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Presidents of Argentina Chile and Brazil when I was a child and now. Quite an improvement.
RT @timoreilly: Another fascinating hardware kickstarter: Gramofon: Modern Cloud Jukebox via @kickstarter @martinvars
I am so fed up of Android trying to dissuade me from using SwiftKey. It is the main reason I use Android over iPhone!
Economist article extremely critical of Brazilian work ethic and inventiveness
RT @verge: Google Play is now selling the @nest thermostat
RT @playbrand: La #playpills d’avui ens la prenem a cop de #música amb #Gramofon, el router social per escoltar música en companyia!
RT @ferrenet: España pierde 545.980 extranjeros en 2013, y el Gobierno poniendo cuchillas en las fronteras y alertando del peligro inmigrante. Ajá.
Here's a Spotify list of the music I like the most right now ♫ Crave You Martin Varsavsky #NowPlaying
Prada would make a better job with Google Glass, and so would many in Europe
Help Wanted: native English speaker for child care position - We are looking for a native English speaker...
After using the Gramofon AirPlay feels so slow, unresponsive.
A España le cuesta atraer talento porque lo envidia.
Photo: As I walked by in Capri I found this older couple getting married. It makes me happy to see people...
RT @arthurmadrid: @martinvars 3rd paragraphe "Origin of plural -s"
RT @damianvila: @martinvars TL;DR: Spanish got -s plurals from accusative case in Latin. Italian got plurals from nominative case in Latin.
RT @boosc: I just backed Gramofon: Modern Cloud Jukebox on @Kickstarter - I have tried the device and it is really cool!
Anyone knows how the plural with s was invented? Italian, German don't have it.
Having started five companies worth over half a billion over 24 years I can't agree with @felixsalmon
RT @smartthings: In honor of #EarthDay, get our special Energy Saver Kit (Hub + 2 Smart Power Outlets) for just $168 ($20 savings) -
I like that Google still thinks of itself as a catalyst for change it made ATT go for needed fiber
RT @adam_stewart: Deffo worth backing - Gramofon: Modern Cloud Jukebox by Fon via @kickstarter
The Gramofon is €37 including VAT and shipping anywhere in Europe also Australia and Turkey
Photo: Norman Foster designed Ocean Pearl. When I am on board I just want to hug him :) Every corner is...
“@RJFriedlander: I just backed Gramofon: Cloud Jukebox on @Kickstarter congrats @fon”thanks we got to $100k!
Lomborg says we overestimate environmental damage of climate change and underestimate cost, is this true?
there are close friends who you never see in social media, and then there are friends who are only close in social media
I love my Leica M9 and Leica lenses that I use in my Sony A7, now I found another reason to love Leica
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