Let me know what you think of my guest post on dotcomplicated, on Fitbit and Flirting :D http://dotcomplicated.co/content...
RT @zaneology: Wanna Hang out with me Tues night? IRL or ONLINE ~ RSVP here: http://www.facebook.com/events... #MomsGoneFishing #FishMcBites @McD_NorthTexas
RT @SashaKane: RT @GlobePequot: Autism, a love story, from "I Am Intelligent" via @LATimes: http://www.latimes.com/feature... #Autism
RT @briansolis: Are you going to the @tweethouse during the Napa Film Festival? I might go join @scobleizer @maryamie & @sbroback. See you there?
RT @pcrampton: .@briansolis You definitely should come! Beautiful day, Napa, wine, @scobleizer @sbroback, @tweethouse. Who could ask for anything more? ^pc
Setting up for Napa Film Festival Tweet House @ Silo's. starts at 2:30. Come on by! #nvff #tweethouse
Pls. watch the video for the kickstarter project of my good friend: @Halley. She's writing a book on Startups: http://www.kickstarter.com/project...
RT @SipCalifornia: @maryamie My pleasure! Loved your pics at @TheCastello especially @scobleizer in the Armory. Wonder if he was like that on Navy ship...
RT @thekenyeung: Getting a sneak taste of the Il Barone at @thecastello w/@scobleizer @maryamie @sbroback #tweethouse #festiv http://instagram.com/p...
Hanging out w/ @Dom & @Meredith in #TweetHouse at #TasteofNapa :)
#TweetHouse just became official! @Dom just walked in! #TasteofNapa
Happy #Norouz! Happy Spring!
Playing #drawsomething with @patrickscoble & realizing how bad my drawing is:) #fb
Could someone please turn off the water and turn on the sunshine up there? #fb
"How you expect to run with the wolves come night when you spend all day sparring with the puppies?" Watching The Wire, best series ever.
RT @jabancroft: Beware the Ides of March. #fb
Same to you Thursday! Never mind, just carry on. It's almost Friday anyway! #fb
What's up with all this rain, Wednesday? #fb
Why Tuesday? Why? You were supposed to be better than Monday, not worse! #fb
RT @OHatSx: 'Are you VIP?' 'Yes' 'I don't see your name, you sure?' 'I'm not on the list?' 'I don't see you' 'I'm on the list' 'You're not on the list'
Home sweet home but I miss you Texas! #SXSW #fb
So long Austin #SXSW #ChevyTweetHouse and thanks for all the fish!
#gklst Drunken PBJ with Geeklist in front of Hilton, Austin. Awesome PBJ sandwiches:) #SXSW
Party is hopping @ #TweetHouse w/ Tony Lucca #bobsled #SXSW Mellow Johnny's 400 nueces
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