You can now leave iPhone without risk @apple holds text messages of work, friends, fam hostage #messageGate @forbes
RT @thebingblog: The next time you're heartbroken and broke and you have a broken umbrella, REJOICE. That's how you get hard enough to win. #failupward
Next time someone ask What is Product Design? point them to @ericeriksson's answer...
How to Build a New Gadget in Seven Simple Steps via @BW #product
NYTimes: Fall of the Banner Ad: The Monster That Swallowed the Web
Very proud of the launch of our new rebranded @oxygen network! @TayefFarrar @lindsayhahn @emily_makes
We are crushing it. NBC Lands Another First-Place Finish Among Networks #nbc
RT @coachgoldsmith: Successful people love what they are doing when they are doing it. They find happiness and meaning in the present.
"@chrismessina: multitasking is slowing you down, here's how: /via @inc by @grahamwinfrey"
RT @JadaSezer: Quantifing life by time means nothing - age isn't truely measurable in years but in experience.
You are being tracked and followed. Not just online. Here's by whom and why.. @WSJ #followed #tracking
"However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results." - Winston Churchill #metrics #strategy #evolve
Another one bites the dust. Consequences sideline another pro athelte . #Suarez @bbcsports
All most people need to know about SEO, in one simple infographic @contentVerve #seo
One of Amazon's latest investments bodes well for my people in the #drupal world...
UXD ZOMBIE: The fold died is still dead , yet walks among us. Truly frightening stuff.
Content may be still be king, but these cats are proving technology brings the funding ...
designers, uxd people, you new mantra is... these three words.
RT @ditzkoff: Robin Williams died this morning, his publicist confirms. Statement from his wife Susan Schneider:
RT @AlexJamesFitz: The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is 1-800-273-8255. If you or anybody you know needs help, call.
RT @christinelu: MEDIA: Please remember recommendations when reporting on suicide. Suicide contagion is real.
Thanks to this new Lyft feature commuting may be changed forever.
IBM may soon render the human brain obsolete. #mightAppleBenefit via @engadget #ibm #apple #singularity
congrats to @hesterandpearl on their top chef lauded, award winning raspberry square "linder tarts". reward yourself folks, order now!
On why a purely economic metric for understanding the internet and measuring its success is flawed. @medialab
one of the best #product #uxd #ui articles out there ... and its 3 years old.
gawker is giving one of the music internets brightest minds his due @questlove
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