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I just went to the toilets and missed two goals. WTF?
Strange to be in a London pub where the mood is not soured by a 2-0 Germany scoreline. I've waited 15 years for this.
.@lucykellaway isn't impressed by Sheryl Sandberg's apology for that Facebook experiment:
This is great #ddj using urban air-quality sensors:
Ironic asset: first edition of 'Das Kapital' sold for $40k
Local papers are resisting Right To Be Forgotten by re-printing old stories:
RT @FT: Country by country, track unemployment across the #EU using our interactive graphic:
RT @JebBrovsky: Stats of #BRAvsCOL: Dives: 436 Beautiful Women Shown: 26 Faces Grabbed in Agony: 215 Magic Spray requests: 4 Gullible Referees: 1
Recent browser data reveals a handful of people are accessing using Amiga AWeb, NCSA Mosaic and Lynx.
Erm, I can spell "amazing", really I can.
Pleased this explainer @Cleveco and I made about @xtophercook's amaing GCSE analyses won the Royal Stats Soc award:
Googling @peston's commenters' names quickly reveals who probably triggered the Right to be Forgotten request.
RT @psmith: That an obscure @peston blog post from years ago is being read by thousands shows the Striesand effect risk from trying to suppress stuff.
RT @mattburgess1: @psmith unfortunately the more stuff that comes down the less fuss will be made each time.
At @LandRegGov, discovering that journalists can learn a lot from estate agents about data-driven storytelling.
Right, my pub is England again.
RT @NYTSports: I bet even Ann Coulter's watching this ...
RT @NYTSports: Too bad soccer's so boring.
I am in a London pub that is definitely part of the colonies tonight.
RT @LukewarmToddy: The next player to do a heart hand sign into a TV camera should get a 10 match ban.
New data puts @FT #indyref poll-of-polls at NO:49%; YES:37%. Ex-undecided: NO:57%, YES:43%.
RT @espn: So, this kid is pumped for #GER vs. #ALG.
... We use the raw data.
Who fact checks the hackademics? My answer: We do. That's why
Ok, we're done here. @JoannaUK has asked her obligatory tough question of the evening. #hhldn
RT @kcorrick: "Journalists are not necessarily the best at survey design". Lovely quote of the evening. #statstics #knowyourlimits #hhldn
RT @kcorrick: Running question theme tonight: how much did this cost? #hhldn
Important point by @mattliddy: ppl will want to know methodology on academic collaborations. You need to be transparent about this. #hhldn
RT @jamesrbuk: Philip Meyer, once a journo and now an academic, wrote a seminal data journalism book, "Precision Journalism" – in 1973. #hhldn.
.@mattliddy on the benefits of using academic data in journalism. Sounding strangely familiar! #hhldn
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