Bank fines: Get the data we've been compiling - now updated with today's forex settlements:
RT @andrewtghill: Martin Wolf crushes another incautious FT commenter - this time on Piketty book award story
RT @jburnmurdoch: So our @FT print graphics team is pretty awesome. All of this and more via @pinterest #dataviz
RT @WSJD: "This American Life" producer Alex Blumberg has raised $1.5 million for a podcasting startup, Gimlet Media:
RT @andrewtghill: Friedman to Piketty, an interactive guide to the 152 FT Business Books of the Decade #BBYA14
Find a good read in our new app, the The @ft Business Books of the Decade:
Piketty’s ‘Capital’ and all the other winners and shortlisted @FT Business Books of the Year are in our new app:
MT @borzou: Has ISIS spread to #Egypt? Hear me discuss on latest edition of @ftpodcasts (free!)
RT @Ned_Donovan: This is quite clever gamification from @FT. Be the Chancellor and balance Britain's budget.
RT @maijapalmer: This chart in the FT was not produced by the interactive team... @martinstabe
.@jburnmurdoch and @GavinHJackson have your fix of chess data journalism right here:
RT @bondvigilantes: How would you balance the UK’s budget? @FT has an interactive tool to show how it can (or can’t) be done.
RT @ecadman: How would you cut the UK's deficit? Try our new calculator
RT @FT: How would you eliminate the UK's deficit? Try our interactive spending cuts calculator
RT @juliustroeger: New interactive: Berlin's migrants make the course of the Wall visible. #ddj #fotw25
RT @juliustroeger: This interactive map shows the Berlin Wall a few months before it fell. #fotw25 #mauerfall
Podcast with @ft Germany corespondents @stefanwagstyl and @QuentinPeel on 25 years since the fall of the Berlin Wall
Apparently visualisations about elevators are a thing, and not just at the @FT: via @risatrix @jacqui
.@jburnmurdoch's strategy appears to be to inflate his time on site stats by mesmerising readers. cc @tombetts
RT @MichaelDMillar: This elevator race graphic in @FT is mesmeric. Look at them go! (HT @TanyaPowley)
RT @jburnmurdoch: Taller #skyscrapers need faster elevators. Watch them race to the top in our animated graphic
Great guide (in German) on how @juliustroeger and @moklick made their amazing Berlin Wall feature and maps:
RT @jkeefe: We’re putting the margins into perspective:
RT @palewire: The election results embedded in Google search thing we all knew would come has come
RT @sheffjournalism: Bet the Queen can't tweet in Teeline...
RT @jonhew: The birth of computer-assisted reporting, #ddj etc? Computer helped predict US election result 62 years ago today:
.@ft #indyref live blog team at 1 Southwark Bridge, 5:30am
The full #indyref results so far:
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