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"Love it, guys! Looking good. Now give me access." - Mason Blake
And the man-crush continues!! -- Elon Musk planning satellite 'constellation' to deliver Internet access
Any recommendations for the best search indexing solution / service? Looking at AWS CloudSearch, Elastic Search, Lucene, Solr, etc...
Affordable Health Care and the Role of Employers
56 Quotes from Keith Rabois How to Operate — How to Start a Startup — Medium
RT @Gizmodo: What we're listening to tonight: Daryl Hall (@LFDHcom) and @Chromeo, "I Can't Go For That"
RT @businessinsider: Neil deGrasse Tyson gives the science of 'Interstellar' a surprisingly good review
Privacy, Data Security, and eCommerce: How's Your Protection?
Start-ups fueling the ‘freelance economy’ | The Pipevine Blog
Sure wish the US would start an intiative similar to the UK's Legal Services Act | OUPblog
JUICY! -- Former Lyft COO Sued for Stealing Confidential Data Before Departure to Uber
How Do I Breakup with My Lawyer?
Virtual Property: How Does the Law Apply to Ideas Online?
RT @bizlegalservice: Info on C Corporations - What is a C Corp? Get the facts here: #SMB #legal
RT @bizlegalservice: Portland, OR Privacy Attorneys & Lawyers for Hire on UpCounsel
Guidelines for Managing Your Company's Social Media Policy
Startups and The Angel Investor Partnership UpCounsel Blog
RT @UpCounsel: A Catch 22? Enforcing Your 'Right to Be Forgotten' in Search Results May Get You Remembered
The only way to raise money: Make them believe | Satya Patel | LinkedIn
Great read!! How Successful People Stay Calm | LinkedIn
The Jury Is Out On Legal Startups | TechCrunch
Massive, undetectable security flaw found in USB: It's time to get your PS/2 keyboard out of the cupboard
Definitely recommend this record... playing it a lot lately. ♫ Sweet Disarray – Dan Croll #NowPlaying
Intelligent People All Have One Thing In Common: They Stay Up Later Than You
We're hiring the "Head of Happiness" @UpCounsel! If you know fun + awesome + experienced office mgrs, let us know!
New Microsoft privacy framework lets lawyers, developers and their code speak the same language — Gigaom
The True-Blue Corporate List Of What Not To Do: Part 2 | Digital Entrepreneur Blog
How to Know if You Have Startup Equity @recode @StockOptionCnsl #startup #equity
A 101-Year-Old Attorney is Still Working at This Biglaw Firm @atlblog @stacizaretsky #law #lifelesson
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