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RT @triblondon: Not everything is awesome: how we changed our job ads to improve diversity and quality of applicants
Personally I think @henrymance missed the opportunity to make a page consisting of 850,000,000 little $ images:
Welcome @RobinKwong, who is joining @ftdata today (very briefly, until we have to let him work on an investigation!)
.@nigelhawtin The SalmoFan colourpicker would be VERY handy in the FT office.
.@jemimakiss talks a lot of sense on comments here: “it feels like the daily default of anonymity is now out of date”
“For America, Britain and the Western powers, the rise of Isis and the Caliphate is the ultimate disaster.”
RT @stevenstrogatz: A clock for qualitative people
HuffPo: "How Vice News Got Unprecedented Access To The Islamic State" The first video:
RT @PickardJE: Breaking: Farage definitely on the list for South Thanet
RT @christinespolar: When #China met #Africa -- GR8 @FT explainer with @TomBurgis investigation. @martinstabe @carolinenevitt
RT @tomburgis: Sam Pa, the Queensway group and how #China cuts deals in #Africa. An @FT investigation
RT @FT: China in Africa: how Sam Pa became the middleman. FT investigation:
RT @jburnmurdoch: "Lol but why would anyone watch women's football? Women's football is crap" "Oh" (via @sarahcox514)
Our updated bank files dataset now includes BofA's >$16bn settlement
.@derekwillis: “we can't afford to treat data as some kind of specialty in the newsroom..." #ddj
RT @sdonnan: .@FT photographer Charlie Bibby and I took a road trip to the China-Myanmar border. This is what we came back with.
Puzzled by this; aggressive use of exemptions is not "neutering" #FOI. Law intended to force justifications of "no".
RT @mariancw: Finally some much-needed accountability in the pretend artisanal whiskey industry h/t @eatthelove
Tues or Thurs works. I take train via Old St, so location works as well. Which day/time suits?
RT @ChrisGiles_: The British economic recovery in 13 charts @FT
RT @jburnmurdoch: Once upon a time I tried to make cool things with @ONS data. Then @theboysmithy happened and now I just can't compete
RT @ChrisGiles_: Today, I have mostly been drawing charts of the UK economy - and I am now going to bore you with my output
RT @sarahoconnor_: Excellent blog from @FT's data guru Keith Fray on today's UK GDP numbers
RT @EmilyJG: Just announced @pearson results show @FT circulation up 13% to 667k & digital subs now 2/3 of total, up 33%
Clever use of Twitter bots by @ShoothillRod. >2,400 accounts, one for each Environment Agency river level gauge:
RT @jonhew: Increased to 50MB #ddj MT @cartoDB: 10x more space to learn online mapping with free CartoDB account, starting today
Massive queue outside an obscure FT store room. Must be @fthtsi charity sale day.
“[USA Today reporters’] skills at promoting their articles online are considered as important as front page bylines”
.@davelee argues tech journalists face extinction. Troubling since they are the canary in the digital mine.
Good look at the factors behind the revival of email newsletters by @reutermarkjones:
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