left. I pick left. “@MattBlackZA: #EveningRead The @BMW_SA X5 M and X6M have been unveiled: http://www.drivenews.co.za/2014... http://t.co/g7FBkn6MsF”
Sometimes I feel throwing my hands up in the air, I know I can count You.
Sometimes I feel like saying "Lord, I just don't care" but you've got the love I need to see me through.
Today, it just me, Florence and the machine. — feeling content
RT @Forbes: The younger you are, the more your focus should be on earning high long-term returns: http://www.forbes.com/sites...
RT @conradhackett: People in wealthier countries are less likely to say belief in God is necessary to be moral http://www.pewglobal.org/2014... https://twitter.com/conradh...
RT @ChangeAgentSA: Nobody is too busy, it's just a matter of priorities! #Food4Thought #Perspective https://twitter.com/ChangeA...
RT @thembi_lewis: New avi courtesy of @NiamhHey for her series of bedroom portraits of inked folks. Check her stuff out here: http://niamhmoon.tumblr.com/
RT @LandRoverZA: The path is yours. Which will you take? Go #AboveandBeyond http://twitter.com/LandRov...
when an adult store billboard goes up in front of a church building... Ay, kungcolile kodwa eGoli. Who approves such?
Ubani ozebenzisa kakhulu uGmail ngimthumele i-invite yeInbox. https://accounts.google.com/Service...
What the hell is this? “@MistrGill: The saddest sad picture of all sad pictures http://t.co/5f2tqrs3M1”
RT @ChickenLickenSA: Thank goodness there are 25 other letters then, huh? RT @nin101: Real G's don't eat boneless hotwings #GFOHWTBS
blue double tick for read Whatsapp message. Good Luck
warming up to this clutter free Inbox by Gmail
RT @mlivingstone07: TBT to a moment once known. Familiar faces revealing fading memories - thrown back to an innocence long forgotten #MashReads
RT @JobeyJoe11: To him, there was nothing worse than someone he had once loved denying his existence. She knew this, as they passed in the street #MashReads
RT @JonsMind: Then life felt as gentle as it was beautiful. A one-man boat, a great ocean, blood, a fleeting consciousness. Finally, happiness. #MashReads
RT @lindsayannnnn: She was a fugitive from her own past. The best of breed. Each day, she managed to escape 86,400 times #MashReads
RT @AlissaGreen: Her purse on Saturday: Cell. NYU alumni pen. Spearmint. Her purse on Sunday: Cell. NYU alumni pen. Receipt for $49.99. 1 pill. #MashReads
RT @SakhyDludla: This guy who's the ANCYL Chairperson for Gauteng on @2000fm is saying alots of nothing. The caliber of leaders we have today.... SMH!!!
The man that stand in front of the door. “@Kasi_Nerd: What are domains? "@SA_Trivia: 1. Which city has the most bids for city domains?"”
Thank you father, for the light that shines even darkness and for the leaning cross that hugs all your children. - http://www.flickr.com/photos...
Thank you father, for the light that shines even darkness and for the leaning cross that hugs all your children.
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