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I am about to throw the Nexus 5 out of the window because the f**ng GPS fails so much.
RT @WIRED: How a fleet of 6-mile-long solar panels in space could have provided U.S. energy needs
RT @StreetsblogNet: Percent of federal transportation funding that goes toward biking and walking: 2.1%, via @BikeWalk
Being Jewish I am happy my family left Ukraine a century ago
RT @msfd: Inmarsat Will Offer Airlines Free Tracking Using Its Satellite Communications cc @martinvars
Photo: Sailing to Rome. Who’s there?
RT @McAndrew: A Kickstarter worth backing: Fon’s Gramofon, a wifi jukebox on steroids. I’ve played with one; it’s amazing. thanks to these awesome tech and music entrepreneurs for sharing their interest in the #Gramofon
RT @cristianlarrosa: #Gramofon by @martinvars could be a revolutionary driver for non-traditional content producers.Looking forward to play with my early white.
RT @brenthoberman: I just backed Gramofon: Modern Cloud Jukebox on @Kickstarter new product from @fon and @martinvars : looks great!
In Germany, as in the US, I feel appreciated, and I am grateful for this. Sometimes in Spain I feel apprecihated.
rapero se corta el pene, se tira por la ventana pero sobrevive y quizás también su pene
RT @ernohannink: Gramofon from Fon: A Spotify jukebox and a Facebook-powered social WiFi router. Nice @martinvars via @tariqkrim
RT @studios: @Fon Launches Gramofon, A Router With @Facebook And @Spotify Built-In Great product @martinvars
RT @travlR: @martinvars in best mood launching his new hit yesterday in Berlin - #Gramofon - the mini music wonder!
Just finished my first Axel Springer board meeting, proud to be part of this great company.
RT @TechMASHUK: The Gramofon Makes Streaming Music Easy!
of the approx 5000 tweets so far that mention the Gramofon this one is my fav :)
I am looking for a Business Analyst/Personal Assistant. See job posting with more info here
And of course USA
The most valuable company in 10 years will be a leader in EU Europe and China. Will be hard to rule without China.
RT @kohama: へー。。RT @WirelessWire_jp: スペインのフォン(FON)が、ソーシャル音楽機能を搭載する新たなWI-Fiルーター「Gramofon」を発表し、Kickstarterで資金調達キャンペーンを開始したという。
RT @ajkaestner: Gramofon bringt Musikstreaming ins WLAN
RT @jaimepont: @martinvars I couldn't get you to invest in yes.FM now I am backing the Gramofon Jukebox on @Kickstarter
RT @TechCrunch: Varsavsky Bets On The Gramofon As A New Take On Social Music by @mikebutcher
more good coverage for the Gramofon Kickstarter campaign Gramofon Kickstarter on Engadget just landed in Berlin
RT @eldsjal: Check out the Gramofon kickstarter campaign. You will love the product -
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