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Mary Carmen

Mary Carmen

Recovering academic librarian, SAHM, knitter, yarn snob, & walking addict. My world is being overtaken by toys that make noise.
Back on the IBS meal plan.
Gah. I hope things settle down. Do you take anything for the cramps? - Pete : Team Marina
I take a lot of papaya. - Mary Carmen
And now Lauren Bacall.....what a week....and it's only Tuesday.
It was time to join Humphrey - Monaca di V.le Monza from BuddyFeed
I don't understand why someone has not yet set Matt Walsh on fire.
I've never heard of this toolbag before, but I'm annoyed he shares the same name with the comedian Matt Walsh. - Andrew C (✔)
Good grief! I couldn't even get through the article. - vicster: full-bodied
HOLY SHIT NO WAY - Stephen Mack
Too young. - Joe
NBC just confirmed. - Mary Carmen
:( - Me
Damn :( - Stephen Mack
Aw, dang. RIP. - Jennifer Dittrich
And sorry, MC -- my "no way" wasn't any kind of doubt about what you said, it was pure denial. I just didn't want it to be true. - Stephen Mack
Dang. Bummer. - t-ra supports #LOLSpidra from Android
So sad :( - Jen
And she has figured out how to climb up the stairs.
Danger, Will Robinson! - Big Joe Silence
Today, the stairs. Tomorrow, the trees! - Steven Perez from Android
Or sliding down the banister. - John (bird whisperer)
And the bookshelves. - vicster: full-bodied
Is she open to a lesson on how to climb back down? - Galadriel C. from Android
Soon she will be building contraptions to climb, to get to the cookie jar. - April Russo
Next will be learning the booty bump to get down the stairs. She's quite advanced, though, so that's aiming way too low. Maybe you should get her jail breaking cell phones & repairing broken tablets. She could earn her college tuition before the age of 3. - Corinne L
Why do strangers feel the need to touch my child? It seems so impolite.
How about you ? You dont like touch cute babies or kiss them ? - alireza6211 from iPhone
Not a stranger's baby. And I always ask first. - Mary Carmen from iPhone
There are certain things you shouldn't touch without permission, and pretty much anyone's body is included in that, as far as I'm concerned. A person's hair, a baby...just nope. No touchy. - Laura
Yeah. I don't need Germy McGerm Germ touchin my baby. - royce
i'm always surprised by the people who think they can touch my niece when we're out. - ~Courtney F
I consider small children to be drool infested germ carriers. I learned this at a Christmas event with 30 toddlers standing in front of our seats touching the railings. Fingers were either in their nose or mouth and then on the railing. I will touch no child after seeing this, nor touch railings or carts without a Purell wipe. - Janet from FFHound!
When I worked at the Health Sciences Library in NY, the pathology students used to swab and culture the escalator rails. I will never put my hand on one again. - Mary Carmen
I'm with Laura - I'll never get people who just gotta touch other people's kids, bellies, hair without permission. Partially because we're all disease vectors (nobody needs me taking or sharing whatever we may have,) but also it is just rude :/ - Jennifer Dittrich
I was never that comfortable with strangers deliberately standing too close to my child, never mind invading her personal space even more by touching her. And go out of your way to touch any part of me without warning, and you might be reflexively slapped, even if I know you. - April Russo
I didn't like it when strangers wanted to touch my dog. Start invading my personal space (which would include a baby if I had one), and I get a little antsy. And by antsy I mean stabbity... - Bette Cooper
There is a Mexican superstition that states that if you compliment a baby without touching them, you'll give them the 'ojo' (evil eye). Strangers touched my babies all the freaking time. - Jenny H. from Android
In Italy (at least the Tuscany region) all babies and toddlers are fair game :) - Eivind from Android
I don't get how asking permission doesn't even occur to some folx. - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
Before leaving the NICU, the docs & nurses gave me all kinds of lessons about baby care, and had me so paranoid, to this day I don't hold or kiss babies under a year, if I don't have to. Even my loved ones, the most I'll do is hold their baby's foot & wiggle it. We gotta protect em all, even from us. - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
I was just reading an article about how important it is to teach kids about bodily autonomy and consent, both for their own bodies and others. I think it's appalling that people think they can touch children at will, without asking permission. And no, I never touch children without asking a parent, and I'm trying to remember to always ask children, too, in whatever way is appropriate for their age. - Laura Krier
I say we bomb Italy. - Eivind from Android
Another observation from today: I can't believe how many people can't spell the word "ancestry" when I'm asked to give my address.
What is that ? - alireza6211 from iPhone
The name of my street. - Mary Carmen from iPhone
So I can spell It now Mary ! , A,N,C,E,C,T,R,Y :D - alireza6211
"It's like 'incest', only starting with 'a' and ending with a 'try' :) - Ken Gidley
Sorry, too much GoT lately... - Ken Gidley
Try to change the name of your street :D - alireza6211 - Mary Carmen
Actually I cant believe how so many americans cannot spell their own words... - Monaca di V.le Monza from BuddyFeed
I could spell it ... right up until you asked me too, then probably not so much :-) - Shannon - GlassMistress
I feel the same way about my street: Medallion. But what's even more surprising is that some people didn't know how to spell the name of my last street: Broadway. Seriously. - Laura Krier
The first house we bid on was on Susquehanna Ct. I'm SOOOOOO glad we didn't get that house! - Yvonne Renee from FFHound!
