All this German sausage scandal punning is the wurst. I blame @aliceemross for starting it.
A Swedish guy (and his bot) have written 2.7m Wikipedia entries.
RT @basbrinkmann: Wurstkartellwortspiel auf der FT-Titelseite, erster Satz.
This live blog from Berlin is pretty funny. Buildup includes links to plane-tracker apps and on-board selfies
RT @jburnmurdoch: "A world without water" Great reporting from @pilitaclark, and features my first use of @cartodb new narrative maps
RT @jburnmurdoch: Here we are: Odyssey.js from @cartodb + beautiful base layer from @Mapbox = this:
RT @juliustroeger: WM der Selfies: @moklick und ich zeigen alle 4227 Fotos der Spieler in einer Grafik. #WM2014
Not sure the celebratory head-bumps are are good idea, guys.
And breathe.
With curved lines! RT @ampp3d: SCIENCE: Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes' baby in a Venn diagram
RT @specialreports: .@Reuters analysis reveals a surge in coastal flooding along the U.S. Eastern Seaboard.
RT @JavierBlas2: MUST READ: Guest post in @beyondbrics - five reasons why African growth is slower than the data tell you #Africa
RT @doctorow: Realtors hire ruined millionaires to pretend to live in vacant megamansions
RT @loisbeckett: Google has figured out the future of journalism: happy news only.
RT @paulbradshaw: Blogged: Over 1000 journalists are now exploring scraping techniques. Incredible.
This interactive graphic on on footballers' dives from @PostGraphics is hilarious - and technically brilliant:
RT @billrobbins: This is why you need to test edge use cases in your designs.
Probabilistic analyses aren't wrong if they fail to predict an outlier result.
Looks like @huffpostuk is seeking the right for its "blitzkrieg" headline to be forgotten.
RT @LATimesGraphics: Hard to believe but there have been worse blowouts in #worldcup history.
RT @darrenwaters: How are those predictions @FiveThirtyEight?
RT @dlknowles: 409/1 on Betfair for Brazil to win now. Tempting.
RT @TheTweetOfGod: What is going on? What is going on? What is going on? What is going on? What is going on? What is going on? #WorldCup2014
Where is the nearest bookmakers'?
I just went to the toilets and missed two goals. WTF?
Strange to be in a London pub where the mood is not soured by a 2-0 Germany scoreline. I've waited 15 years for this.
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