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Mary Carmen
One last MCism for the evening: I am ashamed of how long it took me to get the double meaning of the "Every kiss begins with Kay" tag line. I'm not so quick on the uptake sometimes.
I am glad I was not alone in this. I honestly hate that entire advertisement theme. - Janet
It never occurred to me. Huh. And it seems we're not alone: - bentley
It took me till I was like,30 to get that Arbys' stood for R.B.'s, ie Roast Beef - LibrarianOnTheLoose
Arby's stands for Roast Beef? did not know that. Thought it was some guy named Arby. - Mike Nencetti
I never made that connection at all. Learn something new every day and all that. - DB, Lil LB's Dad
I didn't know that about Arby's. - Mary Carmen from iPhone
I know only because my mom told me shortly after we moved to a place that had them. - bentley
Wow. I just now got this. Thank you. - Rochelle *boom* Hartman
Arby's used this slogan: America's Roast Beef, Yes Sir. - uses letters of 'Arbys' - Ken Gidley from iPhone
I must be an advertiser's worst nightmare. I too fail on the Arby thing!! - Janet
I knew about Kay (and knowing that makes their commercials irritate me even more) but not about Arby's. - John (bird whisperer)
I totally did not know about Kay OR Arby's. Thank you for teaching me something new, all! :) - Laura