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RT @RBanningLover: How often does your MEP actually turn up to vote in Brussels? #ddj #europeanelections
"Satellite imagery delivery approaches real time." Well, 11 minutes, but still... Valley visitors must bring back more than the T-shirt -
Oh no. Is #nicar13 really over?
RT @myersjustinc: "Be excellent at _something_," @pilhofer says. Jack of all trades is fine; master of none isn't. #NICAR13
RT @greglinch: "It's impossible for someone to be an expert in everything" @anthonydb. Better for newsrooms to put people together w/ diff skills. #NICAR13
Get data skills. Demand now far ahead of supply, says final #nicar13 panel. Here's the job board:
.@jkeefe shows Mapbox map that places road feature layer OVER choropleth layer. Very nice: #nicar13
RT @eads: Interested in the Google docs-powered CMS @hbillings has been talking about? It's open source! #nicar13
RT @ftdata: Interactive: Global ageing population
.@mattwaite: embedded sensors, UAVs and neurological sensors where we will find next great stats. Likely to be seen first in sports #nicar13
RT @greglinch: He learned about these things from Pitchf/x, which tracks every detail about pitches @mattwaite #NICAR13
.@mattwaite: sensors are the future, and already being used heavily in gathering sports data #nicar13
.@jeremybowers "banks, hospitals and schools are basically baseball players: complex things whose stats have mitigating factors." #nicar13
Why isn't @derekwillis on the "inside baseball" panel? I want cricket data. #nicar13
.@mattwaite: know what the "atomic unit" of your data project is. Be able to answer "What is your Thing?" #nicar13
.@mattwaite on data projects in news orgs: needs small, committed team, tight focus, and ability to resist pressure to complicate #nicar13
.@eyeseast: Homicide Watch extracted the data structure from what was learned from each day's reporting #nicar13
Projects that meet @eyeseast's model: Politifact, SchoolBook, Frontline Concussion Watch, FiveThirtyEight, Homicide Watch #nicar13
.@eyeseast: "Beats needs data; data needs a narrative. Day-to-day reporting should accrue data." #nicar13
RT @jonathanstray: My word. First INTEGRALS and now Z-SCORES. Ladies and gentlemen, NICAR has leveled up this year. #nicar13
RT @ActivelyDigital: data science Venn diagram mentioned at #NICAR13 re: "how to stay out of danger zone" H/T @drewconway
RT @mjenkins: Current and future journalists - this packed #NICAR13 jobs board is why you should learn data skills
Trying to figure out how to be in three #nicar13 sessions at once.
RT @chadskelton: Once again, @MacDiva is posting slides/handouts from #NICAR13, a great service for poor saps like me who can't go:
RT @Cezary: So happy to see my colleague Irene Liu debut the Reuters Connected China app at #Nicar13: Congrats Irene! #TRChinaViz
Heading back into NYC with #nicar13 flight now cancelled. Argh. Very disappointed to miss first morning.
Heading back into NYC with o #NICAR13 now cancelled. Argh.
Not a great start. Looks like I'll be stuck at LGA for a while before getting to #nicar13
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