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RT @mattwaite: News nerds: I asked you about what a data journalism class should teach. Got some great ideas. Here's the result:
RT @davidhiggerson: Journo blog: What motive lies behind the ‘top 10 wacky FOI requests’ press release?
RT @lukelewis: How Ferguson Exposed Facebook’s Breaking News Problem
RT @IRE_NICAR: Want to localize the #Ferguson coverage for your community? We have tips & examples of investigations.
.@joannageary: Great example of why we need Twitter geo-filtering by user-defined polygon, as discussed recently:
Meta-aggregation: My @newsdotme and @nuzzel emails recommend I check out @ftantenna
Never mind LinkedIn; "One acquaintance of mine met his wife when playing World of Warcraft."
RT @h_ojha: This article about big data quotes someone who uses the term "Data Civilians". I so wish I'd thought of that
Testing @jburnmurdoch's hypothessis that Twitter loves choropleths. Indications look good.
EU regional data site has some interesting stuff. Stark life-expectancy variation across EU:
RT @alexwalters: Want to know what articles on Twitter the FT thinks you should start the week with? Try our beta of FT Antenna:
RT @s_m_i: Hello, finance and business Twitter. An experiment you might enjoy: $$
RT @SylkeGruhnwald: - @kleinmatic interviewed by @juliustroeger and me on "How to build a data team" #ddj
RT @Newsweek: How America's police became an army: The 1033 Program #Ferguson
Discovered the website I made for my high school newspaper in 1997 on Framesets. Ugh, what was I thinking? <shudder>
New data puts @FT Scotland #indyref poll of polls at NO46%, YES36%; Ex-undecided NO56% YES44%
RT @pushthings4ward: [food for thought] Things You Probably Didn't Know About @BuzzFeed … echt jetzt #ddj #datavis
RT @jsphctrl: A piece on @Buzzfeed that doesn't ironically deploy tropes of Buzzfeed. Must be a @FTLex note
RT @triblondon: Not everything is awesome: how we changed our job ads to improve diversity and quality of applicants
Personally I think @henrymance missed the opportunity to make a page consisting of 850,000,000 little $ images:
Welcome @RobinKwong, who is joining @ftdata today (very briefly, until we have to let him work on an investigation!)
.@nigelhawtin The SalmoFan colourpicker would be VERY handy in the FT office.
.@jemimakiss talks a lot of sense on comments here: “it feels like the daily default of anonymity is now out of date”
“For America, Britain and the Western powers, the rise of Isis and the Caliphate is the ultimate disaster.”
RT @stevenstrogatz: A clock for qualitative people
HuffPo: "How Vice News Got Unprecedented Access To The Islamic State" The first video:
RT @PickardJE: Breaking: Farage definitely on the list for South Thanet
RT @christinespolar: When #China met #Africa -- GR8 @FT explainer with @TomBurgis investigation. @martinstabe @carolinenevitt
RT @tomburgis: Sam Pa, the Queensway group and how #China cuts deals in #Africa. An @FT investigation
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