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RT @simondingle: Apple made $45.6 billion in revenue in the first three months of this year, with 10.1 billion in profit. Dividend up 8%.
...that's when your true character is tested. :-(
RT @CharlN: The first ever YouTube video was posted on this day, 9 years ago via @bandwidthblog
Forget Kaizer Chiefs, bheka la.
Hhayi naleyo Wits yakhona-ke. :-(
Lupita Nyong’o named ‘world’s most beautiful’ - City Press
RT @justunfollow: If Newton had #Twitter, would we know about Gravity? We doubt it. :D
Hhayini, bethunana. “@mbathamx: Ngenyawo zombini. RT @Sbu27 LoL baleka RT @i_dussty: When she insist you do penis Enlargement ☹”
rather sell. 🏃“@lorendzo: How much ? “@Charly216: When everyone knows that your man/girl is cheated buy you””
RT @lorendzo: I named myself Absalom to attract Tsonga women, 24hours later, nothing....
How do we measure this? School us! “@KinxDee: I'm almost ready to resign. Almost. Another 3 months, hopefully.”
RT @simphiwedana: Have you heard? Nzima is coming... If you like make it your profile pic.
... then they started packing away @Xolyonce's stuff; it's dawns on me that she is never coming back. Too sad. :-(
<<googles>> BMI calculator... funa ukubalela u @loli_ngton
#asijiki 😂🙈😂 “@loli_ngton: We will keep our clothes! Asijiki! RT "@masondo: @slyeecin yes, I do. Ikhona inkinga? @loli_ngton @urban_slyce"”
oyyy... some people still use FriendFeed
Zonke izingubo engangigqoka kwaFirst Year eNyuvesi zisangilingana. But @urban_slyce doesn't want me to wear any of emmm. @loli_ngton
My High School trousers still fit me. Surely there is something wrong with that. @loli_ngton
I've turned on my new Twitter profile. Details of what new and link to change yours at
BEACH “@SonyXperiaZA: Where would you rather be?”
Introverts do not need fixing. Nothing is wrong.
Weight Loss tip #6: Put that hot cross bun down. @loli_ngton
RT @ceesbruggemans: Some people in the West want to draw a line (or what - bust?). What if??? What if Russia doesn't want to toe the line? Then what??
Feel like I've wasted 90 minutes of my life. Torres gijima kangaka nje, gcina engenzanga lutho.
This... 😂🙈 “@Fi_ooh_na: In Buccleuch...Near that beautiful mega-building u just built with my data bundle money! @cellc_support
SandtonCity Management now back tracks from the Chicken Licken rejection based on their customer profile by...
5 “@Suna_Baby: 0 RT @Celousrach: 5 RT @lorendzo: Gents, on a 5 day work week, how often do you make your bed in the morning?”
"We did not ban the advert, we rejected the advert; there is a difference," ~ SABC spokesperson Kaiser Kganyago The difference?
Can we at least agree on that he had very big shoes to fill? #Moyes “@masondosem: He had a chance and blew it, making us a laughing stock.”
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