I live near the Susquehanna, it is hellish hard to spell. And the Schuylkill expressway or river is the same for me! - Janet
Susquehanna is such a pretty word, but yeah, it's a tough one to spell. Same with Shenandoah. - Corinne L
New cal-king bed, BOOYAH!
The only trouble with a Cal-king bed (we've owned them for decades) is that your choice of sheets &c. can be somewhat limited, especially from places like LLBean, who've never heard of Cal-king. - Walt Crawford
Target has awesome sheets. The high performance cotton and the organic cotton are wonderful. - Mary Carmen
I have one completely unpacked kitchen, a sorta put together nursery and a train wreck in the rest of the house. #moving
I love my husband because he doesn't get mad when I give the homeless guy outside Target $20.
It is your money and you can spend it however you want ? Is it ? - alireza6211 from iPhone
yup - Mary Carmen
My husband gets cranky when I give $20 that's tax deductible to a regular charity - Christina Pikas from iPhone
I hear that Scott guy is pretty cool. - Steven Perez
Life is good. Life is good. Life is good. You'll never hear me saying that becoming a SAHM was a bad decision. I'm having *the best* time with M.
Wednesday, la la la la.
Can't trust that day... - Hedgehog
Rapidly approaching the "fuck it, shit is just being swept into boxes" stage of packing.
there are worse places to be. - Jenica
yes, I am not at the "let's set it all on fire" stage yet. - Mary Carmen
exactly. - Jenica
There is too much errand running associated with moving.
Major moving stuff and unpacking happening. This is a great thing as this means it will now not happen all at once. Kitchen almost completely set up. My closet is done. Getting bathroom done.
Baby's closet unpacked. The men are setting up their nerd cave. Furniture gets moved Saturday. I start shopping next week for a dining set for the EIK and for new couches and other odds and ends. - Mary Carmen from iPhone
As much as I despise moving, this move has been the best so far. - Mary Carmen from iPhone
Forced FF hiatus. Can't post, comment or like without it being a total assache.
Ugh, I am so sorry - I hope whatever is causing that clears out soon. - Jennifer Dittrich
I'm sorry, MC. I hope everything else is going well. - John (bird whisperer)
Oh good, I can only post to FF from my iPhone. Really not making this easy for me.
Yikes, what the heck. - Jennifer Dittrich from FFHound!
FF is behaving wonky as FUCK for me lately. Seriously curbing my desire to use it.
Nooo!!! don't go away. what's it doing weird? - Sir Shuping is just sir
Same here. - joey
So much to do. So much to do. So much to do.
Breathe, regroup and plan your attack. You're phenomenally efficient. You've got this, Wonder Woman. Xo - Tamara J. B. from FFHound(roid)!
JFC. *smh*
How's it going over there? Sorry I haven't been able to help pack. =( - Yvonne Renee from FFHound!
Things are going great. Almost finished. Moved a lot over already. Kitchen unpacked. I love the space! - Mary Carmen from iPhone
Yay! - Yvonne Renee from FFHound!
Always remember how small a world it truly is.
I hate to beat a dead horse, but seriously, how did I do this while I was 7 months pregnant? I packed for a couple of hours this afternoon and I feel like a truck ran over me.
Mariella helped by not helping? - Sir Shuping is just sir
Why were you beating a dead horse 7 months ago and if it was dead already then why are you beating it again now if you hate doing it? There has to be a better exercise plan. - Steve C Team Marina
Must have been some kind of intense nesting instinct! - Yvonne Renee from FFHound!
For me, when each of my kids was M's age, I thought that was a totally exhausting phase -- paying constant attention, not great sleep, growth spurts, etc. It was very hard to get anything done. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Now that Mariella is mobile, I find myself saying lots of things I never thought I would say. A small sample:
"Take the wire out of your mouth!" - Mary Carmen
"We do not eat cat food." - Mary Carmen
"Please don't empty the water bowl." - Mary Carmen
"Leave the cat alone." - Mary Carmen
"Can you get out of there by yourself?" - Mary Carmen
"Stay away from the oven!" - Mary Carmen
"Don't chew on my shoe, it's dirty!" - Mary Carmen
"Where did you come from?" - Mary Carmen
"Yes, you spit up. Please stop sitting in it." - Mary Carmen
"You can't have that." - Mary Carmen
I think this answers your previous question. - Christa
"You can't have that." - Mary Carmen
"You can't have that." - Mary Carmen
I think you're right, Christa! - Mary Carmen
Damn kids. :) - Christa
It is pretty adorable when I call her name and tell her to come over to me and she does. - Mary Carmen
"WHEN I'M MOBILE! BEEP BEEP!" - Big Joe Silence
Doing the house walkthrough today and getting the keys. We can begin moving in by Friday. AMEN!
It smells fucking delicious in my house right now.
I just spent 2 hours in Babies R Us. How does that even happen?
I can't imagine, unless I sit down and doze off. :) - Stephan #TeamMarina from iPhone
because things. you know. - Big Joe Silence
I have no idea how I did this when I was 7 months pregnant. I am already so over packing and wanna just nap.
I was so impressed that you did all that pregnant. Now you know why! - Yvonne Renee from FFHound!
Totally. - Mary Carmen
Your in-laws provided greater motivation. - Holly's favorite Anna from Android
Very interesting photo set. One of my beefs with projects like this is that I rarely see anyone with my body type, (the imagery of overweight seems to stop at the line between overweight and obesity, which could be the difference between a size 16 and a size 22 (not every obese person weighs 500+ pounds)) however, the two images of the overweight...
women actually remind me of me. Interesting to see it. - Mary Carmen
Packing and baking. Baking and packing.
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