1997 on Framesets. Ugh, what was I thinking? <shudder>
New data puts @FT Scotland #indyref poll of polls at NO46%, YES36%; Ex-undecided NO56% YES44%
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