Mary Carmen
"cancer is a fungus that can be cured with baking soda" I have now heard it all.
Don't you wish you'd know that BEFORE they did all that other stuff to you? - lris
It would have made life a bit easier....then again I'd be - Mary Carmen's crazier than the one I head this morning. this morning on the radio I heard a woman say that only acidic bodies got cancer so if you had no acid in your body you wouldn't get cancer. - Sir Shuping is just sir
Everybody go get your stomach removed! Preventative Medicine, YO! - Mary Carmen
"I'd like to schedule my body-ectomy, please" - lris
If you pray hard enough to Allah, you won't get cancer. You don't believe me? Ask one of Islamic Clerics in Iran who said Earthquakes happen because there is nudity in the world. - كودن با استعداد from iPhone
Just for that, I am gonna run around my house naked when I get home. - Mary Carmen
Where there is desperation, there are those eager to listen. - Eric - Final Countdown
That is fucking gross dude - كودن با استعداد from iPhone